YANKEE PROSE by dfgh4bnmu


									                YANKEE PROSE
                                                                                USPTA New England Division
                                                                                                             Spring 2010

Pam Dodman.........Twice as Good!
                              Pro of the Year
                              •   USPTA Professional for 20 years
                              •   USPTA New England Tester of the Year
                              •   Third Place in the National Clay Court Doubles Championship - 45 & over
                              •   Fourth Place in the National Clay Court Doubles Championship - 35 & over
                              •   Member of USTA New England Intersectional Team in the 35 and 45 & over age divisions
                              •   Published an article in ADDvantage
                              •   USPTA State Rep for Maine
                              •   Ran events to promote and raise money for Girl Scouts and girl’s tennis

                              Tester of the Year

                   Dan Bonfigli Memorial Award
               Presented to a tennis professional who gives back to
               the community by developing, implementing and/or
               participating in community programs designed to help
                children access professional tennis instruction.
               • Member of the Manchester Athletic Club staff since 2001.
               • Appointed Junior Program Director.
                                                                                                  Ed LeDuc
               • Teaches and works with youths from ages 3 and up                   Ed Serues President’s Award
               • MAC Junior Academy youths are all exposed to the
                 QuickStart play format along with USPTA Little Tennis
                                                                                  for outstanding long term service
               • Helped form the Enrichment Program where they invite
  Dave Colby     classes from the elementary schools to come to the club.           • Member of USPTA for 35 Years.
                 The program includes fitness, nutrition and tennis.                 • Tennis Pro at Bass River Tennis Club
               • His passion for enriching the lives of juniors has gone              for 35 years.
                 beyond tennis and has now developed other camps at the             • Adult Team Manager at Bass River.
                 Manchester Athletic Club including the Blue Sky                    • Coached Men’s and Women’s Teams
                 Adventure Camp.                                                      of all levels.
               • Provides scholarships to those youths needing financial             • Participates in continuing education
                 assistance.                                                          by attending USPTA New England
               • Attended a workshop in Texas for training in the QuickStart          conferences.
                 tennis play format.                                                • Assists management with special events.
               • Travels to clubs teaching other professionals the QuickStart       • Is inspiring to students with whom he has
                 tennis play format.                                                   long-standing friendships.
               • Has been a guest speaker at various USPTA New England              • Has touched many students over the years.
             2010 Exam, Upgrade, CRC
 April 24                  Carnegie Abbie Club
                           Portsmouth, R.I.
                           Site Coordinator - Wayne Turner
                           401-682-600 or 401-862-6801

 June 11                   The Worcester Tennis Club
                           Worcester, MA
                           Site Coordinator Bob Greene
                           508-752-9819 or 603-770-3133

 August 8                  Quinnipiac University
                           Hamden, Conn.
                           Site Coordinator Mike Quitko
                           203-506-9195 or 203-582-5322

 October 23                Maine Pines Racquet and Fitness Club
                           Brunswick, ME
                           Site Coordinator Dave Fleury
                           Pam Dodman - 207-729-8433

     To schedule an exam or for more information, call the World
 Headquarters Membership Department at 800-USPTA4U.
     Please know that testers listed above are available to answer
 any questions that you may have or for any help that you may need
 in preparation for certification.

USPTA New England Division Budget Report

REVENUES                   ‘09 Actual     ‘09 Budget         ‘10 Budget
USPTA Dues                 $50,061.53     $50,000,00         $49,000.00
                                                             $    15.00
                                                             $ 500.00       Martha’s Vineyard
                                                                              Tennis Escape
Conventions                $ 8,218.47     $ 8,000.00         $ 8,000.00
Meetings                   $      0.00    $     0.00         $     0.00
Advertising                $ 560.00       $ 2,000.00         $ 370.00
                           $      0.00
                           $ 402.00
                           $ 555.38
                                          $     0.00
                                          $ 500.00
                                          $ 100.00
                                                             $     0.00
                                                             $ 350.00
                                                             $ 585.00
                                                                           Summer 2010
Division Activities Fund   $ 2,920.91     $     0.00         $     0.00        Full Day Tennis Camp
                                                                                  Adults + Juniors
Totals                     $62,720.26     $60,600.00         $58,820.00
                                                                                 Lodging Available
Meetings                   $ 109.00       $ 1,000.00         $ 1,000.00   Vineyard Tennis Center
Office Supplies             $ 2,320.50     $ 7,000.00         $ 4,750.00
Telephone                  $ 836.19       $ 2,000.00         $ 1,200.00
Travel/National meetings   $ 2,613.36     $ 5,000.00         $ 5,000.00
Advertising                $ 3,168.52     $ 3,000.00         $ 3,100.00           508-696-8000
Tournaments                $     0.00     $ 1,000.00         $ 100.00
Conventions                $22,187.65     $23,500.00         $21,500.00
Education                  $     0.00     $     0.00         $     0.00
Professional Services      $10,647.99     $ 9,000.00         $12,810.00
Merchandise                $ 2,674.70     $ 300.00           $ 2,500.00
Publication costs          $ 4,912.27     $ 8,500.00         $ 6,000.00
Miscellaneous              $ 1,478.58     $     0.00         $ 500.00
Postage                    $ 331.02       $ 300.00           $ 360.00

