ISCA National Specialty Dog Classes 2011

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					 ISCA National Specialty Regular & Non Regular Dog Classes
              Judge: Sam Houston McDonald

Veteran Dog
1. Ch Courtwood Seeker                         Bred By Dogs
2. Ch Galewinns Spirit of Tramore              1.   Captiva’s Notorious
3. CH Ramblin’ Red Criminally Insane           2.   Dublin’s Lucky Charm, JH
4. Ch Courtwood Stonehenge                     3.   Drin’s Paint the Town Red
                                               4.   Fyrethorn Straight To The Top
Abs: 0
6-9 Month Dogs                                 American Bred Dog
1. Jamonds Wingman
                                               1. Galewinns Grace and Glory At Huntersglen
2. Dublin’s National Treasure
                                               2. Willowbrook Artist’s Rendition
3. Mi Jeans Undeniable
                                               3. Galewinns Hunterglen Badlands, NA,NAJ,NF
4. Tramore Oh My What A Guy
                                               4. Care-In-Al Range Rider
Abs: 0
                                               Abs: 47,225
9-12 Month Dogs                                Open Dog
1. Tramore Notorious
                                               1. Greenway’s Hot Summer, TD,RN
2. Jadestar Rifleman
                                               2. Rusticwood Sorcerer
3. Bellary N Beaubriar Wolverine
                                               3. Captiva’s Close Call
4. Vermilions Scotch On The Rocks
                                               4. Grainuaile Pheasants Forever
Abs: 149
                                               Abs: 65, 183, 193,195
                                               Hunting Dog
                                               1. Ch Ramblin’ Red Tax Deferred, JH,RE
12-18 Month Dogs                               2. Ch Rosette Blues Borthers, JH
1.   Allegiance Special Edition
                                               3. Ch Lunn’s Rock Star, JH
2.   Beaubriar Spirit Meant To Be
3.   Rosette Making My Way
                                               Abs: 0
4.   Lunn’s Super Mario Bros

Abs: 33,165                                    Stud Dog
                                               1. Ch Captiva Quitte Ou Double
                                               2. Vermillions Estate Tax
Amateur Owner Handler                          3. Ch Mariah I’s of Texas
1. Evergreen Lucky Morn Mother Nature’s Son,   4. Ch Courtwood Going My Way
2. Mythodical’s Notorious Rory Camble          Abs: 0
3. Avon Farms Mr Paddy Mcintyre
4. O’Shaney’s Derry Aire
                                               Winners Dog:
                                               Tramore Notorious
Abs: 0
                                               Reserve Dog:
                                               Greenway’s Hot Summer, TD,RN

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