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        Fifteenth priming- revised November, 1982
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                    Table of Contents

    SKILLET AND TOP-STOVE DISHES                     8
    CASSEROLES TO YOUR CREDIT                       14
    THE MEAT OF THE MATTER                          22
    POULTRY                                         42
    SAVORY STUFFINGS                                46
    FISH AND SEAFOOD                                48
    SAUCERY                                         52
    BARBECUE BONANZA                                60
    VEGETABLES WITH NEW FLAVOR                      65
    EGG AND CHEESE COOKERY                          72
    SALADS AND SALAD DRESSINGS                      78
    QUICK BREADS AND PANCAKES                       83
    SURPRISE CAKES AND COOKIES                      85
    COOKING FOR A CROWD                            104
    FOR TEENS ONLY                                 108   ....
    SANDWICHES-HOT AND HEROIC                      114
    DIPS AND SPREADS                               120
    SOUPS AND THE FREEZER                          123
    All ABOUT SOUPS                                127
         LUNCH BOX MEALS                           135
    SOU PER SOUPS                                  138
    YOUNGSTERS LIKE SOUP                           144
    CALORIE COUNTER'S FRIEND                       145
    APPETIZER SOUPS                                148
    souP MATES . .. MIX-MATCH SOUPS                158
    GREAT SOUPS                                    160
    DRESS·UP GARNISHES                             180
    SOUPS FOR ALL SEASONS                          183
    INDEX                                          190

Introduction . ..                              Of all the convenience foods that give
you a head start to be tter meals. soups are probably the most versatile.
  When yOll open a can of soup-to use as a soup, sallce. or as a cooking
ingredient-you have much of the work already done fur you.
  Here are more than 50 kinds for your selection .

                            CONDENSED SOUPS
Asparagus, Cream of                               Creamy Chicken Mu shroom
Bean wi th Bacon                                  Curly Noodle with Chicken
Beef                                              Green Pea
Beef Broth (Bouillon)                             Mca t0.111 Alphabet
Beef Broth and Barley                             t-lincstronc
Beef Broth amI N<XXlk~                            Mushroom, Cream of
Beef Noodle                                       Mushroom, Goldc n
Beef Tcriya~i                                     Noodles & Ground Beef
Beefy Mu~hmulT)                                   Onion , Cream of
llIack BellO                                      Onion, French
Celery. Cre am of                                 Oriental Chicken
Cheddar Cheese                                    Oys ter Stew
Chicke n Alphabet                                 P~'PPcr POI
Chicken Broth                                     Potato, Crea m of
Chicken Brolh and Noodles                         Scotch Brolh
Chicken Broth and Rice                            Shrimp, Cream of
Chicken Broth and VCJ:!ctablcs                    Splil Pca with 1  13m & Bacon
Chicken, Cream of                                 Tomato
Chicken 'n Dump lings                             '['omalO Bisquc
Olickcn Gumbo                                     TomalO Garden
Chicken Noodle                                    TomalO Rice, Old Fashioned
Chicken NoodlcO's                                 Turkey N,)(xl!c
Chicken wi lh Rice                                Turkey Vegetable
Chicken & Stars                                    Vegetabic
Chi cken Vegetable                                 Vq;clable Beef
Chili Beef                                         Vcgcwh!c, Old F;lshioned
Cl am Chowder (ManhaUan Style)                     V~gelab l c, Sp:ln ish Style
Clam Chowder, New England                          Vegetarian Vegetahle
Con somme (Beef) Gela tin Added                    Won Ton

                         READY TO SERVE SOUPS
                                  CHUNKY SOU PS
Chunky Beef                                        Chunky Old Fashioned
Chunky Bee f wi lh Noodle s                          Bean wilh Ilam
  (S lroganoff Style )                             Olunky Old Fa shioned
Chunky Ch icken wilh Riec                            Chicken
Chunky Chicken Vel;ctablc                          Chunky Old Fashioned
Chu,,~y Chili Beef                                   Vegetable Beef
Chunky Clam Chowder                                Chunky Sirloin tiuTger
  (Manhalla n Stylc)                               Chunky Splil Pe a wilh Jlam
Chun~y Ham 'n BUller tiea"                         Chlln~y Slea~ & l'ota!(l
Chunky Mediterrancan Vegelable                     OlUn~y Turkey
Chunky Mcxiea li Bean                              Olunky Vegctabic
Chun~y Mine~lmne
                              LOW SODIUM SOUPS
Chie~enwith Nood le'                              Cbunky Vegetable Beef
Chunky Beef Mushroom                              Split Pc:.
Chunky Chicken Vegelable                          Tomato wilh Tomato l'ic<'cs

Meeting Nutritional Needs
       Nutrition is what you cat and how your body uses it. II is you r total
    daily food intake transformed into physica l appearance, energy,
    growth, and coullt iess other body functions.
       Happily, your nutrition is in yo ur own hands. Your decisions rcally
    count when it comes to the food you cat. Whethe r you buy and prepare
    food to be ea ten at home or you cal DuL you arc faced with important
    food choices. How ca n you be sure that what you arc choosing is the
       After all, each of us has d ifTerent nutritional needs, and these needs
    are constant ly changing. Chi ldren's needs arc dictated by their growth
    patterns. Adu lt needs change wilh age. One set of rules simply canllot
    apply to everyone. And yet, there is a practical guide to good nutrition :
    The Four Food Groups . It translates the techn ical knowledge of nutri·
    tion into a si mple plan fo r eve ryday eating, providing sound advice on
    the kind and quantity of food necessary to meet your body's needs.

                         FOUR FOOD GROUPS

                                 Milk Group
    Items in this grollp arc a prim:lry source of calcium. They also provide
    protein, ribofhn'in, "italllin A , and vitamin O.                            ....,
                    2 to 3 cups of milk-child re n under 9
                    3 or more cups          -children 9 to 12
                    4 or more cups          -teenagers
                    2 or more c ups         -adults
    This call be whole or skim milk, evaporated or dry mil k, or buttermilk.

    Common portions of va rious kinds of c heese and icc crea m and their
    milk equivalellts a re :
             I-inch c ube Cheddar-type checse= lh cup milk
             Y2 cup cottage cheese           = 1/3 c up milk
            2 tablespoons crcam cheese       = I tablespoon milk
             Y2 cup ice cream                = l/; cup milk

                      Vege[able~Frui[       Group
Items in this group arc counted on to supply most of the ascorbic acid
(vitamin C), as well as much of the vitamin A, some iron and olher
4 or more servings every day including:
     serving of citrus fruit or juice, or tomato
  1 serving of dark green or deep yellow vegetable
  2 or more servings of other vegetables and fruit, including potatoes.
One serving is Ih. cup of vegetable or fruit or a portion as ordinarily
servcd, such as onc medium banana, etc.

                             Meat Group
Uems in this group supply protein, iron, thiamine, riboOavin, and niacin.
2 or more servings of beef, lamb, liver, pork, veal, poultry, fish, or eggs.
One serving is 2 to 3 ounces of lean cooked meat, poultry or fish, all
without bone; two eggs. One cup cooked dry beans, peas, lentils; 4
tablespoons peanut butter; nuts; and cereal with milk contribute to the
meat group.

                        Bread-Cereal Group
Hems in this group supply many of the vitamins in the B group, iron,
and carbohydrate.
4 servings or more of enriched or whole~gfain breads and cereals. This
group also includes enriched Dour, macaroni and spaghetti, noodles,
rice and rolled oats, etc.
One serving is 1 slice of bread, 1 ounce ready-to-eat cereal, Ih. to ~
cup cooked cereal, cornmeal, macaroni, rice, grits, noodles, Of

To round out meals, experts urge us to include foods not included
within the Groups. These might include bUller, margarine, sugars ...
many of which arc often found in everyday meal pauerns or as in-
gredients in recipes. Some vegetable oil can also be included among
the fats used.

For soups that contribute to the Four Food Groups see page 130.

    A carl of condensed soup is a COllstant help in your kitchen - whether
    you usc it 1 whit e sauce in a casserole or for cook ing liquid in ;1 stew.
      The cream soups. whic h arc useful in so many reci pcs . include:
               Cream of Celery               Crcam of Mushroom
               Cream of Chi cken             Cream of Onion
                         Creamy Chicken Mushroom
    Often one kind of cream soup may be substitu ted for another. You wilt
    find recipes sugges ting this <III through the book.
       Other soups wi th countless uses arc:
          Cheddar Cheese           Golden Mushroom                T0I11;11O

        T he fo llowing chart gives you some "rules of thumb" to usc in crc-
    at ing you r own recipes with condensed soups as cook ing sauces (sec
    SAUCERY chapter fo r special sauces with speci fi c directions):

    Tom:lIo Souper Sauce     Usc condensed tomato soup just as it comes from
                            the c:J.n or thin :I bit with water. if desired. Season
                            :IS you like with a liu le prep:lTcd mustard. horse·
                            radish. herbs. \\'orcestershire. etc. Usc as pour-on
                            sauce for h:J.mtmrgers. pork chops. and olher

      Gravy                        Add a can of condensed cream soup or golden
                                   mushroom soup to 2 10 3 tablespoons of meat drip-
                                   pings (or bUII~r); stir in water or milk for thickness
      While Sauce or               Usc canned condensed cream soups or Cheddar
      Cream Sauce                  cheese soup in almost any recipe that calls for
...                                white sauce or creanr sauce. Thin with !4 cup
                                   milk or water for medium white sallce for dishes
                                   such as c reamed chicken or creamed vegetables.
                                   One can makes enough sauce for 1 to l 1h cups
                                   diced or chopped cooked meat (chicke n, turkey,
                                   ham, tuna. shrimp, crab) or 4 sliced hard-cooked
                                   eggs. . plus sensonings as des ired.
                                   One can soup also makes enough pour-on sauce
                                   for: I pound meat as meat loaf. I pound fi sh
                                   fillets. 2 pounds chicken parts. 2 cups cooked vege-
                                   tables (two I-pound cans: IWO IO-ounce packages.
                                   frozen). 6 chops. 4 to 6 sandwiches.
      Casseroles                    I can of any condensed cream soup (or Cheddar
                                   cheese or lomato soup) plus l/.i cup waler or milk
f""                                (or more ,IS needed) makes enough sauce for about
                                   2 cups cooked macaroni or noodles (about 4
                                   ounces uncooked) or Ilh cups cooked rice (about
                                   V2 cup uncooked). Add seasonings and cooked
                                   meat or vegetables as desired .
      r-.'lcat Stock or            Usc canned condensed beef broth or chicken broth
      Broth                        or consomme in place of homemade stock. Good
                                   for many kinds of stews and pot roasts.
      Chicken Stew                 Usc any of the cream soups. chicken broth, or
                                   chicken soups for part of liquid fo r cooking. If
                                   using a vegetable soup or one with noodles or rice.
                                   ;ldd towards end of cooking time.
      ,\ Ie:.! Stew or             Usc consomme. beef broth. chicken broth. golden
      Pot Roast                    mushroom or tomato soup for part of liquid to
                                   cook meat. For vegetables in stew, use one of
                                   vegetable soups: add towards end of cooking time
                                   since vegetables are already cooked.
      Homemade Soup                Add canned condensed soup for flavor and body.

      NOk (lliolll /I.ring Ihi~' book: A~'leri:fh (" ) (Ire ww/ ill mell//J 10 .'ihoU' itellls
      for which there (lfe recipl's. Uecipes (lfe lisler! ill il/dcx fll cnd of book.


    These dishes cook in one pan-and quickly. Homemakers love their
    easygoing versatility. Everyone loves their tasle. Who could ask for
       The basics o[ skillet-cooking are simple:
       Choose a heavy-bottomed pan that heats evenly and is roomy enough
    to hold all ingredients without crowding. Many recipes may also be pre-
    pared in a chafing dish, large heavy saucepan, or electric skillet.
       Combine several foods. As in casseroles, most stove-top recipes call
    for meat, fis h, or cheese-plus pasta, rice, or potatoes-plus sauce.
       When the sauce is a condensed soup, the eating is superlative. Con-
    densed soups impart ext ra navor while uniting the remaining ingredients.
       Serve your speedy supper dish piping hot with crisp salad and warm
    rolls. Now--{;ollect the compli ments.

                              SA LI SB U RY      S TEA K

    1 c:con (10 ~~ counces) c:ondensed        Mix IhorOllghly 1.4 cup soup. beef.
        go rde n m ush ro om soup             bread crumbs. onion. and egg:
    1 Y.t pounds g round beef                 shape into G patties. In skillet. brown
    \-1 c: up fine d ry b read crumbs         patties (use shortening if nccess,Lry);
    !~ cup fino ly chopped onion              pour off fat. Blend in remaining
    1 6gg, slig htly b oale n                 soup and water. Cover; eook over
    y, cup ""co ler                           low heat 20 minutes o r unti l done.
                                              Stir occasionally. Makes 6 servings.

                     MACARONI                 AND              CHEESE

~~   cup chopped onion                            In saucepan. cook onion in hu tter
    toblespoon bulle r or margarine               untillcndcr. Ble nd in soup a nd milk;
    can ( IO ~~ ounces) condensed                 add maca ron i and c hecse. Heat until
    cream of mushroom soup                        cheese melts ; stir occas io null ),.
\.7 cup milk                                      Makes about 4 Cli ps.
3 CUpl cooked elbow macaroni
1\.1. CUpl shredded Cheddar cheese

                               BEE F       ME X I CA LI

3%.pound bonelell chuck roo It,                   C ut mea t into thin strips: sprinkle
     we ll·trimmed                                wit h !lo ur. In ski llet. brown mcat in
2 tablespoons nour                                sho rten ing: pour off fa!. Add IOl1I a-
2 tablOlpoonl sho rten ing                        to es . waler. onio n. and chi li powder.
    con (16 ouncel) lomatoes                      Covcr: cook ovcr low hcal I hour.
\Iz cup woler                                     Add soup and green peppe r: cook
1 cup choppe d onion                              cove red II ! ho ur mo rc or until
2 teo'poonl chili powder                          Icnder. Slir occasionall y. Servc over
    can ( 11 \1. ounce I) cond(ln led             b read . Ma kes abo ut (i ll.! cups.
    chili bed soup
\.7 cup diced g reen pepper
Corn breod o r cooked rice

                       PORCUPINE                 MEATBALLS
                                 ( pict ur('(1 (III ~·o w·r)
   can (10 ~~ ounces) condenled                   Mix    tlwrUIIJ,:IiIy \4 cup soup . beef.
    tomato 10Up                                   rice. egg. o nion. sa lt. a nd pep per.
    pound ground bOlllf                           Shape p rmly into 16 meatballs. In
   cup qu;ck-cooking rice, uncooke d              skil1e!. b ro wn mC;lthalis (usc short ·
    IIIgg, I lightly be oren                      clling if necessary): po ur off fat.
I~ cup fin e ly chopped onion                     Ble nd in rcmaining so up, waler.
Y2 teo l poon soil                                m ustard. and garlic. Cm'cr: coo k
GenlllrOUI dash pepper                            ovcr low hC:lI 20 m inu tes or unl il
J ~ cup water                                     d o ne. Slir occasionall y. r-,'Iakcs ;\bo llt
    leaspoon pre pared mustard                    4 c ups.
1 ,moll clo ve gorlic, minced

                                CHICKEN      HASH

     can (l0¥.! ounces) condensed          In saucepan. blend soup :lIId mi lk:
     cream of mu shroom soup               add chicken, beans. pimiento, nut-
 1/:J cup m ilk                            meg. and pepper. Heat slowly; stir
 1 can (5 ounces) chunk chicken,           often. Serve over cooked rice.
     or I cup diced coaked                 Makes about 4 cups.
     chicken or lurkey
     can (8 ounces) cut green beans,
     drain ed
 2 tab lespclons dice d pimiento
 Dash nutmeg
 Dash peppe r
 J cups hot cooked ric e

                             SOUPER      LEFTOVERS

     1112 cups cubod roalt, steak,         In sauce pan, combine all ingredients
        or chicken                         except toast. Heal; slir occasionally.
        cup lehove r vegetablol            Serve over toast or in patty shell s.
        C(U1 (1 O ~~ ounces) condemed      Makes about 2Y~ cups.
        crOOnl of celery so up             VARIATIONS: Substitute cream of
     Milk or waler os needed               chicken. mushroom, or tomato soup
     Toast                                 for crea m of celery soup.

                          HE -MAN       SPANISH      RIC E

        pound ground beef                  In skillet . cook beef, Sreen pe pper.
     ~i  cup chopped green pepper          and onioll wit h sarlie until vege·
     ~i cup chopped onion                  tables arc tender; stir to separate
     1 largo clove ga rlic, minced         meat. Add remaining ingredie nts.
     1 can ( IO ~~ ounces) condensed       Cover; cook over low heat ID min-
        tomoto soup                        utes or until liquid is absorbed. Stir
     1\-l cups wole r                      occasionally. Makes about 5 cups.
     I Y2 cup. quick-cooking ric c,
         unco oked
        tabl es poon Worcoster,hire
     V4 lecupoon loll
     Gonerous da sh pepper

                              VEAL        P AR MESAN
   pound thinl y sliced ve al cutle t        Pound veal: sellson with salt and
Salt                                         pepper. Cut into serving·size pieces .
Peppe r                                      Ueat egg and I tablespoon water.
1 eg g , sli g htl y b eate n                Dip vea l in egg mixture, then in
 I tabl es poon w a te r                     bread crumbs. In skillet, brown veal
l-l cup fin e dry bre ad cru m bs            in shortening (usc add itional short·
3 table spoons short e nin g                 ening if necessary). A rrllnge veal in
 I can (I0~a ounces) co nd e nsed            2·quart shallow baking dish (12xS
    tomat o soup                             x2"). Mix soup. '4 cup water. on ion .
 ~a cup w ater                               garlic. and thy m e; pour over veal.
1h cu p fi nel y cho pped o ni o n           Top wilh ;vlolzlIrellll lind Parmesan
 I sma ll clo ve g arlic, m inc ed           cheese. Bake al 350 ° F . for 20 m in-
 Dash ground thy me                          utes or unti l veal is tender. Makes 4
 4 slices (about 4 ounces )                  servings.
    Monarella cheese
 H cup graled Parmesan cheese

                  SKILLET         FR A NKS      ' N    NOODLES
      pound frankfurt e u, cui in half        [n ski llet. brown frankfurters and
      diagonally                              cook onion wi th basil in butter until
l-l    cup chopped onion                      tende r. Stir in remai ning ingredients.
V:t    te a spoon basil or oregano leaves,    H eat; st ir occasionally. Makes abou t
      crush ed                                4 cups.
2     tablespoon s butte r or margarin e
      ca n (10 ~~ ounces ) condens e d
      cream of cele ry or mu shro o m soup
Yl     cup mil k
Vl     cup chopped cann ed tomato e s
2     cups cooked wide no odle s
2     table spoons chopped parsley

                                 CHOP        SOU P Y
    po und round slea k (!;2" thick )         Freeze meat I hour to fi rm (makes
I ~2 cup s diagonally sl iced ( e le ry       slicing easier); slice into very thin
I me dium g ree n pe ppe r, cui in            strips. In skillet. cook celery lind
    I·inch squar es                           green pepper in oil until j wu te nder :
2 table spoons salad oil                      pus h to one side . Add meat; cook
    can (I0 ~~ ounces ) condense d            until color changes (about 3 to 4
    golden mushroom soup                      m inutes). Add soup. water, soy, and
J!] cup water                                 green onions . H eal; stir occasionall y.
I tabl e spoon so y sauce                     Serve over rice. Makes about 41;2
\'1 cup gre en onion s slice d                cups.
    diagonally in I -inch pie ces
Cooked rice

     2 slices bacon

     1 medium anion, chopped
                                         SOUTHERN        STYLE
                                            In saucepan. cook bacon until crisp:
                                            remove and crumble. Cook onion
     1!h: teaspoons chili powder            wilh chili powder and garlic in drip-
         large dave garlic, minced          pings until tender. Stir in soup,
     1 cgn (lO~~ ounces) condemed           water, beef. and green pepper.
         tomato soup                        Cover; cook over low heat ]0 min-
     !h: cup water                          utcs. Slir occilsionally. Serve over
     1 cup diced cooked beef                spaghetti. Gilrnish wit h bacon .
     1 medium green pepper,                 Makes about 2Y.z cups.
         cut in strips
     Cooked spgghelli

                SPAGHETTI              FRANKFURTER        SUPPER
     !h: cup choppe d ce lery               Cook celery and on ion in shorten-
     !h: cup chopped onien                  ing until tender. Add frankfurters:
     2 tgblespoons shortening               cook until lightly browned. Stir in
         pound frankfurters, cut in         soup, water, and \Vorcestershirc.
         !h:-inch slices                    Cook about 15 minutes to blend
         can (lo~4 ounces) condensed        flavors; stir often. Serve over hOi
         tomato soup                        cooked spaghetti. Makes about ]
     !h: cup water                          cups.
      1 teaspoon Worcestershire
     Cooked spaghetti

                             TUNA        SHORTCAKE
        cgn (10~4 ounces) condensed         Blend soup and milk ; add lUna,
        cream of celery, chicken, or        peas, and pimiento. Heal; slir often.
        mushroom soup                       Serve over biscuits or toast. Makes      ..,
     ~4 cup milk                            about 111'2 cups.
     1 can (oboul 7 ounces) tuna,
        drained gnd flgked
        cup cooked peas
        tgblespoon chopped pimiento
     Hoi biscuits or toast

                      SKILLET          CHICKEN     DELIGHT
     2 pounds chicken paris                 Dust chicken with flour. In skillet.
     14 cup flour                           brown chicken in shortening: pour
     14 cup shortening                      orr fat. Stir in soup and ketchup.
     1 Cgn (IO ~~ ouncesl condenu!d         Cover: cook over lo\\' heat 45 min-
       chicken gumbo soup                   lites or until tender. St ir occasion-
     2 tablespoons ketchup                  ally. Makes 4 servings.

                              TUNA          A   LA   KING

      1h (UP sHced celery                       In saucepan, cook celery and onion
      2 tabl espoons c;hopped onion             in buller unlil tender. Blend in soup;
         tabl e spoon butter or morgorine       gradually slir in milk. Add tuna and
         can (10~~ ounces) condensed            pimiento. Heat ; s tir occasionally.
         cream of mushroom soup                 Garnish with parsley. Serve over
      % cup milk                                loasl. Makes about 2 1n cups.
      1 can (about 7 ounces) tuno,
         drained and flaked
      2 toblespoons chopped pimiento
      Chopped parsley
      Toast or biscuits

                            LAST      MINUTE         SUPPER

          can (12 ounces) luncheon meol,         In skillet, brown meat and cook
          cui in Itrips                          onion in butter until tender. Blend
          medium onion, thinly sliced            in soup and milk. Add remaining
      2 tablespoons bulter or margarine          ingredients. Heat; stir occasionally.
          can (10~4 ounces) condensed            Makes about 51!.! cups.
          crac:lm of mushroom IOUP
      \-l cup milk
      2 cups cubed cooked polatoes
      2 loblespoons chopped parsley
      Dosh pepper

                        TUNA       BEAN         SUPPER       DISH

      % cup chopped onion                        In saucepan, cook onion in buller
      2 tablespoons buller or mcugarine          until tender. Add broth, rice. water
         can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed            chestnuts, <lnd soy. Bring to a boil;
         chicken broth                           stir. Reduce heat. Cover; cook over
      1 ~2 cups rice,              low hcat 5 minutes o r until ricc is
          uncooked                               done and all liquid is absorbed. Add
      \~ cup sliced water chestnuts              tuna and beans. Heal; stir occasion·
      1 teaspoon soy sauce                       ally. Serve with addit ional soy.
      1 can (about 7 ounces) tuna,               Makes about 4 cups.
         drained and flaked
         cup cooked Italian green beans

     Casseroles to Your

     Hail to the cassero le-wonderful way 10 bring a l<Isty meal to the table
     right in its baking d ish.
        Choose your own reason for making a casserole tonight. You prob-
     ably have the ingredients on hand-some meat, fish , poultry, or cheese
     plus pasta, rice, or potatoes to exte nd them. A vegetable adds contrasting
     color and texture .
        Now for the perfect sauce that's ready at your fingertips-a can of
     soup. It seasons and brings together all the other ingredients. The c ream
     soups-eream of celery, mushroom, chicken-and Cheddar cheese soup
     hlend beautifully wilh almost any casserole combination . Tomato soup
     also wins honors. And remember-o ne soup may often be substituted
     for another with delightful resu lt s.
        Prepare casseroles in advance if you wish and refrigerate or freeze
     before baking. Either way, allow ext ra baking time. Another advantage
     ---cassero les wait pa tiently in a low oven when dinner is delayed.
     Children eating ahead? J ust prepare several s maller baking dishes.
        Feeding unexpected company is a breeze-reach for a can of soup
     and the ingredients in the following recipes. Another good casserole on
     the way!
                                PERFECT       TUNA
          can (tO~~ ounces) condensed          In I-quart casserole. blend soup and
          crea m of cele ry, chicke n, or      milk ; stir in tuna. eggs. and peas .
          mu shroom soup                       Bake at 350°F. for 25 minutes or
     !4    cup milk                            until hot; stir. Top with chips; bake
     2    cans (about 7 ounces each) tuna ,    5 minutes more. Makes about 4
          drained and flaked                   cups .
     2    hard-cooked eggl, sliced
     1    cup cooked peas
          cup slightly crumbled potato chip$

                    TOMATO         BEEF      CASSEROLE

      pound ground beef                    In saucepan, brown beef and cook
!1: (UP chopped onion                      onion until tender; stir to separate
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese              meal. Pom off fat . Stir in ~fi cup
   can ( 10 ~~ ounces) condensed           cheese and remaining ingredients.
    tomato IO Up                           Pour into l ll.:-quart casserole. Bake
2 cups cooked medium noodles               at 350 "F. for 30 minutes or until
    (UP cooked corn                        hot; stir. Top with remaining cheese.
v.. cup w ater                             Makes about 5 cups.

                      YANKEE            NOODLE      BAKE

Vz pound frankfurters, cut in              In saucepan, brown frankfurters and
      Vz-inch pieces                       cook onion in butter until tender.
v..    cup chopped onion                   Stir in remaining ingred ients except
2     tablespoons butter or margarine      cru mbs. Pour into I-quart casserole.
1     can (1 O ~~ ounces) condensed        Bake at 350" F. fo r 25 minutes or
      tomato soup                          until hot ; stir. Top with crumbs.
1-)    cup woter                           Bake 5 minutes more. Makes about
1     teaspoon prepared mustard            311.: cups.
2     cups cooked noodles
2     tablespoons bullered bread

                               CHICKEN        PIE

1 Vt cups cubed cooked chicken             In Ph-quarl casserole, combine all
1 cup cubed cooked polatoes                ingredients except biscu it mix and
   cup cooked mixed vege tables            water. Bake at 450 " F. for 15 min-
   can (10~~ ounces) condensed             utcs: stir. Meanwhile, combine bis-
   cream of chicken soup                   cuit mix and watcr as dircctcd on
% cup milk                                 package: spoon 6 biscuits around
1 tablespoon finely chopped onion          cdgc of casserole. Bakc 15 minutes
Generous dash poullry seasoning            more o r until biscuits arc done.
1 cup biscuit mix                          Makes about 4 cups.
\~ cup cold waler

                   SAVORY          SPAGHETTI         CASSEROLE

        pound ground beef                    In skill et, bro wn mea t and cook
     h cup chopped onion                     o nion a nd grec n peppe r wi th garlic
     ~~ cup chopped green pepper             unt il te nde r (usc sho rte ning if neces-
     T medium dove garlic, minced            sary). Stir 10 se para te me:l!. Add
       can (TO U ounces) condensed           soups. lIIater. lh cup c heese, :md
       cream of mushroom soup                s pag hetli. Po ur illlo 2.quarl casse·
       can (10 ~:/; ounces) condenle d       ro le . Uake a t 350 ° F. for 30 minutes
        tomalo soup                          o r until hot; sti r. Top with re mai n·
       cup waler                             ing c heese. Uake until c heese melts.
       cup shredded sharp procell            ~b ke s abo ut 71h cups.
     4 cups cooked spaghetti

                            TURKEY         STROGANOFF
     ~~    cup diced green pepper            In saucepa n, cook gree n peppe r and
     % cup chopped onion                     o nion in butte r until te nde r. In 1 1 _
     :2 tablespoons buller or margarine      qua rt casserole, ble nd soup and sour
     T can (10% ounces) condensed            c ream. Sti r in remaining ingredie nts.
          cream of mushroom soup             Bake a t 350 ° F. fo r 35 minutes o r
     !I.l cup sour cream                     unt il hot; stir. Sprinkle with addi-
     :2 cups cooked noodles                  tional p'lprika . Makes abo llt 41h .....
     l !1.l cups cubed cooked turkey         c ups.
     !I.l teaspoon paprika

                              CAPTAIN'S        CHOICE

     \Ii cup sliced celery                   In saucepan. co o k cele ry a nd o nio n
     :2 tablespoons chopped onion            in buller until tender. Ulend in so up.
     :2 tablespoons buller or margarine      milk . shrimp . peas. a nd th yme.
           can ( 10 ~~ ounces) condensed     Pou r into 2·qua rl cassero le; spoon
           cream of mushroom soup            potatoes a ro und edge of casse ro le.
      YJ cup milk                            Bake a t 400 ° F. fo r 25 minutes o r
      l !1.l cups diced cooked shrimp        until hOI. Sprink le with cheese. Ba ke
      1 cup cooke d peas                     unlil c heese mel Is. fo,-fakes a bollt
     Ocuh ground thyme                       3 Y.! c ups.
     :2 cups seasoned mashed po'atoCi
     1~ cup shredded process cheese

16                                                                                         ...
                                FIX     AHEAD           CHICKEN
                                        (pictured   Oil COI'f'r)
      2 pounds chi~ken pents                          In skillet, brown chicken in shorten-
      2 tablespoon s shortening                       ing; pour off f:lt. St ir in soup. milk.
          can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed                on ion. :lnd seasonings. Cover; cook
          cream of chicken soup                       over low heat 15 minutes. Add car-
      \4 cup milk                                     rots and beans. Cook 10 minUles
      8 small whole white onions                      more; stir occasionally. Arm nge in
          {obout 1-2 pound}                           IO-inch round b:lking dish: cover.
      y., teaspoon poultry seasoning                  Store in freezer. To reheat : Pl:lee
      ~ teaspoon pepper                               covered casserole in cold oven.
      2 cups carrots cut in 1-2.inch slicn            B:lke at 400 °F. for I hour 15 min-
          pockag e (10 ounces) froze n                utcs; uncover. Bake 15 m inutes
          Fordhoo k lima beans                        more or until chicken is tender.

                                                      Makes 4 servings.
                                                      U4rigcralOr Method: Omit freezing.
                                                      Refrigcmtc overn ight. Bake covered
                                                      at 400° F . for 45 minutes; uncover.
                                                      Bake 15 minutes more or until

-                                  TUNA
            can (10 ~:l ounces) condensed
            cream of celery soup
                                                      chicken is tender.

                                                      In I V 2-qlmrt casserole, combinc
                                                      soup and milk; stir in noodles. pars-
      1-2    cup milk                                 ley, pimiento. and tuna. Bake at
      2     cups cooked noodlos                       400°F . for 25 minutes or until hot;
      2     tablespoons chopped parsley               stir. Top with bread crumbs; bake
      2     tablespoons diced pimiento                5 minutes morc . l'\'lakes about 4th
      2     cons (about 7 ounces each) tuna,          cups.
            droined and flaked
      2     tablespoo ns buttere d bread

                  AU     GRATIN         SP I NAC H           AND     NOODLES
            can ( IO ~~ ounce s) condensed            [n lin -q uart casserole, combine a \1
            cream of mushroom soup                    ingredients except cheese. Bake at

,..   ~'i
             teaspoon ground nutmeg
            pockages (10 o unc es each)
            frozen chopped spinach,
                                                      350 ~ F. for 30 min utes; stir. T op
                                                      wi th cheese. Ba ke unt il cheese
                                                      melts. f', 'l akcs abou t 5 cups.
            cooked and drained
      2     cups cooked noodles
      1-2    cup milk
      1     cup shre dded procen cheese

                FAVORITE           HAM      'N      POTATO          BAKE

         can (TO~~ OUntel) condensed
         cream of mushroom soup
     Y.t cup milk
                                                 Combine soup, milk, alld pepper.
                                                 In 2-quan casserole, arr;mge alter-
                                                 nate laye rs of potatoes, ham, onion,
     Dal h pepper                                and sauce (cover ham completely
     4 tUpl thinly sliced potatoes               with sauce)_ Dot top with butter;
     1 Y.t cups dited cooked ham                 spri nkle with paprika. Cove r; bake
     1 Imall onion, thinly slited                at J75 °F . for I hour. Uncover;
     T tablelpoon b ull e r or margarine         bake 15 minutes more or unti l pota-
     Dalh paprika                                toes arc done. Makes about 4 cups.

           MACARONI             AND        CHEESE - FAMil Y              STYLE

     1A tUp chopped onion                        In saucepan. cook onion in bUller
     2 tablelPoonl buller o r margarine
     1 can (11 ounce$) condenled
                                                 unlil tender: blend in soup. Grad -
                                                 ually stir in milk. mustard. and pepper:
         Cheddar cheele $OUP                     add macaroni. Pour into I'!.I-quan cas-
     Y.t (UP milk                                serole . Bake at 400°F. for 25 minutes
     1 toblespoon prepared mustard               or until hot; stir. Top with crumbs; bake
     Generoul da$h pepper                        5 minutes more. Makes ahout 4 cups.
     3 cups cooked elbow macaroni
     2 tablespoons bullered bread

                  OYSTER      'N     HAM     NOODLE           BAKE

         cup chopped cooked ham              In saucepan, brown ham and cook
    V. cup chopped onion                     on ion in butter until tender. Blend
    :2 tablespoons buller or margarine       in flour; gradually stir in stew. milk.
    :2 tablespoons flour                     and hOI pepper sauce. Cook, slir-
         can (10 \7 ounces) condensed        ring until thickened. In I-quart
         oyste r stew                        casserole. combine soup mixture
     ~~ cup milk                             with noodles. Top with cheese.
     Dash hot pepper sauce                   Bake al 350 " F. for 30 minules or
     1 Y.z cups cooked noodles               until hot. Makes abou t 2 11.z cups.
     Grated Parmesan cheese

                        PORK       CHOP_BEAN           BAKE

     6 pork chops (about 2 pounds)           In oven-proof skillet. brown chops;
       can (10% ounces) condensed            remove from pan. Pour off fal;
       cream of celery or mushroom soup      ~I ir in soup, beans, and th yme.
       package (9 ounces) frozen cut         Arrange chops on lop; sprinkle with
       green beans, partially thawed         salt and pepper. Cover; bake al
    Dash crushed thyme leaves                350" F . for 45 minutes or until
    Ih teaspoon salt                         chops arc tender. 4 servings.
    Ih teaspoon pepper

                           CHEESY          TUNA     BAKE

    v.   u-'p chopped onion                  In saucepan, cook onion in buller
    2 toble spool'l$ buller or morgorine     unlil tender. Stir in soup, water, :y.,
       can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed          cup cheese, noodles. tuna, and pi-
        creom of celery soup                 miento. Pour into I-quart casserole.
     Yl cup water                            Bake at 350 " F . for 25 minutes or
     1 (UP shredded sharp Cheddar            until hot; stir. T op with remaining
       cheese                                cheese. Bake until cheese melts.
    :2 cups cooked noodles                   Makes about 4 cups,
_      can (about 7 ounces) tuna ,
       drained and flaked
    :2 toble'poon s diced pimiento

                             CHICK      ' N    HAM      BAKE

        can (4 ouncos) slicod mushrooms ,
        drain od
     2 toblospoons chop pod onion
     2 tab lespoo ns chopped gree n
                                                In saucep:lIl. brown IIl lishrooms and
                                                cook onion and grcen pcpper with
                                                ga rlic and th yme in bUllcr until
                                                tcnder. Add remai ning ingredien ts;
        pepper                                  pour inlo Ph -quart casserole. Bake
        small clove ga rlic, minced             a t 400 c F. for 25 minules or until
     Dash cr ushed th yme leaves                hOI ; stir. Makes abolLt 5 cups.
     2 tablOlpoons buller or margcuine
        can (10H ounces) conde n sed
        cream of chicken soup
     2 cups cooked spaghetti
     1 ~ cups diced ceoked hom                                                f~'
                                                                        '. :\ , '
     1 cup chopped cann ed tomaloes                                          ,.,., .

     1 can (1 1 ounces) cond ensed
         loma lo bi squ e so up
                                OVEN          MACARONI

                                                In I-quart casserole, blend soup.
                                                waler. cheeses. :tnd seasoni ng. Slir
     1-l cup water                              in maca ro ni . Bake:lt 400 c F. fo r 25
     1 ~ cups shredded Cheddar cheese           minutes o r u nt il hOI; stir. G arnish
     2 tab lespoon s gra tod Parmeson           wit h grcen pepper rings i [ desi red .
         cheOie                                 Makes about 3 11.1 cups.
         teaspoon oregano leaves, crushed
     ~~ loospeon go rl;c lo lt
     2 cups cooked sp iro l.shoped

                            PINWHEEL           CASSEROLE

     Hi cups cube d cooked bee f, lamb,         In s:lUce pan. brown me:L! with OTC-
          pork , or ve al                       gano in b uller. Sti r in soup. \4 cup
     \4    leaspoon oreg ano leaves, crushed    water. tomatoes. :lIId green bcans.
     2    tablespoo ns bullor or margarine      Pour into 11f.! -qua rt casserole. Bake
     1    can ( 10 ~~ ounces) condensed         at 450 °F . for 10 min utes. r-,'f ean-
          golden mus hro om sou p               while. combine biscuit mix ,lIld \4
     YI    cup wato r                           Clip cold water; mix as directed on
     ~     cup chopped canned lomatoes          package. Roll out into 8-inch
     1    cup cooked cut gree n beans           square: s prinkle wi th cheese. Ro!!
     1    cup biscuit mi x                      up jell y ro ll fa shion: cut into 8
     2    tobl espoo nl g rolod Pa rm esan      slices. Place biscui ts around edge.
          cheose                                Bake 15 minutes more or until
                                                browned. Makes 4 servi ngs.

                  SHRIMP       'N       SHELL    CASSEROLE

        can (IO U ounces) condensed        In I-quart casserole, blend soup,
        cream of celery soup               milk. sherry, and curry powder.
    v.. cup milk                           Add remaining ingred ients. Bake
    1 tablespoon sherry                    at 350 ° F. for 30 minutes; stir.
    \1 tea spoo n curry powder             :-"Ia kes about 3 \/2 cups.
    1\1 cups diced cooked shrimp
    2. cups cooked shell macaroni
    2. tablespoons chopped parsley

                         FRANK-POTATO              BAKE

    v.  cup chopped onion                  In saucepan. cook onion in butter
    T tablespoon butter or margarine       until tender; stir in soup. water, lind
       can ( TO ~;l ounces) condensed      mustard . Add potatoes. Pour into
       cream of celery soup                 ItA -quart shall ow h<lking dish (lOx
    Yl cup water                           6x2") : top with frankfurters. Bake
    T tablespoon prepared mustard          at 400° F . for 25 minutes or until
    4 cups sliced cooked potatoes          hot. Makes 4 se rvings.
    6 frankfurters, slashed

                              SEAFOOD           BAKE

       can (10~~ ounces) conden sed         In I li l -quart casserole, blend soup.
       cream of mushroom soup               mayo nnaise, and milk. Add remain-
    Yl cup mayonnaise                       ing ingred ients except paprika. Bake
    Yl cup milk                             at 350 ° F. for 30 minutes or until
    1 can (S ounces) sh rimp, droined       hot; stir. Sprin kle with Pilprika.
    1 can (about 7 ounces) tuna ,           Makes about 4 cups.
       drained and flaked
    Yl cup sliced water chestnuts
    1 cup finely chopped celery
    2. tabl espoons chopped parsley
    2. teaspoons finely chopped onion
    2. cups cooked macaroni

     Whafs the heavy-weight item in most food budgets? Meal. What's the
     c hampion dish al most meals? Meat again . And the meat (lUll oFten
     me rits the greatest applause is beef. Conscient ious cooks arc always on
     th e lookout for ways to make the most of this pe rennial winner. For
     the m, the fo ll owing recipes. Each lI SCS conve nient condensed soup and
     eac h boas ts se rve-it-again flavor.

                              STEW       ' N   DUMPLINGS
     !4; cup chopped onion                       III sa uce pan, cook onion in huller
     1 lablel poon bulle r or marga rin e        until Icnder. Add so up. wa te r. ;md
         ca n (lO Y ounces) conde nsed
                   l                             heef. Bring to boi l. jI,'l caTlwhilc.
         ve getable sou p                        combine hiscui t mi x and milk. Drop
     l1: soup can waler                          5 to 6 spoo nfuls on hoi ling soup.
     1\1 cups diced cooked bee f                 Cook uncovered over lo w heat 10
     1 cup biscuit mix                           minutes . Cover: cook 10 m in utes
     JIJ cup milk                                more . Makes "bollt 3 cups.

                           CREAMED             COOKED        BEEF
     !~    cup thinly sliced cele ry             i n sallcep:llI . cook ce le ry and o nion
     !~ cup chopped onion                        with thyme in bUller until tender.
     Generous dash crushed th yme                Stir in remaining ingred ie nts except
          lea ves                                lOa ~ t. H ea t: s tir occasionally. Serve
     2 ta blespoo ns butter o r mar go rin e     ove r to"s!. r-.hkcs abo ut 3 c ups.
          con (10 !4 ounces) conden sed
          cream of mushroom soup
     1.'l cup woler
     1 J!l CUpli diced tOO ked beef
     ~l cup cooked peOIi
     Toa st or cooked noodlOl

                           SAUCY           BEEf     HASH
1  cups diced coo ke d beef                   In sk illet, brown beef and potatoes
1  cups dked cooked pota toes                 and cook oni on in butter until
!4   cup fin e ly chopped onion               tender. Stir in remaining ingredients.
4   tabl es poons buller o r ml;Hgl;Hine      He;lt; stir occasionally . lo.-Iakes abOllt
1  can (10~ ~ ounces) condens ed              3ih cups.
    crea m of celery soup
\Il cup chopped ponley
1 ~ teaspoons Worcestershire
I ta blespoon ke tchup
Das h peppe r

              SW ISS        S TEA K        W ITH     VEGETABLES
1 ~ po un ds round sleak (~~" thick)          Pound meat; cut into serving-sizc
1 !oble' poonl shorlening                     pieces. [n skillet, hrown meat in
1 can (10112 ounces) condensed                shorten ing. Add soup, 14 cup water,
    fre nch onio n soup                       and seasonings. Cover: cook ove r
1~ cup wa le r                                low hea t 30 minutes. Add carrots
~ leaspoo n salt                              and potatoes. Cook I hour more or
~iI tecl1 poon pepper                         llntil tender. Stir occasionally. Grad-
4 medium corrals (about 11 pound),            ually blend II I cup water into fl our
    cui in l-inch pieces                      until smooth: slowly stir into sauce,
4 medi um polo toes (about I Y.!              Cook, slirring until thickened . Gar-
    pounds), cut in half                      nish with parsley. Makes 4 servings .
1 tablespoon, flour
    tabl espoon chopp ed pan le y

                          YANKEE           POT     R OAST

J to 4-po und beef pol roast                  In la rgc heavy pan. brown bcef (usc
  can (lO V ounces) conde nsed
            2                                 shorte ning if ncccss;lry); pour olT
   Fre nch onion sou p                        fa t. Add soup. Cover; cook over
\4 cup waler                                  low heat 21h to 3 hours or until
2 to 4 tab lespoons flour                     meal is done. Slir occasionally.
                                              Grad ually blend water in\o nour
                                              until smoot h; slowly stir inlo sallce.
                                              Cook. slirring until thickened,
                                              Makes 6 to 8 servings.

                       BARBECUED             STEAK     SUPREME

     2 pounds boneleu round $teak              Pound flour into meal; cut inlo
        (W' thitk)                             serving-size pi eces. In skillet. brown
     3 tablespoons flour                       meat in shortening; pour off fat.
     2 tablespoons shortening                  ~\dd remai ning ingred ients except
        can ( IO ~1 ounces) condensed          ricc. Cover; cook over low heat I
        tomato soup                            hour 30 minutes. Stir occasionalJ r.
     ~ cup chopped onion                       Serve with rice. Makes 6 servings.
     ~ cup chopped celery
     I small clove garlic, minced
        tablespoon brown sugar
        tablespoon Worc estershire
        table spoon lemon juice or vinegar
       teaspoon prepared mustard
     Ge nerous dash hot pepper sauce
     Cooked rice
                             SOUPER       STROGANOFF

     1 \7. pounds boneless reund steak         Freele meat I hour 10 firm (makes
          (%" thick)                           slicing easier). C ut meat into I'cry
     1 can (about 4 ounces) sliced             thin strips. In skillet , brown mush-
          mushrooms, drained                   rooms and cook onion with garlic
     \1 cup chopped enion
     1 sma ll clove garlic, minced
     2 tablespoons buller or margarine
          can (10 Yi: ounces) condensed
     1,.) cup nour
                                               in butter until just tender: push to
                                               one side . Add meat. Cook until
                                               color changes (about 3 to 4 min-
                                               utes). mcnd consomme into nour
                                               until smooth ; stir inlo meat mixture.
                                               Cook. slirring until thickened. Add
     I cup lou r cream                         sour cream and parsley; heat. Serve
     1 tablelipoon chopped parsley             ovcr noodles. r-,'l akes about 5 cups.
     Cooked noodl es

                      SMOTHERED           STEAK       ROLL-UPS

     I Yi: po und s thinly $Iiced round        Cut steak into 6 pieces (about 8x4").
          steak (~li " thick)                  Pound with meat hammer. Pl ace !I.I
     l lf.! cups prepared packQged             cup Sluffing ncar cenler of each
          he rb sealioned st uffing mix        piece of meat. Roll up; tuck in ends
     2 toblespoons shortening                  and fa sten with skewers or looth·
     1 can { 10 ~~ ounces} conden sed          picks. In sk illet , brown roll-ups in
          cream of mu shroom or                shortening ; pou r ofT fat. Add soup
          golden mushroom soup                 and water. Cover; cook over low
     Yi: cup Weller                            heat I!I.I hours or until tender. Slir
                                               oceasionallr . 6 servi ngs.

                               TO MA TO         BEEF    S TE W

      I Y.I po un d, beef cubes (1 Y.I .inch)    Brown meat in shorteni ng in 'il rge
      2 tClbl O$poorn short en ing               heilv)' pan. Add soup and wilter.
      I (on ( IO ~~ o un ces) (ondensed          Cover: simmer 11,6 hours. Add re-
          tomCito sou p                          maining ingredients. Cover; cook I
      Y.I ( U P welter                           hour o r until vegetables arc tender.
      6 smelll w hole white onio n.              Stir occasionally. Unco\'cr; cook to
      6 smelll cClrro", cui in hglf              desi red consistency. Makes (tbout 6
      l POIClloo., quart e red                   cups.
      14 teCispoon thym e legves, crushed

                                E ASY        SWISS     STEAK

      l Y.1 pound. round sle ak                  Pound steak ; cut into serving.size
          (W' th lck)                            pieces. In skillet , brown steak in
      1 lablespoons sho rl en ing                shortening; pou r ofT f:u. Add reo
          (el n ( 1O ~~ ounces) conde nsed       maining ingredients. Cover; cook
          go lden mushroom so up                 over low heat I hour 30 mimLlc.s
      ~l cup chopped celnned lomoloes            or unti l tender. Stir occasionally.
      !~ cup chopped onion                       Makes 4 to 6 servings.

      ~~ cup woter
      COlh pe ppe r

                                NORSEMAN ' S           STEW
,..    H l pounds beef (ubes (l Y.t -in(h)       In large h{'av), pan. brown b{'{'f in
      2 to b lupoons shortening                  shorlening; pour off {:II. Stir in re-
      1 (eln (lO U el un (es) (ondenlDd          maining ingredicnts except onions.
          go lden mu sh relom soup               Cover: cook over low heal I v.:
      r. (UP wa ler                              hours. Add onions: cook I hour
      !It cup chopped canned tomotoo.            more or unlil meat is tende r. Sti r
      1 tealpoon win e vinegar                   occasionally. 1-.<fakes abo ut 5 cups.
      Ga norous dOlh cinnamon
      2 who[o clovel
          pound (gboul 16) small who le
          while onions

                     8EEFED - UP               NOODLES           ' N     8EANS

          po und round steak   H~"   thick )          Freeze meat I hour to firm (m:lkes
     Yz cup chopped onion                             slicing easier); slice into vcry thin
     1 medium doye garlic, min ced                    strips. In ski llet, cook onion with
     \t1I teo spoon solt                              seasoni ngs in oi l until illJt tender:
     V. teaspoon bas il leaves, crulhed               push to one side. Add meat: cook
     ~i tea spoon pepper                              until color changes (about 3 to 4
     2 lobl u poon5 la lod oil                        minutes). Add re maining ingredi.
          can (10% ounces) co nd ensed                ents. He:lt; stir occasionally. Makes
          golden m ush roo m so up                    about 6 cups.
          con (IS M: ounces) kidn ey beons,
          droin ed
     2 cups cooked noodl es

                                                               ... ..
          can (about 8 ounces) slewed


      l 1r.! pounds round steak (¥.I ~ thick)
                                                 IN      SAUCE

                                                      Pound steak: cut in serv ing-size
     2 tabl clpoons shorten ing
     1 can (10¥4 ounces) condensed
                                                      pieces. In sk illet, brown steak in
                                                      shortening; pour off fat. Add soup          ....
          creom of mushroom soup                      :md water. Co ve r: cook over low
     11<1 cup woter                                   heat I hour 30 minutes or until
                                                      tender. Stir occ'lsiona lly. Makes 4
                                                      to 6 servings.

