LAB BIOLOGY                                                           NAME: ________________________
                                                                        PERIOD: 1   2   3  4  5   6

                           CELLULAR RESPIRATION PRE-LAB
1)    After reading pageS 8 & 36, titled                2)   After reading page 37 titled “Reduction-Oxidation
      “METABOLISM”, explain the meaning of                   Reactions”:
       “metabolism”. Give several examples of how
       energy is used in autotrophs and heterotrophs.   Define “Reduction”:

                                                        Define “Oxidation”:

                                                        Explain what occurs when energy is transferred during
                                                        chemical reactions in living cells.

3)    Using pages 80 and 137, label the diagram
      to the right using the following terms.

     Describe the purpose or       Outer membrane
     advantage of having
     cristae.                       Cristae

                                     Inner membrane


4)    After reading the information box on page         5)   Using pages 131-133, xplain what “anaerobic
      130, summarize how heterotrophs use the                pathways” refers to regarding cellular respiration.
       carbohydrates produced in photosynthesis.

6) After reading page 132, what is the raw              7) How many ATP’s are made in glycolysis, how many
   material used in glycolysis and what what               are used, and how many are gained for other
   molecule results?                                       purposes?
8) What percent of the total energy stored in          9) What two processes are included in aerobic
   glucose is released and stored in ATP by the           respiration and where do they occur?
   process called glycolysis? =
                                                          Process                    Location

      By all processes (including aerobic) =           _______________           _____________________

                                                       _______________           _____________________

10)    What is the role of oxygen in aerobic           11) Regarding cellular respiration, name
                                                       Raw materials (reactants) =

                                                       Product =

                                                       Waste products =

12) Write the balanced equation for cellular
    respiration in the space below.

13) You will assemble a “respirometer” as shown
      to the right. The test tube will contain a
cotton ball at the very end. You will place several
drops of a chemical (KOH) that will absorb CO2 as
it is produced by respiration. A second cotton ball
that is non absorbent cotton, will be placed in the
test tube to prevent the KOH from touching your
specimen. Your specimen will then be placed in the
respirometer. The rubber stopper with the
graduated pipette will then be placed in the test
tube. As oxygen is used by the specimen, the
volume of gas will decline in the test tube. Water
will then move into the pipette. You will be testing
the effect of temperature on oxygen consumption.

      Write an If, then statement for your group.


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