Totals                     $51,279.78     $60,600.00         $58,820.00

                                                                      President’s Message
                                                                     Fellow USPTA professionals and friends:
       Jacques A. P. Faulise
          13 Loop Drive
                                                                           What an honor it is to address you as president of the USPTA New
    North Kingstown, RI 02852                                        England Division.
         Cell 401-952-7000
     japfaulise@hotmail.com                                             Your new board took office during the board meeting at our recent
                                                                     Annual Convention at Wentworth By The Sea Country Club. With regret
                                                                     we said goodby to three former board members; Mike Smookler and Kelly
        Christopher Stevens
       502 Springbrook Circle                                        Gunterman have moved out of New England, and Steve O’Connell’s term
       Portsmouth, NH 03801                                          as Immediate Past President is over. Thank you, and good luck to Mike,
           H 603-373-8035                                            Kelley, and Steve for their years of service, and countless hours of hard
          W 603-610-0183                                             work for our division.
         Cell 603-969-2648
                                                                              New to the board are Connie McHugh, Pam Dodman and Mike
          TREASURER                                                    Mercier. The leadership for USPTA New England Division is strong and
        Marcy Rubinstein             diverse. Your new Board of Directors is made up of club owners, club managers, college coaches, high
       76 Greenbrier Road            school coaches, sports scientists, national speakers, USTA leaders, and good hard working tennis pros. What
       Trumbull, CT 06611            a talented group.
       H/W 203-268-5357
        Cell 203-521-2663
      mtatennis@charter.net             Host pro and regional vice president Chris Stevens and his staff, again ran a fabulous convention.
                                     Wentworth By The Sea Country Club has been a great venue for our past meetings and conventions, and we
          SECRETARY                  look forward to being there again. The speakers were interesting, informative, compelling, and I am sure
        Pam M. Dodman                that every member was able to go home with a new idea or drill. USPTA treasurer Mark Fairchilds spoke
         26 Rabbit Run
                                     of a new USPTA University to help build the future of the USPTA and provide a roadpath for the younger
       Wiscasset, ME 04578
        W 207-729-8433               players.
                                        USPTA New England Division has over 700 members, and each and every one of you has your
        VICE PRESIDENT               own reason for being a member. I hope that we can somehow enrich your membership experience. Our
       Michael L. Mercier            information sources of newsletters, Web sites, and timely e-blasts provide updates and previews of all of
         108 Lovett Street
        Beverly, MA 01915
                                     our events. Our one day state meetings, conferences, and annual conventions bring us together to learn,
        Cell 978-273-6500            network, and meet face to face, on a regular basis. These along with all of the resources and benefits
     mercier@fas.harvard.edu         available at the national level make your membership all that more valuable.
                                       The more we work together, the stronger we become, so let me ask you to take the opportunity in the next
       VICE PRESIDENT                two years to help our division stay strong and active.
      Doug Eng, Ed.D, Ph.D.
   30 Revere Beach Pkwy. #302
       Medford, MA 02155
                                      * Bring in one new member. Let them see how great the USPTA is.
       Cell/H 617-281-8368
    douglas.w.eng@gmail.com           * Attend a meeting or convention. We work hard to provide the very best educational lineup at all of our
                                     meetings and conventions. Come see what we have to offer or better yet, be a speaker. Contact our education
      VICE PRESIDENT                 chairperson, Chris Stevens, who is always looking for new, local speakers.
      Connie L. McHugh
        P.O. Box 1823
     Edgartown, MA 02539
                                      * Why not host a one day meeting? New venues in parts of New England will certainly bring out more
        H 508-627-9200               members who may not be able to travel to the other sites
        W 508-696-9000
     mchugh33@verizon.net             * Serve on a committee. Contact a state rep or board member and let them know your interests.
 IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT              Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you, and I look forward to working with an outstanding board in
         Avis R. Murray
       30 Cleveland Street
                                     the next two years.
      Gloucester, MA 01930
        H (978) 283-0809             Jacques A. P. Faulise
        Cell 978-609-0750
         Fax 978 282-7725
  W 978-283-1866 Ext. 3 (Summer)

          Jerri DiCamillo
           P.O. Box 126
    West Kingston, RI 02892
         W 401-789-8927
        Cell 401-742-2075

                                   Passing the gavel.                    Outgoing President Avis Murray.    The Faulise family - Jacques, Lise, Jake
                                                                                                            and Jacqueline.

  Meet Your New Board Members
                            Pam Dodman is Head Tennis Professional at the Maine Pines Racquet and Fitness Club in Brunswick, Maine. She lives in
                         Wiscasset, with her partner, Kristen, and their one and a half year old daughter, Ellie, with baby number two due this summer.
                            As a very active member in the USPTA New England Division, she serves as the Maine state representative, holds
                         instructional meetings every year for tennis professionals, is the women’s committee chairperson and has organized
                         several women’s and girl’s tournaments to raise money for charities dealing with women’s issues. Last year, her combined
                         women’s and girl’s tournament raised money for the Girl Scouts of Maine. Pam is a tester working with Dave Fleury and
                         last year, published an educaional article in ADDvantage magazine. She has submitted another article and is working on an
                         educational project for publication. Pam also organized and directed a High School Coaches Clinic for Maine coaches and
                         will do so again this year.
  PAM DODMAN                Pam still competes on the national level. She has won two gold balls, one for the National 35 and over Women’s
    Secretary            Hardcourt Doubles Championship and one for the National 35 and over Grasscourt Doubles Championship. This past year
                         she won a bronze ball in the National 45 and over Claycourt Doubles Championship and came in fourth in the 35 and over
                         doubles division at the same tournament. Pam was a member of the USTA New England Intersectional team playing in the
                         35 and 45 and over age divisions. She had a 3-1 record at the Intersectionals in Naples Fl. Her NTRP rating is 5.0.
                            Pam has coached numerous USTA women’s and men’s league teams. Last year, most of her teams won their division
                         and competed at the District Championships. She also coached the women’s 3.5 senior team that won their section on their
                         way to a fourth place finish at the national finals. This year Pam is working with the Maine Pines Tennis Academy which
                         provides instruction, both on and off the court to the state’s high level juniors.

                            Michael Mercier is the Harvard University Tennis professional. He is known for his international and high performance
                         coaching and training with top US elite wheelchair tennis players along with top able-bodied New England juniors. Michael
                         is the chair for USTA New England Wheelchair Tennis, USPTA Wheelchair Tester, certified USTA High Performance
                         coach, Head Coach-USA Tennis High Performance Competition Training Center for eastern Massachusetts and is a former
                         USA National Wheelchair Tennis Coach.
                         •   USPTA New England Tennis Professional of the Year (2003)
                         •   USTA Junior Wheelchair National Coach for the World Games, Italy (2002)
                         •   USPTA New England Eastern Tennis Professional of the Year (1998 and 2002)
                         •   USPTA Top Ten Award for Career Developmentt (2000)
                         •   U.S.A Tennis High Performmance Coaching/USTA Sports Science Certification Levels I and II
   Vice President        •   USPTA Tennis Professional (P-1)
                         •   USTA 25 Year Distinguished Service Gold Ball Award
                         •   Presidential Sports Award - Tennis

