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    The monthly newsletter of the Moscow Food Co-op ● May 2010

Tuesday Growers’ Market Sprouts in May
By Lovina Roselle, Co-op Newsletter Volunteer
                                                                                                                 Published by
                                                                                                                 Moscow Food Co-op
                                                                                                                 121 East Fifth Street
                                                                                                                 Moscow, ID 83843
                                                                                                                 (208) 882-8537

I  f you’re anything like me, your
   weekends are consumed by
hikes with the dogs, getting out
                                      in the works to make room for
                                      new vendors and walk-ons.
                                         When asked why the Co-op is
                                                                           Growers’ Market” and subscribe
                                                                           to find out what’s new, learn
                                                                           more about vendors, check out
                                                                                                                 Opinions expressed in the newslet-
                                                                                                                 ter are the writers’ own, and do
                                                                                                                 not necessarily reflect Co-op policy
of town for some time on the          willing to give up limited park-     pictures, and find recipes com-       or good consumer practice. The
river or in the mountains, or get-    ing spaces, Britt replies with a     prised of ingredients found at        Co-op does not endorse the service
ting caught up in the social life     smile, “Our goal is to grow local    the Tuesday market.                   or products of any paid advertiser
                                                                                                                 within this issue. All contents
of the glorious long days that        growers.” The Tuesday market           Are you a local farmer looking      copyright by the Moscow Food
come with spring and summer           has demonstrated that it has         for a “grower focused” market         Co-op. Contact the editor to secure
on the Palouse. That’s just why       the stability to help make local     to help you grow your business?       reprint rights.
the Tuesday Growers’ Market is        growers successful. One example      Have an abundance of crops            This entire newsletter is posted
ideal to feed the “locavore” in all   of this is Kelly Kingsland and       coming from your hobby gar-           on the Co-op website in PDF for-
of us! Offering yet another way       Russell Poe of Affinity Farms,       den? Then load up the pick-up         mat. Writer's guidelines, as well
                                                                                                                 as selected current and archived
to shop for locally produced food     who helped create the Tuesday        and head down to the Co-op on         newsletter articles, are also avail-
and goods, the Tuesday Growers’       market. By using the small pub-      Tuesdays. Walk-on space is avail-     able on the Co-op web site: www.
Market not only helps support         lic venue of the Co-op Growers’      able for the nominal price of $3      moscowfood.coop.
local farmers, but provides a         Market, they were able to culti-     for a half-space or $5 for a full-    For advertising rates and
mid-week venue to our commu-          vate a local clientele, distribute   space.                                information:
nity members who may not be           their CSA shares, and grow their       The Tuesday Growers’ Market         contact Jyotsna “Jo” Sreenivasan
                                                                                                                 at 892-0730
able to make it to the Saturday       business to its present estab-       is held in conjunction with the
Farmers’ Market.                      lished level.                        Co-op’s Tuesday Outdoor Music         Printed on Recycled Paper
  So what kinds of things will           This is Britt’s first year as     Series, where live performances       Deadline for Articles, Ads, and
you be able to take home in the       coordinator, and she has some        energize downtown from June           Photos: 20th of each month
middle of the week? Not only          great new ideas and energy           through October. Local food
will there be a variety of organic    to bring to the market, start-       vendors will also be on hand to       Bill London
produce, herbs, eggs, flowers         ing with the creation of a           enhance your shopping experi-
and meat to choose from, this         fabulous new Facebook page           ence! For more information, con-      Issue Editors
                                                                                                                 Carol Hill
year, the market is expanding to      (http://www.facebook.com/            tact Britt Heisel at growersmar-      Judy Sobeloff
allow vendors to sell a number        pages/Moscow-ID/Moscow-              ket@moscowfood.coop.
of value-added products that are      Food-Coop-Tuesday-Growers-                                                 Media Relations
                                                                                                                 Marcia Gossard
derived from locally produced         Market/107124975993233) to           Lovina Roselle will be profiling a
ingredients. Some of the new          keep us informed of the weekly       grower each month and telling         Graphic Design
                                                                           their story to the newsletter read-   Megan Prusynski
items include homemade ice            happenings. Search Facebook for
cream and huckleberry muffins.        “Moscow Food Co-op Tuesday           ers.                                  Advertising Manager
  Tuesday Growers’ Market starts                                                                                 Jyotsna “Jo” Sreenivasan
May 4 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. and                                                                                  Illustrations
runs through October. Booths                                                                                     Lucas Rate
are set up in the Co-op parking
lot and provide easy pedestrian                                                                                  David Hall
access from 5th Street or the
west side of Washington Street.
                                                                                                                 Donald Stanziano—Moscow
Britt Heisel, Tuesday Growers’                                                                                   Kurt Queller—Pullman
Market Coordinator, says we                                                                                      Mary Zuber—Lewiston-Clarkson
will see some new growers this                                                                                   Back Page Bulletin Board Editor
year in addition to the returning                                                                                Richard Elgar
favorites. The local farm lineup
this spring includes Amanda                                                                                      Lida Saskova
Hixson and Keith House – Sticky
Fingers Farm, Tourmaline Farms/                                                                                  General Manager
                                                                                                                 Kenna Eaton (208) 882-8537
Avon Eggs, Backyard Harvest,                                                                                     (208) 882-8082 fax
Elk Meadow Farm and Nursery,
Garfield Growers, Buffalo Girls                                                                                  Board of Directors
                                                                                                                 Bill Beck - President
Farm & Spring Valley Gardens,                                                                                    Andrika Kuhle - Vice President/
Palouse Prairie Farms, and                                                                                       Treasurer
Ravencroft Farm. More space is                                                                                   Kimberly Vincent - Secretary
                                                             Illustration by Lucas Rate                          Dena Neese
                                                                                                                 Donal Wilkinson
                                                                                                                 Jamie Bentley

                                                                                                                 The Moscow Food Co-op Board of
                                                                                                                 Directors meets the 2nd Tuesday of
                                                                                                                 every month at 6 pm, in the Fiske Room
                                                                                                                 of the 1912 Center. The public is wel-
                                                                                                                 come to attend. The agenda for each
                                                                                                                 meeting is posted about one week in
                                                                                                                 advance in the store, and official meet-
                                                                                                                 ing minutes are placed in the store by
                                                                                                                 the Board bulletin board.

                                                                                                                 www.moscowfood.coop              ●1
Moscow Food Co-op Business Partners

W     elcome to the new Moscow Food Co-op business partner listings. We’ve divided them into a directory to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Let us know
      if a business you like might make a good partner – we’ll send them an application! Applications for the business partner program are available on our website,
www.moscowfood.coop, or in the front of the store near the suggestion boxes. New business partners are welcome to join at any time; listings in the newsletter and on
the website will be updated once a month.
Food and Beverage                                                          221 E. 3rd, Moscow; 208-882-9499                                            NaturalHealthTechniques.com; www.NaturalHealthTechniques.com
One World Café                                                             www.safaripearl.com, safaripearl@moscow.com                                 $10 off initial telephone consult with mention of the Co-op Business Partner
533 S. Main, Moscow; www.owc-moscow.com; 883-3537                          10% off any board game or noncollectible card game                          Program
50% off One World Café 100% cotton totebags                                Sid’s Professional Pharmacy                                                 Meggan Baumgartner, LAC, Lauri McKean, LAC, LAC - Healing Point
Camas Prairie Winery                                                       825 SE Bishop Blvd #301, Pullman, WA 99163; 509-332-4608; sidsprofes-       LLC Chinese Medicine Clinic
110 S. Main Street, Moscow ; 208-882-0214                                  sionalpharmacy.com                                                          PO Box 9381, Moscow; 208-669-2287; info@healingpt.com; www.healingpt.
http://www.camasprairiewinery.com/                                         10% off all Medela breast pump and supplies purchases                       com
Upon presentation of Moscow Food Co-op Membership Card, customer will      Tye Dye Everything                                                          $10 off initial and 2nd treatments
receive an extra 5% discount. Must show card at purchase, not after.       527 S. Main St., Moscow; 208-883-4779                                       Jeri L. Hudak - Moscow Yoga Center
Childcare and Family Services                                              www.tyedye-everything.com; tyedye@moscow.com                                525 S. Main St.; stewartjeri@hotmail.com;
                                                                           10% discount on your purchase                                               www.moscowyogacenter.com
Moscow Parent Toddler Cooperative                                                                                                                      10% discount for new students
PO Box 9937, Moscow, mptcoop@gmail.com; http://community.palouse.net/ Dance and Theatre
mptc/index.html; 208-310-9344                                         Shelly Werner - Spectrum II Art and Dance Studio                                 Dr. Linda Kingsbury
35% off one semester’s tuition                                        525 S. Main Street, Moscow, ID 83843; 208-882-1445; www.spectrum2stu-            627 N. Hayes, Moscow; 208-596-4353; drlinda@spiritherbs.com; www.
                                                                      dio.com                                                                          spiritherbs.com
Professional Services                                                                                                                                  $10 off first session: holistic healing for body-mind-spirit; herbal medicine;
                                                                      10% discount to new students
Allegra Print and Imagine                                                                                                                              chakra balancing; sound healing; classes.
507 S. Main; 208-882-5449; allegra@moscow.com                         House and Garden Services
                                                                                                                                                       Elisabeth Berlinger/Tom Bode - Moscow Felkendrais
10% to Co-op members                                                       Adam and Toni Salerno-Strang - CLEAN GREEN Organic                          112 W. 4th St., Moscow; www.moveimprove.net; moveimprove@yahoo.com;
Copy Court                                                                 Cleaning Services                                                           208-883-4395; 208-892-3400
428 W. 3rd St., Moscow                                                     PO Box 568, Troy, ID 83871; www.CleanGreenOCS.com; 208-835-3535             $10 off first individual lesson for new clients
10% off to Co-op members                                                   $15 off any service
Krysta Ficca Photography                                               Dr. Arbor Tree Care LLC
                                                                       773 Brent Dr., Moscow; 208-883-3559                                            RavenCroft Farm
208-596-8101; kficca@hotmail.com
10% off all photo shoots                                               10% discount on tree work (not yardwork); trees, shrubs, and fruit tree prun- 4689 Hwy 95 N, Moscow; 208-882-3616; ravencroftfarm.com, debismith@
                                                                       ing for health and beauty of trees                                             moscow.com
Nancy Draznin, CPM - Motherwise Midwifery                                                                                                             10% on mini CSA for Summer 2010, 10% off any craft item (jewelry, bags,
508 W. Chestnut, Genesee, ID 83832; 208-310-3252; motherwisemidwifery. Becky Chastain - Green Side Up                                                 quilts, sachets, etc.)
com; mother@genesee-id.com                                             208-883-3485
                                                                       10% off design services for Moscow Food Co-op members                          Melissa Lines - SkyLines Farm Sheep & Wool
Free pregnancy tea for Co-op members under our care                                                                                                   4551 Hwy 6, Harvard, ID, 83834; 208-875-8747; www.skylinesfarm.com;
Erik Torok - LET’s Coach                                               Erik K Tamez-Hrabovsky - Mindgardens, Eco-Friendly                             10% off organically-raised lamb, fleeces, & roving.
2310 Weymouth St., Moscow; 208-301-8047; eric@letscoach.net; www.      Residential Building Solutions
letscoach.net                                                          1230 NW Clifford St, Pullman, WA 99163; 509-595-4444; erik@buildmind- Recreation and Lodging
20% off the first month of individual coaching                         gardens.com                                                                    Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center
                                                                       10% off hourly service rate and free estimates for Moscow Food Co-op mem- 2720 W. Pullman Rd, Moscow; museum@appaloosa.com; www.appaloosamu-
Mike Brown - LDP Academy LLC                                           bers; www.buildmindgardens.com                                                 seum.org; 208-882-5578
PO Box 721, Troy, ID 83871; www.lpdacademy.com; info@ldpacademy.com;                                                                                  The museum offers a 10% discount on the purchase of our gift shop mer-
208-835-3737                                                           Walter Spurling - Spurling House & Garden
                                                                       512 N. Lincoln, Moscow; 208-669-0764                                           chandise. We operate a “no-admission cost” museum but do suggest a dona-
$10 off any firearm safety or basic firearm training class                                                                                            tion amount.
                                                                       10% off a compost bin or custom chicken coop
Retail                                                                                                                                                Sharon Dunn - Little Guesthouse on Adams
                                                                       Wellness Services
Rebekka Boysen-Taylor - Bebe Bella                                                                                                                    1020 S. Adams St., Moscow; www.thelittleguesthouse.com; sdunn@thelittleg-
www.bebebella.etsy.com; amamaswork@yahoo.com; 208-882-1353             Drs. Bailey and Kevin Smith, D.C. - Moscow Health and Wellness uesthouse.com; 208-669-1654
10% off any baby sling                                                 Center                                                                         15% off a week stay, valid for Co-op members and their relatives. Not valid
                                                                       317 W. 6th St. Ste 206, University Pointe Bldg., Moscow; 208-596-2063          on special event nights
Inland Cellular                                                        Free initial consultation and exam to include thermographic imaging and a
672 W. Pullman Rd, Moscow; 208-882-4994; katie@inlandcellular.com;     functional neurological evaluation                                             Krista Kramer - Peterson Barn Guesthouse
inlandcellular.com                                                                                                                                    841/847 Travois Way, Moscow; kkramer@moscow.com; 208-882-4620;
10% off monthly calling plans                                          Integrative Mindworks with April Rubino                                        10% off first time stay
                                                                       3400 Robinson Park Rd, Moscow; 208-882-8159; april@integrativemind-
Joanne Westberg Milot - Marketime Drug Inc.                            works.com; www.integrativemindworks.com                                        Donal Wilkinson, executive director - Adventure Learning Camps
209 E Third St, Moscow; 208-882-7541; joannemilot@hotmail.com          Complementary 30 minute consultation for new private clients who are Co-op PO Box 8245, Moscow; 208-310-3010; AdventureLearningCamps@yahoo.
10% off all gift items                                                 members                                                                        com; www.adventurelearningcamps.org
Lilliput Maternity and Children’s Boutique                                                                                                            10% off on trips
                                                                       Andrea Masom, Licensed Clinical Counselor
312 S. Main, Moscow; 208-882-6262                                      106 E. Third St, 2B, Moscow; 208-882-1289                                      Ashley Fiedler - Shady Grove Farm
10% off purchase of $50 or more                                        Free wellness evaluation                                                       208-596-1031; ashley.fiedler@gmail.com
The Natural Abode                                                                                                                                     $10 off initial English riding lesson or training session
                                                                       Dayna K. Willbanks, OTR/L, Elements of Wellness
517 S. Main St., Moscow; 208-883-1040; Info@TheNaturalAbode.com; www. Aquatic & Manual Therapy Inc.                                                   Carol Spurling - Sixth Street Retreat
thenaturalabode.com                                                    827 Troy Highway Suite 170, Moscow; 208-892-8888; elementsofwellness@ 208-669-0763; www.SixthStreetRetreat.com
10% off natural fertilizers                                            mac.com; http://web.mac.com/ellementsofwellness                                $20 off advertised rate for one week’s stay
Hodgins Drug & Hobby                                                   10 % off the first session which includes a new patient evaluation and initial Bill London - Willows House: fully-furnished three-bedroom home;
307 S. Main St, Moscow; 208-882-5536; hodgins@turbonet.com             treatment                                                                      1246 Highland Drive, Moscow;
10% off all purchases, excluding prescriptions                         Dr. Denice Moffat, MS, DVM, ND - Natural Health Techniques                     lodging@moscow.com; 882-0127;
Safari Pearl                                                           1069 Elk Meadow Ln, Deary, ID, 83823; 208-877-1222; drmoffat@                  10% off daily and weekly rentals

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Art at the Co-op
By Annie Hubble, Art at the Co-op Coordinator
                                                                       May Co-op Kids!
                                                                       By Rebekka Boysen-Taylor, Co-op Kids! Coordinator

F    rom Friday May 7 through
     Wednesday June 16, you
can see a display of entries in
                                   use of pesticides, and the use
                                   of composting. The selection
                                   of plants suitable to our local
                                                                       I n April, the
                                                                         kids made
                                                                       amazing bees-
City of Moscow's Wisescape         climate and soil are also looked    wax sculp-
Award Program. This annual         at.                                 tures. For
program originated in 2008.          These photographs of entries      those of you
Residents can nominate them-       and the accompanying written        who haven't
selves or their neighbors.         descriptions are very interesting   worked with
Entries of landscapes — in         and of great help when con-         beeswax, it is
separate classes of homeown-       sidering improving one’s own        a great model-
ers, local business or apart-      landscaping technique. There        ing medium
ment complexes — are judged        will be no official opening,        for kids of all
for aesthetics and resource        but do come and look at these       ages. It smells                      Wet on Wet Watercolor
conservation. Some of the          entries. You will probably know     sweet, lasts forever and can         Meet us in the Co-op Cafe
things that the judges look for    many of the people involved         be reused. It does take a little   from 9-10 a.m. on Tuesday,
in overall design are aesthetic    and have seen their yards as        time to warm in the hands,         May 11, to watercolor paint; if
appearance, limit of traditional   you walk around town.               but patience is a helpful thing    weather allows, we will sit out-
turf, plant zoning and efficient                                       for all of us to practice! I buy   side on the patio.
irrigation. They also look for                                         my modeling wax and natural          Friendship Square
evidence of a reduction of                                             art supplies from the gals at        Meet us outside at Friendship
resource use, such as water                                            A Child's Dream Come True          Square in downtown Moscow
savings, less mowing, dimin-                                           in Sandpoint, you can order        to play from 9-10 a.m. on
ished use of fertilizer, reduced                                       online with delivery in a day or   Tuesday, May 25. I will serve
                                                                       so at www.achildsdream.com.        healthy kids snacks and we can

Tuesday Music at the
                                                                         Co-op Kids is a twice-monthly    all enjoy the fresh air.
                                                                       activity for young children and
                                                                       their families. We meet in the     Rebekka Boysen-Taylor is a

By Natalie Rose, Co-op Newsletter Volunteer
                                                                       Co-op Cafe and at Friendship
                                                                       Square downtown this month
                                                                       and all activities are free.
                                                                                                          teacher, writer, and mama in here

S   pring has sprung and down-
    town Moscow is the perfect
place to enjoy this gorgeous
                                   was the lead singer for Stretch
                                   Wabash, The Seidel Brothers
                                   and The Big Newtons, among
                                                                           Co-op Music in May
                                                                           May   4: Daniel Mark Faller, Country/Americana
season! Starting in May, our       others.                                 May   11: Mark Holt, Western/Bluegrass
Tuesday Night Music Series will      May 11 - Mark Holt, Western/          May   18: Paul Smith, African-American Banjo
be held outside from 5-7 p.m.,     Bluegrass                               May   25: Emily Poor, Folk/Traditional
during the Growers’ Market.          Mark Holt is a truly seasoned
Stop inside at the Deli for a      musician. He has been a fea-        tic African-American banjo         plays her ukulele and sings
delicious, organic meal and        tured showcase artist for the       music on a fretless gourd          songs that your grandmother
head outside for local music       International Bluegrass Music       banjo, tracing the instrument's    *and* grandson are sure to
and sunshine. See you there!       Association and the Academy         West African roots into early      enjoy. She sings folk, traditional
  May 4 - Daniel Mark Faller,      of Western Artists. This is sure    American music.                    and popular songs, with a few
Country/Americana                  to be a bluegrass pickin' treat!      May 25 - Emily Poor, Folk/       of her own to boot.
  Daniel has been a profession-      May 18 - Paul Smith, African-     Traditional
al musician based out of North     American Banjo                        Emily Poor's lovely, songbird
Central Idaho since 1975. He         Paul will play authen-            voice will delight you as she

The Moscow Food Co-op regular
Board of Directors meeting will
be held at 6 p.m. in the Fiske
Room at the 1912 Center on
Tuesday, May 11. The agenda
for the meeting will be posted
in the store a week prior to the
meeting. Public comment period
is at 7 p.m. The public is wel-
come to attend.

                                                                                                            www.moscowfood.coop       ●   3
Board of Directors Report
By Kimberly Vincent, Co-op Board of Directors Secretary

C    hange is in the wind. Thank
     you to our record number of
voters who participated in the
                                     you to Jessica for her hard
                                     work, her insight and her abil-
                                     ity to keep us moving forward.
                                                                          ideas of how we could improve
                                                                          our Board culture. All four of
                                                                          us came away from the train-
                                                                                                               left, click on Board of Directors
                                                                                                               and search for Candidacy
                                                                                                               Packet). The requested informa-
Board election. I want to thank      Jessica shared something called      ing with many ideas of ways to       tion must be submitted electroni-
you for re-electing Andrika,         “the ladder of inference.” We all    improve the process of commu-        cally to bodfeedback@moscow-
Donal and myself. I also want        have our own beliefs and experi-     nication: process of dealing with    food.coop no later than 11:59
to welcome Jamie to our Board.       ences that shape how we view         complaints, process for commu-       p.m. on May 27, 2010. The Board
Thank you to Gary for volun-         the world and make decisions.        nicating with members, process       will then carefully consider all
teering three years to the Board.    She began with this visual aid to    for improving our Board culture,     candidates and choose two new
Gary always brought ideas that       remind us that we need to make       etc. Thus, during our spring         Board members to serve until
created interesting debate —         decisions based on observable        retreat, we will work on Board       the completion of the election
some we incorporated into our        data and not make inferences         culture as well as continue our      in March 2011. So, if you would
policies and others we did not.      about what others meant or their     work to revise our ends policies.    like to volunteer to serve on the
But we appreciate the perspec-       intentions. It seems we have            We are sorry to accept the res-   Board for slightly less than a
tive he brought. After four years    some work to do in this area.        ignations of Chris Norden and        year, please supply all requested
as President, I decided it was         Jessica also noted that mem-       Dena Neese. Thank you both for       information. If you would like
time to step down. I wanted my       bers of the Board fiercely and       your dedication and hard work        to be considered, I do hope you
third term on the Board to be        passionately argue even when         over the past year. Your input       will introduce yourself to any
more of a creative role rather       we agreed. The culture of our        will be missed. According to our     Board members in the Co-op and
than in leadership. At our April     Board was one of debate rather       By-laws, the Board of Directors      please try to come to our May
meeting, the Board elected our       than dialog. This was very           may appoint replacements. We         Board meeting in the Fiske Room
new executive committee: Bill        timely, because in April, Bill       would like to invite members         of the 1912 building on Tuesday
Beck is President, Andrika Kuhle     Beck, Andrika Kuhle, Kenna           to fill out a candidacy packet       May 11, 2010, at 6 p.m. Meeting
is Vice President/Treasurer and I    Eaton and I attended a board         if they would like to be con-        potential candidates helps us to
am the new Secretary.                leadership training in Portland.     sidered for a one-year appoint-      make wise choices. We look for-
  During our winter retreat, our     The theme for the training this      ment. Candidacy packets can          ward to meeting a strong pool of
facilitator, Jessica Bearman, did    year was “Board Culture.” Bill       be obtained in the Co-op at the      potential candidates for the new
a wonderful job of helping us        and I both found the discussion      board by the entrance or on the      Board positions.
focus on building consensus as       about debate versus dialogue         website at www.moscowfood.
we updated our by-laws. Thank        very timely and gave us many         coop on the main menu (to the

                      The Front End                                       Seed Swap!
                                                                          By Mary Ellen Brewick

                      By Annie Hubble, Front End Manager                  W      hat should you do with
                                                                                 those extra broccoli/kale/
                                                                                                                 C If you have seeds or starts
                                                                                                               and want to plant them yourself,
                                                                          carrot/spinach seeds that you        but just aren’t sure what to do

A     s some of our student work-
      ers head out for the sum-
mer, I would like to thank all the
                                     insurance for those who work
                                     over 30 hours a week; and con-
                                     stant recognition of their work,
                                                                          bought but won’t fit in your
                                                                          garden? What if you want to try
                                                                          a few seeds of that vegetable
                                                                                                               next, come and plant them with
                                                                                                               us! You can bring your own pots
                                                                                                               or use a donated pot. Planting
front-end team for their excellent   be it through the Co-op bucks        you’ve been daydreaming about        bonus — the Co-op will provide
work. I will always remember         reward system or simple verbal       to see if they’ll work in your       the potting soil!
the cashier meeting just a few       acknowledgement), and their          plot? Well, the Moscow Food            Happy Gardening!
months ago, when, unprompted,        feeling good in general about        Co-op is here to help! We are
the cashiers, one after another,     working in an alternative where      organizing a Seed Swap to be
kept saying how this job was         the employees know they are          held at the Tuesday Growers’
the best they had ever had. They     important in the big picture. I      Market.
cited the great customer body,       know I love working here, and          During the months of May
who spread the smiles; their fel-    2011 will mark my 20th anni-         and June, you can stop by the
low workers, who made coming         versary as an employee of the        Growers’ Market (in the Co-op
to work such a joy; the co-op        Co-op.                               parking lot) any Tuesday night
itself, in its great treatment of       Thank you, everyone — fellow      from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. and par-
workers — (high on the list          workers, members (now 6,000 in       ticipate in a couple of different
was the free staff lunch; health     number!), and all who shop here      ways. Everyone is welcome!
                                     — for making this such a great         C Swap seeds you don’t need
                                     workplace. Enjoy your summer.        for seeds you’d like to plant!
                                     Enjoy your adventures. And             C If you have extra seeds or
                                     come into the Co-op for that         pots to donate, we’ll gladly
                                     cup of coffee; for a taste of good   accept them. Please label the
                                     local music on Tuesday nights;       seeds (or make sure you can
                                     for the monthly art shows on         identify them and we can label
                                     the Deli walls; and, of course,      them).
                                     for the delightful choice of gro-      C Pots can be donated at the
                                     cery items. We have all together     Moscow Food Co-op, just look
                                     made the Co-op the great place       for the bins.
                                     it is, and we should be proud in       C Buy seedlings from our
                                     the achievement.                     growers and pot them before
                                                                          leaving the Growers’ Market!

