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									                       Getting Ready for Kindergarten
                   (also called Kindergarten, Here I Come!)
                         AASD Summer School 2010

   Appleton Area School District is offering a summer school class for students entering Kindergarten in
   the fall of 2010. This course is designed to introduce and/or reinforce basic skills for kindergarten.
   Students have a lot of fun and meet new friends while becoming familiar with the school setting.

                        Getting Ready for Kindergarten
     will be offered at many sites, including Johnston Summer School:
           Johnston’s classes are held Monday-Thursday
           June 14- July 15 (no classes June 28-July 1)
 Materials Fees: $15.00 (fee waived if on free/reduced lunch/milk program) for all schools. Payable to
  AASD on the first day of summer school, please DO NOT send money with this registration form.

                             Mark your calendars for
                            Registration Kick-off Date!!!
  There will be an evening registration kick-off session at Johnston on March 11, 6:30-8:00pm.
       To help us with staffing teachers, and ensure no classes get cancelled, please register that
       night or as soon as possible after.
         Enrollment is limited and registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
         Also, classes will not run unless adequate numbers of students are enrolled by mid April, so
         please don’t delay in registering your child.

If you cannot make the registration kick-off session, the registration form can be mailed or dropped off at
Johnston/Montessori. Please address the envelope to the attention of Sarah Wilterdink, Summer School

       Registration Forms are available and registration will take place during the evening registration
       session at the summer school sites. Registration forms are available in the Johnston/Montessori
       office and on our website

       Class lists will be posted on the front school doors on June 11. Parents wishing to receive a
       confirmation letter about their child’s enrollment need to include a self addressed, self stamped
       envelope with their registration paperwork or provide an email address. Confirmation letters will
       be sent out in late May.

                            Clase para la preparación de Kinder
El propósito de esta clase de Prestancia es el ayudar a preparar a su hijo(a) a tener un buen comienzo
en el Jardín de Niños el próximo otoño. Su hijo conocerá otros niños, tendrá varias actividades
divertidas, conocerá a su maestro y se familiarizará con la escuela. Favor de llenar la solicitud de
registro que se adjunta, y llevarla a la escuela en la que se desea inscribir al niño, durante la noche de
inauguración de las inscripciones. Las fechas se anotan a continuación

                                Hoob Kindergarten Readiness

Lub homphiaj ntawm hoob kawm ntawv rau cov menyuam npaj yuav mus kawm nyob rau qib
Kindergarten ntawm nov yog pab kom koj tus menyuam paub thiab kawm ntawv tau nyob rau qib
Kindergarten xyoo no thaum lub caij nplooj ntoos zeeg uas menyuam rov qab pib kawm ntawv. Koj tus
menyuam yuav ntsib lwm tus menyuam, yuav muaj kev ua ntau yam kom lom zem, yuav paub nws tus
xifwb qhia ntawd, thiab yuav paub txog lub tsev kawm ntawv. Thov muab daim ntawv cuv npe menyuam
kawm ntawv ntawm nov teb thiab ua kom tiav thiab muab nqa mus rau lub tsev kawm ntawv uas koj xav
kom koj tus menyuam tau mus kawm. Nqa tuaj mus rau thaum hmo uas lawv qhib sau npe rau menyuam
kawm ntawv. Cov vasthib uas yuav qhib cuv npe rau menyuam kawm ntawv muaj raws li nram qab no.

                                FOX VALLEY SUMMER SCHOOL CONSORTIUM
                                  2010 REGISTRATION FORM (APPLETON)
                              KINDERGARTEN, HERE I COME
    Required for Non-District Registrations: If your child lives outside of the AASD boundaries, the summer
    school director of that district needs to approve the student registration.
        Director Approval____________________________________ Date: _____________________

Student Name______________________________________ Gender _M__F____ Date of Birth__________

Address__________________________________Apt # _______City__________________ Zip___________

Home Phone #____________                  Email (for confirmation of class) ________________________________

Will your student be attending an AASD school?
____Yes, my child will be attending ______________________ school (name of elementary school).
____ No, my child will attend school in the __________________ school district (name of school district child will
attend). If you answered no and live outside of the AASD, you will need to get prior approval from your school
district’s summer school coordinator before registering for Appleton’s summer school program. Please take this
form to your district coordinator for their signature before turning it in at registration.

Does this student have an IEP, Building Intervention Plan, or 504 Plan? ____Yes ____No
        (If yes, please explain):___________________________________________________
According to WI Dept of Public Instruction, summer school classes are not tailored to implement a student’s IEP.

All Appleton School District policies for the regular academic school year regarding dress, behavior and
school safety are in effect during Summer School. If you would like a copy of these policies, please contact
the Summer School office.
                                         EMERGENCY INFORMATION

   ***First number to call from 8-11:45am regarding an absence or
  emergency (most likely be able to get a hold of you): __________
Parent/Guardian Name ______________________________________Phone # _______________________
Work # ___________________ Cell # ________________E-mail Address ___________________________
Parent/Guardian Name ______________________________________Phone #________________________
Work # ___________________ Cell # ________________E-mail Address ___________________________

If parent/guardian cannot be reached by phone, please contact:
1. Name ________________________________________ Relationship _____________________________
Phone Number(s) ______________________________________________________
2. Name________________________________________ Relationship ______________________________
Phone Number(s) ______________________________________________________

Special Health Concerns/Medical Diagnoses: ____________________________________________________
Will your child have medications at summer school? Yes _________            No __________
     If so, please provide the name of the medication(s):____________ Reason for Medication(s) ______________
          Time(s) medication is administered: Routine/Daily __________ As Needed ______Emergency _____
(Please bring any medications to the site coordinator on the first day of summer school.)
I hereby authorize summer school personnel to obtain emergency medical care for my child if needed.

               Parent/Guardian _________________________________________________________

 Please turn in your registration form to Johnston beginning March 11 and up to (and including) the first day of summer school. Don’t delay –
     classes that do not have the minimum enrollment will be cancelled in May. Questions? Call the Summer School office at 832-4976.

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