                             I celebrate 25 years as a USPTA teaching professional next year. My membership has been a treasure during my career.
                         I began in the quintessential position as a new pro…the camp counselor. Each overnight session the tennis staff thrilled
                         campers with tennis racquet tricks, a tremendous love for the game and as many skills as we could add in between.
                            Remembering those days has me thinking about the new initiative that the USPTA national board has just announced.
                         The USPTA will now be reaching out to young teaching pros to bring them into our great association and assist them
                         in their professional development. Fabulous! Remember the first adult who mentored you and began to impart all their
                         teaching knowledge your way. Now there will be an opportunity for your starting pros to join us and begin their careers
                         with professional support early on.
                            We need this new group of members! They are going to infuse a whole new source of energy into our association. And why
CONNIE MCHUGH            not help them immediately in the early stages of their work as a teaching professional? The USPTA is proposing a reduced
  Vice President         membership fee for these high school and college teachers and special rates to our conventions. This is going to be fun.
                            Soon they can attend conferences for the same reason you and I do… to add to our teaching base, enjoy some terrific
                         people and gain the feedback and support all the best in the industry need.
                            So now, bring your entire teaching staff to the next conference, even that high school senior you just hired to help you
                         this summer.
                            You may have a great idea for a topic to be covered in one of our conference sessions. Be selfish. Let us know. Chances
                         are if you are looking for new ways to run a social round robin, a fellow professional has been thinking of the same thing.
                            See you at the next conference with my teaching team.
• July 2008 - present - Vineyard Tennis Center, Workout and Spa - Sole owner of the club. Responsible for programs, staff, maintenance and
  building improvements, communications and advertising finances. Head tennis professional. Coordinates all lessons, clinics and events.
• 1995 - July 2008 - Vineyard Tennis Center - Designed, marketed and built the first indoor tennis club on Martha’s Vineyard with business partner
  Ken Martin. Opened the tennis phase in 1996. Added first Health club portion Fall of 1999. Doubled the size of the club with a complete health club
  and spa addition Spring of 2003. Responsible for all staffing and programs.
• 1990 - 1996 - Edgartown Park and Recreation - Head Tennis Professional - Head program coordinator and tennis instructor. Organized national
  Junior Tennis League for junior players on the island. Created a team league for adults. Conducted USTA Schools Program throughout the island.
• 1985 - 1988 - USTA/Middle States - Traveled the Middle States as the first director of the new USTA Schools Program
• 1982 - 1985 - Middle States Tennis Association - Director of Juniors - responsible for all junior programs and tournaments
• 1980 - 1982 - Salem State College - Women’s Tennis Coach

                                                   Seeing Is Believing:
                                                    Visualize Success
                                                              Stephen   Thuot, Ph.D.
                               This issue we have a guest writer, Steve Thuot, Ph.D., who works at
                           Thoreau Club and is on our New England Sport Science Committee. Steve
                           has spoken at our New England conferences. In this article, he discusses
                           visualization, one of the most powerful tools in psychological intervention
                           techniques for performance enhancement.

                                Through visualization, tennis players can improve their skills, prepare for competition, and improve
                           their mental toughness off the court. Visualization has been successfully utilized by sport psychology
 Doug Eng, Ed.D., Ph.D.,   consultants and coaches with athletes of all skill levels. Approximately 90-95percent of Olympic level
(Sport Science Chairman)   athletes use visualization.

                                Visualization works by creating or recreating an experience in one’s mind. The image created
                           is more than just a visual experience and should include auditory, kinesthetic, and olfactory (smell)
                           experiences. Examples of sensory experiences are: Visual, “Seeing the approaching ball, seeing your
                           shot land on the other side of the court.” Auditory, “Hearing the sound of the ball leaving your racket.”
                           Kinesthetic, “Feeling yourself reach for an overhead, feeling your feet in motion, feeling the warmth of
                           the sun.”

                                Why do athletes use mental imagery? Players can use visualization to feel the movement of
                           a stroke or to improve skill level. Many students can’t play more than once per week, have them
                           visualize the proper technique three minutes per day. For tournament or team players, visualization is
                           a useful motivational tool to build confidence, reduce nervousness and get focused. Players visualize
                           from an internal (see the image through your own eyes) or external (watching yourself on television)
                           perspective. Visualizing from an internal perspective has been shown to be more effective than from an
                           external perspective. Close your eyes and visualize a topspin ball to your forehand, feel your feet move
                           to the ball, feel the ball contact your strings; hear the pop of the string as the ball is hit. This internal
                           perspective contains sight, sound, touch and movement, all key ingredients to good mental imagery.

                               An important but overlooked aspect of visualization is that the athlete is in control of the image.
                           The student can visualize proper technique (see, hear, and feel the stroke) and the result. Players can
                           visualize match strategies, control emotions, improve concentration as part of their mental preparation.
                           An example: imagine situations where you mentally wander and work on controlling concentration.
                           Possible situations: Beginning of a new set, breaking serve, missing an easy shot.

                               Visualizing yourself performing well in your mind can help build confidence in stroke development
                           match situations. Mental practice is an important piece of an overall training program. Whether
                           learning a new stroke or tournament preparation, visualizing success is important in achieving success.

                                If you would like more information regarding mental imagery please contact Steve Thuot, Ph.D.
                           at Stephen@thoreau.com.

         The USPTA New England Division invested in a video camera this year. Hats off to Doug Eng who ably
         taped presentations at our recent Annual Convention at Wentworth By The Sea Country Club. He has set
         up a USPTA New England youtube channel. Visit http://www.youtube.com/usptanewengland and view the
         video clips of some of the speakers. He even created DVD’s that can be purchased. Check it out! A “First”
         for our division. GREAT JOB Doug!

