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					Amanda, Karen, and Maira                                                                   Period 3

Country: India                                                                             March 30, 2011

                                   Exporting the iLearn to India

Product Description

         The iLearn is a new product on the market that can be compared to the iPad. This new product
has the capabilities to further secondary education students in numerous ways. There is the possibility
of downloading e-books for classes, or other extra reading that the student may need. There is also
many apps and games to further the knowledge of students in a fun and exciting way. The iLearn also
has the ability to forecast the weather in a way to prepare students for the day to come. The iLearn is a
fully touch screen product and about the size of a text book, but thinner and easier to bring along. To be
able to sell and export this product to India there would need to be some changes. One of these changes
would be to make the iLearn available in not only English but also in Hindi.

Foreign Business Environment

         There are some factors that may affect the sale of the iLearn in India. For one, India is a poorer
country that may not have to means to invest in such a high tech learning method. Another factor is
gender. Since mostly only males go into secondary education, there may not be as many students to sell
this product to. Religion is also another factor that may affect the sales of the iLearn. Indians are known
to be very religious and old fashion in their ways. This emerging technology may not be traditional
enough for them to accept. The geography of India includes many mountainous regions and also many
plains as well. There are also economic conditions that may affect exporting to India including the
inability of India to afford importing. India has importing tariffs which could affect the ability to export
to them and if they could afford the taxes.

Market Potential

         We will be selling our product to secondary higher education students in India. These customers
will be students that want to have an advantage to other students by having a tool to help them succeed
in their higher education studies. More specifically, we are targeting students at ITT Bombay. This a
technological school for the people of India. To contact this school and present our item, we will send a
representative to make a presentation in front of what we would call the Dean. This representative will
have to be able to speak Hindi as well as English and most likely need to be a male. The sales would be
good because the original iPad in India is close to $630 US dollars and our product would only be $400.
The competition would not be too difficult because of the price difference. India is also a very large
country and heavily populated so the demand should be very good.
Export Transaction Details

          Importing taxes for India are around 3% which would not be too large to discontinue our
exporting. This may raise the price but compared to other countries it is not that expensive. In order to
ship our iLearn to India, there are a few requirements. First we must have an invoice and also a packing
list. Since our product is metal, a mill certificate is required. The last thing we would need is a Bill of
Lading. The time expected for this exporting plan to take about 2 to 3 months.
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