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Election Wrap-Up
By Carol Spurling, Outreach and Ownership Coordinator (and Elections Committee); Dena Neese, outgoing Board Member (and Elections
Committee Chair); Sequoia Ladd, Participating Member Coordinator (and Elections Committee); and Julia Piaskowski, Elections Committee

T    he Elections Committee would
     like to announce the official
results of the 2010 Board of Directors
                                           lots were accepted for the month of
                                           March 2010 at a lock box in the front
                                           of the Co-op and at a post office box
                                                                                      conducted in a fair and anonymous
                                                                                         An unprecedented, rigorous pro-
                                                                                                                                 during the ballot counting process,
                                                                                                                                 and we all believe the process, while
                                                                                                                                 long and tedious, was impartial and
election, held from March 25 – April       managed by Kay Keskinen, an elec-          cess was put in place before voting        anonymous. Ballots and ballot enve-
4.                                         tions volunteer. In-store voting was       commenced, in consultation with            lopes are currently in the safe keeping
   Approximately 650 members voted         available for 10 days.                     local parliamentarian and member           of Kay Keskinen and will be destroyed
in the election. The results were as          The Elections Committee spent           of the League of Women Voters, Kay         after an appropriate amount of time,
follows:                                   hours handling the following ques-         Keskinen, to ensure a fair and open        determined by the Board.
   1. Andrika Kuhle – 448 votes            tions raised by some members, Board        process of voting and ballot count-           4. Whether campaigning/election-
   2. Donal Wilkinson – 384 votes          members and candidates during the          ing. Voters were required to identify      eering should be allowed.
   3. Kimberly Vincent – 377 votes         campaign:                                  themselves before voting and to sign          The official electioneering policy
   4. Jamie Bentley – 358 votes               1. Whether the Elections Committee      their ballot envelopes in the pres-        established by the Board in January
   5. Mark Mumford – 296 votes             should have tried to stop the publica-     ence of the election volunteer. Ballots    2010 stated: “The Elections Committee
   6. Gary Macfarlane – 196 votes          tion of a news article in Community        were numbered and initialed by elec-       has informed all candidates that we
   7. Cass Davis – 98 votes                News by the editor (a member and           tion volunteers, to insure that only       encourage them to engage in an open,
   We congratulate the winners. The        volunteer) about candidate Cass            official ballots could be used to vote,    vibrant discourse during the election
top three vote-getters were incum-         Davis’ legal action against the Co-op.     and to insure that an individual vote      season. We discourage candidates
bents, and the newly elected mem-             On a Friday afternoon, the Elections    could be traced back to the voter in       from aggressive electioneering at the
ber, Jamie Bentley, was welcomed to        Committee received an e-mail from          the event that a member would want         Co-op, as well as from distributing
the Board at the April meeting. We         a Board member, informing the              confirmation that his/her vote was         leaflets and handouts during the vot-
express our gratitude to all of the can-   Committee that in the next few days,       counted. At no time were any ballots       ing period. Interfering with the voting
didates for their willingness to serve     the editor of the Community News           handled by less than two people, one       process is prohibited.”
their Co-op.                               was planning to publish an article         of whom was always Kay Keskinen.              One candidate distributed cam-
   The elections committee would like      about candidate Cass Davis and his         Ballots were collected daily and stored    paign flyers directed at employees in
to thank the dozens of volunteers who      legal action against the Co-op. The        by Kay Keskinen, and when they were        the back of the store. One candidate
assisted during the election by staff-     Board member essentially set forth         not in the presence of the election        posted flyers inside the store, which
ing the voting table at the store during   that while the newsletter editor said      volunteer or front-end staff, they were    were removed because only Co-op-
most store operating hours for 10 days     this was an interview with the candi-      in a store safe. There were a small        generated materials are allowed on
straight, and the volunteers and staff     date, the candidate said there was no      number of absentee ballots that were       in-store bulletin boards. Another can-
who stayed up until midnight on April      interview, and that the article would      counted. The margins of victory were       didate and sitting Board member sent
4 verifying and counting 650 ballots.      create bias against him. The Board         much larger than the total number of       an e-mail that, among other things,
Their volunteerism is inspiring!           member urged the elections commit-         absentee ballots.                          recommended that members not vote
   We also thank the Co-op mem-            tee to take action to stop publication        Votes were counted in the Fiske         for certain candidates. The e-mail
bership, who turned out in record          of the article. Given time constraints,    Room at the 1912 Center on Sunday,         was sent to many people, including
numbers, for exercising their rights       the Elections Committee did its best       April 4, immediately following a           all Co-op employees on the employee
and demonstrating how strongly they        to gather information, and ultimately      membership meeting in the Great            e-mail list. One candidate, to our
support the second Co-operative prin-      determined that there is no existing       Room of the 1912 Center. Prior to          knowledge, posted comments about
ciple, democratic member control.          Co-op policy that gives the commit-        the counting of ballots, all candi-        the election on Facebook.
   The elections committee, normally       tee authority to stop publication of       dates were informed that either they          Staff was informed by Co-op man-
concerned largely with the logistics of    articles in the Community News.            themselves, or one designee chosen         agement that they should not let
conducting an election, was admitted-      Moreover, the Board itself decided not     by them, could observe the counting        election issues interfere with store
ly taken by surprise with controversy      to create any policy at that time to try   of the votes. The eligibility of each      operations, and candidates were not
and voter turnout never before seen at     to stop the Community News from            voter was verified by a team of two        allowed in the back of the store for
the Moscow Food Co-op.                     publishing the article.                    people against current membership          campaign purposes. One department
   The elections committee is charged         A majority of the Elections             lists before votes were counted, by        manager posted the e-mail from the
with assembling a pool of strong           Committee determined that the elec-        looking up the member name/number          candidate referred to above in that
candidates for the Board of directors;     tioneering/campaigning policy state-       listed on the envelope and checking it     department log book. When another
facilitating discussion about the can-     ment the Board unanimously voted           against a member list. Verification and    candidate contacted the Election
didates’ reasons and qualifications        for in January 2010, that the election     counting took place on opposite sides      Committee to inform them of this, the
for running; and conducting a fair         committee provided to all candidates,      of the Fiske Room. Verified ballots        Election Committee chair contacted
election that maximizes member par-        did not set guidelines for this particu-   were placed faced down on a table          the Store Manager, who immediately
ticipation.                                lar situation:                             by one person and opened and sepa-         took action.
   To these ends, two orientations            “We encourage [candidates] to           rated from the envelopes, still face          The Elections Committee faced
were held for potential candidates         engage in an open, vibrant discourse       down, by another person. The ballots       several unprecedented issues and
where lengthy information packets          during the election season. We dis-        were then collected for counting by a      questions during this year’s elec-
were provided about the roles and          courage candidates from aggressive         different person who never saw the         tion season, and we are proud that
responsibilities of Board members.         electioneering at the Co-op, as well       front of the envelope. Ballot numbers      the election process was democratic
When the pool of candidates was            as from distributing leaflets and          were checked against numbers on the        and fair for both the voters and the
finalized, each candidate was required     handouts during the voting period.         envelopes, without votes OR the name       candidates. We are a group of unpaid
to provide a statement about their         Interfering with the voting process is     of the voter visible at the same time.     Co-op volunteers and part-time staff,
skills and qualifications for the Board    prohibited.”                               No one who saw the names on the            willing to serve our Co-op by oversee-
and why they were running. A candi-           2. Whether a Candidate who has          envelopes was involved with counting       ing the election and voting processes.
date forum was also held at the Co-op      taken legal action against the Co-op       ballots. No one who saw the names          We humbly remind those who have
during the dinner rush to allow a          in the past, or is talking openly about    on the envelopes saw the actual bal-       complained about some of our deci-
large number of people to listen and       taking legal action in the future, may     lots. No one who saw the names on          sions that we volunteered and worked
participate. The forum included ques-      run for a seat on the Co-op’s Board of     the envelopes had any managerial           numerous hours in an attempt to
tions written by the election commit-      Directors.                                 role at the Co-op. The absentee bal-       make the best decisions possible,
tee to allow candidates to address sev-       The Elections Committee deter-          lots were similarly verified, and kept     given time constraints and our limited
eral topics relevant to the Co-op, as      mined that although Board members,         anonymous.                                 authority overseeing an unprecedent-
well as questions from the audience.       according to their code of conduct,           Votes were counted by two people,       ed election.
Approximately 75 people attended           might not be able to bring legal action    one reading off the votes and one             We appreciate everyone’s participa-
the forum and more listened when it        against the Co-op while they serve on      observing. Votes were tallied by two       tion in this year’s election and will
was rebroadcast on KRFP Radio Free         the Board, candidates have not yet         people on opposite sides of the two        keep you informed throughout the
Moscow.                                    agreed to this code of conduct and         people counting, and the tally was         year about any new guidelines or poli-
   All members whose membership            the possibility existed that the candi-    checked after every 50 ballots. If there   cies suggested for 2011.
was paid and up to date by February        date would, if elected, drop the legal     was any discrepancy, those 50 ballots         Please send any comments or feed-
28, 2010, were eligible to vote (one       actions.                                   were counted again. The members of         back to outreach@moscowfood.coop.
vote per membership). Absentee bal-           3. Whether the voting process was       the Election Committee were present        Thank you!

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Open Letter to Moscow Food Co-op Board and Membership
By Chris Norden

I  am resigning from the Moscow
   Food Co-op board of directors
because we have collectively
                                      to factionalize and destroy the
                                      Co-op. In fact, we’ve been advo-
                                      cating for nothing more radical
                                                                           defense of the cooperative prin-
                                                                           ciples which should define us.
                                                                             I offer thanks to those board
                                                                                                               ers so ill-informed and gullible
                                                                                                               as to accept the preposterous
                                                                                                               smears directed toward outgoing
failed to defend the second coop-     or threatening than living wages,    members who’ve tolerated and        board member Gary Macfarlane,
erative principle of democratic       a modest degree of job security      even valued our dissenting          a highly principled, diligent, and
member control by allowing our        for non-managerial employ-             opinions and perspectives, and    committed board member whose
electoral process to be corrupted.    ees, and ultimately a fairer and     wish you well in future efforts,    record of service was dishonored
Likewise, we have allowed the         stronger cooperative by virtue       especially in advocating for a      and distorted beyond recogni-
fifth cooperative principle of        of enhanced workplace democ-         functional, fully inclusive co-op   tion by another “successful”
education, training, and infor-       racy, greater economic fairness,     community. Please remain mind-      candidate in a mass emailing, a
mation to be grossly abused by        and improved retention of rank       ful that a cooperative is every-    copy of which was placed in the
tolerating, abetting or directly      and file staff. I know these poli-   one, not just one or a few indi-    employee day log by one manag-
engaging in the deliberate dis-       cies enjoy considerable support      viduals at the top. The current     er prior to the election, and not
information of our membership         among our membership, which          policy governance model favored     removed by upper management
in order to advantage particular      is presumably why it is seen as      by the National Cooperative         when made aware of its place-
candidates. These are failures        necessary to marginalized and        Grocers Association exaggerates     ment.
for which I share responsibility,     even demonized those advocat-        the importance of the General         Writing about Homer’s Iliad,
my consistent objections to these     ing such reforms.                    Manager position. In fact, it is    Simone Weil observes that power
actions notwithstanding. Actions        Current managerial and board       rank and file workers, as much      crushes those who lack it, and
have consequences. Some of you        culture has come to thrive on        or moreso than top manage-          intoxicates those who possess it.
will think this is a victory, and a   scapegoats. Constructive criti-      ment, who determine the health,     I appreciate having been given
cause for celebration. It is not.     cism is labeled as complaint,        functionality, and future success   the opportunity to serve our
   During the year-plus I’ve          complainers are marginalized         of any cooperative. Those work-     co-op community as a board
served on this board, I’ve been       and told they’re wrong or misin-     ers should be respected, valued,    member. As a dear friend said
shocked, disheartened, and            formed, and are shunted off as       compensated, and retained           when quizzed by a sitting board
ashamed by the hostile and at         Co-op haters or malcontents. No;     accordingly.                        member about whom she would
times viciously uncollegial treat-    we are committed members and           The membership of this coop-      be voting for, “We’re voting for
ment of pro-labor progressive         owners who believe our co-op         erative needs to increase its       the crazy ones.”
board members and board can-          has fallen short in its claim to     awareness and willingness to          And yes, I still love the
didates. We’ve been the subject       be “ethical and sustainable.”        participate in the governance of    Moscow Food Co-op. The Seven
of lies, character assassination,     With this resignation, there are     the institution it in fact owns.    Cooperative Principles, our mis-
distortions of our records of ser-    no more obvious scapegoats on        Thomas Jefferson said people        sion statement, and current
vice both to the Co-op and the        the board. The remaining board       tend to get the government they     strategic plan are all available at:
community generally, and have         members will need to be directly     deserve, and that democracy         www.moscowfood.coop.
been accused variously by man-        accountable to a membership          only works with an educated,
agers, fellow board members,          many of whom, myself included,       aware, and vigilant citizenry.
and newsletter staff of wanting       feel we have been derelict in our    Particularly regrettable are vot-

Building Cooperation: A Response to Chris
Norden’s Resignation
By Bill Beck, President, Board of Directors

T    he Moscow Food Co-op
     Board of Directors accepted
the resignation of Chris Norden
                                      serve his term, but accept that
                                      he has chosen to resign. Our
                                      Board of Directors is committed
                                                                           We have just completed the most
                                                                           engaged election in our Co-op's
                                                                           history. The election was openly
at our April meeting. The Board       to working together with respect.    conducted in the newsletter and
respects Chris’ decision to           We work together based on the        at our forums. The ballots were
express his point of view about       assumption that everyone wants       counted, and in a fair and open
the recent election.                  to make the Co-op better, every-     election, our owner-members
  This election was unusually         one wants the Co-op to succeed       chose the directors to govern our
contentious and emotions ran          as a business while recogniz-        Co-op this year.
high among many Co-op owner-          ing that our Co-op must adhere         This Board's commitment to
members. Diverse opinions were        to principles that value people,     work together to represent our
expressed and vigorous cam-           healthy food and community           diverse owner-members has
paigning took place. This gener-      building. All of our Directors are   never wavered. Owner-member
ated a high level of interest and     pro labor. We all support mak-       participation in our Co-op has
some controversy. The result was      ing our Co-op the best workplace     never been stronger. We are
that an unprecedented number          possible. We have appreciated        working together to sustain our
of votes were cast — almost           Chris’s hard work in support of      Co-op’s mission. We look for-
three times as many as in pre-        these shared values.                 ward to everyone’s continued
vious elections. There are hurt         Second, the Board remains          and growing participation and
feelings and some lingering con-      committed to our mission state-      support of our Co-op.
troversy as a result of this elec-    ment and strategic plan. We
tion. Where do we go from here?       are proud of our Co-op and the
  First, we want to thank Chris.      great progress we have made
We would have preferred that he       together over the last 37 years.

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Responding to Chris Norden: How Is It to Work
at the Co-op?
By Kenna S. Eaton, Co-op General Manager

C    hris Norden’s resignation let-
     ter certainly sparked a lot of
conversation around the Co-op.
                                      we are smarter and more effec-
                                      tive than alone (just look at last
                                      year’s financial success). Every
                                                                           make it better. In fact, who bet-
                                                                           ter to improve this workplace
                                                                           than the staff themselves? Last
                                                                                                                  someone speaks for them and
                                                                                                                  speaks erroneously.
                                                                                                                    One staff person’s response to
Staff and volunteers certainly        day, I receive compliments from      year, we formed the BEST work-         Norden’s letter said that, “If we
were angry at the allegations         our member/owners. Just yester-      place committee — comprised of         act like there are two sides, then
and misrepresentation of their        day, a longtime member shared        staff only with our HR manager         people will feel like they have
workplace, their efforts and their    how much she enjoys shopping         as lead — with the express goal        to choose a side. Personally, I
opinions. It’s hard not be defen-     at the Co-op because of the staff.   of making the Co-op the best           want what is going to continue
sive when one feels attacked,         When she added that this is her      place to work (and volunteer)          to make the Co-op the thriving,
and the writer attacked many of       “happy place,” it sure made me       in Moscow. Together, they are          vibrant community that is so
us, not just myself. Speaking for     smile. And I’m quick to respond      defining what that means and           much more than just a grocery
my staff is a challenging under-      that it takes an entire community    defining the steps to get there.       store to so many.” And another
taking not to be taken lightly.       to make a Co-op successful —            Yes, it may mean better wages,      said “[Let’s] get on with doing
That’s why usually I don’t,           both the broader community and       but it also means improved             what we all want to do — work-
but this month, I felt moved to       the staff community.                 communication between depart-          ing towards a successful, just
defend them as well as their            Many of our staff community        ments, improved training pro-          and ever-better Co-op — [let’s]
opinions.                             felt threatened by the decision of   grams and more opportunities to        take this opportunity to firmly
  Pro-labor? Nobody is more           Cass Davis to run for the Board      interact outside the Co-op — at        define in our own voice who we
pro-labor than I or the rest of       on the one hand and threaten to      their suggestion, we’re paying         are and what we want for the
the management team. I know           sue the Co-op on the other. They     our staff to help clean Paradise       business and workplace we all
that each of us here works hard       couldn’t understand how some-        Creek in April. Our staff likes        love.”
to support our co-workers so          one could act that way. Many         working here. Yes, it’s a job to
they can do their jobs better. We     felt this was a move designed        some, but to others, it’s a way of
know that by working together,        to destroy their workplace, not      life, and they don’t like it when

                       Responding to Chris Norden
                       By Bill London, Co-op Newsletter Editor

  Who are the bad guys that           temic change” that would dump        e-mailed and attended Board            accordingly. No matter how
Chris Norden is so mad at?            General Manager Kenna Eaton          meetings and meetings of the           many big words Norden uses to
  In his resignation letter, it is    and dismantle the existing Co-op     Board Elections Committee,             cover the truth and to display
obvious who he believes are the       management.                          demanding that my article be           his indignation, the reality is that
good guys. Norden says the good         Without reading an article on      killed, and for the first time ever,   the recent Co-op election was a
guys are the “progressive Board       that topic, how would the Co-op      that the Co-op newsletter should       triumph of member democracy.
members and Board candi-              membership know about this           be censored. The Board did not
dates” in the last Co-op election.    relevant and significant informa-    bend, thankfully, and the truth
Specifically, that's Cass Davis,      tion? Was it really in the Co-op's   was printed.
Gary Macfarlane, and Chris            best interest to allow a candidate     For me, the irony was pro-
Norden. Davis and Macfarlane          to decide what to reveal and         found. These “progressive Board
got the lowest number of votes,       what to hide from the voters,        members and Board candidates,”
and now Norden has resigned.          especially in this extraordinary     who have publicly supported
  Since Norden's good guys            situation?                           local independent media and free
resoundingly lost the election,         I expected the article to be       speech for years, were trying to
the bad guys must be the hun-         controversial, so I followed the     censor independent media and
dreds of Co-op members who            rules I learned in my 30 years as    trying to curtail free speech.
did not vote for them.                a professional journalist. When I      For Co-op member-voters, the
  Not so, says Norden. The            called Davis, I identified myself    election showed that they under-
really bad guys are the “manag-       and explained I was writing for      stood that our Co-op is a real
ers, fellow Board members, and        the newsletter. He willingly and     success — providing a commu-
newsletter staff” who corrupted       candidly spoke with me for 45        nity hub, anchoring Moscow's
the election process with lies.       minutes.                             downtown, compensating its
  He must be including me with          After that interview, Davis        employees well, and fostering
those really bad guys. I did write    had two choices. He could have       real progressive change — that
an article about Cass Davis and       shown the courage of his convic-     they wanted to support. Seeing
his three-part legal attack on        tions and stood behind the truth     the truth, they voted in unprec-
the Co-op in the March issue. I       about his legal challenges and       edented numbers, nearly three
wrote that article because Davis      plans to remake the Co-op. Or he     times as many voters as in previ-
was running a stealth campaign.       could try to kill the messenger      ous elections.
Davis was not publicly dis-           instead of addressing to the mes-      The Co-op's election was not,
cussing, with the membership          sage.                                as Norden claims, “corrupted”
at large, his plans to sue the          Sadly, Davis chose the second      by lies. Instead, the membership
Co-op and his plans for “sys-         option. He and Chris Norden          responded to the facts and voted

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Our Plastic Footprint
By Kenna S. Eaton, Co-op General Manager

