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									Guidelines for Using a Cellphone Abroad
 While Americans have embraced the convenience of using
cellphones, trying to dial from overseas often brings
surprises. Even if the phone works, voice mail may not.
Depending on the handset, coverage can be spotty. Make
the wrong choices, and you may find a huge bill.

The right tactics to avoid those headaches depend on which
carrier you use the length of your trip and your destination.

PlanetFone rents GSM cellular phones to meet the needs of
international business or leisure travelers confronting these
issues. We have been providing quality service since 1997.

As the preferred vendor for AAA Clubs within the USA and Europe, we are familiar with
providing the highest level of customer service to our clients.

With an international cell phone from PlanetFone, you can be reached virtually anywhere,
anytime. And you can call home just as easily. Having a secure way to stay in touch can
help make your trip much more relaxing. It’s a lifeline back to the world you know.


A majority of the world’s cellphone subscribers — 82 percent — use the GSM technology
standard, according to the GSM Association. In the United States, the major carriers use two
systems GSM and CDMA, an incompatible technology.

CDMA technology is found in North America, as well as some Asian countries, but it is
basically nonexistent in Europe.

To complicate matters, the American GSM standard operates on 850 and 1,900 megahertz,
while the rest of the GSM world uses 900 and 1,800 megahertz.

To use an American GSM cellphone in a foreign country, the handset you own must be tri-
band or quad-band and able to operate on one or both of the frequencies used outside the
United States.

To protect against fraud, American cellphones are typically blocked from making calls
when used abroad.

When traveling in non-CDMA countries, customers can rent a GSM phones from
SIM Card

GSM phones use SIM cards (subscriber identity modules), tiny electronic chips that hold a
Cellphones “brains,” including the subscriber’s contact numbers and phone number.
(CDMA phones store such information directly in the hardware.)

Unlocking the Phone

Even if you have a GSM phone that operates on both overseas frequencies, domestic
cellphone providers do not want you to use your phone with another company’s SIM card,
because they do not make any money when you do. To prevent your doing so, cellphones
are electronically locked — they accept only their own company’s SIM cards.

Other GSM Phones

Cellphone customers with dual-band GSM phones that cannot be used overseas can always
rent a cell phone from PlanetFone. Our Global System for Mobiles GSM phones give you
access to the international wireless network that is the standard in over 150 countries
worldwide. Our phones are programmed with an English speaking Customer Support help
number which is available 24 hours a day every day. We provide tri band and quad-band
phones. These phones can be used when traveling abroad to over 150 countries outside the
United States. There are No Hidden Fees, No Minimum airtime required, No Surcharges,
No Connect Fees and No Taxes.

A Few More Tips

When entering numbers in your phone always add the plus (+) sign and the country code;
that way, the number can be dialed automatically no matter from what country you are

Store your GSM phone’s numbers in the phone itself, rather than the SIM card.

Tell your American callers to get an overseas calling plan from their phone company before
you ask them to ring you. If they do not, they could be paying the same sky-high rates that
you just avoided.

And if you take your American phone overseas, make sure that its battery charger is dual
voltage; without one, all the effort to get your phone to work in other countries may go up
in smoke the first time you plug it in.
Tell your family, friends and colleagues that you are going out of the country and not to call
you, if not you will receive calls from everyone in your address book.

Or, let PlanetFone send you everything you need, the latest GSM cellular phone, that will
switch between countries seamlessly, two lithium-ion batteries, dual voltage charger, any
adapter for overseas countries, car charger, and it all fits into a carry case that weighs less
than a pound.

We even send you a return pack for easy return…no long term contracts! No Taxes,
Surcharges, connect Fees- or any hidden fees.

For more information call PlanetFone 1-888-988-4777 or email

Have a safe trip,


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