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					Are you considering an exciting career in the field of solar energy?
You're in good company, because in the past year alone, the solar and
renewable energy industry has grown considerably, creating job
opportunities in every state. From certified solar installers to
technical sales to solar hot water design and installation, people just
like you are getting trained, getting jobs and building security with a
career in solar energy.      Train with the Professionals at SEI

  Solar training with Solar Energy International (SEI) is the easiest,
most convenient way to prepare for a career in the solar industry. With
the most experienced professionals on staff, the team at SEI is on the
forefront of renewable energy education. SEI has 20 ISPQ Certified
Trainers and 24 NABCEP Certified Solar Installers, ensuring that you
learn from only the best, most qualified professionals. Whether you are
seeking online solar training or in-person lab training for the NABCEP
Entry Level Exam or NABCEP Installer Certification, learning from a team
of the most experienced solar installer professionals in the industry is
a smart choice.       A Different Approach to Learning       There are
several different ways to approach online education. At SEI, we
understand that not everyone learns the same way or even at the same
speed. In order for you to get the most out of your solar training, we've
created an online experience that offers you flexibility. In other words,
choose from a variety of learning tools including online forums and
discussions, live student/teacher communication, downloadable course
notebooks and even chat rooms for real time discussion. With the
opportunities provided by SEI, online solar training is easy, fun and
always successful.       NABCEP Certification      Becoming a North
American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner (NABCEP) PV Installer is
just one example of the benefits provided by SEI. Online solar classes
with SEI can help you demonstrate your competence in the field and
prepare you for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam. Remember, passing this
exam is proof that you have achieved a basic knowledge of the fundamental
principles regarding application, design, installation and operation of
grid-tied and stand-alone PV Systems. With SEI's PV Entry Level Program,
you will be eligible to sit for the exam after successfully completing
just two online solar courses. Let SEI prepare you for certification and
help you start a career in the solar industry.       Secure Your Future
Online solar training with SEI helps prepares you for a career, not just
a job. With a career, you can plan for your future, knowing that you have
invested in a position that will grow with you over time. Unlike a job
that very rarely offers future security, a career in solar and renewable
energy is filled with exciting opportunities for growth now and in the
future. Consider training with the best and the brightest at SEI and give
yourself the opportunity to surpass your goals.        SEI has over 20
years' experience in solar and renewable energy training. With highly
qualified experts and professional instructors, an online experience
unlike most others and the commitment to help you reach your career
goals, solar training at SEI is a cut above the rest. Secure your future
with a career in solar energy and consider SEI for your online solar
training solution.         Related Articles - solar training, solar
certification, solar installation training, NABCEP, NABCEP
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