Individuals assigned to Schriever Air Force Base are all housed on Peterson AFB. There are eight
dormitories available for use by enlisted personnel. The minimum rank to live off-base is SSgt.
Lower ranks may live off-base when occupancy reaches 90% and is approved by the Unaccompanied
Housing Manager. The number of residents per room is one per room. The average dorm room is 118
square feet. All of the dorms have room/bath/room configurations. Some dorms also have a shared
kitchen between the two rooms. All dorms are centrally located within walking distance to the fitness
center, dining facility, Base Exchange, commissary, post office, and Enlisted Club. If you will be
arriving during the night or on a weekend or holiday, please notify your sponsor so that arrangements
can be made to get you your key.

Dorm managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the dormitories; they supervise the
daily upkeep and cleaning of common areas and perform fire prevention inspections. Refrigerators
and oscillating fans are furnished by the government. Barbeque grills are also provided by the
government, outside the dorms within walking distance. Privately-owned grills are not allowed.
Residents are authorized to have residential-type microwaves, but cannot use hot plates or propane
stoves. Telephone service and cable television installation can be provided at your expense.

In regard to pets, no fur-bearing animals, reptiles, or birds are allowed. Fish are allowed, but must be
kept in an aquarium, 30 gallons or smaller, one aquarium per room.

Phone numbers:
There are four dorm managers located in Dorm 1156 and Dorm 1270.
Bldg. 1156 phone #: DSN 834-9091, 556-9091 Cell Phone #: 491-4466/491-4549
Bldg. 1270 phone #: DSN 834-8749, 556-8749 Cell Phone #: 491-4425/491-4455

Reporting Procedures:
Personnel must report to their unit orderly room, who will schedule them for MPF in-processing.
Please bring the package provided to you by your losing base and any other official paperwork that
applies to your move, with you. Dorm in-processing is your responsibility and must be completed
within 48 hours after arrival.

You should also contact your sponsor upon arrival. If you are unable to contact your sponsor or unit,
then, call the Schriever Base INTRO Manager at 567-5900. The Base INTRO Manager can provide
unit orderly room phone numbers and assist you in contacting your sponsor.

If you arrive after normal duty hours, please report to the 24-hour arrival point located at the Pikes
Peak Lodging Office, Bldg 1042. The phone number is 719-556-6293, DSN 834-6293. When you
reach the base, the gate guard can direct you to the Pikes Peak Lodging Office.
Dining Facilities:
The Aragon Dining Facility, the airmen’s dining hall in Bldg 1160 at Peterson AFB, seats 250 and can
serve up to 750 at each meal. The dining hall operates seven days a week on an a-la-carte system.
Call 556-4782 for the menu recording. Monday through Friday hours are 0530 to 0800 for breakfast,
1100 to 1300 for lunch, 1600 to 1800 for dinner, and 2000 to 2300 for carry-out service.

The Satellite Dish Dining Facility, at Schriever AFB, seats 250 people. The dining hall is open seven
days a week. Monday through Friday hours are 0530 to 0800 for breakfast, 1030 to 1300 for lunch,
1530 to 1730 for dinner and 2200 to 2400 for mids. Saturday and Sunday hours are 0600 to 0800 for
breakfast, 1100 to 1300 for lunch, 1530 to 1730 for dinner and 2200 to 2400 for mids.

The Peterson Shuttle provides transportation between Peterson AFB and Schriever AFB. The shuttle
runs 7 days a week for Active Duty only with priority given to dormitory residents. For the time
schedule, please call 719-556-4970, DSN 834-4970.

The Colorado Springs city bus travels from the Air Force Academy to Schriever and from the Citadel
Mall to Schriever. For additional information call 719-567-5913.

Vehicle Ownership:
In order to title your vehicle, you must show proof of purchase with sales tax paid in a previous state,
or you will be subject to Colorado sales tax. You will be assessed state tax of 3%, plus county and city
tax. If you purchased a vehicle overseas within the last six months, it is subject to Colorado State sales
tax when registered. All others are exempt.

Colorado’s Front Range Cities AIR Program (Automobile Inspection and Readjustment Program)
requires an AIR emissions test for all vehicles registered or operated in the AIR Program area, which
includes all bases in the Peterson Complex. Vehicles of temporary residents such as military
personnel, are required to comply with all inspection requirements and display a valid windshield

Car insurance is quite expensive in the Colorado Springs area. Colorado is ranked 13th highest in the
United States. This is due to the possibility of blizzards, hail, black ice and the demographics of the
local population. Vehicle insurance is mandatory in the state of Colorado. The mandatory liability
minimum in Colorado is $25,000 bodily injury, $50,000 per accident and $15,000 property damage.

To register a vehicle on base, it must meet all state registration requirements, have current state
registration and license tags and a current vehicle emissions inspection sticker. Every vehicle MUST
HAVE PROOF OF INSURANCE, whether or not the state in which it is registered requires it.
Vehicle registration, for on-base driving privileges, is accomplished at the Visitor Center, Bldg 1820,
located at the Peterson AFB main entrance.

Money Matters:
There is a mandatory Personal Financial Management Program class at the Family Support Center for
all members, E-4 and below. Checkbook maintenance, budgeting, credit buying, car insurance and
Colorado economic information are addressed in this seminar.

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