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					                      ICT Program Evaluation Summary

Program Title: The Greater Horn of Africa Conflict System: Conflict Patters, Strategies
and Management Practices (Makumi Mwagiru, 1997)

Program Implementer: Report commissioned by USAID project on Conflict and
Conflict Management in the Greater Horn of Africa

Program Date: NA

Donor: USAID

Country: Horn of Africa

Type of Evaluation: General assessment report

Target Group/Organization(s): NA

Conflict Phase in Area of Project: Minor to serious conflicts

What is Program Designed to Do? (Purpose of Report/Assessment)
        Lessons Learned from past and current conflict management in the Horn and
          suggest a programme for strengthening efforts
        Examines the conceptual base on which regional conflict management should
          be founded, surveys patters of conflict management practices (mediation is
          primary method)

Was Program Successful and Why?(Recommendations or Conclusions)
       Need to focus on structural causes of conflicts in the region and put attention
         to these needs in order to encourage peace building
       Third party mediation often exacerbates conflict because they are susceptible
         to diplomatic, political, bureaucratic and other influences
       Track I and Track II efforts at mediation in the region have not cooperated; a
         structure for cooperation needs to be conceptualized and operationalized
       Conflict management is not enough, there must also be peace management;
         needs include: systems of continuous negotiation at the grassroots level,
         emplacing peace structures at the local levels, training local communities on
         conflict, its management and peace, designing confidence building measures
         that can be used to bridge perceptual and psychological gaps between
         communities in conflict

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