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PDF Brochure 22 July 2009 _9.27MB_ - Schulte Marine Concept


									                                             Hi s t o ry

Bernhard Schulte (BS), the holding company of the Schulte
 oup, is a 1 7 year old family owned ship owning and ship
gr          2
management   company    based   in  H    ur
                                     amb g. B   S    oup
companies employ ab     50 0      er
                   out 1 ,0 seafar s and ab     9
                                           out 9 5 people
     e,       er 0 essels and manage mor than 6 0v
onshor own ov 9 v                       e      2 essels.

In 2 0 ,the fully owned ship management organiz        iz
                                               ations v .
Hanseatic Shipmanagement C         since 1 7 ) D chester
                            ompany (      9 2 , or
Atlantic Mar  ine (       9 8 , ur       r
                   since 1 7 ) E asia G oup (        91
                                              since 1 8 )and
V SK (          99
        since 1 9 ) mer ged to estab      er  d
                                    lish B nhar Schulte Ship-
              B           ov      alleled r
management ( SM) to pr ide an unpar                 itime
                                          ange of mar
serices and solutions globally.

                           lier nown as B nhar Schulte
Schulte Mari C ncep (SMC ear k
           ne o    t    )                er  d
 C us) commenced
( ypr                  new b   uilding        v
                                        superision in nineties.
After the B       gerit ecame r
           SM mer , b                      le
                                   esponsib for  comb ining the
        per            r         ov
total ex ience in the G oup to pr ide v                  to-
                                        alue added end- end

contr negotiations,        ov              v            r
                   plan appr als, site superisions & waranty
                   ’   per
claim handling. SMCs ex tise in shipb             giz
                                     uilding syner ed with
  SM’ ast    per                                 por
B s v ex ience in ship management allows incor ation of

   ations at lower
oper                 ational costs.
                                        Schulte Marine Concept (SMC)

                                        SMC activities and also covers the Korean
                                        shipbuilding market, SMC Shanghai covers the

                                        Kong is responsible for other Asian markets and

                                        Gdynia co-ordinates the P    lan Approval and
                                        Design services as well as business development.

                                        Korea, China, India, Iran and T   hailand in 12
                                        discrete locations employing around 75 persons.

experienced    multi-disciplined personnel, the
maj ority of whom have been in our continuous
employ for 5 or more years. T management
team members average more than 3 years    0
of new building experience in several shipyards
and many countries. A systematic approach to
vessel construction results in reliable quality and

with a keen eye being kept on operational

SMC is an eq opportunities employer and actively recruits, trains and promotes local
staff whenever possible.
                                             Ou r V i s i o n
                                   We live our values
                                   …By providing excellent and reliable service to
                                       our Customers
                                   …By respecting people, treating them fairly
                                       and providing opportunities for continuous
                                       learning and development.
                                   …By adhering to the highest professional and
                                       ethical standards in all our dealings
                                   …By maintaining and enhancing the reputation
                                       of Bernhard Schulte.

Our Vision
To be the Leader in Quality Shipbuilding Supervision & Consultancy

Our Mission
To enhance the quality, safety, and value of our customers’ assets, through
professionalism and commitment.

Our Goals
Customer Satisfaction:     To exceed the expectations of our Customers.

Yard satisfaction:         To be the partner of choice for building vessels in their

Human Resources:           To maintain a motivated team of highly                 skilled
                           professionals and to be an employer of choice.

Safety:                    To deliver our service with no injuries or loss of life and no
                           damage to the environment and to foster these values in
                           Shipyards where we build.

Financial:                 To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner.

Services:                  To continuously develop the scope of services offered,
                           including the provision of turnkey solutions from concept
                           to delivery and beyond.
SMC have activities in the following areas:



   and site supervision

                                       existing tonnage)

   & purchase

                              We have acquired extensive expertise
                              in catering f the requirements ofour
                              clients in above areas.
                            Design & Development

2003 - designed Liquefaction Plant and vessel


2005 - Optibox design for a compact, ice class,

decent speed, good manoeuvrability and high
reefer capacity
2005 - design of 22,000m3 LPG
2005 - design of 10,000m3 LPG

m3 and 3,000 m3 dual fuel diesel-electric pod


carriers to optimize cubics and transport cost
                                                  Track Record
                            From Year 1993

Bulk Carriers
   Capacity       Country
                   Korea              1
  50,000 DWT       Korea              1
  51,000 DWT       China
  72,000 DWT       Korea              1
                   J                  6
 170,000 DWT       Korea              2
     Total                            15

                                      Capacity     Country
                                                    Poland   3
                                                    Poland   2
                                                    Poland   3
                                                    China    8
                                                    Korea    31
                                                    Korea    3
                                                    Korea    2
                                                    China    3
                                                    Korea    5
                                                    Korea    5
                                                    Korea    3
                                  Multipurpose      China    8
                                          Total              76