S   unday, April 11, I was lucky
    enough to be invited to
dinner to meet, amongst oth-
                                    food in a creative setting that
                                    was a little bit “community the-
ers; Captain Charles Moore of         We sat down to eat in the deli
the Algalita Marine Research        — the tables pushed together
Foundation (plastic pollution)      to create a more intimate setting
and Brad Rodgers, Manager of        — as the staff served a feast of
Sustainability and Advanced         risotto stuffed mushrooms, local
Packaging for Frito-Lay/PepsiCo.    green salad and homemade (by
Brad was the corporate lead for     us!) ravioli and grilled asparagus
the new 100% compostable Sun        — yum — and when finally, we
Chips bag just introduced for       were simply too full, tiramisu for
Earth Month. The other hon-         dessert. Conversation sparkled
ored guest was our very own         over the excellent food as we
Dr. Patricia Hunt from WSU,         talked about sustainability and
one of the first research scien-    our environment — relevant
tists to discover the effects of    topics, considering the theme of
all that plastic we’re ingesting    the dinner. Eventually, Nancy
on a daily basis through water      Chaney unveiled her “Our Plastic
bottles and the like, AND a         Footprint Day” proclamation,
Co-op member. Even better that      asking citizens to (amongst
the dinner was held here at the     other things) “... consider reus-
Co-op and that our staff got a      ing receptacles for shopping, to
chance to showcase their talents    think twice about the packaging
in a wonderful meal focusing on     of goods purchased, and … to
seasonal and organically grown      be generally aware of the pos-
foods. Greg Moller, Professor       sible risks to our health and the
of Environmental Science and        environment from our increasing
Toxicology at the UI, had invited   plastic footprint.” Wow. That’s
these three; me; Nancy Chaney,      pretty cool. If you’d like to read
Mayor of Moscow; Duane Nellis,      the proclamation in its entirety,
UI President; and about 15 other    see the sidebar. If you want to
people to eat dinner together       reduce your plastic usage, con-       ping. For every bag you re-use,        organization through our “A
at the Co-op, saying that he        sider bringing your own tote          we’ll give you a dime that you         Dime in Time” program.
thought it was important to eat     bags to the Co-op when shop-          can either take or donate to local

A Dime in Time: Solving Problems
By Ryan Goodson, Future Problem Solving Program representative

                                    designed to “develop the ability      nation, etc. Students who par-         Attending this international gath-
                                    of young people to think glob-        ticipate in CmPS use the same          ering with other students who
                                    ally and to design and promote        problem-solving model, but go          value creativity and problem
                                    positive futures using critical,      one step further and implement         solving validates the work that
                                    creative thinking.”                   their action plan.                     these students do throughout the
                                      Students who participate in           The culmination of the               year, inspiring them to continue
                                    the program work in one of            FPSP year is the International         learning and honing their prob-
                                    three components: Global Issues       Conference. Attendance at this         lem solving skills, skills that help
                                    Problem Solving, Community            conference is by invitation only.      fulfill the mission of MJHS, that
                                    Problem Solving and Scenario          Two MJHS students were invited         these students might “be posi-
                                    Writing. Through research and         to attend this spring. Donations       tive contributors in a constantly
                                    creative problem solving, teams       from the Dime in Time pro-             changing world.”
                                    and individuals in GIPS address       gram will be used to help pay
                                    hypothetical future scenarios         expenses of students attending
                                    based on real contemporary            the International Conference.
                                    issues. (This year’s topics are
                                    Sensory Overload, Invasive

T    he Moscow Junior High
     School (MJHS) Future
Problem Solving Program would
                                    Species, Orphaned Children,
                                    Food Distribution and Green
                                    Living.) Using these same top-
like to thank the Moscow Food       ics, writing skills and futuristic
Co-op for their support through     thinking, scenario writers pro-
the A Dime in Time program          duce short creative works that          Animal Care Center P.A.
during the month of May. For        reflect their research and forward        328 N. Main, Moscow, Idaho 83843
over 25 years, MJHS has par-        thinking. Community Problem                 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Mon.–Fri.
                                                                                 (Tues. & urs. until 7 p.m.)
ticipated in the Future Problem     Solving (CmPS) provides an out-                    (208) 883-4349
Solving Program International.      let for those students who want
                                                                                 Certi ed Acupuncturist
Conceived of and started by         to address an area of concern                Nancy Maxeiner, D.V.M .
Dr. E. Paul Torrance, FPSPI is      they identify in their city, state,

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May Outreach Update
By Carol Spurling, Outreach and Ownership Coordinator, outreach@moscowfood.coop

W       hew. Where I grew up,
        spring was the beginning
of tornado season. Here, we just
                                     Society $33, Backyard Harvest
                                     $958, and Palouse Prairie School
                                     $406.64. Thanks to everyone
                                                                          the soups and loved the bread.
                                                                          Thanks for all your help and
                                                                          support and many kudos to the
                                                                                                               sage could not have reached so
                                                                                                               many people. Thank you again,
                                                                                                               and we look forward to working
schedule so many things that life    who contributed generously in        soup and bread makers.               with you in the future to pro-
FEELS like a tornado. But that’s     March!                                 Sincerely,                         mote “green” programs in our
all part of the fun of living in a                  *******                 Carolyn Guy, Palouse Studio        communities.
town like Moscow!                       Dear Moscow Food Co-op:           Potters Guild                          Sincerely,
  The cashiers have been doing          I just wanted to let you know                    *******                 Judy Dunn-Gray, Whitman
a wonderful job explaining the       how much I appreciate the local        Dear Moscow Food Co-op:            County Recycling & Waste
benefits of membership and           food sources you provide and           Thanks to the Moscow Food          Recycling
signing up new members this          the low prices on them as well.      Co-op and its members for sup-         Andy Boyd, Moscow Recycling
spring. Here are the numbers:        Tonight I went to one of the         porting the Global Architecture                     *******
the Co-op now has 5,910 current      chain stores here in town since      Brigade at the University of           Dear Moscow Food Co-op:
memberships. Since the begin-        it was the end of the month and      Idaho!                                 On behalf of all the patients in
ning of January, we have 723         our allotted grocery money for         Sincerely,                         our region, thank you for host-
brand new members, and while         the month was running low.             Tyler Macy                         ing a blood drive with the Inland
640 memberships expired, we          I suffered some major sticker                       *******               Northwest Blood Center. On
got 1,760 renewed memberships        shock and realized that this store     Dear Moscow Food Co-op:            April 7, 31 faithful donors from
in this same time period! Wow!       was charging way more money            Thank you for helping to           your organization gave the “gift
Welcome to all the new mem-          for way less quality than the        make the Latah County Youth          of life” to patients…On behalf of
bers; thanks for joining us and      Co-op. Their regular prices were     Advocacy Council 2010 Gala           the many lives – past, present,
helping us be ever better than       more than the Co-op’s organic        Event a success! Just like the       and future – thank you for your
before!                              ones! I happily came and spent       boy in the Starfish Story, togeth-   commitment to INBC. Together
  Lately, the Co-op has been at      my money at the Co-op, con-          er we raised more than $10,000       we are working to save lives.
the Green Fair and UI’s Earth        fident that I’m spending my          to support youth substance             Jeff Bryant, President and CEO
Day BBQ. We welcomed local           money well every time I buy          abuse prevention programs in           Inland Northwest Blood Center
vendors at Taste of Palouse,         produce, dairy or bulk products.     Latah County while making a                         *******
launched our new Mamas and           Thank you for enabling wise          difference one at a time.              Dear Moscow Food Co-op:
Papas group, and have been           choices in our community. Not          Sincerely,                           Thank you for your recent
donating lots of food and gift       many others (at least where            LCYAC                              donation on behalf of the
cards to local non-profits and       groceries are concerned) do the                     *******               Moscow Food Co-op to the
other organizations in need.         same.                                  Dear Moscow Food Co-op:            Museum of Art’s Buy-A-Busload-
We gave a field trip to home-           Sincerely,                          Thank you for donating to our      of-Kids program. Your gift of
school students, offered several        Elise, Moscow                     30-year celebration!                 $100 will buy a bus to the muse-
Essential Living and two series                     *******                 Sincerely,                         um and a memorable experience
of Essential Wellness classes,          Dear Moscow Food Co-op:             Brooke, Moscow Day School          for the children who visit. Last
gave interviews to several stu-         We just wanted to thank                          *******               year alone, over 3,000 public
dents doing homework projects        you so much for the Co-op’s            Dear Moscow Food Co-op:            school students were able to visit
related to sustainable, organic      donation of $474 to match the          A special thank you goes           the museum because of the gen-
and local foods — and oh, we         donations made to the Impulse        out to everyone who helped           erosity of people such as you.
also helped put on the Food on       Giving program for the month of      make Moscow Recycling’s and            This year, the students have
the Table conference! (See relat-    March. Your generosity definitely    Whitman County Recycling’s           had the opportunity to experi-
ed story.)                           inspired other communities to        Home and Garden Show and             ence the historic photographs of
  Watch for a new set of Good        give both small and big dona-        Palouse Green Fair booths such       Chavez Ravine taken by Seattle
Food Films coming this month         tions to Backyard Harvest.           a successful endeavor. It is the     photographer Don Normark, and
and through the summer, and for         Now it is our turn to give        hope of Whitman County and           contemporary work exploring the
a new set of Good Food books         back. We will use a portion of       Moscow Recycling to bring            synergy of Art + Architecture…
for the book club.                   the donations we received from       greater awareness not only to          We are pleased that you have
  Another exciting outreach          the Impulse Giving program to        recycling, but to buying products    chosen the Museum of Art for
activity in March was the open-      fund two produce shares for          made from recycled materials.        your support. During these eco-
ing session of the Co-op’s new       needy families through our new       An extra thank you to our spon-      nomic times, your generosity is
customer service training classes    partnership with Soggy Bottom        sors, who provided the products      especially noted and appreciated.
for all employees. We’re all feel-   Farm. Then later this summer,        and supplies to make this event        Sincerely,
ing pretty fortunate to work with    we will use the remainder to         possible.                              Chris Bruce, Director
so many great people, and hope-      provide $5 tokens for families         Many event goers remarked            Jill Aesoph, Director of
fully that shows in the service      who come and use their federal       on noticing your store’s com-        Development
we give you.                         food assistance benefits to pur-     mitment to providing custom-           WSU Museum of Art
  The Dime in Time program           chase fresh fruits and veggies at    ers with so
earned $541.50 for the Palouse       the Tuesday Growers’ Market.         many choices
HIV Consortium in March. The            Thanks again for helping us       on purchasing
April Dime in Time recipient         get healthy, fresh, local foods to   environmen-
was Orphan Acres, and the May        our neighbors in need!               tally friendly
recipient is the Moscow Jr. High        Amy Grey                          products. In all,
School Future Problem Solvers.          Director, Backyard Harvest        total attendance
  In March, we decided to match                     *******               at our booths
customer contributions made to          Dear Moscow Food Co-op:           was over 3,000.
Impulse Giving organizations.           Thanks to everyone involved       Without your
Sojourners Alliance received a       with Empty Bowls! We earned          support, our
total of $116.80, the Humane         $1,842.50. Everyone raved over       booth and mes-

                                                                                                                www.moscowfood.coop      ●   9
                       The hardest participating member
                       (volunteer) position at the Co-op
                       By K. Sequoia Ladd, Participating Member Coordinator, participate@moscowfood.coop

T    his is an open statement to
     the Board and membership
                                        Now more than ever, we need
                                      a Board of rare individuals to
                                                                             Now more than ever, we need a
that I was originally going to
address to the Board of Directors
                                      dialogue instead of debate for
                                      the sake of debating. To be will-
                                                                             Board of rare individuals to dia-
as an owner/member at the May
meeting. However, due to recent
                                      ing to put forth ideas and cre-
                                      ative solutions instead of staying
                                                                             logue instead of debate for the
events, including an unprecedent-
ed election and the recent res-
                                      entrenched in the safety of ide-
                                      als; to represent all of the diverse
                                                                             sake of debating. To be willing to
ignation of two Board members
for very different reasons, I feel
                                      views and needs of our commu-
                                      nity, and work toward common
                                                                             put forth ideas and creative solu-
that it should be addressed to the
entire Co-op community.
                                      goals. I write this understanding
                                      that I am asking a lot of our
                                                                             tions instead of staying entrenched
   When times are the most
challenging, dialogue tends to
                                      volunteer Board of Directors,
                                      because they already give so
                                                                             in the safety of ideals; to repre-
diminish and is replaced by fear-
based rhetoric, by rumor and
                                        Our Moscow Food Co-op Board
                                                                             sent all of the diverse views and
conjecture, by emotional reason-
ing and narrowed perspective.
                                      of Directors has the incredibly
                                      difficult task of balancing the
                                                                             needs of our community, and work
It has been argued that it is in
our nature to do so when we
                                      social principles of coopera-
                                      tion, with the capital needs of
                                                                             toward common goals.
feel threatened, or hurt, angry or    a business. They must under-           advance our strategic plan in       issue of The Community News).
sad. It is the rare individual that   stand and facilitate a melding         cooperation with Co-op staff,       Thank you, Dena, for serving
can dialogue despite these emo-       of socialist values and capitalist     and chair committees, among         our membership so well.
tional responses, who is willing      practices; keeping two conflict-       other activities. Their time com-      We are now in need of two
to step back and see the bigger       ing paradigms in balance is no         mitments and workload often go      Co-op members to step forward
picture despite the perceived pre-    mean feat. They write policy for       above and beyond the 12 hours       and serve the Co-op community
carious footing that may cause.       our Co-op, approve our budget,         needed for an 18% discount.         for a one-year appointment.
                                                                             They are a voice for our mem-       They may be member nomi-
                                                                             bership, tireless advocates for     nated or self-nominated, and will
                                                                             our Co-op, and defenders of our     become a Board member after a
                                                                             mission.                            majority vote by the current sit-
                                                                               I would like to thank Chris       ting Board of Directors (for more
                                                                             Norden and Dena Neese for           information, please read the
                                                                             serving on our Board. Chris has     article submitted by the Board in
                                                                             been a thoughtful advocate for      this issue of Community News).
                                                                             environmental sustainability and    I will not sugar-coat this posi-
                                                                             social justice while serving on     tion; it takes a willingness to
                                                                             the Board, and has resigned from    dialogue, to see a larger picture,
                                                                             the Board because he feels the      to propose solutions and to have
                                                                             election process compromised        thick skin when community
                                                                             two of the cooperative principles   members criticize your decisions
                                                                             (please read Chris’s resigna-       or actions. It is the hardest par-
                                                                             tion statement in this issue of     ticipating member position at the
                                                                             The Community News). Chris’s        Co-op. However, it is also argu-
                                                                             perspectives and views added        ably the most important.
                                                                             diversity to our Board. Thank          If you know a rare individual
                                                                             you, Chris, for serving our mem-    that has these leadership quali-
                                                                             bership. Dena has been a Board      ties, please nominate him or
                                                                             member who asked very specific      her for the Moscow Food Co-op
                                                                             questions, wanting to know the      Board of Directors. If you happen
                                                                             whole story before making a         to see one of our current Board
                                                                             decision. She spent an extraor-     members, thank them for their
                                                                             dinary amount of time thought-      generous service to our Co-op
                                                                             fully responding to and resolv-     and community. It is time for us
                                                                             ing many unprecedented issues       to come together, dialogue with
                                                                             that came up while chairing the     each other, and move forward
                                                                             Election Committee. Her fairness    toward common goals that bene-
                                                                             and impartial logic, willingness    fit the Co-op and the community.
                                                                             to hear and evaluate all sides,     In challenging times this is one
                                                                             and tireless work ethic were        of our strengths and it is time we
                                                                             imperative to a democratic elec-    use it to full advantage. After all,
                                                                             tion process. Dena has resigned     we are a cooperative.
                                                                             from the Board to spend more
                                                                             time with her beautiful baby boy
                                                                             and husband (please read Dena’s
                                                                             resignation statement in this

 10   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
                       Co-op Shoppers Speak Out:
                       Asked by Ashley Fiedler on April 15, 2010

 Q    What are you looking forward to at this year's Renaissance Fair?

                                                                                                "This will be my first time going.
                            "The food. I'm there for the food.                                  I'd like to see the crafts, music and
                            There should be a beer and wine gar-                                food."
                                                                                                —Jana Curry, Pullman, WSU Grad
                            —Summer Baugh, Deary, Doula                                         Student

                            "I love it when people get in the spirit
                            and wear costumes. I'd like to see
                            more of it."                                                        "The what? Is there a beer garden?"

                            —Davina Pastrama, Moscow, Holistic                                  —Kyle Meredith, Lewiston, Tree
                            Nutritionist                                                        Trimmer

                            "I really love the music. I like hearing                            "The candy and parade."
                            new music."
                                                                                                —Thomas Bowen, Moscow, Preschooler
                            —Nancy Draznin, Genesse, Midwife

                      Annual Membership Meeting Held April 4
                      By Carol Spurling, Outreach and Ownership Coordinator, outreach@moscowfood.coop; Photos by David Hall, Newsletter

O    n the tenth day of our elec-   the Board’s role in gov-                                                               Left: Member/
     tion this past March and       erning the Co-op, fol-                                                                owners attending
                                                                                                                          the annual meet-
April, we wrapped up the elec-      lowed by presentations
                                                                                                                           ing at the 1912
tion process with a member          by each of the Board                                                                       Center
meeting, held the afternoon         committees and the
of April 4 at the 1912 Center.      Board/Staff joint com-                                                                   Below: Chris
Member meetings always involve      mittees on their accom-                                                               Norden presents a
great food, and this time was no    plishments in the past                                                                committee report,
                                                                                                                          with Andrika Kuhle
exception: the Co-op deli pre-      year, and their plans for
                                                                                                                          standing by, at the
pared delicious vegan chocolate     the future.                                                                            annual meeting.
fudge cake, and platters of fresh     After the presenta-
fruits, veggies, breads, dips and   tions, Co-op General
spreads, and last, but not least,   Manager Kenna Eaton
cookies.                            talked about the Co-op’s
  Members were given one last       financial performance in 2009,
opportunity to meet the Board       our best year ever. The meeting
candidates and ask them ques-       ended with drawings for door
tions, and to vote. Candidates      prizes from our mercantile sec-
Gary Macfarlane, Jamie Bentley,     tion.
Mark Mumford, Kimberly                Many thanks to the Board
Vincent, Andrika Kuhle, and         for hosting the meeting, to the
Donal Wilkinson were present;       kitchen for making the wonder-
candidate Cass Davis was not        ful food, to the volunteers who
present.                            helped set up tables and do
  Board president Kim Vincent       other tasks, and to the members
gave a short presentation about     who attended!

                                                                                                           www.moscowfood.coop      ●   11
Food on the Table Conference a Success!
By Carol Spurling, Outreach and Membership Coordinator, outreach@moscowfood.coop

O    n Friday evening and
     Saturday, March 26 and
27, over 110 people from the
                                      went a long ways towards our
                                        Conference attendees chose
region gathered for the Food          one “track” on which to focus,
on the Table conference, spon-        out of the four tracks available:
sored in part and organized by        Food Processing on the Palouse,
UI Extension, UI Sustainability       Farming as a Lifestyle and
Center, Rural Roots, Backyard         Business, Farm to Institution,
Harvest, WSU Organic Farm, and        and Backyard Bounty. Each
the Moscow Food Co-op. Over 12        track had a facilitator to lead
organizations were involved – a       the group through the process of
great example of community col-       establishing priorities and identi-
laboration.                           fying challenges and opportuni-
  The conference’s goal was to        ties; and each group benefited
establish some concrete plans for     from resource people to offer
increasing local food resources       their insight and experience in
on the Palouse.                       solving similar problems.
  “Rather than the traditional          Everyone came to the confer-
conference format, we used            ence with his or her own vision
an action-oriented, facilitated       for the future, and left with a
approach in an attempt to move        sense of how they can act to
closer to a viable, regional          make that vision come true. I,
food system. Fifteen individu-        for instance, had a vision of          Top: Diane Green from Sandpoint facilitates a small group discussion at
als were part of the confer-          more people being able to eat                   Food on the Table conference on Saturday, March 27.
ence as resource people. These        locally throughout the winter by        Bottom: Sequoia Ladd from the Moscow Food Co-op talks with a small
folks discussed lessons learned,      learning how to preserve food                  group interested in homesteading and self-sufficiency.
things they did in their commu-       during the growing season. I left
nity and helpful hints to assist      with concrete plans to take the       online. We are also considering      ference and the ideas for moving
the group move forward. The           Extension course on canning and       if it is possible to ease the way    forward will continue.
resource folks came from all over     preserving that is offered online     for ongoing discussions and col-       Metaphorically speaking, the
Idaho, as far as east as Moiese,      in June in order to round out my      laboration through some kind of      seeds for improving our local
Montana, and as far west as           knowledge, and then teach can-        online forum. I’ll report on these   foodshed were planted last fall
Seattle,” noted Kristen Koenig,       ning and preserving workshops         developments as they occur.          at the Palouse Food Forum, and
one of the organizers.                through the Co-op’s Essential            Although it appears that we all   at this Food on the Table confer-
  Although we are still waiting       Living series later this summer.      could have used another day to       ence, the seeds sprouted. Now it
for the results of the participant      Conference organizers are con-      firm up our track’s action plans     is up to all of the attendees and
surveys, the organizers received      sidering the best way to share        – I couldn’t believe how fast        our community to nurture those
so many positive comments that        all the information and resources     the day went by, and how tired       sprouts, and harden them off
we feel confident that the confer-    from the conference with par-         I was after a day of intense dis-    so they can survive outside the
ence was useful and inspiring         ticipants and others, by posting      cussion - we expect that the rela-   greenhouse.
for most of the participants, and     notes, resources, contacts, etc.      tionships forged during the con-

Recycling at Home … Piece of Cake
By Miriam Kent, Pre-cycling Czaress

U    sed to recycle more?
     Throwing those yogurt con-
tainers in the trash? Really want
                                        Ideas for containers: 5-gallon
                                      buckets (square buckets take up
                                      less room and are often free at
                                                                              Hope this is helpful … and
                                                                            yes, you
                                                                            do have
to set up a workable system?          the recycling center), small trash    to wash
  Here are some simple ideas to       cans (the students throw out          out that
help you do just that. Phase 1 is     many of these at the end of the       yogurt
inside, where it’s easy; I’ll cover   semester), or paper sacks (hint:      container.
that here. Phase 2 is outside         fold down the short end of your
and will be covered in the June       bag 1” to help it stay open).
newsletter.                             Ideas for categories: mixed
  So, here goes: Decide where         paper, glass, plastics, newspa-
you’ll set up your system, what       per and mixed recycling to sort
kind of containers you’ll use, the    later on. I find sorting in Phase
number of categories you have,        2 more user-friendly (read the
and how you’ll label, then make       article next month for more par-
a plan for moving it all out and      ticulars on sorting, especially for
to the recycling center.              curbside recycling).
  Ideas for where: under the            Ideas for labeling: fat indelible
kitchen sink, in the broom            markers to write on the con-
closet, in the laundry room, in a     tainer or bag, duct tape and a
foyer, on the back or front porch,    marker, or have your kids draw
or in paper sacks lined up any-       and write down the words and
where that’s convenient.              then tape them to the container.

