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									           Party Date: _____________ Party Time:_______________

Dear Pure Romance Hostess,

Thank you for hosting a Pure Romance by Tricia party! During your party, you and your friends will have the opportunity
to sample a wide variety of Pure Romance products that will undoubtedly stimulate some interesting and entertaining

Tips for Planning a Successful Party

    1. Creating Your Guest List. Parties are the most fun when you have at least 12 guests present. Utilize the
       worksheet included in your Hostess Packet to create your Guest List. It is best to over-invite because not all
       guests will be able to attend. Usually half of invited show to attend the party. This is why it is important to
       invite 24 + ladies. You should also encourage your invited guests to bring a friend. Good attendance will increase
       party sales, which will increase your free product!

    2. Invitations! I will be sending your invitations to your friends. When I receive your completed guest list back,
       with names and complete addresses, within 72 hours (3 days) via email, from booking your party; this will
       confirm you on *booking your party. If I do not receive your guest list back, I may schedule another party in its
       place. The success of your party is very important to me, and having your guest list helps me have you a
       successful party. Don’t count on these as your only invite! A great resource is www.evite.com. Also use social
       networking sites, i.e. facebook.

    3. Party Bookings. Invite your friends to book their own party. You will earn free product for your bookings. Book 2
       parties before or at your party and receive $100 in free product for only $39! Book your 3rd party before or
       during your party receive a Hostess Exclusive item! This includes ladies that may not be able to make it to your
       party too! Be sure to have them contact me before the start of your party to book their party if they are unable
       to attend!

    4. Encourage Outside Orders! Direct those customers who can’t make your party to view online catalog at
       www.kaycrowder.pureromance.com to place their order securely and confidentially online. You can also take
       orders and give them to me the day of your party. Remember to add $6 s/h and 7% IN Sales Tax. Outside order
       sheet is provided in this hostess packet.

    5. Party Closes the Day of Your Party. Make sure all outside orders are received no later than the start of your
       party. We will close your party the day of your party, so that you can shop ‘til you drop, and get all the goodies
       on your wish list!

    6. Women Only. Pure Romance offers women a comfortable and private atmosphere to place orders and ask
       questions. No men or children (including infants) can be present during my demonstration. All attendees must
       be at least 18 years old. I will not be able to conduct a party if men or children are present.

    7. Product Display. I will need a table to set up my product for the demonstration. A card table or most coffee
       tables work perfectly. I bring my own tablecloth to cover your table, so no need to provide one.

    8.    Ordering is Private. Please have a separate room available so guests can place orders confidentially! I can help
         you select an area when I arrive at your party.

                                           Pure Romance by Kay
                          (765) 580-0854 www.pureromancebykay.com
9. Product Delivery. Let your guests know they will receive part, if not all of their order the night of the
   party! I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. If I sell out of an item, the backordered item will
   be sent discretely to the customer, and would arrive within 2 weeks of the party.

10. Parking. If possible, please reserve a close parking space for me. I may need help in and out of your
    home with my demonstration items and products that I carry.

11. Reminder Calls. VERY IMPORTANT! These calls will double the attendance of your party. Reason for
    calls; First call: “Did you receive the invitation from me?” Second call: “I am really excited about my Pure
    Romance party and I’m hoping you can make it! Are you planning on bringing a friend with you?” This
    last call will help you determine who’s coming and who’s not. If they are unable to make it, encourage
    them to place an outside order with you or on my website at www.kaycrowder.pureromance.com. Also
    if they are unable to make it, encourage them to book a party! This will still count for you!

12. Refreshments. You do not need to go to a lot of work to prepare. I find that light refreshments are fine. I
    do ask that you serve food after the demonstration, so guests can mix and mingle while I’m filling

13. Napkins. Please have napkins / paper towels available for your guests. We will be trying various
    products that you and your guests will need this for.

14. Keeping In Touch. I will contact you several times prior to your party. If, after the second call (or email) I
    do not receive a response from you, I will assume your party is cancelled and may schedule another one
    in its place.

15. Cancellations. Due to the popularity of our parties, I require a 2-week cancellation notice. If something
    comes up on your end, please call me as soon as possible so that we may reschedule for a better time. I
    do plan on your party as my only income and appreciate advance notice of any conflicts so that I can
    plan my schedule accordingly. Also note, if your party is scheduled and you cancel within that 2-week
    window, I cannot guarantee a weekend date for you.

16. Weather. If weather becomes an issue, please know that your party date is extremely important to me,
    however, especially during winter months, if there is a “winter storm warning,” I reserve the right to call
    and reschedule for your guests’, as well as my own driving safety.

17. Food for Thought. Outstanding money, a flexible schedule, bonuses, and free vacations are just a few of
    the benefits of being a Pure Romance Consultant. I’d be happy to share more information on how You
    can start your own Pure Romance business.

