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									Welcome to the Georgia Apply to College Week
         Site Coordinator Training!

•   Overview of GACW
•   GACW Volunteers
•   Application Fees and Fee Waivers
•   GACW Materials
•   Next Steps
•   Overview of GAcollege411 and the GACW Guideway
                         Purpose of GACW

The GACW seeks to provide Georgia high
 school seniors…
  – the opportunity to apply to college using GAcollege411
  – by providing assistance as they complete their application(s) for
  – with a focus on providing assistance to first generation and
    underrepresented students as they navigate the college
    application process.
  – GACW also seeks to encourage students to apply to college
    earlier .
                        A Collaborative Effort

GACW Committee:
• Communities in Schools
• Georgia Department of Education
• Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges
• Georgia Student Finance Commission
• Technical College System of Georgia
• University System of Georgia

• Endorsed by the Georgia Association of Collegiate Registrars and
  Admission Officers (GACRAO)
• Receiving funding through the College Access Challenge Grant awarded
  through the Department of Education
                                 The Big Picture…

• Students complete activities prior to the event using the Georgia
  Apply to College Week Guideway on GAcollege411.org:
    – Research colleges
    – Identify those to which they would like to apply
    – Complete a practice application
• The participating high schools hold their event on their pre-selected
  day during the week of November 9th-13th.
• During the event, students receive assistance completing their online
  applications from specially trained college and community
• Some colleges may waive their application fee for the duration of
  the event
• GSFC/Financial representatives available to answer F/A questions.
                        2008 GACW Results

• 8 high schools participated
• Approximately 20 colleges waived their application fee
• And with support from over 55 volunteers from Georgia’s colleges
  and universities
• Almost 900 students submitted applications through GAcollege411
• And GSFC/GAcollege411 staff were on-site to answer financial aid
  and GAcollege411 questions
                               2008 GACW Results

Governor Sonny Purdue
   proclaimed November 11-
   13, 2008 as Georgia Apply
   to College Week
                          GACW In the Spotlight

The participating high
   schools were highlighted
   by their local media.
                               GACW in the Spotlight

Click on the “GACW in the
    Spotlight” link on the
    GACW website to see

But the day was really about the students!
                          2008 Student Feedback

94% of participating students rated the event as good or excellent.

80% said the event influenced their decision to apply to college.

   “I think this event was very helpful to me… I think the event was helpful for students
   who are unsure about their future.”

   “Georgia Apply to College Week really helped me because prior to the event I had so
   many questions that got answered. Plus, I am a procrastinator and this event pushed
   me to go ahead and apply early. It helped me a lot!”
                          2009… bigger and better

• More days!
        November 9-13th

• More high schools!
      45 high schools selected from almost 100 applications submitted

• More volunteers!
      Volunteer pool expanded to include both college/university and
      community volunteers

• More students!
      With more days, more schools and more volunteers, more students
      will receive assistance applying to college
                                         What assistance is

•   We help you locate volunteers to provide assistance during your event
•   We encourage colleges to waive their application fee and compile the list of those deciding to waive
    their fee
•   We provide you with GACW materials:
     –   Site Coordinator Handbook
     –   Volunteer Handbook and Volunteer GACW “Quick Start “ Guide
     –   Georgia Apply to College Week Guideway within GAcollege411
     –   Buttons
     –   Posters
     –   Student and volunteer sign-in sheets
     –   Student and volunteer evaluation forms
•   We provide training:
     –   Site Coordinator
     –   Volunteer
                                                     High School

•   Contact volunteers and provide them with your event details.
     –   Let them know when and where to meet on the day of the event and how long they will be needed.
     –   Be sure to do this as early as possible as schedules fill up quickly!