 12   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
                      Produce Ponderings, Spring 2010, Lo-
                      cal Forecast: Awesomeness
                      By Scott Metzger, Produce Department Manager

P    roduce Department sales
     have been up every month
in 2010, and we couldn’t have
                                     ers growing the same crops,
                                     causing overlap
                                       2.) Inconsistent price structure
                                                                          established on the Palouse
                                                                            6.) Establishing systems and
                                                                          standards for the Co-op that
                                                                                                                  be, far and away, our best local
                                                                                                                  season ever, and I invite every-
                                                                                                                  one to shop the Co-op all sum-
done it without our stellar staff    between Produce and Deli, and        will outlast staff and that make        mer when you’re in town, and
and you, our valued customers.       wholesale vs. retail pricing and     ordering and delivering easier.         help us turn the negative sum-
We finished January up $4,000        between individual farmers.            By making local purchases as          mer trend around.
from 2009, February was up over        3.) Inconsistent ordering and      a consumer, you are essentially           I appreciate everyone’s help,
$9,000 from 2009 and March           delivery scheduling and heavy        voting with your money. It is an        ideas and input in formulating
finished up $14,000 over 2009        volume of calls.                     easy way to contribute to mak-          this new strategy for the Co-op
sales, even with a slow Spring         4.) Competition with Farmers’      ing a big difference in a world         Produce Department. The Green
Break. If history is any guide,      Market and Growers’ Market.          in which we often feel marginal-        Commerce Committee has been
sales for April and May will con-      5.) Weak achieved margins on       ized.                                   very helpful in bridging the gap
tinue to be strong as the semes-     local produce due to high whole-       It is my pleasure to announce         in understanding between the
ter comes to a close and stu-        sale costs.                          that as of this printing we have        needs of the local small farmer
dents and their families gather        This year will be our best         13 purchasing agreements signed         community and the needs of the
for graduation festivities. Thank    ever. After gathering input from     and are working with a total            Co-op buyers. Thanks also to
you, everyone, for continuing to     the local farmers at our annual      of 34 farmers this year, includ-        all of the amazing local farmers,
shop with us and choosing to         “local growers meeting,” we are      ing six new to the Co-op farmer         as well as Jessica Wiley, Annie
buy your organic and local pro-      looking at the following changes     folks — Anne Bose, Denise               Pollard, and Hunt Paddison. Your
duce at the Co-op. We appreciate     to our local purchasing systems      Moffett and Michael Robinson,           input has been valuable in work-
your patronage.                      for the produce department.          Jim Maxwell, Kahne Blyth, Kevin         ing to achieve the goal of having
  The need to eat wholesome            1) Entering into local purchas-    Paulus and Loni Suomi — and             the best local produce season
and healthy organic fruits and       ing agreements with the farmers      more in the works. There are            ever and making the local farm-
vegetables transcends race,          to set prices and quantities for     plans for 132 different variet-         ing community the strongest it
gender, religion and politics.       each farmer’s produce for the        ies of produce to be grown              has been, while working with
Everyone needs to eat and every-     year.                                locally, and literally thousands        the Co-op in the most efficient
one deserves to eat healthy food,      2) Eliminating or reducing         of pounds of produce grown for          manner.
and that is why everyone in this     overlap of crops between farm-       us in 2010. If all goes well, it will
community is welcome to shop         ers.
the Co-op and enjoy the bounty         3) Coordinating wholesale pric-
of our produce department.           ing between the different Co-op
  At the Co-op, we view our          departments
local farmers as the first link        4) More clearly defining whole-
towards growing a stronger econ-     sale prices vs. retail or market
omy here in Moscow. Every dol-       pricing for the farmers
lar spent on locally grown foods,      5)     Increasing the total vol-
whether at the Co-op or the mar-     ume purchased of each crop
ket, stays within our community.     from each farmer, thereby mak-
By growing a stronger farmer         ing this the best local produce
community, we grow a stronger        season on record.
Co-op, and vice versa                  6)     Standardizing delivery
  Historically, the Produce          days and times and enforcing
Department has the slowest sales     labeling requirements.
of the year during the summer          7)     More clearly labeling
months of June through August.       local produce in the store with
There are a number of reasons        improved signage.
for this sales decline: commu-         Our goals for revamping the
nity members leaving for the         local purchasing system in 2010
summer, students leaving town,       are as follows:
harvest from home gardens and          1.) Greatly increase the volume
the Farmers’ Market competition.     of local produce available at the
All of these things coincide in      Co-op during the summer and
the summer, which traditionally      fall months.
leads to a summer sales slump,         2.) Reduce the price to the
this despite the fact that this is   consumer for local produce.
the time of year when we carry         3.) Greatly increase local pro-
the largest variety and highest      duce sales at the Co-op.
quantity of locally grown fruits       4.) Strengthen the local farm-
and vegetables. These factors,       ing community buy purchasing
combined with a kind of “Hodge       more produce from each farmer
Podge” local purchasing system,      and entering into purchasing
led us to evaluate our problems      agreements with each farmer,
and develop some solutions.          thereby ensuring income predict-
  The problems we encountered        ability for farmers.
were as follows:                       5.) Encourage new farmers and
  1.) Too many local small farm-     larger vegetable farms to become

                                                                                                                   www.moscowfood.coop     ●   13
Welcome to the Co-op’s BikeFest!
By the 2nd/3rd grade class at Palouse Prairie School

W       elcome to BikeFest, which
        is May 8, and National
Bike Month, which is all of
                                      arranged the different jobs for
                                      BikeFest, like blocking off the
                                      alley and moving tables.
May! Last year was the very             Carol said that here in Moscow
first BikeFest at the Co-op.          we love riding bikes and love
Carol Spurling, Membership            our trails. This is the second
Coordinator at the Co-op, said        year we are having National Bike
there were a lot of new bike          Month in Moscow, but in other
racks just put in that morning.       parts of America, people have
“I was going to wrap them with        been celebrating National Bike
a big ribbon for a ribbon-cutting     Month since 1956! That was a
ceremony.” There were already         while ago.
bikes parked there, so she had to       Each event of National Bike
wrap the ribbon around all the        Month is in a different place.
bikes!                                (See box.) On May 14 you can
   Carol also had another funny       ride to work or school to support
story about a big semi-truck that     Bike Month and get free goodies.
was delivering stuff to the Co-op     There’s also a Nearly Naked Bike
during BikeFest. Carol said, “The     Ride!
truck was so big that everyone          We will see you at BikeFest!
had to pick up their tables and       Meet us at the Village Bicycle
move while the truck beeped           Project table!
and backed up in the alley!”            Please note that the Co-op
   BikeFest is about celebrating      parking lot will still be open for
the health of bikes. It includes      cars during BikeFest (not every-
food, bike rides, an Alley Cat        one can ride a bike, after all),
Treasure Hunt, a bike swap, and       so everyone please be careful
music. You can also receive free      coming and
treats. If you bring your bike and    going. And                                             May 3, Monday, 7 p.m.
                                                               MOSCOW MAYOR NANCY CHANEY’S PROCLAMATION of the City of Moscow’s support of
it needs fixing, a bike mechanic      please, wear
                                                                      National Bicycle Month. City Hall council chambers. Please be prompt!
can fix it. And after the bike        your helmet
                                                                                  May 5, 12, 19 and 26, Wednesdays, 11 a.m.
swap, the bikes that are left will    whenever you          TOW YOUR TOTS. Meet at Mt. View Park for a group ride to Patty’s Mexican Kitchen on two-
be given to the Village Bicycle       ride! See you at                      for-one Wednesdays. Free bike tune-ups May 5 at 10 a.m.
Project to be donated to Ghana.       BikeFest!                                           May 6, Thursday, 5:30 p.m.
   Come to BikeFest on Saturday,                          THE TOM AND ALY SHOW. Slide presentation of Tom and Aly Lamar’s bike travels through New
May 8. At 9:30 a.m., the Three        The 2nd/3rd         Zealand. Join us at Gritman Conference Center, 700 South Main. Refreshments will be served.
Forks Bike Club is having a fund-     grade class at                                                FREE!
raiser breakfast of pancakes. The     Palouse Prairie                           May 8, Saturday, 9:30-3 p.m. Live music 11-1:00
music is a bluegrass band called      is passionate         MOSCOW FOOD CO-OP BIKEFEST. Three Forks Bicycle Club fundraising pancake breakfast,
                                      about the envi-      bike swap and sale, free bike tune- ups, Alley Cat Treasure Hunt, midday refreshments. More
Cosby’s Sweater from 11 a.m. - 1
                                      ronment. We are                                       at www.moscowfood.coop
p.m. BikeFest will end at 3:00.       excited to see                                    May 13, Thursday, 7-9 p.m.
   BikeFest is at the Co-op in the    you at BikeFest      SPOKE-N WORD bicycle poetry at One World Café. Open mic. Recite poetry, sing, read short
alley to the right of the Co-op.      during National                          stories or about bicycling. The stage is yours.
They got permission from the          Bike Month!
                                                                                       May 14, Friday, 7-8:30 a.m.
city to block off the alley for       Our names
                                                           BIKE TO WORK DAY. Stop by the corner of Sixth and Main for coffee, treats and spoke cards
BikeFest. That way, people can        are Cameron,                                         for your bike wheels.
still park in the parking lot and     Elizabeth, Emily,                                     May 15, Saturday, 9 a.m.
no one gets run over.                 Emma, Gabriel,       BIKE THE LATAH TRAIL TO TROY. Meet at NRS East parking lot (corner of Blaine St. and Troy
   A couple of bikers named Isaac     Jeremiah, John,          Hwy). Stop for coffee at the Filling Station Cafe in Troy. 24 miles RT, about 3 hours.
and Emmett started BikeFest.          Jonna, Karina,                                    May 21, Friday, noon-1:00
Families, friends, Co-op mem-         Lee, Lena, Liam,       LUNCH & LEARN. Bicycling Fun and Fitness, presented by T Jay Clevenger and Shirley
                                      Owen, Sam,            Rencken, Gritman Conference Center, 700 South Main, FREE - Light snacks will be served.
bers, non-members, students
                                      Savanna, Taylor                                       May 22, Saturday, 8 a.m.
and grandparents can come. “We        D., and Taylor J.     WAFFLE RIDE TO PULLMAN. Meet at Chipman Trail trailhead, corner of Pullman Hwy and
hope a lot of people ride their                           Perimeter Dr. Ride to the Old European Restaurant for breakfast. Bring your wallet and fellow
bikes,” Carol said.                                                                       cyclists. 17 miles round trip.
   We think that BikeFest is at the                                                      May 22, Saturday, 6:00 p.m.
Co-op because lots of people go                            LATAH TRAIL FUNDRAISER DINNER, silent and live auctions and entertainment. Contact Nora
to the Co-op, and lots of people                                    Locken at latahtrail@gmail.com or 208-874-3860 for more information.
that know about the Co-op ride                                                            May 29, Saturday, 8 a.m.
bikes. Some people have a hard                             JULIAETTA-TO-KENDRICK RIDE & Locust Blossom Festival Parade, which begins at 10:00. We
time riding their bikes, so when                                   need to be in Kendrick at 9:00; meet at the Juliaetta trailhead at 8 a.m.
they go to the Co-op there are                                                               TBA, 5:30 p.m.
a lot of people who can help                               NEARLY NAKED BIKE RIDE. Watch for this on Facebook and B4L Web site on a warm summer
                                                                                   evening; starts at Friendship Square.
them learn. And the bike swap
is a good way for people to get                                                                   TBA
                                                          SPONTANEOUS MASS RIDES around Moscow could happen at any time. Feel free to join in and
a new bike because it only costs                                                     bring your bicycle-riding pals.
your old bike that you don’t
                                                               Keep up with Bike for Life events at www.bikeforlifemoscow.com and on Facebook
want any more.
   Carol and a few other people

 14   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
                        A Frozen Treat For Everyone
                        By Peg Kingery, Chill and Frozen Buyer

I  don’t think I’ve ever met any-
   one who doesn’t like ice cream
... but I have met a lot of people
                                         Recently, Turtle Mountain
                                       added a new line of products
                                       made from coconut milk. These
                                                                             ing and heart-protective proper-
                                                                             ties. Unlike other fats, MCT’s do
                                                                             not need to be broken down and
                                                                                                                  of the flavors are nut-free as
                                                                                                                     Hemp seeds, from which hemp
who can’t eat ice cream because        are dairy-, lactose- , gluten- and    can be used immediately by the       milk is made, are one of nature’s
of the inability to digest milk lac-   cholesterol-free, are sweetened       body as energy. They also may        most perfect foods. They contain
tose. The good news is that the        with agave, contain no soy pro-       stimulate metabolism.                all 10 essential amino acids, are
Co-op carries a variety of non-        tein or trans fats, are certified       Rice milk and almond milk          rich in omega-3 and omega-
dairy frozen desserts as well as       vegan and are made with organ-        fans can also cool off when tem-     6 fatty acids and contain high
ice cream.                             ic ingredients. Another frozen        peratures rise with frozen des-      amounts of magnesium, iron,
   Turtle Mountain has been a          dessert made from coconut milk        serts from Imagine Foods. Both       potassium, phytonutrients and
long-time leader in refrigerated       is produced by Luna and Larry’s       Rice Dream and Almond Dream          vitamin E.
and frozen products made from          Coconut Bliss. These are certified    contain no refined sweeteners or        I doubt few people are as
soy milk. The Co-op carries both       organic, 100% vegan, sweetened        cholesterol and are lactose-free.    happy as I am that there are
their Purely Decadent and their        with agave, kosher pareve, and        Almond Dream is also gluten-         such a variety of non-dairy fro-
So Delicious lines of frozen des-      made with certified fair trade        free.                                zen treats. I’ve tasted them all
serts in a wide array of flavors       ingredients.                            Living Harvest hemp milk is        and each satisfied my craving
and sizes. All of these are dairy-       What’s so special about coco-       a hot seller off the grocery aisle   for something cold and creamy.
, lactose- and cholesterol-free,       nut milk? It’s naturally rich and     shelves. If you’re looking for its   If you can’t or choose not to
contain no trans fats, are certi-      creamy. The fat in coconut milk       nutritional benefits AND dessert,    indulge in ice cream, I invite you
fied vegan, are made with organ-       is high in medium-chain triglyc-      try Tempt frozen dessert. Tempt      to try these products. They’re
ic ingredients and have less than      erides (MCT’s), identical to those    is dairy-, soy- and gluten-free,     guaranteed to make you happy
half the fat of super premium          found in breast milk, giving          vegan, kosher pareve and made        too!
dairy ice cream.                       coconut milk similar germ fight-      with organic ingredients. Some

Good Food Film Series Sneak Preview
By Aimee Shipman, Co-op Volunteer

T    he May screening of the
     Co-op's Good Food Film
Series will be held on Thursday,
                                       that arise when a grassroots agri-
                                       cultural movement evolves into
                                       a booming international market.
May 20. All GFFS films are             Each of the film’s characters
at 7 p.m. at the Kenworthy             is intimately connected to the
Performing Arts Center in down-        organic world; they’re farmers,
town Moscow. Tickets are $4 for        activists, and scientists. While
Co-op members and $6 for non-          many folks can easily endorse
members.                               “organic,” the characters in the
  The May Good Food Film               film take the discussion beyond
Series selection features “What’s      just shopping for another eco-
Organic about Organic,” a skill-       label. As we glimpse into each of
ful exploration of the debates         their lives, we see how organic
                                                 agriculture has the
                                                 potential to solve many
                                                 of our environmental
                                                 and health problems.
                                                 The film will explore
                                                 how organic farming
                                                 can be used as a soil
                                                 and air protection sys-
                                                 tem, a healthy solution
                                                 to toxic pollution, and
                                                 an innovative means to
                                                 combat global warm-
                                                 ing. As the film moves
                                                 from farm fields to gov-
                                                 ernment meetings to
                                                 industry trade shows,
                                                 we see the hidden costs
                                                 of conventional agricul-
                                                 ture. We also see how       forward towards a new vision for
                                                 our health, the health      our culture and encourages us to
                                                 of our planet, and the      ask, “How can we eat with an
                                                 agricultural needs of       ecological consciousness?”
                                                 our society are all inti-
                                                 mately connected. The
                                                 film compels us to look

                                                                                                                   www.moscowfood.coop      ●   15
                       Salad Bar Here Price Shopper: Pet Food               By Obi Pallen Richard, friend of Joe and Amy, Newsletter Volunteers

                       This Month     M
                       By Steve Kobs, Store Manager
                                                                                   y feline friend recently
                                                                                   became very ill and lost a
                                                                            lot of weight. Everyone thought

T   he new salad bar is scheduled
    to be installed around May
20. The location is in front of the
                                      choices. At the end of the bar,
                                      three self-service soups will be
                                      available. Other hot foods will
                                                                            it was my fault at first because,
                                                                            I’ll admit, sometimes I do shove
                                                                            him out of the way and eat his
pastry case and the cash register.    still be available at the current     food if I can get away with it.
The preparation work will begin       full-service counter.                 But I’ve always done that and
about a week earlier, taping into       A big thank you goes out to         he never got skinny before.
plumbing and electricity that         all the members who contrib-          Let’s just say he’s always been
was put into the floor when we        uted their time and money to get      “fluffy.” Sometimes at night I
moved into this building.             the salad bar at the Co-op. The       think I hear him crunching on
  Customers will be able to walk      funds raised will cover the cost      my food too, by the way. But
around the bar and select from        of installation. The fixture itself   I digress, anyway, after he got
a variety of chilled salad ingre-     will be paid for out of our capi-     sick, everyone got all worried                       my side.
dients and prepared salad. There      tal budget.                           about him and started buying                           Joe and Amy went to Rosauers
will be self-service dressing                                               him all kinds of different and                       and the Co-op to find yummy
                                                                            exciting foods to try to get him                     foods for us, I mean the cats.
                                                                            to eat again. Which has turned                       They ended up saving $9.70
                                                                            out to be a great idea. He is                        by shopping at the Co-op and
                                                                            gaining weight and doing much                        pranced around the kitchen like
  Dear Co-op Members, Staff and Management:                                 better. And don’t tell anyone, but                   rabid fools. That’s not the first
  With regret, I have informed the Co-op Board of                           I may have gained a little weight                    time that’s happened, strangely
                                                                            too, though I don’t think you                        enough.
  Directors that I will resign from the Co-op Board on May
                                                                            can really see it unless I lay on
  The sole reason for my resignation is that I wish to                       ITEM                                                       Co-op Rosauers Difference
                                                                             Lick Your Chops Turkey & Brown Rice Cat Food, 5.5 oz can   $1.45    $1.89    -$0.44
  spend more time with my 1-year-old son, Jackson. I
                                                                             Wellness Turkey & Salmon Cat Food, 5.5 oz can              $1.54    $1.89    -$0.35
  don’t feel able (or perhaps willing) to continue to juggle                 Natural Life Chicken & Veggie Cat Food, 5.5 oz can $1.15            $1.39    -$0.24
  a full-time, demanding job, motherhood and Co-op                           Natural Life Adult Cat Food, 8 lb bag                      $15.39   $18.19   -$2.80
                                                                                                                                        $2.35    $2.69    -$0.34
  Board responsibilities at this time. I suppose I didn’t                    Wellness Lamb & Sweet Potato Dog Food, 12.5 oz can
                                                                             Natural Life Dog Food, 13.2 oz can                         $1.69    $1.79    -$0.10
  realize how difficult this juggling act would be when I                    Natural Life Senior Dog Food (kibble) 8 lb bag             $13.99   $17.29   -$3.30
  ran for the Board, before Jackson was born.                                Natural Life Adult Dog Food, chicken flavor, 8 lb bag      $11.49   $13.49   -$2.00
                                                                             Lick Your Chops Adult Dog Food, 13.2 oz can                $2.05    $2.29    -$0.24
  Thank you to Co-op members for allowing me to serve                        Newman's Own Dog Treats, 10 oz                             $3.90    $3.79     $0.11
  you over the past year. It has been a pleasure and honor                   Totals                                                     $55.00   $64.70   -$9.70
  working with my fellow Board members, member vol-
  unteers, management and staff. Board members spend
  enormous amounts of energy and time volunteering to
  make the Co-op a better place — I have deep respect
  and admiration for all who are willing to take on this
  volunteer position for the typical three-year term. I am
  sad to leave now, as I feel I just got my “Board feet”
  under me. I am excited about many of the current
  projects and ideas swirling around and I so want to be
  However, when I am able to spend a quiet Sunday after-
  noon with Jackson, watching him explore a dandelion for
  the first time, I know this was the right decision for me.
  The Co-op is truly a special place, consisting of gener-
  ous, passionate and engaged people. I am happy to have
  had the opportunity to work with such great people!
  Dena Neese

 16   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
   I am extremely disappointed
                                               SUGGESTION BOX
                                            by looking carefully at its con-         his fresh fish out at the intersec-      It was difficult for me to get a
 in the role Bill London has                tents. In it, I could not find any       tion of the Troy and Lewiston         green cart out this morning. The
 played in the current BOD elec-            inflammatory language, editorial         highways. Since fresh fish was        grey carts were packed against
 tion. The Co-op needs to either            judgment, or any factual errors.         not available anywhere else on        the others. Can the front of
 claim him as an employee and               Cass was given the opportunity           the Palouse, everyone had to          the store be a little more user-
 reign him in, or fire him. The             to respond in the same newslet-          drive out to him on Fridays to        friendly? —Nicole
 harassment of voters by phone,             ter to the article, or to contrib-       buy their fish. It was like a party      It was tight in there. We have
 and “interviewing” under false             ute his own article, which he            out there on that windblown,          experimented with different
 pretenses is underhanded,                  declined. Cass was also asked            dusty, alternately freezing and       arrangements. When you were
 and undermining of the Co-op               several times to point out factual       darn hot corner. Thus was start-      here, one side was too short and
 “democracy.” —Kelly                        errors in the article, which he has      ed the tradition of “Fish Fridays,”   we did not catch it. You’re right,
   Hi Kelly, thanks for writ-               never done. Candidates for elec-         When the Fish Man lost his right      impossible to deal with it with
 ing. You can read more about               tion may wish to control what            to be on that corner (something       kids and everything else in hand.
 the election elsewhere in this             relevant information is published        about re-construction of the high-    I think the current arrangement
 newsletter, but as the Outreach            about them, but censoring the            way), we eagerly invited him          is better. If you think something
 Coordinator, I supervise Bill              media has never been considered          to come to the Co-op’s parking        would work better, please men-
 London, Volunteer Newsletter               democratic.                              lot and continue his tradition.       tion it to a cashier. —Steve Kobs,
 Editor, so I want to respond to              Feelings ran high during this          None of us wanted to lose that        Store Manager
 your concerns.                             election, it’s true, but I really        opportunity to select the fresh-
   What I hear you saying is that           believe that democracy at the            est fish in town, to talk to the        We were wondering what hap-
 Bill London should be penalized            Co-op is alive and well, and that        owner, to ask questions, to get       pened to the child-sized shop-
 for two things: calling members            the newsletter has always and            the perfect recipe for tonight’s      ping carts? My daughter was
 on the phone, and for publishing           will continue to play an impor-          dinner and to gain insight about      disappointed when there were
 an article about a candidate with          tant role in helping its members         the fishing industry. And though      not any on our last visit. —Kate
 information that you feel was              be informed and engaged. I’m             the faces may have changed over         I feel bad about that. There are
 obtained under false pretenses.            happy to speak with you more             the years, the tradition has not.     a lot of children who really look
   The issue of phone calls is              about this, if you’d like; please        As the business has grown, Dale       forward to using the carts. One
 strictly about a member/owner              give me a call 208-669-0763 or           and Victoria Young, the owners,       of the problems that we have
 expressing his opinion to other            send an e-mail to outreach@              have added employees, thereby         had is that some customers are
 member/owners. That’s what                 moscowfood.coop. —Carol                  enhancing the employment              being struck by carts operated by
 elections are all about, aren’t                                                     opportunities for quite a lot of      children. Even the most diligent
 they?                                        The fish folk are back in the          people. We appreciate the quality     parent cannot observe and antici-
   I appreciate that whether Bill           parking lot on Fridays. They             of the product, the humor and         pate where their child might take
 London officially interviewed              are not local producers. Why do          quotes Dale and his employees         the cart. What we noticed is that
 Cass Davis with Cass’ full under-          they get this special treatment?         share with us, and the festive tra-   the number of collisions is much
 standing or whether he only                Do they rent the three parking           dition of having the “Fish Folks”     higher on Saturdays – our busi-
 talked informally with Cass on             spaces from the Co-op? Why do            in our parking lot every Friday.      est days. Our solution to this was
 the phone but off the record, is a         they get to park their truck in          Personally, I’d hate to lose all      to pull the small carts from the
 question in your mind that will            the Co-op parking lot all day?”          that bonhomie all for a few park-     floor on Saturdays. Not perfect,
 forever remain a matter of “he             —a concerned member                      ing spots for cars — wouldn’t         but the reported mishaps have
 said” and “he said.”                         Dear member- Excellent ques-           you?                                  dropped.
   As a journalist myself, I formed         tions! Thanks for asking. Many             —Kenna S. Eaton, General              —Steve
 my opinion about whether or not            years ago, the Fish Folks were           Manager
 the article should be published            just the “Fish Man” and he sold

