Newsletter February 2011 (DOC) by stariya


									                         École Edward Murphy School

                 House Theme: Honour, Love and Friendliness

   Important Dates:

    Feb 2nd to Feb 4th                      Classe Blanche Week- Grade 6

    Feb. 11th                               Dress down in Red day (Heart Foundation)

    Feb. 14th                               Professional day (Daycare open)

    Feb. 14th to Feb. 18th                  Teacher Appreciation Week

    Feb. 16th (to be confirmed)             Governing Board

    Feb. 21st                               House assembly

    Feb. 22nd                               Speaking and Writing (info to follow)

    Feb. 23rd                               Carnival –more info will follow

    Feb.25th                                Dress down day

    Feb. 28th to March 4th                  Spring Break (No Daycare Service)

   Registration

    Registration is going well. So far, it looks like we will have 1 Core English K and 1

    Immersion K for September 2011. If you know of someone who has not yet

    registered, please let them know that the sooner they register the better, they

    should call the school and make an appointment. Thank you to all the parents

    who spread the word that Edward Murphy is a great school; many new applicants

    said that they registered their child here because they heard from other

    parents that Edward Murphy is an excellent school. Promoting our school in

    this way is priceless!

   Pre-Kindergarten Registration 2011-2012

   Pre-K Registration for the up-coming school year will be held on Wednesday

   February 9, 2011. It will begin at 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. in the Pre-k classroom.

   If there are any questions or concerns or for more information, please do not

   hesitate to e-mail us at or call us at 514.568.0370.

                   Classe Blanche

   Grade 6 students are going away tomorrow till Friday with Mme. Marie. Please

   make sure to bring all that is recommended on the list!


   For those parents who have not paid in full at the beginning of the year, the

   second payment of the lunch supervision fees, 90.00$, is due on Feb 1st,2011.

   Please make all cheques payable to Edward Murphy School.

   Also, there are many families who have not yet paid their students fees; please

   do so as soon as possible. You will be receiving yet another reminder through

   your child. The money that is collected from you goes directly to pay workbooks

   and other consumables your child uses in class and at home to do homework. The

   school makes no profit from this fee.

   Please call the school secretary if you have any questions or concerns.

Nancy Richer


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