                                SPICY           SHORT          RtBS

     J pounds short rib s, trimmed                    In large heavy pan. brown IlIC;U in
          and cu t in serving·size pieccs             ~ h one nin g;pour off fat. Add soup.
     2    tob les poon li short e ning                water :mtl se:Lso llillgs. Cover: conk
     2    cons fl O¥.. ounces eoch)                   o\'cr low heat 2 hau l'S 30 minutes. Stir
          condensed go lden mushroom soup             occasion:llly. Spoon off f;lI . Add re-
          so up con wo te r
                                                      maining ingrcdi..-nts. Cover: cook 20
                                                      minutes or until noodles arc Ilone. Slir
          t eospoon allspice
                                                      often . Makes 4 serv ings .
          teospoon cinnamon
     J    cups uncooked medium nood les
          package (9 ounces) frozen cuI
          green beans
     14     cup diced p imie nt o

                             ST R OGANOFF          STE W

    3~-po u nd boned chuck roost            Trim fat from meal and cuI inlo l-
~   2 tablespoons Ihortening                inch cubes. In la rge hea\'y pan.
    2 cons (10 ~;' ouncel each)             brown hcef in shorleni ng; pou r off
       condensed tream of mushroom          fat. Add soup, sour crea m, waler.
        soup                                pOlprika, and pepper. Cover; cook
    !7. cup sour creom                      over low heal I hour. Add vege-
    !tl cup woter                           tables. Cover; cook ove r low heal
    1 teaspoon paprika                      ! hour longer or until meat :md
    Generoul dalh peppe r                   vegetables arc tender. Slir occasion-
    1 pound medium corrols, hol ved         all y. Serve with noodles. Makes
    1 pound whol e small white onions       aboul 8 cups.
    Cooked wide noodles

                      CHUNKY         BEEF    ' N   NOODLES

         can (a bout 2 ounces) sliced        In sa uce pan. brown m ushroo ms
         mUlhrooml , drained                 and cook onio n in buller until len-
    1A    cup chopped onion                  de r. Add rema ini ng ingredients.
    2    tablespoons butter or margarine     Heal; stir occasionall y. Makes abou t
    I    can (19 ounce.) chunky beef 10Up    3 cups.
    ~"    cup sour cream
    1    (UP cooked noodles
    2    teaspoons paprika

                                 PEPPER      STEAK

    I \ol pounds round Ileok Hl" thick)      Pound steak; cuI into serving-size
    2 tablespoons Ihorlening                 pieces. In skille t. brown meat in
        (on (10 ~~ ounces) condensed         shorten ing; pour off fat. Stir in
        tomato soup                          soup. water, and lemon juice.
    \1. cup woler                            Cover: cook over low heat I hour
    1 teaspoon lemon juice                   15 min utes. Add pepper. Cook 15
    Ii cup green pe pper Itrips              mi nutes mo re or until meat is
                                             tender. Stir occasionally. 4 to 6


     Thank hea ven for hambu rger! Without iI, what would thrift y cooks do?
     With it, there arc a thousand delicious possibilities. Here are a few of
     them, all brightened by handy condensed soup. Bonus : Soup helps
     prevent shrinkage in meat loaves and bu rgers while contributing extra
     fla vor.
      con ( 10 ~ ~ ounces) condenlcd           Combine 1 cup soup with remain-
      lomtllo so up                            ing ingredients except buns and
  I ~ pou nd. ground boof                      cheese. Spread mixture evenly over
 J..l cup finely chopped onion                 bun halves; COlte r edges completely.
  1 tabl os poon prepa red mustard             Broil 4 inches from heal for 5 min-
      lobl Ol p aon Worcellenhire              utes or until do ne. Top with re-
 Y4 teaspoo n l olt                            maining soup and cheese. Broil until
      looJpoo n prepared hOfle radi sh         cheese melts. Makes 8 sa nd wiches .
 On sh popp rH
  8 frankfurte r bun s, split and loclIled
  8 sll(ol (8 ounces) procell
      Amorican choolo

                                 MEATBALL          STE W

     1 pound ground b eef                      Mix rhorouglrly beef. egg, bread
     1 eS9, slightly beolen                    cubes. 1,4 cup onion , and salt. Shape
     % (UP Imoll b read cubes                  /irml), inlO 36 meatballs. In large
     % cu p fine ly choppe d onion             sauecp::SIl, brown me,lIballs <t nd cook
     V4 lao l poon lol l                       rc m::sining onion in shortening; pou r
     2 IClblespoons shorlening                 off fat. Add rem::sin ing ingred ients.
        con (1 Olh ounces) condensed           He::s!; st ir occasion::slly. r.,·lakcs "bout
        beof brolh                             6~ cups.
        con (10 % ouncos) condo nsed
        lo moto soup
     !fa teo spoon thyme leoves, crushe d
     1 con (obo ul 16 ounces) smoll w hol e
        whi le pololoos, droin ed ond cui up
        con (16 o unces) sliced carroh,

                 OLD.FASHIONED              MEAT       LOAF

    con (10'12 ounces) condensed          Combine     all   ingredients;   mlX
    vegetoble soup                        Ihoroughly . Shape firmly into loaf
2 pounds ground beef                      (8x4x21h"); place in shallow baking
Y.z cup chopped onion                     pan. (Thorough mixing and firm
Y.z cup fine dry bre od crumbs            shaping will produce a moist, easy·
 1 egg, llightly beoten                   to-slice loaf.) Bake at 375 c F. 1
'h teaspoon salt                          hour 15 minutes. 6 servings. VARI·
Dash pepper                               ArION: After loaf has baked 1
                                          hour, garnish top with 4 tomato
                                          slices and Ih cup shredded mild
                                          cheese; bake 15 minutes more.

                     TOP_STOVE         MEAT         LOAF

1 Y.z pounds ground beef                  Mix thoroughly heef, crumbS, \I.i
Yz cup fine dry bread crumb.              cup soup, onion, egg. and season·
1 can   (l0 ~4 ounces) condenled          ings. Shape firmly into 2 loaves;
    tomato soup                           brown on both sides in skillet in
 ~ cup finely chopped onion               shortening (to turn loaves, use pan·
 1 egg, slightly beaten                   cake turner). Cover; cook over low
'h teaspoon sa lt                         heat 25 minutes. Spoon off fat. Stir
 Gene rou s dash pepper                   in remaining soup, water, mustard.
 1 tabl espoon shortening                 Top loaves with cheese. Uncover;
 ~4 cup wat er                            cook 10 minutes. 4 to 6 servings.
 Y.z teaspoon prepared mu stard           Oven Method: Mix and shape as
 2 slices procen cheese, cut in half      above. Bake at 350 cF. for 40 min-
                                          utes. Spoon off fat. Pour remaining
                                          soup (om it water) mixed with mus·
                                          tard on loaves: top with cheese.
                                          Bake llntil cheese melts.

               SPAGHETTI           WtTH      MEAT       SAUCE
    pound ground beef                     In saucepan, brown beef and cook
    cup chopped onion                     onion with garlic, oregano, and
2 hug e clo ves garlic, minced            thyme until tcndcr (usc shortening
1 teaspoon oregano leaves, crushed        if necessa ry). Stir to separate meat.
~ teaspoon thym e le a ves, crushed       Add remaining ingred ients except
2 cans (10% ounces eac h)                 spaghcu i and cheese . Simmer 30
    condensed tomato 10Up                 minutes; stir occasionally. Remove
Y.z cup water                             bay leaf. Serve over spaghetti with
Y4 teaspoon salt                          cheese. Makes about 41h cups.
1 bay leaf
!4 tea spoon pepper
Cooked spoghelti
Grated Parmesan cheese

                             ON ION       BURGERS

        pound ground beef                  In ski llet. brown beef and cook
        cup chopped celery                 celery until lender (use shortening
        can (IO V, ounces) condensed       jf necessary). Stir to separate meat;
        French onion soup                  pour off fat. Add remaining ingredi-
     !~ cup woter                          ents except buns. Cook over low
     14 cup ketchup                        heat 15 minutes. St ir occasionally.
     1 tecupoon WorceSlenhire              Serve on buns. Makes about 2 1    1i
     1 teeupoon prepared mushud            cups.
     Dosh pepper
     Hamburger buns, split and loenled

                        HAMBURGERS           ITALIANO

        pound ground beef                 Combine beef, salt, and pepper;
     '!4 teospoon salt                    shape into 4 patties. In skillet,
     Dash pepper                          brown patties (usc shonening if nec-
      1 con (10 ~~ ounces) condensed      essary); pour off fat . Add remaining
        tomato soup                       ingredients. Coyer; cook over low
        con (2 ounces) sHced mushrooms,   heat 20 minutes or until done. Stir
        drained                           occasionall y. 4 servings.
        smoll onion, sHced
     \4 teaspoon oregano leaves,
      1 smoll dove gorlic, minced

                              MEAT-SHELL         PIE

         can (10 ',~ ounces) condensed     Place a double layer of foil on
         tomato soup                       cookie sheet. Mix th oroughly II I
     1 \-l pounds ground beef              cup soup, beef, salt, and 1 teaspoon
      112 teaspoon 5011                    chil i powder; pat out firmly into
     1111 teospoon s chili powder          1 I-inch circle about Iii -inch thick
     6 frankfurters, split                 on foil. Turn up edges of Coil to
     \-l cup chopped onion                 calch fat. Firmly press fra nkfurters.
     2 toblespoons bullor or morgorine     cut side up. into meal in spoke
     \-l cup shredded procen cheese        fash ion. In saucepan. cook on ion
     Groted Pormosan cheese                with remaining chili in buller until
                                           tender; stir in remammg soup ;
                                           spread over meal. Bake at 450 " F .
                                           for 15 minutes. Spoon off fat.
                                           Sprinkle wi th cheeses ; bake unlil
                                           melt ed. 6 serv ings.

                       MAN Y          WAY       MEATBALLS

     pound grou nd beef                         ~'Ii x beef, bread crumbs, onion . egg.
!~    cup fine dry bread crumbs                 and salt ; shape into 16 meathalls.
~~    cup mince d onion                         In skillet, brown meatballs: pour oli
1    e gg, slightly beaten                      drippings. Stir in soup, water, and
\4    lealpoon soil                                    ey.
                                                par.;1 Cover; cook over low heat
1    can (11 o unces) co nd e nsed              20 min utes; stir often. Makes about
     Chedda r chee l e , (ream of celery        3V! cups.
     or mU l hroom soup
\4    cup wate r
2    tablupoon l chopped panley

                      ST UFFED          CABBAGE           ROLLS

8 la rge cabbage lea vel                        Cook cabbagc leaves in ha iling
    pound g round beef                          saIled watcr a few minutes to
    cup cooked rice                             soft en; drain . Combine beef, rice,
til (UP chopped onion                           onion, egg, salt , and pepper with 2
1 egg, sli g hll y bea ten                      tabl espoons soup. Div ide meat mix-
V4 tea spoon solt                               lUre am ong cabbage !c;\Ves; roll :Lnd
\4 teaspoon pe pper                             secure with toothpicks or string.
1 can ( 10 ~~ ouncel ) conde ns ed              Place cabbage rolls in skil let; pour
    tomato IOUP                                 relllaining soup o ver. Cove r; cook
                                                over low heat abolLt 40 minutes. Stir
                                                often, spooning salLce over rolls. 4

                    SOU PER           SA U CY     MEA T       LO AF
1!7 pounds ground beef                          Mix IlmrcJIIghly beef. I II cup soup.
    can (10 ~1l: ounces ) (ondensed             bread, onion. cgg. s;ll\. and pepper.
    creo m of mushroom or                       Shape firmly into loaf; place in
    lo ma lo soup                               shallow baki ng pan. Bake :lt 350 ° F.
    cup small bread cu bes                      for I hour 15 minutes. Hlend re·
\4 cup fin ely chopped onion                    main ing SOIiP. wilte r, and 2 to 3
1 egg, slightly baolcn                          tahlespoons dri ppings. Heal: Slir
Y.z lealpoon soli                                                           0il
                                                occasionall y. Serve ove r 1 f. 4 10
Generous do;uh pe p per                         (i se rvings.
\4 cup wa ler

                          ROLL-tN-ONE        MEAT         lOAf
         can ( 10 ~~ ounces) conde nsed      Combine lh cup SOLLp wi th al l in-
         lomalo soup                         gredie nts e;'\ccpt beans. Mix well .
     1 Y.z pound, g round beef               On waxed paper, p;1I into a 12x9- -
     Y.z cup fine d ry bread crumbs          inch shape. Sp read beans to within
     ~~ cup minced onion                      I inch of all edges ; pat into meat.
     2 tabl e spoo ns choppe d parsley       Wi th aid of waxed paper. roll meat
     1 egg, slightl y beaten                 tightly. jelly-roll fashion. starting at .
     Y:z lea spoon sa lt                     long edge. Seal ends; usc waxed pa-
     Dash pepper                             per to transfer to baking dish. Uake
     1 packag e (9 ounces) frozen cui        al 350° F. fo r 40 minutes. Spoon
         g ree n b eans, cooked,             off fat. Pour remaining soup over
         we ll-drained                       loa f. Bake 10 minutes longe r. 6
                                             servings .
                              SWEDISH       MEATBALLS
         peund ground beef                   Mi.t th orol/ ghly beef. bread crumbs,
     14 cup fin e dry bread crumbs           onion, egg, and parsley; shape into
     14 cup finel y chopped onion             16 meatballs. [ n skillet, brown
     1 egg, , lightl y beaten                meatballs (usc shorteni ng if neces-
     2 ta b lespoons chopped pan ley         sary); pour off fat. Stir in soup,
         can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed        waler, and pic kle. Cover; cook over '
         creom o f celery so up              low heat 20 minutes or until done.
     Y.z cup wa le r                         Stir occasionally. Serve with rice.
     14 cup fin e ly chopped dill pickle     " -fakes about 3 th cups.
     Cooked ric e

                                 ST UFFED   PEPPERS
     4 med ium g re en peppers               Remove lops and seeds from pep-
     1 pound g round beef                    pers ; cook in boil ing salt ed water
     n cup chopped oll ion                   abo ut 5 minutes; d rain. In skillet.
      I can (10 ~~ ou nce s) condensed       brown beef and cook o nion until ten-
        tomato soup                          de r (usc shortening if necessary). Stir
      1 cup cooked rice                      to sepa rate meat; pour off fat. Sti r
     2 tecnpoons Wo rc ulersh ire            in I eup soup, rice . and seaso nings.
     V. teaspoon 5011                        Spoon meat mixture into peppers:
     Gen ero us dcuh p e ppe r               arrange in I Y.! -q Uilrt casserole. Bake
     :2 sli een (2 ounce s) mild procell     al 375 ° F. for 25 minutes. To p with
        cheese, cui ill strips               rcmain ing soup and cheese. Bakc
                                             unti l cheese melIs. 1\'lakes 4 se rvings.

                                                          ,\feU/lwll Sf/'lI'    1"I }:" ]X
                                                      NOI'S,'lIltll/ 's St,·w   " /1.111'   25
                      SAVORY       SHEPHERD ' S        PIE

  pound ground b eef                     In skillct. brown bee f a nd cook
V4 cup chopped onion                     on ion and grecn pepper unlil lcndcr
V4 cup chopped gre en pe pper            (usc shortening if nceess:'l ry). Stir 10
1 can ( IOlh ounce$) conden$ed           separate meat; pour off fat. Slir in
  ve g etabl e soup                      soup. salt, and thyme. Pour into
V. t ea$poon $alt                        l lh -quan casserole: spoon mashed
V. te O$poon th ym e lea ves, crushed    potatoes around edge of casserole.
2 ( UPS sea so ned mash ed potatoes      Bake at 400" F. for 2S m inutes or
                                         unti l hoI. Makes abou t 3 cups.

Who does n't adore the down-home navor and hea rty aroma of po rk?
Ri ch in protei n ami B vita mins, this popular meat pl ays ma ny main dish
ro les. The fo llowing recipes ca ll on condensed soups to enha nce its
versa tili ty with exci ting co lor and taste appeal.

                        GOLDEN          PORK     LOIN

3 to 4.pound pork lain rib roast         In large heavy pan. brown mea t in
2 tabl u poonl Ihortening                shortening; pou r ofT fal. Add soup,
   (an (tO ~" ounces) conde nse d        water, onion, :lIld seasonings. Cover:
   g olde n mUlhraom 10UP                cook over low heal I hour IS min-
~ cup w ate r                            utcs. Stir occasionally. Add carrols
\7 cup choppe d onio n                   and potatoes. Cook 1 hour more or
1 tablespoon papriko                     until meal and vegetables arc do ne.
t me dium boy leof                       Remo\'e bay leaf. Thkken sauce if
DOlh p e ppe r                           desired. ~'Iak es 4 to 6 servings.
6 me dium (grrotl (about ~ ~ pound),
   cut in 2·inch pieces
4 me dium pototou (gbout 1 ~
   pounds), cut in hglf                  Skillel FmnkJ
                                           ' /I N()otiks   P (IJ:I'   i'

                   GLAZED        FRUITED         PORK        CHOPS

     6 pork chops (abo ut 2 pounds)           In skillet, brown c hops (usc sho rtcn-
       can (lO Yz ouncos) condonsed           ing if lIece!;Sary): po ur ofT fat. Add
       beef broth                             broth ami brow n s uga r. Cover:
     I tablolpoon brown sugar                 cook ovcr low heat 15 minutes.
     6 applo slicn                            Place an apple and orange sl ice on
     6 orongo slicol                          each c ho p ; sprinkle with cinnamon
     Dash ground cinnamon                     and cloves. Cook over low heat 15
     Dash ground cloves                       m inutes more or until tender. Mix
     2 lablespoons orcmge juice               orange juice a nd cornstarch un til
     2 lable lPoons cornslarch                smooth: grad ua ll y blend into sallce.
     Cooked rice                              Cook, st irring until thickened. Serve
                                              with rice. Makes 4 servings.

                                   HAM       BA K E

     l Yz cups dice d cooked hum              In saucepan, brown ham and cook
     2 lablelpoon, chopped onion              o nion with ta rra go n in I tablespoon
     !4 leaspoon tarragon leaves,             butter until tende r. Stir in soup,
         crushed                              water, nood les, and g reen beans.
     2 tablespoon I buller or margarine       Pour into I·quil rt casserole. Bake
        can (10 ~~ ounces) condem;ed          at 350 °F. for 25 m inutes or until
        croom of chicke n soup                hOI; stir. ~'I eanw h i l e, li ghtly brown
     11 cup wu te r                           c rum bs with garlic in I tablcspoon
     2 cups cooke d noodles                   butter; sprinkle o n casse role. Bake
        cup cookod fre nch style              5 minutes more . Milkes about 3 1h
         groon beans                          cups .
     2 tabl el poons fine dry bread crumbs
        small clovo garlic, minced

                          HURRY-UP           PORK      HASH

     !II: cup chopped onion                   In skillet. cook onion in butter until
     2 lublespoon, buller or margorine        tender. Stir in sou p, ll1ilk, and Wo r-
     1 (an ( 10 ~~ ouneus) condensod          ccstershirc. Add rema ining ingredi-
          croom of mushroom I OUP             e nts. Heat: stir occasionally. Makes
     14 cup milk                              about 4 cups .
      1 tecupoon WorCallenhire
      1Y.! cups cvbad cookad pork
     2 cups cube d cooke d potatoes
          (about 2 me dium)
          cup cook ad peol

6 pork chops (obout 2 pounds)             In skillet, brown chops. Pour off
  can (10~~ ounces) conde nu d            fat . Stir in soup, water. Cover; eook
  cream of ce le ry, mushroom, or         over [ow heat 30 minutes or until
  golde n mUlhroom or tomoto soup         tender. Stir occasionally. Makes 4
~ to VI [UP water                         servings.

Brow n chops in oven-proof skillet as llbove. After adding liquids, cover;
bake at 350° F. for 45 minutes or until tende r.

                 PORK       CHOPS        ' N   S TUFFING
6 pork chops (about 2 pounds)             In skillet. brown pork chops (usc
6 cup. soft brea d cubes                  shorlening if necessary). Arrange in
\.i: cup finely chopped onion             2-qtHlfl shallow baking d ish (12x8x
4 lablespoo ns me lted buller or          2"). Lightly lOSS bread cubes, onion,
     margarino                            bUller, I cup wate r, lind poultry
~ cup waler                               seasoning; spoon on chOps. Bake at
~ lealpoon poultry se asoning             350° F. for 30 minutes. Meanwhile.
1 can (10 ~~ ouncu) condenle d            blend soup and I/.J cup water; pour
     creom of mUlhroom soup               over chops. B:l ke 15 minutes more
                                          or until chops :Ire lender. Makes 4

         POR K      CHOP           AND   POTATO          SCAllOP
    can (10! ~ ounce .) condenu d         Blend soup. sour cre:lm. water, and
    cre am of mushroom 10UP               dill. In 2-qu:lrt casserole, alternate
YJ cup sou r cream                        layers of potatoes and sauce ; cover.
~ cup water                               Bake at 375 °F. for 30 minutes.
Y.t teaspoon dri e d dillleovel,          Meanwhile, in skillet , brown chops;
     [rushed                              season with salt and pepper. Arrange
4 cup I thinly sliced potatoes            chops on potato mixture. Cover;
4 pork chops {about 1' 2 pounds}
                          1               bake 45 minutes more o r until
Salt                                      done. Garnish with parsley. Makes
Pepper                                    3 servings.
Po rs ley

Variety is a virtue, especially at mealtime . So don that ha lo a nd whip
up someth ing different using these oftcn-neglected meats. I-I ow abo ut a
to matoey Lamb Ragout studded with cabbage wedges, pOtalOes, and
caraway seed? Or liver simme red in condensed ollion soup and chili
sauce, then garnished with bacon? Interesting. Delicious. Easy.

                                  LA M B     KABOB S

y." cu p fin e ly chopped onio n              In saucepan, cook on ion with ga rl ic,
1 me d ium do ve garlic, min ced              curry, and ginger in butter unti l
1 tea spoon curry powde r                     tender. Add soup and W:.tCf. Sim·
V. t ea l poon ground g inge r                mer 5 minutes: stir occasiona ll y. On
2 labletpoo nl bulle r or mar g arin e        2 skewers, arrange alternately. apple
1 can (10 ~~ ouncel) cond e nled              and green pepper. On 2 separate
   creom of mU l hroom soup                   skewers. arrange lamb: place lamb
V. cup wat e r                                kabobs on broiler pan. Uroil 4
2 a pples, quart e re d                       inches from heat 5 minutes. turning
1 me dium gree n pe p pe r,                   ;\Od brush ing with s;w ce. Add ap ple
   cut in 1 \I}·inch pie ces                  nnd green pepper kabobs. Cook 10
   p o und lamb cube s fo r kabobs            minutes more or until desired done-
   (1 %_jnch)                                 ness, turning and brushing with
                                              sauce. Thin remaini ng sauce \0 de·
                                              sired consistency with water: hea\.
                                              Serve with kabobs. Makes 4
                                              servi ngs .

                       MU S HR O OM · L A MB          CU RR Y
 1\12 p ou nds la mb cub es (1!-1 ·i nc h)    In sk illet, brown lamb in shonening;
2 t a blelpoonl sho rte nin g                 pour off fal. Add remai ning ingre-
 ~ cup chopped onion                          dients except rice. Coyer: cook OYer
\12 cup cho p p ed g ree n p eppe r           low heat I hour 30 minutes or until
V2 cup chop ped ce le ry                      meat is tender. Stir occasion.Ll ly.
1 large do ve g arli c, minc ed               Serve oyer rice. Makes about 31;2
2 le aspo ons curry po w d er                 cups.
      ca n ( 10 ~:f o un ces) cond ensed
      cream of mU l hroom 10Up
!/.r; cup wale r
Cooke d tice
                   GRANDMOTHER ' S       LAMB         STEW
I Y.z poundllamb cubes (1 Y.z.inch)   In large heavy pan, brown lamb in
2 tablelpoons shorte nin g            shorten ing; pour off fat. Add soup,
    can (10 \12 ounces ) conde ns ed  celery, tomatoes. and scasonings.
     Fre nch onion so up              Cover: cook over low heat 1 hour.
     cup diced celery                 Add potatoes: cook 15 m inutes
Y.z cup chopped canned tomatoes       more. Add gree n beans: cook 15
1 medium clove ga,lic, mince d        minutes more o r until nleat Olnd
Y.z teaspggn lalt                     vegetables ;Ire tender. Gradually
\~ teaspogn peppe,                    hlend watcr into nOllr until smooth ;
!'.i te o poon thyme leoves, crushe d
         u                            slowl y stir into sauce. Cook, sti rri ng
4 medium pgtatoe s (about             unt il thickencd. t-.'Iakes abollt 8 cups.
     1 Y.z paundsl, quart e , ed
     package (9 ounces) frolen (ut
     green be Clnl
2 tClblelpoonl wCller
     tablespoon flout

                             LAM B       RAGOUT
1!-l pounds lamb cubes ( l \<l -inch )    [n large heavy pan. brown lamb in
2 tClbl e lpogns shorte ning              shortening; pour off fat. Add soup,
1 CCln (10 ~~ ounce s) condenled          water. and seasonings. Cover; cook
   tomato IOUP                            over low heat 30 mi nutes. Stir
~l (UP wat e r                            occ;lsionall y. Add potatocs: a rrange
!4 tealpoon pepper                        cabbage on lop. Cook I hour more
V. te aspoon (araway seed                 or unt il meat and vegetables arc
1 small clove garlic, minced              tender. Makes 4 se rvings.
3 medium potatoes, (Ul in half
   (about 1 pound )
   small he ad cabbage (about
   1 pound), cut in 4 wedg es

                       MINTED     LEG       OF     LAMB
4-pound le g of lamb, bone d              Place lamb on rack in shallow bak-
    and rolled                            ing pan, fat side up. Roast at 325° F.
2 table spoons orange marmalade           2 hours 20 mi nutes or until done
    can {lO ~~ ounces} condenle d         (35 to 40 mi nu tes per pound or
    golde n mu shroom 10UP                175° F . o n meat thermometer).
III cup wat e r                           Spre:ld mann;ll ade on meat last 30
1 teolpoon dri e d mint le aves ,         min utes of roasting. Re move meat
    crushed                               from pan. Spoon off excess fat.
                                          saving d rip pings. In roasti ng pan.
                                          add re maining ingredients to dri p-
                                          pings. Hcat. slirri ng to loosen
                                          browned bits. Se rve with lamb. 4 to
                                          6 servings.

                            HEARTY            WIN TE R     STEW
     l Yl pounds we ll-tri mmed lamb              In large heavy pan. brown lamb in
          cubes (about Ph -inch)                  shortening: pour off fa!. Add soup.
     2    to b lespoons shortening                tomatoes . seaso nings. an d jell y.
          con (I o¥'! ounces) condensed           Cover: cook ove r low heat 30 min-
          cream of t h icke n soup                utes. Add ru tabagas . e arr O I ~. a nd
          con {16 ounces) lomatoes,               onions . Cover. cook I hour more or
          chopped ond drain ed                    until meat and vegetables :Ire lender.
     Y4     leospoon rosema ry leaves,            S li r occasiona lly. Thicken s:wce if
          crushed                                 desired. :-'bkes about 1Y:: cups.
          small do ye ga rlic, minted
          tablespoon mint je ll y
     3    cups tubed rutabagas
          (about 1 pound)
     6    medium (arrots (about :;a pound),
          (1,11 in 2_inch pieces

     8    small whole while onions
          (abo ut Y2 pound)
                                     VEA L       BI R0 S

        pound Ihinl y sliced yeo l cutlet         Pound vea l with meat hammer; cut
     I (UP tooked rice                            into 4 large or B small pieces. Com-
     2 tablespoons buller or margarine            bine rice, bUller, and parsley; place
     2. tablespoons chopped parsley               a small amount on each piece of
     2 tablespoons shorten ing                    veal: ro ll and fasten wit h toothpicks
     2 tablespoons chopped onion                  or skewers . Brow n ve:l l birds in
        can (11 ounces) condensed                 shortening along wit h onion: pour '
        old fa shioned tomolo ric e soup          off excess drippings. Combine re-
     ¥4 cup water                                 malntng ingredients; pour over
     Ye teas poon leaf oregano, if d esired       meat. Cover; cook over low heat for
                                                  45 minutes. Spoon sauce over meat
                                                  occasionall y. 4 servings. Thin sauce
                                                  to desired consistency wilh small
                                                  amount of w:.ler hefore serving.

                           SAVORY         LIVER        SKILLET
         pound slice d beef or colyn IiYer,                er
                                                  Dust liV wilh flour. In skillet.
            in strip.
          (1,11                                   brown liver amI cook onion in
     2. table ,poons flour                        butter. Add soup. water. and gree n        ~
         medium onion, ,liced                     pepper. Cover; cook over low heat
     2 tablBlpoons buller or morgarine            15 minutes or until live r is lender.
         (On (10~~ ouncas) condenled              Slir occasionally. Serve over rice.
         tomalo 10Up                              Makes about 3 cups.
     2 tablolPoonl water
     \.1 cup green pepper striPI
     Cooked ri ell or noodles

                   CHICKEN           LIVERS     INDIENNE

   package (8 aunc e l ) fraun chicke n    In saucepan, cook livcrs, celcry.
    liven, thawed                          onion, and curry in butlcr IInti l
VJ cup dic ed cele ry                      livcrs ;Lrc donc. Stir in soup and
VJ cup chapped anion                       will cr. Hcat ; sli r occasionally. Scrvc
1 tea$paan curry powde r                   over rice . Mak cs aboul 2 cups.
2 IClblespoons b uller or m a rgClr ine
    (Cln (lO ~~ oun cel) (ondenled
    golden mUlhroom I OUp
Y.. cup wot e r
Ceo ke d rice

                                 CHI L I   LI V E R

4 , lice s bacen                           In ski llcl. cook bacon unti l crisp;
  pound sliced beef o r calf ', live r     rc m ov~ a nd cru mhle. Pour off fal.
2 tablespoon s flou r                      rcscrving 2 lablespoons drippings.
  con (10Y:z ounces ) conde nsed           Ousl liver wit h flo ur; brown in
   Fre nch onion soup                      drippings. Ad d soup and chili saucc.
Y4 cup chili sa uce or ketchup             Cover : cook ovcr low heat 15 min-
                                           utcs or until lender. Stir occasion-
                                           a ll y. Un cove r ; cook to desired co n-
                                           sistency. Garnish with haco n. 4

     Roast it, fry it , broil it, stew it, brai sc it , bake it. Any way you like it,
     poultry can 't be beat-for versati lity, taste , eco nomy. What's marc,
     there's a whole new world of poultry dishes wa iting in ca ns of condensed
     so ups, from hurry-up favorites to elegant company fare.
        Take chicke n. You can sauce it in the skill et, smother it in the baking
     dish, or s immer it in the pot. All with a varicty of soups.
        Take turk ey. Its second-act appearance can be every bit as appealing
     as the fir st. Tu rkey Djvan or A la Kin g will sec to tha t.
        Take a can of soup . .

                  Whe re cooked or canned chicke n is indicmed in
                  rcc ipcs. turkey may be used instead. Froze n
                  c hi ckcll parts arc to be thawed before cooking.

                            GLORIFIED           CHICKEN
     2 pounds chicko n parh                    In skillet. brown chick en in short-
     2 tablespoons I hort ening                ening. Pour orf fat. Stir in soup.
       can (11 ouncel) condensed               Cover; cook over low heat 45 min-
       CheddClr cheCle, croam of celery,       utcs or until tcnLler. Stir occasion-
       chick en, or mUl hroom soup             all y. r-,'Iakes ·1 servi ngs.

                       PENTHOUSE               CHICKEN
                               (pictll red on cOI'er )
2 pounds chicken parh                        Dust c hicken with seasoned fl our.
~ cup Jeasonod flour                         Brown in skillet in ho t sho rtening
Shorte ning or salad oil                     (1/4 -inch dee p).Cover ;cook over low
li medium green pepper,                      heat 45 m inutes. Uncover last 10
    cuI in slrips                            mi nutes to c risp. Re move chicken to
Vi: cup _liced onion                         heated platter; keep wa rm . Po ur off
JI. 10 ~ lealpoon thyme, crulhe d            all but 2 tablespoons fa t. Add gree n
1 can (10~~ ouncn) conde nud                 pepper,onion,and th yme; cook until
    tomato soup                              green pepper is tende r. Add re ma in-
~ cup wate r                                 ing ing redients. H eat; stir occasion-
1 te a'poon vinegar                          all y. Serve o ver chic ken. 4 ser vi ngs.
Omit flour a nd wa ter. Brow n chicken in 2 tablespoons shortening. Po ur oIT
fa l. Sprinkle wit h salt, pepper. Add remaini ng i::lgredien ts (inc rease vi negar
to I tablespoon). Cover; cook over low hea t 45 minutes o r until te nder.
Stir occasio nally.
                             CHICKEN       KETTLE
1 tan (I 0 % ounces) condensed            i n large heavy pan, combi ne soup,
      Cleam of chicken soup               1/4 c up wate r, celer y. onion, a nd
 % cup water                              seasonings; add chicken. Cover;
 I cup slice d colory                     cook over low heat I ho ur 30 mi n-
1 medium onion, quarte red                utes. Sli r occasiona ll y. Add pota-
Y:z teaspoon salt                         toes and carrots. Cook 45 minu tes
11 teaspoon poultry sealoning             more or until chicken a nd vege-
V. te a l poon poppe r                    tables are lender. Re move c hicken
4 to S·pound lie wing chickon,            and vegeta bles 10 serving plrt Uer.
      cut up                              Graduall y blend remaini ng \11 cup
4 medium potato01 {about 1                waler into flour until s mooth; slowly
      pound l. quartere d                 stir illlo sauce. Cook, st irring until
6 Imoll carroll {about ~~ pound !.        th ickened . Makes 6 servings.
      cuI in 2-inch piocu
1/.11 cup flour
                              TURKEY      DIVAN
                              (alsQ ChickI'll D iwur)
     potkage (10 OUntel) frann                Arra nge broccoli ill sha llo w ba kin g
     broccoli or alparagUI Ipears,            di sh ( IOx6x2"). T op with tur key
     cooked and drainod                       slices. Blend soup and milk ; pour
4 lervingl sliced cooke d turke y             ove r tu rkey; sprin kle with cheese.
     or chicken                               Bake in a 450 0 oven until sauce is
     can (10 ~~ ouncu ) condon lod            slightly browned. abo ut 15 minutes.
     cream of celery, chicken, or             4 serv ings.
     mUlhroom soup
Jl1 cup milk
1f.z cup shredded Che ddar chee l e

                               POUlET        AU    VIN
 2 pounds chicken par1s                      In skillet. brown chicken in short-
 2 tablespoons shor1ening                    ening; pour ofT fa t. Stir in soup and
    can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed             sherry: add onions. Cover; cook
    creelm of mushroom so up                 ovcr low heat 45 minutes or until
 ~'. cup she rry                             tender. Sti r occasionall y. 4 servings.
 B smell! whole while onion 1
     (about    *

                         GOLDEN          CHICKEN        SA K E
 2 pounds chicken paris                      In shallow baking dish (l2x8x2").
 2 lablespoon. melted bulle r or             arrange chicke n skin-side down.
     margarine                               Pour butler over. Bake at 400 g r .
    can ( 11 ounces) condensed               fo r 20 minutes. Turn chicken; bake
     Cheddar chee.e, cre am of celery,       20 minutes more. Stir soup; pour
     chicken, or mushroom soup               over ch icken ; sprinkle with al-
 \'. cup chopped loasled almonds             monds. Bake 20 mi nutes more o r
                                             unlil lender. Stir sauce before serv-
                                             ing. 4 servings.

              CHICKEN           CROQUETTES           WITH         SA U C E
          can (10~~ ounce.) condensed        Co mbine lh cup soup. chicken.
          cre am of chicken soup             bread c rumbs, parsley, .md onion.
     1 Y.z cups finely chopped cooked        Mix well; shape into 6 croquetles
          chicken                            or patties (if mixture is dinicult to -
     !!,i cup fin e dry bread crumbs         handle. chill before shaping). Roll
     2 lablespoonl finely chopped            in additional bread crumbs. In skil-
          parsley                            let. brown croqueues in oil. Mean-
          tabl espoon finely chopped onion   whilc. in saucepan. combine rent;lining
     Salad oil                               soup and mi lk. Heat: stir occasionally.
     V2 cup milk                             Serve with croquettes. Makcs 3 scrvings.

                              CREAMEO        CHICKEN
     1/1 cup chopped celery                   In saucepan. cook r.:elery in buller
     2 lablespoons butte r or margarine       untiltendcr; blend in soup and milk .
     1 can (1 Ol/~ ounces) condensed          Add chicken. peas, and sage. H eat;
        cre am of chicke n 10Up               stir occ;lsionally. Serve oller bi scuits.
     1 cup milk
     /1                                       Makes abo ut 3 cups.
     1 can (5 ounces) chunk chicken
        or chunk while chicke n
        cup cooked pe a s
     Ge nerous do!.h ground loge
     Biscuits, corn bre ad, loosl,
        or cooke d noodl es

                      CHICKEN         A    LA     KING
\~  cup chopped onion                     Cook onion and green pepper III
2 tablespoons chopped green               blltter until tender. l3!end in soup
   pepper                                 and milk; aud chicken, pimiento,
2 tablespoons buller or margarine         and pepper. Hellt slowly ; st ir often.
   can (10~i ouncas) condensed            Serve over toast. Makes about 2V1.
   cream of chicken or
   mushroom soup
'" 10 !h cup milk
1l-l cup, cubed cooked chicke n,
   ham, or turkey
2 tablespoon . diced pimiento
Dash pepper

          CHtCKEN            LtVERS   IN       PATTY       SHELLS
    package (8 ounces) frozen             In skillet. cook livers, cclery, and
    chicken live n , thawed               onion in butler until livers arc done.
l-l cup chopped celery                    Blend in soup, milk, nnd paprika .
Ii cup chopped onion                      Heat: slir occasionall y. Serve in
2 tablespoon. buller or margarine         patty shells. Mnkes about 2 cups.
 1 can (I0~i ounces) condensed
    cream of chicken soup
l-l cup milk
1A teaspoon paprika
Polly shells or toast

                            PAR T Y   CHICKEN
2 pounds chicken paris                    In skillet, brown chicken in short-
2 loble.poons . hortening                 ening: pour off fat. Add broth.
    can (10 ~~ OUl'lcas) condensed        mushrooms, wine, onions, bay leaf.
    chicken brolh                         garl ic, and thyme. Cover; cook over
    can (4 oUl'lces) mushroom             low heat 45 minutes or until
    bullon'. drained                      ch icken and onions arc tender. Stir
11] cup Burgundy or other dry             occasionally. Remove bay lellf.
    red wil'le                            Gradu :lll~' blend waler into flour
10 small whole white onions               unlil smooth; slowly slir into sauce.
    (about 10 ounces)                     Cook, stirring until thickened. 4
1 bay leaf                                serv ings.
1 targe clove garlic, minced
1A teaspoon thyme, crushed
yz cup walor
1'. cup flour

     Savory Stuffings

     Feci like fcas IIIH!? Call on st ufling. It 's guaranteed to glorify even
     ordin ary fare. Served with fow l, fi sh, chops, or simply as a sidcdish,
     dressings like the following arc a credit to any cook's reputation.               '3
                 OLD·FASHIONED                P OULTRY      STUFFING

           cup chopped celery                   In skillet, cook cclery and onion
     J.7 cup finely chopped onion               with seasonings in butter until
     1 lealpoan poultry ""olo nin g             tender. Add soup. Toss lighUy with
     ~iIlealpoon pepper                         bread cubes. Spoon into a I \11; -quart
     4 loblolpaonl butter or marga rin e        casserole . Bake at 350 ° F. for 45 . -
       can (IO U ounc8$) condensed              minutes. Makes 6 ClipS stuffing or
       cream of chicken 10UP                    e nough for a 5 10 6-pound bird.
     8 cup. dry bread cubes

                           OVER S TUffED           CHICKEN

     1 ( emf (10~~ ounces 8och)                 Combine soup wilh water. In roast-
           conde nsod golden mu shroom soup     ing pan ( 15x IQl,I:
                                                                         mix % cup
     * package (8 ounces) herb seasone d

           cup wa ter                           soup mixture with sltilling mix;
     1                                          spread in pan. Arrange broilers over
          sluffin g mi x                        stlllling: sprinkle with paprika.
     '2 broile r-fryers (about 2Y:z             Cover: bake at 400 °F. for 30 min-
          pounds c, split                utes. Uncover; bake 45 minutes
      Pa pri ka                                 longer o r lIntil tender. Meanwhile.
      JIJ cup chopped onion                     in sa uce pan, cook onion with sea-
     Generous dash poultry 18(uonin g           soning in hUller until onion is ten-
     '2 IClblospoons buller or margcHil'lo      der. Stir in remaining soup mixture.
                                                Heal: slir occasionally. Serve wi th
                                                chicken and Sluffing. 4 servings.

                          OYSTER         STUFFING

1.4. cup chopped celery                   In saucepan, eook celery and onion
2 lablelpoons chopped onion               wilh sage in butter unlil tender.
1/.1 le Clipoon sage                      Add soup. T oss lightly with bread
2 lablespoons bulle r or margarin e       cubes. Spoon into 1 Y.z -quart casse·
     can (1017. ounc u ) condensed        role. Bake al 350 ° F. for 45 mi n-
     0Yller slew                          utes. Makes 6 ClipS stuffing.
8 cups dry bread cubes

                 SAVORY          SAUSAGE        STUFFING

!4 pound bulk saulage                     In skillet , brown sausage and cook
1 Imall onion, chopped                    onion unlil tender; stir to separate
   can (10 ~4 ounc8l) condensed           meat. Pour ofT fal. Blend in soup;
   creom of celery 10UP                   toss lightly with bread cubes. Spoon
8 cups dry bre ad cube s                  into a I !h..qua rt casse role. Bake al
                                          350 " P. fo r 45 minutes. Makes 6',1
                                          cups sluffing or eno ugh for a 5 to
                                          6-pound bird.

                     OEEP        SOUTH      STUFFING

   cup chopped celery                     In skillet, cook celery and onion in
!4 cup chopped onion                      butter unlil tender. Add soup, bread
2 tablelPoons butte r or margarin e       cubes, eorn bread, egg, and poultry
   can (10~4 ounce l) condenled           seasoning; toss lightly. to.-lakes 6
   cream of chicke n soup                 cups Sl uffi ng or enough for a 5 to
6 cups dry bread cubes                    6. pound bi rd.
2 CUPI coarle corn bread crumbl
   egg, slightly beate n
   teolPoon poultry seasoning

                  DUTCH         COUNTRY         STUFFING

   can (10 ~~ ounces ) condensed          In saucepan. combi ne all ingredi-
   beef brolh                             ents except bread culles; simmer 10
2 cup. choppe d apple                     minutes. I>our over hread cubes a
~~ cup chopped onion                      little at a time, mixing well after
!4 cup chopped celory                     cach add ition. Makcs 8 ClipS or
~4 cup lugar                              enough stuffi ng for a 5 to {i-pound
2 tobl e lpoon l butte r or margarin e    pork shouldcr roast.
!~ tea spoon ground sage
Vi le alpoon ground nutmeg
Dash ground cinnamon
12 cup I dry bread cubes

     Here's one fish story you can believe: Seafood is never better than when
     it's teamed with a zesty sauce . And sauee~nHlki ng is never easier than
     when it begins with a can of soup.
         Whether you catch your fish in the freezer or offshore, these recipes
     will bring them to the table looking and lasling sensational.

                             SA U C Y      F ISH      FILLETS
     I pound flsh flll e"                          Arrange fillets in single layer in
     Generous dash pepper                          shallow baking dish (10x6"2");
     1 con (10% ounces) condensed                  sprinkle with pepper. Bake at
          cream of celery soup                     350 g F. for 15 minutes . Pour soup
     !oJ. cup shredd ed mild procen cheese         over, stirring into liquid around
     Ge ne rous dash papriko                       fish. Sprinkle with cheese and pa~
                                                   prika. Bake 10 minutes mOTe or
                                                   unti l done. StiT before serving.
                                                   Garnish with parsley or lemon
                                                   wedges if desired. 3 servings.

                                   SEAS IDE         S T EW
       con (4 ounces) sHced mushrooms,             In saucepan, brown mushrooms in
       drained                                     bUller. Add remaining ingredients.
       tablespoon butter or margarine              Heal until cheese melts; stir occa~
       con (10~~ ouncos) condenled                 sionally. Serve over rice. Garnish
       cream of celery so up                       with paprika :lIld parsley. Makes
     ti cup milk                                   about 3 Yi cups.
     2 cup. diced cooked seafood
        (crab meat, shrim p, sca llops, fish)
     ~~ cup shredded sha rp Cheddar
     3 tables poons saut e rn e or other
        dry while w ine

                        SHRIMP           A         LA        KING

   can (4 auncu) sliced mushrooms,                In sauccpan. brown mus hrooms a nd
   drained                                        cook o nion in butter until tender.
!4 cup chapped onion                              Add soup. milk. and shrimp. Heat ;
'2 tablupoons bulle r or margarine                stir occasiona ll y. Serve over rice.
 1 can (11 ouncu) cond ensed                      Makes about 2\1.: cups.
    Cheddar cheue soup
!h cup milk
 1 cup diced cooked shrimp
 Rice or toall

                            SHRIMP               CREOLE

    larg e green pepper, cut in strips             In saucepan. cook green pepper and
    large anion, sliced                            onion with garlic in butter until
    large clave garlic, minced                     tender. Add soup, Icmo ll juice, and
'2 lablespoons buller or margarine                 hot pepper sauce. Bring to bo il. Add
    can ( 10 ~~ ounces) conde nse d                shrimp. Reduce heat. Simmer 5
    lomato soup                                    minutes or until shrimp is done.
'2 teaspoons lemon juice                           Stir occasionally. Meanwhi le, blend
 ~i teospoon hal pepper sauce                      wa ter into cornstarch until smooth;
 4 cups frozen cleaned raw sh rimp                 slowl y sti r into sauce . Cook, stirring
    (abou' 1'2 ounces)                             until thickened. Serve over rice.
 '2 teaspoons wa'e r                               r-,'Iakcs abo ut 3 1A cups.
    leaspoon cornslarch
 Cooked rico                                     .'                     ~
                                                             ......-.....   \.1   (' f   ...       ~~'1 !'
                                         ~.:.   ' .: : i"'~~
                                                         !         >-"'1 , ~ 11 l~                     h
                                         ':,., ;',"\ - , I. '~;J;"l '
                                          I .- ~~ . ~               " 0( "
                                                                                   i .';
                                                                                   I )"I".             "I
                                           i:!i-;' \{. ......\ '>.. ·'trt..:1 ; '
                                                ' , ' y.      ....) . ]<1'"          .. ~
                                                  .'           'V !;           \ '
                                                                                    -          ~

                 LOBSTER·SHRIMP                          THERMIDOR

     can (4 ouncu) sliced mushrooms,                In saucepan. brown mushroo ms in
     drained                                        bullcr. Add soup, milk, seafood,
     tablespoon buller or morgarine                 mustard, and cayenne. Spoon into
    can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed                    4 individua l baking dis hes ; sprin kle
    cream of celery soup                            wi th c heese and paprika. Bake at
~'.. cup milk                                       400" F. for 15 minules o r unti l ho t.
1 cup diced cooked lobsler                          4 servi ngs .
I-l cup dice d cooked shrimp
v.. leaspoon dry mU$lord
Dosh caye nne pe ppe r
Grole d Parmesan cheese

                   GRATIN          OF     OYST~RS       AND       SPINACH

     2. tablespoonl sliced green onion             In saucepan. cook onion in butter
         tablespoon buller or margarine            until lender. Add remaining ingre-
         can (lO Y.!. aunces) condensed            dients. Heat until cheese melts:
         oyster stew                               stir occasionally. Makes about 3
         soup can milk                             cups.
     2. slices (about 2. ounces) Conodion
         bocon, cut in strips
     \tl cup cooked chopped spinach
     ~'. cup sh redded Swiss cheese

                                BARB~CU~-BAK~O               FISH

            pound fish fill ets (thaw if frozen)   In baking dish ( I Ox6x2") place fi sh;
     I      tabl espoon butlor or margarine        sprinkle with sa lt, pepper. Dot with
     4      thin slices lemon                      butter; top with lemo n, onion, pars-
     4      thin onion rings                       ley . Bake at 350°F. for 15 minutes.
     2.     tablespoo ns chopped parsley           Pour soup over. stirring in liquid
            can (10l,~ ouncol) cond"ns"d           around fish. Bake 10 minutcs mo re
            tomato I OUP                           or until done. Stir sauce before serv-
                                                   ing. 3 se rvings.

