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									The entire operation to Define Global Warming represented very much more
tougher project than expected, and many were surprised at how a minuscule
alteration of the global warming temperature produced a considerable
environmental impact. Several natural chemical elements regulate the
lower atmosphere region of the planet, to define global warming all of
these must be distinguished and an extent taken of their impact. Science
fields of study determined 5 primary groups of natural elements that
impact the worldwide temperature in their pursuit to define global
warming; Water vapor at 65%, Carbon Dioxide CO2 at 20%, Methane CH4 at
7%, Ozone at 7% and Cloud Cover. By compiling all the written recordings
and results from Ice Core Drilling through the past few decades this
baseline of the natural elements was determined.To broadly define global
warming, it is a natural and slow movement of the heating of the earth
lower atmospheric state and in point of fact is still a recovery action
from the last great ice age. Particular periods of time in the gathering
of global warming temperature data points looked to be in fault. To
discover and correctly define global warming these peaks and valleys that
were occurring in the data points, scientist had to cross reference work
to different subjects of research, looking for a link of an event that
could explain the temporal peaks and valleys. The initial link was
reached from NASA data of Solar Flare Action which suggests a 5 cycle
from high to low, this fit the global warming temperature shifts and also
the pattern of ocean temperature shifts named El Nino (warm ocean
streams) and La Nina (cooler ocean flows). A connection was soon made to
the isolated global warming temperature variations by studying the -œYear
with no Summer-• that resulted in extensive famishment throughout Europe
in 1816 AD, this was caused by the volcanic blast of Tambor that put
adequate partials into the atmosphere to obstruct sunlight for years.
When the volcano Krakatau erupted in 1883 AD exact record keeping were
being kept world-wide and this furnished the concrete data to define
global warming variations and the random extraordinary divergence that
occurred in the data points set. Since then many historic natural events
have been associated to tops and bottoms of the global warming
temperature data points.

Major volcanic action elevated in the first 500 years of 1000 AD that
finished in 1650 AD with what is now named the Mini-Ice-Age, and the
starting of the rewarming cycle back to pre-global 1000 AD temperatures
involved over 300 years. This normal reheating of the world temperature
was expected to begin flattening off in the mid-1900s. In the 1950s
Scientists grew worried that the steep increment in global warming
temperature was not leveling off but carried on the abnormal angle of
increase.By 1970 all the research workers concurred the sharp growth in
global warming temperature was a result of the supplementary gases that
are being put into the atmosphere by human action beginning during the
industrial revolution of burning fossil fuels in the 1700AD. This human
action was not accepted as a nature happening event so the events and
measurements where distinguished into its own category during the
campaign to define global warming. This brand-new category of human
action showed an astonishing additional amount total to the atmospheric
state of 149% of Methane and 40% of Carbon Dioxide since the mid-1700s to
mid-1900s. This worry was intensified by the other human action of
destructive contamination to the oceans and deforestation; these are the
two greatest air cleansers that ingest Carbon Dioxide and Methane from
the air.Since the starting of the industrialized revolution the primary
impact of this man made action has caused an inflated global warming
temperature by 1.34 degs. Fahrenheit. During the process to define global
warming all the data signaled an accelerated shift of two degs. inside a
short time frame has already had a considerable environmental impact, by
extending the current drift the human action will increment the global
warming temperature by 3 degs. from the years 2000 to 2040. Deep ice core
samples indicated the Carbon Dioxide levels of present day duplicate the
same levels as the disastrous event the finished the dinosaurs. Carbon
Dioxide levels began to incline in the 1940s and are directly attached to
increment in the consumption of fossil energy for fabricating or the
making of electricity to backup the call of consumer commodities.During
the 1960's the movement to define global warming was broadcasting a plain
message that any short-term substantial alteration in the global warming
temperature does make a tremendous environmental impact that could endure
for tens of years or 100s of yrs. What is very APPALING is the complete
lack of effort by Government Activities and Political Leaders during the
previous 40 years to cultivate the people and take action. Since the time
of thirty years past the development of natural energy supplies was in
its early infancy stages, nonetheless these natural energy supplies had
proved the power to substitute conventional electricity making systems
and the potentiality of replacing transport energy; with the
encouragement and financing from Governments the Carbon Dioxide emission
would have been flattened considerably during this thirty year time, in
so doing decreasing the global temperature climb by a hundred years or
more.   Warned of the impending problem Governments are still doing
nothing substantive. Electricity can be made pollution free and at really
little cost and nobody appears to want it. Go to this web site
Alternative Home Energy to see why electrical energy is dirty and what
you can do in your household to slowing down down global warming.
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