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Spirit Full Moon Psychic Readings by anamaulida


									Imagine if you had a REAL accurate full moon psychic reading!      Ah,
the energy of the FULL moon! If you ever get a psychic reading on a full
moon be ready for a pleasant surprise! A full Moon reading is a great way
to empower your mind, body and spirit. If you want to know more, read on!

  The influence of the full moon upon psychic awareness has been
recognized for centuries. There is an old saying that people go crazy
around the time of a full moon.      The energy is much different around
the time of the full moon. There is a lot of truth in this old wives
tale. You too have noticed it. Changes in behavior, the unexpected
emotional outburst, road rage increase, to name a few, all rear their
ugly head around the time when this earth satellite reaches its shining
and reflective glory.      If you want to understand the metaphysical
reason why people are so much under its influence then read on.       In
many esoteric circles it is well understood that there is a link between
humankind and the moon. Psychic awareness shows us that unprocessed
emotions, that is the darker side of people, comes to the surface during
this time.      Like the old vampire and werewolf legends where the one
so cursed undergoes a shape shifting transformation so our hurt of the
past and our deep wounds begin to surface around this time. These are our
energy blocks. They are emotional blockages which are in essence trapped
energy. One good thing about all of this exposure is it forces us to take
a close look at our dark side and we can then begin to improve our bad
habits if we wish.      Transformation happens when we take the lemon and
turn it into lemonade. You can stay calm during this time. Know that a
peaceful environment is the best one to be in. Calming foods like raw
juices, fruits, and herbal teas all help.      A nice shower is good and
has a cleansing effect. Relaxing pursuits like meditation, being close to
nature, reading, and hanging out with upbeat and positive friends all
work on directing your energy in a positive way.      It is during full
moon time you want to avoid going out to what are emotional trouble
spots. Negative friends, any kind of a location with a bad vibe, and
dirty environments are off limits. Common sense and being in tune with
your intuition are all helpers. If it feels right do it, and vice versa.
A psychic reading shows the moon has a strong influence on human energy.
If you use your intuition and tap into your inner feelings you can see
this and work it out for yourself.      The purpose of human nature is to
create. People cannot exist without creation of some kind. People must
either create destruction or create positive energy with their actions.
It can be no other way since on a metaphysical level people are
transformers of energy.      It is true that on the earth at this time
many know only how to create negative energy and they do this in what are
considered normal ways of acting showing jealousy, hate, and anger.
It is all destructive and hurts the one doing it plus the people around
them. People can change if they want the change. Psychic awareness equals
increased empathy and a great people understanding around the time of a
full moon.      If you ever thought about a psychic reading around the
time of a full moon I encourage you to do it! A Full Moon reading is a
pathway to personal empowerment. Get your full moon Psychic Reading
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