                                        D~VlLED      C RA B

            can (10~ :I ounces) condensed          Combine aJi ingredients, excep t
            cream of celery soup                   b read crumbs; spoon into 4 small
            cup flaked cooked crob meat, or        bullered baking dishes . (Clam shells
            I can (7 ounces), drained              arc attractive for this.) Sprinkle
     2.     tablespoons chopped green              crumbs over crab mixture. Bake in
            pepper                                 a 350" ovcn 20 minutes or until
     1      tabl espoon chopped onion              lightly browned. 2 to 3 servings.
     2.     telupoons lemon juice
            toaspoon Worcestershire
     Y.!.    teaspoon prepared mustard
     2.     tabl espoons butte red bread

                       OYSTERS              A    LA    QUEEN

     can (4 ounces) sliced mUlhrooms,            In saucepan, brown mushrooms and
     drained                                     cook onion in butter until tender.
V.    cup chopped anion                          Blend in flour; gradually stir in
1    tablespoons buller or margarine             stcw. mi lk, and pimiento. Hcat , stir-
1    lablespoons flour                           ring unti! thickened. Makes about 2
     can ( lO Y.! ounces) condensed              cups. Serve over cooked chicken.
     oyster stow                                 fi sh, broccoli spears, or asparagus
V.    cup milk                                   spears.
1    tabl espoons diced pimiento

                            CRE AM ED            SALMON

V cup chopped o nio n
 .                                               In sauccpan, cook onion in buller
I tablespoon buller or margarine                 unti! tender. Blend in remaining
   can (10 ~4 o unc es) condensed                ingredients except tOllSI. Heat; st ir
   cream of mushroom soup                        occasionally. Scrve over toast.
Yl cup milk                                      Makes abollt 21h cups.
1 lablespoon le mon juice
   can (about B ounces) salmon,
   drained ond floked
   cup cooked cut green bean s

                        SEAfOOD                 AU    GRATIN

 I con (11 ouncu) condensed                      In I-quart casserole, stir soup;
     Cheddar cheue so up                         gradua lly add milk. Slir in seafood
~-:. cup milk                                    and parslcy. Bake at 350°F. for 25
1 cups cooked cut up seafood                     minutes or until hot; stir. Top with
     (s hrimp, lobste r, crab meat, fish)        bread crumbs. Bake 5 minutes
     ta blespoon chopped parsley                 marc. t.hkes aholll 3 cups.
V. cup buttered breod crumbs

                          HUN GA RIAN                 S HRIMP

     can (lO~i o unc es) condensed               In sauce pan. combine all ingredi-
     cteam of mus hroo m so up                   ents exccpt noodles. Heat; stir occa-
Y.! cup lo ur creom                              sionally. Serve over noodles. Makcs
~-:. cup water                                   "bout 21h cups.
l Y.! cups dk ed cooked shrimp
VI te aspo on paprika
Cooke d noodl u

    Lucky the cook who discovers the ve rsatile sauces always on hand in
    cans of condensed soup. Whether you're adding new flavor appeal to
    leftover meat or preparing gravy for chicken, a ean of soup is rcady                          '"""t
    to fill your sauccMmaking needs with remarkable ease .
       White or cream saucc comes already blendcd in a can of cream
    soup. Choose the one with the special flavor you want-eream of
    chicken, mushroom , or celery soup. Simply add a little liquid 10
    achieve thc consistency you prefer and use it as a pOUfMon or in
    recipes. Fur grilvy, just tJlcml CrC3UJ soups with SO UIC liquid and / or
    drippings. Delectable.
       Tomato sauce, cheese sauce, golden mushroom sauce-these, too,
    arc at your fingertips when you open a can of soup. Bon Appctit.

                         VERSATILE             CREAM          SAUCE

          ton (10% o u ntes) tondensed              Pour soup into pan. Stir to blend.
          cream of ce tery, chicken,                Add milk . Heat; stir often. M:lkes
          creamy chicken mushroom or                about I If.! cups sauce. Use for
          mushroom soup                             cream ing vegetables and meats.
    v..    cup m il k

    INSTANT CH E ESE SAUCE: Pour I can Cheddar cheese soup into pan.
    Stir contenls well 10 blend. Stir in 1/.1 to !l.l cup milk. Heat slowly. s tirri ng often .
    4·WA Y CHEESE SAUCE: Pour I can any cream soup into pan. Slir 10 blend.
    Add l4 to 'h cup milk :lnd 'h cup s hredded Cheddar cheese. Heat; stir often.

                   SPECIAL       QUICK    SAUCES

Type Sauce         Use I can SOIiP       Add and Heat
Almond for       C ream of chicken or    !I.I cup milk, !I.I cup chopped
  chicken, veal, mushroom                almonds and 1 tablespoon
  seafood                                mi nced onion browned in bul'
                                         ler; I tablespoon sherry (op·
                                         ti onal )
Creamy Cheese      Cream of celery.      Blend 3-ounce package of
  for vegetables   or creamy chicken     softened cream cheese wit h
  or chicken       mushroom              soup before adding \1.1 to \6
                                         cup milk
Curry fo r        C ream of asparagus,   !I.I cup milk and !4 to I lea-
  chicken, vea l. celery. or chicken     spoon curry powder
  lamh. or
Herb for           C ream of celery,     !I.I cup milk and dash of basil,
 chicken. fi sh.   chicken. or           Ill ;Lrjora m. poullr y seasoning,
  vea l.           mushroom              sage. or Ihyme

Nul for chicken. C ream of mush room     14 cup milk and v.. cup
  veal. or                               chopped walnuts or other nu ts
Parsley for        Cream of celery       14 cup milk and I lablespoon
  fi sh, eggs.                           chopped parsley
Pimiento· Egg      Crea m of celery      \1.1 cup milk. I t;lblespoon
  fo r fis h                             chopped onion browned in
                                         bUller, I hard-cooked egg
                                         (c hopped). 2 table s poo ns
                                         chopped pim iento
Poule lle fo r     Cream of chi cken     1 cup milk and 2 tablespoons
  chicken o r                            minced onion browncd in but-
  (i sh                                  ter. 2 tab lcspoons chopped
                                         parsley. 2 teaspoons lemon
                                         juice, and I to 2 tablespoons
                                         sherry (opt ional)
Sour Cream fo r Cream of mushroom        LA cup milk. 2 lablespoons
  beef, chicken .                        chopped onion browned in
  fi sh                                  butter, Ih cup sour cream,
                                         Va teaspoon paprika

                                T OMA TO        SO U P    SA UCE
     1'/11;/1 SlIlIn': In saucepan. heat tomato soup just as it comes from thl! can.
              YOII may W:lll t 10 thin il :1 bit by :Idding a lillie water. Season :IS you
             like- with prepared must'lrd o r horseradish. Worccstershire, hot pepper
             ~:l\l ce, lemon juice. or herh such as thyme or oregano. I cup sauce. USC
             'IS a pour-on for: I'ork chops. beef pallies. corned beef hash. frank -
             fu rters. or fi sh sticks.
                                     Stir in 2 t:lblespoon s prepa red horseradish, I
     '/'OIlWlo lIor.\'c'rIllIiJ·" SlU ice:
           tahlespoon prepared mustard. dash of ground cloves, and pepper. I cup
           s:lIIce. Scrve with beer. ham. frankfurters, or meat loaf.
                                Add VJ cup milk and Y.I cup shredded Cheddar
     TOIIU/lo C h r:csl' Stille(':                                                              .....
           cheese. Heal: Slit often until cheese is melted. lIn cups stluce. Serve
           with fish. omelet. or \'egetables.

                                  E GG       CH E ESE    SA U C E
     1 can t i l ounce 5) co ndensed                In saucepan , st ir soup until smooth.
         Cheddor cheese 50Up                        Gradua lly blend in milk ; add eGg
     \11 cup milk                                   and mustard. Heat: stir often. l in
     1 hard·cooked egg, 51iced                      cups sauce. Scrve ol'er cooked broc-
     ' 4 teo spoon prepare d mUl lord               coli or cauliflower.

                                     SAUCE       CREVETTES
        lables poon chappe d g reen onion           In s.lUcep:l.Il. cook onion with th}'llle
     Da sh crush ed thyme leove s                   in bUller until onion is tender. Add
     1 toblelpOO" buller or margorine               remaining ingrcdients. Heat: stir
     1 con (10!1 ouncu) conden sod                  occasionally. Serve over poached
        cream of mUl h room soup                    eggs on toast. Makes 2 cups sauce.
     !1 cup mil k
     1 cup diced cooked shr imp
     1 lablelpoon chopped ripe olivos

                     CREAMY          TOMATO      SAUCE

!~   cup cho pp ed onion                 In saucepa n, cook onion wi th thyme
''1 leaspoon thyme leOyel , crushed      in bUller until tende r. Ble nd in re-
   lablespoon bulle r or margarine       maini ng ingredients. Heat : stir occa-
1 can (I0 ~~ ounces) condensed           sionally. l\.'lakcs about 2 c ups.
    tomato soup
J.7 cup sour crPClm
!~ cup Water
'2 teaspoons paprika

                            C U CUM8ER     SAUC E

'2 tClblelpoons chopped onion            In saucepa n. cook o nion in buller
'2 tablespoons buller o r margarine      until tender. Add re maining ingredi-
   can ( I O ~~ ounces) conde nsed       e nts. Heat: stir occas iollally. Makes
    cream of celery soup                 abo ut 2 cups. Serye. ovcr cooke.d
 y, cup milk                             shrimp or white fish.
 !~ cup chopped cucumbe r
 1 teaspoon lemon juice

                           HERB_CHEESE       SA U CE

  con (10 ~i ounces) (onde nsed          In saucepa n. s tir soup until smooth:
   creom of mushroom soup                blend in milk. Add remaining ingre-
y, to 11 cup milk                        dients. Heat : stir o ft e n. 2 c ups
1 cup shredded Cheddo r choese           sauce . Servc oye r cooked peas and
1 loblespoon chopped parsley             o nio ns, gree n beans. o r broccoli.
Generous dash lorrogon, crushed

                           STROGANOFF         SAUCE

!{, cup chopped onion                    [n saucepa n. cook onion in bUller
'2 tablespoons bulle r or margorine      until te nde r. Stir in remai ning in-
    (an (10 ~i ounces) condenscd         gredients. Heal: sl ir occasio nall y.
    golden mushroom soup                 Ma kes 11/;: c ups saucc. Serve with
 !~ cup lour cream                       beef pallies o r s liced cooked beef
J.l teaspoon paprika                     o r \'cal.

            SPAGHETTI           W ITH        ClAM · OYSTER         SAUCE

     2 cons (o boul 8 ounces each)             D rain clams, reserving juice. Grad-
          m inced clom.                        lHllly blend clam juice into flour
     2 lables poons flour                      until smooth. In saucepan, cook
     Y.t cup chopped on ion                    onion with parsley and garl ic in oil
     lI.. cup choppe d pouley                  until tender. Add stew. clams, lemon
     1 medium d ove garlic, minced             juice, and fl our mixture. Cook, stir·
     \4 cup olive o il                         ring until thickened. Serve over
     1 can (lO Y.! oun us) condensed           spaghelli with cheese. Makes about
          0Yllor slow                          2 cups.
          loospoo n lemo n juice
     Cooked spaghett i
     Gra lod Parmesan cheese

                            WHITE           CLAM   SAUCE

       can (aboul 8 ouneu) minted              Drain clams. reserving ju ice. In
       clams                                   saucepan, cook clams, garlic. and
     2 modium clovu garlic, minced             parsley in butter a few minutes. Stir
     2 tablespoons chopped parsley             in soup, milk. dam ju ice, and
     2 tobl ospoons bulle r o r margarine
        ca n ( 10 ~~ ou nces) condon sed
                                               cheese. Cook over low heat 10 min-
                                               utes. Stir occasionall y. Serve over
        cre am of mushroom saup                spaghetti. Makes about 2 cups.
     ~~ cup milk
     1 10 2 tablespoons grated
        Pormelan cheese
     Cooked spagho";

        CELERY-CAPER             SAUCE        FOR      COLD       MEAT
  con (IO ~~ ounces) condensed             Place unopened can o f soup in rc-
  ueom of celery soup                      frigerato r 3 (0 4 hours. Blend soup
~ cup mayonnoise                           and mayo nnaise; stir in capers.
I tobl8lpoon capcrs                        Se rve wit h cold cooked salmon.
                                           sliced beef, or ham. I Ih. cups sauce.

Dill Saucl': Suhstilllte I teaspoon lemon juice and Ih. teaspoon dricd dill
     leaves for caper.;. Serve with cold cookcd salmo n. l'h cups sauce.
HOrJl'rat/i.Jh Sallce: Substilute I to 2 tcas poons horseradish fo r capers. Serve
      with cold sliced beef or ham. l in cups sauce.
                  Substitute I \caspoon mustard for capers. Serve with cold
MlI!illlrd S(I//CC:
      sliced beef or ham . III.! cups sauce.

                         SAUCE       A   L 'O RANGE
   tabl espoon choppcd onion               In saucep;lIl, cook ollion in butter
2 toblcspoons buller, morgorine, or        unlil lelldcr. Blcnd in remaining
   drippings                               ingrcdie nl s: slir until smooth. Heat.
   con ( IO ~~ OUn(81) condensed               .!
                                            I V cups sauce. Especially good
   (ream of mushroom soup                  with roast duck.
YJ cup orange juice
1 tca spoon grated orange rind
Y. tea spoon ground ginger

                      TOMATO     TOPPER         FOR      EGGS

!~   pound link soulage, thinly sliced     In saucepan, cook sausage, onion.
1 cup chopped onion                        and green pepper unt il done: pour
2 tabl e spoons choppCld green             ofT fat. Blend in soup , waler, and
    pepper                                 wine. l-leat ; stir occasionally. Makes
   can (II ounces) condensed               about 2 cups. Serve over omelet or
   old fa shioned tomato rice iOup         sc rambled cggs.
\12 cup w ote r
I tabl es poon dry red wine

                        ALMOND_CHEESE               SAUCE
I con ( 11 ounces) condensed               In saucepa n, stir soup unlil smooth.
  Cheddar cheeso soup                      Graduall y blend in milk; add re-
~"   tUp milk                              mn ining ingredients. Heat; sti r of len.
!I.i cup sli vered almonds                 11h cups s;lUce. Serve over cooked
~~ tea spoon curry powder                  broccol i or cauliflower.


                         Q UI CK       T O UL ON N A t SE          SA U C E
     2. lub lu poon l s li ce d g re e n onion        In saucepan, cook onion in butter
        tab les po o n butle r O r margarine          until tende r: add re maini ng ingrcdi- ....
        can ( lO ~~ ounce s ) conde nse d             ents . Heal; sli r occasion'l lly. Makes
        cream of cele ry 50Up                         I \I! ClipS sauce . Serve over aspara-
     VI cup milk                                      gus.
     2. tab lespoons Cha blis ar othe r
          dry whi le win e
          t ab les poon cape rs
          loblu poon chopped rip e olivos

                                  TANGY           FI S H    SA U CE
     !~  cup cho p pe d ce le ry                       In saucepan, cook cc[c , y wi th garlic
     I s ma ll clove garlic, minced                    and mustard in hutter unti l tender.
     ~l 10 0 l POOl\ d ry mU l lCltd                   Add re maining ingred ients. Heat;
     2. tab los poons bu tt e r or ma rgar in e       sl ir occasionall y. Makes about I ~
     1 can (1 1 ounces ) conde nsed                   cups. Se rve ove r cook ed w h ite fish.
         Cheddar che ol e soup
     JIj ( UP milk
     1 tab le spoon ( hopp ed d ill pick le

                                  MOCK           HOLL ANDA I SE
       can (1 0 ~~ o unces) condo nsed                 In sa ucep:ul . com bi ne a ll ingredi .
       cream of ce leTY, chicke n, or                  ents . Cook ove r low h eat jus t u ntil
       mus hroom sou p                                 t hickened, stir rin g co nsta ntl y. Do
     % cup mil k                                       not boil. 11,1 c ups sa uce. Serve wi th
     2 tab les poons b ut/e r or ma rga ri ne          cooked vege tab les or fis h .
     2 tab lespoons lemon juice
     2 e g9 yolks, sligh tl y be a te n

     "'.. s ~· IIOL ....... Nf)A ISE: USC a ny cream soup. Omit m ilk. butte r. and cgg yolks.
               Reduce le mon juice to t tab lespoon a nd add 1-:\ cu p m ayo nllnise.

                                      SA U C E       CR E O L E
          small gree n peppe r, sliced                 In saucepan. cook green pepper.
          s ma ll on ion, slice d                      onion. an d m ushrooms in bUller
          con (4 ounces) slice d mush rooms,           unti l tender. Sti r in remaini ng ingre-     ~
          d rain e d                                   die n ts. Cook over low heat 5 m in ·
     2 tab lespoons b uller or ma rgari ne             ute!>. Stir occasionall y. 2 cu ps sa u ce.
          U'ln (lO ~~ ounces) conde nse d              Serve over o m elet. ha mb urgers. or
          lomato soup                                  haked fi sh.
     !I,i cup wate r
     1 te a spoon vinegar

                                SOUPER             G RA VY

   can (IO ~~ ounces) condensed                    When preparing gravy for roasl or
   cream of celery, chicken, mu sh-                fried meat. remove meat from pan
   room or golden mu shroom soup                   and pour off and measure drippings.
V. cup milk or waler                               Pour can of soup into pan; stir well
2. to 4 lablBlpoons drippings or                   to loosen hrowned bits. mend in
   buller                                          water and drippings for thickness
                        ~                          desired Heat , stir often. I Y.z cups
                        ,,~ \                      gravy Serve with fned chicken,
                         ~\                        roast beef roasl pork. pork chops,
                                 ~                 h,lmburgers, or haked ham

                          r .!.\' ~~\...
                                 4     ~    . ~    -.          t
                                oJ   1. •   ~ _                   ,
                                                             ".¥_ _

                       QUIC K              ONION         GRAVY

~   cup chopped onion                               In s:luecpan, cook onion wi th garlic
1 small dov e garlic, minced                        in outter until tender. Stir in soup,
2. lablespoons buller o r m a rga rin e             water, and bay. Simmer a few min-
   can ( 10 ~~ ounces) condensed                    utes 10 hlend flavors . Stir occasion-
   golden mushroom soup                             ally. Remove bay_ Makes about I Y.z
VJ cup waler                                        cups.
1 small bay leaf

                      CREAMY                GIBLET           GRAVY

~ cu p chopped celery                               In s:lueepan, cook celery in butter
2. table spoons buller o r margarine                until tender. Blend in soup. water,
1 can ( lO ~~ ounces) co nd ensed                   and giblets. Heat ; stir occasionally.
   crea m of chicken soup                           Makes ahout 2 cups.
VJ cup water
~ cup chopped cooked giblets


     Catch a whitT of meat or poultry barbecuing ... that's the call to good
     eating. Barbecues can be held outside on the grill, or inside-on a
     rotisserie, in the ovell. on an hibachi in th e fireplace, or even in a
     skillet on lOp of the range. Whatever the location, it's smart to reach
     for the soup ca n when sauce-making time arrives. The results arc
     guaranteed to be great.
        An easy reputation as a barbecue chef is yours when you choose
     a good long-handled pastry brush, a cut of meat which turns crisp and
     luscious over carefully controlled heat , and onc of the following sauces .
     Bring on the fcast!

             ALL    'ROUND            TOMATO     BARBECUE         SAUCE

       can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed            In saucepan, combine all ingredi-
       tomalo s oup                            cnts. Cover; cook over low heat JO   ~
     2 to 4 labl8lpoonJ ,weel pickle           minutes. Stir occasionally. Makes
          relilh                               about l lh cups.
     ~~    cup finely choppod onion
     1 tablespoon brown lugor
       tabl es poon vinegar
       tablespoon Worceltenhiro


SKII.I.ET ; Combine S3uce 3S directed. Add I pound frankfurters . Co\'er;
      cook O\'er [ow heat 10 minut es . Stir often . 4 servings.
OUTDOOR COOKING: Prepare sauce as directed. Slit 2 pounds frankfurters
    lengthwise; brush with sallee. Place on grill over glowing coals. Cook.
    brushing with sauce and turning every few minutes, until nicely
    browned. 8 servings.


SIW.lF.l': Shape 2 pounds seasoned ground beef inlo 8 pallies. In skillet, brown
     pallies (usc shonening if neecs.~ary ): pour off faL Add sauce ingredients.
     Cook over low heat 15 minule~ or unlil done. 8 servings.
Qlrm oolt COOKING: Prepare sauce as directed. r-,'l ake pallies as in skillet method.
    Plnce on grill about 6 inches nbol'c glowing eO    :115. Cook :lboUl 10 minutes.
    brushing with sauce and 1Uming el'er)' 5 milllHes. 8 servings.


SKIt.I.f.T : Brown 2 pounds chicken pa ris in 2 10 4 tablespoons butler or
      margarine. Add sauce ingredients. Cover: simmer 45 minutes o r until
      chicken is done. Stir occasionall y. 4 to 6 se rvings.
OUTl)OOIt CooKtNG: Prepare sauce. Brush 2 split broi lers (2112 pounds each)
     wit h s;'l lad oil : pl ace on grill. skin-side up. about 6 inches above glowing
     coals. Cook 15 minutes on each side. Brush wilh sauce; cook 30 mi n-
     utes more or until chicken is tender. turning and hrushing with sauce
     every 5 minutes. 4 servings.


OUTDOOR COOt-: ING: Prepa re sauce. Place 2 pounds sirloin steak (about I"
    thick) on grill abou t 4 inches above s lowing coals. Brush wit h sauce :
    cook 5 minules. Turn : brush wilh sauce. Cook 5 minutes lo nger or
    umil desired doneness. Heal remaining sauce. Serve wilh steak.
    4 servi ngs.

                         ZESTY         BARBECUE          SAUCE
     h cup chopped green onion                   In saucepan. cook onion :mu pep-
     1 tablespoon chopped hot cherry             pers in butter until onion is tender.
        peppers                                  Add rem:lin ing ingred ients. Simmer
     2 tablespoons buner or margarin e           15 minutes or unlil navors :Ire
        con (10% ounces) condensed               blended; stir of len. 11/ cups sauce.
        toma to soup
     \~ cup wa ter
        tablespoon brown suga r
     1 teaspoon prepared horseradish


     Prepare sam;e. Slit I pound frankfurters lengthwise. Place on broiler pan ;
     brush with sauce. Broil ahout 4 inches from heat until done, bTllshing with
     s:mce and turning oft en. Serve o n toasted buns. 4 servings.


     Prepa re sauce . Shape t II::! pounds seasoned groll nd beef into 6 pallies . Place
     o n broiler pan: brush with sauce . Broil :lbout 4 inches from heal until done.
     brushing with sallee and turning often. Serve on toasted buns. 6 servings.

                        SPEEDY         BARBECUE           SAUCE
     ~~   cup chopped celery                     In saucepan, cook celery with chili
         teaspoon chili powder                   powder in oi l unlil tender; add rc-
     2 tablespoons so lad oil                    maining ingredients. Cook over low
        can (IO Y2 ounces) condensed             heat to minutes: slir occasionally.
         French on ion soup                      Makes :lbout 2 cups. Usc as a bast-
         tablespoon cornstarch                   ing saucc for hamburge rs. fr:lnk -
     1Il cup ketchup                             furters. chicken, or spareribs. Serve
     ~ cup waler                                 with remaining sauce.
     1 tablespoon vinegar
     I teospoon prepared mustard

                   ONION           BARBECUE            SAUCE

  cCin (lO ~~ ounce s} condenled             In saucepan , combine all ingredi-
  creCim of mushroom soup                    ents. Cover; simme r 15 minutes; stir
  con (IO \l:z ounces} condensed             often. 3 cups sauce.
   French onion soup
Yz cup ketchup
t~ cup lolad oil

2 tablespoons brown l ugar
I tabl e spoon Worce llenhire
~ teo l poon hal pe pper lauce


Prepare sauce. Bmsil 4 split broiler-fryers wilh salad oi l. Place on grill (skin-side
up) aho ut 6 inc hes above glowi ng coals. Cook t5 minutes; tum; cook 1 minutes
more. Bmsh with sauce; continue 30 minutes Of until chicken is done.
bmshing wi th sauce and turning every 5 minutes . 8 servings.


Pl ace 6 pounds spareribs (cut into serving-size pieces) in " large pol of
boiling wilter. Cove r: si mmer [ hour; drain. Prepare sauce as direcled . Place
rihs on grill abo ut 6 inches a bove glowing coals. Brush with Sil uce: continue
cook. ing 30 minut es or until done, brushing with sauce and turning eve ry
5 minutes. 6 servings.

                OVEN        BARBECUED              SPARERIBS
4 pounds spare ribl, cut in                  In large heav y pan . co\'er ri hs wi th
  lerving·l i:r.e piec8$                     waler. Simmer I hour ; drain and
  can nO \>] ouncel} condensed               cool. I\rrange in roas ting pan (13x
  bee f broth                                9x2~) .   Meanw hile. in saucepan.
  cup pre pared mince meat                   comhine rcmamlllS ingredients.
3 tabl e lPoon s vin e gar                   Heat, stirring unti l thickened. Pour
2 tablespoon I cornstarch                    sauce ove r ribs. Bake at 450 ° F. fo r
                                             30 minutes or un til do ne. Makes 4
                                             servi ngs .

                        BARBECUED         LAMB        KABOBS

          can (10~i ouncos) condensed      Combi ne soup, garlic, o il, vinega r,
          tomalo soup                      sugar, and seasonings; add lamb.
          small clove garlic, minced       Refrigerate 4 hou rs or Illorc. On 2 _
     2 tablespoo nl salad ail              skewers. arrange green pepper and
     2 tablespoons wino vinega r           onions. On 4 separate skewers,
          table spoon sugar                arrange lamb; pl ace lamh kabobs
     J,iI teospoon pepper                  on broiler pan . I3roil 4 inches from
     J,iI leaspoon o re gano leaves,       heat fo r ( 5 minutes or until desired
          crushed                          doneness, turning and brushing with
     Dosh th yme le a ves, crushed         marinade. Brush vegetable kabobs
     1 pound lomb cubes for kabobs         with marinade; broil 10 minutes.
       (1 ~ -inc h l                       Heal remain ing marinade; se rve
       medium gree n pe pper,              wilh kabobs. Mak es 4 se rvings .
       cui in 117-inch pieces              OUTD OOR M ETI10D : Marinate
       can (16 ouncos ) small who le       kabobs as ahove. Pl:lce 0 11 grill 4
       whi le onions, drained              inches above glow ing coals. Cook
                                           15 minutes o r until desired done-
                                           ness, turning and brushing with
                                           marinade. Brush vegetabl e kabobs
                                           with marinade; cook 10 minutes.

                       SKILLET     BARBECUED           CHIC KE N

     2 pounds chicke n parh                Season chicken with pepper. In skillet.
     Dash pe ppe r                         brown chickcn in bu llcr. S lir in re-
     ~" cup buller or mcugorine            maining ingrcdicnlli. Cover. Cook O\'cr
     1 can (10 ~1 ounces) condensed        low heal 45 minutes or until chicken
        lamella soup                       is tender: s lir oec:lsio null y. M:lkes
     ~ cup chopped onion                   -I   servings.
     3 lablespoo ns wine vi ne gar
     2 lablespoo n, brown sugar
     1 tables poon Worceslershite
     Dash sweel basil
     Dash loaf thym e
     Ge ne rou s dash hat peppe r sauce

 Vegetables with New Flav01'

Maybe vegetables arc your idea of heaven. Then again, maybe they're
nOI . Either way, these recipes. arc for you. Each one opens up new
vistas of vegetable fla vor for both the aficionado and the indifferent.
   Dish up a casserole of green beans baked to creamy perfection .
Add unexpected tang a nd color to baked potatoes. So up makes the
   A word about vcgcwblc cookery: if vegetables cou ld tal k, they'd
surely advise, "don't overcook. We're best j llst le nder." And 10 save
nutrients, handle with care, cook with the least amount of water,
simmer gently.

                           VEGE TABlE ·CHEESE        BAKE

     largo bunch broccoli or head          Place broccoli or caulinowcr in
     [Gulinowor (o r two la-ounce          shallow b,l king cl ish (l0 ;.;6x 2").
     packages frolon ), cooked             Blend soup. mi lk, and cheese; pour
     and drain e d                         ovcr vcgctable. Top wi th crumbs.
     can   ( 10 ~~   ouncol ) condonse d   Bakc in ;1 350 o r:. ove n 30 minutes
    u e om of colory, chicken, or          or un til bubbling. 6 servings.
    mushroom so up
\.1 10 ~ cup milk
Y.z ( UP s hredd ed sha rp Che ddar
     ch eue
~~    cup bulle re d bre od crumb,

                      EASY        CREAMED           VEGETABLES

     Top-of-stove method: Cook 2 packages ( 10 ounces each) frozen vegetab les
     (caulinower. co rn. green beans. lima beans. mixed vegetables, peas. peas and
     carrots. sp inach) in unsa lted water until tender; drain. Stir ill I can condensed
     cream of celery, chicken, mushroom. or Cheddar cheese soup; heat. Thin 10
     desired co nsistency with milk . Season to taste. Makes about 4 cups.

                               SAVORY            POTATOES

     2. I licos bacon                              In saucepan. cook bacon unti l crisp ;
     Y.! cup choppe d onion                        remove and crumblc. Pour off all
     , can (1 0 ~~ ounces) condensed               but 2 tablespoons dri ppings. Cook
          (reom of mush room soup                  onion in drippi ngs until Icnder.· Slir
     Do sh peppor                                  in soup and pepper; gradually blend
     J..1 cup milk                                 in milk . Add potatoes. Heat; stir
     5 cup, cubed cooked potataes

                            SCA LLOPED

        can (11 Dunces) condenled
                                                   occasionally. Garnish with bacon.
                                                   Makes about 5 cups.

                                                   POTATOE S

                                                   Blend soup. milk. a nd pepper. In
         Cheddar cheose, creom of celery,          buttered I ll.! -quart cassero le, ar-
         chicken, Dr mushroom soup                 range alternate layers of potatoes,
     !tl cup milk                                  onion, lind sauce. Dot top with
     Dash peppe r                                  buller; spri nk le with paprika.
     4 cup. thinly sliced potatoes                 Cover; bake in a 375 0 oven 1 hour.
     T smoll onion, thinly sliced                  Uncover; bake 15 minutes more.
     T tabl upoon butler Dr ma rga rin e           Makes about 3 ~ cups. NOTlo:
     Dash paprika                                  Sliced cooked potatoes may be sub-
                                                   stituted for raw po tatoes. Mince
                                                   onion and red uce cook ing time to -
                                                   about 30 minutes; bake uncovered .

                             CHINESE             VE GETABLE S

     2. cup. diagonally sliced ce lery             In skillet, cook celery and onion in
           cup diogonolly slice d gre en onion     oil tlntil jllJ I tender. Add remaining
     2. ta b lupoons solod oil                     ingredients except rice . Cook. stir-
           co n (I0 ~4 DUnCeS) condensed           ring u ntil thickened. Serve over rice
           chicken broth                           wit h additional soy. ;"-1akes about _
     J..1, cup wote r                              3 1 cups.
     1 can (16 ounces) Chinese
           vogotob lel, droin e d
     3 tabl ospoons cornstorch
           t ab lespoon l OY sauce
     Cookod ri ce

                 CREAMED               ONIONS         AND       PEAS
  can (10 ~ ~ ounces) conde nsed                 In saucep:m. blend soup and mil k:
  creom of mushroom soup                         add remaini ng ingredients. Heat;
Yl cu p milk                                     stir occasionally. Makes abo ut 31h
1 packa ge (10 ouncuj fro:zon peas,              cups.
   cooke d and draine d
  can (16 ouncu) small whol e
   while onion s, drain ed      .,  .r--~'-. ,~- ~(
D h                            ~~ 1- 4:~::~-\. :             '0) ~
 as pe ppe r            ,p.
                         " ;u, ,11.
                    ~1'"t: H~,,~
                                       .:..{ ";Ii'::; ;-' .~. ~ .. " ~
                                        . ··..:,V ... ~~ .' ? .an l I

                       ~j.ili. - 1 '1. '\~""''''"' ~ t , ,, : - :iF,,::
                      _..~ '
                               ·:{!4fl{fL%~ \~PJ'1:-:'" . ~,
                                             ., I£.l "" {~~ ~.-' ~~ r
                                       f'\ h i}
                                           ~            ..
                   GOLOEN             VEGETABLE           COMBO
!~ cup choppe d onion                           In saucepan, cook on ion with th yme
Gone rou s da l h crushe d thym e               in butter until tender. Add remai n,
:2 tabl e lPoonl bulle r or margarine           ing ingredients . Hea t; stir occasion-
   can (11 otlT'lc uj condenled                 :Illy. Makes about 4 cups.
   Cheddar cheeso soup
   pack ag o (10 ounces) fra u n
   Bruno ls sprouts, cooked and
   package (10 ouncu ) froze n
   cauliflower, cooke d ond droined
~ cup drained chopped canne d

                        G REEN         BEANS       ITALIANO
4 slie u bacon                                  In sk illet, cook bacon until crisp:
     cup l liClld onion                         remot'e and crumble. Pour off all
:2 med iu m clo vos gorli" minced               but 2 tablespoons drippings. Cook
     tllO IPOOn ore gano le a vos, cru l he d   onion with garlic. orega no, and
II.. t lla l poon balilleo vlI l, cTushed       basil in drippings until len.der. Add
 1 can (10 ~~ ounces) cond ens ed               soup, water, :lIld beans. Cover:
     tomoto soup                                cook over low heat 20 minutes or
II.. cup watcH                                  unli l beans ;Ire lender. Slir occa-
2 pockogllS (9 ouncllS each) froze n            sionally. Ga rn ish with bacon ami
     cut g rllo n b eons                        cheese. Makes about J 1 cups.
Grot od Parmolan cheese

A /"m,: COli 1'01/0      Page 99

                              ZESTY       BUTTER     BEANS

     ~'.i   cup chopped gre en p eppe r        In saucepan. cook green pepper and
     1/.& cup chopped onion                    onion in butter until tender. Add re-
     2 lable spoons butler or margorine        mai ning ingredients. Simmer a few
     1 con (1 O ~" ounce s) condensed          minutes to blend fla vors. Stir occa·
         lomolo 10UP                           sionall y. Makes abo ut 5 cups.
     v.. cup waler
     2 coni (16 ouncu each) buller
         beanl , drained
         con (16 ouncel) cui green b eans,
         drain e d
         table spoon brown sugar
         lables poon vine gar
         le a spoon pre pare d mustard

                                     CALICO     CORN

     4 slices bacon                            In ~a u ce pa n . cook hacon u nlil crisp:
     14 cup green pe ppe r strips              removc and cru mblc . POllr off all
     1 can (11 ounces) cende nsed              but 2 t ab1c ~poo n s drippings. Cook
         Che ddot cheese so up                 green pepper in drippings un til ten-
     3 cups cooked w hole ke rnel cern         de r. Add SOllp . corn . and tomatocs.
     Y.z cup drain ed choppe d canned          Heat; stir occasionally. Garn ish
         tomatoe s                             wit h bacon. Makes about 4 cups.

                       SUMMERTIME            FRIED    TOMATOES

     4 medium lomale u, slice d                Dip tomato slices in seasoned flour.
     !? cup se a soned flour                   Cook in bu tte r over low heat until
     14 cup butter or margarine                lightly hrowned on both sides.
     1 can (10 ~ ~ ounces) condens ed          Remove to heated pl atter. Stir soup
        cream of mushroom soup                 and milk into skillet. Heat : stir
     !? cup milk                               occasionall y. Pour sauce ove r toma-
                                               toes . 4 to 6 serv ings.

                         CREAMED          MEDLEY
  can ( 10% ounces) condensed          In saunl'~n. blend soup. W:I!er. cheese.
  cream of chicken soup                parsley. onion and sah: add vegc!ab les.
34 cup wale r                          Hea t: slir occasionally. ~'l akes ahou!
I cup shredded sharp Cheddar           5 cups .
Y4 cup chopped parsley
I tablespoon instant minced onion
Y8 teaspoon lall
1 package (l0 ounces) froten s liced
  corrots, cooked and drQin ed
  PQckage (l0 ounces) fr01en
  cQuliflower, cooked and drQined
   package (10 ounces) fralen
   peas, cooked ond drain ed
                  ITALIAN          EGGPLANT         BAKE
   medium eggpla nt (oboul 1              Cook cgGplant in boiling salted wa-
   pound), peele d and cui in             ter for 3 minllles: drain. In sa uce-
   1}1-inch pieces                        pan. cook onion and green pepper
   IQrge onion, sliced                    with ga rlic and oregano in butter
   medium green pepper,                   until tender. Add soup, water, egg-
   cut in st rip s                        pla nt, and salt. Pour into ~ha ll ow
1 small dove garlic, minc .. d            baking dish ([0-,6,,2"). Bake at
1 teaspoon oregano leavlU, cru l hed      350" F. fo r 35 minutes o r until hot;
4 toblespoons buller or margarine         s ti r. T o p with croutons: s prink le
1 can ( IO ~~ oun(01) condensed           with cheese. Bake 5 minutes more.
   to malo 10Up                           Makes ahout 5 cups.
   cup wal e r
14 teaspoon lah
T cup garlic crouto nl
14 cup graled Pa.meson ,hoelo

                   GREEN         BEAN      CASSEROLE
     can (10;~ ounces ) conde nsod        In I Y.!. -quart casserole. stir soup.
     cream of chicken or mushroom         mill.. soy sauce. ;lnd pepper until
     soup                                 smooth: mix in beans and 1,6 C;ln
If.. 10 'I:z cup milk                     onions. Bake at 350 " F. for 25
  teaspoon say sauce                      minutes o r un til hoI. Sti r. Top with
Dash peppe r                              remaining o nions. Rake 5 m inutes
3 cups cooked French slyle 9rec,"         more. r-,·I:Ikcs abo ut 4 cups.
  beans (or two 9-ounce packagos
  frolen, or two I-pound coni ),
  can (about 3 ounces) French 'ried

     Make way fo r the meat less wonders: eggs and checsc . In ma in dishes
     they're ullsurpasscd-protc inwise, tastcw isc, and pe nllywise. T e:ulIed
     with soup, they're extraordina ry.
         Soup sauces enrich egg dishcs, fl avor up cheese fond ues and casse- _
     roles. When it comes 10 so utllcs, soup really shows off. You can make
     this d r:un atic dish wilh any of fi vc kinds of soup. Need ;111 e:lsygoi ng
     checse sauce? Sec the S;Hlcery section.
         Remem ber. both eggs ;Hld cheese are delicate, so avoid cooki ng them
     a t high tempe ratures.

                              E GG      CRO Q UETTE S

         can (1<»4 ounces) condensed         Combine 2 tablespoons soup. eggs.
         cream af cele ry soup               brl'ad crumbs. onion. parsley. salt.
     8 hard·cooked eggs, fine ly cho pped    and pepper. Mix wel l: shape into 8
     Y4 cup fine dry bread crumbs            croqueul's or pau il's. (If mixture is
     2 ta blespoons fi n ely chopped onion   difficult 10 h:tndll'. chill before shap.
     2 tables poons fi n ely chopped         ing.) Roll in additional bread crumbs.
         p0 r51 ey                           In ski llet. brown croqueucs in oil.
     \!a tea spoon salt                      Me anwhile. in sa ucepan. combine
     Da sh pepper                            renHlining soup and milk. '-Ieat: stir
     Sa lad oil                              occasionally. Serve wilh cm1luelles.
     Y:I to Y~ cvp m il k                    Makes 4 servings.

                                     EASY    CHEESE        SOUFFLE
          can ( ll ounces) condon se d                 In saucep:m. heat soup. stirring: remove
          Che ddor cheel e so up                       from heal. Ikat egg yo lks until thick
      •                                                and lemon·colored: stir inlO soup. In
                                                       large bowl. us ing clean egg bealer. beat
                                                       egg whites un til stiff; fold soup n1i.~ture
                                                       into egg whi tes. Pour into 2-qu~rt c~s·
                                                       serole. B:lkc ,I I JOQor:. for I 10 I V.
                                                       hou r:s or a1 4(}O°F. for 3(} l11ill u1<::S.
                                                       Serve inunedia le ly . 4 servings .

                                  SOUPER        CHEESE        SOUFflE
        can (lO ~:I ounces ) conde nsed                In sauct.l1<m. combine soup ~nd cheese:
        cream of cele ry, chicke n ,                   heat slowl y until chcese melts. Remove
        mUlhro o m , or s hrimp so up                  from he;!L Ik:11 egg yo lks umil thick
        cup shre dded s harp procell                   and lemon·colored: stir inlo soup mix-
        cheese                                         lure. Beat egg whiles until stiff: fold
      6 e ggs, se parated                              soup misture into egg whites. Pour into
                                                       ungreascd 2-quart casscrolc. B'lke al
                                                       300°F. I to I V~ hour:s or al 400°F. 30
                                                       minules. Serve iU  lrl1edialely. 4 servings.

      Try Ihese additions 10 vary Ihe b:asic soume:
      Shrimp Surprise SouOlf: II! cup finely chopped cooked b roccoli, well-
             drained. lh teaspoon lemo n juice, and a dash ground nutmeg to cream
             of sh rimp sou p-cheese mis ture. Proceed as abo\'c.
                                teaspoon ground nut meg .tnd !.1 cup fi ne ly c hopped
      A SI'"mg ll . · SO l/ flit .: 1 11
                  \                 /
             cooked a spa ragus to cream of mushroom so up·cheesc mix tu re. Proceed
             as abo ve.

,     N fIIll-j\1I1l/lr<wll1 SOl/ flU: Ij~
                                        teaspoon chervil, V:!: c up fine ly mi nced cooked
             ham, :and 2 tablespoons chopped parsley to cream of mush room soup-
             chcese ll1iXlllrc. P rocecd as above.

                                      RUM        TUM      DITTY
         ,an (10 ~~      ounces ) condon le d          In sa ucepa n. comb ine. souP. water,
         tomalO soup                                   and cheese. Cook over [ow heat; st ir
      !~ cup wal e r                                   often until cheese is melted. Serve
      1 cu p I hredded s harp Che dda r                ove r toast. If desi red , garnis h with
         cheese                                        hard -cooked egg slices or s ••rdines .
      Toast                                            r.,·l akes ahn ut II!! cups .

,                                                                                                     7J
                  ... .
                         -' i'j
                   J .

                  '):i 'f - .
                    __ ~ ' 'f
                                  . ,
                                        ,                                                         -
                                        EA SY   EGG S    BENEDICT

           eQn   (10~~ ouncol) c o nd e n lC~d          In saucepa n, blend soup and milk.
           ctOClrn of celery, chicken, or               Heal; s tir occasiona lly. Meanwhile,
           mushroom IOUP                                pl ace a slice of ham on each slice of ....
     !Il    cup milk                                    toast o r muflin ha lf ; top with
     6     thin sliCO$ ham, fried                       poached egg. Pour sauce over eggs.
     6     ,Iicol bullered toasl or Eng lish            Sprinkle with minced parsley. 6
            muffin hal ves                              servings.
     6     eggl, poache d
           tables poon minced pauley

                                            S HRIMP     OMelET

     SAUCE:                                             To make sauce, in saucepan, com-
     \ con (10 ~~ ouncos) cond enuld                    bine soup, shrim p, milk , and pars-
       croa m of mushroom so up                         ley. Heat; stir occasionally. To
       cup diced cooke d shrimp                         make omelet, beat eggs, milk, sal! ,
     ~ cup mil k                                        and pe pper. In skill et, melt butter:
     2 tclbl u poonl cho ppod parsley                   po ur in egg m ixture. Cook slowly.
                                                        As unders urface becomes set, lift
     OMELET:                                            slightly to allow uncooked egg 10
     Beggs                                              now underneath and cook. When
     VI cup milk                                        omelet is done, transfer to platter.
     14 t ea spoon soli                                 Make a shallow cut down the cen-
     Do t h pepper                                      ter; p o ur part of sauce 0 11 half o f
     4 tabl espoons buller or morgorine                 the omelet; fold over. Serve with
                                                        remaining sauce . 4 servings.


       can ( IO ~~ ounces) condonsed                    In saucepan, combine chickcn brolh
       chickon broth                                    and watcr; bring 10 boil. Beat cgg
       soup can water                                   with chcese and parsley : graduall y
     1 egg                                              pour inlo simmering soup. slirring
     2 tablespoons grated Parmel an                     gentl y lIntil cgg is set. Scrve imme-
       choOio                                           diatel y. Makes about 3 cups.
       tabl ospoon chopped pan lev

                            CREAMED           EGG S
   can (10 ~~ ounces) condon sad         In saucepan, blend soup and milk.
   craCim of calary soup                 Add eggs and pimiento. Heat; stir
Y to 17 cup milk
 l                                       occasionally_ Scrve 00 toast. Makes
6 hard-cooka d aggl, sliced              about 3 cups.
1 tablespoons choppad pimiento           Eggs Goldenrod: Omit pimicnto.
Toalt                                    Separate cooked cgg yolks and
                                         whites; chop whites coarsely; force
                                         yolks through a fin e sieve. Add egg
                                         whites to saucc. Garnish with sieved
                                         yolks .

                     BAKED           CHEESE    FONDUE

3 eggs, leparotad                         Beat egg whites until stiff but not
  cCin (10~~ ouncas) condensed            dry; beat yolks until thick. Com-
  cream of celery, chicken, or            bine yolks, soup, bread, cheese,
   mushroom soup                          and mustard; gently fold in whites.
2 CUpl small bread cubol                  Pour into I !f.I;-quart casserole . Bake
  cup shreddad Iharp Cheddclr or          at 325°F, for I hour. 4 servings.
   procen cheasa
\4 lealpoon dry mustCird

                             SW t SS    fONDUE

   large cloya garlic, cuI in half        Rub inside of fondue pot or sauce-
   cup Chablis or other dry               pan with cut edge of g:'lrlic. then
   whito wine                             disc .. rd. In fondue pot, simmer
   con (1 T ouncal) condensod             wine. Blend in soup. Combine
   Chaddar chaBle soup                    cheese and cornstarch; stir into
   pound nalurCiI Swill cheela,           soup mixture. Heat until cheese
   cubed or Ihreddad                      melts; stir occasionally. Spear bread
3 tablespoons cornstarch                  wit h fond ue fork and dip into fon-
french or lIalian bread cubes             due. Makes about 4 cups.

                  EGG      AND      OYSTERS        AU     GRATIN
         con (10 Y.! ounc os) condensed       Empty stew into saucepan. Grad-
         oystor ,lew                          ually blend milk inlO nom unlil
     14 cup milk                              smoolh ; s lo wly stir into stew. Add
     2 loblespoons Oour                       cheese . Cook. stirring unlil thick ·
     Y.! cup Ih redded shorp Cheddar          ened and cheese is melted. Add
         choole                               eggs; heat. Serve ovc r asparagus:
     6 hard·cooked Oggl, lliced               garnish with p:lprika. Makes aboul
     Cooked asparagus o r broccoli spe ars      h
                                              21 cups.

                             EGGS         flO REN TINE
        can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed                    :.
                                              In I V .quarl shallow baking dish
        croom of celery soup                  (lOx6x2"), combine soup. mil k. and
     \~ cup milk                              spinach . Spread evenly in bottom of
     2 packages (10 ouncl!5 each)             dish. Top mixt ure with eggs; sprin·
        fr01e n chopped spinach, cooked       kle with cheese. Bake al 350 ° F. for
        and well·droined                      30 minutes o r until eggs arc SCI.
     6 eggs                                   /'I 'l akes 6 servings.
        cup sh redded mild procen cheese

                             QUICK         EGG    CURRY
          can (10 ~~ ounco s) condensed       In saucepan. stir soup until smooth.
          cream of mushroom soup              mend in milk and curry powder.
     J.ol cup milk                            Heat; stir o rt en. Add eggs. Serve
     1 toaspoon curry powder                  over toast wit h coconut, almonds,
     4 hard·cooked eggs, slicod               chutney. or raisins. Makes abo ut
     4 slicos broad, toalted                  2l/i! ClipS.
     Shreddod coconut, toolted slivered
          almonds, chulnoy, or raisins

                            WESTERN          SCRAMBLE
         cup choppe d cooked ham
         cup chopped gree n pepper
     14 cup chopped onion
     4 toblelpoons buller or morgorine
                                              In lO· jnch sk illet, brown ham and
                                              cook green pepper and onion in
                                              butler until tender. Mcanwhile, in
                                              bowl. stir soup until smooth; grad-
        can (11 ounces) condensed             ually blend in eggs. Add to h:H11
        Cheddor cheeso soup                   mixlure. Cook ove r low heat. As        ~
     8 oggs, slightly boaton                  mixture begins to set around edges,
                                              gently lift cooked port ions with
                                              large turner so that thin uncooked
                                              portion can flow to the bottom.
                                              Continue gently lifting cooked por-
                                              tions un til eggs arc completely set.
                                              bllt st ill moist. 4 servin gs.

                   EGGS           IN   CHEE SE    SAUCE

    can (lO~ ~ ounces) condensed          In sa ucepan, combine soup, milk,
    cream of celery or mushroom soup      and c heese. Cook over low heat
VI to \t2 cup milk                        until c heese metts. Stir of len. Add
\t2 cup shredded sharp Cheddar            eggs. Serve on loasl. rice, or aspara·
    cheese                                gus. G:lr nish with parsley. !I.'lakes
4 hard·tooked eggs, sliced                about :\ cups.
4 slites toast
 Chopped parsley, if desired

                            CURRIED         EGG S

6 hard·cooked eggl                        Cut eggs in half le ngthwise. Care-
!4 tUp mayonnl>ise                        fully re move egg yolks. I n small
\4 tealPoon curry powder                  bowl. mash yolks with fo rk. Blend
1 can (lO H ounces) condensed             in mayonnaise anti curry powder.
    cream of mushroom soup                Stuff into egg whites. In skillel,
\t2 cup milk                              combine soup and milk. Arrange
Tal>lI or Englbh muffins, split           eggs filled side up in sauce. Cover;
    ond toasted                           cook over low heat :) minutes or
Poprilea                                  unt il eggs fire ho t. Serve eggs o n
                                          loasl: spoon sauce over all. Sprink le
                                          with p,tprika. 3 servings.

                           GOLDEN         RABBIT

   can (II ounces) condensed              In saucepan, blend soups and milk.
   Cheddor cheese soup                    Heat; stir often . Serve over toasl.
   can (10~~ ounces) condensed            Makes ahout 2 1h cups.
   tomato soup
VI cup mille

 Salads and Salad Dressings

     So you adore salads! Because they're light anu refreshing anytime.
     Because they have a knatk for adding that just-right splash of color to
     meals. Because they're nutritious.
        Here arc some new ones to brighten your repertoire-molded. tossed.
     hot. And dressings-smooth , sp icy, imaginative. Even low caloric. Each
     is flavored with that handy ingredient, a can of condensed soup.

