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Arenaproduct page

Travel suppliers and retailers can now experience a new distribution system being
operated by a independent Australian company. ARENA, operated by Travel
Distribution Systems Pty Ltd (TDS), totally supports industry members by providing
cost effective distribution through the aggregation of all travel and tourism services.

TDS is providing access to the ARENA application free of charge for industry
members to maximise participation and reduce costs.

Disrtribution page

ARENA has been designed to address the specific requirements of industry members
and operate in a user friendly manner. Advanced computer technology has been
applied within the development of ARENA to provide efficient distribution across all
industry sectors. INDUSTRY FOCUSED
Created for the industry, ARENA will impact on the time and motion elements that
affect bottom line results of companies within travel and tourism. The service
provides benefits for both large and smaller companies and widens the range of
distribution within local and international markets.

Industry input has helped developed functions within ARENA and operate in a
dynamic environment to maximise efficiencies within reservation processing.
TDS will make available an API (Application Protocol Interface) Specification for
suppliers wishing to provide a gateway from their internal reservation systems to
ARENA for distribution services
 At Travel Distribution Systems, we understand the value of effective distribution
within travel and tourism. Due to cost issues, many on-line services now bypass
traditional industry outlets by selling directly to the public and this has eroded
business for many companies. ARENA addresses this situation by providing cost
effective distribution for suppliers and an opportunity to reach all retail agents.
  Cost Effective Distribution
Cost effective distribution is part of our strategy for the globalisation of ARENA and
transaction fees have been aimed at lowering local and international distribution costs
for suppliers. The cost of distribution will no longer remain a major expense within
travel and tourism operations with ARENA.
  Total Distribution Solution
ARENA has the ability to distribute all travel and tourism services on a global basis
and manage all content fir distribution within the system's inventory management
facility. The system can also provide API connectivity from external reservation
 Airline Reservations
Package Tours
Car Rental
Express Coach
Rail Reservations
Travel Insurance
Caravan Parks

 Global Distribution
We are committed to the globalisation of ARENA for the benefit of outbound and
inbound operators alike. Global operations will provide suppliers with greater market
penetration and ne business opportunities. Last Minute & Special Offers
ARENA also provides suppliers with the opportunity to distribute last minute or
special offers to retailers. Once viewed, offers can be booked instantly and stored
within the PNR file structure.
Functions within ARENA have been designed to effectively control and manage
reservations with no mistakes. Automated and manual queues are used for fulfilment
and reminder issues.

Benefits page

ARENA has been designed to benefit both suppliers and retailers within the Travel
and Tourism Industry and address the business pressures being experienced through
the online reservation environments. By consolidating all reservations through a
single system, ARENA will reduce processing time and operational costs while
enhancing customer services at the point of sale.
ARENA is a purpose build application, utilising the latest in advanced technology, to
overcome the fragmentation of reservation services over the Internet. All reservations
are managed through a Super PNR file structure and services like competitive pricing
and dynamic packaging will be a breeze. ARENA will benefit all sectors within travel
and tourism and for the first time, travel agents and service suppliers will be
empowered within a global distribution network, which has been designed to meet
their requirements.

ARENA access is free of charge to industry members.

ARENA Benefits:
Travel and Tourism Retailers

 Inventory Management Facilities
Lower Distribution Costs
Low Transaction Fees
Wider Market Penetration
Closed User Groups
Reduced Communication Costs
API Connectivity
International Distribution
Lower Brochure Production Costs
Distribute Special Offers
Queue Facilities
 Lower Operating Costs
Reduced Telephone Time
Consolidated Reservations
Queue Facilities
No Transaction Fees
Reduced Communication Costs
Instant Quotations
Document Printing & Delivery
Internal Messaging
Super PNR Facilities
Enhanced Customer Service

 Reduced Communication
Costs Instant Quotations and Price Comparisons
Users will experience lower communication costs through ARENA and reduced
reliance on 1800 free call services, call centre operations and the telephone to service
retail clients. Current pricing listed in ARENA must be guaranteed with component
status, quotations and price comparisons being instantly displayed.

Closed User Groups Accounting Records
ARENA also caters for Closed User Groups to allow suppliers to manage business
relationships and terms between their agents. Any number of Closed User Groups can
be established. While trip costing is calculated within ARENA, the system does not
include a full accounting system. All debtor records can be imported into an external
accounting system.

Features page

 ARENA includes many features (listed below) that have been included to meet
industry expectations and deliver maximum benefits for all users of the system.
Creative features will continue to be added, as part of the ongoing development
 Inventory and Price Management
Dynamic Packaging
Quotation Facilities
Super PNR File Structure
Document Printing and Delivery
System Security
Internal Messaging
Yield Management
Share PNR Facility (where required)
Commission Tracking

Message Queues
Bulletin Board
Productivity Reporting
Travel Inquiry Registrations
Cross Reference PNR's
Links to Supplier Sites
Last Minute or Special Offers
Closed User Groups
Supporting Services
Dynamic Searching

 Global Operations
To cater for global operations, ARENA will support international languages and
currencies to maximise participation in all countries.

Pricing page

We have ensured that distribution through ARENA is affordable for all members of
the Travel and Tourism Industry. Reservation transaction fees are applied to suppliers
only for confirmed reservations and there is no impact on a travel agent's commission
or any other income generated through reservations.
A single reservation transaction fee applies to each supplier within a PNR and are
billed on a monthly basis. The transaction fee is a capped amount and is not affected
by passenger numbers or trip values.

All access to the ARENA application is free of charge to eligible industry members
for distribution and both suppliers and retailers must register for access, subject to the
published terms and conditions.

ARENAOne being an in-house reservation system has a different price structure to
ARENA and information can be obtained by contacting Travel Distribution Systems
Pty Ltd.

Early bird rates are being offered for ARENAOne.

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