Supply Vessels
   Capacity     Country
    OSV          China
    OSV          India           3
    OSV                          1
     PSV         India           6
     PSV        Thailand         2
    Total                        17
                                            Track Record
                        From Year 1993
                                 Capacity     Country
                                 9,000 CBM     Korea    3
                                16,000 CBM     China    3
                                35,000 CBM     China    1
                                   Total                13

                                 Capacity     Country
                                138,000 CBM    Spain    1
                                               Korea    2
Crude Oil Tanker                   Total                7

  Capacity    Country
106,000 DWT   Japan        1
109,000 DWT   Japan        3

Ethylene Tanker
  Capacity    Country
 8,200 CBM     China       2
 22,000 CBM    China       5
    Total                  7

Product Tanker
  Capacity    Country
 35,000 DWT    China       6
 75,000 DWT   Korea
115,000 DWT   Korea        2
    Total                 12

Chemical Tanker
  Capacity    Country
 12,800 DWT   Korea
 37,000 DWT   Korea        3
 16,500 DWT    China       1
    Total                  8
                                     Completed vessels : 159
  Vessels under supervision : 65 (2009 ~ 2011)
Several projects under negotiation (2010 ~ 2012)

 Owners Served    Experience with Yards
                 ABG Shipyard, India
                 Ariake HHI –Samho, Korea
                 Astano Shipyard, Spain
                 Bharati Shipyard, India
                 Cochin Shipyard, India
                 Daewoo Shipbuilding Industries, Korea
                 Dalian Shipyard, China
                 Hindustan Shipyard, India
                 Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea
                 Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Korea
                 Imabari Shipbuilding Group, Japan
Intrepid         Isoico, Iran
Maran Gas        Italthai Marine, Thailand
                 Jiangin Shipyard, China
                 Jiangnan Shipyard, China

                 Kejin Shipyard, China
                 Kouan Shipbuilding, China
                 Mawei Shipyard, China
                 MHI, Japan

                 Rongsheng Shipyard, China
                 Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea
                 Sasebo Shipyard, Japan
                 Sesato Shipyard,Spain
                 Shanghai Shipyard, China
                 STX Shipbuilding, Korea
                 Sumitomo Shipyard, Japan
                 Szczecin Shipyard, Poland
Teekay           Tongyeong –Samho, Korea
                 Waigaoqiao Shipyard, China
                 Wenchong Shipyard, China
                 Wuhu Shipyard, China
                 Xingang Shipyard, China
                 Yangfan Shipyard, China
                 Yanzijiang Shipyard, China
                                 Project Management

                                    & coming into force later.

                                    vessels under management


                                    project budget and schedule.

                                    Speed, DWT & FO consumption, penalties & force majeure.

Design Appraisal & Plan Approvals

rules and class.

suppliers’ facilities

Supervision of Construction

construction is in accordance with specs & approved

                                 Review Inspection & test procedures

                                 & painting to be reviewed and mutually agreed.

                                 Reporting & Monitoring

                                 way of additional resources, work practices or strategies.
                                                 Our Strengths
Professionals -

  Marine Engineers
  Master Mariners
  Electrical & Automation
  Gas Engineers

        Experience -
           Practical knowledge from vessel operations
           Practical   shipbuilding   knowledge       from
           Project management experience with ship
           owners. Close relations with class & equipment

                            Research -
                               Latest ship technology, statistical
                               analysis of operation results and
                               technical problems. Knowledge
                               of latest rules & regulations

                                           Resources -
                                              Comprehensive library of technical

                                              Costing and quality database
                                              Web-based plan approval software
                                              with on-line access for clients
                                              BSM organisation of 1,000 shore based
                                              employees operating 650 vessels

     0 1 0 8
ISO 9 0 (2 0 )

  improve our systems and record keeping for the future
  growth of the company
  Provide the customer competent, safe,
  environmentally sound and cost effective services
  Meet best industry standards for quality and
  environmental management
Service Delivery Centers
                                   C. E. O
                               Guengoer Batmaz


         J. B. Lee -                               Area Manager
        Area Director
                                        Address :3F, Block 7, 1690, Cai Lun Road,
                                        Zhang Jiang, Pudong, Shanghai, 201203,
                                                 Tel: 86 (21) 5027 6077
      Fax: 82 (52) 266 3086                     Fax: 82 (21) 5027 7055


         Ashoke Dey -                            Krzysztof Kozdron -
       Technical Director                        Director Ship Design

 Address :2602 K Wah Centre, 191 Java

         Fax: 852 2561 8803

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