                       HAM       AND     MACARONI       TOSS

          eCiM (10~" ounces) condensed      Combine soup, celery. onion. green
          cream of chicke n soup            pepper . muslnrd, hOI pepper sauce.
     v.   cup chopped ce lery               nnd pepper. Add macnroni and
     V. cup chopped onion                   ham. Chill. Serve wilh Iomalo ......,
     2 toblespoons choppe d green           wedges. Makes about 4 cups.
     Mt te aspoon prepared mustard
     Dash hot po ppor sauce
     Dtuh pepper
     2 cup s cooked moccHoni
     Hz  cups diced cooked ham
     TomAtoes, cut in wedge s

78                                                                             .
     Ttp : To unmold gelatine salads. dip pan ouUom briefly in wa rm (not
     hot) water. Ru n knife along edges to perm it ai r to fl ow in. Tap sharply
     once o r twice. Inver! on moistened serving plate (this permits yo u to
     shift mold if neccss:uy): raise pan and release salad .

                              SEASHORE           SAL A 0
    2 envelopes unflavored gelatine            In saucepan, sprinkle gelatine on
    2 cups cold wol e r                        cold w:l1er to so[tell. Place over low
        tan ( IO ~~ ountes) condensod          heat. stirring unt il gelatine is dis-
        tomato soup                            solved. Remove from heat : grad-
        tabl e spoon lemon juice               uaJly stir in soup and le mon juice.
         packag e (8 ountes) creo m theue,     Stir crea m chcese until smooth:
         softened                              gradually blend in gelat ine mixture.
         cup diced cooked shrimp               Chill unt il sli ghtly thickened. Fold
~   !f.z tUP chopped celery                    in remai ning ingredients. Pour into
    2 tablespoon, chopped green onion           I-quan mold. Chill until firm. Un-
                                               mold and serve o n crisp salad
                                               greens. Makes about 4 cups.
                           CREAMY            TUNA     MOLD
    2 enve!opu unflavored gelatine             In sallce pan, sprink le gel:lt ine on
    2 cups cold wate r                         cup cold water to soften. Place over
         can (10 ~~ ounces) cond ensed         low heat. stirring until gelatine is
         cream of ce le ry so up               dissolved . Remove from heat. Blend
         tabl es poon le mon juice             soup and lemon juice into cream
         pockage (3 ountes) cream th eese,     cheese; gradually blend in gc!atine
         softened                              and remaini ng water. Chill until
         can (about 7 ounces) tuna,            slightly thickened. Folo in remain-
         drain ed and flaked                   ing ingredients. Pour into 5-cup
    !f.z cup shredded carrot                   mold. Chill until firm. Unmold:
    !f.z cup chop ped ce le ry                 serve on crisp salad greens. Makes
    2 tabl espoons chopped porsley             about 4'h cups.
                       ROSY       AND        WHITE      ASPIC
       envelope unflavored g e lolin e         Sprinkle gelatine on eold wa ter to
    1n tUp cold water                          soften. Place ove r low heat: stir
    1 can (10 ~;' ounees) condensed            unti l gelati ne is dissolved . Remove
       tomato lOUp                             from heat; combine with soup and
       teaspoon groled anion                   onion. Pour into I-quart or 4 indi-
    Crisp solad gree ns                        vidua l molds that have been rinsed
    1 cup eream y collage cheese               with cold water. C hill until firm.
                                               Unmold ; serve on salad greens with
                                               a topping of cottage cheese. Makes
                                               about 4 cups.

                   DOUBLE       DECKER       CHICKEN           MOLD

     Firs/layer:                             Firs/la yer: Sprinkle gelatine on cold
     T enve lop e unnavored gelatine         water to softe n. Place over low
     !7. tUp told water                      heat; sti r until gelatine is dissolved.
     T can (10 ~~ ounce I) condenlod         Remo ve from heat. Blend soup.
         cream of chitken IOUp               mayonnaise, and lemon juice; slir
     14 cup mayonnoiso                       in gelatine. Chill until mixture be-
      T tablelPoon lemo n juite              gi ns to thicken . Fold in remaining ~
     1 can (S ounces) chunk thicken,         ingredienls. Pour inlo 1 Y.! ·q uart

        or 1 cup diced cooleed chicle .. n   mold. Chi ll until almost firm.
     ~~ cup chapped ce lery
     1 tablelPoons chopped loalled
         lablespoon finely chopped onion
     Dalh pepper

     Secolld layer:                          Secolld layer: Sprinkle gelatine on
     I envelope unnavored gelalino           cold water to soften. Place over low
     y, cup cold waler                       heal; stir unti l gelatine is dissolved.
     1 can (16 ounces) jellied               Remove from heal. Crush cranberry
        uanberry souee                       sauce with fork; add gelatine. Chill
        orange, peeled and diced             until mixture begins to thicken; fold
                                             in orange. Pour on top of chicken
                                             laye r. Chill unlil firm. Unmold.
                                             Serve on crisp salad greens. Makes
                                             about 5 cups.

                            SPRINGTIME           SALAD
        can (TOlh ounces) condonsed          In s;ulcepan. bring beef brOlh 10 a boil.
        beef broth                           Add gelatin; stir to dissolve . /\dd water.
        pockoge (3 ountes) le mon-           onion, vinegar, and pepper. Chill until
        flavored gelolin                     s li g hlly thickened. FoM in re maining
     Ii cup told wole r                      ingredi ents. Pour into a 3·cup mold .
     1 lablespoon grated onion               Chill until firm (about 4 hours). Makes
     1 tablespoon vinegor                    about 2'1: cups .
     Dash pepper
     J cup diced cooked beef
     ~ cup diced red apple
     2 IQbl upoonl lliced celery

                   GERMAN             POTATO    SALAD

4 sUe u bacon                            Cook bacon until crisp; remove
U cup choppe d onion                     from skillet; drain and cru mble.
1 con (10 !~ ounce l) conde nsed         Cook onion in bacon drippings until
   cream of celery or chicke n soup      tender. Blend in soup, water, vine-
~~ cup waler                             gar, sugar, and pepper. Heat; stir
2 to 3 ta bl u paons v ine gar           occasionally. Add potatoes. pars-
Ii: le alpoon sugor                      ley, and bacon; simmer 5 min utes.
Ii t ealPoon p e ppe r                   Serve hoI. }o.·lakes about 4 cups.
.. cups Iliced cooke d p olola ..
~'4 cup chopped pouley

                 TOMATO          FRENCH        DRESSING

     [an (10l/. oun(ll) conde nsed       Combi ne all ingredients in jar,
    tomato soup                          Shake well before using. Makes
V (UP lalod oil                          about 2 cups.

lf4 (UP ylne gar
2 tablupoons sugar
1 tablupoon finely choppe d onion                       ,
2 teospoons dry mustard
!I:t teospoon salt
Y4 toalpoon pe ppe r

    NOTE: T o vary this TO/l.'IAT O FRENCH DRESS ING, add anyone
    of the following:
    IlI' CO n Dressillg-4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
    1JI11~ Cheese Dressing- I cup crumbled blue cheese
    CIliUo/l(uie Dressillg- I chopped hard-cooked egg, 1 tablespoon minced
            green pepper, I tablespoon minced pimiento
    Cllrr)' Dressillg-V:. teaspoon curry powder
    G(Jrfie Dressillg- i clove ga rlic, minced
    lIerb Dressing- i teas poon ground herb (marjoram, rosemary, sage.
              savory. or thyme)
    Ripe Olil'c Drcssing-II>. cup chopped ripe olives
    Sweet Pick ll~ Dres.fillg-1.4 cup sweet pickle relish
    V;IIt1igrell e Dressillg- I chopped hard-cooked egg and I tablespoon
              chopped parsley
                           RUSSIAN-STYLE            DRESSING
        can (IO~~ ounces) co ndensed             Place unopened can of soup in re-
        cream of ce lery soup                    frigerator 3 to 4 hours. Blend soup
     \~ cup mayonnai se                          and mayonnaise ; stir in remaining
     1~ cup chili sauce                          ingredients. Serve with as paragus o r
        leaspoon lemon juice                     green salads. Makes about lIn cups
     :2 to 3 tecn poons minced anion,            dressing.
        if dlllired

                   QUIC K       GREEN          GODDESS      DRESSING
        can (10 ~~ ounces) cond ensed            Place unopened can of soup in re-
        cream of ce lery soup                    frigerator 3 to 4 hours . Blend soup
     !~ cup mayonnaise                           and mayonnaise ; stir in remaining
     :2 tablespoons cho pped p arsley            ingredients. Serve with green salads.
     4 anchovies, chopped                        About \Ih cups dressing.
     1 lea. poon lemon juice

                                 DRESSING         LAM A ZE
           can ('O~4 ounces) condensed           Blend soup and mayonnaise. Add
           tomato so up                          remai ni ng ingredients; mix well.
           cup mayonnaise                        Chill. Serve with cooked shrimp or
     \4     cup India or sweel pickle relish     green salads . About 2 1n cups dress-
     ,     hard-cooked egg, chopped              ing.
     Y.z    te aspoon grated onion
     Y.z    lea l poon prepared muslard
     1     tabl lll poon lemon juice

                        LOW-CAL           TOMATO       DRESSING
        can (lO~ ~ ounces) cond e n$e d          Combine all ingredients in a tightly
        tomoto so up                             covered container ; shake until
     14 cup w ate r                              blended. Chill 4 hours. Makes
     :2 lablelpoons lemon juice                  about I I/.! c ups dressing.
     :2 teaspoons graled onion
     Y.z teaspoon prepared mustard
     Generous dash p eppe r

                                  DIETERS'       DELIGHT
        can (IO!h ounces) cond ensed             Combine all ingredients in a jar.
        beef broth                               Chill. Shake well before se rving.
     :2 tables p oons chili sa uc e              Serve o n crisp gTeens. Makes abo ut
     :2 lablol paons vinegar                     I cup dres.."ing.
        toblespoon grate d onion

Looking for a new main di sh idea'! Somet hi ng that's ready in a jiffy,
yet pampers the whole fam ily's taste, you sa)' . Then follow th is yumm),
fomlUl a:
   Prepare a stack of pancakes or bake corn bread or biscuits from a
mix. Combine diced chicken, ham , or seafood with .. cream soup .
Spoon the mixture over biscuits or pancakes. There. You have a dish
to do you proud. For more along these delicious lines, try the following.
Or b;tke thi s spunky spoon bread. Soup is the navor· booster.

                MINUTE         TURKEY       SHORTCAKE
    can (lO ~~ auntfllj conde n.ed       In saucepan, combine all ingredient s
    cream of chicke n soup               except biscuits. Heat; stir often.
lit cup milk                             Serve over biscuits. Makes about 2'/:
l ilt cups dic ed cooked turkey          cups.
lit cup cooked pea.
I tables poon chopped pimienta
Bileuill, corn bre ad, or pancakn

1 cup COfn me al                         In saucepan, co mbine corn meal
l !~cUln water                           and water; bring to a boil and cook
3 tablespoon. bulle r or mCHgarine       until very thick, stirring const antly.
  can (II ouncn) conde n.ed              Remove from heat and stir in but·
  Che ddar cheel a, crea m of chicken,   ter. Add soup. baking powder. and
  or mushroom IO Up                      slightly beaten egg yolks; mix well .
  lealpoon baking powder                 Fold mixture into stimy beaten egs
3 eggs, III pcHoted                      whites. Pour into greased 2-quan
                                         casserole dish. Bake at 350 °F. for
                                         I hour. Serve hot wit h butter and
                                         maple syrup if desired. 6 servings.

               CREAMED          CHICKEN         WITH      ALMONDS
                               OVER         PANCAKES

        cup chopped celery                    In saucepan, cook celery in butter
     2 tables poons butter or marga rin e     unti l tender; blend in soup and
     1 can (1 O~~ ounces) condensed           milk. Add chicken, pimiento, and
        cream of chicken or                   almonds. Heat; stir ohen. Serve
        mushroom soup                         over pancakes. Makes about 2',6
     ~ to ].7 cup milk                        cups.
     I can (5 ounces) chunk chicken,
        or I cup diced cooked chicken
     2 tables poon. diced pimiento
     !~ cup too lied slive red almond.
     8 th in pancakes

        HAM       AND       MUSHROOM           STUFFED        PANCAKES

     8 thin pancakes (about 7 inches in       Prepare pancakes. In saucepan,

         dlamelor)                            cook mushrooms and onion in but-
         can (2 ounces) mushroom stems        ter until onion is tender. Place a
         and pioces, drained and choppe d     slice of ham and 2 teaspoons mush-
     2 tablespoons finely choppe d onion      room mixlure on cach pancake;
     2 tables poons buller or margarine       roll. Keep warm in oven. Mean-
     8 thin slices boiled hom                 while, combine soup, sour c ream ,
         can (1 O ~~ ounces) condenu d        and water. Heat; stir occasio nally.
         croom of celory soup                 Serve sauce over pa n cake~. Garnish
     Y.t cup lo ur cream                      with paprika or chopped parsley.
     14 cup waler                             4 servings.
     Paprika or chopped pauley

                     CHINESE         SHRIMP       PANCAKES

     8 Ihin pancakes                          Prep:ue pancakes; keep W3rm. To """
     3 lables poons Ihinly sliced green       m3ke filli ng, in s3ucep3n, cook
        onion                                 green onion in butter until tcnder.
     2 tablespoons butler or morgorino        Stir in !6 cup soup, shrimp, water
     1 can (10 ~~ ounco.) cando nsed          chestnuts, and soy S3uce. Heat; stir
        cream of chicken soup                 occ3sionally. To make sauce, com-
     1M. cups diced cooked shrimp             bine remaining soup, milk, Worccs-
     14 cup sliced woler chellnuls            tershi re, and hOi pcppcr sauce.
     ~ loaspoon l OY souco                    Heat ; stir occasionally. Place about
     ~ cup milk                               J,4 cup filling on each pancake; roll
     14 loaspoon Worceslotlhire               up. Serve sauce over pancakes. 4
     Dash hot pepper sauco                    sen/iogs.

SU11Jrise Cakes

                               '   ......   ~ .

Tomato soup gives a wondcr-wh at-it-is fl avor and rosy color to cakes
and cookies.
   Once tried, these arc the unusual cake specialties you will want to
make again and again. Some women win blue ribbons at fairs with
tom.lta soup cakes; others bake them for holiday gifts. Most women
make them just for the pleasure of baking an easy cake with fascinating
flavor- a little spicy, a little tangy, and altogether special.
   Like the convenience of cake mixes? You can make a delicious,
moist cake by add ing a can of tomato soup and two eggs to a package
of spice cake mix.
   Or surpri se everyone by giving a subtle ncw taste to those timc-
honored favorites, fruit cake and gingerbread. Tomato soup adds a
distinctive flavor that'll have the family clamoring ror more.

         OLD    FASHIONED                     GINGERBREAD            CAKE

2 cans (10 ~~ ounces oach)                         In large bowl of mixer, blend soup
  condonsed tomato soup                           and eggs. Add gingerbread mix.
3 oggs                                            Blend at low speed until thoroughly
2 packages (about 14 ounces each)                 moistened: beat 2 minutes on me-
  ginge rbread mix                                folium speed . Fold in raisins and
  cup rai sins                                    walnuts. Pou r into well-greased
  cup chopped walnuts                              IQ-inch tube pan. Bake at 325°F.
                                                  for 1 hour 15 m inutes or until cake
                                                  is done. Cool right side up in pan
                                                   10 minutes; then remove from pan.
                                                  Scrve warm or cool. Sprinkle top
                                                  with confectioners· sligar. Makes
                                                  JO-inch lube cake.

      1 cup ,Ifled confectioners' , ugor           Combine a ll ingredients; beat unl il
      2 labl"poons rum                             smoot h. Makes enough glaze fo r a
      1 lable'pao n me lte d buller                 IO-inch tube cake.

                               TOMATO          SOUP      CAKE

     2 \!, CUPI cake Rour or 2 cup,                Preheat oven to 3S0· F. GC llero u ~ l y
        a ll·purpose Rour                          grease and nour IwO round laycr
     I V, cups suga r                              pans, 8 o r 9 ~ o r an oblong pan,
     4 le aspoonl baking powder                    13x9x2". Measure d ry ingredients
     I teaspoon baking soda                        into large bowl. Add soup :lIld
                                                  shortening. Be;lt at low to medium
     1 toa f poon cinnamon                        speed for 2 minutes (300 strokes
     I1 roa spoon ground clOVll1                  with a spoon) sc ra pin g s illcs ami
     1 can ( 10 ~li oun ces) condensed            hOllom of bow l constantl y. Add
         lomato soup                              eggs ;lIld wa ter. Ileal 2 mi nutes
     ~'1 cup hydrog enated short ening            more. scraping bowl frequent ly.
     2 egg.                                        Pour into pans. Bake 35 to ..\0 m in-
     ~~ cup woler                                 utes. Let stand in pans 10 minutes;
                                                  remove and coolon rack. Frost
                                                  ..... ith Cre3m Cheese F rostinl; or
                                                  fa\'orite while frosling.
      VAR IATIONS: For ;1 9_inch tube pall. I'rer:uc;ls abo\c: bake 1 ho ur.                  ~
     Nut or It:lisill: Afl l'r mixi ng. fol d in 1 cup chopped nuts or I c up r:1 is in ~ .
      Il;lke 3S tLl 40 minutes.
     Date :Hld Nut: After mi\ing. ro ld in I cup choppl'll walnut s a nd I CUpdwllped
     date ... IU!>C I 10 2 tahlcsl'Q(ln ~ Hour w <;prin lle O\~'r dates wh ile chopping       ""'-!.
     Ih~·IlI . l lIake in 9" ta~.:rsor 1.1 \'J \::! " r;ln ror ..\1) (<>..\5 minUles.

                    CREAM        C HEESE        FROSTING

Blend 2 packages (3 ounces each) cr(',lln cheese (softened) with I tablespoon
milk. Gradu'llly add I package (I pound) sifted confectioners' sugar: blend
well. Mix in l z te.lspoon v.milla extr;lcL if desired.

                  QUICK       TOMATO          SP ICE       CAKE

     package (2 luyer) $pice cake mix      Mix ollly above ingredients: follow ·
     can (1 O ~~ ounce s) conde ns ed      ing direct ions on package. I f desired,
     tomato sou p                          rold   ill   1 l'Up l'ltuppl'd   lVallluts.
1.-1 cup water                             Bake as directed. Frost with Cream
2 eggs                                     Cheese Frosting o r other favorite
                                           wh ite frost in g.

                            E ASY       FRUIT     C AKE

l'repare QU ICK TOi\·IATO SP ICE CA KE. After mixing. fold in J cup
chopped candied frui t ,Ind I cup (hopped w'llnut s. Ilake as directed on p'Jek'lge
adding about 5 millllles more.
FOR M INCE MEt\T Ct\KE. Substi tute Vz Clip prepared mincemeat for
(",l11dicd rruit in EASY FRU IT CAKE. Bake in 9" layers or 13 x 9 x 2" pan.

     APRICOT          0 R     PRUNE        UPSIDE-DOWN                 CAKE

Divide between two 9-ineh rOllnd l:lyer pans: I cup melted butter. \lz cup
brown suga r: top with an arrangement o f I can (I pound) apricot hal\'c~ .
drained (about I cup) and y.!. CIlP walnllt pieces. Prep;Jre Q U ICK TO I-IATO
SP ICE CAKE. Pour into p,lIIS spre.nling evenly over topping. Ibke at 350~ F.
for 35 minutes. Run sp;lIu!a ;Iround edge of pan . Immediatel y turn upside
down on serving plate. Lea\e pan over cake 5 minutes. Serve warm or cooled .
FOR PRU NE CAKE : Follow directions ;lbove. substituting I jar or can
( I pound) c;lnned pit ted prunes. drained (abou t I cup) fo r apricots.

                              fOAM Y SAUCE
                             (For Steamed Pudding)
1 egg, separuted                            In small bow! of electric mixer, beat
~~   cup confectioners' $ugar              egg wh ite until soft peaks form:
~~ cup heo vy creum, whipped               ,c radualiy beat in sugar. Stir in egg
!I.t teu$poon vanilla ex tract              yolk; fo ld in whipped c ream and
                                            van illa. Makes 2 cups.

                              STEAMED             PUDDING

     2Y.t cups sifted all-purpose fl our
     1 tCJblelpoon baking powder
     ~ IOCJspoon bCJking soda
     1 tea spoon ground cinnamon
     Y.t IOCJspoon ground nutmeg
                                                  Sift flour with baking powder. soda,
                                                  and spices; dust dates wit h small
                                                  alllourll of fl our mix tu re. Cream
                                                  shortening and suga r; add egg an d
                                                  mix well. Add d ry ingredients
     2 C  Upl chopped dates                       alternately with soup; slir well after
     ~,. cup sho rtening                          each :lddi tion. Fold in dales. Pour
         cup l ugar                               into greased 2-qu:m mold; cover
       can(10 ~~ ouncel) con denied
                                                  securely with fo il. PI:lcC on trivet in
                                                  large pan. Add boiling water 10
       tomato soup                                one-half height of mold. Cover;
                                                  steam 3 hours. Remove mold from
                                                  water; uncover and loosen edges of
                                                  pudding wit h knife. Unmold while
                                                  hal. 12 servings. Serve with foa my
                                                  sauce or h:l rd sallce.
                                    HARD      SAUCE

     JIl cup loft bullor                          In bowl. so ft en buller. Add sligar,
     1 cup siftod confectioners' s ugar           a little at a time; beat until creamy
     \11 tea spoon vanilla oxtract                and smoot h. Stir in va nill:l extract.
                                                  C hill until hard. ~~ cup S:luce.

                            ROSY           ROCK     COOKIES

     1Y.t cups all·purpol e flour                 P re heat ove n to 3S0 " F . Sift dry in-
     1JIl CUP I sugar                             gred ients except oats together into
     1 toaspoon baki ng powder                    large bowl. Add shorte ning. egg,
     Y1 lea l poon baking soda                    and soup . Beat at medium speed for
     2 toaspoons cinnamon                         2 mi nu tes (300 strokes wi th a
        toa spoon allspice                        spoon), scraping sides and boltom
        cup short ening                           of bowl constantly. Stir in oals.
        . gg                                      raisins, and nuts. Drop rounded ten-
       can (10 ~~ ounces) cond ensed              spoonfuls on ungreased cookie sheet.
       tomato soup                                Bake about 15 mi nu tes or unt il
     2 cups uncooked rolled oats                  li ghlly browned. Makes about 7
       cup seed leu roisins
       cup chopp ed walnuts
                                                  dozen cook ies.
"Let's have a party,"
   Happy words indeed, And they lead to some of the most memorable
occasions for everyone-when good friends get together.
   What kind of party? Name almost any kind and good food will be
a key factor to its success: Children's birthdays, holiday celebrations,
anniversaries, Even when the girl next door comes for coffee, it can be
a party,

      TODAY'S            SERV I CE          BUFFET           STYLE
An easy style of service is a major requirement for today's parties
because of smaller homes without dining rooms and little outside help.
Buffet service is the answer for many a hostess. Nothing is more
dazzling than a buffet table covered with colorful tempting foods.
Each guest picks up a plate and helps himself while the hostess guides
the proceedings.
   Successful buffets are those where guests are at case to enjoy the
company and the food. Some pointers to follow arc these:

  I. Plan the menu with an eye for color. If the main dish is a casserole,
     top it with golden cheese or some slices of tomato or stuffed olives
     for that hit of color.
  2. Serve at least onc hot dish (perhaps a vegetahle) . Or if you're serving
     mainly hot foods, include relishes or a chilled fruit dessert for contrast.
  3. Plan the food so the main course and accompaniments can all go on
     one's dinner plate. To achieve this, it's often helpful to serve vege-
     table relishes and spiced fruits instead of a salad.
  4. Fork foods arc best because guests won't have w worry about several
     pieces of silverware to juggle. Plan a meat that can be cut with
     a fork (for example-sliced ham or boned chicken); or usc a main
     dish such as chicken a la king which requires no cutting.
  5. Trays arc helpfUl if guests do not sit at a table to cat.

                      BEAUTIFU L               BEG I NN I NGS
     Any party's off to a sparkling start when soup is the appetizer. Idea:
     serve a snappy soup in Ihe living room for guests 10 savor before the
     main course . Now's the t imc to bring out that handsome old turcen
     and lad lc or a lovely pitcher for pouring.
        Select your soup from any of the recipes in the "Appetizer Soup"
     section . Or try onc of these:
                                    FRISKY      SO U R
     2 cans ( IO lli ounces eoch)               Chill cans of soup in refrigerator 4
       condenled beef broth                     hours or more . Just before serving.
       sou p con ice woler                      combine all ingredients in a con-
     2 tobl espoons lemon juice                 taine r ; cover and shakc. Serve in
                                                glasses. ;"'lakes about 4 cups.

                            FL A MING        BE A N     SOUP
     2 cans ( II ounces each) condensed         [n saucepan, blend soups; add wa-
        black bean soup                         ter. Heat; stir often. Pour into heat-

       can (10\12 ounces) condensed             proof chafing d ish o r tureen. T o
        beef broth                              flame, heat the sherry or bourbon
     2 soup cans water                          in a lad lc. Put a lighted ma tch to
     l4 cup sherry or bourbon                   warmed liquor. While fl aming, lower
     Lemon slices                               into the soup. Stir to blend the
                                                flavo rs before ladling out this warm-
                                                ing brew. Pass lemon slices for
                                                garnish. Makes about 6 lh cups.

                         T A NG Y      SPLIT     PE A     BO W L
        con (2 ol.lnces) sliced                 In saucepan. lightly b rown mush·
        mushrooms, droined                      rooms with thyme in butter. Add
     Va teaspoon thyme                          soup; gradually stir in water. Heat;
     1 ta bl espoon bulle r or ma rgari ne      stir oftcn. Makcs about 2Lh cups.
        ca n (11 V:z ounces) condensed
        split pea with hom & bocon soup
       soup can water                 ;:::!<==::::=~~~~

               PARTY         PATTER N         SOUPS
Imaginati on often means the difference between an ordinary Illenu and
o ne with party flair. Even a simple soup and sa ndwich meal can benefit
from just a small touch of decoration. One easy·do soup garnish is
croutons cut in various shapes to make Party PaUern Soups.
   URIDGE LUNCHEON: Cut white bread into bridge shapes (diamonds.
hearts, clubs, and spades)-use small cookie cutters. T oast lightly and
float one c routo n on each bowl of c ream soup.
   Other party-pattern garnishes to Iry:
      • Va lentine's Day: HearHhaped croutons.
      • 51. Patrick's Day: Shamrock-shaped croutons.
      • July Fourth: Star·shaped croutons.
      • Halloween: Pumpkin·shaped cro utons.
      • Chri stm as: Simple tree-shaped croutons.

                    S PE C I ALTY       DISHE S
" Make o ne great dish your speeialty"-good advice to hostesses every-
where. For many, it's the secret of their success. You can borrow from
the great cook ing of the world to make di stinctive party fare--easily.
Just look.

                      AFTE R      THE    S HOW

                 Chilled V-8      Sesame Secd Wafe rs
                              Paella· or
                           Seafood C urry'"
                          Mixed G reen Salad
                 Pineapple Parfait      Fancy Cook ies
                            T ea o r Coffee


     2 pounds c;hicken p e     nts            In skillet, brown chicken in o il;
     2 tClbl es poon s sCl ICld oil           pour off fat. Add broth a nd garlic,
         cCln (10 ~~ ounces) conde nsed       Cover; cook over low heat 15 min-
         chicken broth                        utes. Stir remain ing ingredients into
     2 medium doves gClriic, minced           broth. Cover; cook 30 minutes
     ¥.J c;up rClW regular rice               mo re or until liquid is abso rbed.
     "l cup choppe d cClnned tomClto es       Stir occasionall y. 4 servings.
     !1 cup chopped gree n pe pper
     2 IClblespoons chopped pimiento

                               SEAFOOD         CU RRY
     \14 cup chopped onion                    In saucepan, cook onion with curr y
     1 leClspoon curry powder                 in hutler until tender. Add soup,
        tablespoon buller ar mClrgarine       mil k. shrimp, and c ra b. Heat : stir
        can (10% ounces) condensed            occasio nal ly. Serve over ri cc. Makes
        cream of celery soup                  about 2112 cups.
     ~ c;up milk
     1 cup diced cooked shrimp
     J1 cup f1Clked cooked crab meat
     Cooked ric e or pally shells


     1 cup ham cut in strips                  In I,lrge skillet, brown h:Jm and cook
     1 cup chopped onion                      onio n, gree n pepper. and ga rl ic in oi l
     J1 cup green pepper cut in squares       until vegeTa bles arc tender. Add re-
     1 medium clove garlic, minced            maining ingredic nl ~ e.\ccpT shrimp and
     2 tabl espoons solCld oil                parsley. Bring to a boil. COI'er; cook
         c;on (lO ~~ ounces) condensed        over low heat 20 min uTes. Stir oc<:asion·
         tomato soup                          ally. St ir in shrimp: cook 5 minutes
     2 cups water                             more or uillil rice is lender. Removc
     ¥.J cup raw regular rice                 bay leaf. Garnish with parsley. Makes
     1 medium ba y leaf                       about 4'h cups.
     DClsh hOi pepper sauce
     I c;up cooked shrimp
     Chopped pClrsley

                   ''"    -.'
                -.... Ff .... I 1 '-' ," \
                                  --         .,

     Call Again

We JPPI _(;i;lte your p('I.trolldge
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your fn d~.        d( n't. .~lIu~.
    W nv 0 :':'li.l::fy
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M       PHONE NO 396-7323
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        ~~1 ,.::: 7$.~1
. cr" Cl
(~ ',~:.:
         '-1) '!;..)--'~< '
                                         Scallops Parisiennc·

                                   French Onion Soup· (sec index)
                                                                  TOUCH           Of      PARIS

.;;·3 :; lI--: 1 I;i; ,, ~ f':           Buttered Green Peas
l           ~1
    ~~ :~ ~j ,~ ;t I;r-j}.,.~ Endive Salad with Tomato French Dressing-
    \1 1.~ ::::.i !~: l~.j ~1ft1       ~rcnch Bread       Buttcr
       ,~ ~V;    :'--': -
                      t~J 1 ~~      FrUit Turnovers (from rrcczcr)
                 , .. - I'
              1 '--.-.
                               t ~r
                                       "!l..! '
                                         t-r .~~.
                                      .\ . , "

              ~~ "'~::-. ~
                             .. :f \')/f ::;
                                 • .
               " : ;~~":".;;'.;J .'                    .J
                                         SCALLOPS                PARISIENNE

      pound fresh scallops                                        In saucepan, cook scallops in water
      can (4 ouncos) sliced mu.hraoms,                            ove r low heat for 10 minutes; drain
      drained                                                     well . Divide among 4 individual
 2    lu b l u poon~           ch app eu Ol1;on                   !.Jakin!; d ishes. !\·h;anwhih:, ill liallIX-
 2 tables poons bulte r or margarine                              pan, brown mushrooms and cook
   can (1 T Duncos) condensed                                     onion in butter u nli l tender. Add
   Cheddar chouo so up                                            soup, lemon juice, and seasonings;
 2 loolpoonl lemon juice                                          pour over scallops. T op with
    DO lh pepper                                                  crumbs; sprinkle wi th paprika .
    DOlh crushed th yme leavas                                    Bakc at 350° F. for 30 minules or
    Dlnh g ro un d marjora m                                      un ti l hot. 4 servings.
    2 tablespoons bulte red bre ad
    Pap rika

                                                            P Il A F
    Y:t cup fine e gg no odles. broken                            in saucepan, brown nood les in bU l -
     In pie ces                                                   ler; Slir often. ,\dd rcmaini ng in-
 2 lablelPoons buller or margorine                                gredients. Bring to a boil; slir.
     con ( IO ~~ ounces) condensed                                Cover; cook over low heat 20 to 25
     chicken brolh                                                minutes or until liquid is absorbed.
 1-1 cup woter                                                    Makes about 2 cups.
 Y:t cu p ro w reg ular ri ce
                               ARTICHOKE       CASSEROLE

         can (4 ountes) sliced mushrooms,      In saucepan, brown mushrooms in
         drained                               butler; add soup, milk, and sberry.
         toble spoon bulle r or margarine      In I-quart casserole, combine soup
         can (II ounces) conde nsed            mixture, rice, and art ichokes. Bake
         Cheddl;u cheese soup                  at 350 °F. fo r 30 m inutes; stir.
     ~ cup milk                                Sprinkle with paprika. Makes about
     :2 tablespoon. she rry                    4 ClipS.
      I ~ cups cooked rite
      I package (10 auntes) arlichoke
         he arls, cooked and draine d

                "    ,
                      (~\i                    SUPPER       ITALIANO

                    . .' I t                       Antipasto Tray

:1tJvl '.,      ® ,·11; ~        . J:Ur.:~         Romaine Salad
     J,I   .~       ~ .! VJ      . J'flll ~         Bread Sticks
           ~F'"91 \'~              t'  ll
                                         ,"       Fruit      C heese
           ,3    1jJ-.~                             Cafe Espresso

                               CHICKEN        CACCIATORE

     :2 pounds chicken parlJ                   In skillet , brown chicken in sho rten-
     :2 tablespoons shorlening                 ing; pour off fat. Add remaining in -
         (on (10~4 ounces) condensod           gredi ents exc ept pe ppe r. Cove r:
         tomalo soup                           cook over low heat 30 minutes; st ir
      'A cup dry red wine or 1 tablespoon      occasio nally. Add pepper: cook I S
         vin egar                              minutes more. Serve with spaghetti.
      ~ cup choppe d onion                     4 servi ngs.
      :2 large clovos garlic, minted
      ~ teaspoon ore gano, cru shed
     ~ medium gree n peppe r, cui inlo


                                               IT 'S         A   CURRY    PARTY

                                                       Supper Party St:lrter·
                                                         Curried Chicken·
                                                  Parsley Rice      Chutney
                                                   Jell ied Vcgelable Salad
                                                Coconut Cake        Icc Cream

                            CURRIED            CHIC K EN
2 pound, chic ke n porls                       In skillet, brown chicken in short-
2 tabl es poons shorte nin g                   ening; pour off fat. Stir in soup,
    can ( IO ~~ oun ces) conde nse d           onion. and curry. Cover; cook over
    cream of chicke n soup                     low heal 4S minutes or unti l chicken
!Ii ·cup choppe d onion                        is tender. Stir occasionally. Serve
1 to 2 lablOlpoons curr y powde r              with rice; ga rn ish with parsley.
Cooke d rico                                   Makes 4 servings.
Choppe d pauley

                             CHICKEN           PAPRIKA
2 pound, chicke n par"                         In ski llet, brown chi cken in short-
2 tabl e spoon. short onin g                   en ing; pour olf lat. Add rema ining
   can (10 ~~ ouncos) conden sod               ingred ients except noodles. Cover;
    tomolo 10Up                                cook over low heat 45 minutes or
!Ii cup sour cre am                            until tender. Sti r occasionally. Re-
1 can (4 ounces) sliced mU l hrooms,           move bay leaf. Serve wit h nood les.
    droined                                    Makes 4 servings.
~'. cup chopped onion
2 te a spoonl p a prika
1 medium boy le af
Cooked noodl e l

                SOUPER            SP A GHETTI          ' N       FRANKS
Vi p ound frankfurl e rs, cuI in                In saucepan. brown frankfurters
   I_inch pieces                                and cook onion with oregano in
Yi cup cho pped oni on                          buller until tender. Slir in sou p and
1 leo. p oo n orll9 0no le a ves, cr..,. hed    spaghetti. Heal: Sli r occasionally.
2 tabl es poo ns buller or mOt 90 rine          l\'lakcs :Lbout 3lh cups.
   can (11 ~'. o un ces) (o nd e nsed
   chili b eef 10UP
   co n (l 4¥1 e ..,ncesl spog he lli in
   temote sa uce wilh cheese

                BREAST        OF    CHICKEN          MAGNIFIQUE
     4 whole chicken breg, l,                  Usc I large ski llet o r prepare in 2
         (aboul 4 poundsl. spli l              skillets (IO-inchl by dividing ingre-
     2 lablupoons shortening                   dients equally. Brown chicken in
     2 tans (IO ~~ ounces each)                shortening; pour off fat. Stir in
         condensed cre am of chicken soup      soup. mushrooms, gartic, and sea-
     2 cups . Iiced huh mu shrooms             sonings. Cove r; cook over low heat
         (aboul ];l pound)                     30 minutes o r until chicken is ten-
         large clove garlic, minced            der . Stir occasionall y. Serve with
     Ge nerous dash crushed thyme le a ves     rice. Makes 8 servings.
     ~.. tea spoon crushed rosemary
     Cooked long grain and wild rice mix

                          CHICKEN            VIA    VENETO

     4 pounds chicken parh                     Usc I large skillet o r prepare in 2
     ~ cup buller or margarine                 sk illets (about IO-inch) by dividing
     1 cup ham strips                          ingredients equall y. Brown chicken
     2 cans (11 ounces eoch) condensed         in butter; removc. Brown ham. Stir
         Cheddar cheose soup                   in soup, tomatoes, onions, and basil ;
     ];l cup chopped canned tomatoes           add chicken. Cover; cook over low
     3 medium onions. quartered                heat 45 ntinutes or unti\lender. Stir
     ];l teaspoon basil. crulhod               occasionally. 8 servings.

                             CHINESE          HOT     POT

     2 chicken breasts (about 2 pounds).       CUI chicken inlo thin strips. On
          split, skinned, and boned            serving platter, arrange chicken,
          pound asparagus. cut diagonally      asparagus, mushrooms, and spin-
          in l-inch pieces                     ach . Prcpare at table in IO-inch
     !,oJ pound thinly sliced mushrooms        skillet ove r direct heal or nn elec-
          (about 2 cups)                       tric skillet. Combine broth and wa-
          package (1 pound) Ipinach,           ter: heat to boiling. Add haH of the
          cleaned                              chicken. aspa ragus, and mush·
     2 cans (10 ~~ ouncel each)                rooms; cook over low heat 3 min-
          condensed chicken broth              utes. Add half of the spinach; cook
     2 IOUP coni waler                         2 minutes more or unlil just done.
     Soy sauce                                 Remove with slotted spoon and
     1 cup cooked rico                         se rve with soy. Meanwhile. cook
                                               remaining chicken and vegetables
                                               as above. Add rice to remaining
                                               broth. Heal: serve in soup bowls.
                                               4 servings.

                     NEAR        EAST    MEATBALLS
1 pound ground beef                      Mix thorollghly beef, crumbs, egg,
!<. cup fine dry bread trumbl            2 teaspoons Worcestershire, and
1 egg, dightly beate n                   salt . Shape into 16 meatballs. In
3 teaspoons Worce,tonhire                ski llet, brown meatballs (usc short-
V. tea spoon salt                        ening if necessary); pour 01T fa t.
 I can (lOY.! ounces) conde nsed         Add soup, water, rice, mushrooms.
    Fre nch onion soup                   and remainingWorcestershire. Bring
    soup can wate r                      to boil; COYer. Reduce heat: simmer
    cup raw regular rice                 20 minutes or until rice is done. Stir
    can (about 4 ounces) sliced          often. Garn ish with parsley. Makes
    mushrooms, drained                   abou t 51!.! cups.
 Chopped parsley

                            QUI C K     LASAGNE
~1    pound ground be ef                 In saucepan. brown bee( and cook
1   cup chopped onion                    onion, garlic, oregano. Add soup,
2   large doves garlic, mincod           water, vinegar. Simmer 30 minutes ;
2   toaspoons or09ano, crulhod           stir occasionally. In baking dish
2   cans (l0 ~~ ouncel each)             (12x8x2"), arrange 3 alternate layers
    condensed tomato 10UP                of noodles, cottage cheese, meat
li: cup wate r                           sauce. MOlL"l.rella . Top with Par-
2 teolpoons vinegar                      mesan. Bake at 350 °F. for 30 min-
V2 pound plain lalogne                   utes. Let stand 15 minutes. 6
     noodle s, cooked and draine d       servings.
     pint collage cheelo or ricollo
 Y.! pound Mouare lla cheose,
     thinly l !iced
 Grated Parmesan chee se

                             MO CK      SUKIYAKI
   pound boneless round steak             Freeze meat I hour to fi rm (makes
   (W' thick)                             sl icing easier); slice into very thin
I % cups sliced celery                    strips. In sk illet, cook celery, pcp-
1 medium green pepper,                    pc r. mush rooms. and o nion in oil
   cut in I-inch pie clII                 unti l jl/Jl tcnder; push to onc side.
1!1 cups slicod fresh mushrooms           Add meat; cook until color changes
   (about ~~ pound)                       (about 3 to 4 minutes). Add broth.
   larg e onion, thinl y I liced          soy. and cornstarch. Cook, stirring
2 tabllllpoons salad oil                  until thickened . Serve with rice and
   con (10 \.1; ounces) condensed         :ldditional soy sallce. Makes about
   beef broth                             4 1h cups.
   tablospoon soy sauco
2 tobl u poons cornstarch
Cooko d rice

           , p {]
               ,I               1.1.

 '1-i~-4\                  f       DAD'S     BIRTHDAY           DINNER
" j
     1.1 ?-;~-~
      i:   1
                                Pork Chops with Party Hats·
                    Scalloped Potatoes · (sec index )  Brussels Sprouts                             ...
' ;:"" ': i J                 Apple and Nut Salad     Munins
  j .i. &~

                      b                         Birthday Cake
               {Vl?       >.\               Coffee       Milk
               -Z{.       ?RK           CHOPS      WITH       PARTY        HATS
       6 pork (hops -(ti.~ou l 2 pounds)                In oven-proof skillet, brown chops:
       Salt and pepper \                                pour off fat. SC<lson with salt and
       6 onion slices     ':"'::':::__                  pepper. Place slice of onion and
       6 gree n pepper rin g. - --- ..;.;.,,,           pepper ring on each ; pour soup
         can (lO ~4 o unce l) condenseCl. .-   \                                     Q
                                                        over. Cover; bake at 350 F . for 45
         lomalo I OUP                          'i~"     minutes or until chops arc tender .
                                                        ., servings.

                                         VEAL     SW I SS    S TYLE
       H i po unds thinly sliced vea l cutle t          Cut veal into 12 oblong pieces;
       3 slices (4 ounces) Swiu cheuB,                  pound with meat hamme r. On each
          cui in half                                   of 6 pieces place \h slice cheesc
      3 slices (4 ouncDs) boiled ham,                   a nd ham; top with remaining veal.
          cut in half                                   Fasten secu rely with toothpicks. [n
      4 tablespoons buller or margarine                 large ski lle t. brown veal in butter.
          can (lO~ ~ ounc es) condon sed                Stir in remai ning ingredients. Cook
          cream of mushroom soup                        over low hea t 30 m in utes o r until
      1,. teaspoon paprika                              lende r; stir occasionally. 6 servings.
      Y.! cup milk
      !4 cup sa uterne o r other dry
          whi le wine
                                       HOME·STYlE      PO T      ROAST
      3.pound bon e less pot ro ast                     In large heavy pan. brown meat o n
      2 tablespoons shortenin g                         all sides ill sho rten ing; pour off fat.
          can (lO Y.! ounces) condenscd                 Add broth, onion, and season ings.
          beef broth                                    Cover; cook ove r low heat 2 hours.
      2 med ium onion s, quartere d                     Add potatoes and carrots. Cook 1
      ~. teaspoon pepper                                hou r morc or unti l te ndcr; stir occa·
      1 large boy leaf                                  sionally. Remove hay leaf. Grad-
      6 medium potatoes, cui in half                    ually blend watcr into flour until
          {aboul 2 poundsl                              smoot h ; slowly stir into sa uce .
      6 medium carrols, cui in 2.inch                   Cook. stirring un ti l thickened.
          p ieces                                       Makes 6 to S se rvings .
      Y.! cup waler
      1,. cup flour

                                              U . S.A . - All            THE        WAY

                                                  Cream of Mus hroom Soup
                                                        Saucy Sirloin o
                                            H OI Rice     Gree n Beans Amandine
                                                      Asso rted Relishes
                                               Brow n 'n Serve Rolls      Butter
                                                 Apple Strudel (from f reezer)

                               SA U C Y       SIRLOIN

I v..: pounds si rloin steok                      Freeze meat I hour to fir m (makes
    (W' thic k)                                   slicing easier); slice into very thin
2 tablespoon s so lod oil                         strips. In skillet. cook meat in oil
    can (10 v..: ouncos) condensed                until color changes (about 3 to 4
     consomme                                     minutes); pour off fat. Add remain·
!4 cup Burgundy or olher dry                      ing ingredie nts. Cook, stirring until
     rod wino                                     thickened. Serve over rice. Makes
v..: cup diogonaliy sliced green                  about 4 cups.
     onion (I" piecos)
     con (4 ouncu ) slicod mushrooms,
     teaspoon Worcestenhire
Oosh dry mustCird

                           ARROZ           CON         POLLO

2 pounds chicken paris                            In sk illel. brown chicken in oil:
2 tablespoons salod oil                           pour ofT faL Add brot h. to matocs.
     con (10¥4 ounces) condensed                  water. onion. garlic , salt, saffron.
     chicken broth                                pepper. ;lnd bay. Cover ; cook over
     can (16 ouncos) tomatoes,                    low heal 15 minutes. Add remain-
     cut up                                       ing ingredients . Cover ; cook 30
!6 cup water                                      minutes more or until chickcn and
1f2 cup chopped onion                             rice arc tender: st ir occasionall y.
2 medium doves gariic, minced                     Remove b~e~ ~~,vi n gs.,
                                                                    .... 4
If.! teaspoon sa lt
" teaspoon soI I ·  ron or turmeric                               U-r  '    ,r~\        t'
                                                                  r. \ ''\:r-"-/ , Ii I ;. Ill.
                                                                             i ;        I: '

                                                                                       I' .,.

!Ie teospo'" p. ppcr                                            ':." ,')-;.J:JI;>' I·II~Jl $ .~. II
                                                                          j I : .•             ,l 1)
1 boy leof                                                               - - ~r'r)"(~V~ ,,-:-.

~ ~:;k:~ !~:u~~~:~:! froIen peas                    , ,~
                                                    . '                ~~.:) ~~~j ~
                                                                  _ _.-.•
14    cup sliced stuffed                             ,:, : _ .-- 'L--.- - ' ,"1 ii%_i) \~·.' ~ ... tI .:,')
                                        : . ~.";:~~p. ::~                                      r.
                                  ~ . ! '. Y.-- I                                  j" Y
                                                                                 ~ SL-'- "'O"
     or ripe olives            •• :- ~ ..... ; J:):- . ; /. '1<
                                      .'      ~    -t "
                                                                           \~ -..':!.
                         PARTY        TETRAZZINI
  2 tablespoons chappe d onion          In saucepan, cook onion in butter
     tablespoon butter or margarine     until tender. Blend in soup, water,
     can (IO~~ auncOl) conden.ed        cheese, and sherry. Cook over low
     cream of mushroom soup             heat until cheese is melted; st ir
  Yz cup wat~r                          often. Add remaining ingredients:
  Yz cup shredded shorp procon          heat. Makes about 3 1h cups.
     cheOie                             NOTE: For variety, instead of
  I table.poon sherry (optional)        ch icken in above recipe, brown
  2 cups cooked spaghetti               I cup finely diced cooked ham
  I Yz cups cubed cooked chicken        along with onion; then prepare as
      or turkey                         directed.
  2 tablespoon. chopped pimiento
      tablespoon chopped parsley

                       GLAZED         COLD   MEATS
  Have you ever wanted to set out a platter of cold meats for a crowd
  and then been disappointed to see how quickly they dry and curl?
  Try this simple attractive and delicious way to glaze a mixed plauer o[
  cold cuts, so that they may be arranged in advance.
  1 envelope unllavored gelatine        [n saucepan, sprinkle gelatine on
  Yz cup cold WClter                    cold water to soften. Place over low
  1 can (IOYz ounces) condensed         heat, sti rring until gelatine is dis-
     conlomme                           solved. Remove from heat; sl ir
  1 leo.poon Worcestershire             in consomme, \Vorcestershire, and
  2 feCl.poons lemon juice              lemon juice. Chill until slightly
  16 slices cooked hom, beef, tongue,   thickened. Meanwhile, on 12-inch
     or turkey (a boul l Yz pounds)     round platter, arrange overlapping
  Cucumber Ilices                       slices of meat and cucumbers. Place
  Cherry tomaloes, cui in half          tomatoes around edge and egg in
  I hord..cookod egg, .Iiced            center. Spoon a thin layer of ge[a-
                                        tine mixture over ent ire plaller.
                                        Chill until sel. Makes 8 servings.

                     SENSATIONAL                 SA LADS

Need a show·slopper? Serve a shimmering ge latine salad, molded to
perfection and nestled rcg<ll!y on a bed of crisp gree ns. Surely the
piece de resistance for any SUllllll cr luncheon!
   Here's a si mple pattern menu-with endlcss variations- featuring a
superb molded main dish salad.