    I am excited about your upcoming party! Please contact me at anytime with questions or concerns! I
    will contact you a couple days before your party to discuss the final details.

Kay Crowder #47037
(765) 580-0854

Hostess Specials Subject to change without notice.

                                                Pure Romance by Kay
                                   (765) 580-0854 www.pureromancebykay.com
                                                Pure Romance by
                                                           HOSTESS SPECIAL
   FREE! Thank You / Booking                               Hostess Only Special!
         Your Party Gift                                       Daily Facial Care Set

Receive a product of your choice for hosting
      a party! What will you choose?
      With $150 minimum party sales                              Hostess Only: $44
              up to $20 value                                      $89.50 value

       Hostess Only Special!                                Hostess Only Special!
         1 year supply of COOCHY                     Ice Ice Baby + Come Clean + Pure Silk +
                                                                    Sugar Sak

            Hostess Only: $45!                                  Hostess Only: $50!
                $72 value                                           $92 value

                              2 Party Bookings you get
                            $100 in product for only $39!
       Receive this offer when you have two friends agree and book their own parties, before
       the end of your party!

       Book your 3rd party before or during your party receive $100 for only $39 plus a
       Hostess Exclusive item!

       Limit one to qualifying hostess with $250 in party sales and two- three bookings.

                            Receive Basic Instinct for hosting a party.
                                      Pure Romance by Kay
                           With $150 minimum party sales. $26 value
                     (765) 580-0854 www.pureromancebykay.com
                                        Pure Romance by Kay
                                                           HOSTESS REWARDS
You Deserve To Get Spoiled!

As a Pure Romance by Tricia hostess, you will receive 10% of your total party sales* to use
towards your favorite Pure Romance products!

Plus, receive additional gifts, exclusive offers and great hostess only rewards! Here’s a
preview of what you can receive by hosting a party!

 FREE Thank You Gift / Booking Gift for inviting me into your home, holding your party,
  and supplying me with your guest list!
 FREE Host Credit that you use toward a Shopping Spree for your bedroom! As your party
  sales increase, so does the amount of your hostess credit. See chart below to learn how
  you earn hostess credits.
 Hostess Exclusive pricing on products!
 HALF OFF ITEMS – Receive up to three based on your party sales, plus more for pre-party
 Book 2 Parties before the end of your party and receive $100 in product for only $39!
 Book your 3rd party receive a Hostess Exclusive Item!

   Party Sales         % of Party Sales                               ½ Price Selection
   $150 - $499         10% (=$15 - $49 Host Credit)                   1
   $500 - $999         10% (=$50 - $99 Host Credit)                   2
   $1,000 +            10% (=$100+ Host Credit)                       3

Take a minute to make a list of all the Pure Romance products you want to have and remember
this list is NOT set in stone! Keep in mind that you will have free host credits to spend and ½
price items to choose from. Have Fun!

   Pure Romance Wish List

   *must receive guest list via email 72hrs. (3 days) of party booking and keep original party date of
            booking $150 party minimum. Future bookings must be held within 45 days.

                                     Pure Romance by Kay
                        (765) 580-0854 www.pureromancebykay.com
Top 50 List

Can’t think of whom to invite? Use this sheet and write down names under each category and you’ll have
fifty names plus in a flash! Don’t forget to ask them to bring a friend! Collect their addresses and email
me your guest list over so we can get your party started!

Relatives                        Friends you haven’t seen in a while      Neighbors

1____________________________    1____________________________            1____________________________

2_____________________________ 2____________________________              2____________________________

3____________________________    Someone Looking to make extra $$         3____________________________

4____________________________    1____________________________            4____________________________

Coworkers or past coworkers      2____________________________            Home Parties you have Attended

1____________________________    3____________________________            1____________________________

2____________________________    4____________________________            2____________________________

3____________________________    Someone that loves a night out           3____________________________

4____________________________    1____________________________            4____________________________

School Friends                   Spouses relatives and friends            Hostess you booked from

1____________________________    1____________________________            1____________________________

2____________________________    2____________________________            Guests from her Party

3____________________________    3____________________________            1____________________________

4____________________________    4____________________________            2____________________________

Church and Social Contacts       Spouse’s Coworkers                       Someone that owes you

1____________________________    1____________________________            1____________________________

2____________________________    2____________________________            Someone who dresses with flair

3____________________________    3____________________________            1____________________________

4____________________________    4____________________________            Someone who can’t pass up a

Contacts through your Children Places you do business                     1____________________________

1____________________________    1____________________________

2____________________________    2____________________________

3____________________________    3____________________________

4____________________________    4____________________________

                        Need more room? Flip this paper to the back and keep the list going!

                                      Pure Romance by Kay
                         (765) 580-0854 www.pureromancebykay.com

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