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                <p><a rel="nofollow"
ot.com/</a></p> EFFECTS OF SATURN IN VIRGO <p>Due to overwhelming
response to my Article on Sade Sati and the general curiosity among the
Visitors to know the influence of Saturn in their life I wanted to
provide the following information of Saturn influence on various zodiacal
Signs over the next 2.5 years. I am avoiding the signs that are not
going to have significant influence. So far I have not written any
Article on Saturn transit due its wide availability on the web but I felt
the genuine need to provide the information which is unique.</p> <p>Apart
from the below mentioned signs there is no serious negative influence of
Saturn over the remaining Zodiacal Signs. Hence please follow the below
mentioned information according to their Zodiac Sign and avoid any
further confusion. Only the following will face some hardships due to
difficult transit of Saturn. </p> <p>The following zodiacal signs have
greater influence of Saturn transit into Virgo. For a better
understanding I am also providing the Nakshatras falling into the
particular Zodiac Sign.</p> Signs under Sade Sati Influence according to
Phases <p>First Phase</p> <p><strong>LIBRA </strong></p>
<p><strong>Nakshatras</strong>: Â Â Chitra 3,4 quadrants, Swati all
quadrants, Visakha 1,2,3 quadrants.</p> <p><strong>SECOND
PHASE</strong></p> <p><strong>VIRGO</strong></p>       <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-

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<p><strong>Nakshatras</strong>:Â Uttara Phalguni 2,3,4 quadrants, All
quadrants of Hasta, Chitra 1,2 quadrants</p> <p><strong>LAST
PHASE</strong></p> <p><strong>LEO</strong></p>
<p><strong>Nakshatras:</strong> Â All quadrants of Magha, Poorva
Phalguni; first quadrant of Uttara Phalguni</p> <p><strong>Ashtama Shani
Influence</strong></p> <p><strong>AQUARIUS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Nakshatras</strong>:Â Dhanishta 3,4 quadrants, Satabhisha all
quadrants, Poorva Bhadrapada 1,2,3 quadrants.</p> <p><strong>Ardhashtama
Shani Influence</strong></p> <p><strong>GEMINI</strong></p>
<p><strong>Nakshatras:Â </strong>Mrigashira 3,4 quadrants, Ardra all
quadrants, Punarvasu 1,2,3 quadrants.</p> EFFECTS
<p><strong>LIBRA</strong></p> <p>The individuals belong to the above
zodiacal signs are under the higher influence of Saturn over next 2.5
years. Out of the five signs mentioned above Libra people are the most
beneficiary lot due to the influence of Sade Sati first phase. Initial
days of Sade Sati may cause big rise in their Expenditure levels. They
could have already witnessed some new developments taking place in their
life.  If Saturn is also a benefic or neutral according to their
Ascendant the positive influence of Saturn will be maximized so that they
could experience excellent changes in their life.</p>
<p><strong>LEO</strong></p> <p>Betterment will happen due to lessening
negative influence of Saturn. Slowly they will see progress in their
life unlike Librans who could witness faster changes. Last phase of
Sade Sati may start giving indications to put an end to their financial
insecurities which were developed over the last 2.5 years. They will be
getting new opportunities if they try hard for them.</p>
<p><strong>VIRGO</strong></p> <p>Virgo people need to be a bit more
cautious due to acute phase of Sade Sati. However the negative
influence of Saturn is not paramount like Leo due to cordial relationship
between Saturn and Mercury.  Still they should avoid pursuing any new
assignments and aggressive ventures otherwise a big jolt will come and
hit them.</p> <p><strong>AQUARIUS</strong></p> <p>Â Aquarius born people
need to be cautious about their health. They should take care of their
health as well as a strict cautious is indicated in relation to any
investments, joint assets. Due to lordship of Saturn on this sign they
may also get benefited through some unforeseen inflow of money.Â
 Mental anguish is also indicated.  Over all they need to take care
particularly about their Health.</p> <p><strong>GEMINI</strong></p>
<p> Gemini people may face some hardships on their home front.  A
caution is indicated in terms of their assets. There is going to be a
serious test on their tolerance levels. There could be changes in terms
of their mobility.</p> <p><a rel="nofollow"
ot.com/</a></p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->


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