               FAVORITE           SA L A D       LU NCHEON

                     Hawaiian C hicken Velvet Salad ·
                     Aspa ragus Spears       Ho\ Rolls
                      Sherb::t     Angel Food Cake
                               Coffee or T ea

         HA WA II AN         CHIC KEN            V EL V E T   S A L AD

  cClon {Clobouf 8 ou ncu\ crushed          Drain pinc;lppk, savi ng V CUll .l
   pinegpple in sy rup                      syrup In saucepan. sprin kle gela-
   envelope unflQvot ed ge lQtin e          tine on pineapple syrup 10 sofl(:n .
   CQtI (tO~ ~ ounces) cotldetlsed          Place over low heal, stirri ng until
   cream of chicken soup                    gelatine is dissolvcd. Remove from
   packQge (3 ouncel) cre Qm cheeso,        heat. Gradually blend soup into
   sofletled                                crC;Ull cheese unti l smooth : slowly
   IQbles poon lemon juice                  slir in gelatine mixlu re, lemon juke,
Dalh groutld gitlger                        and ginger. Chill until slightly thick-
1 cup d iced cooked thicketl                ened: fold in chicken, celery, and
~~ cup chopped cel e ry                     pineapple. Pour illlo a I-qu art mold :
TOQde d sli ve re d almond s                chill 4 hours or ulllil firm. Unmold
                                            on crisp salad greens: garnish with
                                            ;llmonds. Makes about 3 cups.

                      BEEF      TOMATO             SA LAD
2 e nve lopu unflavored gelQtine            In saucepa n, sprinkle gelatine on
1 Y.!. cups wo ter                          w;ltcr 10 softe n, Add bay leaf. Placc
1 bay leaf                                  over low hcal and slir until gelatine
    con (lO Y.!. ounces) cotldensed         is dissolved. Remove from heM and
    consomm e                               stir in soups. vinegar, and celery
    con (l O ~~ ounces) condensed           sail. Remove bay leaf. Chill until
    lama to so up                           miXlUre begins 10 thicken. Fold in
2 tabl es poon s v;neggr                    remaining ingredicnls. Pour Inl0
~~ feaspoo tl celery salt                   51h-cup mold. Chill unlil fi rm . Un-
1 cup fi ne ly chopped cooked beef          mold: serve on crisp salad greens.
~ cup chopped celery                        Makcs about 5 cups.
V. cup chopped cucumbe r
2 tQble lpoo ns chopped onion

                       SjJecial Occasion Meats
                                    B EEF        ITALIANO                                   .....
        b oneless chuck (about 3 Y.t               T rim fat from meat ; place in roast·
        p ound s)                                  ing pan. Bake at 350°F. fo r I hour.
        cup slke d onion                           Spoon ofT fat. Combine remaini ng
        largo do ve g a rlic, minced               ingredients; pour over meal. Cover:
  :2 le osp oo n l o r09''" O, cru s h e d         bake 2 hours more or until tender.
     can ( 10 ~~ ounces) co nd e nsed              Thicken sauce if desi red. 6 servings.
        t o m a to s oup
  1-2 cu p wale r
  Ge nerous da sh pop pe r

                S TE W ED        CHICKEN           W ITH     DUMPLINGS

  :2 pounds chicke n parh                          In large heavy pan, brown chicken
  :2 ta bles poon, shorte nin g                    in shortening: pour ofT fn!. Add
     um (10~i,I ounCD S) conde nscd                soup, water. vegetables, and pepper.
     CUl g m of chicke n , Oup                     Cover: cook over low hen! 30 min-
  Y.t cup wale r                                   utes. Stir oecassionally. Meanwh ile,
  4 small carrots, cui in 2·inch pieces            combine hiscuit mix and milk with
  1 me dium onion, thickly I liced                 fork. D rop by spoonfuls onto pieces
  \12 cup ce le ry cui in l·inch piecos            of chicken. Cook uncovered 10
  Dtu h p e pp e r                                 minutes. Cover : cook to minutes
  1 cup biscuit mi x                               more o r until dum plings a re done.
  y, cup milk                                      Makes 4 servings.

                               SOU PER           TUNA      LO A F

        can (1 O ~~ ouncos) conde nsed             Mi.r t/wrollllhly 'h cup soup, tuna.
        lomal o soup                               bread cubes. egg. parsley, and
  2     ( ons (abo ut 7 ounces e ach ) lun a,      lemon juice. Spread evenly in well-
        dr a ined and fla ke d                     greased loaf pan (8x4x3"). Bake al
  1     cup sm a ll b read cu be s                 400°F. for 40 minutes. Loosen
  2     egg s, sli g htly boa te n                 edges: un mold. Meanwhile, com-          ~
  2     la bles pao nli cho pped p arsley          hine remai ning ingredients. Heat:
  2     te a spoons lem on juice                   stir occasionally. Serve with 10.1f.
  2     Igbles pggn s w al e r                     Makes 6 servings .

        lab lelpoo n pre pg red horse ra di sh
         l eospoon basil lea ves, crushed
                         CHIC K EN       MARSALA

3 whole chicken breasts (about           In skillet , slowly cook chicken in
     3 pounds), split                    butter until done (about 30 min-
1 tablespoon. buller or margarine        utes). Remove ch icken to heated
    can (I O ~~ ouncOl) condensed        platter. St ir remaining ingredients
    cream of mushroom 10UP               into drippings. Heat; stir occasion-
It) cup water                            ally. Scrve over chicken. Makes 6
1 tablupoon l Marlala                    servings.
 I leaspoon le mon juice
1 large clo ve garlic, minced
lI.t tealpoon paprika
Dash pepper

                            PORK        GOULASH

11-2 pounds leo n pork cubes             In skillet, brown meat in shortening;
  (11f.!-inch)                           pour ofT fat. Add soup, tomatoes,
2 tabl espoons shortening                celery, and seasonings. Cover; cook
   can (IO If.! ounces) conde nsed       over low heat 2 hours 15 mi nutes.
   fr ench onion soup                    Add green pepper; cook 15 min-
   can (16 ouncesl lomotoes, (ut up      utes more or unti l meat is tender.
V4 (UP ( ho pped celery                  Stir occasionally. Gradually blend
'i4 leoi poon go rlic pow de r           water into flour unti l smooth;
Va leaspoon ground thyme                 slowly stir into sauce. Cook, stirring
Dash pepper                              until thickened. Serve over noodles.
 1 5moll green pep per, cut in strips    Makes about 5 cups.
14 cu p woler
1 toblespoons flour
Cooked nood les

                 MARDI       GRAS       CHICKEN        LIVERS

     packoge (8 Qunces) froxen            In saucepan, cook li vers, onion, :md
     chicken li ve,., thaw ed             cclery in butter \lIltil done. Add
11 cup thinly l!iced onion                soup, parsley, water, and lemon
It) cup thi nly lIiced celery             ju ice. Heat; stir occassionally. Serve
2 lablespoon. buller or mar ga rin e      over rice. Makes abou t 21h. cups.
 I can (IO ~~ Quncu) condenHid
     lomalo IOUI'
~:;i cup choppe d ponle y
v.. cup water
!:;i leaspoon le mon juice
Cooked ric e

                                      Cooking for a Crowd

  What do a gala party and 11 church supper have in COllllllo n,! Good
  food and plenty of people.
      When it's your turn to cook, rela x. It's easy to serve large-scale
  di shes wi th case if you plan ahead foods Ihat arc read il y m:l dc in
  <junntity . Soup is an ideal first course. It can help out behind the scenes,
  100, in making entici ng main dishes and tasty vegetables thai cater
  happily to a crowd.
                           FLEET'S·IN      CHOWDER

  4 cans (10% ounces coch)                 In large saucepan, combine all in- ,....,
       condensed Manhattan style           gredienls. Bring 10 boil: reduce heal.
       dum chowde r                        Simmer 10 minutes or until fi sh is
  3 IOUP coni waler                        done. Stir occassionallY. Remove
  1 pounds fillel of while filh,           bay leaves. r-,'Iakes about 10 cups.
     cui in 2·inch piecel
  2. lobl upoonl chopped pcmiley
  2. medium bay leavOi
       IOCl l poon thyme 1e Qvu, crulhed
  ~.    te ospoon garlic powder

                                HARVEST      50 U p

  3 '''"S (10 ~4 ouncel each)              In large sauce pan, combine cream
     condensed cre am of chicken IOUP      of chicken soup and tomato soup:
  3 canl (10 ~4 ounces eoch)               slir Wllil smooth. Blend in water
     condons ed tom a la IOUP              and chicken gumbo soup. Heat: stir
  8 soup cans woler                        occasionally. ~'I akes aOOtH 20 C ll p.~ .
  :3 con s (10 ~i ounces each)
     candonsed chicken gumbo so up

                              FRO STY         Fl i N G

3 (On5 (10 ~~ ounce5 eCl(h)                   In large saucepa n. combine ••11 in-
   condensed lomolo soup                      gredients . Heat: stir occasionally.
2 cans (10\.7 ountes eClch)                   C hiJ1 o\·ernight. Serve in chilled
   condensed beef brolh                       bowls. Makes about iO cups.
3 soup tClns wCl le r
   le Clspoon Wotteslenhiro
~'" IOCl'poon hoi peppe r SCl uce

                 FAR      E AST ERN           CH IC K EN      POT

4 cons ( 1O ~~ ounces eoc h)                  In large saucepan, blend soup : grad-
    conde nsed creom of (hkke n soup          ually stir in milk. Add remaining
4 IOUp cans milk                              ingredients except almonds. Heat:
2 loblupaans chopped pClnley                  sti r occasionally. G;Hnish with
Generous dCl,h ground d oves                  ;l lmonds. Makes about 10 cups.
~i loospoon g round nulm eg
~'1 IOOlpoon hoI pepper sa uce
1.. cup l oa~ tod sli vo rod o lmonds

                       FA V ORIT E        BEAN        S OUP

7 CCln l (11 1-i ounces eac h)                In la rge saucepan, blend soup: grad-
  condensed b ea n wilh baton soup            ually stir in water. Add remaining
S IOUp CClns waler                            ingred ients. Heat; stir occasionally.
2 (o ns (16 ounces eClch) lamatoes,           Makes about 221/2 cups.
2 pockogel (10 ounces ooch)
  frolon limCl beons, cooked
  ond drClin ed
2 10blO$poonl Worcester,hire

                        CHICKEN           A    LA     KING
!>l cup diced gree n pepper                   In large saucepan, cook green pep-
~ .. cup buller o r mClrgari ne               per in butter until tender. Gradually
6 CClnl (10 ~~ ounces eClc h)                 blend in soup and mi lk: stir until
     condonlOd ( tOCl m of chicken soup       smooth. Add chicken. pimiento . and
2 10 3 cups milk                              pepper. Heat slowly: stir occasion-
 1 Y.r quort s dicod cooked chicke n          ally. Servc on toast or in patty
% cup chopped pimien to                       shells. ~'Iakes about 13 cups.
VI le Clspoon popper
TOCI SI or p Cl ll y sho lls

          PARTY.SIZE            GREEN   BEAN        CASSEROLE

  3 cans (10% ounces each)              In large bowl, stir soup; gradually
     condensed cream of mushroam        blend in milk, soy sauce, and pep-
     soup                               per. Add beans and I I/.!; cans
  1 V: cups milk                        onions. Spoon into three 1V2 -quart
  1 tablespoon soy sauce                casseroles. Bake at 350 c F. for 25
  1A teaspoon pepper                    minutes or until hot; stir. Top with
  9 cups cooked drained French style    remaining onions: bake 5 minutes
      green beans                       marc. Makes about 12 cups.
  3 cans (3J-i ounces each)
      French fri e d onions

                    BAKED       TUNA    ' N   NOODLES

  2 cups thinly sliced celery           In large sallcepan, cook celery and
  V:z cup chopped onion                 onion in butter until tender. Blend
  4 tablespoon. bulter or margarine     in soup; gradually stir in milk. Add
  6 cans (10 ~~ ounces each)            nood les, tuna, and pim iento. Pour
     condensed cream of mus hro om      into fo ur l lA-qua rt casseroles or        ..,
      soup                              five I I/.!; -quart shallow baking dishes
  3 cups milk                           (lOx6)[2" each). Bake at 400°F. for
  6 cups cooked noodles                 20 minutes or unlil hal; st ir. Top
  6 cans (about 7 ounces each) luna,    wi th crumhs: bake 5 minutes more.
      drained and flak e d               ~'Iak es about 20 cups.
  V: cup diced pimiento
  V:z cup bullered bread crumbs

                            STUFFED          T URKE Y
6  slicel bacon                              In skillet. cook bacon until crisp:
1  cup sliced ce le ry                       remove and crumble. Pour off all
112 cup choppe d onio n                      but 2 tablespoons drippings. Cook
I  pac koge (8 ounces) he rb seas o ned      celery :md o nion in d rippi ngs unti l
   stuffing mi x                             te nde r. Toss lightly with stuffing
2 cups co Ci ne corn bre ad crumb s          milt. corn bread . broth. and egg. Fill
   can ( 1 0 ~~ o unces) conde nsed          ca\'ily of turkey loosely with SlUff-
   chicke n broth                            ing. Truss: place in roasting pan.
   ogg, slig ht ly b eat en                  Cover with foil. Roast at 325°F.
IO.pound tur key                             fo r about 4 hours (25 m inutes per
1 can (10 ~~ ounc u) co nd en sed            pound or until tcnder). Uncover
   creom of mu sh roo m soup                 last hour 10 brow n. Remove turkey
YI. cup whol e be rry cranbe rry sa uce      to serv ing platter. Skim fat from
Y.. cup o rong e juke                        drippings; add remaining ingredi-
                                             ents. Heat; slir 10 loosen browned
                                             bits. S to 10 servings.

                           CHIC K EN        SUPREME
5 pound s chicke n parts                     In shallow roasting pan (18x I2x2")
Y.. cup m elted bulle r or mCirgo rin e      or tWO (l3:o:9x2" each). arra nge
3 coni (10 ~~ ou ncos e ach)                 chicke n in si ngle layer ski n·side
    co nd e nsed cream of chick en o r       down. Pour bUller over chicken .
    m ushroo m soup                          Bake at 400°F. for 25 minutes.
    t ea spo on pCl prika                    Turn ch icken; bake 25 mi nutes
Ii teasp oon poppe r                         more. Blend soup. paprika, and
                                             pepper; pour over chicken. Bake 20
                                             minutes more or umi1 chicken is
                                             tender. Makes 8 servings.

                             BEEf         ROUL A DE S
4 po unds thinl y sli ced                    Cut steak into 16 long pieces; pound
   ro und steak                              with meat hammer. Place !I.e cup
4 cup s prepa red pac ko ge d                stuning on each piece of sleak; ro ll
   herb sea so ned stuffing mi x             up: fasten with toothpicks. In large
~~ cup short ening                           ski llet. brown in shortening: pour
2 can s (10 ~~ o unces e och )               off fat. Stir in soup. water. o,ver;
   condensed cre am of mu shro o m           simmer 1 Vi hours or until tender.
   so up                                     Stir occasionally. Uncover : cook
   cup wote r                                until desired consistency. 16 sen'-

  For TteertJ

  If you like your food fun, fast, and lip-smack in' good-read on. These
  recipes have a knack for making everything from snacks to supper
  dishes into something special.
     Discover fantastic soups-hoI and cold; hearty sandwiches-quick
  and casy; greats from the grill-yummy. All depend on one versatile
  ingredient-condensed soup-for lively -tasle and care-free cooking.                            ~
  Happy eating, .everyone!

                    AFTER-SKATING                           WARM-UP

                           Mugs of Chickcty C hick·
                             C heese and Crackers
                          Apples     Oatmea l Cookies

                              CHICKETY                   CHI C K
     can (10~ ~ ounces) condenled                     In saucepan, combine all ingredi-
     croam of chicken soup                            ents. Heat; stir often. Sip from
     IOUP con walor                                   heavy cups or mugs. Makes about
  !4 teaspoon poultry scoloning                       21h. cups.

                     lVII/I'll , Ollr 1" ,< 11/111 Q',t II'/li/" ,1c!1001'.t QIII
       can (10~ ~ ounces) condensed                   In .~;Hlccpa n . blend soup ::md water;
       tomato soup                                    add noodles. Heat, Makes about
       soup can wuter                                 2Y.! cups.
  ¥.II cup cooked alphabet noodles

                       CHILI        BEEF             FRANKS
~~ pound ground beef                               In saucepan, brown beef: stir 10
I can (I I V. ounces) condensed                    separate meat. Add soup, water.
  chili beef .oup                                  and mustard. Heat ; stir often. Place
y, cup waler                                       frankfurters in buns. Spoon soup
2 lealpoonl prepared mustard                       mixture over. Makes 10 sandwiches.
I pound frankfurters . cooke d
10 frankfurter bun ••• lil and loented

             CREAMY          PEANUT                  BUTTER        SOUP
    cCin (10~~ auntes) tonden"d                    In saucepan. stir soup into peanut
    tomala soup                                    butter. a little at a time, until well
V. cup peonul buller (chunky or                    blended; add milk. Heat; stir occa-
    .moolh)                                        sionally. Makes about 3 cups.
1 j.i 10Up (anS milk

                      SUMMERTIME                      SPECIAL
                               Crt'llt {1ft.., 1/    "";111
  (on III % ounces) condensed                      In saucepan. combine all ingredi-
  green pea soup                                   ents. Heat; stir occasionally. Makes
  can ( 1O ~~ ounces) conde nsed                   about 5 cups.
  creom of potalo soup
2 soup con. waler or milk
14 tea.poon thyme leaves, crushed
Dalh ground nutmlg

                        WINTERTIME                      TREAT
                              IVurmJ     /lfHI '   IIIII/Iors

   can {about 2% ouncel}                           Combine 1 tablespoon ham and
  deviled hom                                      parsley. Spread on melba toast,
   te alPoon chopped panley                        Arrange o n cookie sheet. Broil 4
3 melba 10Cid round.                               inches from heat 2 minutes or until
1~ cup choppe d on iCi n                           hot. Meanwhile. in saucepan. cook
1 lablespoan bulle r or margorine                  onion in buller until tender. Blend
1 cCin (11 % ounces) condensed                     in soup and remaining ham; grad-
   green p eo soup                                 ually stir in milk and water, Heat;
% soup tan mil k                                   sliT occasionally. Garnish with
% soup con waler                                   melba toast. fI.·lakes about 2lJJ. cups,

                                     SLOPPY                JOSES
                                 SOlllh   of Ihl' bONier slo/l{l)' i o,'s!
     pound ground beef                                   Brown beef with onion. celery. and SC:i·
     ,up choppd on ion                                   sonings: Slir \0 sC'(Xl r:lle meal . Add soup:
     cup chop ped cele ry                                simmer to blend fl avors. Serve on buns.
     te a s poon chili pow d e r                         ~1:lkcs about] cups.

   Dash pepper
   1 (an (1 0% ounces ) co nd e nsed
     tomalo soup
   6 buns, split ond Icosted

                                                                                                           "    ,•

       •   ;\~ .M
           'i If 4
                       HO M E . FRO M-T HE-GA M E

                                            Frankburgers O
                                                                           SU P PER ....

                                                                       Pick les
                                                                                           ~ ~~{)"
                                                                                                         'U ·

                :                                  Mi lk                                   .'   "I!
                .                  Frl!sh Ftuil               Pletzc):.;                o~ i

         can (IO¥.; ounces) co nd e nsed                   Combine Y.l Clip so u p, beef, salt,
         tomato soup                                       pepper. and I te aspoon chili powder:
   1 Y, pound s groun d beef                               mi.'\: thoroughly. Spread meal mi.'\:-
   1h teaspoon sa lt                                       tun! cvcnly ovcr huns: cOI'r/' ,·d/:,·.I
   !~I   teosp o on p o pp e r                             cOlllplt·rdy . F irmly press 2 frank-
   1 ~2 te a spoon s chili powd e r                        fu rter hal vcs. Cll t s ide lip. illt o thc
   6 frc:IMkfurter buns, split and loosted                 center of each bun half. Bake 0 11
   6 fronkfurl o tl, split le ngthwise                     broile r pall at 450 °F. for 12- 15
    I ~ cup choppe d onion                                 minutcs. Mcanwhile, in sa ucepan.
   '2 toblespoonl cho p p e d g ree n                      cook onion and gree n pepper wi t h
         p epp e r                                         remai ning c hili powder in butter
   '2 labJ el pO On $ bulle r or m ar g a rine             un til te nder. Stir in remaining SOllp.
      tabl e lpaa n brown l u g ar                         sliga r. a nd vinegar. Heat: sti r occa-
      te aspaon v in e g a r                               s ionally. Scrve over sandwichcs.
                                                           ,\lakes 6 o pe n-face sandwiches.

11 0
                        SQUARE           DANCE        SPECIAL

                                     Pizza Doggies·
                                  Raw Vegetable Tray
                                   Cream Soda Shake

                                PI Z ZA     DOGGIES

          larg e clove garlic, minced         In saucepan, cook garlic in oil. Add
    2 loblupoons olive oil                    soup, w:lter. parsley, and orega no;
          can (10 ~~ ouncu) condensed         cook over low heat 15 minutes.
          tomalo IOUp                         Stir occasionally. Meanwhile. broi l
    l/.r; cup waler                           frankfurter s 4 inches from heat for

-   2 tablespoons chopped parsley
    l/.r; teospoon oregano leaves,
    T pound frankfurters, slit
                                              10 minutes or until done. Top with
                                              cheese; broil until cheese melts.
                                              Serve in buns with sauce. Makes
                                              10 sa ndwiches.
    T cup shredded Monarella cheese
    10 frankfurter buns, slit and toasted

                                  PRONTO       CHI L I

        (on (l1l/.r; ounces) condensed        Empty soup into saucepan; grad-
        chili beef SQUP                       ually blend in water. Heat ; stir
    ~    soup can water                       often. Makes about Ilh. cups.

                           BACON·TOMATO                BROIL

    4 slices laos'                            In shallow l>aking dish (13x9x2").
    4 slices tomato                           arrange loast; top wilh tomato and
    8 slices bacon, cooked and                bacon. In bowl, blend soup and re-
        cui in half                           maining ingredients; spread over
        can (10~:t ounces) conderlsed         sandwiches; cOI'cr edges completely.
        crea m of mushroom soup               Broil 4 inches from heat 5 minutes
    Ii cup milk                               or until hot. Makcs 4 open-face
    1 teaspoon finely choppod onion           sandwiches.
    Y.! leo.poon Worcestershire

                          SAT U R D A Y         NIGHT       SUPPER

                                      Chilled Cranberry Ju ice
                                      Special Chicken SUlck'"
                                         Fresh Fruit Cup
                                           Rosy Rocks*
                                         Mi lk :lnt! Coffee

                           SPECIA L          CHICKEN         STAC K
       'I. cup chopp ed onion                      In saucepan, cook onion in butter
       2 lo blespoo n$ bulle r or morgorin e       unlil te ndcr; blcnd in soup, milk,
       1 can ( 10'/. ounces ) condensed            chicken, and eggs (save several
          crea m of chic ke n $OUP                 slices of egg fo r g:l rnish). I-leat; sti r
       !fJ cup milk                                occasiona lly. Place a mound of hal
        1 can (5 ounces) chunk                     green beans on each slice toast;
           w hil e chicke n                        spoon creamed chicken over all.
       2 hard-coo ke d e gg $, dice d              Garnish with egg slices. /1,'la kes 4
          package (9 ounces ) froIen               open-face sandwiches.
          Fre nch sty le g ree n beans,
          cooked and drained
       4 slic" toa st

                    BEAN        ' N     CORNED        BEE F       SPREAD
       (on ( 11 !f.z ouncal) co nd a nsed           In saucepa n. combine all ingredi-
       bean wilh b acan saup
       cup chapped cooked corn ed beef
                                                   ents. Spread on cru nchy buttered
                                                   rolls. Makes aboul 2 cups.
   JIJ cup waler
   1 te aspoon pre pa rod hors e rad ish
       te a spoon pre pared m ustard

                              PERR IT O S        CON       CHILE

   JIJ po und fronkfurle n, cut in                 In saucepan, cook fra nkfurte rs:
          ]:l_i nch s lice s                       on ion. green pepper, and chili pow-
   11:     cup chopped onion                       der in butter until franks arc
   2      tablespoon s chopped                     browned. Add rema ining ingredi-
          g r!!en p !!ppe r                        ents. Covcr; cook over low heal 12
   !f.z    teaspoon chili powde r                  to 15 minutes. Slir often. Makes __
   2      tab lespoons bull!!r o r margari ne      about )Ih cups. Serve with cru nchy
                                                   Ital ian bread , cheese , and a crisp
      kidney beans, drained                        salad.
      can (10~~ ounce s) condensed
      tomato soup
      tea spoo n vinegor
   Vi teaspoon Wo rce ste nhir e

11 2
                        SEE        Y OU       IN      SEPTEMBER

                                 Bean 'n Bacon Burgers·
                                   All the Trimmings
                                      Dev iled Eggs
                                      Potato C hips
                                  Homemade Icc Cream

                      BEAN         ' N     BACON              BURGERS
      pound ground beef                              In saucepan. brown beef :tnd cook
\~     cup chopped onion                             onion and green peppe r unt il tender
2     tabl e lPoonl chopped green                    (use shortening if necessary): stir to
      pepper                                         separate meat. Add soup. water.
      can (II \-l ouneel) cond enled                 and ketchup: simme r abotll 5 min-
      bean wit h bacon IOUp                          utes to blend navors. Sti r often.
!-1    cup wa te r                                   (Thin to desi red consistency with
VJ     cup kotchup                                   additional water.) Serve on buns.
6     hamburgor bunl, Iplit and                      Makes abou t 3 cups.

                                MEX I CALI            SUPPER
2 I Ue ll5 bacon                                     In saucepan. cook bacon until crisp.
1,4 cup grClen pepper, cut into                      Remove; drain and crumble. Pour
    1·lnch Ihip i                                    off all but I tablespoon drippings:
1 can ( 11 ~" ounces) condenled                      add gree n pepper ;Uld cook until
    chili beef 10Up                                  tender. Slir in soup; graduall y blend
\-l IOUP can water                                   in waler. Add cheese. Heal until
~ cup Ihredded mild proce n cheese                   cheese melts: stir oftcn. T op with
                                                     bacon. Makes about 2 cups.

                             SUNBA THE R'S                  S t PPER
            t )rjoy ... hife yO/l wal.; lip the   JIm-or   "'a'lII   lIP   I./r("",   II   cold Iii,.
  can (I0 \-l ouncu) condenled                       In saucepan. combine ingredients.
  beef broth                                         Heal : Slir occasionally. Serve hOI or
~ IOUp ",n apple juice                               chi ll 6 hours or morc. Makes about 2
Dalh ground cinnamon or nutmeg,                      cups.
      if duired

  The sandwich has come a long way since the Earl of Sandwich asked
  fo r ;1 slice of meat between two slices of bread. Now your favorite
  ~; lIl dwic h may make a ho t and hearty lunch dish o r a sat isfyi ng evening
       Bring it toasted and bubbling from the grill or spoo n 0 11 an enticing
  fi lling. Eit her way, wit h condensed soup as an ingredient , it's a fca st-

                 BRO ILED        EGG          SALAD      SAND WI CH
       can ( 10 ~~ ounces) cond ensed            Combine soup, eggs. ce[cry. onion, ......
       croom of mushroom soup                    relish, mustard, and pepper. Spread
  4    hClrd·(oo kod e ggl, choppe d             mi xture evcnly over bun h;t lves;
  !1    cup fin e ly chop p ed cele ry           coper edges cOIl1f1/etdy. Bro il about
  2    la blupoo ns finely chopped oni on        4 inches from heat until hOI. about
  1    lablOlpoon sweol pickle relish            7 minutes. 4 open-face sandwiches.
  1    le cnpoo n propeued mustard
  D(:lIh pepper
  4 frankfurt e r buns, split g nd tooll ed

                TOMATO         CHEESE          ' N   BACON         BROIL
  8 di us (a bou t 8 oU"~ es) p ro cell         ""Place a slice o f cheese on each slice
    cheele                                       of toasl; spread with soup; cOl'er
  8 , Iiul loos t                                (·dec.r comp/etc/y. To p wit h bacon.
    ( an (10 ~~ ounces) (ondcI'I$cd              Ilroi l 4 inches fro m hcat until hacon
    lomalo so up                                 is done. Makes B open. face sand·
  8 . Ii cal bacon. partially (ooked             wiches .
    ClOd cui in half

    4 slice. loast                           Arrange toast on cookie sheet or in
       can (a bout 7 au ncel) luna,          shallow baking pan ; top wi th tuna .
       dra ined and flake d                  onion. and egg. Combine remaining
    4 onion l licel                          ingredients; pour over sandwiches.
    1 ha rd-cook ed eggs, Iliced             Broil 4 inches from heat 5 minutes
        can (I0 ~~ ounces) condenled         or unti l hot. Makes 4 open.fllee
        crea m of cele ry IOUp               s'lnd wiehes .

                                                                                ' f)
                                                                          'fft:,·"... '1
    \01 cup milk
                                                               r!.~ ; ~
    1 lablel p oonl chopped parsley
    1 lealpoo nl lemon juice

                                                 ' /t :'k~ ,0;;.': .
                                                 ""'-\..•. -,,":;.....'
                                              B URGER
                                                       ~ .: ,
                                                             / f'"
                                                                  ..  ~'

                                                                             ..      .
                                                                              . ' qt ._'

    ~S  cup cho pped cooked ham               In :.killet. brown ham and cook
    I~ cup coaruly chopped gree n             green pepper and onion in bllller
       pepplr                                 until tender. llIend soup, eggs, ,1m.!
~   !~ cup chopped onion                      pepper: add to ham mixture. Cook
    2 lablespoonl buller or margarine         ove r low heat. A s mixture begins to
       (on (10 ~~ ouncel) condensed           set around edges, gentl y lirt cooked
       cre am of mushroom so up               portiolls with largl! IlIrner so thO'll
    6 eggs. slightly b ealen                  thin . uncooked portions can now to
    Dash pepper                               the bottom. Continue gently lifting
    6 hamburger bunl, Iplil and               cooked portions until eggs arc corn ·
       toasled                                pletely sct, but still moist. Serve 0 11
                                              buns, Makes 6 servings.

       pound g round beef                     in skillet, brown bed in shortening;
       tablespoon sho rtenin g                stir to separate meat. Add soup.
       can ( II % ouncel) condensed           ketchup. <lnd chili powde r; simmer
       bean wi th baco n 10UP                 "bout 5 minutes to hlend n'lvors.
    !S cup ke tch up                          Stir often. (t\dd a little water. if
    II leaspoon chili powde r                 desired .) Serve on buns. Makes
    6 buns, splil and loasted                 abollt :\ cups.

                    HO RS ER AD I S H        SOUPERB U RG E R
         pound ground beef                    Brown beef in skillet : sti r to SCp:I'
        can (10~ ~ ounces) condensed          rate meat. I\ dd soup, sour cream.
         crea m of mushroom 10UP              horseradish, and green pepper o r
    ~~ cup lour creom                         pimiento. Simmer abollt 5 minut es.
    1 to(npoon prepared ho rso radi l h       Ser\'e on hll IlS, ~ I:lk e~ aholll J ClipS.
    ~ .. ( U P chopped gree n p eppe r o r
    6 bunl, split and l oast ed

                                  SOUPERB URGERS
   T pound ground b eef                         In skillet, brown beef pnd cook
   Y.t cup chopped onion                        onion until tender (use shorten ing if
   I con ( 10 ~4 ounces) conde nsed             necessary); stir 10 separate meat.
       chicke n gumbo, creom of                 Add soup and seasonings: si mmer 5
       mushroom, golden mUl hroom, or           to 10 minutes to blend flavors. Sti r
       tomato so up                             often. Serve on buns. Makcs about
   1 tablOlpaon prepared mU l lard              3 cups.
   6 buns, split and toasled

   1 pound ground beef
   !4 cup chopped onion

                                                In skillet. brown beef and cook
                                                onion until tender (use shortening if
   1 can ( 1O ~~ ounces) condensed
        t omalo soup
   17: cup shredded sh a rp che~e
   J.iI teaspoon oregano
                                                neccssary); st ir to separate meat.
                                                Add soup, cheese, oregano, and
                                                pepper. Simmer about 10 minutes.
                                                Serve on buns. Makes ahout 3 cups.
   Dash p epper
   8 bUnl, I plit and loasled

                        WESTERN            S TYLE    SAN D W ICH

         can (l 11,4 ounces) con de nsed        Blend soup and walcr. Spread on
         chili beef soup                        toast; cover edges completely. Broil
   1,4    cup wale r                            4 inches fro m heal for 5 minutes.
   4     ,Ilcel toa st                          Top with tomato. onion . and cheese.
   4     slicos lomalo                          Broil until cheese melts. Makes 4
   4     thin slices onion                      open-face sandwiches.
   4     I lices mild procen cheese,
         cut into IIrips

                           C A LIfORNIA             OPEN-fACE

   6 ,licOi bacon                               Cook bacon unt il crisp; pour all
      can (11 ounces) conde nsed                dri ppings. SCI aside. Sl ir soup inlO
      Cheddar cheue soup
   11 cup milk
                                                sk illet. Add milk. lemon juice. and
                                                pepper ; blend until smooth. Heat        ....
   1 te aspoon le mon juice                     slowly: stir often. Meanwhile, make
   Dash cayenne pepper                          open·face sandwiches by placing
   2. me dium tomalaOl, sliced                  tomatoes and bacon on toast; pour
   4 sllcOi 10011, buttered                     hoi sauce over. Makes 8 open-face

11 6
                      fRANK           AND       BEAN    S A NDWICH
      6 fr ankf urt e rs                          In skillet, brown frankf urlers and
      ~~ cup chopped onion                        cook onion in bu tter until tender.
      2 lables poens bulle r or marga rin e       Add remaining ingredients except
      1 con ( 11 111 ounces) conde nsed           bu ns. Heat: stir occasionally. Serve
          bean with bocon soup                    frankfurte rs on buns with saucc.

...   v.i cup water
      v.i cup ke tchup
      l~ cup sweet pickle re li sh
                                                  M;lkes (i sandw iches.

      6 frankfurt er buns, slil and laOlled

                  SHRIMP -CR AB               BISQUE    SANDW ICHE S
           con (lO ~~ ounces) condensed           Combine V4 cup soup. crab. shrimp,
           cream of mushroom soup                 celery. o nion. lemon juice, and
           cup cooked crab meal, flak e d         Worcestcrshirc. Spread mixture
           cup dice d cooked shrimp               evc nly over toast: cover c(/ges com-
      l~    cup fin e ly chopped ce le ry         plctcly. Top wilh cheese. Broil 4
      ~~    cup fin e ly chepped onion            inches from hcat for 5 minules or
      !1    tecll poon lemon juice                until hOI and cheese melts. Mcan-
      l~    teaspoon Worcestershire               whi le, in sa ucepan , combine rc-
      6    slices loa$t or ru sks                 maini ng SOIlP, milk. and green pep-
      3    slices (abou t 3 ounces) Swill         per. Heat; stir occasionally. Serve
           cheese, cu t in half                   over tOOlS\. Makes 6 open-face
      !1    cup milk                              sandwiches.
      ~~    cup finely choj.lped green pepper

                       PUMPERNICKEL-KRAUT                    fRANKS
           can ( 11 v.z ounces) conde ns ed       Sprcad soup 011 bread: cover wi th
           bean with bacon so up                  sauerkr:lIlL Top eaeh sandwich with
      4 slices pumpernickel bread,                a frankfurt er : spread with ketchup.
           lightly toasted                        Broi l ulltil sandwiches arc hot.
      I v.z cups sau e rkraut , drain ed          about 8 minutes. Makes 4 open-face
      4 frankfurt ers, sli l le ngthwise          sandwiches.
      ~" cup ketchup

                                                                                      11 7
                      CHICKEN          SPREAD·A·8 U RGER

        can ( IO H ountllll) condensed       Combine soup. chicke n. celery.
        cream of chicke n soup               onion. pimiento . and pepper. Spread
        cup diced cooked chicken             mixlUre evenly over bun halves:
     \4 cup fine ly thopped ce lery          cOI'er edge$ com pleldy . Broil about

     2 lablnpoonl finely chopped onion       4 inches from heat until hot. about
     2 tablnpoons chopped pimiento           7 minutes. 4 open·face sandwiches.
     Dash peppe r
     4 frankfurt e r buns, Iplit and

                 CANTONESE             CHICKEN         SANDWICH

     V. medium onion, aHeed                  111 saucepa n, cook onion in bUlla
     1 tablelPoon buller or margarine        until onion is just tender. Stir in
     I can (IO~li ounces) condensed          soup, milk, water chestnut s, and .~oy
        cream of chicken IO UP               sauce . Heat; stir often. Arrange
     Yl cup milk                             chicken on toast ; pour sauce over.
     14 cup Iliced water chestnuts           1-.Iakes 4 open·face sandwiches.
     1 tabl espoon lOY saute
     4 servings Ilited cooked chicken
        or lurkey

     4 slicn bulle re d taos'

                         CHINA        BOY    SANDW ICH

          con (10~~ OUMIIII) conde nsed      Combine soup, chicken, celery.
          creom of mushroom soup             water chestnuts. onion . and soy
          cup dice d cooked chicken          sauce. Spread mixture evenly over
     Y. cup thinly sliced celery             bun halves; cover Cl!/:C.f COlI/fl l c/e1y.
     ~'-' cup lliced water chestn uts        Broil about 4 inches from heat until
     14 cup chopp ed onion                   hot. ahout 7 minutes. 4 open.faee
     1 leolpoon lOY loute                    sandwiches.
     4 frankfurter buns, split and toosted

                   SAUCY        QUICK      SANDWICH

4 ,o rvingl . Iiced cooked ho m or       Pl ace chicken on toast; to p with
  chick on                               asparagus. In saucepan. combine
4 ,Iicel 10011                           soup and m ilk. Heat: st ir occasion-
  p ack a ge (10 ounc8l) fro:r.e n       ally. Pour sauce ove r sandwiches.
  aiporagul spear', cooked and           Makes 4 open-face sandwiches.
  droin ed
  [o n (10 ~~ ouncel) condon sed
  cream of ce lory, chicke n,
   mu, hra om, or Cheddar cheese
~ 10 ~ cup mil k

               BARBECUED             STEAK     SANDWICH
   p ound bone leu sirloin slook         F reeze meat I hour to firm (makes
   (W' thick)                            sl icing ellsier): slice into "ery firill
~ cup choppe d onion                     stri ps. In skillet, cook onion wi th
I large clovlI garlic, mince d           ga rl ic and seasoning in butter until
1 lea spoon barbe cue se a son ing       j llsf tender; push to o ne side. Add
2 lobles poons buller or margarine       meat: cook until color changes
    can (IO ~~ ounce s) cond ens ed      (about 3 to 4 m inutes). Add soup
    tomolo 10UP                          and wa ter. Heat: sti r occasionally.
v.. [UP water                            Serve in huns. Makes about 2111.
long hard rolls or frankfurt e r bunl,   cups.
    spill and loal lod

                  BRUNCH        P A NCAKE      SANDWtCH
4 I Iices bacon                          In saucepa n. cook bacon unt il crisp:
    can (10 ~~ ouncel) condenled         remove and crum ble. Pour off fa t.
    croom of mUlhroom IOUP               St ir in soup: gradually blend in
!1: cup milk                             milk . Add bacon. eggs. and pimien.
4 hard·cooke d e ggl, sliced             to. He:lt : s tir occasionally. Alternate
2 tabl es poonl choppe d pimiento        pancakes and creamed eggs. ]\'Iakes
Poncake s                                about 21h cups.

                                                                                 11 9
  Wh en company is comi ng or refrigerator-raiders descend, dips made
  wit h soup arc cre amy smooth, extra tasty, and ext ra casy . Take a can
  of hearty black bean soup and let it form the basis for a zesty, welcoming
  d ip ... or choose tangy tomato soup or p eppy bean with bacon soup.
     Whateve r your favorites , you' ll enjoy teaming soup d ips with nssorted
  cracke rs, potato chips, pretzels, and ol her "d unk able munch abIes."
  For a vitamin-packed change. try using crisp carrot s ticks, c elery st icks,
  or cauliflowerets for dunking. Or let the dip double as a spre<ld for
  sandwiches and h ors d' oeuvres .
     You can match your dip to the mood of the occasion when you
  choose from the va riety provided by flavorful condensed soups. Just
  let your imagination take over.

                               SPANISH        DIP

      can (lO ~lI ouncu) conde nled       With electric mixer or rot:lrY
      cream of celery soup                beater. grad ually blend soup into

      packoge (8 ounces) cream chee le,   cream cheese. Add remaining in-
      l oflene d                          gredients. Chill. Serve with crackers
  2 loblOlpoonl chop ped g re en          or chips. ~'Ia kcs about 2 cups.
  2 loblospoons choppe d ripe olives
  2 loblos poonl fin e ly chopped onion
  ! ~ tealpoon Worcedtlrshire
  Gene roul dalh hal pe pper lauce

                              DILLED       DIP
   can ( 10 ~~ ounces) conden\cd         With electric mixer o r rotar y beater.
   (roam of cclery 10UP                  gradually blend soup into cream
    package (8 ounces) cre am choese,    cheese. Add cucumber. onion, dill.
    lof lened                            and pepper sauce. Chill. Serve wi th
~l cup chopp ed cucumber                 crackers or chips. Makes :lbou\ Z
2 lablespoo ns finely chopped onion      cups.
!I. lo(upoon dried dill leo.vel,
li le aspoon hot peppe r so.uce

                NE W      ENGLANOER 'S            SPECIAL

    can (10 ~~ ounces) cond onsed        With electric mixer or ro tar y be'ller.
    New En g lo.nd dam chowder           gradually hlend soup, chili sauce,
! ~ cup chili sa uc e                    and o nion into cre:lm cheese. Chill.
2 tabl es poons finely chopped onion     Serve with c rackers or chips. ~'hlk e s
    package (8 ounces) (team choese,     abou t ZV,:. cups .

                  SHRIMP         BLUE     CHEESE        DIP

     can (11 ouncOl) condensod           With electric mi xer or rotary beater.
     Choddar choese 1 0UP                gradually blend soup , blue cheese.
1 lablespoons crumbled bluo cheese       onion. s h e rr~' , and hot pepper sauce
     table spoon finely choppe d onion   into cream cheese. Chill. Serve
     toaspoon shetty                     with shrimp. crackers. or chips.
~'lI toaspo.on hot pepper lauco.         M:lkes ahout Z cups.
1 package (8 ounces) creom cheese,
Cooked shrimp

                        ZIPPY        BEAN      DUNK

  package (8 ounces) croom chee\e,       Beat cre:ml cheese with rotar y
  so.honed                               beater or electric mixer until
  can (11 ounces) condon,od              smoolh. Gradually add remaining
  black bco.n soup                       ingredients: blend thoroughly. Chill.
2 tabl es poo.ns grated onion            1\"akc.~ ahollt 2 ClipS.
Do.lh hot pepper souce
Dash garlic po.wder

                        CLAM         DIGGERS        DUN K

    can (10 ~i ounce.) candenud              With rotary beater o r slow speed of
    New England dam chowde r                 electric mixer, gradually blend soup
    pac kag e (8 ounce . ) cream cheelG,     into cream cheese. Add remaining
    loftened                                 ingredients. Chill . Serve with crack-
    can (4 ouncu) mushroom s,                ers or chips. Makes abo ut 21/2 cups.
    drain ed and chappe d
    table. poon finely choppod onion
  Dash caye nne p e pper

    con (11 \7 ounce.) cond e nsed
     b eon with bacon so up
  ~i cup chili sa uce
                        BACON         ' N   BEAN        DIP
                                             Mix all ingredients; chill . Espcciallr
                                             tasty wi th b:lcon wafers. If
                                             smoother dip is desired. beat in elec-
  2 tab lu poons minced g ree n pe ppor,     tric mixer or blender. May also be
     if d ui red                             used as a sandwich spread, served
     tea . poon minced onion                 on toast. Makes abo ut III.: cups.
     tea.poon Worce. tenhire

                             CAPE          COD    DIP
     con ( 10 ~~ ounce.) conde n.ed          With elect ric mixer or rotary beater,
     New England dam chowde r                gradually blend soup, garlic, and
     modium clove gorlie, mincod             Worcestershire into cream cheese;
  \7 teaspoon Worce.len hire                 beat unlil just smooth. Chill . Serve
  I package 18 ouncu) cream ehoue,           with crackers or chips. Makes abOUI
     ,oft e ned                              2 cups.
                            DEVILED         DELIGHT

    package (8 au nc o. ) cream cheose,      Beat cream cheese until smooth
    .oft oned                                wi th electric mixer or ro tary beater.
    can (10 ~i ounces) conden.ed             Add remaining ingredients; blend
    tomato .oup                              thoro ughly. Chill. Makes about 2
  2 can. 14 \oS; ounco. oach ) d evilod      cups. Serve as dip or spread for
      ham                                    crackers, Melba tO(lst, buttered
  V. cup fin e ly chopped cucumber           bread.
  2 to(upoon. fin oly chopped greon
    .mall dove garlic, mince d

                                                                         ~' tV'~'"
                                                                                    . _.
                                                                                                i " "-.                      / -- - -
                                                                                                                                               r ---"---       ' ' '- -

                                                                        ,' 71 -
                                                                         ~              ,.>
                                                                                   -<'<;.       ~f'                   f _
                                                                                                                     : ; :::;1
                                                                                  ~ t-;. .,!        I
                                                                                                                     l ! '/' I
                                                                                                                               i  ~   .
                                                                                          !                          ' \ . " ..
                                    .• • -
                                    ,~",  ' II" ... 1"
                                        l:il f;-
                                            ~"\~ . ":{~. }
                                                   ,:I ,j1 -
                                                                .<',          .
                                                                          ! ~~:;q.
                                                                                  . ):-.;!  ,                 ,I·
                                                                                                             ' ,_   '
                                                                                                                    J ; " .'~
                                                                                                                     •            ~ ', /' l
                                                                                                                                  . • .:'.{':.1.

                   't .111F~l! . ,<: !it., \ \ '. J1 ~i . '-~;n,~iJ. ~ ." 1 ".;;n:tJ
   ,.""    "' .               .                    1-' •

        ',.•1: i, t ip: ...,- ,;."fI'O~j. J ' , .. . t. .
                                                            .!.,1 I .l>~
                                                                        '\      .•                                                                 .. .

         :,  '         : ~r~ ,. .                                                                                                                      Ii
        i!l'k -)11(-. .( ,~)'" " ,\ ~.~"t ':.,'1P ·'J1!_ '-!: i ;~~
        ii'.-~~~ ljU :": ~ ~ ~ .
                                                        J n:
                                                            i ;
                                                                                    ., .1,
                                                                          I , .... ~',l

                                                                        .~ ':' fI ~

        1~ I;vj h l't , ~ . ' ~- ... 'l '~    Ii                                     1't!"- -1?'-I! ,- _             ~ .~{.\ -.;                       lj
                                    , jj~  ..... ~                                                                       .... ~

  ~  1
         'f)'h " ' N '
                l~ . L",
                         \ .
        f ~ "~1 !'..1 ~', ?'"
          ~l, f.e-1 L' ~-" )
                               "<7M;~ ~
                                               I      ". . -
                                               ~' ai -'~ ! •
                                    ·~~;:-~-<~~~~~1.-"'---~·-""'"-~~H '
                                                                                      ...... "'
                                                                                            1;.           l ~':;"
                                                                                                              J--_ ___ / I ~ ~ i
                                                                                                              "    _.
                                                                                                                                      " :\'1 "'<
                                                                                                                                  (" .I !: ;


                        ,'   ".',             _____
                                                          ~ .~) .
                                                                                   \ ...
                                                                                      .                             'j
                                                                                                                              I           .    !   ~
                        . ..' f ,'-                         I      ';   ,1)

             ,                           "         '~ .     '      / ' .'ii
                                                                                           SOUj7S                   and the Freezer
                  -                 \ ~.:-.     ~ J
                                    " _ -r-- .'"_ ••<
                                      :;.,.     _         . ~ '"
                                                                  •• ~-'
                          /,7 ' -

                 Your freezer can be a real friend when unexpected company pops in
                 or when your schedule's extra tight. It's so nice to know that your tasty
                 homemade specialties are just waiting on the freezer shelf, ready to help
                 you maintain your culin ary reputation at a moment's notice. You can
                 cut down on last-minute dinner party preparation time, too, if you
                 make the main dish ahead of time and freeze it. It's fun to be the
                 unruilled hostess and still come through with a delightful meal.

                   If frozen properly, your food will retain every bit of the fre sh taste
                 and bright color you enjoy so much. Just remember to package your
                 food in air and moisture-proof wrappers and containers, and to keep
                 your freezer set at D°F. or lower.

                    It's also a good idea to organize the packages in your freezer so
                 you can find each item of food when you want it. One way is 10 post
                 a list ncar the freezer and write down each item as you store it, check-
                 ing it oIT when you remove it for use. This way you'll know exactly
                 what food s you have for planning nutritious, interesting meals.

     Soups contribute a great deal to households with freezers by helping
  with the preparation of special cooked dishes. If you're the Iud. ' owner
  of a freezer, you know it's as easy to prepare a double amount of foods
  that freeze wel1...:....-part to be eaten at once and part to be frozen. Many
  casseroles lend themselves especially well to this-and by using a caD
  of soup for sauce, you can halve your cooking time. This is true also
  for creamed chicken and similar dishes to be frozen.
     Research has shown that meats particularly freeze better when pre~
  pared with a sauce; this protects the meat from contact with air-and,
  therefore, aids in preventing off-flavors. Soup sauces arc especially
  good for freezing because they retain their smooth consistency at low
     Other pointers to insure good results in freezing prepared foods arc
  these :

      I. Freeze only as much of a prepared food as you can usc ill onc month        ~
         or soon after. Generally. a fairly fast turnover is recommended by
         freezer spec ia lists-rather than long storage of any food items.

       ~ -..:~ "~'


       . ,Ii;., "
          tt4.,~ "          ~,., :
                   .         ~r .{~
      2. Cool a cooked food as fas t as possible and wrap it carefu lly so it is
         moistll feproo f.