                                                  Imagination Arts
                                                         July 5th–10th
                                                           Ages 6–12
                                                    Festival Dance Studio 110
                                                         (UI PE Building)
                                                            Cost: $85
                                                  $2 non-refundable deposit
                                                      due by June 15th
                                                       To Register: call
                                                      883-3267 or e-mail
                                                   Spots are limited, so call
                                                     Moscow only
                                                  Summer Mini-Musical!
Our most popular workshop! Students will learn choreography, musical
theater, and general stage craft from Katie Saunders, Festival Dance fac-
ulty. Students will make their own “Prairie” costumes for the final show
           at the Moscow Farmer’s Market July 10 at 9:00 am.
Participants should bring a sack lunch and wear comfortable clothing. Black leo-
tard and tights required for final performance. Preferred pre-requisite: read or be
         familiar with Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls-Wilder

                                                                                                                              www.moscowfood.coop       ●   17
Volunteer Profile: Beata Vixie
By Todd J. Broadman, Newsletter Volunteer

            hile talking with         Science in                                           folks to gather.   Department. “I am interested
            Beata, what became        Food Science.                                        “So when           in new technology for the food
            clear to me is that the   When I asked                                         we moved to        industry as well as traditional
Co-op serves many purposes,           about her path                                       Moscow,” she       ways of growing food. I am also
one of which is to bring folks        from Chicago                                         continued, “it     learning yoga and meditation.”
together from across the globe.       to Pullman,                                          was easy to        In her Food Science program,
This was also Beata’s perspec-        she went back                                        get involved       Beata is learning about food
tive. “The Co-op in Portland,         five years to                                        with the           chemistry and microbiology.
Oregon, kind of reminded me of        her time in                                          Co-op.” Beata      “Food science is fun stuff and
shops from my country, smaller,       New Mexico.                                          volunteers as      the folks in the department are
simple, bulk food, had to bring       “We lived in a                                       committee          really great.”
your bag, local produce.” The         small town of                                        member for            I soon understood that Beata’s
“country” Beata refers to is          about 20,000                                         the A Dime in      true home is nature. “I love the
Poland, her home.                     people and                                           Time program;      outdoors; my favorite thing is
   Beata arrived in Chicago           there was no                                         the program        to hike and spend time in the
in her late teens to visit her        Co-op. So I                                           donates           woods.” And she spoke with
Grandmother and stayed. “My           joined with
                                                         Beata volunteers as                monies from       equal ease about her passions,
plans [to stay] were changed          a few others       committee member for the return                      which include “healing, the fam-
when the Polish borders closed        and decided        the A Dime in Time                 of reusable       ily dog – Obi, and connections
due to Martial Law.” I vaguely        to start one.                                         bags (a dime      with people.”
recalled the time period — Lech       We learned         program; the program per bag) to a                      When asked what was most
Walesa and the Solidarity trade-      so much, and       donates monies from                worthy non-       needed right now for our planet,
union movement. “At the time,         the more I got                                        profit each       she didn’t hesitate. “We need
many people were happy for            involved, the      the return of reusable month.                        respect, knowledge and under-
me,” Beata said, then lowered         more I was         bags to a worthy non-                She smiles.     standing towards nature and
her head, “but I was not happy.       motivated and                                         “Our son is       other humans.”
I love my country and wanted to       convinced that
                                                         profit each month.                 now 14 and
be there.”                            a Co-op would                                         loves Middle      Todd, wife Corinna, and son Micah
   Building upon her undergradu-      strengthen the community.”        School.” Life-long learning           enjoy it here: the gently rolling
ate degree in Biology, Beata is         That project instilled in Beata remains a strong value. Beata’s       hills and the local community's cre-
currently enrolled in a combined      the need for a healthy alterna-   husband teaches and does              ativity. Todd is currently writing a
WSU-UI program – Master’s of          tive and a place for like-minded  research in WSU’s Mathematics         novel.

 18   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
Staff Profile: Rose Keller
By Amy Newsome, Newsletter Volunteer

     spotted Rose Keller in the                                                                                  When Rose was attending U
     health and beauty aid depart-                                                                            of I, she always liked shopping
     ment quietly stocking shelves                                                                            at the Co-op and thought she’d
with a kindly and approachable                                                                                like to work there one day. So
air. Rose’s youth belies incredible                                                                           when she saw an opening for a
life experience.                                                                                              Wellness Assistant, she thought
   Rose was born in Orofino to                                                                                it would be a perfect fit. She had
two scientist parents. Her family                                                                             experience working at a natural
moved to Burns, Oregon, when                                                                                  food store in Portland, Oregon.
she was 4 and her brother was                                                                                 She also has a couple ailments
2. Her dad works for the Natural                                                                              that have led her to be knowl-
Resources Conservation Service                                                                                edgeable about many supple-
and her mom works for the                                                                                     ments. Rose was diagnosed with
Bureau of Land Management.                                                                                    Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age
   Her parents instilled the love                                                                             of 13. She was also diagnosed
of international travel in Rose by                                                                            with Celiac Disease while in
taking family trips, primarily to                                                                             Finland. She was able to experi-
South America. When Rose was                                                                                  ence Finland’s healthcare system
15, she traveled to Kenya with                                                                                firsthand.
her paleontologist grandmother.                                                                                  “Their socialized healthcare
   “That was the first trip that I                                                                            was wonderful. You don’t have
felt old enough to really absorb                                                                              people putting off going to the
everything. I found the culture                                                                               doctor because of the cost.”
and the people amazing and              Rose, along with her research                                            An avid swimmer since age 6,
developed a love of languages.”                                                                               she swims four days a week. She
   After graduating high school         team, presented their findings                                        also teaches swimming at WSU.
in Burns, Rose began studying                                                                                    “Swimming really helps with
Microbiology at the University          to the European Commission                                            the arthritis,” she shared.
of Idaho, but soon switched to                                                                                   After my interview, I was left
International Studies.                  in Brussels. They appealed for                                        in awe of this incredibly resilient
   “I think it was my trip to                                                                                 and fascinating young woman.
Kenya that led me away from             more support for the women’s                                          I look forward to hearing about
natural science and toward social                                                                             Rose’s future endeavors.
science.”                               organizations that are working
   Rose earned a Bachelor’s                                                                                   Amy Newsome had a particularly
degree in International Studies         to fight human trafficking.                                           difficult time getting this article
                                                                                                              down to the 700 word limit. Thanks
with minors in Economics and
Russian. She spent one year           is arranged for them, but once       their degrees there, they’d take   (and no thanks) Rose!
studying at the University of         they cross a border their docu-      it. Rose would eventually like
Eastern Finland. Her under-           ments are destroyed and they are     to work in the EU Ministry, in a
graduate thesis focused on the        stuck.”                              development arm with Russia.
informal economy of the Russian          After her research was com-       Joe would like to become a
and Finnish Karelia region. Her       plete; Rose, along with her          Sociology professor.
professors encouraged Rose to         research team, presented
come back after she graduated to      their findings to the European
serve as a research fellow at the     Commission in Brussels. They
Karelian Institute.                   appealed for more support for
   She did return, study there        the women’s organizations that
for over two years and earn her       are working to fight human traf-
Magister degree, a European           ficking.
degree somewhere between a               In addition to her rich educa-
Masters and a PhD. She split          tional life, Rose has also man-
her time between Russia and           aged to maintain a meaning-
Finland. Her research looked          ful partnership. Rose met her
at how women’s organizations          boyfriend, Joe King, two weeks
from both sides of the border         before they graduated from U of
work together in spite of their       I. Joe moved to Germany to be a
ideological differences. There        translator for Porsche when Rose
isn’t agreement on many issues,       moved to Finland. They were
but they are united in the fight      still able to see each other, with
against human trafficking, pri-       just a two-hour flight between
marily of young women for pros-       them. Joe is currently in a PhD
titution. That is the issue Rose      program at WSU in Sociology,
focused on during her time in         where Rose is also volunteer-
the region. Rose explains,            ing as a research assistant. Rose
   “Girls from central Asia           would like to finish her PhD in
and Russia are promised an            Geography. They’re both anxious
opportunity to work or study          to get back to Europe, so if an
abroad. Their travel paperwork        opportunity came up to finish

                                                                                                               www.moscowfood.coop       ●   19
Local Producer: Genesee Valley Daoist Hermitage
By Johna Boulafentis, Newsletter Volunteer

      pring has definitely                                                                                          remarkable, considering
      arrived on the                                                                                                that 12 years ago, Da-Jin’s
      Palouse. I embrace                                                                                            mother, while visiting
the eclectic weather; days                                                                                          from China, thrashed 300
mixed with rain show-                                                                                               pounds of yellow soybeans
ers, sun and hail. I had                                                                                            by hand. One small con-
the pleasure of enjoying                                                                                            tainer from that harvest
a spring afternoon with                                                                                             remains, and more soy-
Charlotte Sun and Master                                                                                            beans may be planted this
Sun Da-Jin, who farm and                                                                                            summer; a good time to
operate the Genesee Valley                                                                                          start planning a trip for
Daoist Hermitage. Over                                                                                              Da-Jin’s mom.
the last seven years, the                                                                                              Charlotte shared her
hermitage has provided the                                                                                          gratitude in many avenues
Co-op with products that                                                                                            of her and Da-Jin’s life.
can be found throughout                                                                                             She loves the Palouse for
the store: an assortment                                                                                            its richness in natural
of organic vegetables and                                                                                           resources, diverse peoples
herbs including Chinese                                                                                             and ideas. She is abundant-
varieties in Produce and                                                                                            ly grateful that the lessees
Deli, and organic goji ber-                                                                                         with adjoining land to the
ries and seed packets in                                                                                            hermitage are respectful
  In 1993, Da-Jin and
                                I had the pleasure of enjoying a spring                                             of the hermitage’s organic
                                                                                                                  practices and agree not to
Charlotte came to the
Palouse via San Francisco
                                afternoon with Charlotte Sun and                                                  spray. She also values the
                                                                                                                  relationships she’s formed
via China. They selected a
home and land in Genesee to
                                Master Sun Da-Jin, who farm and                                                   with Co-op staff and appre-
                                                                                                                  ciates their flexibility in
house the non-profit Daoist
Hermitage. Since then they
                                operate the Genesee Valley Daoist                                                 working with local growers.
                                                                                                                  She looks forward to carting
have transformed the proper-
ty by planting vegetable gar-
                                Hermitage.                                                                        fresh vegetables through the
                                                                                                                  front door of the Co-op and
dens and trees and making           evolve with it.” She enjoys feel-      Da-Jin is a master teacher and         hearing customers cheer. She
additions to the home. Charlotte    ing how “fine and soft” the soil    manager of the gardens and           said, “We are honored to grow
said, “The nice thing about         has become after years of adding    Charlotte is director of the her-    food for the community. It is
farming is that you really get to   compost.                            mitage. Da-Jin’s experience in       special to us.”
                                                                        farming began decades ago dur-         If you are interested in explor-
                                                                        ing the Cultural Revolution in       ing or are in need of some point-
                                                                        China, when was sent from the        ers on cooking with Chinese veg-
                                                                        city to the country to farm. The     etables or want to learn about
                                                                        International Nurses Association     Daoism, stop by the hermitage’s
                                                                        brought Charlotte to China,          booth at the Farmers’ Market or
                                                                        where she and Da-Jin met in the      give them a call. Charlotte said
                                                                        1970s. Charlotte began her train-    they invite people to come eat,
                                                                        ing as a Daoist while they lived     walk the gardens or even stay for
                                                                        in a rural community where           a retreat.
                                                                        every family grew their own            Before I forget to mention, the
                                                                        food. They then moved to San         main reason I love spring weath-
                                                                        Francisco in the late ’80s to con-   er is that, to me, it’s a sign that
                                                                        tinue their practice of Daoism in    fresh, local produce is growing
                                                                        the U.S. They even had a garden      and one step closer to my plate.
                                                                        in their yard, to the chagrin of     Now that calls for some cheer-
                                                                        many of their neighbors.             ing!
                                                                           Today, although not in China,
                                                                        their practice of Daoism and         While touring the hermitage, Johna
                                                                        lifestyle are similar. Each day      soaked in all the colors, smells and
                                                                        they follow a schedule mixed         sounds. Toads and garlic made her
                                                                        with private and group practice,     day.
                                                                        garden work, housekeeping, rest
                                                                        and meals. Their first priority
                                                                        is to grow food to maintain the
                                                                        hermitage and then for the Co-op
                                                                        and also the Farmer’s Market.
                                                                        Currently 56 varieties of veg-
                                                                        etables and herbs grow in their
                                                                        gardens. They only own two
                                                                        machines, a small Chinese trac-
                                                                        tor and a rototiller. Everything
                                                                        else is done by hand. This is

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Alternative Transportation: Kelly O'Neill
By John Dunn, Co-op newsletter volunteer

         elly O'Neill is driven by a                                                                                  prised to not see anything really
         passionate sense of com-                                                                                     happening in Moscow around
         munity that focuses on                                                                                       National Bike Month. As it fit
wellness and a healthy lifestyle.                                                                                     nicely with her role in commu-
As Community Relations Director                                                                                       nity relations, she thought there
for Gritman Medical Center,                                                                                           might be other folks in town that
Kelly is responsible for market-                                                                                      wanted to help promote biking.
ing, media and events. A natural                                                                                      She connected with a couple
extension, Kelly plays a vital role                                                                                   of other bikers, Karin Clifford
in organizing Moscow's bicycling                                                                                      and Nancy Nelson, put out an
activities this month.                                                                                                email, scheduled a meeting,
   Kelly grew up on a farm in the                                                                                     and a bunch of people showed
Bellingham area of Washington.                                                                                        up. They were on their way.
Her curious nature led her to                                                                                         Kelly loves the great energy that
explore the area around home                                                                                          comes from planning organized
via her primary modes of trans-                                                                                       rides and other fun events that
portation—hiking and biking.                                                                                          encourage people to participate
Her first ride was a big, blue                                                                                        in healthy activities good for the
single-speed Schwinn that she                                                                                         body, the mind, and the envi-
rode all over. In her words, "it                                                                                      ronment. She states that being
was my freedom. I think I recon-                                                                                      involved with biking and related
nect with that early feeling even                     Kelly O'Neill (right) with Family at Another Community          community activities is a great
now." Although she enjoyed bik-                                  Event, the Portland Century Ride                     match for her both personally
ing with family and friends, her                                                                                      and professionally.
first love of transport was and              Kelly states that she loves bik-                                            Be sure to take advantage of
remains to this day, skating. She                                                                                     this great series of events that
thinks that her love for skating             ing for practical and magical rea-                                       are part of National Bicycle
must somehow be cosmically                                                                                            Month, including the Co-op
related to the fact that her par-            sons—it is a great mode of trans-                                        BikeFest. Also, check out the fol-
ents met for the first time at a                                                                                      lowing websites for more infor-
skating rink.                                portation for getting around and is                                      mation:
   Kelly started getting more seri-                                                                                      http://www.bikeleague.org/
ous about biking when she lived              perfect in Moscow where anything                                         programs/bikemonth/
in Seattle. She was a commuter                                                                                           http://www.bikemoscow.org/
who had a 14 mile round trip                 you need is within biking distance.                                      announcements.asp
to work. Kelly states that bik-
ing was cheaper than driving                 being impressed with all of the       utes. In her words, "The magical   John Dunn is back to his work life
and parking, and was almost as               bicycles in front of One World        part of biking is I always feel    but is already working on plans for
quick as the bus. Her employer               Cafe and on the bike paths            like a kid on my bike. There's     his next bike trip.
participated in a city-sponsored             between Moscow & Pullman and          something about getting around
alternative transportation incen-            Moscow & Troy.                        on my bicycle that just makes
tive plan. This enabled her to                  Kelly states that she loves bik-   me feel youthful. That's a great
get free cycling gear. She stresses          ing for practical and magical         feeling!"
how using quality, well designed             reasons—it is a great mode of            Coming
gear can make a huge difference              transportation for getting around     from Seattle
in being comfortable in chal-                and is perfect in Moscow where        where there
lenging weather. The Palouse                 anything you need is within bik-      was a really
elements of rain, wind, and even             ing distance. It is also a great      strong bike
the snow can cease to be a prob-             way to get exercise and to stay       culture and
lem when one is prepared.                    fit. She purposely will bike up       always a ton
   Along with her partner, Kelly             the hills here because it is more     of organized
moved to Moscow two years                    of a workout. It takes her only       bike events
ago. Their first impression of our           7 minutes to bike to work (it's       going on,
town was that it is a great bike             all downhill) and she cycles the      Kelly was
community. Kelly remembers                   uphill route to home in 10 min-       kind of sur-

         YOGA CENTER
         525 S. Main. 208.883.8315
     Current session ends March 12.
           New Session begins 
            March 22 - May 14
   Offering Beginning, Level 1 , Level 2, 
    Level 3&4 and Gentle yoga classes.
       View our schedule on line at:

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Allergy and Gluten Free: Be Aware at Garage Sales
By Terri Schmidt, Newsletter Volunteer; Illustration also by Terri

G     arage sales can be such fun;
      they are like treasure hunts
where you never know what
                                        those or those of us with
                                        gluten intolerance and
                                        celiac disease. We can be
treasure will show up. But peo-         deficient in iron when the
ple with gluten intolerance need        small intestines do not
to avoid certain kitchen items          absorb enough nutrients.
when taking in the sales.               It may be worth investing
  It is possible for small gluten       in a new cast-iron pan.
particles to be embedded in             Just keep it away from
items with porous surfaces such         other family members
as wooden spoons, rolling pins          who may still be eating
and cutting boards. Teflon pans         gluten products.
can harbor glutens. Previously             Used hard surfaced
owned toasters will have par-           cookware, such as those
ticles of gluten in them. Pans          made with stainless steel
with seams should be avoided,           or glass, should be okay
as gluten products can hide in          as long as they don't have
the seams. Sifters are almost           any crevices or scratches.
always used with wheat flour            Be sure to wash these
and should not be purchased             items thoroughly before
secondhand.                             using.
  Cast iron is also porous and             Among the items you             and find one when you are out        popping up in your garden and
used pans may harbor glutens.           can pick up at garage sales        and about. If you don't discover     on the Co-op's shelves from
I have heard you can cook cast          are gluten-free and allergy-free   one at a garage sale, check the      our local organic farms. There
iron pans at high temperatures          cookbooks. There are many of       library. Latah County Library has    is nothing like a fresh tomato
and burn off the gluten. Cooking        these cookbooks on the mar-        several to choose from, includ-      straight from the garden. But
in cast iron can be a benefit to        ket now, and you may luck out      ing: Incredible Edible Gluten-Free   in the meantime, you can use
                                                                           Food For Kids: 150 Family Tested     canned tomatoes and enjoy the
  Tomato Basil Soup                                                        Recipes by Sheri L. Sanderson        bright flavor of this homemade
  Lisa Lundy, Super Allergy Girl Cookbook                                  and Gluten-Free Kitchen: Over        Tomato Basil Soup recipe. Lisa
  www.thesuperallergycookbook.com/recipes.html                             135 Delicious Recipes for People     Lundy says you can skip the
  C   1   15-ounce can tomato sauce                                        with Gluten Intolerance or Wheat     puree step if you like chunky
  C   1   28-ounce can crushed tomatoes                                    Allergy by Roben Ryberg. A good      bits of tomato in your soup.
  C   2   cups Dari-FreeTM or other non-dairy milk substitute              cookbook for those with multiple       For an added punch to your
  C   1   large onion, finely diced                                        allergies is Allergen-Free Baker's   soup, top it off with the crunch
  C   2   cloves garlic, minced                                            Handbook: How to Bake Without        of lightly spiced croutons. These
  C   2   1⁄2 teaspoons dried basil
                                                                           Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Soy,     croutons have added basil to
  C   1   Tablespoon acceptable oil
                                                                           Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Sesame       compliment the soup.
  Sauté chopped onion in oil over medium to medium high heat until         by Cybele Pascal.                      Happy hunting!
  soft and cooked through. Add dried basil and minced garlic and stir        After garage-sale treasure hunt-
  constantly for 1 to 2 minutes over medium low heat. Add remaining
                                                                           ing, it's nice to come home to       Terri thoroughly enjoys the merry
  ingredients and cook over medium heat for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
                                                                           a tasty lunch. In a couple of        month of May and all those flowers
  Purée soup in a blender and return to the saucepan.
                                                                           months, fresh tomatoes will be       from April showers.

  Restaurant Style Croutons
  Lisa Lundy, Super Allergy Girl Cookbook
  Preheat oven to 425°F
  C   4 cups bread cubes
  C   1⁄2 teaspoon sweet basil
  C   1⁄4 teaspoon onion powder
  C   1⁄2 teaspoon salt
  C   1⁄4 teaspoon garlic powder
  C   To taste: black pepper (go easy on this)
  C   1⁄4 teaspoon paprika
  C   1 Tablespoon acceptable oil
  You can use any bread for this. If you use dried or stale bread,
  you will need to alter the baking time, as this recipe is for freshly
  made bread or rolls cut into cubes. Place bread cubes in a 9” x 13”
  baking pan and sprinkle dry spices over the bread cubes. Drizzle 1
  Tablespoon oil over bread cubes and bake at 425°F for 10 minutes.
  Remove from oven and stir. Return to oven and bake until com-
  pletely toasted—about 20 minutes for fresh bread cubes.
  If you are watching your weight, you can omit the oil. If your
  spices do not adhere to the bread without oil, you can lightly spray
  the bread cubes with a spritz of water, which will help the spices
  adhere to the bread cubes. This may lengthen the baking time just
  a bit. If you have a love of other spices, you can use whatever you
  like. This is a general crouton recipe that we love.

