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									Hostels for Women

Anugraha Hostel - Belapur, Navi Mumbai
Achamma Bhavan Hostel - Byculla
Daisy Lawson Hostel - Colaba on Wodehouse Road
Dipti Dhaman Hostel - Andheri at Asha Kiran
Lady Willingdon Hostel - Fort

The Salvation Army- Indian Western Territory
80, Shaikh Hafisudin Marg
P. O Box 4510
Mumbai – 400008
Karmayogi: Ms. Sheetal A Bhosle, Programme Organiser - HIV/AIDS
Tel: 2309 3566, 23084705
Fax: 23099245
Category: Support Groups
Notes: Other Social services are: Homes & Hostels for Girl's in Mumbai, Home for Blind Working
Men's Hostel, Hostels for Working Men in Mumbai, Transit Hostel, "Free Feeding" Programme for
poor. A confidential HIV testing and Aids Counselling Centre, An HIV/AIDS project which provides
pretest counselling testing and post test activities and medical care for HIV infected patients. Also
conducts community based visits.
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YWCA of Bombay has 5 hostels and accommodates over 250
young working women, belonging to different communities and creeds.

YWCA of Bombay
Mumbai International Center
18, Madame Cama Road
Mumbai - 400 039
Tel: 2202 5053/9161/0598/282 6814
Fax: 2202 0445

YWCA of Bombay
Fort Center
18, Madame Cama Road
Mumbai - 400 001
Tel: 2202 0122

Young Women's Hostel
Concord House
Moriand Road
Mumbai – 400 008
Karmayogi: Major Sasikala Wanjare, Officer – In – Charge
Tel: 2309 6544/55
Category: Women
Notes: Hostel (only for University Students, Admission – April, May & June)

YWCA of Bombay
Andheri Center
Asha Kiran
53 J. P. Road
Andheri (West)
Mumbai - 400 058
Tel: 2670 2831/39/63/72/3021

YWCA of Bombay
Belapur CBD Center
CBD, Sector 8
Near Konkan Bhavan
CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai - 400 614
Tel: 91-22-2757 0786

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