      3. For packagi ng. you may place mixlure in plastic freezer container or
          glass ja r; leave I-inch of head space at top because food will expand
         when frozen. Another method is to freeze and store the casscrole
         mixturc or sim ilar food rig ht in thc casserole if you have one (0
         spare . Or line a clean casserole with heavy duty aluminum fo il.
         enough (0 wrap completely around the food and seal over the lop.
         Pour in the food and seal foi l with a double fold (press down tight
         against food). Pl ace casserole in frcezer unti l food is frozen so lid.
         Th en simply remove the foil-wrapped fro zen food fro m thc cas-
         se role . . . it will keep ils shJpe and be protccted in the freezer.
         When rcady to scrve the dish. re move it fro m foi l (still frozen); put
         in pan to heal.

     4. Freezing at O"' F. or lower is impon:mt to .success with any kind of
        food . Put unfrozen foods in the (<lstest freezing ;lre:t or in direct con-
        tact with freezer walls or shelves <lnd ilway from alre<tdy frozen foods.
        Plnce packages so ;lir can circlilate among them. Do not overload
        freezer with a large number of foods 10 be frozen at once.

 " \tfit~;Jr==)l~;;
   ~ . ~*'"_liI.'r ,~
     5. Lllbc! each padwge with date, name of product. and number of

        '            ,-
            ~ ,,?'.~;.                                    />:.~-
      .      (        ,~~ ; \'"                      <;~"".j'v>f:! ' ....

  ~::" l.c'..._~_...... -.d--'-\;1.\1lflt··',.~_.Jf1,""
  . ''\r:
     .' .                        ,w
                                           , ;       ~.
     6. Freeze in one package an average amolint for serving your family.
                                                                            .1'1 l
        Large 'Imounts take 11 long lime to freeze-a nd to heat later on for
        serving (unless thawed completely before re-heating). Food in a large
        casserole may burn :1round the edges before it is \\':1rm in the center.

          to.4" ;,,~>'\.
     ftm.-:P:·:;7:':-::---           . ~~flt.i·
     .·H.!~_                         : ~~..;ir
     t{~                             .~.';'''1. :'
     7. When preparing casseroles or stews for freezing. shorten cook ing time
        slight ly 10 :d low for the additional cooking which takes place during

     .    ,. ,~         ""","'i<'z. "
  ."j' .~ ';;;}f~\,~ '::::~ : ' l' ;,.
                   ... .. ,
          , ·.j:~t'H'W;
.;~·f; 1i:' \~.5.i '. ~_
                        -i'".;. ·-· (
                                                          ' '''(-l"f '

o.t ·w ·.t·f':·r~ ·       -$- _.     -.        . - .         .       .
     8. To pn'p~Lrc <L frozen m;Lin di~h fo r snving . yOIl Ill:L)' Ih;11\' il in the
        rdrigcr:ttor- and h:Lke <IS uSlial <IS soon as thawed . Or you Ill;\}' hC:11
        the frozen item ill the ovcn- :Ll lowing longer he;Lling lime than spec i-
        fied in the origin:LI recipe' yOll will need I\) check di~h during h:lking
        since no spcci tic rule for incrc;lsed baking time ('an 11(.' given for :111
        dishes l .

     A number of dishes throughout this book have been tested for suc·
  ccssful fr eezing. These include (sec inuex):
      Macaro ni and C heese- Famil y Style
      Old Fashioned Meat Loaf (leave off topping)
      Tom,lIo BeeF Stew (do 1I0 t H ur meal ; k aye   O UI   potatoes and thyme)
      The followin g recipes also frec'le well:

                     M USHR OOM           STROGANO FF
      pound bonelels round denk             Freeze me,lI I hour to firm (makes
      (W ' thic k)                          slic ing eas ier): slice into l 'U )' thin
  ~j, cup chopped onion                     strips. In ski llet. cook onion in
  2 loblup oons buller at margarine         bUller until j llsl tender : push to one
      can ( 10 ~~ ouncos) candenled         side . Add meat: cook unti l co lo r
      cream of mUlhroom o r                 j llsl changes (about 3 to 4 minutes).
      go ld en mU5hroom 50 up               Add re mainin g ingredicnt s except
  !1 cup sour ere om                        noodles . Heat: stir occasionally.
  \4. cup wale r                            Serve over noodles. j\'lakes about
  % toalpoon poprika                        ) 1 cups.
  Cooked noodl ol                           '1"0 !ft>t·:.e : add I/J cup w,lter 1 beef
                                            mixture arc er cooking. Pour into a
                                             I-quart casserole. Store in freezer.
                                            T o re heat , do not preheat oven.
                                            Bake covered at 4S0 ° F. for 4 S min·
                                            utes o r II nlil hot; stir.

                            CHILI      MEAT8A lLS
  1 pound ground boof
  !'. cup fine dry breod crumbl
  !~ cup fi nely chopped onion
  1 egg, slightl y boolen
                                            Mix IllO fO U1:h/y beef, c rumbs. onion.
                                            egg, I teas poon chili powder. and
                                            sal!: shape into 16 meatballs. In
                                            sk illet, brown meatballs (usc short·
  2 teaspoonl chili powde r                 en ing if necessar y): pour off fat. Stir
  V4 toolpoon 101t                          in soup. w.tte r. and remaining chi li
  1 con (10 ~~ ounce 5} condonled           powder. Cover; cook over low hcat
      tomalo IOUp                           20 min utes. Stir occasionall y. Serve
  2 tobl espoons wa ter                     with rice. Makes about ) cups.
  Cookod rico                               To freeze: Add Ih cup water to
                                            mea tball mixture after cooking.
                                            POllr into a I -quart casse role. Store
                                            in Freezer. To reheal , do nOI pre·
                                            heat oven. Bake at 4 S0 ° F. fror 4 .~
                                            minutes or unti l hot: stir.

What a tlifT~renee soup makes! This food of many faces has delighted
WSlebuds. satisfied hunger, ami perked up appetites from the beginning
of time.
   Today, condensed and ready-to-serve soups enha nce tradition yet
spark fresh ncw ideas. Try a bowlful as a breakfast-brightener. Spruee-
up snacklim e with a cheery cupful. Send it in a lunch box for Ihat note
of warmth. Dress it up for a party. Whatcver your choice, a wonderful
variety of soups is as handy as your cupboard for enjoyment 'rou nd
the clock, 'round the year.
   Contemporary soup service is the subject of the fol1(lwing chapters.

  Breakfast Ihrough supper. soup scores high in creal ive menu-planning.
  Lei these suggest ions serve as a springboard for other enterprising

  I . EMB ELLI SH TH AT BRE AKFAST : C limb oul of the cere'l l rul
  and join Ihe soup-far-breakfast people. A bowl of condensed beef soup
  wilh ils nubbins of barley. bright vegetables, and meal pieces could be
  just the interest ing change lIeeded to make the llIorning meal fun again.

  WARM-U P BREAKFAST                      SUNNY STA RTER
  Sliced Orange                           Grapefru it Sections
  Bowl of Beef Soup                       Frenc h T oasl
  T oast and Jelly
  Crisp Uaco n Curls
                                          r-,'! ug of Tomato Soup
                                                (made with milk)

  2. MILK-M IN DERS: Whcn it seems harder and harder to convince
  your b rood 10 drink milk with meal s, it's time to reso rt 10 more subtle
  ways. Soups arc one answer. Many condensed soups can be heated with
  mi lk illslCad of water; skim milk or no n-fat dry milk fill dieters' needs .

  M I LK BONUS SNACK S                    ANY DAY DINNER
  Cream of j\'!ushroom Mug                C ream of Potato Soup
  Peanut Butter Crackers                  Ham Steak       Green Beans
                                          5al:1(1 with Russian Dressing
  Cream of T omato Cup
  Cinnamon T oast
                                          Italian Bread
                                          Apple Strudel      Sliced Cheese        ....
  3 . VEGETABLES INCOGN ITO: Some fo lks wou ld rather si p their
  vegetables than spear theJl1. Vegetable alld vegetable-based soups ;Ire
  just right.                                                             -,

LUNCH BOX WINNER                        SUP PER SPECIAL
Minestrone (in vacuum bott le)          Chunky Vegetable Soup
T una Fish Sandwich                     Barbecued F rankfurters
Brown ies    Fruit                      Toasted Bu ns    Fresh Fruit Salad
Milk                                    Cookies    Mi lk

4. MAKE M INE MEAT L ESS: If meals witho ut meat are part of you r
fut ure, count on soup to add inte rest, variety-as appetizers, main
dishes, and cook ing ingred ients. Look for the fo llowing mcatless kinds:

PENNYW ISE DINN ER                      OVEN SUP PER
Puree r-,·Iongolc ·                     C lam Chowder
Saucy F ish Fillets"                    Tuna Nood le Casserole ·
Baked Potatoes Buttcrcd Broccol i       Baked Stuffed Tomatoes
Berrics in Patty Shells Crcam           Spice COI kc

5. T H E PA USE T H AT NOUR ISHES: Evcryone loves a work break.
Whether Ihe activity is cleaning the attic o r programing computers, it
goes f;l sler after a piCk-me-up , especially one that's nourishing as weJ1
as tasty . Th at's the bea uty of soup . So [lHl ny ki nds. Hot a nd cold.
Invigorating. Some, like beef broth and consomme , arc low-ca lorie, too.

6. sou PE R SNACKS: Soup says "we lcome home" to k ids after school
. . . vegetable and green pea arc tops. Soup ass ures happy midnigh t
feasting fo r movie buffs.. how about on ion? Soup makes a good
travel compa nion         pack chi cken noodle and vegetable beef. A nd
soup is the perfect n ightcap to b ring tranq ui l dreams .. . enjoy cream of
chicken or chicken with rice .


  Planni ng makes the difference-between hit ·or-m iss nutrition and
  meals that have wha t it takes for good hea lt h. Here's how tbe great
  variety of soups ava ilab le fit into the Fo ur Food Groups. -

      1. ~lILK GHOIII ':   Chunky Old            Chunk y                 T O I11 :11O
                              F: I ~hi il n cd     1-.kditcrr:mcan
  ChcudaT Cheese                                                         T o m ;l1 o Bi S(jll C
                             Chicken               Vcgctnulc
  New Enl!Jand                                                           Turkey Vcgl·tablc        ~
    Clam -Chowder          Chunk y Sirloin       Oum!:), r-.'I.:xicall
                                                                         Vege table
                             Burge r               Bean
  O)'~lcr Stcw                                                           Vcgcwblc Beef
                           Chunky Steak &        Chunk)'
  POlalo. Crcam uf           POI:nl)                ~lin c.~lronc        Vcgc!:trian
  Shrimp. Cream of         Chllll~y Turkey                                 VCl!Cl:lblc
                                                 Chunky Old
                           Green Pea                F;jshioncu           . I. nkEAI>·CERE,\1.
                           Split Pea wilh           Vegetable Beef
      Be an Wilh Bacilli                                                     GKUU1':
                             Hal11 &. 1I:lcol1   Cliunky Sirloin
      Beef                                          Burger               [leef Noodle
      BI~ck   Bean         3 V[G ETA UL..E.      Chunky Turkey           Chickcl1 Alphabet
  Chili Beef                 FRUIT GROUP:        Chunky Vegctable        Chickcn On
  Chunky Beef                   Clam Chowdcr              Dumplin!!s
  Chunky Chicken             Vegclable             (Manlwtt:1I1          Chicken & Sian.
  Chunky Chili             Chullky L1eer           Slyle)                Chickcn
    Beef                                         ~ I inestronc             Noodle· O·s
                           Chunky Chicken
  Ch un ky HaITI             Vcge1.lble          Old Fa.. hioned         Chunky Chicken
    Buiter Beall       "   Chullk)' Clam           "1"0111,110 Rice      Curly Noodle
  Chunky Mexicali            Chowder             Old Fa ~ hiOllcd        Mea1hall
    Bean                     (l\·lallhauan          Vcgc1"ble              Alphabet
  Chunb- Old                 Slyle)              Scoldl Brolh            Noodles &
    Fashiol1ed             Chunky H:uII ·n       Spanil>h Slyle            Ground Beef
    llean wilh Ham           Bul1er Bean           Vegctublc             Turkcy Noodle

  • Sec page 4.
Top '0 the Morning

Those who know the joys of soup for brcakf;lsl- hc:trty, warming,
in vigorating-boast alloUi their eye-opene rs. Steaming from bowl or
mug, soup takes to the table with genuine case- perhaps with a gen-
erous pal of butte r mel ting o n to p. J o ined by c ri sp toast o r lIluflins,
bacon or sausage, fruil , and mi lk, soup helps start the dllY with a smile.
   Soup gives bo nus fl avor to the usual breakfast foods, 100. Try eggs
poached in soup fo r a lively innovatio n. o r eggs scrambled with o ne of
the cream soups, o r dried beef c re amed in a soup suucc. Seconds,

CO LD DAY BREt\K F,\ ST                   SPR ING D AY BR EA KFAST
GrapcfTuit H;t1f                          Fruit in Season
G reen Pca Soup                           Savory Poached Eggs"
Coffee C lkc                                   on English Mullins
Cocoa                                     II lilk (lr Coffee

SUMM E R BREAKFAS T                       AUT U MN BREAK FAST
Ha lf Canta lo u pe                       O ra nge Sections
T o mato So up (made wit h milk)          Vegctable Beef Soup
    with Co rn Flakes un lOp              Date N ut Bread
BlIIlcrcd T oast    Ham                   Mil k ror Croffee
~'li1 k or Coffee

                       SA V O RY        POACHED         EGGS
:2 tablespoons bulle r or marg orine        ~·..feh butte r in heavy skillet. Blend
   co n (IO ~~ ouncos) conde nsed           in soup and mil k: heat to boiling.
   cre am of ce ler y, chicken, or          Gentl y slip eggs into soup sauce:
   mushroom sou p                           cook over low heal until whites arc
1: cu p m il k                              firm. Place eggs o n muflins. Pour
6 e ggs                                     sauce over eggs. 6 servings.
:1 English muffin s (s plit, too stod ,
   and buttered )

                              CAM P BELLED               E GGS

   (o n (11 ouncos ) conde nsed                     In howl. slir soup II nlil smoot h:
   Che ddar cheose, creom of ( e ler y,             gradu;dly blend in eggs and pepper.
   chic ke n, or m ushr oom sou p                   In I O-inch skillet, melt bUller: pOllr
B e9gs, s lightl y boa te n                         in egg mixture. Cook over low heat.
Dosh pepper                                         As mixturc beg ins to scI around
:2 table spoo ns b ulle r o r margorille            edges, ge ntly lift cookcd portions
                                                    with large turner so that th in, un-
                                                    cooked ponion can Ilow to the
                                                    bottom. Continue gently lifting
                                                    cooked portions lInt il eggs arc com-
                                                    pletely set. bUI still moist. 4 servi ngs.

                          CR E AME D              D R IE D     B EEF

V. cup chopped o nion                               In saucepan, cook on ion in bUller
:2 ta ble spoons b ull e r o r ma rg a rin e        1I111 il tende r. Sti r in SO IlP, milk, and
   ca n ( 10 ~~ ounces) co nd e nsed                beef. Heat; stir occasionall y. Servc
   cre am of mU li hroo m so up                     over toast. Makes abollt 2 cups.
11 cu p mil k
 1 pa ckage (4 o unces) slice d
   dr ied bee f, rin sed
Toa st

                     DON         FA R          TON G (f g g Dro p Soup)

:2 cons (lO ~i o unc es e ach )                     III saucepan, comhi ne all ingrcdi-
    ( (,"d e nled beof broth                        ellIs except egg . Bring 10 boil. Grad-
:2 so up (ons w al er                               u,llIy pour cgg into simmering soup,
    cup (ook od p eo l                              sti rring gcntly IIn til egg is SCI. Serve
1,~ cup thinly sl;cod g re en onio ns
    loa l poon soy l auc o
                                                    immedialely, r-.ofakes ;lhollt :'i Cli p S.    ..,
 1 og9 , slighlly b oaten

                                                             CUJllpbl'lI..d ECCJ    I'age 131
 Magic Menu Maker
 j(J1' Lunches
 Lunch Box Meals
The American way of lunch-soup and sandwiches. What a great way
to include vegetables, meat , or milk in noon meals.
   Here arc some tips to help you pack the best lunches ever:
  I. Plan a well·balanced meal with a few extras to sat isfy your "1uncher. "
     Select favorite food s and food combinations-one of the best is
     soup and sandwiches. An occasional "surprise" would be a welcome
     treat. Plenty of paper napkins and colorful straws for sipping milk
     arc other "i nviting" touches for the IUllch box.
  2. For sandwiches, usc a variety of fillings ;uld breads. If yo u ma ke up
     sa ndwiches the night before they're to be eaten, keep them rcfriger-
     :Hed unti l you pack the lunch. Wrap sandwiches in moistureproof,
      clcar lunch box wrap material or foil as soon as they :ITe made.
  3. Wrap lettuce or other moist lillings, sll ch as sli ccd tomatoes, sep-
     arately. Do not include salad-t ype meat lillings for sandwiches unless
     the lunch can be stored in a cool place-a nd will o nl y be held for a
     short time.
  4. Always have one hot dish. You're sure of pleasing if you incl ude a
     vac uum bottle of hot soup . Any of the condensed and read y to serve
     soups arc good to carry. And many kinds may be prepared with milk
     - nut ritional plus. A wide-mollth vacuu m bottle i ~ idca l for soup-
     casy to pour into and 10 cat from. r.'lakc sure the soup's hot before
     packing (rinse the vacu um bOllle wilh hot water hefore pouring in
     soup). Be sure to se nd along a SO lip spoon or a long-handled spoon
     for ealing right from the bonle.

SO/If' M(I/e- Cbicken i-'I'gl'wbll' 111111 Golifcn Ve/:{'w hl., Noo dle-O's,

Splif Pea wilh lIam SOI I(' Serret/ with C}!OPf'e,} TOlI/fIIO , Ham (/lid
  Cheese S(IIu/lI'iclt
      GREAT EAT I NG                         AT      HOM E OR                  AWAY -
      SOUl'S              SANDWIC HES                  DESSERTS                   T IPS FOR
                                                                                 LUNCH BOX
 C ream of           Meal lod on ha rd roU          Fig bars               CUI sandwich roll in
    iUpaf3/lus                                                               half for e3SY ealing
 Bean wilh lI acon Slited ham and !enuec=           Apple                  Wrap !eIlUte for
                     on 1')"1.' bread                                       sand wich in Wl\ud

 Beer NOiKllc

 Black llean
                     !.ivCrv."UI7<I ~",J onion
                         on ","hill.'
                     Tum alo and bacon on
                                                    ChrlT}" slnukl

                                                    l'ine;l{lllie (fresh
                                                                           Pack celery an,l
                                                                             canol slich
                                                                           Spread br.::ad wilh
                       whok wheal bread                 or c:moedl            hUller-ll r c~cn t"'

                                                                              moi st lilling rrom
                                                                              ~aking into brc~,t

 Chic~cn   Alphabet Swiss chee.s.c un    who!~      t'c:trhes (fresh       I'~ck C,)1e sb1.C." in
                      whea l bre:"l                    ur canned)          cImlainer wilh li ll

 Chunky Beef         Sh3rp eheest: und lcttute Pmit tapioca                Pack a plnslic fork

 Cream of Celery
                       on while bread
                     Snlmo n s~l nd nnd             Blueberry pie
                                                                             or spoo n
                                                                           Pack n few cherry
                       !elluce on ha rd roll          tart                   lomllloes
 Cream of            Hllm nnd cheese---             Grapes lind            U se wh il e a nd da rk
   Chicken             "double deck er"               oalmeal                 bread
 C ream of Potato    Corned bed on rye              Fn,it cock tail  Pack cole slaw
                                                    Molnsses Cookies
 Chicken Gumbo       Cream cheese and ham           Orange                 Ped nn d section orange;

 Chicken Noodle
                       on date-nul bread                                     pack in sand",;e h bag
                     Egg, bacon. and lettuce Apple sauce cake Add mdishes o r /lfeen
                       on whole wheat bread                    pe pper for cnlllch
 Chicken ",ilh       5:11am;. 10m:llO" cheese       Chocol~le     chip     U!oI.' clear plaslic
   Rice                 on ro ll                      cook.ie3               wrap (or sandwic hes
 Chunk.y C hicken    I'C3nu I bllller and jclly     Sliced   J>Cache~      Pack celery slich
                         on while bread
 Ch il i Bed         5 li c~1 chel.'..'It on hard   Ila nana               PUI in IWllce for
                         sesame roll                                         §lLndwich and carrol
                                                                             sticks (o r nibbling
 C lam Cho wd er     Egg salad on pumper·           Che rri es (fresh      Pickles nnd oliv es 60     ~
                       nietel bread                   or canned)             well with sandwi ch

                WITH     SOU P           AS A TASTY STARTER

        SOUPS            SANDWICHES               DESSERTS              T IPS FOR
                                                                       LUNCH BOX
    Chicken &        Bologna, ch~se,            TomalO soup       Add a small bag of
      Slars            leuuee on white            cake              sa lted nuts
    Green Pea        Ham salad on               Apricots (fresh   Keep vacuum bottle
                      pOppyseed roll             or canned)        clean and "swect"-
                                                                   rinse with baking
                                                                   soda solution
    Minestrone       Sliced chicken on          Orange sections   F reeze sandwkhes
                        hnrd roll                                    for lunch boxes
    Cream of         Roast beef on rye          Banana            Wrap crisp vegetables
      Mushroom         bread                                       to munch
    Pepper Pot       C ream cheese and dried    Pears (fresh or   UM: glass jars with
                        beef on white brcnd       canned)           tops for desserts

-   &:otch Broth

    Split Pea with
      H~m & Ilacon

                     Luncheon loaf on rye
                     Oliekcn spread and
                       stuffed olives on mil
                     Tuna S'lla d on   h~rd
                                                Sliced Peaches

                                                Fruit codtnil

                                                Chocubtc cup
                                                                  Tuck in a small box
                                                                    of raisins
                                                                  rut in lenuee for
                                                                  Pack some green gr.tpeS
                       roll                       cake
    Old FashionC<!   Roast beef on while        Baked   ~ppl~     Ile sure to include a
      Tomato Rice      bread                                         naptin or two
    Thrkey Noodle    Deviled ham and            Lemon pic lan     Wmp slices of tomato
                       tomato on whnlc                             in foil for sandwich
                       wheat bread

    Turkey           Sliced ham and cheese      Buttersco tch     Pack cole slaw
      Vegetable         on rye                    pudding
    Vegetable        Bacon, lelluce, sliced     Brownies          Wrap sandwich items
                       tomato on soft roll                         se parately-let
                                                                   "luncher" put
    Vegetable Beef   Cream cheese and olive     Plums (fresh or   Include a hard-cooked
                       on brown bread             canned)
    Vegetarian       Sliced turkey, leuuee on   Appl esauce,
                                                                  Put mayonnaise in
      Vegetable        club roll                  Gin gerbread      small piece of foil

  Souper Soups

  Here come the heartiest, happiest. homiest soups of themal1 ... the
  Souper Soups! Chock-full of stick-to-thc-ribs goodness. these robust
  soups willwrn an after-lhe-game snack into a fcast, or get a light meal -",
  off to a rip-roaring start. And each has a distinct personali ty ... one or -
  more condensed soups serve as a base for a variety of substantial and
  savory additions. M'm! M'm! Good!
                    SOUPER            SOUP     MENUS
  Rosy Chili and Beef Soup'              C hicken Pca Soup Bow"
  Chef Salad Corn Muffins                Fruit Salad Rolls
  Blueberry Turnovers (frozen)           Coconut Custard Pic

  Seafood and T omato Bowl '             Italian Bowl '
  Crackers Cheese                        Antipasta
  Deviled Eggs Relishes                  Toasted Italian Bread
  Apple Pic Tarts (frozen)               Spumoni
                    ROSY CHILI

 'h: pound 9«1vnd beef
                                      AND   BEEF SOUP

                                        Combine beef. onion. chili powder;
 :2 tab1espoons chopped onion           shape inlo 12 small meatballs. In sauce-
     teaspoon (hili powder              ran. brown Illc:lIballs in butter. Add
     tablespoon buttcr or margarine     soups nml water. Heal; stir often . Makes
     (an (1(H4 ounccs) condensed        ,Ihollt 4 cups .
     tomolo soup
     can (11% ounces) condensed
      chili beef soup
  1 Y.! soup cons woter                                                             ...
    OLe       F AS HIONED             VEGE TA B LE -BACON            SO U P

3 slitol bacon                             In saucepan, cook baco n until crisp;
l-. cup green pe ppe r st rips             remove and crum ble. Pour off all
V. teaspoon lorragon leaves,               bUi I tablespoon drippings . Cook
    crulhed                                green pepper with tarragon in drip-
    can (lO Y.! ounce l) conde nsed        pi ngs unt il tende r. Ad d soup and
    old falhioned ve g e table 10Up        water. Heat : stir occasionally. Gar-
    10Up can wale r                        nish wi th baco n. Makes abou t 21h

                        SWISS         POT A TO    SO UP

    (on ( 10 ~~ OUn(el) (OndenlOd                 Cepan. blend soup and mus-
                                           In S'1L1
    croom of pololo soup                   tard. Add m ilk . cheese, and parsley.
!i lea l poon dry muslard                  Heat UTll il cheese melts. Sti r occa-
1 soup can milk                            sionally. 1I.·lakcs about 2!IJ: cups.
Y.t (UP shredded Swiu cheese
2 tablespoonl chopped ponle y

                 HEART Y         FRAN KFUR TER           SOUP

2 frankfurt ers, thinly .Iiced             Drow n fra nkfu rters a nd onion in
2 lable.poons ~hoppCld an;on               butler. Add soup an d wn ler. Heal;
1 tablespoon buller or mar9arine           sti r o ft en. Makes about 21h cups.
  can (11 ounces) condensed
  old fashioned tomato ri ce soup
  soup can walor

                      C REAMY          SA LMO N      SO U P

!1 Cup chopped cucumbe r                   In saucepan, cook cucumber and
2 table spoo n s choppod onion             onion wit h dill in butler until len -
~i leaspoon dried dill leaves,             de r. Blend in soup a nd sou r cream ;
   crushed                                 graduall y add water and salmon.
   tablespoon bulle r or margarine         Hea l: stir occasionally. ,\-\:Lkes about
   can (10 ~~ o unc ol) condenl8d          4 cups.
   croom of celery soup
~ cup lour cream
1 cup wate r.
   can (B ounces) lalmon, drained
   a nd flaked

                          COUNTRY      WARMER

    con (10\12 ounces) condensed       In saucepan. combi ne soup. milk .
    chicken vegetoble soup             and lima beans. Heal; Slir occasion-
    soup con milk                      ally. Garnish with bacon. Makes
    cup cooked lima beans              abo ut 3 c ups.
  4 slice s bacon, cooked ond

                     TUNA       POTATO      CHOWDER

  2 sli ces bocon                        In saucepan, cook bacon until c risp;
  !4 cup choppe d onion                  remo\'c and crumblc. POllr off all
  2 tables poons chopped 9 , een         but 2 tablespoons drip pings. Cook
      pepper                             onion and green pepper in dri p-
      can (10 ~~ ounus) condenul d       pi ngs until lender. Add remain ing
      cnom of polato soup                ingredients. Heat; st ir occasionall y.
  ~l soup can milk                       Garnish with bacon. M:lk cs a bOlIi
  I-l soup con waler                     3 cups.
  1 con (abo ut 7 ounces) tUno,
      drained and naked
  Dash mau

                      P ANHAN DLE        PO T POURR I

  II cup choppe d on ion                 In la rge sau ce pa n, cook onion in
  2 tablespoons buller or ma'9C1rine     h utler unlil le n dc r. lHend in soups;
  1 can (1 0 ~~ ounus) candenled         gradually stir in remaini ng ingredi-
     creom of cele ry soup               e nts . Heal; stir occasio na ll y. Makes
     can (10 ~~ ounus) condense d                  n
                                         :,bo ul S I cups .
     c,eom of mushroom soup
     con (10 ~~ ounces) condenled
     chicken noodle soup
     soup can milk
     so up can water
     pack0ge (4 ounces) Iliced dried
     beef, rinsed and chop ped
     packag e (10 ounces) fraten
     succotash, cooked ond drained
  Dosh p epper

                        OEEP       SEA     SIPPER

1,4 cup chopped onion                    In sa ucepan, cook onion with th yme
Dalh crUlhed thyme le ave.               in butter un til tende r. Add re mai n-
   tablupaan butter Or margarine         ing ingredienLS. Hcat; stir occasion-
   can (IO~~ ouncu) condeflled           ally. Makes about 4 cups.
   cream of Ihrimp 10UP
    10UP can milk
    cup naked cooked while fhh
\.1 cup cooked cui green bean.

                   SPLIT       PEA    'N     TOMATO

  (an (11 \1:1: ounces) condensed        In saucepan, hlend soups. Grad -
  split pea wilh ham & bacon soup        uall y stir in milk and watcr. H ell! ;
  (an (10% oUrlces) condensed                                      /.!
                                         stir oft en. Makes about 41 cups.
  tomato soup
  cup milk
  cup waler

                           BURGOO          SOUP

1 .mall orlion, .Ike d                   In saucepan. eook onion and nut -
YI leo'poon nutmeg                       meg in butter until onion is lender.
2. lobl u poons bulter aT margari"e      Add remaining ingredients. Cover;
   can (100/4 ounces) co"dense d         simmer 5 minutes: stir often. Makes
   cre am of chicke n soup               about 5 V! cups.
   can (11 '14ouncu) conde nsed
   gree " pea soup
   can (5 ounces) chunk whil e
   cup cooked lliced corrals
   cup chopped spinach
I V:! soup cans waler

                                    S OUP    PLUS
          A paltem recipe                like lI'i//I loads you
                             W liSt' liS )'0/1                     Ila \'(~ 0/1   hand.
  Y.z cup cooked meat or poultry,                In saucepan, cook mcal in butter
      cut in strips                              until lightly browned. Add remain·
      table lPoon bulle r or margarine           ing ingredients . Heat; stir o ften .
      can any Compbe ll's Soup                   Makes about 2'h cups .
      10Up con milk or water
  Y.z cup cooked vegetables

                  CHUNKY             CHICKEN             PARMESAN

     can ( 19 ounces) chunky                     In saucepan , combin e all ingredi·         ~
     chicken 10Up                                ents. H ea l; sli r oc casio nally. Makes
  y. cup groted Parmesan cheese                  about 2 cups.
  2 tablespoons chopped porsley

                                 ITALIAN          BOW L

  'l l pound link sausage,                       In saucep:II1, cook sausage until
    cui inlo sl11ol1 pieces                      done. Pour off fat. Add soups and
  2 cans (10% ounces each)                       water. Heat; s ti r occasionally. Top
    condenled minestrone soup                    with croutons. Makes abollt 7 \1.z
    can (IOU ounces) condensed                   cups .
    10m 010 soup
  3 soup cans waler

                                    MO BY        SOUP

  ¥4 cup cnopped onion                           In sallcepan, cook on ion and garlic
  T small dove garlic, minced                    in buller until onion is tender. Add
     tablespoon butte r or margarine             remaining ingredients. Heat; stir
     can (1 0% ounces) condeMed
     Manhattan style dam chowder
                                                             bou t
                                                 Of"" '~I 'k,,~a ;UPS.       B
     can (II ounces) condenu~d
     old fashion ed tomato rice soup                     \1,      .('        • lW
  1v.z soup cans water                                         I';.. ' \.~        ~
                                                   ","     . " it ,,·             '\..
  1 can (about 7 ounces) luna,
                                                  :~ l   j' tJl "lt n              ·f

     drained and flak ed
  2 tablespoons chopped parsley
                                                  , ._.---

                        SAUSAGE               MINE S TRONE

3 sousoge li nks, sliced                        In saucepan, cook sausage unti l
  con (10% ounces) condensed                    done; pour ofT fa l. Add soup :md
  minestrone soup                               water. Heat ; stir occasionally.
  soup con wole r                               Makes about 2lh cups.

                    CHICKEN              CORN       CHOWDER

  con (10 0/4 ounce s) conde nsed               In saucepan, blend cream of chicken
  u eom of chiclee n soup                       soup and milk. Add remaining in-
2 soup cons milk                                gredients. Heat; stir occasionally.
  (On (I O o/~ ouncel) conde nsed               Makcs about 7 cups.
  chicke n noodle soup
  can (16 ounces ) (reom Ityle corn
  con (5 ounces) chunk w h ile
  chicke n

                           PATCHWOR K              K ETTLE

14 cup chopped on ion                           In saucepan. cook o nion with sage
}~     leo . poon ground . Clve                 ill butter u n ti l lem..ler. Dlend in n:-
     tCl bles poon bulle r or morgClrine        maining ingredients. Heal; stir oc-
    con ( 10 ~~ ounces) conde nsed              casionally. /I.·l akcs about Slh cups.
    cream of chicke n 10Up
     eCl n (10% ounces) condonsed
     vegetarian vegelClble soup
     soup can waler
~ soup con mille
J.i: cup Canadion bacon cui in
      thin drips
Y2 cup choppe d cooke d Ipinach

                       FR A NK        AND       BEAN        SOUP

Yi pound frankfurt e ,., th inl v . !iced       In saucepan, brown frankfurters in
2 tables pClClnl bu lle r Cl r m a rg arine     buttcr. Blend in soups; gradually
   ca n (1 1 Yi ounces) conde nled              ~ tir in water. Hcat; sti r occasionall y.
   be an wilh bacon sou p                       Makes about 6 cups.
   can (11 % ounces, condensed
   green peo soup
2 sou p cans woler

     Like Souj)

  Kids love soup! And it's no wonde r. So many ki nds 10 choose f rom
  spells mealtime satisfact ion for each and every child . Soup is ideal for
  lunch boxes, snacks, camp-outs, and cook-outs.
     What's morc, soup is fun to cat. Try the following suggestions and
     "GROW ING-UP" sou rs may be given to your baby when ,he's ready
  for soh chewi ng foods. Some recommended by doctors include: cream
  of asparagus, cream of celery , beef, beef nood le, chicken noodle,
  chicken with rice, green pca, Scotch broth, tomato, vegetable, vegetable
  beef, vegetaria n vegetable, c hic ken vegetable , and lurkey noodle.
     SPLIT STYLE is an casy way fo r [he vcry young one to cat soup. Make
  up soup with mi lk and heal thoroughly. Pour the nutritious broth into
  a c up for drinking; spoon the colorful solids onto a p[;ne for eating.
     B I RTHDAY SOUPS: Gay bowls of crea m soup take all a party air when
  topped with a glowing birthday candle (set on a floating round of toast
  or a cracker). First top the cracker with a small ball of cream cheese
  or peanut butler. Poke the end of the ca ndle into it and curcfully sl ip
  the cracker onto the top of the soup. Then light up the candle.
     SWIRLY SOU l'S: Exciting to do and nourishing too. Let the youngsters
  swirl or write on the soup surface this way. Prepare soup as usual and
  pour into bowls . Slowly pour light c ream , milk, reco nstituted dry mi lk,
  or evaporated milk from a pitc her, bac k and forth across the SOllp. Stir
  with a soup spoon to make initials, anirmlls, faces, Or pretty marbled
  effects .
     SN IPPETS: Good eat in g with soup a rc snippets of cheese. These arc
  simply animals, numbers, stars , or other shapes that youngsters cut
  with cookie c utters from slices of process cheese. These float atop soup.

-   Calorie COu1zte1-,r=
    Wcigh!-con ~c iou s folk s t':m survey the following ~(jUJl groupinJ;s for c:iluric cOLlnt.
       C:lIori cs listed lIre per 8 ounce Iw rll ons of Ilr cllarcd conde nsed s ou p (hased on
    t he first d irections listed on the lahel) or per 9v.. ounce port io n of chu nky sou ll.
       15 to 3-1 ell/ories: Beef hrolh (bouillon\, consomme.
       J5 /0 70 en/Oriel'; Beef broth and b:lrle},. beef broth and noodles. beef noodle.
    bccr~· Ulushmom. chicken brolh. chicken broth ;Jnti noodles. chicken brolh :md rice,
    chicken gumbo. chicken noodle, chicken noOOlcO's . chicken with rice. chicken &
    ~wrs. chiden \,cgct:tblc , clam chowder ( Manh:luan style). cream of pOlalll, curly
    noodle with chicken, French oniOIl. old fashio ned vege table. oyster ~ tcw . Spanish
    ~Iy l c vegetable. turkey noodle. turkey vegetable. vegetable beef. \,egct;lrian veg-
    etable. won wn.
       71 w I()() CIII()ril!.~: Ueer. chicken alphabet. l' hicken ' n {Ilimplings. cream of
    :tsparagus. CTeam of cclery. crcanl of I1lUshroorn. cream of ouion. t:re:Ull of shrimp.
    golden mushroom. mC:Jtb:tlJ alph:tbct. minestrone. noodles & ground beef. pepper
    pot. Scotch broth. tomato. tomato g:mlcn. \·egetable.
       10//0 NO C(l/orirs: lJIat:k be:U1. Chedd:tr cheese. chil i beef. chunky vegetable.
    neam of t:hicken. t:rcamy chicken mushroom. old fashioned tom;lto rke. tomato
       N 1 /() ISO CII/orit's: Bean wi th b:lcon. chunk y beer. chunky chicken with rice.
    chunky chicken vege tahle . chunky chili beer. chunk y cI<l1l1 chowder (~-t :rn h a1l:1Il
    style). chunky Medi leIT:II1Can vegc table. chu nky minestrone. ch unk y old f:lshioned
    chicken . ch un ky o ld fashioned vege t:lble beef. chunk y slcak & potato. chunky
    turkey. clam chowder (New Englam.l style). green pea. split pea with ham & hacon.
       IS! to 210 Co/orit's: Chunky chicken, chunk y Mexical i ()can, sirloin burger.
    chunky split pea with ham.
       211 to 265 Ctllori ...~: Chunky ham 'n butler bean. chunky old fasioned bean
    wllh ham.
         Fo il. THE SLENOEIt; Those who need lOIs of fuel 10 kee p fit will find
      soup a help. Delightful at the beginning of a mea l. it JIlay be enjoyed
      between me:lls :lI1d at bedtime. too. For extra calories. add a little
      butler or cream.
         LOW-CALOIU E Til'S : Many soups tea m up with s:U1dwiches, salads_
      desserts, and skim milk 10 make we ll-balanced, low-caloric meals.
      In Vz CliP pori ions. IWO soups-beef broth and consomme-arc low
      enough in calo ries that the y ca n be used without cou nting as part of
      a meal plan_
         Here a re two simple menus fo r low-caloric meals, each containing
      abou t 400 calories.

                         SOUP           AND     SANDWICH

                               Y.i c up Beef Soup
                 Open -Face Sliced Egg Sandwich on Rye Bread               !
                            Green Pepper Garnish
                         Glass Ski m Milk o r Buttermilk
                                I Port ion Fresh Fruit

                            SOUP         AND      SALAD

                          ·M cup Cream of Cel ery Soup ,
                           Prepa red with Milk, 2 Sa ltines
                    Co ld platc- 2 ounces Sliced Lean Meat,
                                Chicken. or T urkey
                     Sliced Tomato and Dill P ickle Garnish
                    '12 cup Orange and G rapefrui t Compote

      Low-caloric soups can be extra-ll:lYorfu1. as in these recipes:

                          BEEF          BROTH     CHABLIS
     ,an (I0 ~i: aunc ul candenled              Combine all ingredienls. Place ill
     b eef brolh                                rcfrigeralOr fo r at least 4 hours.
   I soup (Cln waler                            Serve in chill ed cups or glasses.
  '2 lab lespClan, Chgbl;, af alh e r           Makes :lbout 2Yi cu ps; 94 c:llorics.
     dry while win e                                                                    ....

                          ENERGY         ROOSTER

   can (10 ~i ounces) condonsed           In saucepan, combine all ingredi·
   10 malo IOUp                           ents. Heal ; simmer il few minutes to
   so up can waler                        blend navors. Remove bay leaf.
   bay leaf                               M'lkes about llh cups; 220 calories.
".. teaspoon celery sail

                              CRESS      B ROT H

  can (l0 !.'l ouncu) condensed           Combine beef broth, water, and
  beef brolh                              watercress Place in refrigerator for
1 soup can wa le r                        al [east 4 hours. Serve in chilled
2 lablelpoons minced wal ereren           mugs or bowls; ga rnish with lemon
lemon wedgu                               wedges. hhkes abo ut 2!1.! cups;
                                          70 calories.

                    SPINACH            TOMATO       SO UP

   cup chopped fresh spinach              In saucepan. eook spinach in buller
   labl espoon butter Or marga rin e      5 minut es . Blend in soup, water,
   can (10~ . ou nces) condensed          ,HId nutmeg . Heat; slir occasiona lly.
   tomalo soup                            Makes about 2lh cups; 33 1 calories.
   soup can wa le r
V. teaspoon g rou nd nulm og

                   CHICKEN             VEGETABLE        V·8

    can 110\12 ounces) condonsed          In saucepan, combine soup, V·S
    chickon vege tabl e soup              juice, and waler. Hcat; stir occa·
*    soup can V·S juice                   sionally. r.lakcs about 2lh cups;
*    soup tan wale r                      2 I 5 calorics.

                            8ROTH        PICK·UP

   can ( 1OVl ounces) co nd enud          In saucepan, combine ingredients.
    boof broth                            Heal; stir occasionally . Makes about
   can (1 O ~~ ounces) condensed          3 th cups; 290 calories.
   lomato soup
   soup ,"an water
t/2 teaspoon lemon juke
V. loa lpeo n basil loaves, crulhod

 Appetizer Soups                                                                ...
        " i:
        . ;
      ."-   )
                  -. ,
                - .,:
                        I                                                       -
 "Soup puts the heart at case, calms down the violence of hu nger,
 el im inates the tensions of the day, and awakens a nd refines lhe a p-
 petite. "-Escofficr
     Soup, hot or chi ll ed, sets the mood for lhe mea l to come. Soup can
 breathe of spring, or bring warmth to a cold winter's eyening. Cool
 jell ied consomme revives summer appet ites, a nd robust soups add sub-
 stance to an autumn meal. Bright soup can give Ihe color contrast
 needed for a pale table setting. C lear broth is Ihe gourmet's choice to
 set off elegant din ners. A (U reen of soup makes a popular addition to a
 buffet, and the Illost welcome centerpiece of all , when the fam ily gathers
 al the table. Happy is the fami ly that can answer yes to
                    "Do dai ly soups                                            ......
                    Your dinners inlroduce?"- John Gay

                            TO MA TO   MINESTRON E
    con (10112 ounces] condensed         In saucepan. combine all in,gredi-
    minestrone soup                      enls. Heal. Makes about 211t cups.
 1h soup can wa te r                                                             ~
 ~ soup ca n toma lo ju ice

                              NUTMEG         MUG
   can (II % ounces) condensed             In saucepan, combine soup, waler
   green pea soup                          or milk. and nulmeg. Heal; slir
   soup can woler or milk                  occasionally. Serve in mugs or cups;
\.10 % teaspoon ground nul meg             garnish with orange slices. Makes
Orange slices. cui in qUtHtOrs             about 2!>'2 cups.

                    WHITE           PUFF   PEA      SOUP
  can (11 % ounces) condensed              In saucepan, combine soup. wata.
   gfeen pea soup                          and doves. Heat; stir occasionallY.
   soup can water                          Fold orange rind into whipped
Dash ground clove.                         cream. Top each serving with
1 tea.poon grated orange rind              whipped cream. Makes abou t 21h
Yl cup heavy cream, whipped                cups.

                           SOUP       ITALIANO
     can (11'/4 ounces) condensed          In sa ucep:tll. blend soups; grad-
     green peo soup                        ually slir in remaining ingredients.
    can (IO ~ ~ ounces) condenuld          Simmer a few minutes to blend
     tomate soup                           flavors; stir occ;tsionall y. Garnish
1 JI% soup cans water                      wlth croutons. Makes about 4 'h
V. cup Burgundy or other dry               cups.
     fed wine
~i teaspoon Italian se050ning.

                              CREOLE        SOUP

2 slices bacon                             In saucepan. cook bacon until crisp:
2 tablespoons chopped onion                remove and crumble. Add onion:
   can (11 ounces) condensed               cook until tender. Add soup, water,
   old fashioned tomato rice soup          and green beans. Heat; sti r. Sprinkle
   soup can water                          with bacon. Make ~ about :1 cups.
V, cup cooked cut green beans

                     CHILLED           MINTED        PEA       SOUP

      (on (II '/. ounces) (ondensed      In silucepa n, combinc ingrcd ients.
      green pea soup                     !-I eat; s ti r occ asionally.
      soup can mil k                     Ch ill 6 hours o r
  % cup light cream
  11: leaspoon dried mint flake 5,       mo,,_    S<~,
                                         c hilled bowls.
      crushed                            Makes about 2'12 cups.     ~

                      ROSY       TUR kEY       NOODLE           SOUP

      V 50Up con V·B iuice
         can (100/4 ounces) condense d
         lurkeY noodle 50 up
      '/2 soup can wole r
                                                 In saucepan , combine all ingredi.
                                                 e nts. Heat; stir occasiona ll y. Makes
                                                 about 2'1:. cups.                         -
                                 SAFAR I       S IPPER
       con (11 ounces) condenud                  In saucepan, stir c heese soup until
       Cheddar cheese 50Up                       smooth; g r;tdually blend in to mato
       con (10 ~~ ounce5) conden sed             soup. milk. and water. Heal: sti r
       lomalo soup                               occasiona lly. Ma kes ahout 5 c ups.
       50Up can milk
       soup con woler

                                  CABARET           CUP
     con 110 ~~ ouncel) conde n5ed               In saucepan, combine beef broth
     be ef brolh                                 a nd WOller; add wine. Heat a few
     10UP con woler                              min utes to blend fla Yo rs. Float
  :2 10ble1poon1 wine (lauterne,                 clove·studded orange o r le mon
     5herry, rOle, or Burgundy)                  slices in hroth. Ma kes ahout 2 V~
  Orange or le mon 51 ices, clove                c ups.

                           CONSOMME              JULIENNE
     cup vegetables cut in thin strips           In saucepan, cook vegetables in
     (co rral, onion, g reen pepper,             h utter until tender hu t s till firm .
     leek, parsnip)                              I\dd consomme and wOl ter. 1     ·leal;
     toblupoon buller or morgarine               slir. Ma kes about (, ClipS.
  :2 cans (10lf.!: ounces eoch)
     condenled con10mme
  :2 10UP coni waler

                                CHILLY      PICA DILLY

  can (\Q ~~ ounces) conde nsed                In saucepan, combine soup, milk,
  cream of mushroom soup                       and seaso ni ng . Heat: sti r occa-
  soup con milk                                sio na lly_ Chi ll 6 ho urs o r more.
  teaspoon minced chives or                    Serve in ch illed bowls. Garnish wilh
  choppod fresh dill                           sour c ream. Makes abo ut 2'(. cups.
Sour cre am, if desi re d

                                  IRISH      TU REEN

             ounces) condensed
    ((In (lO U                                 In saucepan. combine all ing redi-
   Hearn of potato 1i0UP                       enls . Hea t: stir occasionall y. Makes
   soup co n milk                              about 3 cups.
!h (UP cooked chopped broccoli

                       CREAMY         POTATO          PO T AG E

   cup fin e ly choppe d cucumbe r             In saucepan, cook cucumber and
'I. cup chopped gree n onionl                  grcen onions in buner ullIil tender.
:2 ta blupoons butle r or margarine            Add remaining ingred ie nts. Heat;
1 ca n (IO¥4 ounces) condensed                 stir occasionally. Po ur into e lectric
   cream of potato soup                        blender; blend ullIil smooth. Chill 6
'12 . oup can milk                             hours or more . Thin to des ired CO Il -
'/1 soup can water                             s iste ncy. Serve in ch illed bowls.
'h cup sour creom                              Makes about 3'/: cups.
V teaspoon papriko

                 o   UJC   I(   R H ODE     I S l AND     C HOWDER

:2 tQb lespoons chopped onion                  In saucepan. cook o nion wit h thyme
~   teaspoon th yme leoves, crushed            in hutter IIntil lender. Add soup.
:2 toble.poons buller or margarine             milk. and peas. Heat; stir occasion-
    can ( 10 ~~ ounces) condensed              ally. Makes a hout 2 \12 cup~ .
    New England cla m chowder
    soup can milk
V:t cup cooked peal

                      P ARS LI ED         S HRI MP      POTAGE

   can ( 10 ~~ ounces) condensed               In sauce pa n, comhine a ll ingredi -
   cream of ce lery soup                       ents. Heat: s tir occasio n"Uy. Makes
   soup can wate r                             abo ut :; \A. c ups.
   cup diced cooked shrimp
:2 tablespoons chopped parsley
   sma ll dove garlic, mince d

                                                                                      l Si
                        SPRIG            0'    SPRING       SOUP
  1 can (\0% ounces) condensed                    Blend all ingredients 2 minutes in
     creom of alparagus soup                      electric blender, or chop watercress
    soup can milk                                 very fi ne and combine with ot her
  \4 bunch walercress (aboul \4 cup)              ingredients in saucepan. Heat; ~ tir
  14 leaspoon bosil                               occasionally. Garnish with sprigs of
  Dosh peppe r                                    watercress. Makes abou t 2112 cups.