            To view YANKEE PROse go to www.uspta.com or usptanewengland.com
   Pr s              n the G
                                                                                   Girl Scouts and Tennis
                                                                                    by Pam Dodman

                                                                             Last year, Maine held a combined USTA sanctioned women’s and
         Congratulations go out to Julius Kipkoech who was the winner     girls’ tournament. It was a girls’ level 7/8 tournament for the 10’s, 12’s,
of the 2010 New England Cardio Tennis shootout with a score of            14’s, 16’s, and 18’s, and an open tournament for women. The goal was to
50. Steven Thuot came in second with a score of 44. As the winner,        promote tennis for girls, to demonstrate that tennis is truly the sport for a
Julius will be able to represent the New England division at the Cardio   lifetime, and to raise money for the Girl Scouts of Maine. The tournament
Tennis Feeding Shootout which will be held at the 2010 USPTA World        was held at the Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness Club in Brunswick, ME
Conference in La Quinta, California.                                      which is about 30 minutes north of Portland, ME. The intention was for
    Coming soon, will be the debut of the Cardio Tennis Kids workshop     the women to serve as role models for the girls showing them that tennis
along with the new Cardio Tennis Kids playbook. We are also in the        can be fun and played at any age. All net proceeds from the tournament
process of scheduling Cardio Tennis workshops in the New England          (and silent auction) went to the Girl Scouts of Maine.
area. More details to follow.
                                                                             Previous to the tournament, I spoke with the program director for the
    If you need help or are struggling with getting Cardio Tennis
                                                                          scouts to determine if they offered a tennis badge. The scouts had at one
running effectively at your club, please contact Lance Andersen,
                                                                          point offered a badge but not recently. I asked if they would consider
lance@luckydogtennis.com. Lance is a member of the National
                                                                          reinstating the badge and offered them lessons at a reduced rate to be
Cardio Tennis Speaker Team and will be happy to provide you with
                                                                          held at Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness. Tennis is now offered as a badge
                                                                          opportunity in their Spring Program Guide.

         PILOT PEN USPTA/NE                                                  The Girl Scout organization was picked because of its philosophy
                                                                          and inclusiveness: the Girl Scouts are dedicated to helping girls “in an
         19th Annual FREE Lesson                                          accepting and nurturing environment, build character and skills for success
   The United States Professional Tennis Association’s (USPTA)            in the real world. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls
FREE Public Tennis Lesson took place despite the rain at the Pilot Pen    develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, like leadership, strong
Championships. Fulfilling its purpose to promote more participation        values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and
in the sport of tennis, USPTA’s New England Division Pros conducted       self-worth.” Tennis can help the girls build some of these characteristics
the 19th Annual Tennis Across America (TAA) FREE Lesson Event on          with the added benefit of being fun and improving their health and fitness.
August 28, 2009 at the Pilot Pen WTA-ATP Championships in New             It would be nice to see similar events run in other states and/or to have
Haven, Conn.                                                              a combined event between states. Anyone is encouraged to conduct a
                                                                          women and girls event; it could be a USTA sanctioned tournament, a fun
   With obesity and fitness issues making headlines, the USPTA wants       tournament, a mom-daughter tournament, round robin, etc. If you need
you to know that there are great health, fitness and psychological         any help you can contact me at pamdodman@yahoo.com.
benefits to playing tennis. The New England Division of the United
States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA/NE) conducted the
19th annual FREE lesson on Friday, August 28, indoors at the brand
new Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center. The top ranked Bryan brother’s
father, and renown USPTA tennis pro/celebrity, Wayne Bryan, made                                    Tennis ball grants available
his seventh appearance to help make the lesson a success. The adverse
weather could not dampen the enthusiasm of the USPTA/NE volunteer                      You can get a Pro Penn tennis ball grant (up
pros as the public received expert instruction and heart pumping                   to two cases) for grassroots tennis events. Submit
exercise. This year’s FREE Lesson will mark the 20th year it has been              a written request describing your program details,
offered to the public at the same venue.Plans are already underway to              the location and dates of the event. Also, what
mark this milestone TAA event.                                                     pros are involved and the type of people that your
                                                                                   program will serve (preferably novices and begin-
   The USPTA/NE-Pilot Pen FREE Lesson is part of the GREATEST                      ners). Programs that qualify are any type of free or
“FREE” LESSON ROAD TRIP in America which offers FREE                               low-cost programs or an event of your own creation.
pullic lessons at professional tennis tournaments and venues such                  The grants are sponsored by USPTA New England
as the Cullman-Heyman RTennis Center at Yale University, the                       Division. E-mail your request to President Jacques
Campbell’s Championships at the International Tennis Hall of                       Faulise at japfaulise@hotmail.com for processing.
Fame in Newport, RI, the Boston Lobsters World Team Tennis                         Apply early as there are a limited number of cases of
Events, as well as the Pilot Pen Championships. The purpose of                     Pro Penn balls for this program.
the FREE Lesson campaign is to promote tennis as the No. 1 healthy
activity to participate in and to “Grow the Game” in conjunction with
allied organizations suc as the USTA, TIA, ATP and the WTA.
                                                                                          Keep informed.
                                                                                  Visit www.usptanewengland.com

                   USPTA members receive
                  USTA New England Awards
 USTA New England recognized individuals that have made positive contributions
 to tennis in New England in 2009 at its annual awards ceremony that was held
 on March 6, 2010, at the Courtyard by Marriott in Marlborough, Mass.

 The Joseph Dietz Bowl
                                      Adult Tournament of the Year

                                                     Nigel Bentley
Marcy Rubinstein and USPTA NE
   President Jacques Faulise

                                         William Freedman
                                         Award for outstanding
                                         contribution to Junior
                                         development in NE

                  Jeff Bearup

Service Awards
1974 - 35 Years       Chuck Kinyon
                      Mike Mercier
                      Richard Mount

1979 - 30 Years       Laury Hammel

1984 - 25 Years       Carlene Stephens
                                               Mike Mercier and Avis Murray

1989 - 20 Years       Courtney Gilman
                      Avis Murray

1994 - 15 Years       Jeff Bearup

2004 - 5 Years        Duke Diaz
                      Alex Dorato
                      Wailey Kiang
                      Phil Parrish

                         Ed Krass                                                                                                       Stan Smith

                                                      The Speakers

                                                                                                                                   Steve Thuot

              Doug Browne                                                                    Gundars Tilmanis (Til)
                                                        Mark Fairchilds

                                                                                           Traci Green
                                                                                                                            Ajay Pant
                                                     Mike Kolendo
            Jay Harris                                  USTA NE

                                                                          Coaches Panel - Host Pro Chris Stevens, Gundars Tilmanis, Mike Quitko and
Mike Kolendo, Melissa Pride, David Zeutas-Broer and Jeff Waters           Jay Harris


