Things to Know Before You Buy Venus Fly Trap Plant

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                <p>Venus fly trap whose scientific name is Dionaea
Muscipula is one of the few carnivorous plants that are grown for hobby
and some people <strong>buy Venus fly trap</strong> plant for decorative
purposes. Yes, you heard it right, it’s carnivorous and it eats
insects by trapping them in its cup like trap that has a lid. Thought
it's a carnivorous plant, it’s not harmful for human beings as such.
The appearance of the plant with its traps makes it look exotic.</p>
<p>Once you have decided to <strong>buy Venus fly trap</strong>, you will
need to know how to maintain the plant. It requires low maintenance and
is easy to grow plant as it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. If
you choose to keep it indoors make sure it gets sufficient amount of
sunlight every day. Most of the times people who keep these plants
indoors forget the lighting needs of the plant and eventually the plant
withers. This plant goes into dormancy every year for some time and
during that period sunlight is not required.</p> <p>Venus Fly trap
doesn't need water heavily and a moderate amount of water is sufficient
for it. The soil preferably should be moist and not soggy. Excessive
watering and soggy soil can lead to rotting of the roots. Make sure the
pot used for the plant has holes at the bottom for the seepage of excess
water into the tray below the pot. You can use the tray as a marker for
watering the plant, and so every time the tray goes dry, you will have to
water it.</p>       <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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<p>It’s possible that your Venus fly trap plant might not have a chance
to feed on live bugs, unless your house is infested with flying insects.
So you will have to feed the plant with a live bug once in a while, else
if you can’t get a live one feed a dead one but make sure you wiggle
the trap gently to simulate a live bug feeling. One insect is all that
it needs per month and this plant can survive very long without feeding
on an insect.</p> <p>It is very interesting to see your Venus fly trap
eat an insect, in fact that might be the possible reason for which you
own that plant. This plant, like any other plant get its nutrients from
sun and soil, but will thrive really well if you feed it with an insect
once in a while. Are wondering what insects you can feed your plant with?
The list includes flies, crickets spiders etc. There are also some
insects that you should not feed your plant with. The caterpillars for
example, can eat the trap and might even kill the plant. Beetles are
other insects that should not be fed to this plant, as the outer shell of
the insect is very hard for the plant to digest and eventually it gets
stuck.</p> <p>If you find your plant dull at any point of time, justÂ
take it out and put it in sun for a day or two and it will come back to
normalcy. In winter this plant will become dormant for about 4 months and
if you don't let it to do that, the plant will die. So keep all these
things in mind and you will not have to &lt;a rel="nofollow"
'/outgoing/article_exit_link/1774855']);" href="http://www.nature-"&gt;<strong>buy Venus fly
trap</strong>&lt;/a&gt; plant again.</p>                <!--

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