                           HOT           BUTTERED         SOUP

    con (lO H ounces) conde nse d                 In saucepan, combine soup and wa-
    tomalo soup                                   ter. Heat; stir occasionally. Pour
    soup co n wale r or milk      '.              into cups or mugs; garnish each
  Buller                                          with a pat of buller. Makes about
                                                  2112 cups. Try a buller pal atop
                                                  cn' am of asparagus, celery, chicken,
                                                  mushroo m, and green pea soups.
                                                  100, for extra cold or extra hungry

               BEEF        B R OTH

      co n (10 l-i ounces) condensed
                                              WITH    HORSERADISH

                                                  In saucepan , combine soup. water,
      beef brolh                                  horseradish, and dill. Simmer a few
      cup waler                                   m inutes. Pou r into cups o r mugs
  l-i leaspoon prepared horserodish               and top each servi ng with dab of
  VI leospoon dried dilllea vBI                   sour cream. Usc cucum ber strips
  Sour cream                                      as crisp stirrers . Makes about 2 cups.
  Cucumb er strips

                          TRIPLE          PL AY      WARMER

     can (ll 1f4 ounces) condenst'd               In saucepan, st ir green pea lind
     gree n p eo soup                             toma to soups until smoot h. Grlld-
     con (10 ~~ ounces) condensed                 ulIlI y hlend in remaining ingredients.
     lomalo I OUP                                 Heat: stir occasionally. Makcs about
     con (lO Y.! ounces) co nd e nse d            6 1 cups.
     beef broth
  2 soup cans mil k
  y, cup sherry


        tan (IO~~ ountes) condensed         In saucepan, combine soups and
        lomolo soup                         water. Heat; stir often. Makes about
    1 can 110'/1 ounces} conde nsed         4 Y.!. cups.
        vegetarion vegetable soup
    I '12 soup canl waler

                                 ROUNDUP        CUP

      con (lO ounces) condenled         In saucepan, combine beef broth,
       beef broth                            V· S, lemon juice. :md basil. Simmer
       con (12 fl. 01.) V-B juice            I or 2 minutes. Makes about 2!h
       leaspoon lemon juice                  cups.
    l~ leolpoon ,weel bOlil, crushed

                     HAM       ' N    CHICKEN      CHOWDER

    J.Ii cup cooked hClm, cui in slrips      In saucepan, cook ham in butter

         tablupoon butter or morgorin e      until lightly browncd . Add remain-
         con (10 ~~ ounces) conde nsed       ing ingredien ts. Heat ; stir often.
         cream of chicken 10UP               Makes abo ut 3Y.!. cups.
         soup can water
    J.Ii cup coolc od mixed vegotablu

                         CHILLED          TOMATO      BOWL

       can ( IO Yz ounces) condensed         In saucepan, combine all ingredients
       consomme                              except sour cream. Heat; stir occa-
       con (lO H. ounces) conde ns ed        sionally. Chill 6 hou rs or more.
       lomato so up                          Serve in chilled bowls. Garnish with
       10UP can water                        sour cream . Makes about 4 cups.
    Yz cup chopped cucumber
    1 leolpoon dried chivos
    Ge ne rous dash hOi peppe r lauce
    Sour cream

                               HOPSCOTCH         SOUP

       can (10~~ ounces) conde ns ed         In saucepan. combine soups and
       bee f noodle laup                     watcr. Heat: slir of len . Makes
       con (10'12 ounces) conde nsed         about 41,1 cups.
       vegelable soup
    1'/1 IOUp cons water

                        CREAMY            CHEESE        BOWL

       can (10 ~~ ounces) conde nsed            In saucepan. combine all ingredi.
       cream of chicken soup                    ents. Heat until cneese melts; sli r
       soup con water                           often. Makes about 3 cups .
  l-'l cup shre dd ed mild procen chee$8
  2 tablespoons saulerne or othe r
       w hite w ine
  Gen erous dash garlic powde r

                    CHICKEN              SOUP      AMANOINE

     can (10~~ ounces) conden$8d                In saucepan, combine soup, milk.
     (le om of chicke n soup                    and onion. Heat. Garnish with al·
     soup can milk                              monds. Makes abo ut 2'h cups.
  \4 teaspoon grated onion
  :2 toblespoons choppe d loolled

                      CURRIED            CHICKEN          SOUP

  :2 toblespoons chopped onion                  [n saucepan. cook onion and celery
      tablelPoon diced celery                   with curry powder in butter lIntil
      to 2 teaspoonl curry powder               tender. Blend in soup, milk, and
  T table spoon buller or margClrine            water. Heat ; stir occasionally. Gar·
  1 can (10 ~~ ounco s] conde nsed              nish with almonds or !.:oconut.
      cream of chicke n soup                    Makes about 2Y.z cups.
  \tl soup can milk
  \tl 10UP can woter
  TOCilied Cllmondl or coconut

                              TOMATO            GUMBO

      can (10~( ounces) cond ensed              In saucepan , combine a ll ingredi·
      chicken gumbo so up                       ents. Heat ; stir. Makes about 2!h
  \tl soup can tomalo juice                     cups.
  M, soup con wole r

                           HERSED          CONSOMME

    can (10\t1 ounc.,.) conde nled              In saucepan. combi ne all ingredi·
    consomme                                    ents. Heat; simmer a few miml/cs.
    soup can woler                              Garnis h, if desired, w ith to ast
  DOl h dill seed, torrogon, or bal il          squares, Makes about 21f2 cups.

              CURRIED            COCONUT           S H RIMP        SOUP

    cup flak ed coco nut                       In saucep:m. lightly toast coconut with
    teaspoon cuny powde r                      curry powder in butter. Add remaining
    tabl 8lpoorl butter or margari rle         ingredien ts. Hea t: stir oee;lsionali)',
    carl (1D¥.! oUrlces) cande rlse d          ~hkes abou t 3 V! cups.
    crea m of chicken soup
 1 soup Carl milk
 I cup dic ed cooked shri mp

                           CLAM          DIG G ER S'    C UP

     (on (10 !' ou nc es) cond ens ed          In saucepan, com bine all ingredi -
     tomato soup                               ent s. Hea t: stir occasionall y. Makcs
     cup clam juice                            about 5 1 l cups.
~~    cup wate r

                          ZIPPY          TOMATO        SOUP

     ca n (lO ll ounces) condensed             [n saucepan. combinc all ingredi-
     tamala .aup                               ents. Si mmer 5 minutes; sti r often.
     10Up con wa te r                          ~-I:ikes about 2 1/.: Cli pS.
!I.t teaspoon pre pa re d houetodilh
\,. Illaipoo n WorcCllershiro
Da1h dry mU l lord

                             BUTTERMILK             BREW

    con (I0 !~ ounces) conden sod              In saucepan, combine all ingredi-
    lomalo 10UP                                ents. Heat; stir occasionally. Chill 6
    cup water                                  hours or mon:. Makes ahout 2 V!
Yl cup butte rmil k                            r.:llpS.
\/, cup chopped cucumbe r
!l lea.poon dri ed dill lea ves,

                    EAST       INDIA        TOMATO         SOUP

2 tabl es poons sliced gree n onions          In saucepan, cook onions wit h curry
'It leolpoo n curry powder                    in butter unli l tender. Add rema in-
I tablespoon bulle r or margarine             ing ingredients. Heat; stir occasion-
1 co n ( I O'/~ ounces) co nd e ns e d        ally. Pour inlo electric blender;
  te mate 10Up                                blend until smooth . Serve hot or
  10Up can wate r                             ch ill 6 hours or more. Makes about
                                              2 ' hc ups.

                        HEARTY             BEEF      WARM-UP

    cup sliced fresh mushrooms                    In sa ucepa n, bro wn mushroo ms a mI
    (abo ut Y4 pound )                            cook g reen pepper in butte r until
    small gree n peppe r, cui in stri ps          te nde r. Add soups a nd wa ter. Heat:
    tablespoon bUllor or margarine                stir occasionally. Makes abo ut S ill
    can (10% ounces) condensed
    beef noodle soup
    (an (11 ounces) condensed
    beef UlU p
  2 soup cans wate r

                      CHRISTMAS              NOODLE            CUP

      can (10~~ ounce.) conde nsed                In saucepan. combi ne aU ingredi-
      beef noodle soup                            e nts. Heal: slir ofte n. Garnish wi th
      soup can waler                              wreath of chopped pars ley or red
      tea spoon fin ely chopped pCHsley           bell cut from pimienlO. Makes
      tea'poon chopped pimiento                   a bo ut 2 Y.! c ups.


  2 coni (11 ounce. each) conden.ed
                                           BEAN        fLOAT

                                                  In saucepan , combine soup. water,
      black bean soup                             o nion. a nd lemon juice. Heat; stir
  2 soup (an. wale r                              occasio nally. II.Ieanwhile. combine
     te a.poon In , tant mince d onion            sam c ream. parsley. and radish:
     toa .poon lemon juice                        serve as a garnish on soup. Makes
  11 cup sour cte am                              "haul 5 th c ups.
     l able.poon chopped parsley
  1 tabl8lpoon chopped tad ish

                                SPICED            SIPPER

    con ( 10 ~~ OUn(81) condon.ed                 In saucepan. blend so u ps. water.
    croom of ce lery soup                         milk. and cloves. H eat; s tir occa-
    can (lO H ounce.)                   sionally: sp rink le each serving with
    tcmolo IOUP                                   chopped a lmo nds. Makes ab0 1l1 4 V~
    cup water                                     cups.
    cup milk
  Da. h ground clove.
  Chapped loalled clmond. , if dOli red

                   v-a      VEGETABLE          POTAGE

   con (l 0 V, ounces) condensed         In saucepan. combine all ingredi-
   vegeloble soup                        ents. Heat. Garnish with popcorn,
VJ soup con  v-a juke                    if desired. Makes about 21h cups.
Y.! soup con woler

                    CHILLED         GARDEN        BOWL

    con (1 ()lIt ouncet) condense d      In saucepan, comb ine ingredients.
   creom of celery IOUp                  Heat : sti r occasionall y. Pour into
   soup con woler                        electric blender: I      until smooth .
1/2 cup choppe d lomolo                  Chill 6 hours                 Serve in
'It cup lour (reom                       ch ill ed bowls.                   3 1/:
2 loblespoonl chopped gree n onions      cups.
2 tablespoonl chopped gree n pe ppe r

                        COUNTRY         FAIR     souP

!4 (UP diced cooke d ham
1 tablespoon bulle r or margarine
Dash ground marjorom, if desired
1 con (lO Y.! ounces) condensed
   lurkey vege tabl e soup
   soup can water

            SOU P       t'o IAT ES .. M J X- ,\ lA T C H                    SOUPS

O" .. SOl'1'      +S'WJ'W soup +Uql'iII                =Soup Mme
Crc~m      of     Cr~:ll!lof       I y, cans mil~      Il eal, s tir. Garnish w ilh sh rcds
   Aspar~g us        ChicJ.:cn       or walcr          of or:tnge peel.
Cream nf          Scolch Brolh     I V. caliS          lleul. sl;r. New lunch flavor.
    Aspar:Jg us                       waler
Il ea n wilh      Mineslrone       l 'h cans           Il eaL s tir. Lad le from bean pol.
    Bacon                              waler
Bean w;lh         Pepper POI       I V. cans           I'kal. sli r. Dol with popcorn.
  Baco n                              w~ t e r

liccf n ro lh     Bcef Noodle      1'1, cans           Heal. s lir. Toppin g            of    herb·
                                      "',ncr           scJ50ncd stuffing.
n eer Ilrolh      TomalO           1'1, cans           Hea l . s lir. F loa t 10aSI squ;Lrcs
                                      waler            On lop.
Ued Noodle        MineSlrone       2 C;lnS wmer        Il ea t . s tir. Pa c\.: in lu nchho.'( in
Uecf Noodle       TomalO           I V. cans           Il eal, slir.      Ladle from         hrighl
                                      waler            e:lsscmle.
neer Noodle       Veget~ble        l 'h cans           lle at. s lir. Sprinkle with grated
                     Beef              wa ler          chce~e.
Blac~   Bean      Con s(J lnmc     I V, cans           Heal. s lir. Garnish wilh lenlOn
                                      W31cr            s lices.
Blac~   ilean     Tomato           1'1.: cans          Hea l. s lir. Add          le:L~poOn
                                       ""mer           Sherry, if desi red , Top wilh
                                                       chopped parsley or chives.
Cheddar           Tom,uo           I can each mil~     Ileal,    ~ lir.   EICI;~nl   in chuwder
  Cheese            Bisque            and waler        mUllS.
Chick~ n    &     Chicken          2 cans      w~lcr   I leal. Thi.~ makes "Sla" ~ncl Slripes"
   Stars            Noodle                             for palriotic pany Ihemes.
Chicken'11        Vc£clable        1'1, 102            lIea t. slir. Perfeel pany    appcl i
  Dumplings                           " ms waler
Chickerr          Vegetarian       I Y.r ca n;;                                         0
                                                       Hea l. stir. ,\ ecompanimcnl 1 cold
  Nood le           Ve getable         waler           $lieed beef.
Chic~ell " 'ith   TOI1l~ !o        I V, CJnS           fleal. sli r. Chi na soup cups on sir-'cr
  Ric e                                walcf           1I1'Y.
Chichll           Chichn           l'l:r 102           Ikal. sli r. Cheesc culles aflo~l.
  Vegetable        Alphabel            ca ns walcr
Chili Bcef        TOfll<l1O Rice   1'1.: ca ns         Hea t. slir. Winler picnic wanlmp.
Chili Beef        Vegelable        1 cans              I'leal. stir. Pass "Goldfish" crackers,
                    Beef              waler
Cream of          Chjc~en          I can waler         Heal. sli r. Slirrcp: eucumh.:r spears.
  Celc!)'            Vegetable       ,111<1 I can
           SOU P         ~I   ATE S .         M I X-l\'iAT C H          SOUPS

0111' ,Will'        + SCCOllti sourH-Liqlliri
Cream (If           Ch icken       ::! cans wale r     H eal. slir. Add d a~h of curry or
  Chicke n             N oodle-O's      or milk        coconul. if de sircd.

Cream of            C hicken wilh I \I.: 102           Heal, stir. :lrea k in brea kfa st
  Chickc n             Ri ce          cans w;Hcr       rOUline: to p wilh cri~ p cereal.
                                       or milk

C ream (If          C re am of     2 cans milk.        Slir mushroom so up to s mooth.
   Mus h-              As pa ragus    or ! can         Rlend in as par;. g\! ~ '\Gup and
   room                               milk a nd I      liqui.1. He;.I; stir. T o p with
                                      can wmer         wah.'rCf(·~~ .

Cr(am of            C hi cken wilh I If! c;ms          Slir mushroom ~oup to smoolh.
  Mush·                Rice            milk or         ll1end in other so up and liltuid.
  mo m                                 waler           He nl. stir. Fo rm fa mil y "!.O up
                                                       lin e.'"

C ream of           Consomme         1!1 cans          Slir mushroom sou p to s moot h.
   Mush-                               water           Hlend in other soup a nd liqui d.
   roo m                                               lie:.I, stir. Top with to asted "I·

Chic ken            Vegetah le       2 can s wa te r   He al, -, tir o Serve wilh garnis h of
  GUIllOO                                              sic\'cd eee yo lk .

Consol11llu!        S1;oleh Broth lll:! cans           l-leal. slir. CheeSl..' c rad ers
                                      wa ter           munch.                              "
Co nSO I11I11 ':    T o mato        I ea nea ch milk   Mix and heal.    Garni~ h   with sour
                       Risqu e         and W:ltcr      cream.

Circen I'c"         Scotc h IIrotll I \I.: cans        Heal. stir. Se rve wjlh party rye
                                         waler         slices.

Noodles &           01d          I 'Il ca ns           Heat this he ar ty cOIllbin:l tion to
  Gr ound             F:.shioncd     walc r            en joy wilh egg salad sa nd wkh.
  II ccf              Vcgelable

Onion               SIOCk pOl        I \I.: cans       Good wilh French bread.
                                          wa ter

I'~ ppcr     1 01
              '     Vcgct:lok        :2 cans wa tcr    Heat. st ir. Savor a t Sa tu a l:l ),
                      Beef                             lunch .

TLl I"~c)'                           I '/~   can"      Heal. S . Kee p w:.rm in ch:.t iLl J,:
   Nood le                              water          d ish or electric keith:.

  Great SoujJS

  A salute to {he class ics-those distinctive soups that have long been an
  important part of the world's o utsta nding c ui sines. What makes them
  unique? Eac h unites the best of its country's lands. seas, and tradition s.
  Each spe aks th e universa l language of excel lence.
      In French pOri towns, it's boui llabaisse . In French farm country.
  it's green pca and onion. In Scotland , barley goes into the broth . In
  Ind ia, curry reigns supreme.
      In Marylund, U.S.A. , the c rab makes a great bisque. In New
  England, clam is lh e chowde r choice. Everywhere, U.S.A., the r uddy
  farm tomato becomes America's favo rite soup.
      The art of soup-mak ing contributes a fa scinating chapter to world
  history. Back in the twelfth century, so up-mak ing was such a refined
  skill that sometimes fiv e or six kinds were served at a single me al.
      In 1765 an elllerprizing Paris tradesman , Momieur Boulanger,
  began se lling bowls of soup which could be bought aI any hour. H e
  caHed them " rcstaurantes" or pickups. So popular were they that the           ...,
  c ustom spread, and eventll:llly additiona l dishes were offe red as well .
      With canned soups handy, you can offer " res taurant cs" at any hour,
  too. Here is a selection of all-time gre ats.

                               CLAM           C HOWDE R

Clam chowder, named for the French c/wl/tlier in which it was cooked in
BriHany. is canned now in cre,lIny New England style as well as rosy Man-
hatlan variely with tomaloes and other vegetables , . . and never the
parlisans of each sl1<l1l meet. Both appeliles can be readil y satisfied, Pre·
parcd chowders are quick !O heat and serve, mak ing. as an old recipe puts
it. "a dish fil for the best of the nalion:'

                         MULLIGATAWNY                         SO U P
      MlllligllWII'Il), memu " Pepfler " '11/"''' ill Imlill, " C/lfry -/II/l'flrr,/lQ/I/I ,

1 cans ( 10 ~~ ounces each)                         In saucepan, blend soups and curry;
  condensed cream of chicken so up                  grad ually slir in water. Heat ; stir
  can (lOY.! ounces) condensed                      occasionill1 y. Makes about 61;2 cups.
  chicken wilh ric e so up
1 toaspoa n 1:urry powder
2 soup cans wa le r

                 QUICK            MOCK           BOUillABAISSE

   small onion, s1ieod                              In saucepan. cook onion with garlic
   uno ll clove garlic, minced                      and thyme in olive oil until tender.
14 leaspoon th yme loaves, crushed                  Add soup, water, seafood, bay leaf.
1 tablespoons olive oil                             lemon juice, and hot pepper siluce.
   can ( 10 ~~ oun ces) condensed                   Heat; stir occasion:ll1y. To se rve,
   tomato soup                                      ladle soup over bread in bowls.
   soup can woler                                   Makes about 4 cups.
2 cups cul·up cooke d .eafood
   (crab, fi sh, lobsler, or .h rimp )
   small bay leaf
   teaspoon le mon juice
Ge nerous dash hot pe pper sauce
4 slices French bread, toaste d

                         POTAGE              A      LA      CRECY

   can (10~~ ounces) condel1$ed                     In saucepan, combine breth, car-
   chicken broth                                    tolS, celery, and onion. Cover; cook
3 cups sliced raw carrots                           20 minutes or until carrots are very
    (about 1 pound)                                 tender. Blend in elcctric blender
% 1:UP chopped 1:elery                              until smoot h. In saucepan, combinc
2 tablelpoonl chopped onion                         all ingredients, He:lt ; st ir occasion-
1 so up can light croom                             ally. Makes about 41;2 cups.
Y.! IOUp can milk
1~ te aspoon nutmeg

          G/u,jfi('(/ {illt JOIlf',   <I   oSf'CcillflY   (I{   ClIfilurnill 'oS Pil ht'flUIII(oS W IIII'f.

  \12 cup choppe d g reen pe pper                                 In large s:\Uccpa n. coo k gree n pcp.
  ~s, cup chopped onio n                                          per :lIld onion wi lli b:lsil and ga rlic
  v.. t ea spoon basil le o yes, crush ed                         in olive oil until tende r. Stir in re·
  2 m edium cloyes go,lic, minced                                 maining ingredients except crab.
  2 tables poons oliye oil                                        Bring to boil; reduce heal. Simmer
  2 canl (10 ~~ ounce s e ach )                                   10 minutes or unlil fi sh is done.          ~
      condensod tomtllo ,oup                                      Add crab. Heat ; stir occasionally.
   1 soup ctln wtlle r                                            Makes about 8 cups.
  2 tables poo ns choppe d p tl nley
      medium bay leaf
  M. teasp oon gra le d le mon ,ind
  Hi lea spoon . 011
  2 le a spoon s le mon iuice
  It. teaspoon hoi p ep p er . auce
   1 pound n . h fill els, cui in
      2 ·inch pieces
      pound medium .hrimp (tlboul 30),
      cle tln e d and cui up
      cup cooked crtlb me at, fltlk ed

                                MARYLAND                             BISQUE
                  A PClrillm/(I ble/UI 01 !lal·o,s yO/I [(III make qllick /y .

  2 con. (10 \12 ounces each)                                     In saucepan, combine all ingred i.
    condensed oysler slew                                         ents. Heat; stir occasionall y. Makes
  2 soup cans milk                                                abo ut 51h. cups.
  1 cups diced cooke d potatoes
  1 tables poons chopp ed panley

                                 YAN K EE                       CHOWDER
             A fIlgged in/IIIIII      b/~mJ     01 ""frlll·oS lumdy lor lit,' big 5011(> pOI.

    can (10 ~~ ounces) conde nsed                                 Stir mushroom soup until smooth in
    cre am of mushroom soup                                       large saucepan; gradually b lend in ..,.
  3 . oup con. wole r                                             wate r. Add remai ning soups . Heat;
    con (10 1 ~ ounce.) condensed                                 slir occaSIonal ly. Makes about 7'A
    turkey noodle soup                                            cups.
    can (10 1/ , ounces) (ond erlSed
    vegolo,ion Y  ege' o ble soup

                             CHICKEN                   CHOWDER
      l'otillOl:S lIlId chickell ill   II cre(llllY   bleil/I, MIISSllc/WSClIs limn ciloicl'.
Yl cup chopped cel ery                                  In saucepan, cook celery in butter
1 tablespoon butte r or margarine                       until tender. Add remaining ingre-
  can (10% ounces) condensed                            dients. Heat ; st ir occasionally.
  creom of pototo soup                                  Makes about 3 1h cups .
  soup can milk
  can (5 ounces) chunk white chicken
   tablospoon chopped panley

                       New Or/ealls soup witl! sh rimp IImllwIII.
Vi cup diced cooked hom                                 [n sa ucepan. brown ham and cook
\~ cup chopped celery                                   celery. green pepper, and onion
14 cup chopped green pepper                             with th yme in butter until tender.
14 cup choppe d onion                                   Add remaining ingred ients. Bring
V teaspoon Ihyme leavel, crushed                        to boil : reduce heat. Simmer 5 min-
2 loblespoons buller or margarine                       utes or until shrimp is done. Stir
2 cons (10~~ ounces each)                               occasionally . Makes abolll 5!1l cups.
    condensed chicken gumbo saup
I JIi IOUP cons waler
1 cup frozen deoned row shrimp

                           GREEK              LEMON              SOUP
         "So up A\'golemo/lo" to th e Creeks. this              II IIS   rnrc l/e /iClIfl'   Ifill/:.

  con (IOVi ouncos) condonsed                           In saucepan. blend soup and water;
  chicke n with rice soup                               hC 3\. Mean while. be3t egg and
  soup con woler                                        lemon juice toget her in small bowl
1 egg                                                   until well blended. Add :1 little hot
2 teospoons lemon juice                                 soup to egg mixture: stir constantly.
Nutmeg                                                  Remove remaining soup from heat;
Butler                                                  slowly stir in egg mixture (this
                                                        method prevents curdling). Serve
                                                        immediately. Garnish with nutmeg
                                                        or hutt er. if desircd. Makes about
                                                        2\6 Clip S.

                                         MARDI                   GRAS
             Okra , rfllb. 11111/ ,ir/' ill   fI   fflll 'orful bOl'·.   t:flV <I~ f/rt>   ,\Iarc/i Grus.'
    can (10~ ~ auneu) condense d                                 In saucepan , combine all ingredients
    chicken gumbo soup                                           except crab. Bring to boil; covcr.
    can (10 ~~ ouncu) conden sed                                 Reducc heat; simmer 5 minutes or
    lomalo soup                                                  until rice is done. Stir occasionally .
  2 soup cans wale r                                             Add crab; heat. tI--Iakes about 5'h
  *  cup quick-cooking ric e, uncooked                           cups.
  1 can (7 ounces) crab meat,
    drained ond naked

                   WI LLIAM SB URG                           PUMPKIN                       SOUP

  1/4   cup finely chopped onion                                 In saucepan, cook onion in buller
  4 tobl es poons buller or morgarine                            until lender. Slir in soup, pumpk in.
    con {I 0 3 4 ounces} condensed
              /                                                  and seasonings; gradually add water.
     cream of chicken or                                         Heat; st ir occasionally. Garnish with
     mushroom soup                                                                         h
                                                                 parsley. Makes abo ul2 1 cups .
     cup conned or moshed cooked
  % teaspoon ground nutmeg
  % teo spoon sugar
   VB teospoon solt
  Dosh pepper
  I soup can woter

                            POLISH          CABBAGE                 SOUP
                             ~I /la/km! I/~"' -SOJJII /0 mlllit- (/ .fillIP'"

  * pound lean bonele u pork, dic e d                            In saucepan, brown pork in short-
      tablespoon shortening                                      eni ng; pour ofT fat. Add remaining
      con (10* ouncu) condensed                                  ingredie nts eKcept sour cream.
      b eef brath                                                Covcr; cook over low he:H 30 min-
      con (10 ~~ ounces) condensed                               utes. Stir occasionally. Garnish with       -,
      tomalo soup                                                sour cream. Makes about 7 cups.
  2: soup cons waler
  4 cup. cabbage cut in long thin
      shre ds (abo ut 1 pound)
  !-1 cup chopped onion
  Y2 teaspoon 50 11
  *    lealpoon paprika
  I small boy le af
  Generous dash pepper
  Sour cream

     Scollish II'jl'C'( Jimml.'r cl!icJ,;rll ,,-ilh   luks (/lid " t'l/cwb!es, scn'c    JOIIII OIZ/.' dllY,
                        ciric/;"11 thl' 11<'1/, TIll' prtm"s--r:, WH.'· Irllllilioll.

1\-7 cups thinly diced Inks or                              In sauce pan, cook leeks in butter
   green onions                                             unlil tende r. Add remaining ing re.
2 toblespoons buller or mcugarine                           dien ts. Heat; stir occasionally.
2 cans (lO Yi: ounces each)                                 Makes about 6 c ups.
   condenud chicken vegetable soup
2 soup cans waler
!~ cup chopped canned pilte d
Dash pepper

                                       GOULASH                 SOUP

1 cup cubed cooked beef                                     [n saucepan, bro wn beef and cook
!~   cup chopped green pep per                              g re en pepper and paprika in butter
Yi: tealpoon paprika                                        ulltil green pepper is tender. Add
2 tablnpoonl buller Or margarine                            remaining ingred ients. Hea t; stir
    can (lO~ ~ ounces) condensed                            occasionally. Ma kes about 3 cups.
    tomalo so up
    soup can wate r
YJ teaspoon co/away leed

                                HEARTLAND                    CHOWDER

1A cup shredd ed cabbage                                    In saucepan, cook cahhage, carro t,
Yi: cup grated carrot                                       and o nion in butter unt il tender.
v.. cup chopped onion                                       Add soup and wate r. Heat; · stir
2 lablupoons buller or margarine                            occasionall y. t-.l a kes :tbout 3 cups.
    can (1 1'/4 ounces) condensed
    green peo soup
    soup con woler

                               POTAGE                 S1.     GERMAIN
                 Tlds flllllt)" petr SO IiP Wilh d ricken is jlllll,. fllll rcd ill F fir UCl'.

    con (10~~ ounces) condense d                            [n sa ucepan . stir sou ps, mi lk, and
    cream of chicken soup                                   c ream until srn oOlh. Add carrol.
    can (1 1 '!4 ounces} condensed                          H e:l l: stir o ften. Makes abo ut 5
    green pea 10UP                                          cups.
2 cups milk
!IJ cup he a vy cream
Yi: cup cooke d slice d corrol

                                   PUREE            MONGOlE
           A 1'""'1' I. _'IITul-   'lli '"''   I;   01"     I' ill,';m I/u 11>11'/>;1"1/11"1.
      can (11 '/4 ounces) condensed                       In saucepan. blend soups, milk, and
      green pliO soup                                     water. Heal: sli r. Add a dash of
      (on t l0 ~~ ounclll) condenlc d                     curry powder. if desired. Makes
      lomola soup                                         about 4~ cups.
      ( UP milk
      [UP waler


  1.7 (UP slke d ce ler y
  ~~ [UP chopped gru n pe ppe r
  1 toblcupoon bull.,r or margorine
      " '" ( IO ~ aunt.,.) cond'~lnled
                                                          In saucepan, cook ce lery and green
                                                          pepper in butter un ti l tender. /\dd
                                                          remaining ingredients. Heat: st ir
                                                          uc~a:;ill l1 ;L Il )'. M;.kI::slIU\)ut) Y:. cups.
      beef broth
   1 IOUP (on waler
  :2 tabl e spoon. dic e d pimiento
  Y. teaspoo n hoi peppe r laUCI!

                            ME XI CAN               FOAM            SOUP

  ~~ (UP chopped on ion                                   In saucepan. cook o nion :md grcen
  :2 lablelp oan. chopped green                           peppe r;n bUller untiJtender. Stir;n
      p e pper                                            soup, milk. and pepper. Slightly
                                                          beat egg yolk. Stir a Hille hot soup

    tablespoon bulle r or mcngClrin e
    cCln (IOU ouncel) conden l ed                         m;,:,Iurc ;nlO yolk: gradually ::ldd 10
    lomolo soup                                           soup. Heal. Beat cGg while until
    soup con mil k                                                                        n
                                                          vc ry soh peaks fo rm . Add I cup
  Gene rous dalh coye nne pepper                          soup mixture: beal liShllY. Pour on
  I e99, sepCl ral e d                                    top of soup. Milkes abo ut 2 1/2 cups.

     ~ J
         There is ra rc co/Or IIwl !lm'or ;11 Ilrc brig/rl RI/$$iull f/rlurull JOII/I .
  can (16 ouncu) whol e beeh                          Drai n beels, saving juice. Chop
2 cans nO \? ounces eac h)                            beels. In saucepa n, combinc con-
  condensed (onlomm6                                  somme, beels, and lemon juice. Add
  tablespoon le mon juice                                             0
                                                      enough walcr 1 beet juice to meas-
Waler                                                 ure I soup can; add to consomme
Sour cream                                            mixture. Heat; stir occasionally.
                                                      Garnish wit h sour cream. Makes
                                                      abo ut 5 cups.
                                                      Chilled V ersio// : Prepa re as above.
                                                      Chill 6 hours or more . Serve in
                                                      chillcd bowls.

                           FRENCH               ONION            SOUP

  (an (I01f2 ounces) condensed                        In saucepan, combine soup and
  French onion soup                                   water. Heat; let simmer a few min-
  soup con waler                                      utes. l\'leanwhile, arra nge bread on
2 or 3 slicu French or lIalian breQ d                 cookie sheet; spread with butler and
  (about W' thick)                                    sprinkle wit h Parmesan cheese.
Butler                                                Broil unti[ lightly browned. Pour
Grated Parm esan cheese                               soup into howls; top each with a
                                                      cheese crouton . Makes about 21;i

                          GREEN            PEA.        F RA.NCAIS
        111 J7 lh Cell/llr)' Frllnct! , peas II'l.'rt! lilt! food oJ killgs . . . kingly still.
    can (aboul 2 ouncu) mu shroom                     D rain mushroollls, saving liquid. In
    siems and piecu, undrain e d                      saucepan , brown mushrooms and
    (UP grated (orrols                                cook carrots with mint in butter
v.. leaspoon dried mint leaves,                       until tender. Stir in soup; g raduall ~'
    crushed                                           blend in water and mushroom
2 lablupoons bulle r or margarin e                    liquid. Heal; stir occasionally.
2 (aos I' , 1/4 ountes eat h)                         Makes about 6 cups.
    condensed gree n p eo so up
2 soup cans woler

Old Fflshio l/ L'd Gillgt'l"/JI"l'll d Cll kr

                            SENEGALESE                       SOUP
              ellrry fwd clricken "flI'C   (/II   fI(Jillil), i,l tlrt· ~oup bowl. '00.
     can (I0 ~~ ounccs) condensed                    In saucepan. combine soup and cur-
     cream of chicken soup                           ry; gradually stir in milk. Heat: slir
  V. tealPoon curry powder                           occasionally. Chill 6 hours or more.
  1 soup con milk                                    Serve in ch illed bowls. Makes about
                                                     2'ft cups.

              Uwu/lfll SOlllf, Amerirall blend of brmlr . !.fldlp!.".           IIII/S.

      can (10 \12 ouncu) condensed                     In l'lrgc saucepan, combine all
      beef broth                                      ingredients except shrimp. Cover ;
  2 canl (lO~ ~ ounces eoch)                          hring to boil. Add shrimp; cook
      condensed Monhollan dyle                        over low heat 5 minutes or until
      clam chowder                                    tender. St ir occasionally. Remove
  2 soup cans walor                                   bay leaf before servi ng. !I.- kes .
  Y.t cup chopped salted peanuls                      .rbolll H cups.
  !~ cup shredded coconut
  1 bay leaf
  Dash hot peppe r sauce
  1 pound fresh shrimp, shelled,
      devo; nod, and cut up

                        HAMMED-UP                      CHOWDER

  2 slices bacon                                      In saucepan. cook bacon until crisp:
  Vl cup dice d ham                                   remove and crumble. Brown ham
  JIJ (UP green pepper I trip s                       and cook green pepper in drippings
  2 cans (10% ounces oach)                            until tender. Add rema ini ng ingrc- ...,
      condenled cream of shrimp soup                  dicnts. Heat; stir occasionally. Gar-
      seup can milk                                   nish with bacon. Makes about 6
      soup can water                                  cups.
  \12 cup cooked ric o

                      TUR KEY          VEGETABLE                      CUP

    [I'n (about 2 oUl'lces) mushroom                  I n saucepan, brown mushrooms
     Items and piecel, drain ed                       with th yme III butter. Stir in soup
  Ge nerous dalih crushed thyme leaves                and water. Heat : stir occas ionally.
  1 tablespoon buller or margaril'le                  Makes about 21f2 cups.
     con (10h oUl'lces) ,ondenlied
     turkey vegetable soup
     $OUP '0" waler

You , 100, can indul ge in a bit of nosta lgia simply by rustling up
tantalizing soups reminiscent of iro n kettles and wood-burning stoves .
With condensed soups, it's easy-as the following recipes demonstrate.
Try some o n for taste, You won't soon forge t tltem .

                        MAINE         FtSH    SOUP
Yz cup chopped onion                    In saucepa n, cook onion in buller
1 tabl el Poon buller or margarin e     until tend er. Blend in remaining in·
  can ( 10 ~i ounc u) condenle d        gredients, Simmer a few minutes;
  cream of celery 10UP                  stir often. M,lkes about 5~ cups.
  can ( 10 ~i ouncu) conde nl e d
  Manha lla n Ityle dam chowde r
Hi 10UP coni waler
  cup flak e d coaked white fhh or
  tuna (7-aunco can, drain ed and
  flaked) or shrimp (6·aunce ca n,
  drain e d)
  tabl u poon choppe d panley

  (UP d ice d cooked ham                 In saucepan, brown ham and onion
1 labl u poonl chopped o nion            in buller, Stir in bea n with bacon
  tablupoon butter ar margarine          soup; blend in water. Add min-
  can (11 Yz ouncO$) bean with           estrone soup. Heat; stir oft en.
  bacon 10Up                             Makes aboul 5 cu ps,
1 10UP coni waler
1 can t 1a 1 ou nces) condo nlOd
  Inine$l rone soup

                          MEATBALL           SOU P
Y2 pound ground beef, soa l oned         Shape meal into 20 small meatballs;
  can (lJ1h o unc es) conde nsed         brown slowl y in saucepan. (Usc a
  bean with bacon, celery,               little shortening if necessary.) Pour
  mushroom, green pea,                   olT any excess drippings. Stir in soup
  minestrone, French onion,              and water; simmer a few minutes.
  tomalo, or vege tabl e w up            Makes about ) I/: cups,
  soup can water

                           SPRING        SOUP     BOW L

  2 h,blespoons choppcd onion              In s,tucepan, cook onion in butte r
    tablespoon butter or margarine         {lIlt i! te nde r. Add sou p; g radu all y
    can (IP ounce, ) conde ns ed           stir in willer. Ad d pimiento. Heal;
    sp lit pea with hom & bacon so up      slir o ften. I\Irl kes about 2lh cups.
    soup can wat e r
  2 tablespoon s cho pped pimi ento

                           COUNTRY         FAVORITE

  2 slices bacon                           [n saucepan, cook baco n un til crisp;
  2 tabl es poon s cho pped onion          remove and c rumble. Pour off .. [I
  Dash crushed th y m e lea vos            but I tablespoon d ripp ings. Cook
  1 can ( lO ~~ ounces) condensed          o nio n with th yme in dr ip pings un ti l
      beef noodl e soup                    lendcr. Add soup, wa ter, and bCims.
     soup can w o le r                     Heat: sti r occasionally. Garnish ~
  \Ii cup coo ke d cui gree n bea ns       wi th bacon. Makes aho ut 3 cups.

                VEGETABLE              FRANKFURTER           soup
    fronkfurler, thinlv ,I ice d           In saucepan, brown f rankfurte r and
  2 tabl espoons chopped o nion            cook on ion in butter unlil te nder.
    tobl e spoon butle r or margarine      Sti r in soup and water. Hea t; st ir
    (on (lO \/z ounces) condenud           occasiona ll r. Makes abo ut ) cu ps. ~
    old fa shioned veg etabl e 10 UP
    soup can wot e r

                    CANADIAN             COUNTRY         SOUP

  !1 cup chopped onion                     In saucepan, cook o nio n in bUller
    tablespoon butle r or morgorine        un til tc nder. Bl end in soups; grad .
    can (11 Vi ounc n) condensed           \lally s tir ill water. Add bacon and
    bean with bacon soup                   corn, He'lt : st ir occasiona lly. Makes
    con (10 ~~ ouncos) conde nsed          abolll 7 11l Clip S.
    cream of mu shroom soup
    con (I01f2 ounco,) condensed
    veg elorian vcge ta ble soup
  2 soup cons wal e r
  4 slice s (about 4 ounces) Cana dian
    bacon, cui in strips
    can (oboul B ounen) whol e
    ke rnel corn, droined
                    SOUTHERN          BEEf      SOUP

~ cup chopped onion                    In saucep:Hl. cook onion in butter
2 tablespoons buller or margarine      until tender. Blend in soups; grad.
  can (10 ~~ ounce I) condelued        uall y stir in wate r ~lIl d milk. Add
  cream of celery IOUp                 rema ining ingredients. Heal; stir
  can (10 ~~ ounces) conde ns e d      occasiona ll y. r-. lakes :lbout 61,6 cups.
  neam of mushroom 10Up
  10 up can waler
~ soup cgn milk
1 jgr (about 2 ounces) sliced dried
  beef, rinsed and chopped
  cup cooked succotash
~ cup chopped eanned tomglo e s

                            CRAB      BISQUE

VI. cup chopped onion                  [ n saucepan . cook onion and thyme
t~ tea spoon leaf thyme                in hu ller unl il onion is lender. Add
1 Igblespoon buller or mgrgarine       remaining ingredie nts except lemon
1 can (11 au nee. ) condensed          wedges . Heat; slir often . Serve with
    Cheddar cheese soup                lemon wedges. Makes abollt 3 th
1-2 soup con milk                      cups.
'h IOUp cgn waler
1 cup flaked cooked crab megl
    (or 7.ounce can, drained )
1h cup chopped cooked broccoli
lemon we dgu

                         fiRESIDE      TUREEN

\~ cup chopped onion                   [n saucepan. cook o nion in butler
1 fablespaon butlcr Or margarine       un til tender. Bl end in soups. milk.
1 can (I0 ~~ ounces) cande nsc d       ,lI\d water; add corn. Heat ; sti r
  cream of celery soup                 occasionally. Ga rn i.~h with parsley.
  can (I0H ouncu) conde ns e d         Makes about 5 1 cups .
   turkey noodle soup
  cup milk
  cup waler
  can (about 8 ounces) cre am slyle
Chopped parsley

                  CHICKEN              MUSHROOM       POTAGE

       can (10 ~~ ounces) condensed        In saucepan . combine: soups; grad-
      cream of mushroom soup               ually blend in water. Add remain-
      can (1 OJ.) ounce I) condensed       ing ingred ients. Heat; stir occasion-
      chicken veg e table soup             all y. Makes abo ut 51/.: cups.
  l J.) soup cans water
  1 cup cooked chopped sp inach
  1 cup dicod cooked ham

                              CHICKEN       CANJA

  J.) cup diced cooked hom
  1 tablespoon buller or margarine
                                           In saucepan, lightly brown ham in
                                           butter. Blend in soups, water, and
    (an (10~i ouncos) condensed            parsley. Hea t: stir often .....'Iakes
    cream of chicken soup
    (an (10 !fz ounce,) condensed
    chick en vegetable 10UP
  2 soup coni water
                                           about 5 cups,
    tabllllPoon chopped parsley

                         SHRIMP-POTATO             SOUP
  2 cons (I0~4 ouncol each)                In ~ all",cpall, comhine all ingrl!di .
      condensed cream of palata 10Up       enlS. H eat: stir occlIsionally. Makes
  2 soup coni milk                         about 6 cups.
      cup diced cooked Ihrimp
  !Ii cup cooked who le kernel corn
  1~ cup chopped pauley
  Generous dash hot peppe r SCl uce

                       TUNA        VEGETABLE         BOWL

  2 tabl espoons chopped onion             In sa ucepa n, cook o llion with thyme
  Generou l dash crushed thyme lea ves     in butter until tender. Blend in
  2 tablespoon s buller or margarine       soups and walcr; add tuna and
    (an (10~~ ounces) conden.ed            parsley. Heat: slir occasionally .
    cream of celery soup                   Makcs about (, ClipS.
    can (10 112 ounces) condensed
    vege tarian vegetable soup
  2 soup cans wator
    can (about 7 ounce l) tuna,
    drained and flak e d
  2 tablespoon. chopped parsley

Frosty Souj)S

                                                                      ,   '   ..   ~

Some like it cold! And for good reason. Chilled summer soups make
elltici ng a ppe tizers. Wha t co ukl be so inviting as creamy smooth vichys-
soise sct out in ice-lined bowls, or sh immering jellied consomme gar-
nished with fresh vcgct:lblcs? Frosty sippers gua rantee coo l refreshment
al pic k-up time, too .
   Cold soups we re lI1 :1dc fashionable back ill the seventeenth century
by Louis XIV-for a vc ry practical reason. Each of Ih e king's dishes
was lasted by several people before it came {Q him. T he monarch grew
tired of lukewa rm soup. and requested tasty cold soups, instead.

                        EPICURE'S       COCKTAIL
2 cans (I0!-l ouncu e ach )             In container with lid. combine all
  condensed beef broth, chille d        ingredients except orange slices.
  soup (,In ice waler                   Cover and shake wel l. Serve over
% cup on:mge juice                      icc cubes in chilled glasses . Garnish
2 10 4 tablespoons lemon juice          wit h o range slices. Makes abo ut 4
MI tcaspoon aromatic billerl            Cli pS .
V2 teaspoon sugar
Orange slices

                        CALIFORNIA          COOLER
    can (lO ~~ ounce, ) condo nlod      In sauccpan , combin e all ingredients
    cream of chicke n soup              except avocado. Heat: stir occasion-
    soup can milk                       ally. Chill 6 hours o r more. In
Y.z cup chopped celery                  blender. blend soup mixture and
1 tablespoon chopped onion              avocado until smooth. Thin to de-
1 ripe medium avocodo , cut up          sired consistency. Serve immediate-
                                        ly. Makes about 3t h cups.

                                     B lAC K   FRO S T
     can (11 ounces) conde nsed                Stir bl:J ck bean soup well ; add con-
     black be an soup                          somme, water. and sherry. Heat;
     ca n (10ltl ounces) condensed             stir occasionally. Chill 6 hours or
     con som me                                more. Serve in icy cold bowls. G ar-
     so up can wat er                          nish each serving wi lh a lemon slice.
     to 2 teaspoons she rry (op t io na l)
  Le mon slices
                                               Makes about 3 1h cups.
                                      CRAB     BO W l

      can (10 1;~ ouncol ) co nd e ns e d      In saucepan, blend so up ; gradually
      croam of cele ry so up                   stir in water. Add crab, onion, and
      soup can wotor                           lemon rind. Heat; stir occasio nally.
  !tl cup fl ak e d cooke d crab me at         Chill 6 hours or more. Stir in to-
  1 tabl e spoon thinl y sliu d                mato . Se rve in chilled bowls; gar-
      green onion                              nish wilh lemon wedges. l\'lnkes
  \4 te aspoon gratod le mon rind              ;lbout )Ih cups.
  1 small tomato, diced
  Lemon w edges

                                   DUTCH       POTAGE

  1 cup s hredd e d cabbage                    In saucepan. cook cabbage and car-
  14 cup shre dded ca rrot                     rot with caraway in buller until
  V. t easpoon ca raw ay seed                  tender. Add remaining ingredie nts.
  1 tabl es poon butte r or ma rgarin e        H ea t; stir occasiona lly. Chill 6
  1 can (10% oun ce s) conde nsed              hours or more. Thin to desired con-
       croom of po tat o soup                  sistency. Serve in chilled bowls.
       cup mil k                               ~'I ak es about 3 cups.
  lI:! cup sour croam

                               CUCUMBER          C OOLER

    can ( 10~ ~ ouncel) cond ons od            Combine soup. m ilk, cucum ber, hOI
    cream of cele ry sou p                     pepper sauce . and seasonings in
    cup milk                                   eleclric blender ; bl end for 2 min ·
    small cucumbe r, diced                     utes. St ir in sour cream. Chill 4
    {gbout 1 cup}                              hours or more. Scrve in chilled
  Dash hot p ep p er sauce                     bowls. Makes abo ut 3 1h cups.
  Dash salt and pe pper
  1 cup sour cre a m

                  JELLIED           CONSOMME      CALCUTTA

2 coni     (10 ~~ ounce s e gch )         Chill consomme unlil slightly th ick-
      condensed consomme                  ened: Sli r occasionally. Fold in
~      cup dke d groan poppor             green pepper, parsley. :md onion.
2 loblO$poons choppe d parsle y           Chill until jell ied. III sma ll sk illet,
1 tablospoon fin oly choppe d onion       brown almonds wil h curry in but-
l4    (UP   sli vered almonds             ter. Serve consom me in chilled
!-i loolpoon curry powde r                bowls: top with al monds. Makes
      tablespoon bullor or margarine      about 3 cups.

                                SHRIMP    DELIGHT

2 cans (101,7 Quneas oc>ch)               Combine consomme, lemon juice,
  condensed (onlomm e                     ilnd hot pepper sauce. C hill until
2 tabl e spoons lemo n juke               slightly thickened: stir occasionally.
DOlh hoi peppe r sau ce                   Fold in shri mp. ccle r),. and onion.
1 con (about 4 ouncu) . hrimp,            Chill until jellied . Scrve in chilled
      drained                             bowls. Ga rnish with avocado .
V.     (UP chopped celory                 Makes abollt 3 cups.
2 tablespoons chopped
      green onions
Avocado slice.

      can (10 ~i ouncOl ) condensed       In bowl, combine soup, water, oil .
      tomato soup                         vi negar. and garlic. C hill 4 hours.
      cup walei'                          Serve in chilled bowls. Pass chilled
1     loblespoon olive oil                vegeta bles fo r garn ishes (also crou-
2     tablespoons w ine vine gar          tons if desired) . f\'lakes about 2
      large dove gorlic, minced           cups.
1     cup finel y chopped cucumbe r
l'i    cup finely chopped gree n pepper
~i     cup finely chopped onion

    (an (10 \1: ounce s) condense;!       Place unopened can o f consomme
    cOOiomme                              in refrigera tor unt il jellied, about 4
Y.z cup lour cream                        hours. To se rve. spoon a litt le con-
2 tablespoons chopped chives              somme into each pa rfait glass: top
                                          with sour c ream. Repeat layers:
                                          spri nkle chivC5 on top. Makes about
                                          I cup.

                           50U I' -0 N -TH E- R OC K S
      The easiest and most popular of frosted soups is yo urs to enjo}' a nywhere.
      Si mply fill a broad glass with icc cubes. Pour beef brot h. right from the
      can. over Ihe cubes. Garnish with a slice or wcd1;C of lemon or lime.
      NOTE : For variety <ldd a fleck of spice to the beef broth before pour-             JIIIIIt
      ing over icc cubes. perhaps curry. nutmeg, cinnamon. allspice, or ginger.

                    WHITE         MOUNTAIN          REFRESHER

      can (10 ~!/; ouncOl) condensed           In saucepan, combine ingredients.
      croo m of potato soup                    Heat: sti r occasionally. Beat until
  1 IOUp can milk                              smooth with eh:ctric blender: or usc
  ~ cup sour cre am                            ro tary beater o r el ectric mi xer :md
  I ~ cup finoly choppod cucumber              st rain . Chill 6 hours o r lIlore. Thin
                                               to desired consiSiency. Serve in
                                               chil lcd bowls. Makes about JIJ:

                                  SHRIMP       G LAC E
                                                       ,                                  ....
      [an ( 10 ~ !/; ounc u) condense d       In saucepan. combi ne all ingredi-
      creo m of celery so up
      soup [an waler
      cu p diced coo ke d shrimp
                                              ClltS. Heat: sli r occasionally. C hill 6
                                              hours or lIlore. Sen'e in chilled
                                              howls. r-,-
                                                        Iakcs abo ut ) 1 cups.
      cup chopped fresh I pinach
  Y.t leaspoon "rated lemon rind


   T went iet h-cent ur y chef Louis Dial in ve nted one of the most famou s
frosty soups, Vidlyssoisc, at the Ritz-Carlton in Ncw York C ity- and
what a success it was! Now you can try Vichyssoise in at least three
quick versions, or add your OWII to this chapter of cold sum mer soups.

