101831AB particpant Contract 1112 by wuxiangyu


									                                           Alternative Break 2012
                                           Participant Agreement
As a 2012 Alternative Break (AB) participant, I, ________________________, agree to the
following conditions:                                         (Your name)

    1.   AWB is a ten-day-long service trip during winter break (January 11-21, 2012)*, ASB is a week-long service
         trip during spring break (March 17-24, 2012), which requires my full participation in group activities and
         service-learning experiences each day during the trip. Prior to the trip, special considerations will be made if I
         am sick or unable to participate fully because of physical limitations.
         *Dates may be different depending on trip
    2.   I understand that I am expected to participate in team meetings and group fundraising activities prior to the
         trip. I will make every possible effort to support my team members by assisting with fundraising and attending
         additional AB fundraising events.
    3.   The AB program is completely alcohol- and drug-free. I understand this includes the trip as well as all official
         AB events before and after the trip (ex: fundraising, Kickoff and the Reunion, team meetings, etc.). I
         understand there are several reasons for this policy, namely: (1) not all group participants may be of legal
         drinking age, and alcohol consumption for those members would be illegal; (2) drug use is illegal; (3) I am
         traveling as a representative of the University of Maryland in the community in which we will be serving, and
         (4) drug or alcohol use could hinder my performance on or at the project site, either during or after

    4.   AB is based upon mutual respect between group members (participants, trip leaders, and staff/faculty
         advisors included). I will treat each person on the trip with respect, and will communicate any
         displeasure/complaints in a non-confrontational manner, in order to work out any differences. In return, I can
         expect the respect and honesty of other participants toward me.

    5.   I understand that I am obligated to pay or fundraise the full amount for my trip. Total trip costs can be found
         at http://www.thestamp.umd.edu/lcsl/involvement/alternative_breaks/policies/index.html. All gifts to the AB
         program are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Individual donors should consult their tax advisor for specific
         eligibility questions

    6.   All relevant paperwork (AB Contract, AB liability waiver for all participants; copy of passport OR copy of
         passport application and copy of ISIC card OR proof of insurance for all participants on international trips) are
         due to trip leaders by November 4, 2011 (Winter Break) and November 11, 2011 (Spring Break).

    7.   A minimum contribution of $75 is due by November 11th and the rest of the cost of the trip will be due by
         January 2nd (for AWB) and March 12th (for ASB). (All deposits must be made online through the
         donations website). Any outstanding amount not fundraised will be charged to my student account if my trip
         is not paid in full. I understand that there is a late fee of $15 if my contributions are not in on time. I
         understand that refunds are conditional and dependent upon which trip I am a part of and when I withdraw,
         and that I may still be responsible for the full cost of my trip.

    8.   I understand that the AB program is booking my flight (The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic, Guatemala,
         Peru, South Dakota), it will be booked under my name by: November 4 (The Bahamas), November 11
         (Guatemala, Peru) and December 1 (South Dakota & Dominican Republic).

    9.   If someone other than myself (i.e. a parent or guardian) will contribute financially towards my trip, I
         have spoken with them prior to the submission of this agreement. They are fully aware of my
         financial obligation.

If I do not comply with these conditions I am aware it can result in my return home at my own expense.

Any exceptions to the conditions stated above will be explained on the reverse side of this sheet, and must be agreed
to by the trip leaders of my trip and the coordinator of AB.

____________________________________                                   ______________
         Participant Signature                                                Date

_____________________________________                                  _______________
         Trip Leader Signature                                                Date
Important Upcoming Dates:

Timeline for Winter Trips:
    Friday, November 4: minimum $75 gift due - paid ONLINE, all forms to trip leaders
    Wednesday, December 7: Half of total trip costs (either fundraising or paid)
    Monday, January 2: Full fundraising goal achieved!

Timeline for Spring Trips:
    Friday, November 11: minimum $75 gift due - paid ONLINE, all forms to trip leaders
    Monday, December 12: 1/4 of total fundraising must be completed
    Friday, February 3: Half of fundraising requirements must be completed
    Monday, March 12: Full fundraising goal achieved!

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