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					The right kind of planning is required for the students to manage the
last moment pressure and to deal with the apprehensions of the people. ·
      A schedule should be prepared to study the subjects chapter wise
and also topic wise. ·       Make notes and important points for all the
chapters and flag the ones that require conclusive study. ·    This will
help in the final revision of the chapters before the exam.      For the
students who are preparing for the   IIT JEE   2010 along with the class
12th exams, once the board exams are over focus should be on the revision
of both the class11th and class 12th syllabus. For the students taking
the exam for the first time it should be kept in mind that they should
study from one source and IIT-JEE archives, workbooks, study packages,
AITS/AIITS series offered by   KAYSONS EDUCATION   are good starting

  . First prepare yourselves mentally for    IIT JEE      "The success is
to be achieved", keeping this in mind the aspirants must accept
themselves as deserving candidates for JEE success because during
preparation confidence plays an important role.       2. Do continuous
effort        IIT JEE   preparation requires continuous effort. Each
subject must be given proper and regular time. Instead of preparing one
subject for some days then other subjects, all the three subjects
(Physics, Chemistry and (Mathematics) must be given time each day. It
also helps in breaking monotony.       3. Have proper guidance In today's
competitive era, proper guidance is needed for success. The pattern of
JEE has become concept based completely. So you need clear and doubtless
concepts in each and every topic, to achieve a good rank in JEE. It is
very important that the success of the student should entirely depends
upon his perseverance and hard work rather than his luck and co-
incidence.       ATTENTION TO DETAIL In physics, chemistry and
mathematics all the topics should be covered and selective study should
be avoided since the questions are of objective type and large in number.
The    IIT JEE   syllabus of class 11th and 12th is up to 45% and 55% of
the IIT JEE question papers.        The topics to be studied extensively
in Physics are: Fluids, Waves and Sound, Electromagnetic Induction,
Capacitors and Electrostatics, Mechanics, Optics and Modern Physics.
Topics for Chemistry: Co-ordination, Chemical equilibrium in Physical
Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Quantitative Analysis,
Chemical bonding in Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.
Topics for Mathematics: Complex numbers, Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola in
Co-ordinate Geometry, Probability, Limits, Vectors, Matrices in Algebra,
Functions, differentiability, Definite Integral in calculus and
Application of Derivatives.       Though preparation is the key factor for
getting success in the exam, but it is very essential to be relaxed. When
we take stress, our brain try to handle things differently. Be relaxed
during the examination and try to solve the paper with cool mind.
MAINTAIN SPEED To get a competitive edge always aim for 100 percent hit
rate. Develop speed when you are practicing the problems. Follow the
strategy of speed and accuracy as it always gives you time to revise
later.       STAY COMPOSED AND MAINTAIN YOUR COOL Do not study and wear
yourself out before the exam, instead, take a proper 6-8 hours of sleep
to maintain your cool and focus on the exam. It is also advisable to
reach the exam center 15 min before time. Attempt the questions that have
no negative marks first. Read the instructions on the manual carefully.
Even if one section does not go very well remember that the relative
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