Fellowes Saturn SL-95 Laminator Review

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					Do you want to be able to laminate your documents and photographs so
they'll last longer? If so, the Fellowes Saturn SL-95 just might be the
laminator that's right for you. Check out its strengths and weaknesses so
you can made an informed decision: Strengths and features:   The Saturn
SL-95 has a 9.5-inch feed opening. This is the perfect width for letter-
and legal-sized documents as well as smaller items. You'll be able to
laminate menus, ID cards, photographs, and much more with this device.
This machine is compatible with 5 mil laminating pouches. These pouches
will give your documents enough protection to withstand a good amount of
handling. Also, 5 mil pouches are easy to find and are generally
affordable.    The Saturn SL-95 has 2 rollers so you can be confident
that everything you laminate look great. There are three temperature
settings including one for cold lamination so you can process thermally
sensitive documents. And if anything gets stuck in the laminator, you can
use the release lever to get them out.    If you want a machine that can
provide you with quick results, the Saturn SL-95 is a great choice. It
warms up in just 5 minutes and can laminate a letter-sized document in
under a minute.    This is one of Fellowes' many laminators that has
HeatGuard technology. This feature helps keep heat inside the machine so
that you won't burn yourself when laminating.    The Saturn SL-95 has a
contemporary look so it will look great in today's offices. The machine
is pretty compact with approximate dimensions of 4" (height) x 17"
(width) x 8" (depth). It's perfect for small work areas. If you need to
move this device, its built-in carrying handle will come in handy.
Finally, this laminator comes with a 1-year warranty as well as a starter
kit containing laminating pouches.    Weaknesses and limitations:   Since
this machine has a 9.5-inch feed opening, you can't use it to laminate
large items. However, there are other Fellowes laminators that can do so
such as the Jupiter JL-125.    The Saturn SL-95 isn't compatible with
thicker laminating pouches such as those that are 7 and 10 mil. You also
can't use mounting boards with this device, unfortunately.    Overall,
the Fellowes Saturn SL-95 is a terrific pouch laminator and it's suitable
for home, office, and school use. It's true that this device does have a
couple of weaknesses but they're not deal-breakers at all. This machine
is loaded with some great features such as HeatGuard technology and a
cold setting so you can process thermally sensitive items. Also, the
Saturn SL-95 is nice and compact so you can save room in your work area.
And don't forget that this device comes with a starter kit containing
laminating pouches. You'll be able to begin laminating as soon as you
take the machine out of the box. If the Saturn SL-95 sounds like your
ideal laminator, consider getting it today so you can begin protecting
your document and photographs.

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