                                VtC H YSSO I Se

  can ( 10 ~~ OUO(u j condensed           In saucepan . combin e soup and
  <ream of palalo soup                    milk. Heat: stir occasionally. Beat
  soup ca n milk                          until smooth ..... ith electric blender:
Chapped chives or parsley                 o r use rotary beatcr or electric mixer
                                          and strain . Chill 6 hours or more.
                                          Thin 10 des ired consistency. Serve in
                                          chi lled bowls. Garnish ..... ith chi ves
                                          or parsley. Makes about 2'{. cups.

                    V ICH YSS OISE         FLORENTINE
     can ( 10 ~~ ounces) condense d       In sa ucepan. combine all ingredienls
     cream of POlolo soup                 except nutilleg. Heat: stir occasion·
     . oup can milk                       ally. Pour inlO electric blender:
!-ii cup cooked chopped . pioaeh          blend unt il smooth. Olill 6 hours or
Nutm eg                                   more . Thi n to desired consistency.
                                          Serve in chi lled bowls. G:lrnish with
                                          nutmeg. Makes aboul 3 cups.

                          PIN K       V ICH YSSOISE
     can ( 10 ~' ounces) condeOled        In saucepan. combine soup. milk.
     cream of polalo soup                 tomato juice. and garlic. Heat: stir
~. cup mil k                              occasionally. Beat until smoOlh with
~l cup tomolo juice                       electric blender: o r usc rotary bealer
Da sh garlic powder                       o r elecnic mixer and strain . Chill 6
' ,. cup chopped green pll pp ll r        hours o r more . Thin to desired con·
                                          sisten cy. Add green pepper. Se rve in
                                          chilled bo ..... ls. Makes about 2'/;


 "O nly the pure in heart can nlllkc a good soup" I3ccthovcn wrote. The
 arti stic can dress it up. he might have ;lddcd . When soup comes to the
 lablc~h ol or cold, thi ck or clear-a bit of contrast in texture, color.
 or flavor SCIS it off 10 appetizing mh'antagc .
     Achieve soup distinctiveness through ga rnishes such :IS these which
 ;ITe good on most any soup: chopped parsley. watercress, or chivcs-
 thin-sliced lemon or g r:lIcd rind-sli ced cooked mushrooms-so ur
 crea m or sa lted whipped crcam-p:u.::kagcd slufHng-toHstcd nuts-

 sliced green onions-chopped ripe oli ves-crisp bacon-potato chips
 and corn ch ips-crisp ce rea l. recipes fo llow fo r other ideas.


   ,up oyster crackers                      Add crackers to butter; heat. Shake
   t ab les poon buller, molt od            p;m to co:lI crackers with butter.
 Cel e ry or ooioo $1>11                    Sprinkle with celery or on ion sal t.
                                            Especially good with tomato or
                                            chicken soup.

                                   CHEESE   CHOICE

 Cheese adds a tangy accent to soups. Worth trying: shredded Swiss cheese
 on tomato rice soup. Grated Parmesan cheese o n minestrone soup.
 Shredded sharp yellow cheese sprinkled on jellied consomme. Snippets
 (shapes cut from thin-sliced cheese) floated on top of soup (good on most          -,

                       SO UR CRE'AM TOPPING

T ry a \Iollop of sour cream atop soup- hOI or cold. Good alone or com ·
bined with horseradish or watercress. Add parsley or chopped peeled
cllcumhcr for chil led crea m o f celery, chicken. mushroom SOllp or jellied
consnmme. Combine sour cream and chives to top neef broth, 10llwto,
jt'llied consomme. or beef soup.

                 WHIPPED          CREAM     GARNISHES

Combine v.. cup heavy cream (whipped) with Vt teaspoon prepared horse-
radish: spoon o n green pea soup. Or to VI cup hcavy cream (whipped) add
 I teaspoon grated lime rind, Ih teaspoon Sherry (optional) for jellied con·
somme. Or try v.. teaspoon minced onion in cream for beef broth· tomato

                           EASY DUMPLINGS

l4 (UP pClctcaged biscuit mix           Lightly blend biscuit mix and milk.
4 te Cilpoonl milk                      Drop small amounts of dough from
                                        tip o f a teaspoon into simmering
                                        chunky turkey or condensed vege-
                                        table beef soup. Cook fOr 5 min-
                                        utes; cover and cook tlnOlher 5

VAR IATION S: I . Season biscu it mix with I teaspoon minced parsley. Cook in
chicken vegetable soup. 2. Add 1 cup shredded sharp CheddtlT cheese to
biscuit mix; blend with milk. Cook in vegetarian vegetable soup. 3. Sprinkle
dumplings with Parmesan cheese. Cook in minestrone soup. 4. Add I table-
spoon chopped watercress or I teaspoon minced onion to biscuit mix : cook
in turkey nood le soup.

                                CURRIED CRA X

li. loaspoon cu rr y powder             Stir curry powder into buller. Add
1 labl u poon buller, m e lted          crackers; heat to brown lightl y. Stir
l7 (UP whea l squares Or (oon o ly      ofte n. TIP: Substitute ~ teaspoon
   crumble d l allines                  leaf thyme for curry. Proceed as
                                        above. Good o n most chicken soups
                                        or cream of potato soup.

                                   ONION T I DBI T S

       ~ t eas poon inllant minced onion          Stir minced onio n into butter. Add
       1 tablespoon bUller, me lte d              chce~c tid hits: hen t to brown li ghtl y.
       !7 [UP cheese tidbits                      Stir often. Serve on tomnto or cream
                                                  of chicken soup.

                                 SOUP          A.CCEN T S

   Almoml-Orrlll},'i': SI-'rinkle chopped        Chopp.'d ce/rry: Sprinkle on con-
   toasted al monds and grated orange            somme.
   rintI on heated cream of a ~ p :l rag lls     Chopp('d or Ihill /)' .\·liCt'(/ pic:kh':
   or chicken SOliI'.                            Sprinkle on tomato rice soup.
   Dic('d /OlI1alo: Float on jellied             P O(J("fJm : Sprinkle on an y soup.

   consomme.                                     Pn'I:,c/s: Sprinkle on hean y or thick
   Thill sliced ollion: Float all tnp of         soups
   shi mmering jellied consomme.

                             CROUTON CREATIONS
   C ri sp croulons dress up soup casil y. can be flavorcd ··to you r tastc"
   quick I)'.

          BAS IC Dm ECT IONS
     slice whi le hread. Cllt into euhes         Sprinkle croutons wilh ell rry pow-
  2 tablespoons IHUl er or margari ne.
                                                 der. Add [0 chic kcn wi th rice o r
                                                 cr{'am of chicken or gf{'en pea soup.         ....
  In skillet. brown hread cubcs in hUI-          G AIt U C
  ter; stir const:lOtl y. Season to set off      ~" e lt butler in skillet; add Y.! small
  soup navor.                                    clovc garlic. minced. Light ly mi .~ in
   B >lS I L OK OK IOG>lNO                       hread cubes; cook over low heal.              .....,
  Sprinkle croutons wi th Vi teaspoon            slirring const;ulI lr. un til brea d is
  sweet basil or ground oreg;lno.                crisp ;LL1U hrown. Serve on vegetable
  Serve with 10 m;11 0 o r mineslrone            or green pea. beef or beef noodle
  soup.                                          soup.
   P >lRMES>lN C H EESE                          S AGE OR TH YMI;
  Sprinkle croutons with 1 t a bl c.~poon        Add das h of ground S;\gc or leaf
  grated Parmcsan cheese. Add to                 th yme to cro LLt o n ~ . Se rve with
  green pea o r minestrone soup.                 chicken with rice or vegelnhle soup.
Soups fOT All S

                                     FA LL

Brillg 0111 Ih(' bikes! Orisk , c lear days call for countryside peda ling. Picnic
lunch includes vacuum of zesty soup. TEN -SPEE D SIPPER: Combine 1
ca n each (lO Y.! ounces) condensed beef broth ,U1d condensed tomato soup.
Sti r in 1V~ soup cans water, J teaspoon lemon juice. dash ground cloves.
Simmer a few minutes; pour into v;lcuum jug. [\'Iakcs about 4 cups.

Color. color cI·erywhere. A wa lk in the woods is a must. RUSSET SOUP
g reels your return honte. Combine 1 can (19 ollncc-~) chunky beef soup,
2 teaspoons ketchup, J teaspoon prepared mustard, and dash hot pepper
sauce. Heal: stir occasionally. M:lkcs about 2'/! cups.

GC(lrl.'d for 111/11111111 Karill'llI'r.I': S EPTEMIlER SOU P. Combine     can
(10'1 ounces) condensed French oninn soup. \'.> soup can tomato juice. V! soup
c~n watcr. Hea t; stir occasionally . r- Iakcs about 21':: cups .

Piles 0/ crinkly leaves meall (I job well-dolle. Rew:trd weary leaf-rakers with
H EART Y HAM GUt-·IUO. Brown !I.i cup diced cooked ham in I table-
spoon butter or margarine. Add I can (lO ¥.1 ounces) coodensed chicken
gumbo soup. J soup can water. and dash hot peppcr sauce. Heat; stir occa-
sionally. Makes about 2 !h cu ps.

A diller. /l dol/llr. (/ \"Cry hllllgry scholar loves ho t soup at lunchtime. Dish
up GOLDEN NUGGET BOW L soon. Combine I can (lO¥.l ou nces) con-
dcnsed turke y noodle SO lip. I soup can water. Y.I Clip diced cooked carrots,
and I tablespoon chopped parsley. Heat: stir uccasionally. Makes about
2Y.! cups.

  Football, glorious loothllll! Cheer that team to victor}' with help fro m robust
  GRIDIRON WARMER. Combine I can (II V4 o unces) co ndensed green
  pea soup, I soup can water, and generous dash crushe d thyme leaves. Heat;
  stir occasionally. Makes about 21/.:> cups.

  lVood-choppds dil·id,,/Uls: CONFETII CU P. Combine I can (lO'h
  ounces) condensed chic ken with ricc soup, 1 soup can wa ter, J tablespoon
  chopped parsley. and I tablespoon chopped pimiento . Heat: stir occasion·

  all y. l\'l akes about 21f.! c ups.

  India/l            Gold e n d;IYS. nipl'), ni ght s. Eml lei s urely twili ght stroll
            .fllllllller :

  with warming HARVE ST MUG . Cook '; ' cup chopped grecn pepper. 2
  I:lblespoons choppcd onion with 'AI tC    :lspoon oregano leaves in 1 tablespoon
  buller or m:lrgarinc until tcnder. Add I can (II ounces) condensed old f., shioned .."
  tomatO rice soup ;md I soup c:ln water. Heat: stir occasionally. ~1:Jk es .,buut 2Y.:t

  Goill/:. I:oillg, gom' . . /0 II SalllrrlllY lIliClioll. Afterwards, gather friends
  and compare "finds" over bowls of C HI CKEN CURRY SOUP. Brown V4
  cu p slivered almonds and cook :2 tables poons chopped onion with liz tea-
  spoon curry powder in I tablespoon buller o r margarine until tender. Ulend
  in I can ( IOl,4 ounces) condensed cream o f chicken soup, I can (I011z
  ounces) condensed chickcn with rice soup. and I V:. soup cans water. Heat:
  stir occasionall y. r-.·Iakes abo ut 4 cups.

  Nurl'll,\' for th e old-Iw'himu'd hllYI'ide! For a filling sequel, serve CARA·
  WA Y BA CON BOWL. Brown 'h cup ham Cllt in strips and cook I cup
  shredded cabbage and \I.l cup chopped onion in 2 tablespoons buller or
  marg:lrine untiltcndc r. Add I can (lOJ,4 o unces) condensed cream of celery
  soup, 1 soup can water. and YiI teas poon e:lrawa~' seed. Heat: stir occasion·
  :llly. Makes abo ut ) cups.

  NlllloWI" > ",hill/.r),: (I lJllll1llkill,wrl'il1g l'llfly.
             1I                                                 Invite only friendl y ghosts
  :ll1d ofTer them CASPER'S TUREEN . Blend                      I can cach (IO~ o unces) '
  condensed beef nood le. bean with bacon. crculll              of celery soup, 2 soup cans
  water, 2 tablespoons chopped p:mley. and I                    tables poon Worcestershire. "'"'I
  Heal; stir occasion:llIy. Makes about 6 cups.

Thullkrgil'il1g. Tradit ional turkey and trimmings? TheJl give your appetizer
soup a Iwis!. Sen'e GREEN PEPPER C REAM . In eleclric blender combine
I ca n (10·% ounces) condensed cream of cele ry soup. I soup c<ln milk, Iii
cup chopped green pepper, and I ta blespoon chopped onion. Beat al low
speed until smooth. I n sa ucepan , heat blended mixlu re: slir occasionally.
r-,'Iakes about 2112 cups .

Gobblill'.I· good. Herc·s one YUlIlll1r way 10 usc that post·holiday tur key:
]'LYMOUTH ROCK SPEC IAL. Cook I smal l on ion, chopped in 2 table-
spoons butter or margarine until tender. Add I can (1 0 \12 ounces) condensed
chic ken vegelable soup, I C; 111 ([O·Y.! ounces) condensed turkey noodle soup,
2 soup cans waler. I cup diced cooked turke y, and I tablespoon chopped
par.~ le y. Heat: stir occasionall y. Makes about 6 cups.

                                  W INTER

Und., ,. 1/1£· /His/etoe: You·1! kiss the cook who serves a customary oyster stew
supper on Christmas Evc. Use condensed oyster Slew and follow label
directions. Garnish with slices of ripe olive or shreds of carrot or cheese.
Finish the feast with apples. tangerines, C hristm as cookies.

NEW YEAR·S BRUNC H PUN C H-hot and spicy. Combine 1 can ( 10%
ounces) condensed tomato soup. I soup can milk, generous dash ground
cinnamon. and dash ground clovcs. He(lt; st ir occ;\sionally. Garnish wit h
whipped cream if desi red . M;lkes about 2Vl cups.

  HAM TODA Y, SOU I' TOf..·IORROW: Warm winler s ports fans wilh soups
  Ihal make Ihe mosl of Ihe laSI of yo ur hOlida y ham.

     I. OYSTER HAM STEW 10 brighten you r '·untrim-the-Irec" party: Com-
  bine 1 can (10112 ounces) condcnsed oyste r stew, I soup can milk. I cup
  cubed cooked potatoes. !A. cup diced cooked ham, I tablespoon chopped
  parsley. VH tcaspoon thyme leaves. crushed. Heal; stir occasionally. Makes
  aboul 3 112 cups.                                                                         ..,

       2. SPU NKY HAM BOWL to warm skaters from nose to toes. Brow n
  V~  cup diced cooked ham wilh ge nerous dash crushed rosenwry leaves in                   ..,
  I ta blespoon buller Of margarine. Add I can each (10·14 ounces) condensed
  cream of celery and chicken vegetable soup. 2 50\11' Cl11lS water. I tablespoon
  chopped parsley. Heat; stir occasionally. M,tkes about 5!A. cups .

      .l. WESTERN NOODLE SOUP \0 pampcf thaI s now-shovel ing man.
  Brow n ti l cup diced cooked h,L11l ,L1ld cook v.. Clip green pepper str i p.~ in
   I tahJcspoon buller Of marg:lrinc un til tender. Add I can ( 10% ounces)
  condensed chickcn noodle soup and I S("IIi P ca n water. Heat; sti r occasioll-
  ;llly. Makes :.boll! J cups.

  Till/I' /or slorrldlill/: by Ih/· cr(lcidill !: h('(lrlh, snug rom Jack Frost's shenan-
  igans. Pass the popcorn. Ladle the SOIlP; OR IENTA L EXPRESS. Combine
  I can ( I O\h ounces) conde nsed beef broth. I soup ca ll wa ter. !r.! cup thinly
  sli ced carrots, \h cup fresh green beans cut in I" pieces, 2 teaspoons soy
  sa liCC. v.. teaspoon SIl1:::lT. Cover; simmcr 15 minutes or until vegetables arc         ....,
  Icnder. Stir occasionally. l\'iakcs aholll J cups.

C ral l), CI' pcrs: You'll fini sh th:!t patchwork qui lt by noon. Wouldn'l some-
o ne else like 10 see it? Share some MOUNT VERNON GUMBO, 100.
Comhine I can (I 0 ~~ ounces) condensed chicken gumbo soup, I soup can
waler. I cup frol.en clcaned raw shrimp, genera lis dash ha l pepper sauce.
Uri ng to boi l, reduce he;!t ; simmer 5 minutes or until shrimp is done. Makes
about 3 cups.

L UI·t' III/II KING OF ll E , IR'I'S . I/p! Brown I carl (about 2 ou nces) mush-
room stems and pieces, dra ined and cook I tablespoon chopped parsley in
I tahlespoon buttcr or marga rine. Add I ca n ( l OlA o unces) condensed
ch icken nood le soup. I soup can water. 1 tablespoon sherry. Heal ; stir
occasionally. C ut small hcarts OU t of bread slices. brown lightly in buller.
Top each serving with a heart crouton. r-,'Iakes about 21,1 cups.


I ri.dr t~Y f.\· life .\'II re 10 .l'Iuill· whell you celebrate SI. Patrick's day with soup.
Keep it simple. Just heat a C:III of cream o f potato so up as d irected . Garnish
with p:U'sle)' o r watercress. Or you might serve green pea soup topped with
a nuff of unsweetened whipped cream.

1/ Aflril comes.                  11' I lIr beliimf'! Forget the rain slickers :Uld
                   ClllI grl'I'/j 1

galoshes with PRIMAVERA POTAG E- o ne of the fi rs t signs of Spring.
Cook IA cup chopped onion in I tablespoon buller or margarine until
tender. Stir in 1 can ( IO·Y, ounces) condensed cream of cclery soup. I soup
cun milk. V:. cup drained cooked chopped spinach. dash crushed basil
leaves. Heat; stir occasio rmll )'. Makes abo ut 3!h cups.

  1'f'1I A.M. lellll;s III'O.l"OlIIe? By noon, those fresh air appetites will welcome
  GARDEN C HOWDER. Combine I can (JO ;~ ounces) condensed New
  England clam chowder, I soup can milk, ~ cup cooked carrots cut in strips,
  2 tablespoons chopped parsley. Heat: stir occasionally. Makes abo ut 21/: -

  MORE MEATLESS M,\RV ELS: A trio of hea rt y chowders. SHRIMP
  C HOWDER: Cook !I.I cup chopped onion ill 2 tablespoons bUller or mar-
  garine until tender. l1Iend in 2 cans (IO.w ou uees cach) condensed cream
  of cclery or mushroom soup. I soup can cach milk and watcr, I cup cooked
  shrimp (6,0Ilnce c an, drained), 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, dash pepper.
  Heat: stir occasio nally. Garnish each serving wi th paprika. Makes about Jih
  cups. TU NA C HOWDE R: Substilute I cup d rained and flak ed tuna
  (7-ounce can) for shrim p. LO BSTE R OR C RAB C HOWDER: Substitute
  I cup fl aked cooked lobster or crab (6 1h -ounce ca n, drained) for shrimp .
  Promise ),ollrself (/II herb gnrdell. Fresh thyme will accent dishes like elegant
  SPRING P EA SOU P. Blend I can ( 11!4 ounces) condensed grcen pea soup
  with I soup can 1I':lIer and Y" teaspoon ground thyme. Heat; stir occasionally. _
  Garnish wilh unsweetened whipped cream or sour cream. Ma kes about 2V!

  Ea.fler-mlff Ihe SOIlP .f1/01l1rl be eas)'. Whether Ihe main eourse is ham or
  lamb, soups like chicken with rice and cream of asparagus make perfect

  Remember Mom! Her Day merits a sou p as prell)' as a bouquet: 1-.H NTED
  PEA SO U P. Cook 2 l:lblcspoons sliced green onion in I ta blespoon butte r
  or m:lrg:lrine. Add 1 ean (11 \4 o unces ) condensed green pe:l soup; gr:ldually
  blend in I soup can waler. Add Y.: cup sliced cooked C:lrrots, I teaspoon dried
  minI leaves. crushed. Heal : s.tir occasionally. Garnish wi th sour cream.         -.
  Makes about J cups.


IIrlll !llUlck t!a)'.f. Let coni T0 1 IATO TAN G :lccenl a lazy morning. mend
I can ( IO¥.I ounces) condensed tomato soup :lI1d I soup can w:ller. Sti r in
!h. teaspoon gra ted lemon rind. Chill 4 hours or more. Serve in chilled
howls: garnish with parsley or lemon slices. too'lakes abo ut 2 !h. cups.

                              in the campgrounds of America. So is snacking.
II'fIIldcrlllst is alh'(' fIIUJ II'dl
l'lere's a ca mpfire warmer; CONSOMME Rlsor r o. Combine I can (101/:
ounces) condensed consomme, I soup can water. ,lI1d v~ cup cooked rice.
Heat: stir occasionally. Makes about 2'h cups.

111/)' 4th - /lln./cllsljng, fin'lI'orh. Needed: E\·ening -up. YANKEE
DOODLE DAND Y. Cook \1.1 cup chopped grcc n pepper and I tablespoon
thinly sliced green o nion in 2 t:lblespoons butler or m:lrgarinc unti l tender.
Add 2 " illS (l OY.! ounces c:lch) condensed consomme. I !h. soup ca ns waler,
:lnd 2 whole clovcs. Simmer a few minutes to blend fla\'ors. RemOve cloves
before serving. Makes aho ul 4 cups.

~I s hi}: /! ,u an e1t'flllI/lII'.\· 1!)'t'- slIcclilent August corn . Try some in CORN
OYSTER ST EW. Cook:! tablespoons small grecn pepper strips and :2
tablespoons chopped green onion in I tablespoon bUller or m:lrgarinc ulltil
lender. Add I C:ln (10 1h. ounces) condensed oyster stew. I soup C:lll milk .
and \.7; eup cooked whole kernel corn. Heat : stir occasionally. Makes about
3 cups.

S(,ilill~, .I'lli/ill g .   Slllallfrics' delight: Spread 2 round cracke rs with peanut
bUlla. Cut I saltine in half di:lgonall y making two triang les. Stand the half
cracker in the peanut buller to Illake a "sail." Float sailboat on soup.:2 sail·
boats for fai r weal her ahead .

  Index                                             Savory Shepherd's Pic
                                                    S:lVory SP::fsheUi Casserole
                                                    Sloppy 105 ' S                  II.

                          A                         Soupcrburgcrs
                                                    Sp:1f!helli with Meat Sauce
                                                    Spanish Rice. He·rotan
      Bacon 'n Bean Dir>                 122        Sprcad·:\-Bufj.:Cf               28
      Bean 'n Corned Bee f Spread        [ 12       Tonmlo Beef Casserole
      Cape Cod Dip
      ellUll Dij::gcrs' Du nk
      Deviled lJclighl                   122        Glazed Cold MealS               I ••
      New Englander's Special            121        Hash. Saucy                       23
      Shrimp Blue Cheese Dip             III        Pinwheel Casse rol e             2.
      Dilled Dip                         121        Soupcr                           I.
      Spanish Dill                       120         SpaI;hcui Southern Style        12
      Zipp)' Uean Dunk
  ASP IC, RoWan d Whil e
  BARBECUE ( Indoor-OUldoor)
                                                     Springtime S~lad
                                                     Stew '0 Dumplings
                                                     Tomato Salad
                                                  Li ve r
                                                                                    22     ...
      Chiden                   6 1, 62.6), 64        Chili                          41
      Fr:lnkfurtcrs                    61.62         Skillet. Savory                40
      B amburgcrs                      61,62      Mc:o;icali                          9
      L:lmh Kabobs                         64     PO! Roa st
      Spareribs                           63         Home-Style                     98
      Steak                               61         Ilaliano                      \02
      Steak Supreme                       24         Yankee                         23
                                                  Short Rib s, Spicy                26
                          ,                       Sleak
  BEEF                                                   Barbecued, Supreme         24
      C hunk y, 'n Noodles              27              Beefed-up Nood les 'n Beans 26
      Corned Beef Spread, Ilean 'n     112              Chop Soupy                  II
      C reamed Dried                   132              in Sauce                    26
      C ubes                                            Pepper                      27
         Norseman's Stew
         Stroganoff Stew
        Tomato Beef Stew
                                                        Roll-ups, Smothered
                                                        Stroganoff, Mushroom
      Ground !Jecf                                      Strognnoff, Souper          24
         lJarbcclled, (see Index B"rbecuc)              Sukiyaki, Mock              97

         Ilc"ll 'n Bacon Burgers       113              SUpreme, Barbecued          24
         Cabbage Rolls, SlUffed         31              Swiss, Easy                 25
         C hiliburge r                 115              Swiss, with VegetnbJcs      23
         Frankburgers                  II.           Sirloin
         UnmbUrllerS Itnliano           3.              Barbecued, Outdoor          61
         Horseradish Souperhurger      115              Sandwich, Barbecued        119
         Lnsallna, Quick                97              Saucy                       99
            Chili                      126
                                                                    ,                      ~

            M:l1lY W;W                  31      CAl OR1H IN SOUPS             14510 147
            Near E:lst                  97
            Porc upin e                  9      CHEESE
            Stew                        28        Family St~' l e, M:lc:lroni and    l8
            Swedish                     32        Fondue, Baked                      75
         Meal Lo,lf                               Fondue, Swiss                      75
            Old-Fashioned               29        r-.lacaroni and                     9
            RoJ1-ln·One                 32        'n Bacon Broil. Tom:l(o           11 4
            SOUDer Snucy                31        O\'en Macaroni                     2.
            Top,Slove                   29         Rum Tum Ditty                     73
          Meal·Shell Pie
         O ni on Bur~ers
         Peppcrs, SlUffed
                                                  Sauce, Egg
                                                                                     52    -.
         I'izzabur~er                    116         Asparagu s                      73
         Sa lisb ury Sica\.:               8         Easy                            73

    Il a'll·" lushmo l11              7J      CROUTON S                        182
    Stlrimr Surprise                  7J                         0
    50<0p<,                           7J
CHI CKEN                                       F rostinG . C ream C heese       87
  \..cftovcrs                                  Gingerbread Cake.
     a la Kin g
     China Bo), S;uldwich
         wi th Almond.~ Ovcr
                                -15. 105
                                                  Old F Ash ioned
                                                  G I:IlC For Cake
                                                Ro ~y Rock Coo kies
                                               Steamcd P uddin g
         Panc akes
                                      '"          Foam y Sauce                  81
      Croquettes ",-itll Sauce
                                                  H ard Sauce
                                               T omato Soup Cake
                                                  D a te a nd Nut
      Mold , Double Dec ker            80             Nm                        86
      I'it                             I'         R ais in                      86
      Sandwich. Cantonese            l IS       Tomato S flice Cake. Quick      87
      Saucy Quick Sandwich           II'          Ap ri(:ot Upside-Do wn        87
      Soupcr                           10         Fruit. Easy                   87
      Spread-a-Burger                118          }.Iince meat                  87
      Sp«ia' Stack                   112          P rune Uflside-Oown           87
      TC!rJ/,lj ni. I'any            100
      VeI,'C ! Salad. Hawaiian        101     DUMPLI NGS, Easy                 181
   Li ven;
      Indiennc                         'I                            ,
      in l'al1 )' She lls
      Mard i G r~s
   Pan s
                                                an d O ~sl c rs au Grati n
                                                Bened ic t. Easy
      Arm/. COIl 1'0110                99       Brunch Panca ke Sa ndwich      I I'
       Bake. Golden                    .w       Ca mpbel led                   132
       Barbecued (u<" Index ll:L rbecucl        Crea med                         75
      Chinese Hot Pot                  "
                                                Croq ue tte s
                                                C urri ed
       Cu rri e<l
       Ddight, Skillcl
       Fix Ahead
                                                Cu rry. Q uic k
                                                Eggs F lore nt ine
                                                in Cheese Sauce
     K~nl e
     /T.bgnifique. BrcJSI of
                                                Salad S:,nd wich. Broi led
                                                Sa\,ol1' Poached
                                                Shrimp Omelet
     MJrsala                          10)       We stern Bu rger               I I'
     Ove rs tu fred
     P"P rik "
                                                Wcste rn Sc ram b le             76

     Pan ),
     Poukt au Vin
     Skill et Barbecued
                                              Ft SH
                                                 IJarbc~uc· Bak ed
                                                 Bouiltabai.s5e. Qu ick Mock
                                                 F illets. Sauq-
     Via Ven eto                                 Sa lmOtl. C reamed
     Wl lh Dumpling • . Slcwetl        102       Seafood a ll Gr:lIin            ,I
                                                 Sea5 ide Stcw                  48
 CHIU                                            Tuna
   Beef Frnnks                         I'"          a Ia Kin g                   13
   Burger                              I"            Hake. C h eesy              I'
   Meatb:,lIs                          '26           Bea n SUPl'lC:r D ish       13
   Mexicali SUf'I'CT                   I I)         Cassero le                   17
   Promo                               II I          Lo;,r. Sou pe r            102
                                                     Mo ld . C reamy             J9
 CHIPPED BEEF, DRtED                   132           'n Nood les. Baked         106
                                                     Per fec t                   14
 CIIOQUffiES                                         Seafood Bake                21
                                                     Sho rtcake                  12
                                        "            T unab ll rgers            II '

                                                                                       1' 1
  FONDUES                                                           M
      Baked Cheese                         75    MACARONI
      Swiss                                75      and Cheese                            9
                                                   :'Ind Cheese, Family Style           18
  fRANKFURTERS                                     Ol'en                                20
      and Dean Sandwich                   117
      Barbec ued (.rec Index I3;Lrbec uc)        MEATBAllS (sc" Index Beef)
      C hili Beef                         109
      F rankburgers                       110    MEAT lOAF (St>t> l ndex Beef)
      'n Nood les. Skillet                  11
      Perritos Con Chi li                 11 2   MENUS
      PiZZ;L Doggies                      \ 11     Afler The Show                       91
      Potato Bake                           21     A T ouch of Paris                    93
      Pumpernickel-Kraut                  117      !\fter-Skaling Warm-Up              108
      Skill et BarbeclLe                    61     An y Day Dinner                     128
      Souper Spaghett i 'n                  95     Au1U mn Breakfast                   131
      Supper Spaghetti                      12     Cold Day Breakfast                  131
      Yankee Noodle B:Lke                   15     Dad's (Ji r lhday Dinne r            98
                                                   Favorile Salad Lu ncheon            10 1
                                                   Homc-From-Ih e-Game Supper          110
                       G                           [t 's a Curry Party                  95
  GRAVY                                            Lo w-Ca[o rie Tips                  146
      Creamy Giblet                        59      Luneh Box Winner                    129
      Quick Ollion                         59      Milk Bonus Snacks                   128

                                           "       Oven Su pper
                                                   i'ennywise Di nner
                                                   Satunl:lY Night Supper
  HAM                                              See You In September                11 3
      a ]a King                       45           Soup :L nd Salad                    146
      and Maca roni Toss              78           Soup :lnd Sandwich                  146
      a nd Mushroom Stuffed !'ancakes 84           Spring Da y Breakfast               131
       Bake                           36           Sq uare Da nce Special              111
       Hil ke, Ch ick 'n              20           Summer Brcakfllst                   131
      Jambalaya                       92           Sunn y Slarter                      1211
      Noodle Bake, Oyster 'n          19           Supper It:lliano                     94
      'n Potato Bake. F avorite       18           Souper Soup Me nus                  138
      Saucy Quick Sandwich           11 9          Supper Specia l                     129
      Te\rnzzi ni. Part y            100           U,S.A.- All the Wa y                 99
      Western Burger                 115           Warm·Up Brea kfast                  128
  HASH                                           MENU PLANNING
      Chicken                              10      Lunches and
      S,LUCY Beef                          13          Luneh Box Meals        135 to   137
                                                   Nourishing Soup
                                                       Through the Day          128,   129
                                                   I' lan ning Balanced Me nus         130
                                                   Top 0 ' Ihe Morning                 131
      Curry. Mushroom                      38
      Kabobs, Barbec ued
      Leg of, Minted

      Pin whee l Casserole                 20    NUTRITION              4. S, 128 10 130
      Ra go ut                             39
      Stew, Grandmother's                  39                       o
      Stew, Hearty Winte r                 40
  LIVER                                          OMelET (st'(' Index E ggs)
      C hili                               41
      Ind icnne, Chicken
      in Patty Shells. Chicke n
      Ma rdi Gras, Chicken
      Skillet. Savory
                                                   Brunch, Sandwich
                                                   Chi nese Shrimp
                                                                                    11 9
  lUNCHEON MEAT                                    Creamc!.l Chic ken with Almon!.ls 84
      Last l\linute Supper                 13      Ham and Mushroom Sluffed          84

PIZZA                                    SANDWICHES
  Burger                          116      Bacon-Tomato Broil                111
  Doggies                         III      B:l rbccued Steak                 11 9
                                           Bean 'n Bacon Burgers             113
PORK ( SI't'also Index Ham)                Be:ln 'n Corned Deef Spi'ead      112
  Goulash                          103     Broiled Egg S31:ld                11 4
  Hu rry-Up Hash                    36     Burj:er                            62
  Loin. Golden                      35     California Opcn·F:lcc             116
  Pinwheel Clsserole                20     Cantonese Chicken                 11 8
  Pork Chops                               Ch:lrt, Soup 'n            136,   137
    and Potato SC:l llo p           37     Chicken Spre:ld·a-Burger          118
     Dean Bakc                      19     Chiliburge r                      115
    Cr:amy Ibkcd                    37     Chili Beef F m:l ks               109
    G hlzcd Fruited                 36     China Boy                         11 8
    Glorified                       37     Frank                              62
    'n SlUffing                     37     Frank and Bean                    11 7
     wilh Party H;lts               98     Frankbursers                      110
  Sp:lreribs (.ree Index Barbecue)         Horserad ish Soupcrhurser         11 5
                                           Onion Burgers                      30
                                           Piuab urser                       11 6
                                           Piua Doggies                      I II
QUANTITY RECtPES                           l' umpcrknickeJ-Kr:wt Franks      117
  Blked Tun:l 'n Noodles          106      Saucy Quick                       11 9
  Bed Roulades                    107      Shrimp-C rab Bisque               11 7
  Chicken a la King               105      Sloppy Joses                      110
  Chicken SUpreme                 107      Souperburgcrs                     116
  F:lr Eastern Chiden POI         105      Special Chicken Stack             112
  Favorite Bean Soup              105      Spre:ld-a-Burf;er           28.   Il l!
  Fleet's-In Chowder              104      Tomato Cheese 'n Bacon Broil      11 4
  Frosty Fling                    105      Tunaburgers                       115
  Harvest Soup                    104      Western DUrger                    li S
  P;lrty-Size G reen Bean                  Western Style                     11 6
     C:lsserole                   106
  Turkey. Stuffed                 107    SAUCES
                                           Sauce Ch:ITI                       53
                   ,                       a rO range
RABBIT. GOLDEN                     77      Barbecue
                                             All ' Round Tomato               60
RICE                                         Onion                            63
   Pilar                           93        Speedy                           62
RUM TUM DInV                       73        a -sty                           62
                                           Celery-Caper                       57
                   ,                       Cheese
  Beef Tomalo                10 I            Egg                              54
  Creamy Tun" Mold            79             4-Way                            52
  Double Decker Chicken Mold 80              Herb                             55
  Germ:!" 1  )013tO           III            I n ~tanl                        52
  Ham and Mac3Toni Toss       7R              Rabbit. Golden                  77
  Hawaii"n Chicken Velvet    101              Tomato                          54
  Rosy :lIld White AspiC'     79           C I"m-Oysler wilh Sp.1sheui        56
  Seashore                    79           C lam. White                       56
  Springtime                  80           Cre:lrTl. Vers.:ltilc              52
                                           Creole                             SK
SALAD DRESSINGS                            Crcveltes                          54
  Dieters' Delight                 82      Cucum ber                          55
  Lamaze                           82      C urr y                            S3
  Low-Cal Tomato                   82      Dill                               57
  Quick Green Goddess              112     Gravies                            S9
  Russian-Style                    82      Herb                               53
  Tomato French and v" riations    81      Hollandaise, Mock                  58

       H o rseradish
       N", a la Queen                           "
                                                        Casper's Turecn
                                                        Favoritc Bcan
                                                        Fmnk and Bean
       O ysters                                 51      Meatb.:ili                       t1,
       Pars ley                                 53    BEEF BROTH SOUP
                                                       Broth Pid:·up
                                                       Cab.:irel Cup
       Sour Cre3 m
       S pag hell i w it h M eat
                                                        Chablis                          14.
                                                        Crcss Broth                      147
       Stroga nolT
       T ansY F ish
       T omato and \'ari:Hions
                                                        Don Far Ton!!
                                                        Epicure's Cock tai l
                                                        Flaming Bean
       T oma to T o pper for Eggs               57      Frbky Sour                        90
       Toulonnaise, Quici.:                     58      Fro~I)' Fling                    to,
                                                        Orienu.1 ~preu
                                                        Perk-.\!e·Up Cup
       Clam                                                                              '66
                                                        Pnli sh Cabb.ase                 ,6-1
         Sauce, S p:lghell i with OyslCr        56      Roundup Cup
         Sauce, W hi te                         56                                       '53
                                                        Soujl·{In· lhe-Rocks             t1,
       Crab                                             Sunb;ither'S Sipper              113
          Bisque Sa nd wiches. Shrimp          11 7     Ten·Speed Sippe r                1113
          Bo ui11 ab:l isse. Quick Moe i.:     16 1     Trillie PIa), Wanner             IS2
         Cioppi no                             162
         D cviled                               50
                                                        VU1:ljlU                         t10
                                                        ..... ilh Horseradish            IS2
         Seafood au Gra tin                     51
         Se:liood Cu rry                        92    BEEF NOOD LE SOUP
                                                        Casper's Tureen
         Se:lside Stew
       Lobste r
                                                        Chnsunas Noodle Cup
                                                       Country F~ "orile
         lIo uilJ ab:lisse. Q uici.: M oci.:   161
         Seafood a u G rati n
         Sh rimp T herm idor
       Scallo ps
                                                        I-I ean)' Wann·up
                                                      BLACK BEAN SO UP

         1' ;u ; ~icIl IlC
         Seaside Stew
                                                        Blac k Frost
                                                        I' IuII1ing Hcan                 '"
       Shrim p                                          Floa t                           ' 56
         <I la K ing                            49    C ELER Y. CREA M O F. SO Ul'
         Bou illabaisse, Quick /l.l oei.:      16 1      Car.l ..... a}· Bacon Bowl      1M - .
         Caplain's C hoice                      16      Casper's Tureen                  18-1 -
                                                        Chilled Garden Bo ....1
         Crab Bisquc Sandwiches
                                               11 7
                                                        CrJh Bowl
                                                        Creamy Salmon
         Hun garian                             51      Cu cumber Cooler                 t16
         l amaba laya
         ' n Shell Casserole
         O mele t
                                                        Fireside Tureen
                                                        Green Pl'flPC r Crcam
                                                        Lobs1er or Crolb Cho ..... der

         Pancakes, Chinese
         Seafood au G ratin
                                                        M:line Fish
         Seafood Bake                           21      Panhandle Polpouri               140 .....
         Se:lfood C urry
         Se3shore Salad
                                                        I'a rs lied Shrimp Potage
                                                        l'rin\u"cra POlage
         Seaside Stew                           48     Shrimp a.o" ..der
         The rmidor, Lobster                    49     Shrimp Glace
                                                        Sou thern Beef
  SOUffLE (sec Ind ex C heese)
                                                        Spiced Sippe r
                                                        Spunky Ham Bo ..... 1            ,,,
                                                                                         ' 56
       Garni shes
       ' n Sa nd wic h C hari
                              180, 18 1. 182
                                   136. 137
                                                       Tuna Cho .... de r
                                                       Tuna Vegetable Bowl
                                                      ClmDD,\R O IEESE SOU I'
       Sou p "'bte Chart           158.159
       A SPA RA G US. CREA M OF. SOU P         Bisque                     t73
           Sprig 0' S pring              152           Safari Siwer                      ' SO _
        DE AN WIT H BACON SOU P                       CHIC KEN BROTH SOUP
           Beanstroni                    171            Potll,ge a 13 CI«Y               16 '
           Ca nadian Coun try            172           Str.I.Cci31elle
  Amandine                  15'   ENGLAND STYLE) SOUP
  Bursoo                    141     G;lrdcn Chowder           188
  California Cooler         175    Quick Rho~c Island Chowder lSI
  Canja                     1"    CONSOMM SOUP
  Com OlO,,-der             143     Block Frost               176
  Chickety Chick            108     Bor~h                     169
  Creamy Cheese Bowl        154    Calculla, lellied          177
  Curried                   1"     Chilled Tomato Bowl        153
  Curried Coconut Shrimp    155    Hcr bcd                    154
  Corry                     1"     l illienne                 150
  Far Eastern Chiden Pot    lOS    Parrait                    171
  Ham 'n Chicken Chowder    153    Ri sollo                   189
  HaT\lcS!                  101    Shrimp Delight             171
  Mullisatawn y             161    Y:lOkee Doodlc Dandy       189
  Patchwork Kettle          143   GREEN PEA SOUP
  Potage 51. Germain        165    Burgoo                     141
  Pumpkin. Williamsburg     1"     Chilled Minted             15O
  Senegalese                170     Fran~ai s                 169
CHICKEN GU/l.IBO                    Frank and Be;! n          143
  Gumbo                     163     Gridiron Warmer           184
  Harvest                   104     Heartland Chowder         165
  Mardi Gr~s                164     Meatball                  171
                                    t-,Ijntcd Pea             188
  Mount Vcmon               181     Nutmeg Mug                149
  I leart)" Ham             183     Potage SI. Germain        165
  Tomato                    154     Puree Mongole             166
CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP                 Soup Italiano             149
  Chicken Com Chowder       1"      Spring Pea                188
  King of He;lrlS           187     Summertime Special        109
  Panhandler Potpourri      140     Triple Play Warmer        [52
  Weste rn Noodle           186     Whit e Puff               149
CHICKEN WITH RICE SOUP              Wintertime Tre,lt         109
  OIicken Curry             184   M INESTRONE SOUI'
  Confeui Cup               18.     Beanstro ni               171
  Greek Lcmon               163     haljan Howl               142
  Mulli gatawo)·            161     l\ leatball               171
                                    Sausage                   143
CHICKEN VEGETABLE SOUP              Tomato                    148
  Chicken Canja             17.   MUSHROOM, CREM-I OF, SOUP
  Chicken Mushroom PO!age   174     Canadian Country          172
  Cock-a-u:ckic             165     ClJickcn Mushroom Potage  174
  Country Wamlcr            140     Chilly PicadiIJy          151
  Plymouth Rock Special     185     Lobster or Crab C ho wder 188
  Spunky Ham Bowl           186     Me,ltball                 171
  Y·8                       147     Panhandle Potpourri       140
CHIll BEEF sour                     Shrimp Chowder            188
  Mexieali Supper           III     Southern lJeef            173
  Pronto Chi li             111     Tuna Chowder              188
  Rosy Chili and Beef       138     Will iam sb urg Pumpkin   164
                                    Yankee Chowder            [62
CHUNKY BEEF SOUP                  ONION sou r
  Russet                    183     French Onion              169
CHUNKY CHICKEN SOUP                 Meatball                  171
  Parmesan                  [42     September                 183
                                  OYSTER STEW SOUI'
CLAM CHOWDER                        and Spin:lch, Gratin of
                                    Corn Oyster Stcw          189
  Fleet's-ln Chowder        101     Ham                       186
  Maine Fish                171     Maryland Bisque           162
  Mohy                      142   POTATO, CREAM OF, SOUP
  Valapa                    170     Chicken Chowder           163

        Creamy PolatO Potage         151      VEGETABLE SOUP
        Dutch Pota ge                17.        Uo pscotch                153
        Irish Tu ree n               15 1       Meatball                  17 1
        Shrimp                       174        V-8 Pota,;e               157
                                              VEG ETABLE. 0 1.1) FASUI ON E.I).
        Summenime Special
        Tuna Pota to C howder
                                              SOU P
        Vichysso ise:
        V ich y ~soise: F lorentine
                                                Fran kf urter
                                              VEG ETABLE. VEG ETARIA N,
                                                                          In     '"
        Vic hysso ise, P ink
        Whi te Mo untain Refresher
                                                Ca nad i:. n Country
                                                I'a tc hwork Keulc
                                                                          143           ...
        Dee p Sea Sippcr
        Hammed-Up C howder
                                                Tuna Ve$:eta ble Bowl     174    '"

      SPLIT PEA WITH HAM SOUP                   Ya nkee Chowder           162
        'n To ma to                  141    50UPS, CHtllED
        Spring Soup Bowl             In       Beef Broth C hablis                146
        Ta ngy Split Pca Bowl         90      lll:lck Fro st                     176
      TOMATO SOUP                             Borsch                             169
        Uo uiltaba ise, Q uic k Mod: 161      Ca lifornia Cooler
        Bowl, Chilled                153      Chilled Ga rd en Bowl              '"
        Broth I' k kup
        Buttermilk Brew
        Clam Di,;gers Cup
                                              Chill y Picadill y
                                              Cr:.b Do wl
                                              C reamy Pota to Po ta ge
                                              C ress Broth
        Creamy Peanut Butter         10'      C ucumber Cooler                   176
        E:!st India
        Energy Booster
        Frosty Fling
                                              Dutch Pota ge
                                              Epicure's Cocktail
                                              F rosty Fling                      lOS
        G azpac ho                   177      Gaz pacho                          177
        Goulash                      I6 S     Jellied Conso mme C alclltta       177
        Harvest                      104      Minted Pen                         150
        Italian Bowl                 14'      On-The-Roc ks                      178
        Ma rdi G ras                 164      P:H(ait Consomme                   177
        Meatball                     171      Senegalese                         170
        Mexic:m Foam                 166      Shrimp Delight                     177
        New Year's Brunch Punch      I8S      Shrimp Glace                       178
        Polish Cabbage               164      To ma to Bowl                      153
        Puree Mongole                166      To mato, E.,st India               15S
        Rosy Chili and Beef          138      T omato Tang                       IS'
        Safa ri Sipper               150      Vic hysso ise                      17'
        Soup Ita liano               149      Vichyssoise Floren tine            179
        Spiced Sipper                156      Vichyssoise, Pink                  17'
        Spinach Tomato               147      White Mo untain Refresher          178
        Split Pea 'n                 141
        T cn-Speed Sippcr            183    SPAGHETTI
        Tomato T ang                 189      Casserol e, Savory                   16
        Triple Play Warmer           15'      Cla m, White                        56
        Vacalion Speci:II            108      Frankfuner Supper                   12
        Vegetable                    153      'n Franks, Soupcr                   9S
        Zipp y                       ISS      Southern Style                      12
      TOMATO RICE SOU P                       ..... it h C lam Oyste r Sauce      56
        Harvest Mug
                                              with Meat Sauce
                                            SPANISH RICE. HE_MAN
        Heart y Frankfu rter         13'
        Moby                         142    SPARERtBS
      TURKEY NOODLE SOU P                     Outd oor Ba rbecued              62, 63
        Fireside Turee n             173      Oven Barbecued                      63
        Golden Nugge t Bowl          183    SJlOONBREAD                           83
         Plymouth Rock Special
                                     ISO    STEW
        Yankee C howder              16'      C hicl:en Kettle                    43

        C hic ke n with Dumplings   102     Short,ake. Minlllc               8l
        Grandmother'S Lamb
         Ue:lrly Wint er
         Lamb Ibgout
                                            Tetrazzin i, Party
                                                                            ' 00
        Meatb;111                   28
        'n Dumplings                22                         v
        Norsema n's                 25    VEA L
        Pork Gou1:l~h               103
        Seaside                     48      Birds                            40

...     Stroganoff
        Tomato Beer
        Mushroo m

                                            Pin wheel C asse ro l ~
                                            Swiss Style
                                          VEGElAB l ES

                                            ATlithoke Casserol,               94
        Soupcr                      24      Beans
        Stew                        27        BUller Bean. Zesty
        Turkc )'                     16                                       70
                                              C;lsserole. Green               71
      SIUHlNGS                                It aliano, Green                69
        DCl'p South                 47
                                              P:lrty-Si7.e C;lsserole        106
        Dutch Country               47      Broccoli, Vegetable·Cheese Il:tke 6S
        Old· Fashi oncd Pouhry      46      Cabb.t!!e Roll s. SlUffed         31
        Oyster                      47      Cau!inower. Ve getab le-Cheese
        S;l\'ory Sausage            47        Bake                            6S
                                            Chine~e                          66
      SUK tYAK I. MOCK               97     Co mbo , G olden                 69
                                            Corn. Cali,o                     70
      SWISS STEAK                           Cre'llued. E;JSI'                66
        Easy                         25     Creamed, Med ley                 71
        with Vege table s           23      Eg!! plant Bah. Italian          71
                                            Onion and Peas. Crea med         69
                            ,               Peppers. St uffed
                                              Salad, Germ an

      THRAll lNt
      TU RKEY
                                    100       Savory
         :1 I:, King                45        and Noodles Au Gratin          17
         C rell med                 4'        Eggs Florent ine               76
          Divan                     4l      Tomatoes. Summertime Fried       7('






                             '·To make tile best,
                            begin Willi tire best -
                      llten cook Willi exIra care."

"Campbell"s" and   "v·a··   3re registered t rademarks 01 Campbell Soup Company .

                                                                        LITHO IN U.S.A.   ..,.

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