•   Reserve location for the event (media center, computer lab, etc.)
     –   Computers with internet access
     –   Printer(s)

•   Develop a schedule for the day of your event.
     –   Be sure all seniors who may want to participate will have the opportunity to do so.
     –   Share the schedule with your school, your volunteers and the GACW committee.
                                                  High School
•   Ensure students complete the Georgia Apply to College Week Guideway prior to the
     –   Create GAcollege411 account
     –   Research colleges and identify those to which they wish to apply during the event.
     –   Complete a practice application

•   Be sure students arrive at the event ready to apply!
     –   GAcollege411 account already created and account name/password memorized
     –   Georgia Apply to College Week Guideway almost complete
     –   GACW Student Prep Sheet completed
     –   Aware of payment options

•   Spread the word to your local media!
                                The Volunteer Role

•   Welcome students as they arrive for the event and have them sign-in
•   Help direct students to open computers
•   Help students logon to GAcollege411.org
•   Help students navigate to the online applications on GAcollege411
•   Answer any questions students may have as they work on their application(s)
•   Provide assistance to those students who may need to print their application or
    confirmation screen
•   Share college experiences and help students get excited about college!
•   Provide each student with an evaluation form to complete before leaving the
•   Not a recruitment event!
                    Signing up as a

Click on “Get
                           Signing up as a

Click on “Sign up
to volunteer
Signing up as a
Signing up as a
                                                 Your Volunteers

•          As volunteers complete the
           volunteer registration form,
           their information will be made
           available to you on the GACW
           Resource page (not a public


    •       As you confirm with your
            volunteers, let us know once
            you have enough volunteers
            and we will close the
            registration form for your
    •       Let us know if you don’t have
            enough volunteers!
    •       Recommend 1 volunteer to
            every 4-5 computers (with
            extras for check-in, helping
            with the printer, handing out
            evaluation forms, and to allow
            others to take breaks)
                                                GACW Materials

•   Site Coordinator Handbook – Includes sample complementary activities, a planning timeline and checklist,
    sample media release, sample letter to parents, etc.

•   GACW Student Prep Sheet - By completing the GACW Student Prep Sheet prior to their Georgia Apply to
    College Week event, students can be sure they arrive at the event with the information needed to complete their
    application(s) and with a list of colleges which they have determined would be a good match for them.

•   Volunteer Handbook –Informs volunteers of their role as a GACW volunteer. Provided to volunteers prior to the

•   Volunteer “Quick Start” Guide – Designed to be provided to volunteers as they check-in for the event, the
    Volunteer “Quick Start” Guide provides volunteers with a quick overview of their responsibilities as a GACW

•   Buttons – given to students as they complete their online applications.

•   Posters – Site Coordinators used to promote the event

•   Sign-in sheets

•   Student evaluation forms

•   Volunteer evaluation forms
                                    The GACW Site
                                  Coordinator Handbook

Available on the GACW
    website in the “Information
    for High Schools” section.

                                        Site Coordinator
•   Site Coordinator Timeline and Checklist (items to complete prior to the event by month)

•   Helpful information/tips
          – Pre-event planning
          – During the event
          – Application fees

•   Suggested complementary activities (let us know if you have others to add!)
          – College Night
          – Parent Night
          – Scavenger Hunt

•   Sample letters
          – To Colleges to Recruit Volunteers
          – To Parents to Inform them of the Event

•   Sample media release
                                       GACW Student Prep

By completing the GACW Student Prep
    Sheet prior to their Georgia Apply to
    College Week event and bringing it with
    them to the event, students can be sure
      – they arrive at the event with the
         information needed to complete
         their application(s)
      – with a list of colleges which they
         have determined would be a good
         match for them.

 Available on the “Information for High
     Schools” section of the Georgia Apply
     to College Week website.
                                           GACW Volunteer
                                          “Quick Start” Guide

•   Volunteers will be provided online
    training and a Volunteer Handbook
    prior to the event.

•   The Volunteer “Quick Start” sheet gives
    them a quick refresher of their role as a
    GACW volunteer.

•   Available on the “Information for High
    Schools” section of the Georgia Apply
    to College Week website.
                                      Application Fees

•   Last year, almost 20 colleges waived their application fee.