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Veganesque: Yard Sale-A-Mundo
By Caitlin Cole, Newsletter Volunteer

                                                                              Breakfast Bars
                                                                              C   3/4 cup chunky peanut butter
                                                                              C   2 Tablespoons Spectrum(vegan margarine)
                                                                              C   2 Tablespoons fruit spread (jam)
                                                                              C   1 cup instant oatmeal
                                                                              C   1/2 cup raisins or dried fruit of choice
                                                                              C   1/2 cup applesauce
                                                                              C   1/2 cup unsalted nuts
                                                                              Preheat oven to 350°F and grease an 8” x 8” pan. Melt peanut but-
                                                                              ter and Spectrum in a saucepan over low heat. Add jam, oatmeal
                                                                              and raisins. Mixture will appear dry. Remove from heat and add
                                                                              enough applesauce to make the mixture moist. Press nuts on top.
                                                                              Bake for 10 minutes or until they look set. Cool and enjoy!

                                                                              Spicy Pecans
                                                                              C   1 teaspoon salt
                          It's yard sale season!
                                                                              C   1 teaspoon white pepper

O    ne time I met a most unusu-
     al vegan. The unusual thing
about her was her reason for
                                      knew our “adorable” son would
                                      be playing with it. (Those were
                                      her words, although he is ador-
                                                                                  1 teaspoon cloves
                                                                                  1 teaspoon allspice
                                                                                  1 teaspoon nutmeg
being vegan. Of course, there are     able!) Another time we got an           C   1 teaspoon cayenne halves
many reasons to become vegan:         original game of “Sorry” from           C   4 cups pecan halves
concern for animals, concern for      the 1970s. We play it almost            C   1/4 cup melted Spectrum(vegan margarine)
one’s health, and the desire to       daily in at our house, it is a cen-     Preheat oven to 350°F. Mix salt, pepper and spices in a bowl. Put in
promote sustainability seem to        tral part of our play together. I       pecans and toss. Drizzle melted Spectrum over the pecans and bake
be the main ones. She said she        am so happy that I did not have         for about 10 minutes.
did not care about animal suf-        to go out and buy a new game!
                                                                            congratulations and thanks to the
fering or the environment. This       It seems to me that there is
                                                                            newly appointed Moscow Food
gal became vegan because heart        already enough stuff in the world     Co-op Board Members!
disease ran in her family and         for everybody, we just need to
she wanted to reduce her risk of      circulate it better.
stroke and heart attack. She told        I am getting excited thinking
me this while she was smoking a       about all of the cool used stuff
cigarette; it was all I could do to   that will be appearing in yards
stop from saying, “Ah, great, but     around my neighborhood this
what about the cancer sticks?”        spring and summer! I have some
This was a great lesson for me        tips I would like to share. I like
to remember not to judge and          to plan my yard sale day. First, I
stereotype.                           check the paper and map out the
  Although not all vegans are         yard sales I want to hit. Since
alike, sustainability seems to be     my children are not babies any-
a core value among almost all of      more, they seem to need much
the vegans I have talked to. One      less gear, so I don’t plan to buy
main tenet of creating a more         a lot, just the coolest stuff. A
sustainable lifestyle is to reduce    small yard sale is just as good as
consumption. Consider this: the       a big one. Have you ever seen
United States makes up 5% of          children doing their own yard
the world’s population, yet con-      sale? I always stop and buy a
sumes 30% of the world’s natu-        little something because I want
ral resource and produces 30%         to support their entrepreneurial
of the world’s waste! (See www.       spirit! Shopping at yard sales is
thestoryofstuff.com for more          the ultimate in the buying local
gloomy statistics.)                   experience! I am usually on foot,
  What is the good news? It is        so it is important to have bever-
yard sale season! Besides being       ages with me to stay hydrated.
an excellent way to reduce con-       I eat a big breakfast and bring
sumption, yard sales are a blast.     snacks. If you don’t have time
When we first moved to Moscow         for breakfast, that is okay! Our
5 1/2 years ago, going to yard        Co-op opens at 7:30 a.m., so
sales helped us to meet people.       you can fuel up before you hit
The very first yard sale we went      the first yard sales, which usu-
to had an excellent selection         ally start at 8 a.m. Below are a
of vintage toys and books. We         couple of our favorite take-along
bought a Fisher Price aqua col-       foods. Enjoy and hope you find
ored A-frame house with all the       what you need!
furniture and people circa 1968
for $1.50. The seller seemed so       Caitlin Cole wishes to offer her
happy to sell it to us because she

                                                                                                                   www.moscowfood.coop       ●   23
Omnivoria: Coming Clean
By Jamaica Ritcher, Newsletter Volunteer

T     hirty years ago, Donald
      Kennedy, then-commission-
er of the U.S. Food and Drug
                                      study by the Union of Concerned
                                      Scientists (cited in the New York
                                      Times piece) stated that 70% of
                                                                            Denmark, where in the 1990s,
                                                                            the use of antibiotics on
                                                                            healthy livestock was banned.
                                                                                                                   of the Co-op’s beef — pledges
                                                                                                                   not to use hormones or antibiot-
                                                                                                                   ics. Their cattle spend most of
Administration, proposed stop-        agricultural antibiotic use is for    Subsequent studies found that          their lives ranging on grasses
ping the use of certain antibiot-     healthy animals.                      animals were smaller, but the          and hay (instead of on conven-
ics for the purpose of growing          In addition to being informa-       numbers of resistant bacteria          tional feedlots, where cows can
bigger livestock. Though antibi-      tive, Kennedy also seemed to          strains were also reduced — a          get up to 80% of their diet from
otics aren’t the same as growth       lament that the controversy           result whose benefit was consid-       hard-to-digest grain).
hormones or super vitamins,           has continued despite three           ered to far outweigh the draw-            But what, I wondered, if one of
they were preventing diseases         decades of direct observation         backs of smaller yield of cattle.      their cows gets sick? According
associated with crowded quar-         and research. Or maybe that was          Unlike Denmark’s ban, H.R.          to information on Country
ters or inappropriate diet, and       just me.                              1549 is relatively gradual,            Natural’s website, if a cow has
they made it possible to raise          As Kennedy pointed out,             phasing-out the agricultural           to be administered antibiotics, it
more animals on less land. At         while we argue about the cost         use of seven classes of antibiot-      is “identified and sold on the tra-
the time, agribusiness persuaded      of a national health care system      ics important to human health          ditional market.”
Congress not to approve the           reform, antibiotic resistance         — penicillin and streptogramin            While the issue of agricultural
regulation.                           costs our current system up to        among them — unless animals            antibiotic use is a disturbing one,
  This month, Dr. Kennedy is          $26 billion a year.                   are sick or unless the phar-           it is reassuring to know that we
still working for the same cause:       A 2003 report by the National       maceutical companies prove             can choose certain foods know
keeping unnecessary antibiotics       Academy of Sciences said that a       the medication’s use is safe to        what we’re getting (or as in this
out of food. In an April 17 opin-     change in human antibiotic use        human health.                          case, not getting), and this is a
ion piece in the New York Times,      alone could not fix the problem          Like history repeating itself,      hopeful start.
“Cows on Drugs,” Dr. Kennedy          of disease resistance. Instead, the   the American Meat Institute                For more information, see
wrote in support of phasing out       report concluded that it’s imper-     (AMI) has publicly voiced oppo-        Donald Kennedy’s New York
the agricultural use of antibiotics   ative that we decrease inappro-       sition to H.R. 1549. In an open        Times piece at http://www.
in healthy animals — especially       priate antibiotic use in animals      letter, they wrote, “One of our        nytimes.com/2010/04/18/
use of antibiotics linked to dis-     and agriculture.                      central goals is to contribute to      opinion/18kennedy.html and
ease resistance in humans.              In 2001, a Congressional task       public health by providing safe        the Preservation for Antibiotics
  Increasingly, I see the phrase      force found that if the current       and healthful meat products. We        for Medical Treatment Act
“grown without hormones or            trends continued, treatments          need healthy animals and the           (H.R. 1549) at http://www.
antibiotics” all over the place.      for common human infections           tools to keep animals healthy,         govtrack.us/congress/billtext/
But I hadn’t realized how long        would be increasingly limited,        to meet that goal.” What this          xpa?bill=h111-1549. Information
the problem had been around.          more expensive, or, even worse,       claim seems to overlook is that        about Country Natural Beef can
  What Dr. Kennedy is sup-            completely nonexistent. That          it’s animals that are placed in        be found at http://www.oregon-
porting is the Preservation for       same task force also found that       unhealthy confined spaces that         countrybeef.com
Antibiotics for Medical Treatment     any overuse or misuse of antibi-      most often require these “tools”
Act (H.R. 1549). H.R. 1549            otics “whether in human medi-         at all.                                Jamaica lives in Moscow with her
would require that antibiotic         cine or in agriculture,” contrib-        Luckily, not all ranchers and       husband and two kids. In addition
use be limited to animals that        utes to disease resistance.           meat producers feel this way. For      to thinking and writing about food,
are actually sick (as opposed           Of course, it doesn’t have to be    example, Country Natural Beef          she's working on a creative writing
those expected to get sick as a       this way.                             — the cooperative of family-           of other sorts at UI.
result of living conditions). A         Kennedy writes about                owned ranches supplying much

                                                                   Co-op Pool Party!
                                                                       at the Hamilton Aquatic Center in
                                                                Every Thursday evening in July
                                                                     (July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29)
                                                                            8 - 10 pm
                                                                    Admission free for Co-op members,
                                                                       employees, and volunteers!

                                                                                            Illustration by Lucas Rate

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Into the Cupboard: Long Ago and Farro-way
By Ivy Dickinson & Ken Clark, Newsletter Volunteers

O     kay, bad pun, but a glorious
      grain nonetheless. Farro,
or Emmer Wheat, has been a
                                      enjoy farro's
                                      nutty flavor
part of human history since our       and al dente
ancestors in the Fertile Crescent     bite in your
began to tire of their hunting        soups and sal-
and gathering ways, and instead       ads.
opted to settle down and begin          My first
cultivating edible plants. Barley     recipe is a
and farro were the dominant           simple farro
crops of the ancient Near East,       salad that
and farro that was found at an        has distinctly
ancient village site in Israel had    Mediterranean
a radiocarbon dating of 17,000        flavors. It
B.C. It was one of the most           is light and
ubiquitous human foods on the         colorful and
planet for thousands of years.        highlights
   After Julius Cesar’s invasion of   the taste and
Egypt in 30 B.C., farro found a       texture that
home in Italy, the only country       is distinctive
today where it is cultivated on a     to the farro
large scale. The nutritious grain     grain. It is a                                Farro Frittata, hot from the stove.
became a staple at every level        simple salad
of Roman society, sustaining the      to build on
                                                                            share your funky grain stories and
Roman Legions and the Roman           and make your own and it will         recipes, or if you have any ques-
paupers alike. Important as it        introduce you to a new grain          tions e-mail ivyrose7@hotmail.com
was, however, it was pushed           and its possibilities in a very
aside in recent decades because       casual way.
it is difficult to work and tends       My second recipe is a little
to produce low yields, so was         bolder and kind of “weird.” I
                                                                              Farro Salad
replaced in modern times by           was in the mood for a frittata
higher-yield, easily harvested        and thought I would try incor-          C 1 cup dry farro
                                                                              C 4 ounces crumbled feta
wheat varieties.                      porating farro to add some sub-
                                                                              C 1/3 cup kalamata olives, pitted and halved
   Luckily for us, farro is enjoy-    stance and texture to the frittata.
                                                                              C 1/2 cucumber, quartered and sliced
ing resurgence of late and can        Great invention. I will definitely      C 1/4 cup red onion, finely diced
be found on menus and in co-          be making this in other varia-          C 1/4 cup parsley, chopped
ops across the country. So try        tions with all of the new and           C juice of 1 lemon
this ancient grain and feel con-      exciting spring vegetables that         C 2-3 tablespoons olive oil
nected to Egyptian Pharaohs,          are starting to pop out of the          s C alt and pepper to taste
lonely goatherds on the grassy        ground.                                 Boil the farro in salted water until tender. While it is cooking, pre-
hills above Rome, enterprising                                                pare all of the other ingredients and combine in a serving bowl. Add
Phoenician sailors scenting the       Ivy and Ken are off experimenting       the faro, chill and serve. This salad is also great with other ingredi-
wind for signs of land … or just      with new and unknown grains. To         ents such as artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes added.

                                                                              Farro Frittata
                                                                              C 2 Tablespoons butter
                                                                              C 2 scallions, chopped
                                                                              C 1 clove garlic, minced
                                                                              C 1/4 cup chopped parsley
                                                                              C 1 slice ham, diced
                                                                              C 1/2 cup pine nuts
                                                                              C 1/2 cup cooked farro (prepared the same way as in the Farro
                                                                              C 8 large eggs
                                                                              C 1/2 cup diced Havarti cheese
                                                                              C 1/2 teaspoon salt
                                                                              C 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
                                                                              C 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
                                                                              C 2 Tablespoons Panko crumbs
                                                                              Preheat broiler. Melt butter in cast iron 10-inch-diameter skillet
                                                                              over medium heat. Add pine nuts and farro and sauté 2 minutes.
                                                                              Add scallions and ham, sprinkle lightly with salt, and sauté about
                                                                              2 minutes more. Whisk eggs, havarti cheese, parsley, 1/2 teaspoon
                                                                              salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper in medium bowl. Add egg mixture
                                                                              to skillet; fold gently to combine. Cook until almost set. Sprinkle
                                                                              Panko crumbs and Parmesan cheese over. Broil until frittata is
                                                                              puffed and cheese begins to turn golden, about 3 minutes. Cut into
                                                                              wedges and serve.

                                                                                                                    www.moscowfood.coop        ●   25
Rolling Back the Clock: One Family’s Story
About Going Back In Time
By Colette DePhelps, Good Food Book Club Volunteer Coordinator

H     ave you ever wondered
      what it would be like to
drop everything — quit your job,
                                       Ward and his fam-
                                       ily pull the plug
divest yourself of modern conve-       on the electricity
niences, unplug from everything
electronic, including e-mail and
                                       and begin again,
phone — and start over, in a           in the year 1900.
new place, and a new century?
Logan Ward and his family
                                       Immediately, he
did just that. Ward’s colorful,        is filled with both
humorous and poignant memoir,
See You in a Hundred Years: One
                                       elation and fear …
Family’s Search for a Simpler          what has he done?
Life…Four Seasons of Living
in the Year 1900 is the Co-op’s      shake your head, laugh, look at
Good Food Book Club pick for         life in a new way, and likely be
May. Discussion of the book          inspired to dream about, if not
will take place Monday, May          engage in, a little (or big) adven-
24, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the back     ture of your own.
room at Sisters’ Brew Coffee            On May 10, you can also join
House on Main St. in Moscow.         us for a second discussion of
   Following the crash of his        Catherine Friend’s hysterical
computer, Ward, a writer for         book Hit by a Farm. A review
National Geographic Adventure        of this book can be found in the
living in the heart of Brooklyn,     March 2010 issue of Community
wonders about the “long-term         News on the Co-op website.
side-effects of Modern Life”            See You in a Hundred Years,
and whether we humans can            Hit by a Farm and other Good
really adapt to the technological    Food Book Club titles are avail-
advances, crowded cities, harried    able through your local library
pace of daily life, and “the dis-    and at BookPeople of Moscow,
appearance of the human hand         where Book Club members
from the things we buy and the       receive a 20% discount.
food we eat.” He begins dream-          So mark you calendars and
ing of escape. Then, he has an       join us at Sisters’ Brew on the
idea … travel back in time as a      corner of 3rd and Main in the
way of starting over. Nervously,     heart of downtown Moscow
he proposes the idea to his wife,    for two great book discussions:
a social justice advocate, who       Monday evening, May 10, from
smiles. Four months later, they      7-8:30 p.m. for a second dis-
are heading south with their         cussion of Hit by a Farm, and
2-year old toddler looking for the   Monday evening, May 24, from
ideal place to begin peeling away    7-8:30 p.m. for a discussion of
the layers of modernity and re-      See You in a Hundred Years.
installing the simplicity of 1900.      Also, check out the Spring/
   After six months of frenzied      Summer book club calendar
preparation including de-mod-        for other Monday evening club
ernizing an old farm house, buy-     meetings. If you have other
ing a horse and buggy, replacing     titles you would like to see the
the electric well pump with a        Good Food Book Club read or
hand-operated one, prepping the      you would like to receive e-mail
garden, getting milk goats and       reminders about book club meet-
installing a wood cooking stove      ings, e-mail Colette at book-
(the contradiction of engaging in    club@moscowfood.coop.
180 days of fast-paced, stressful
preparation to live a simpler life   At the time of writing this article,
was not lost to them), Ward and      Colette is itching to get outside
his family pull the plug on the      and into her garden, where the
electricity and begin again, in      flowers are blooming, the weeds
the year 1900. Immediately, he is    are growing and the birds are sing-
filled with both elation and fear
… what has he done? Ward is
no longer a “tourist” who writes
about other people’s adventures,
he has become the adventurer.
   Reading this book you will

 26   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
Presenting Essential Menus!
By Carol Spurling, Outreach and Membership Coordinator, and Linda Canary, Essential Menus volunteer

E   ating really well on a lim-
    ited budget is possible, if
you plan ahead and have a little
                                      cious as well as budget-con-
                                        Here are six days of meals for
                                                                         for Tuesday and Wednesday's
                                                                                                              lettuce, salsa, and roll 'em up
                                                                                                                x Tuna noodle casserole (new,
time to cook at home. To help,        two people that costs $50!            x Grilled cheese sandwiches       improved)
the Co-op will now be providing         A shopping list and recipes         x Tomato soup                       x Green Salad
Essential Menus, a week's worth       follow these menus. —Linda            x Coleslaw                          Thursday:
of recipes and shopping lists to      Canary                                Save some cheese for the bur-       x Spinach salad w/sliced
feed two people for under $50.          Sunday:                          ritos and enchiladas, and tomato     hardboiled eggs
  Menus will often be seasonal,         x Baked chicken                  soup to make into sauce for            x Cheese Enchiladas
taking advantage of what's              x Barbeque beans (soak beans     Thursday's enchiladas. (Don't          Friday:
abundant and inexpensive. They        at least 8 hours beforehand)       forget to soak the pinto beans for     x Broccoli stuffed baked pota-
will often be simple, so they           x Green salad                    tomorrow's burritos.)                toes
don't require specialized equip-        Save some chicken if you            Tuesday:                            x Carrot/orange salad
ment.                                 want to include it in Thursday's      x Bean Burritos: warmed torti-      (Saturday: Leftovers!)
  We hope you find them deli-         enchiladas. Leave some lettuce     llas with mashed beans, cheese,

                                                                          Shopping list:
  Tomato Soup
  C 1 1/2 cups minced onion                                               Veggies
  C 2 cloves crushed garlic                                               2 russet potatoes
  C 1 Tablespoon butter                                                   1 green or red pepper
  C 1 Tablespoon olive oil                                                1 bunch celery
  C 1/8 teaspoon black pepper                                             1/2 head cabbage (they will cut it for you in produce)
  C 1 large can crushed tomatoes                                          1/2 pound broccoli
  C 1 large can diced tomatoes                                            1 orange
  C 2 cups stock or water                                                 3 carrots
  C 1 teaspoon mayonnaise                                                 2 yellow onions
                                                                          1 red onion, if available
  Saute onions and garlic with salt in combined butter and oil in a
                                                                          1 leek
  large saucepan. Cook 5 min. then add tomatoes and pepper. Cover
                                                                          1 bunch scallions
  and simmer 45 minutes on low heat. Five minutes before serving,
                                                                          1 head garlic
  whisk in mayonnaise. Serve topped with chopped scallions. (Save
                                                                          1 large head lettuce, leaf or romaine
  back half of this soup to make into sauce for the enchiladas.)
                                                                          1 large bunch spinach
                                                                          1 lemon
  Barbeque Beans                                                          1 large can crushed tomatoes
  C 1 cup dry navy beans, soaked at least 8 hrs.                          1 large can diced tomatoes
  C 2 garlic cloves                                                       1 can diced chilies (hot or mild)
  C 1/4 cup chopped onion                                                 salsa, if desired for burritos
  C 1/8 cup mustard                                                       Meat, fish, eggs, and beans
  C 1/8 cup molasses (or maple syrup)                                     1 can tuna
  C 1 Tablespoon cider vinegar                                            1 2-pound chicken
  C hot pepper sauce to taste                                             1 cup dry bulk navy beans
  C salt and pepper to taste                                              1 cup dry pinto beans
  C barbeque sauce (see recipe below)                                     amall amount of bulk molasses
  Drain soaked beans and combine with garlic and onions in a soup         2 eggs
  pot. Cover with water by at least an inch and bring to a rapid boil.    Other
  Lower the heat, cover and simmer for about 1 and a half hrs. Start      1 pound cheddar cheese
  making the barbeque sauce. When the beans are ready, drain them         1/2 loaf of Daily Wheat
  and stir in the bbq sauce, mustard, molasses, and vinegar. Add hot      1 package tortillas
  pepper sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Transfer the beans to a bak-    1/4 pound bulk fancy ribbon pasta
  ing dish and bake uncovered at 350°F for 20 to 30 minutes, stirring
                                                                          We hope you already have in your cupboards and fridge:
  once or twice during baking.
                                                                          cayenne or hot pepper flakes
                                                                          hot pepper sauce
  Barbeque Sauce                                                          cumin
  C 1/4 cup chopped onions                                                basil
  C 1 garlic clove                                                        oregano
  C 1/8 cup soy sauce                                                     thyme
  C 1/8 cup cider vinegar                                                 cinnamon
  C 1/8 cup ketchup                                                       salt
  C 1/4 cup orange juice (save the rest for Friday's carrot/orange        pepper
  salad)                                                                  cider vinegar
  C 1 Tablespoon mustard                                                  olive oil
  C 1 Tablespoon molasses                                                 soy sauce
  C 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme                                              ketchup
  C 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper                                      mustard
                                                                          butter or margarine
  Combine all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor and       vegetable broth (dried or bulk)
  puree until smooth. Simmer in a saucepan, uncovered, for 10 to 15       flour
  minutes, stirring often. (The stirring part is messy as the sauce is    cornstarch
  bubbling — so wear an apron.)                                           mayonnaise, nayonnaise, or vegannaise
                                                                          your favorite salad dressing
                       Continued on next page...                          milk (cow, soy, rice, or hemp)

                                                                                                                www.moscowfood.coop    ●   27
Essential Menus (continued)
By Carol Spurling, Outreach and Membership Coordinator, and Linda Canary, Essential Menus volunteer