                                     AWARD WINNERS
            Regional Pros of The Year                                            ERIN REEVES - High School Coach of the Year
                                                                                 • USPTA member since 2004
              LANCE ANDERSEN
                                                                                 • Director of Junior Tennis at Natick Racquet Club
              • Directed several USTA tournaments at
                                                                                 • Director of Middle Camp in summer at
                Harvard with 200 players
                                                                                   Longwood Cricket Club
              • Co-presented Cardio Tennis Specialty
                                                                                 • Head Coach, Girls’ Tennis Team Wayland HS
                                                                                 • Wayland HS voted Sportmanship Award for
              • Published an article in ADDvantage
                                                                                   DCL Small School members
              • Lessons for Life Chair
                                                                                 • In her first year, the team made the states for
              • Member of USTA Adult Player Committee
                                                                                   the first time iin 12 years with a 9-7 record
              • Directed Town of Harvard Rec program
                                                                                 LESLIE SHEEHAN - College Coach of the Year
              RICHARD WATERFALL                                                  (Boston University)
              • Seven years as Director of Tennis at                             • Final ITA national ranking of No. 59 Div. I
                Hopkington Country Club                                          • 16 straight America East Championships
              • Director of Tennis at Charter Oak Country                        • 11 straight NCAA appearances
                Club                                                             • 15-6 record
              • Director of Tennis for Rec programs in                           • wins over national powers: Virginia Common
                Framingham, Medfield, Medway                                        wealth University (VCU) and University of South
              • Official Stringer for Boston Lobsters and USTA                      Florida (USF
                Challenger                                                       • No. 1 player, Stefanie Nunic, was selected as
              • Retailer for Kingsbury Club, Kingston Mass.                        America East Most Outstanding Performer,
                                                                                   America East Women’s Player of the Year, and
                                                                                   America East Rookie of the Year. This was the
              TIM SMITH
                                                                                   first time in league history to win all three awards
              • Director Junior Tennis at Longwood
                                                                                   in one year
                Cricket Club
              • Co-Director New England Academy of Tennis                        HELAINE VRANA - Rookie of the Year
              • USTA Junior Sportsmanship Committee                              • Coaching theNo. 2 - 4.0 singles player in NE (Deb
              • Recent interest is in using iPhone on - court                      Hawkins) and helps coach top 100 junior player
                teaching tool                                                      (u12s, Ray Boppanna)
                                                                                 • Been ranked in the top 5 in NE in 4.0 singles and
                                                                                   doubles, and in top 10 in 4.5 doubles
              DAN MCCORMICK                                                      • Currently employed at Shrewsbury Health and
              • USPTA member for 24 years                                          Racquet Club in Shrewsbury Mass.
              • Played and coached URI Men’s Tennis                              • Have been playing/competing/ and learning tennis
              • USPTA State Rep for E Mass                                         for 19 years
              • Four time US mixed doubles court tennis                          • Says there’s nothing than teaching this great game.
                                                                                 LYNN MILLER - Special Recognition
              • Racquet stringer at US Open seven years
                                                                                 • College coach for 30 years
                                                                                 • Wheaton qualified for NCAA for first time 2009
                                                                                 • 5 or 6 starters were named NEWMAC
              CHRIS STEVENS                                                        All Conference
              • Head Coach at Merrimack College                                  • Named NEWMAC Coach of the Year
              • Director of Tennis, Wentworth-by-the-Sea                         • Hosted USPTA New England conferences in the
              • Hosted numerous USPTA New England                                  past
                Conventions                                                      • Speaker at USPTA New England conferences in
              • Started Northeast Tennis Professional                              the past
                Association                                                      • Came back from a heart attack in early 2009
              • Co-Chair, USPTA New England Education                           New England No. 1 55 singles
                Committee                                                       Female 55 and over Player of the Year

                                                             BARRY PARKER
JACQUES FAULISE and MARK FAIRCHILDS                        Quick Tip Contest Winner
         Platform Tennis Winners

                         AWARD WINNERS
BRUCE MAHLER                                                           LUKAS KORZEKWA
Tennis Industry Excellence Award                                        Coach of the Year
• USPTA Pro 1 member 1970 - 2010                                       • Top 10 Junior player in Poland in 16’s and 18’s
• President, Boston Tennis Court Construction                          • Top 10 New England adult men’s open player
  Co., Hanover, Mass.                                                    and No. 3 for doubles for 2007
• Quality tennis court construction and                                • Played 5.0 Nationals in Palm Springs Cal.
  maintenance since 1969                                                 in 2007
• Member, American Sports Builders                                     • Worked with Camille Jania, No.1 in 18’s and
  Association (ASBA) since 1986                                          Mike Hill, No. 1 in 18’s in New England
• Certified Tennis Court Builder as designated                          • Maine Pines Tennis Academy Director first in
  by ASBA since 1987                                                     Maine Tennis Academy with best Juniors in the
• 6-time winner of ASBA’s “Outstanding Tennis                            state and some in NE
  Facility Award for Excellence in Design and                          • Enjoys spending time with wife and two kids
• Racquet Sports Industry (RSI) Magazine’s                              DAVID ALTSHULER
  2008 Champions of Tennis Award, National                              Lessons For Life
  Builder/Contractor of the Year                                        • Raised $53,671 in 2009
                                                                        • 2002-2009 – Top fundraiser in Lessons
                                                                          for Life
                                                                        • Raised over $700,000 total
U.S. No. 36 45 singles
Female 45 and over
Player of theYear

New England No. 1
85 singles
Male Super Senior
Player of the Year                              MIKE LAPIERRE
                                            Facility Manager of the Year
                                          • Involved in tennis for 25 years
                                          • Director of tennis for 14 years
SHEILA WEINSTOCK                          • General Manager of Bass River Tennis Club for the past three years
U.S. No. 14 65 singles                           • Oversees staff of 20 USPTA tennis pros
No. 3 65 doubles                                 • Facility has 10 indoor courts
Female Senior                                    • Hosts 12 USTA Junior Tournaments during the year
Player of the Year                               • Provides QuickStart tennis play format programs for juniors
                                                 • Provides members with tennis pro exhibitions
                                                 • Fundraisers
                                                     • Beverly Boot Straps Cooking Contest
                                                      proceeds to benefit the Food Pantry.
LAURY HAMMEL                                        • ECS Sports for two years raising money to sponsor
New England No. 1 60 singles                          upcoming juniors
Male 55 and over
Player of the Year                        • General Manager of both Bass Rivers Tennis Club year round
                                           and the Beverly Golf and Tennis Club during the summer
                                              • Oversees staff of 2 full-time and 3 part time pros
                                              • Hosts the Herb Schackter memorial championships
                                              • Offered to host the USPTA New England Divsiion Grand Prix Tourney
                                              • Hosts the USTA Senior Men and Women’s Sectional Tournament held
                                                 each year in August
New England No. 1 65 doubles              • Contributions to the community
Male Senior                                    • CHAD - Charlestown Against Drugs - Provided lessons, equipment
Player of the Year                               and coaching for those high risk inner city youths for the past two years
                                                • Provides the Beverly Recreation Program use of their courts
                                                • Provided lessons, equipment and coaching for the Beverly Children’s
                                                 Learning Center for high risk Beverly city youths for the past two years



                                     Julius Kipkoech
                              raffle winner and winner of the
                                    2010 New England
                  HEAD/Penn      Cardio Tennis Shootout.


