What are the advantages of using nuclear energy

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					In the current environment, everyone is raving about new technology, but
you can learn from the simplicities yesterday. This includes times when
there was not only less noise, but when people were more conscientious
and protection of natural resources, our resources have lasted longer due
to less drag on them unnecessary. In such a scenario, one is bound to
ask- what are the advantages of using nuclear energy? Is Nuclear Energy
More Efficient then other source?       The fuel needed to produce
nuclear energy is relatively inexpensive, when waste is much smaller,
portable and compact than the traditional resources. Another advantage -
beyond the power is that of the medicine, agriculture, etc.

  The nuclear reactions that take place in the power plants, where
mammoth of the energy is released when two heavy nuclei form a single
nucleus, which then divides into two smaller nuclei. In simple terms, an
atom is transformed into an enormous energy ball used for various
purposes.      This is basically derived from the production of nuclear
electricity over the years, many other advantages of nuclear energy
emerged, which are discussed below:      1.   The energy produced is
millions of times greater than that which comes from hydro and wind
power. If the numbers are to be believed, then about 12 to 18% of world
energy is provided by nuclear energy.      2. It is environmentally
friendly, contrary to popular belief it does not emit greenhouse gases
like carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and chlorofluorocarbons. These gases
are considered the main culprit of global warming and lead to changes in
climate. Thus, while the production of this energy; there is no damage to
the environment.      3.     Since the energy does not emit carbon
dioxide than the burning of fossil fuels results in the environment is
free from this toxic gas.      4. Another advantage is that energy is
used for the production of uranium. At the moment we have a huge resource
of uranium in March, which is said to last 100 years, and create more
energy for bays.      5.     As a large amount of energy from one station
at a given time is affordable.      6. Nuclear power is a compact fuel
that makes it easy to transport easily.      7.     It reduces our
dependence on fossil fuels. Very small amount of uranium generates an
enormous amount of energy, when fossil fuels like oil and coal and
depleting while creating a relatively low energy.       8. Medical uses of
this energy include radiation used in medical conditions such as cancer,
where it weakens or destroys certain cells.      It is estimated that the
contribution of nuclear energy to the energy needs of the whole world
seems to grow in coming years. Its use is generally encouraged because it
is cleaner than fossil fuels. Therefore, researchers are working to
develop innovative solutions to overcome its challenges and risks are
minimized. For more Nuclear Energy an Eco-friendly power source
Information visit: http://www.nuclearfriendsfoundation.com and join
thousands of other people discovering and utilizing free and alternative
energy sources! http://www.facebook.com/nuclearfriends & @nuclearfriends
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