  Cole Slaw                                                                  New and Improved Tuna Noodle Casserole
  C 1 cup finely shredded cabbage                                            C 1/8 cup butter
  C 1/4 cup finely chopped red or green pepper                               C 1 leek thinly sliced (white and pale green parts only)
  C 1/4 cup finely chopped celery                                            C salt
  C 1/8 cup chopped red onions if available, otherwise use some scal-        C 1/8 cup flour
  lions                                                                      C 1 cup milk
  Combine the above ingredients in a bowl. Stir in enough mayonnaise         C 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  to make the consistency as you want it. Chill for at least 15 minutes      C noodles
  before serving.                                                            C 1/4 cup coarsely grated cheese (have a little extra money? buy a
                                                                             fancy cheese)
                                                                             C 1 can tuna (if you want to spend a little more, buy albacore)
  Vinagrette                                                                 Butter glass baking dish. Melt butter in a saucepan over medium
  C 1/4 cup olive oil                                                        heat. Add leeks to pan and sprinkle lightly with salt. Cover the
  C 1/8 cup cider vinegar (or balsamic or wine vinegar if you have it        saucepan and cook until leeks are tender but not brown, stirring
  on hand)                                                                   often, about 5 minutes. Stir in lemon juice. Season to taste with
  C 1 clove pressed garlic                                                   salt and pepper. Remove sauce from heat.
  C fresh-ground black pepper
                                                                             Meanwhile, cook noodles in a pot of boiling salted water until ten-
  C 1/4 teaspoon mustard
                                                                             der, stirring occasionally. Drain noodles, reserving 1/2 cup liquid.
  Beat together the above ingredients. More oil or vinegar may be            Transfer noodles to large bowl and pour the leek sauce over noodles.
  added for a more bland or tart sauce, according to your preference.        Add grated cheese and stir to blend; add reserved liquid by table-
  Shake well before dressing the salad.                                      spoons until mixture is moist and creamy. Fold in the tuna. Transfer
                                                                             to buttered baking dish.
  Cheese Enchiladas                                                          Preheat oven to 375°F. Bake the casserole, covered with foil for
  Take leftover soup from Monday and add oregano and basil, and              about 20 minutes. Remove foil and continue to bake for 10 more
  chilis, then heat.                                                         minutes. (If you have some potato chips around, you can crush them
                                                                             over the top after you've removed the foil, and then let them bake
  Add 1/2 cup strong vegetable broth. Dissolve 1 1/2 Tablespoons
                                                                             for the 10 minutes.)
  cornstarch in water, and stir it into the sauce. Let it cook 10 min-
  utes slowly. If sauce seems too thick, add water.
  Prepare the filling: Have ready 4 -5 ounces grated cheese, 2 chopped       Stuffed Broccoli Potato
  scallions, and some sliced olives or chicken if you want. Oil lightly      C 2 potatoes
  an oblong baking dish. Take one of four tortillas, and place it gently     C 2 garlic cloves
  on the hot tomato sauce. When it starts to get warm, draw it care-         C 1/16 teaspoon hot pepper flakes
  fully off. On the saucy side of the tortilla, arrange the filling all in   C 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  a slightly off-center line. Now roll the tortilla tightly around the       C minced broccoli
  filling and place it in the baking dish. Do this with the other three      C 1/2 cup water
  tortillas, laying them side by side. When all four are in the dish, pour
                                                                             Preheat the oven to 400°F. Slice the potatoes in half lengthwise and
  the sauce over them. Bake them for 15 to 20 minutes in a preheated
                                                                             bake, cut side down on a lightly oiled baking sheet for about 45
  350°F oven.
                                                                             minutes, until soft. Remove from oven. Saute the garlic and pepper
  Carrot/Orange Salad                                                        in oil for 1 minute. Add the broccoli and water, cover, and simmer
  C 2 carrots, grated                                                        fro about 15 minutes. When the potato halves are cool enough to
  C 1 orange (and what's left of the orange that you juiced earlier)         handle, scoop out the centers, leaving a small amount of pulp on
  C 1 Tablespoon lemon juice                                                 the inside. Mash the potato pulp and stir it into the broccoli stuff-
  C 1/2 Tablespoon honey                                                     ing. Add salt and pepper. Refill the potato skins and bake for 30
  C 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon                                                    minutes. (sprinkle with leftover cheese if you want)
  Place the carrots in a bowl that is large enough to hold the complet-
  ed salad. Set aside. Peel the orange and section, removing as much
  of the pith as you can. Put the orange slices in with the carrots. Add
  the juice from the other orange. Combine the lemon juice, honey,
                                                                             SPECTRUM II ART AND DANCE STUDIO
                                                                                        525 South Main Street, Moscow, Idaho 83843
  and cinnamon in a small bowl and pour over the carrot-orange mix-
                                                                                                     (208) 882-1445
  ture and stir well. Let the salad sit for 10 minutes before serving so
                                                                                    ubudanceguru@msn.com | www.spectrum2studio.com
  the flavors will mingle.

                                                                                Spectrum II Studio Summer
                                                                                Classes: June 6 – July 17, 2010
                                                                                Register Today for Summer Art
                                                                                & Dance Classes for
                                                                                Child – Adult.
                                                                                Call (208) 882-1445 or e-mail:

                                                                                Everyone can dance — no matter body
                                                                                type, weight, turn-out, gender, race, or age!
                                                                                Dancing is healthy and makes a body
                                                                                young, a mind happy, and spirits soar!

                                                                              SPECTRUM II EMBRACES THE JOY OF DANCE FOR ALL,
                                                                                       FOR LIFE. JOIN US AND SMILE!

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Enjoy the Spring Fair at Wanna Wingding?
the Koppel Farm
                                                                       By Tom Hansen, Wingding Volunteer

By Timothy C. Paulitz, Farm Volunteer                                  E   veryone is invited to the
                                                                           Wingding. Free fun for all.
                                                                         The Second Annual Intolerista
                                   Please come to the
P   lease come to the Spring
    Fair and open house for the
Pullman Community Gardens
                                   Spring Fair and
                                                                       Wingding with Roy Zimmerman
                                                                       will be presented at the
                                                                       Kenworthy Performing Arts
at Koppel Farm on Saturday,        open house for the                  Centre in downtown Moscow
May 15, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.                                         on Saturday, May 15, at 6 p.m.
The Koppel Farm is located
                                   Pullman Community                   This free event is sponsored by
at the corner of Derby Street      Gardens at Koppel                   the Intoleristas, a local group of
and Professional Mall Blvd in                                          concerned citizens whose goal is
Pullman. Garden plots are avail-
                                   Farm on Saturday,                   to nurture a sense of community
able for rent for only $20-40/     May 15                              in Moscow.
                                                                                                             The Wingding is
year, including the use of hand                                          The Wingding is a chance for        a chance for pro-
tools and water. This is an        Orchestra, the Pullman Fire         progressive, lefty and liberal
organic garden on rich, river-     Department, Palouse Prairie         folks to get together and cel-
                                                                                                             gressive, lefty and
bottom soil, adjacent to the       Foundation, Community Action        ebrate with an evening of funny       liberal folks to get
South Fork of the Palouse River.   Center of Pullman, Pullman Civic    songs about ignorance, war and
10’ x 10’ or 20’ x 20’ plots are   Trust, Backyard Harvest, and        greed.
                                                                                                             together and cel-
available. We will have a plant    the WSU Organic Farm/Pullman          The star of the show will be        ebrate with an eve-
sale at the open house — bed-      Farmers’ Market. Vegetables         Roy Zimmerman of California
ding and vegetable plants. Get     from some of the plots go to the    (www.royzimmerman.com). He's
                                                                                                             ning of funny songs
advice on gardening from the       Community Action Center food        been writing satirical songs for 20   about ignorance,
Master Gardeners. Learn how to     bank. Find out about how you        years and travels around the U.S.
recycle with Whitman County        can become involved in com-         playing his original music and
                                                                                                             war and greed.
Recycling. See our new Picnic      munity gardening, even if you       building a national reputation.
Shade Structure, designed and      do not have your own land. You        The Los Angeles Times says,         writes the musician profiles in
built WSU Architecture students.   can e-mail us at koppelgardens@     "Zimmerman displays a lacerat-        the Co-op newsletter.
A number of other community        gmail.com or visit our website at   ing wit and keen awareness of           Samples of Roy's and Jeanne's
groups will be there, includ-      http://sites.google.com/site/kop-   society's foibles that bring to       work may be viewed at: http://
ing the Pullman High School        pelfarm                             mind a latter-day Tom Lehrer."        www.MoscowCares.com/
                                                                         Tom Lehrer himself says, "I         Wingding2010
                                                                       congratulate Roy Zimmerman on           The doors open at 5 p.m. on
                                                                       reintroducing literacy to comedy      May 15, and remember, admis-
                                                                       songs.”                               sion is FREE.
                                                                         Joni Mitchell says, "Roy's lyrics
                                                                       move beyond poetry and achieve
                                                                         Opening for Zimmerman will
                                                                       be Moscow pianist and song-
                                                                       writer Jeanne McHale, who also

  Moscow Parent-Toddler                                                Community Theatre
  Cooperative to hold Annual
  Silent Auction May 8
                                                                       By Roger Wallins, Theatre Volunteer
  The Moscow Parent-Toddler Cooperative will be hosting its

  Silent Auction on Saturday, May 8, from 5-8 p.m. at the 1912
                                                                       T    he Moscow Community
                                                                            Theatre announces a free,
                                                                       fun-filled afternoon at its 2010
                                                                                                             vide ideas and suggestions for
                                                                                                             MCT’s future.
                                                                                                               As part of the scheduled busi-
  Center.                                                              Annual Meeting and Ice Cream          ness meeting, elections will
                                                                       Social. Events begin on Saturday,     be held for Board positions of
  The MPTC has served the Moscow area for over 25 years and
                                                                       May 8, from 2-4 p.m. in the Arts      Vice-President, Treasurer, and
  is a family-oriented, nonprofit organization dedicated to the
                                                                       Workshop of the 1912 Building.        Membership Coordinator.
  education and development of young children (ages birth-4
                                                                         In addition to enjoying ice           Admission is free. Please see
  years of age) and parents of the Palouse.
                                                                       cream, attendees can see a video      www.moscowcommunitytheatre.
  We have gathered many generous donations from the com-               retrospective of MCT shows,           com for further information.
  munity, including a $200 gift certificate from Tri-State, trail-     and will be able to meet and
  a-bike from Paradise Bicycle, a night’s stay at Eaton Ranch,         greet MCT actors and techni-
  Moscow Fire Department fire truck ride, products from                cians. MCT Board members will
  Orchard Farms Soaps and Landgrove Coffee, $50 gift card from         recap the previous season, and
  Crossroads Nursery, $30 gift certificate from The Fish Folks and     attendees are invited to partici-
  much more! The auction will be catered by Patty's Kitchen.           pate in the discussion of future
  No-host beer and wine will be available. Tickets are $15 per         productions and events. This is
  person. Please contact Francie Tyler for tickets (882-7124 or        an opportunity for anyone who
  fanniefrannie@hotmail.com).                                          is interested to learn more about
                                                                       MCT, to join MCT, and to pro-

                                                                                                              www.moscowfood.coop     ●   29
Pullman Farm Fresh Market
By Justin Hougham, Market Manager

T    he Pullman Farm Fresh
     Market kicks of its second
year at the Old Post Office in
                                     Department, and offers a great
                                     mid-week opportunity to pick up
                                     or sell fresh and local products.
                                                                           barley, lentils), Omache Farm
                                                                           – Jason & Margaret Parsley (veg-
                                                                           etables & farm produce, fleeces &
Pullman on May 19. The shaded          Current vendors include: Seven      handspun yarns from sheep).
parking lot at 245 SE Paradise       Springs Farm (veggies, seedlings,       Live music is on hand most
will again host local bakers,        eggs), Sage Baking Company            days, and we are currently seek-
growers, and ranchers bringing       (bread, pastries), Palouse            ing additional acts for the sum-
their products to the Pullman        Organics & Natural Beef (organ-       mer. If you have an interest in
community. The market has            ic vegetables, natural beef),         the market, in vending or in
many confirmed vendors from          Turnbow Flat Farm (eggs, order        performing- please contact us
last year, and some new ones as      forms for chicken, beef, pork,        at PullmanFarmFreshMarket@
well.                                turkey), Joseph’s Grainery (soft      gmail.com. For information
   Producers looking to sell at      white wheat, hard red wheat,          contact the Chamber at 509-334-
the market can still apply for       barley, lentils), Omache Farm         3565 or find us on Facebook.
season-long spaces, or come in       (vegetables & farm produce,
at the walk on rate. The market      fleeces & handspun yarns from
is supported by the Pullman          sheep), Panhandle Artisan Bread
Chamber of Commerce as well          Co., (Bread), Bill Myers, (soft
as the Whitman County Health         white wheat, hard red wheat,

Moss Maxfield Valentine
By Bill London, Co-op Newsletter Editor

R    uby, Sierra and Sterling
     Valentine invite the commu-
nity to a gathering in celebration
                                       Ruby, Sierra and Sterling Valentine
                                       invite the community to a gather-
of the life of Moss Valentine,         ing in celebration of the life of Moss
to be held at Robinson Park on
Memorial Day, Monday, May 31,
                                       Valentine, to be held at Robinson
at 6 p.m. The gathering will be        Park on Memorial Day, Monday, May
in the picnic area at the south-
west side of the park, which is
                                       31, at 6 p.m.
located about six miles east of      his Moscow home at 5:30 a.m.            Moss was a gifted chiro-
Moscow.                              on October 22, 2009.                  practic diagnostician who
   For the potluck dinner, please      His parents were Marian             also had many interests
bring food and beverages to          Padlo and John Schaaf. On May         beyond his profession.
share, as well as your own plates    1, 1984, Moss married Ruby            He was a talented musi-
and table service. Please bring      Valentine at Bridalveil Falls in      cian, playing both ragtime
musical instruments for a jam as     Yosemite National Park. Their         piano tunes and a wide
well as stories and memories of      son, Sterling Robison Valentine,      variety of ukulele songs.
Moss to share. The gathering will    was born in 1986, and their           He was a piano technician
be held outdoors whatever the        daughter, Sierra Rose Valentine,      and tuner. Moss was also
weather, so be prepared.             was born in 1990. Moss and            an excellent writer and
   At the gathering, the fam-        Ruby were married for 13 years.       artist.
ily will host a potlatch to give       In 1992, Moss graduated from          He loved gathering wild
momentos and small treasures         Life West Chiropractic College in     mushrooms and was a gourmet           News. He was a volunteer
collected by Moss to his friends.    San Leandro, California. Moss         cook, specializing in mush-           announcer for KRFP-FM, where
   Moss Valentine was born           moved to Moscow that year with        room preparation. He edited           he shared his encyclopedic
on January 9, 1952, in Santa         his family and established a chi-     the San Francisco Mycological         knowledge of old radio plays and
Monica, California, and died at      ropractic practice.                   Association newsletter, Mycena        music.

Latah Trail Funding Fun
By Nora Locken, Trail Foundation Director

T   he Latah Trail Foundation
    will be hosting a “Trail of
Discovery” fundraising din-
                                     working on new trail acquired
                                     in wild and scenic Bear Creek
                                     Canyon. Proceeds from the event
                                                                           office will be staffed 2– 6 p.m.
                                                                           Monday-Friday, so come on by
                                                                           and pick up your tickets today!
                                                                                                                 contact Nora Locken at 208-874-
                                                                                                                 3860 or latahtrail@gmail.com.
                                                                                                                 Find details on this event and
ner and auction on Saturday,         will go towards maintaining the       Individual tickets are $40 and        other trail happenings at our
May 22, at 6 p.m., at the Best       Moscow-Troy trail and opening         a full table of 8 is $300 (sorry,     website www.latahtrailfounda-
Western University Inn of            the first section of new trail con-   tickets will not be available at      tion.org. Thanks in advance for
Moscow. These evenings have          tinuing southeast of Troy in Bear     the door). There will be dinner,      all of your support!
been a lot of fun in the past        Creek Canyon.                         music, bidding and fun!!
and this year will be no excep-        Tickets are on sale at the Latah      If you would like more infor-       This time of year, Nora can be
tion. We are thrilled that pav-      Trail Foundation office (114          mation or would like to donate        found turning sweet compost into
ing of the Moscow-Troy trail is      E. Third St.) and at Troy City        an auction item (art, craftwork,      the garden and planting the first
complete and look forward to         Hall through May 19. The LTF          recreation, vacation, etc.), please   vegetables of the season

 30   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
Co-op Crossword Puzzle
by Craig Joyner

ACROSS                                       3. target
1. April's Dime in Time recipient            4. required
9. ______ Nevada Brewing Co.                 5. herb for aches and
11. the Deli's is on a chalkboard            sprains
12. preposition                              6. savage
13. gelatin essential                        7. jazz musician Sun
16. San _____                                __
18. birdhouses                               8. vegan milk
20. Lewis & _____                            10. fish
22. government agency                        12. forest
23. extra wide shoes                         14. pathogen
24. metric measurement                       15. route, abbrevi-
25. government agency                        ated
27. last month's profiled volunteer, 2nd     17. peach state,
name, 1st is 30 across, 3rd is 29 across     abbreviated
28. Simpsons' character ___                  19. Frontera Mango
Nahasapeemapetilon                           Peach ______
29. see 27 across                            21. last month's pro-
30. see 27 across                            filed employee, last
32. eye doctor's degree                      name, 1st is 26 down
33. legume                                   25. sheep call
34. Carolyn, William, or Sara                26. see 21 down
37. annual fest                              27. Sanskrit
38. comedian Margaret ___                    29. floss brand
                                             30. Burt's companion
DOWN                                         31. computer net-
1. last month's profiled producer, _______   work
Are for Everyone                             33. reality manipulation, abbreviated
2. after junior high and before college,     35. after junior
abbreviation                                 36. indifferent interjection

                                                                                     www.moscowfood.coop   ●   31
Co-op Mamas and Papas
By Summer Baugh, Co-op Program Volunteer

T    he Co-op Mamas and Papas
     group has been meeting
every Wednesday morning at 9
                                       Coming up this month, on May
                                     5 is herbalist Sequoia Ladd, dis-
                                                                         against vaccination on May 26.
                                                                           For more specifics and to
                                                                         be included on the Mamas
a.m. in the Co-op Deli and we        cussing herbals to use through      and Papas mailing list, please
have been giving birth to some       pregnancy and for children. On      e-mail babies@moscowfood.
great topic discussions. New and     May 12, fitness expert Rachael      coop. Better yet, come join us
expecting parents are invited to     Clayton (who is also expecting)     on Wednesday mornings at 9
participate in this free program.    will be coaching us on fitness      a.m.! It’s OK if you show up
Stacy Pettitt and I are both birth   before, during and after preg-      only for the cappuccino made
doulas interested in providing       nancy. On May 19 and May 26,        with love from the Deli. Guilty!
new or expecting parents with        we will discuss child vaccina-
resources, including special guest   tions. We'll talk with supporters   Summer is a birth doula and moth-
speakers, to give you the best       on May 19 and with speakers             er of three.
birth and parenting experience
  April speakers included Lauri
McKean from Healing Point
Chinese Medicine, who demon-
                                                                               Co-op Pool Party!
strated on two little volunteers                                               at the Hamilton Aquatic Center in Moscow
who were more than happy to
receive a massage. Local mid-
wife, Nancy Draznin, has given
                                                                                   Every Thursday evening in
us a stack of free consultation                                                                July
certificates for moms interested
in home birth. Holistic nutrition-                                                   (July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29)
ist Davina Pastrama schooled us
in the importance of good nutri-
                                                                                            8 - 10 pm
tion in pregnancy and beyond.
And last, but not least, we heard
                                                                                Admission free for Co-op members,
an elimination communication                                                       employees, and volunteers!
talk given by local mom Sherry

 32   ●   www.moscowfood.coop
New at the Library
By Chris Sokol

  …Heaven must                        How to Build Animal Housing         greatest soccer managers.
                                    by Carol Ekarius. Plans for             The End of the Line (U.K.,
  be a place where                  coops, hutches, barns, sheds,         2009) Based on the book by
  the library is open               pens, next boxes, feeders, stan-      Charles Clover, this documentary
                                    chions, and more.                     charts the catastrophic ecological
  twenty-four hours                   I Am an Emotional Creature          impact of overfishing at the local
  a day, seven days                 by Eve Ensler. The creator of The     and global levels.
                                    Vagina Monologues returns with          The Fantastic Mr. Fox (U.S./
  a week. No…eight                  a call to action for girls to speak   U.K., 2009) Roald Dahl’s book
  days a week.                      up and follow their dreams.           about a father fox who struggles
                                      The Joy of Rhubarb: the             to put his raiding days behind
  —Alan Bradley, The                Versatile Summer Delight by           him comes to life in this ani-
  Sweetness at the                  Theresa Millang. It’s not just for    mated film featuring the voices
  Bottom of the Pie                 pies anymore.                         of George Clooney, Meryl Streep,            The September Issue (U.S.,
                                      Julia Child: a Life by Laura        and others.                               2009) A behind-the-scenes look
  FiCTion                           Shapiro. Enhance what you               Know Your Mushrooms                     at Vogue’s legendary editor-
  Bone Fire by Mark Spragg. In      learned in the movie Julie &          (Canada, 2008) Follow myco-               in-chief, Anna Wintour, and
the midst of struggling with his    Julia with this concise biography.    visionaries Gary Lincoff and              how the bible of fashion, the
wife’s addictions and his own         Oregon’s Dry Side by Alan D.        Larry Evans on a hunt for the             “September issue,” is created.
health problems, the octogenar-     St. John. Explore the rich and        wild mushroom and the deeper                The Vanished Empire (Russia,
ian sheriff of a small Wyoming      varied landscapes east of the         cultural significance of the              2008) In 1970s Moscow (the
town finds himself up against       Cascade Crest.                        mysterious fungi world (this is           other one), a love triangle
murder and meth labs.                 Small Budget Gardener: All          NOT a strict guide to identifying         involving students at the same
  Born Under a Million              the Dirt on Saving Money in           fungi). This DVD was purchased            university blinds them all to the
Shadows by Andrea Busfield. In      Your Garden by Maureen Gilmer.        in memory of fungi fanatic Moss           political changes beginning to
post-Taliban Kabul, young Fawad     Economical advice on proper           Valentine.                                happen around them.
and his mother move in with         planning, site location, recycling,     The Pleasure of Being Robbed
a Western woman while life in       and more.                             (U.S., 2008) Eleonore, living only        Chris Sokol loves working eight
Afghanistan continues to be full      Stone Primer by Charles             for the moment, steals for the            days a week-plus as Adult Services
of peril.                           McRaven. Projects and tech-           sake of curiosity and to get to           Librarian for the Latah County
  Raven Stole the Moon by           niques for incorporating stone in     know people.                              Library District. www.latahlibrary.
Garth Stein. Jenna abandons her     and around your home.                                                           org
comfortable Seattle life to visit     Traditional American Farming

the remote Alaskan town where       Techniques by Frank D. Gardner.
her young son disappeared two       The second edition of this classic
years before—while whispers of      guide sports a new introduction
ancient Tlingit legends suggest a   by MaryJane Butters.
frightening possibility about his     Über Origami by Duy Nguyen.
fate.                               Imaginative projects spanning
  The Russian Dreambook             time, space, and legend.
of Color and Flight by Gina
Ochsner. In post-Soviet Russia,       CD BookS
Tanya hopes to escape her job in      Over 40 & You’re Hired! by
a museum that collects awful art    Robin Ryan. Secrets to landing
knockoffs when she hears of a       a great job amid hidden but real
mysterious American art-funding     age discrimination.
group.                                Patton, Montgomery, Rommel:
                                    Masters of War by Terry
  nonFiCTion                        Brighton. A top British military
  The Art of Happiness in a         scholar provides an unprec-
Troubled World by His Holiness      edented study of the land war in
the Dalai Lama and Howard C.        the North African and European
Cutler. Buddhist tradition influ-   theaters.
ences this approach to dealing
with twenty-first-century chal-       DVD
lenges.                               The Beaches of Agnes (France,
  Cheesemonger: a Life on the
Wedge by Gordon Edgar. The
                                    2008) A reflection on art, life and
                                    the movies by renowned director                Judge Michael J. Gri n
                                                                                      For District Judge
cheese guy at the Rainbow Co-op     Agnes Varda.
in San Francisco provides an          The Blind Side (U.S., 2009)
entertaining, informative look at
the growing cheese movement,
                                    The nonfiction book by Michael
                                    Lewis inspired this story about                                     May 25th
from animal rights to business      a homeless, traumatized boy                 28 years of Judicial Experience • Former Deputy
ethics to “taste epiphanies.”       whose life turns around when he
                                                                                         Prosecutor • U.S. Army Veteran
  Curtains: Adventures of an        is taken in by a white family in
Undertaker-in-Training by Tom
Jokinen. An apprentice finds
                                      The Damned United (U.K.,
out what happens in the gap         2009) Based on the true story of
                                                                                       paid for by Michael J. Griffin, Sarah Shepherd, Treasurer
between death and burial.           Brian Clough, one of England’s