    New England Scrapbook
    We could use your help!!                                                                    FOR SALE
N     All of you may be wondering how the USPTA World                               Used Brutus Tennis Rollers
    Headquarters selects the National Awards presented annually at
    the Annual Convention in September.
                                                                                     Reid Tennis Courts, Inc.
      Each of the 17 divisions submits a scrapbook of their division                                Tim Reid
E   activities from July 1 to June 30 yearly. These scrapbooks are
    forwarded to the National Office the first week of July for a
                                                                                                  P.O. Box 1551
                                                                                                 Avon, CT 06001
    review by the National Awards Committee.
W    Categories in the scrapbook consist of:
     •   Attendance at divisionl conventions
     •   Divisional participation in USPTA programs/events               Need summer help? Post your jobs with USPTA
     •                                                                       The USPTA is partnering with the Intercollegiate Tennis Association
S    •
         USPTA’s Tennis Across America clinics and events
         USPTA Adult Tennis League
                                                                         to encourage college players to become tennis professionals. These
                                                                         college tennis players will have access to our Find-a-Job site through
     •   USPTA Little Tennis                                             a new student category. They will be able to search for summer
                                                                         employment positions such as camp counselor, teaching assistant or
     •   Champion of Champions                                           other part-time and temporary positions that facilities have. Therefore,
     •   USPTA/USTA coaches clinics (credit also applies toward USPTA    the USPTA is expanding their current job listings to include part-time
Y        hosting a USTA clinic)                                          and summer jobs. You are encouraged to post any summer and/or
                                                                         part-time job openings you may have. It is hoped that workig with
     •   USPTA division tournaments
                                                                         USPTA-certified professionals will encourage students to become
     •   USPTA Lessons for Life                                          future tennis professionals.

O    •   USPTA Junior Circuit                                                Since USPTA Professionals do a great majority of hiring in the
                                                                         industry, you are being asked to post any job availabilities on the
     •   Other grassroots programs to grow the game                      Find-a-Job site at usptafindapro.com. In this economy, it is important
     •   General membership meeting                                      to post all jobs that are available for USPTA Professionals. This also
                                                                         helps you find qualified certified members.
U    •   Person-to-person divisional board meetings
                                                                             You may be contacted by other industry organizations asking for
     •   Additional board meetings                                       your job postings. However, USPTA is asking that you utilize their
     •   National award nominees from division                           job listings as they have been most successful. Also, they would
                                                                         like to avoid any confusion that may cause owners and managers to
     • Newsletter (July - June 30)                                       post jobs where non-USPTA pros or even noncertified teachers can
     Also considered regarding membership:                               access them.
C    •   Division members who upgrade                                        If you have any questions about posting a job, please contact
                                                                         Kathy Buchanan at kathy.buchanan@uspta.org.
     •   Member participation in Tennis Across America                       Thank you for supporting your fellow USPTA professionals and
     •   Division growth                                                 future pros alike.
A    •   Division members earning 3 or more career development credits
                                                                                         Technology Web Sites List
         during awards period
                                                                         • Coaches Resource Center – http://coachesresource.uspta.com
      If you have hosted any events, fund raisers, Tennis Across         • CourtsideUSA – http://www.getcourtside.com
N   America events, workshops, clinics, helped with high school fund
    raisers, could you kindly forward any information, newspaper
                                                                         • Personal Web sites – http://www.usptapro.com
                                                                           (search find-a-pro)
    articles, fliers, photos of these events to Avis R. Murray,           • Tennis – for the health of it!– http://www.tennis-health.com
    Immediate Past President, 30 Cleveland Street, Gloucester, MA.       • Tennis Resource Center Forums – http://forums.uspta.com
    10930 or send via email: avistennis@verizon.net.                     • Tennis Resource SEARCH – http://www.tennisresources.com

                                       USPTA New England Division
S                                     Spring Conference
E                                              Dartmouth College
                                                      Saturday, May 15
                                                      10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
                                                      Host Pro Chuck Kinyon
                       Details to follow at www.usptanewengland.com and www.uspta.com

USPTA announces redesign of tennis-health.com
                                           The United States Professional Tennis Association’s announcement of the redesign of tennis-health.com shows its
                                      continued commitment to communicate the tremendous health benefits of tennis and that tennis is fun, easy, exercise
                                      for people of all skill, age and fitness levels. This free, interactive Web site, which supports the Tennis – for the health
                                      of it!SM initiative, targets teaching professionals, tennis consumers, health-care professionals, and non-tennis playing
                                      consumers. While tennis-health.com was originally launched in April 2009, the upgraded site includes feature articles
                                      and videos (of the month) and a blog on “tennis and your health” featuring Dr. Jack Groppel, an internationally
                                      recognized authority and pioneer in the science of human performance, and an expert in fitness and nutrition.
                                          In addition, registered users can sign up to comment on the blog and receive e-mail alerts when new content is
                                      posted. They can also track their tennis activity and weight loss if losing weight through tennis is one of their goals. The
connection function allows users to search for and connect with other consumers or teaching professionals or invite others to visit the site and register. It is a
great way for people who are trying to get healthy together to invite accountability partners to the site and monitor their progress and help motivate each other.
People may also share stories on how tennis has impacted their lives. To register and get started, visit www.tennis-health.com.
    The site also features an extensive event search that has been improved. Consumers have the opportunity to search for tennis events, programs and
teaching professionals in their area. The event search now allows consumers to search events by type of event, date, facility, city or ZIP code. Registered
teaching professionals have the opportunity to promote their programs, events and facilities on the site.