•   This year?????

•   GACW committee sends letters to all college/university presidents and Directors of
    Admission encouraging them to waive their application fee in support of the event.

•   We will provide you with a list of those colleges agreeing to waive their application
    fee prior to the start of your event.

•   It is up to each college to turn on the fee waiver option.
                                                    Application Fees

•   Each college has different payment options available on their application payment screen.
     –   online check only
     –   credit card only
     –   check or credit card
     –   Some allow application submission without payment but payment must then be mailed in with the application
         confirmation screen.

•   Encourage students who may be eligible for the College Board fee waiver to obtain the form
    prior to the event. Each college will have different instructions for submitting an application
    utilizing a College Board fee waiver.
     –   Submit application and mail in fee waiver with the confirmation screen
     –   Print application and mail in with the fee waiver

•   This information is provided on the “Information for Applicants” screen of each online

•   Students who do not have a method to pay with them at school may save their
    application and submit that evening at home.
                                  The 2008 Events-
                         - Challenges Encountered and
                                Lessons Learned
•   Make sure all laptops are charged (or recommend plugging all laptops into outlet).

•   Make sure all computers have access to working printers (with sufficient ink and

•   Make sure someone is available to monitor the printers to keep applications in

•   Be sure students come to event with their GAcollege411 Account Name and
     • Have identified individual at the high school who can reset passwords.

•   Make sure students complete college research prior to event and arrive with list of
    schools to which they would like to apply.
                                The 2008 Events-
                       - Challenges Encountered and
                              Lessons Learned
• Be sure students have sufficient time in the lab (45 minutes – 1 hour

• Make sure recruitment events are held prior to or following GACW (not during
  the event).

• Be sure volunteers are provided information regarding your event as early as

• Make sure students bring information needed to complete their application (i.e.
  SAT/ACT scores, essays/personal statements).

• Set default home page on the computers to GAcollege411.org.
                                   Next Steps…

• Review the Site Coordinator Handbook and become familiar with the items
  contained in the timeline and checklist.

• Watch for volunteers to be posted on our website and communicate with
  them as early as possible.

• Direct any volunteers you may identify on your own to complete the online
  volunteer registration form.

• Encourage community groups to utilize the “Motivational Modules” found
  on GAcollege411. The Motivational Modules assist with expanding
  opportunities for young people in your community
                             More Next Steps…

• Inform your school’s teachers and administrators of the event.

• Plan to incorporate complementary activities leading up to the event.

• Reserve your computer lab/media center for the day of your event.

• Publicize and promote the event in your community. Take advantage of
  the sample media release found in the Site Coordinator Handbook.

• Encourage students to create their GAcollege411 account and to begin
  work on the GACW Guideway. They should also complete the GACW
  Student Prep Sheet and plan on bringing it with them to the event.
                                              GACW Web pages

Participating High School Site Coordinators Only (not for public access)
        • List of volunteers for each high school and their contact information
               –   Will be posted as we receive completed volunteer registration forms
         • List of colleges waiving application fee
               –   Will be posted prior to Georgia Apply to College Week

Public Page (okay to share!)
         •   Site Coordinator and Volunteer Handbooks
         •   Volunteer “Quick Start” Guide
         •   Student GACW Prep Sheet
         •   FAQs
         •   Publicity/Media
                Contact Information

• Email - gacw@usg.edu

• Phone - 404-656-2272
The Georgia Apply to College Week Guideway

       • The Guideways can
         be found on the
         College Planning
         page of
       • Note: the blue arrow
         indicates the location
         of the Guideways

In order for a
student to
complete a
he/she must
first have
created and
logged into

The Georgia Apply to
College Week Guide is
listed first.
Thank you for your participation in the 2009
 GACW Site Coordinator training!

Please let us know if you have any questions,
  comments or suggestions!
           Email - gacw@usg.edu
           Phone - 404-656-2272

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