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Senior Project: 100 Sample Physical Health Driving Questions


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									                                  North Lawndale College Prep Charter HS
      Senior Project: 100 Sample Physical Health-based Driving Questions

Good Driving Questions

   are provocative;
   are open-ended, not close-ended;
   lead to argumentative claims/essays/presentations;
   are challenging; and
   are more specific than they are vague.

Sample Driving Questions:

1. Do people experience pain differently making it impossible to establish a best way to recover
    from it from it?
2. Does weight lifting create both physical strength and perceived strength? ( I am strong
    because I think I am strong?)
3. Is Strength Physical or Mental?
4. Is health relative or universal? For example is good health in Africa the same as good health
    in America?
5. Are raw foods better than cooked foods, when it comes to health considerations for you?
6. Is the push for exercising in the interest of better health for the population or better health for
    the bottom lines of the health industry?
7. Is peer pressure the major driving force for teen interest in alcohol or are there other social
    factors that are more compelling?
8. If steroids improve performance, shouldn’t it be legal for professional athletes’ who know the
9. Is there a value in fish oil pills and other supplements for improving health?
10. Should the use of marijuana be legalized?
11. Is sweating always good for health maintenance?
12. Is your heart rate reflective of your health?
13. Is monitoring weight the key to good health?
14. Is gaining muscle mass genetic or a function of hard work?
15. Are obesity and culture related?
16. Are there particular foods that have more value for weight loss or is weight loss dependent
    on the amount of food consumed?
17. Do strong lungs contribute to better health, and if so, do suggested techniques for
    strengthening lungs really work?
18. Does cooking food longer than necessary destroy its nutritional value?
19. Is the Chinese approach to healing, illness, and medicine superior to the Western approach?
20. Can a good life be lived without good health?
21. Is there a relationship between physical health and mental health?
22. How or has the environment increased the potential for more severe diseases and illnesses?
23. Has media increased our paranoia and heightened our sensitivity to health risks or is the
    world less healthy than it once was?
24. Is the American life style less healthy than other nation’s life styles?
25. How has American materialism and conspicuous consumption contributed to its national
    health crisis?
26. Do we know what causes longevity, and is it only about physical health?
27. Does a highly material culture promote obesity?
28. Does a healthy diet allow you to lose weight without working out?
29. Does genetic driven metabolism affect weight and as a consequence general health?
30. What is the relationship between sex and good or bad health?
31. Should health and fitness be mandatory in high school?
32. Is stress a natural phenomena or is it an external imposition?
33. What is the meaning of “really healthy”?
34. How does physical health impact ones spiritual health and one’s relationship with the
35. Is stress mostly positive or negative?
36. Are there circumstances under which good health should be sacrificed?
37. Do different body types thrive better on different diets?
38. How does physical exercise affect one’s mental state?
39. Have standards for the body’s water needs been established through human experience or
    scientific research?
40. Has losing weight become a secular religion driven by economic imperatives?
41. Is the notion of “ideal body weight” a subjective designation or an objective one?
42. In what ways do exercises affect a pregnant woman’s baby?
43. Does working out have an impact on high blood pressure and other dimensions of body
44. Is the food system in modern culture safe enough to promote raw food eating practices?
45. What is the relationship between female athletes having irregular menstrual cycles and the
    health of their sport?
46. Does nicotine really effect athletic performance and if so, how?
47. What is the impact of athletic conditioning routines on life after sports?
48. Are there superior conditioning routines that can help athletes increase their speed in sports
    where a part of the competition is speed?
49. What foods best build on muscles?
50. Is lifting weights unhealthy for youth athletes?

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