   Also, since USPTA and TennisMD.com entered into an agreement that makes TennisMD a health and fitness content provider for tennis-health.com,
USPTA now features articles and videos from TennisMD regularly on the site, giving users more fresh content to choose from on topics related to health,
fitness, nutrition, wellness, injury prevention and much more.

   “Our goals through this site are to not only inform the public that tennis is a great way to get healthy and provide them with tools and resources, but to also
provide them with avenues to actually get out and play tennis in their local communities,” said USPTA CEO Tim Heckler.

   Tennis-health.com, which was created in support of the USPTA’s Tennis – for the health of it!SM initiative, features numerous resources for each market/
demographic. The site also features information and background on the initiative, and a breakdown of how different markets, whether they are recreational
tennis players, competitive tennis players, nonplayers, or parents looking for activities for children, can benefit from tennis.

    Tennis – for the health of it! is an initiative started by the USPTA in January 2008 to make the general public aware of the tremendous health, fitness and
psychological benefits of tennis and encourage people to get out and play the sport as a part of their regular fitness regimens. The sport of tennis is also social
and fun, and can be a welcome change to routine gym workouts or as an additional activity in a fitness routine as part of a healthy lifestyle. The USPTA and
its members are the delivery force through which the public can receive these benefits through lessons and other tennis activities.

Tennis Camp
located at Dartmouth College
      and The Quechee Club
Directed by Chuck Kinyon, Dave Jones and Bob Dallis,
the Dartmouth College Tennis Coaches

      One of Tennis Magazine’s 10 Best Junior Tennis Camps in the Country!

          6 Junior Weeks at Dartmouth                  Junior and Adult at Quechee
         June 27 - July 1, July 4 - 8, July 11 - 15          June - August
      July 25 - 29, August 1 - 5, August 8 - 12        contact us for more information

                                       or call 603-646-0751

                                             Promote your programs with
                                               Tennis Across America!
                                             Tennis Across America Day is May 8, 2010

     USPTA will celebrate the 21st annual Tennis Across America on May 8. We encourage all members to help local children, adults and senior
citizens get involved in tennis this year by hosting a Tennis Across America event and promoting Tennis – for the health of it!SM
     Tennis Across America is more than a one-day event; it is a tool that, if used properly, can spawn interest in other tennis programs. Hosting a free
clinic allows you to showcase all of your tennis activities. For example, Little Tennis is an extremely powerful toolbox for those who wish to play,
promote or teach tennis to very young children and their families. It uniquely caters to teachers, parents, kids and program organizers. It not only
helps children learn the game but also involves their parents and grandparents. If parents and children are invited to participate in a day of tennis fun
together, it may increase enrollment in children’s after-school and summer programs and get parents to sign up for lessons as well. Parents usually
love the physical component of tennis, because today’s children don’t get enough exercise. Little Tennis provides exercise and social interaction in a
healthy environment.
     Teaching professionals may also host a Cardio Tennis demonstration to introduce fitness to members who are aerobic enthusiasts. Other events
could focus on junior players or adult players. Why not try a member-guest clinic? This way you reach out to possible new members. There are many
things you can do to change your Tennis Across America clinics from year to year. Remember, by holding a Tennis Across America clinic you are
helping to not only build your spring and summer programs but you are also helping to introduce the game of tennis to new audiences.
     Get credit for hosting your Tennis Across America event by registering it today! Registered public events will be promoted on our Web sites.
Also, registered events help your division get credit in the race to be No. 1 in Tennis Across America participation. The deadline to register your 2010
Tennis Across America events is July 1!
     You can also purchase Tennis Across America banners again this year. The banners, which are 34 inches by 52 inches, are a great way to promote
your event at your club or in your community throughout the year. The Tennis Across America banner is available by calling the USPTA merchandise
department at 800-877-8248 or by visiting us online at U.S. Pro Tennis Shop.
     For more information about Tennis Across America or Tennis Around the World, please contact Rick Bostrom at 800-USPTA-4U (877-8248) or

         USPTA/NE – Pilot Pen                                               USPTA NEW ENGLAND
    Tennis Across America                                                         IS GOING TO THE PILOT PEN

                 Free Lesson Event
          The Connecticut Tennis Center
            Pilot Pen Champiosnhips                                    AUGUST 20-28, 2010                              LEAGUE DAY/NIGHT

             August 27, 2010, 1 - 6 p.m.                                              TO JOIN OUR GROUP
                                                                             CALL MATT FRAENZA 203-776-7331 EXt. 5811
    This year marks the 20th year USPTA New England Division
has offered FREE lesson to the general public in conjunction with                           LEAGUE MEMBERS BENEFIT
the major sponsor of the New Haven ATP/WTA U.S. Open Series                                  FROM THIS SPECIAL RATE

professional tournament. This year’s Tennis Across America event
                                                                           BOX SEATS ARE JUST $40 ($70 VALUE)
is being recognized as one of the longest running continuous
annual FREE lesson events in the United States and beyond. Plans
                                                                            TUESDAY, AUGUST 24 - SESSIONS 4 & 5
are underway for a public celebration and media event during the                    USTA MEMBERS WILL HAVE ACCESS
Pilot Pen Championships. Stay tuned for details!                                     TO VIP HOSPITALITY FROM 4-6 PM

       Join in the Celebration!                                                                SESSION 4 - DAY
                                                                            Gates open at 9:00 a.m. - matches begin at 10:00 p.m.

                                                                                               SESSION 5 - DAY
                                                                            Gates open at 5:00 p.m. - matches begin at 7:00 p.m.

                                                                              PILOTPENTENNIS.COM Questions: Call Matt Fraenza Pilot Pen Tennis
                                                                                     203-776-7331 Ext. 5811 (Transportation not provided)