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The Sustainability Review – Water Tanks
By Mike Forbes, Newsletter Volunteer

Q      UESTION: “What’s the
       best way to store water?”
“What’s the cheapest tank
available?” “What isn’t going
to leach a bunch of nasty stuff
into my drinking water?”
   These are all questions I’ve
been asked and thought it might
be time to address them to a
larger audience.
   ANSWER: What are you going
to do with this water? Where
is the tank going to live? How
much space do you have?
   Let’s take each question one
by one and look at various
approaches through various
questions. I’m not going to talk
about water quality and treat-
ment here, I’ll leave that for
another article. I’ll assume you
want to drink it and if you don’t
it’s all that much easier. Let’s
talk tanks.
   The location of your tank is                                    Forbes rainwater tanks in their insulated shed.
going to dictate many things.
Many people rely on pumps            likewise many below grade tanks     Notice that most city water systems have
to move their water around.          cannot be used above ground.
Ideally we’d let gravity do this     They both can collapse in on
                                                                         the water tank on stilts or a hill? It’s the
by elevating the tank. Notice        themselves.                         most robust system since pumps never fail
that most city water systems            Our tanks are located in an
have the water tank on stilts or     old shed with 2 inches of foam
                                                                         and gravity works when the power is out.
a hill? It’s the most robust sys-    insulation in the walls and have    Rule of thumb is that for every foot of ele-
tem since pumps never fail and       not frozen in 4 years with no
gravity works when the power         heat source. The water in the
                                                                         vation gain you develop ½ psi of pressure.
is out. Rule of thumb is that for    tanks does not change tempera-
every foot of elevation gain you     ture rapidly for it would take a    of the potable water rated tank.      in Washington making shipping
develop ½ psi of pressure. Water     long cold spell to freeze and on      There are many tanks out there      less or pickup available and their
pressure in homes is typically 40    the converse the water doesn’t      in various classified ads. The big    prices can’t be beat.
psi or more but many systems         get warm in the summer either.      thing to look for is if they have       Every installation is unique
run on less. Our drip irrigation     Our water temperature fluctuates    ever stored anything besides          and demands careful thought.
system is 12 psi. If we could get    from 36 – 60 degrees.               water or food products. Don’t         The resource I most highly rec-
our tanks 24 feet higher than           Don’t plastic tanks leach        use old fuel or chemical tanks,       ommend is Water Storage by
the garden, we’d never need a        chemicals into the water? They      even if they claim to have been       Art Ludwig. It is the most com-
pump. There are other factors        might. High Density Polyethylene    cleaned. Plastic tanks absorb         prehensive book on tanks and
to consider here (such as piping     (HDPE) plastic (milk jugs) does     chemicals and get small scratch-      design of systems.
size/type) but the best general      not leach into liquids. Many        es inside making it hard to clean
location for a tank is as high as    other plastics such as pvc          properly. Stick to used water         Mike likes this water stuff. If you
possible on your land or house.      (vinyl), polycarbonates (lexan)     storage tanks, old milk trucks,       have questions don't hesitate to
   Inside/Outside/Below or Above     have been shown to leach into       or purchase new. Craigslist and       e-mail him at biodieselmike@gmail.
ground? If the sun can strike        the water especially when heat-     www.palouseads.com can be             com
a translucent tank then algae        ed. I’ve tested our HDPE tanks      good sources. If you are purchas-
will grown in the water, even        for leachates (300+ chemicals)      ing new, look at www.plastic-
in black or green plastic tanks.     and have not been able to detect    mart.com and www.usplastics.
Concrete and steel will not. I put   anything. There is HDPE that is     com. They both have facilities
our tanks inside a building with     rated for potable water and those
no windows and algae has never       that are not. I’d err on the side
grown in them. Algae won’t be
a problem if you only intend to
irrigate with the water. Lakes
have lots of it and people pump
from them all the time.
   If you put a tank underground
you’ll solve many freezing
related issues but you’ll have
to dig the hole and buy a tank
designed for burial, adding dol-
lars to the project. You cannot
bury an above ground tank and

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Lightening Up: My Storeroom & the UN Ga-
rage Sale
By Jeanne Leffingwell, Newsletter Volunteer

 W        hat do my Mormon
          friends’ practices of food
  storage, my recent 7 1/2 weeks
  in Mexico, and artist Chris          if the
  Jordan all have in common?           con-
  Well, they have all made me          tainer
  think differently about the hard-    is
  est-working room in our home,        made
  after the kitchen: our storeroom.    in one
    Let me explain. I spent nearly     part
  two months in the town of            of the
  Tomatlán (Jalisco) last winter in    world,
  an 8’x10’ room in a posada. The      after
                                                                    Our storeroom, winter 2010
  room contained a bed, night-         its raw
  stand, chair and my “closet,”        mate-
  which was a 3’ section of dowel      rials are extracted elsewhere,          with continuation and details.
  across one corner. I shared a        then the “product” is grown in          Because I have started on that
  sink, shower and toilet down         one place, “processed” in yet           storeroom. And my goal is to
  the hall with others in the          another, then shipped again to a        never need another garage sale!
  guesthouse, and I didn’t have a      distribution center? That’s before         In the meantime, if you don’t
  kitchen. What I ate could be the     it’s barged, flown, and/or is driv- know about Chris Jordan’s
  subject of another column… But       en to your store, so you can get        work, please visit www.chris-
  after I scrounged a small writing    in your car and go buy it, drive        jordan.com
 desk and unpacked my suitcase         back home and store it. The next
 and carryon, I was in heaven.         day, or perhaps a year later, you       Jeanne Leffingwell, a local art-
    Because of these circumstanc-      drink it (sugar water, anyone?)         ist and teacher will be back with
 es, and most assuredly because        or eat it, which takes all of 5 or      more of the Saga of her Stuff and
 of the temperature outside, I         10 minutes. Then with luck you          how she is getting rid of it.
 spent those weeks feeling happy,      recycle the container – maybe.
 well fed, and productive. I also         Or maybe the original idea
 had plenty of time to practice        behind storing 12-months’ food          How much “food” or “drink” should we
 Spanish with my neighbors and         was simply to assure that folks
 to ponder a less-encumbered life.     got through a harsh winter with
                                                                               consume if the container is made in one
    When I returned home, it           a little extra to share, sustained      part of the world, after its raw materials
 was the middle of February.           by food they or their neighbors
 After unpacking and returning         grew or raised.
                                                                               are extracted elsewhere, then the “product”
 my suitcase to the storeroom, I          Well… Ojala! With backyard           is grown in one place, “processed” in yet
 stopped to stare at the shelves.      and community gardening,
 I thought about my Mormon             the farmer’s market, Tuesday
                                                                               another, then shipped again to a distribu-
 friends’ practice of always stor-     Growers, CSA’s and more loca-           tion center?
 ing enough food to last a year        vore start-ups in our area to
 — something that used to seem         support each year, it’s time to
 wise and practical to me, a goal      hoe out the storeroom (food is
 worth emulating. But now I            only part of it) and create a little
 wonder if we aren’t getting some      space on those shelves.
 of that wrong.                           And all the recycling? Which
    And here’s where artist Chris      takes up one helluvah footprint
.Jordan comes in. I had seen his       if you’re religious about it like
 show, Running the Numbers /           I am… Maybe there’s a way to
 An American Self-portrait, at         bring less of those boxes and
 the WSU Art Museum last year,         containers and what’s inside of
 but had missed his talk. Last         them into our home in the first
 month, I attended a conference        place.
 in Spokane where Jordan was a            I think rather than preparing
 keynote speaker. I went. So let       for a major earthquake or upris-
 me just say this: I can’t think of    ing, or The End of Days, I’d
 another living artist whose mes-      like a little space on the shelf to
 sage is as stunning, powerful,        keep seed packets out, now that
 compelling or timely. His words,      it’s spring, so I’ll remember to
 along with the giant photograph-      plant them. And I want a few
 ic images he creates, evoke our       more linear feet dedicated as a
 national and global excesses in       “launching” area for things we’re
 a way that is provocatively per-      giving away, systematically and
 sonal.                                steadily, things that are going out
    To paraphrase just one issue/      and not coming back.
 project/question he raises: How          Now I’ve run out of room in
 much “food” or “drink” should         this column. But I’ll be back

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Green Construction: Self-help Therapy for Homes
By Alan Brown, Co-op Newsletter Volunteer

                                                                          There are few places where we can make a
G    reen construction is the
     process of examining every
step of our building or remodel-
                                     green construction. I’ve been a
                                     Builder/Realtor Since 1993, and
                                     have been fascinated with the
                                                                          larger impact in our hope to heal this bro-
ing process to determine what        concepts of Passive Solar and        ken world (other than teaching our chil-
impact we have on our environ-       sustainability in home design
ment, micro to macro. You’ve         since the late 1970s. As a builder
                                                                          dren, of course) than in our homes. The
heard of the ‘Self Examined          in Boulder, Colorado, in the ’90s,   energy used to heat and manage houses
Life’? It’s the same with build-     I was impressed by the city’s
ing: if we question each aspect      cutting-edge “Green Points for
                                                                          really has no close competitor when it
of our living space, and try to      Building” program, and as a          comes to causing wars, melting our ice
find the most efficient, least       realtor, was able to take ideas
impactful answers to our needs,      from hundreds of progressive
                                                                          caps and extinguishing species. So why not
we and the world will be bet-        homes and designs each year.         at least examine the possibilities available
ter for it. The questions “How       There really wasn’t a name for
can I refine my communication        the “green building” movement
                                                                          to us when upgrading our living spaces?
skills to help those around me?”     at the time, so my projects ran
or, “How do I find apples grown      the gamut from eclectic conven-      our children, of course) than in    that we can afford, or might be
close to home instead of New         tional homes to completely off       our homes. The energy used to       able to afford in the future, like
Zealand?” become, “How can I         the grid solar. Nowadays, I’m        heat and manage houses really       better windows or more insula-
improve the shell of this home in    combining my skills to offer a       has no close competitor when        tion in the attic. Or when we put
order to cut down on the waste-      holistic approach to Real Estate     it comes to causing wars, melt-     on a new roof, consider adding a
ful use of resources?” or, “When     as a Broker Associate at Re/         ing our ice caps and extinguish-    small amount of additional fram-
I remodel my kitchen, what fin-      Max Connections Realtors,            ing species. So why not at least    ing that will offer a structural
ish materials can I choose that      and as a “Certified Green            examine the possibilities avail-    berth for those PV panels when
might have been obtained in a        Professional” General Contractor     able to us when upgrading our       they become more affordable.
way that causes the least damage     for Moondance Construction and       living spaces? There are many       It’s a process of baby steps that,
to the environment?”                 Eco-Design.                          things most of us won’t be able     if taken by enough people, can
   To summarize, green construc-       There are few places where we      to afford right away, like maybe    truly pursue a ‘greener’ future.
tion is self-help therapy for your   can make a larger impact in our      photovoltaic solar panels, or our      Questions or ideas? Contact me
home!                                hope to heal this somewhat bro-      own personal wind turbine, but      at moondance@cpcinternet.com.
   Here's my experience with         ken world (other than teaching       we could focus on other things

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What Can I Do With My Organic Waste?
By Andy Boyd, Co-op Newsletter Volunteer

I  f you
noticed, it’s
that time of
year when
we start pok-
ing our heads
out the door
to see if it is
nice enough
to work on
the yard.
You know,
sunny and 72
degrees one
day, rainy and
43 degrees
the next! But on those delightful      sites. The Transfer Station pays
days, we get out and clean up          for a company to chip and haul
                                                                            Actually, according to the EPA, yard trim-
the yard, cut the grass and trim       away this organic material for       mings and food residuals constitute 26 per-
the hedges, creating quite a bit       hog fuel.
of organic waste.                         Pullman Disposal Service
                                                                            cent (65 million tons) of the U.S. munici-
  Actually, according to the EPA,      (PDS) offers home collection         pal solid waste stream. That's a lot of
yard trimmings and food residu-        of yard waste in the City of
als constitute 26 percent (65 mil-     Pullman that runs from March
                                                                            waste to send to landfills.
lion tons) of the U.S. municipal       through November. The yard
solid waste stream. That's a lot       waste collected for this pro-        be dropped off free at this facil-   roll-off boxes available for resi-
of waste to send to landfills.         gram is brought to the Whitman       ity include all yard waste with      dential drop-off of yard waste.
But there are other options for        County Transfer Station. This is a   branches not exceeding 4’ in         Potlatch offers twice weekly
this detritus besides the landfill.    fee based service so please con-     length or 6” in diameter. Stumps     pick up of yard waste by its city
And by diverting this material         tact PDS for more information:       and other large diameter materi-     employees for residents at their
from the landfill it saves all solid   509-334-1914.                        als are considered demolition        homes. This program accepts the
waste rate payers money.                  There are several rural towns     and are landfilled locally.          same materials and has the same
  Some individuals choose to           in Whitman County that provide         Moscow Recycling (208-882-         restrictions that apply at the
compost at home as it is not           programs designed to handle          0590) has a 24 hour drop-off         Latah County Transfer Station.
very difficult. One of the best        yard waste. Palouse (509-878-        area for yard waste. This service      Please remember that none of
reasons to compost at home is to       1811), Malden (509-569-3771),        is intended for residential use      these programs accept the fol-
reduce food residuals coming out       Oakesdale (509-285-4020) and         only. This program accepts the       lowing materials: dirt, rock, sod,
of the kitchen. This can be done       Garfield (509-635-1604) have         same materials and has the same      plastic bags, boxes, twine, food
with a compost pile or by ver-         yard waste drop sites, have          restrictions that apply at the       contaminated items, pet feces/
micomposting, using worms to           it chipped and composted             Latah County Transfer Station.       manure or kitchen scraps of any
break down your kitchen waste.         for use back in the commu-             The rural cities of Genesee        kind.
Currently, there are no regional       nity. Acceptable compost waste       (208-285-1621), Kendrick (208-
options for food residual recy-        includes leaves, grass, pine         289-5157) and Potlatch (208-875-
cling outside of the home so this      needles and other soft vegetation    0708) offer yard waste services.
is the only way to divert these        free of debris. Acceptable chipper   Genesee and Kendrick offer large
materials from the waste stream.       waste includes branches, shrubs
For more information on these          and other woody vegetation
types of composting systems, call      free of debris up to 14 inches
Moscow Recycling at 208-882-           in diameter. This program is for
0590.                                  residents only.
  Unfortunately, not everyone             Uniontown and Colton (509-
has the room for a compost pile        229-3805) have a composting
and even if you do have the            and chipping program for yard
room, you may create more yard         waste (no large diameter mate-
waste than your composting sys-        rials) for residents of the two
tem can handle. So where can           cities. Unfortunately, this pro-
you bring large amounts of yard        gram is currently on hold while
waste to be diverted from the          Uniontown makes upgrades to
landfill?                              their sewage waste treatment
  Whitman County options:              plant. This material has been
  The Whitman County Transfer          used for erosion control pro-
Station (509-334-2400) accepts         grams and given out to residents
yard waste of any size for free        when available.
from Whitman County residents,            Latah County options:
including stumps and large tree           Latah Sanitation, Inc. (LSI)
branches. This program also            runs a composting facility at the
accepts clean wood waste from          Transfer Station (208-882-5724).
commercial and residential work        Acceptable materials that may

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Fawns 101
By Ruth Wolz, Wildlife Rescue Volunteer

L    ate last summer, I volun-
     teered to work with Tim
Cochnaur, wildlife rescue/rehab
                                      brought to wildlife rescue/rehab
                                      facilities are brought by people
                                      with good intentions but not
facilitator. It was the first year    enough information. This is what
Tim and his crew were setting         you need to know …
up “satellite release stations”         Every spring, mule deer and
which are enclosures used for         whitetail does give birth to the
introducing hand-raised fawns to      fawns. When the fawns' mothers
the wild.                             go off on their daily excursions
   I have a herd of whitetail deer    to forage, they convey this mes-
that frequents an area on my          sage to their young, “lie down
rural property, northwest of Troy,    and wait here. I will return and
where there is an abundance of        nurse you”. While these fawns
apples. Tim thought this would        rest in a nearly paralytic state,
be a good place to set up a pen.      often waiting up to 12 hours
A crew of volunteers constructed      for their mothers' return, well-
a 50’ x 50’ wire enclosure adja-      meaning people sometimes come
cent to the area the wild herd        upon them and believe these
frequents. Two male fawns were        babies have been abandoned.
released into the pen. The fawns      So they pick up the fawns and
spent nearly two weeks in the         drop them off at a wildlife rescue
enclosure. When the fawns did         facility. Taking a fawn from the
decide to leave the safety of the     wild is the wrong thing to do.
pen, we all hoped that the fawns        Any healthy fawn picked up
were accepted by the wild herd        by a human that has not wit-
and survive.                          nessed that fawn's mother fall-
   However, the success rate of       ing victim to an accident, such
hand-raising fawns is far from        as an encounter with a motor
                                                                                                     Illustration by Lucas Rate
100%. Those that do survive           vehicle, is being ABDUCTED,
and are released to the wild, as      NOT SAVED. The good people            ment, some of these fawns do           their mothers would have afford-
they by law must be, have an          who maintain wild animal res-         survive and have to eventually         ed them had they not been “res-
extremely high mortality rate.        cue facilities do all they can to     be released to the wild where          cued." If you are lucky enough
Often these hand-raised fawns         compensate for these abducted         they are at a great disadvantage.      to see a healthy fawn sleeping in
die because of human ignorance.       fawns' loss of their natural moth-    Due to lack of the nourishment         your garden, your back yard, in
   The fawns should never have        ers. Through enormous expen-          of their mothers' milk, they are       the country on your hike, etc.,
been taken from the wild in the       ditures of time, perseverance,        usually undersized. They also          leave that fawn there, with its
first place. About half the fawns     money, and emotional invest-          lack the protection and education      mother.

Fun Flix
By Bill London, Co-op Newsletter Volunteer

H    ere are the best videos
     we've watched lately. What
are your favorites?
                                      suffragettes' plan of state-by-
                                      state laws had stalled, and a
                                      new generation of radicalized
  The Family Stone ... This           women arrived on the scene and
2005 film is about family and         pursued a new national agenda.
Christmas, a mixture that melts,      This film is not easy to watch,
molds, and monopolizes the lives      as the women are harassed,
of the extended Stone family as       imprisoned and brutalized, but
they plan to get together to meet     for older teens and adults, it is a
the new fiances and play the old      great education in courage and
mind games. The story is not          commitment. The film is not
new, but this treatment is done       rated, but with no sex or drugs,
well, with sympathetic characters     but plenty of brutality, deserves
and strong dialog. Of course, the     a PG-13 or R.
siblings mix and match partners          Outrage ... This 2009 docu-                                               when his granddaughter, Leyna,
– and live happily ever after.        mentary focuses on this bizarre       Craig, whose “wide stance” at          walked in the door yelling “sur-
Rated PG-13 for no good reason.       (yet commonplace) reality: the        the Minnesota bathroom got             prise!” to begin a two-week visit in
  Iron Jawed Angels ... This          closeted gay Republican who           him busted. There are not easy         April by our daughter and family.
2004 drama was aired on HBO,          supports a “family values”            answers here, but the film is a
and is a realistic portrayal of the   agenda denying rights and sup-        good place to start. Rated R for a
last years of the struggle to pass    port for gay Americans. The           few naughty words.
the Constitutional amendment          filmmakers try to understand            These are all available at
to give voting rights to American     why homosexuals would not just        Howard Hughes Video in down-
women, beginning in 1912 and          deny their sexuality, but actively    town Moscow.
ending with the amendment's           align against it. To bring it home,
passage in 1920 (that is only 90      the film opens with the sad tale      Bill London edits this newsletter
years ago). By 1912, the older        of former Idaho Senator Larry         and was astounded and thrilled

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                                      linated vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Delicious, easy to
                                   grow, hardy varieties. Large or small space, varieties you will
                                   love. Container garden, edible flowers, and traditional seeds.
4:30pm every                         Buy seeds at www.greyduckgarlic.com or 595 595 3288. We
                                    will happily help you choose the right seeds for your garden.
   Tuesday                          Seeds come with free garden plan and planting dates! Local
 at the Co-op                      family farm, friendly gardening advice. See us at the Moscow
                                           Farmers Market for tomato, pepper, herb starts.
 parking lot
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Fresh vegeta-
bles! Local food products! Music
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          The monthly newsletter of the Moscow Food Co-op ● May 2010

                                                                     The Garage Sale Issue
                       Growers’ Market Returns
                       By Kenna S. Eaton, Co-op General Manager
T    uesday, May 4, will see the annual return of the
     Co-op’s own Growers’ Market. Now in its eighth sea-
son, we are excited to not only bring it back — but to

                                                              family local, fresh-from-
                                                              the-farmer produce. At
                                                              the same table, you can
make it even better! This winter, we seriously considered     buy greens, berries and
how best to improve the market to make it more fun and        starts. This year, we’ll
more effective for the growers — and we came up with          add weekly demos of
lots of changes we think you’ll enjoy.                        seasonal produce by
  The market will move to the other side of the park-         our very own F.A.C.T.
ing lot, lining 5th street and making it more visible from    (Farmers Advocacy
Washington St. And we have added some half-spots, so          Co-op Team), a group
the number of vendors will increase.                          of participating mem-
  Tourmaline Farms/Avon Eggs will take preorders for          bers dedicated to shar-
grass fed and finished beef and will sell poultry and eggs;   ing great, local, afford-
                                                                                            Britt Heisel, Tuesday Growers'
Ravencroft Herbs will offer herbs, produce and CSA’s;         able food. Additionally,            Market Coordinator
Elk Meadows will have plant starts, flowers and produce;      we’re adding some fun
Garfield Growers will have huckleberry muffins and huck-      new features like a weekly drawing for a prize and our
leberry granola bars; Palouse Prairie Farms will sell lamb,   very own market tote to take home your goodies in. All
beef, chicken and turkey and will offer a meat CSA; Lida      in all, we’re excited, and hope you are too.
will sell produce and eggs; and finally, Sticky Fingers         Britt Heisel, the Co-op's Tuesday Growers' Market
Farm (Amanda Hixson House) will have lavender honey           Coordinator, put us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.
and strawberry chocolate mint ice cream! And, of course,      com/pages/Moscow-ID/Moscow-Food-Coop-Tuesday-
you’ll find various local gardeners who simply have more      Growers-Market/107124975993233 ). Britt will be updat-
produce than they know what to do with.                       ing it throughout the market season with information
  Naturally, we’ll bring back the live music and hot food,    about our market — special events, grower spotlights,
as well as Backyard Harvest, who is able to switch out        pictures, recipes, what the growers are bringing to market
your food stamps for market script so you can feed your       and other fun stuff.

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