                                                                    Take advantage of New England’s Ultimate Tennis Experience! The Pilot
                                                                    Pen is offering special incentives to USPTA NE pros. Have your students
                                                                    or members call Matt Fraenza, Pilot Pen Industry Sales and Marketing
                                                                    Coordinator at 203-776-7331 extension 5811 and book day or night seats
                                                                    on League Day at the Pilot Pen (Tuesday, August 24) and you’re on your
                                                                    way to watching some great tennis.
    2010 celebrates the 35th season of World Team Tennis. The
Boston Lobsters are proud to announce New England native            Gold Package:
James Blake as part of the 2010 Boston Lobsters Team.               Confirm 20 or more tickets booked and receive a week-long credential
They are also excited about hosting Anna Kournikova when the        to any session including the championships plus 4 box seats to an ad-
                                                                    ditional session.
St. Louis Aces visit Boston this summer.
    The USPTA New England Division and Boston Lobsters              Silver Package:
will team up for the third year to promote tennis as a part of a    Confirm 5-19 tickets booked and receive 2 box seats to an additional
healthy life-style. Family Day, a Tennis Across America (TAA)       session (1-7).
event is planned prior to the July 17 match against The New
York Sportimes. Lessons will start at 2 p.m. and the matches at
4 p.m. Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton, Mass. is the site of
seven home matches played in July. If you would like to volun-
                                                                     Would you like to be a speaker?
teer to help out with this event, please contact Avis Murray at      Members who would like to speak at the USPTA New England
avistennis@verizon.net.                                              Division May or October One Day Conference should present
    For more information, directions and the complete schedule       their topic and outline to Regional Vice President Chris Stevens
go to www.bostonlobsters.net.                                        at cstevens@wentworthbytheseacc.com.

 Please note that the USPTA Free Lesson that is held at
 the Campbell’s Hall of Fame Championships will be held
 on two days this year - July 5 and 6. See advertisement
 on page 16.

                                    Now is the time!
                                 It is never too late to schedule a Lessons for Life event and now is the perfect
                                 time to do so to help those who are suffering in Haiti. Please consider hosting
                                 an event specifically to help the Haitian people ASAP. Remember your events,
                                 no matter how large or small, are important and we request that you register the
                                 events at www.uspta.com or by emailing Lance Andersen,
                                 lance@luckydogtennis.com, who is our division chairperson.
                                 Last year we raised more than $98,000 and this year we hope to raise at least
                                 $110,000 with your help.

USPTA NewEngland Division Raises $98,720.34
Host Pro Scott Smith       Vineyard Haven Tennis Center         M/W Doubles Extravaganza                     $7,000.
Michael Halisky            2/06/09                              Cocktail party and silent auction
Barbara Leonard                                                 to benefit Vineyard Youth Tennis
Cheryl Backus
Ann Bresnick

Host Pro Peter Kolifrath   The Greendale Tennis Extravaganza To Benefit YMCA Strong Kids Charity              $3,000.
Orlando Corona             2/27/09
Lorene Washburn
Tony Brisette
Jane Mepham

Host Pro Dave Altshuler    Beverly Golf and Tennis              To Benefit Jimmy Fund and the                 $53,671.
                           6/26/09                              Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Host Pro Avis Murray       Bass Rocks Golf Club                 Three round robins                           $6,604.
Erin Doane                 7/28/09                              to benefit Susan G. Komen
Terri Doane
Peter Hood
Stella Nahanta

Host Pro Mike Kolendo      Enfield Tennnis Club                  Beer and wine tasting event and silent       $20,605.53
                           9/19/09                              auction. Pro-Am tennis event with local
                                                                pros and Tim Mayotte paired with players
                                                                to benefit The Cancer House of Hope

Lance Andersen             The Longfellow Club                  Mixed Doubles Social and                     $1,100
Phil Parrish               10/30/09 - 10/31/09                  Cardio Tennis event
Sylvia Swartz                                                   to benefit Susan G, Komen

Host Pro:                  North Haven Health and Racquet       Rally For Charity to benefit Save the         $6,100.00
Rossetti Brothers          8/15/09                              Children, Rally for the Cure, Tim and
Angelo and Ettorre                                              Tom Gullikson family, ALS Association
                                                                Connecticut Chapter

Host Pro Lance Andersen    Longfellow Club                      Mixed doubles social and donations from      $639.81
Adrian Sahlean             11/29/09                             spectators of USTA 16 and under National
                                                                Tournament over Thanksgiving break
                                                                to benefit OXFAM

                                                                                          TOTAL              $98,720.34

                                                                       Publication Deadlines
                                                                        Publication Dates                              Deadlines
                                                                       July (Summer) newsletter                        June 1
                                                                       (Including USPTA NE Fall Conference Brochure)
                                                                       November (Winter) newsletter                    Oct. 1
           Welcome New Members                                         (Including USPTA NE Convention Brochure)        Nov. 2
Tyler Brown ................................. Sherman, Conn.           March (Spring) newsletter                       Feb. 1
Thomas Byrd................................... Rangeley, ME
                                                                    The following is the rate schedule for ads placed in our newsletter.
William Cannon ....................... Manchester, N.H.
T. J. Dang ................................... Manchester, N.H.    Size               One Time              2 Issues            3 Issues
Paula Driscoll .............................Medfield, Mass.         Bus. Card      $35                       $30 ($60)           $25 ($75)
David Grow ....................................Wilton, Conn.       1/4 page       $60                       $55 ($110)          $50 ($150)
Richard Hall .................................. Lebanon, N.H.      1/2 Page       $85                       $80 ($160)          $75 ($225)
Ismail Khan ................................. Medford, Mass.       3/4 Page       $100                      $90 ($180)          $80 ($240)
Zolten Koncz............................ Portsmouth, N.H.          Full Page      $,110                     $100 ($200)         $90 ($270)
Scott Levy....................................Needham, Mass.       Full page insert - flat rate $100
Leo Nelson............................... Dorchester, Mass.
Vi Nguyen ........................................ Revere, Mass.   As of 3/19/2010 the newsletter is received by approximately
                                                                   602 tennis professionals in New England. It is also received by
Jonathan Rogers .......................... Concord, Mass.
                                                                   the presidents and vice presidents of the 16 other divisions of
Lynne Smith ................................. Walpole, Mass.
                                                                   the USPTA, as well as USPTA national Board of Directors.
Scott Staniar ............................ Greenwich, Conn.
Victor Vincente Vidal ................. Stanford, Conn.
                                                                   Jerri DiCamillo, Executive Administrator
Andre Ward .................................. Cheshire, Conn.      Editor/Photographer/Layout and Design of Yankee PROse
Chuck Weed......................................... Chelsea, VT    USPTA New England Division
Spencer Withington ..................Plymouth, Mass.               P.O. Box 126, West Kingston, RI 02892
Aimee Wolf.....................................Weston, Mass.       Telephone: 401-789-8927 or Cell: 401-742-2075
                                                                   e-mail: jerridicamillo@cox.net

                 New England Division
                 P. O. Box 126
                 West Kingston, RI 02892
United States Professional Tennis Association

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