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					    OPTIMAL Group of Companies Newsletter   PP 12303 / 5 / 2004   September 2005 • Issue 10


Highlight In This Issue
OPTIMAL Embarks on
Mammoth Signature Project
 2         MESSAGE FROM THE CEO.                                                                                OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

As we begin the second half of the fiscal year, I would like to congratulate all                              CONTENTS
employees on your response to challenges that have confronted us due to unplanned
outages. The tremendous effort of the entire organization minimized the damage to                               3 OPTIMAL Signature Project
our business. And, as you well know, we are extremely focused on the implementation                               • We Sow, We Reap
                                                                                                                    – Our Responsibility, Our Belief
of our Asset Reliability Projects during the upcoming Turnaround 2006. This will be the                       4–5 Awards & Accolades
biggest turnaround we have undertaken yet, with more engineering projects in                                      • Landmark Refinancing
addition to our normal catalyst change and DOSH inspection. Your focus and                                          Transaction
dedication in accomplishing this safely, on time, and within budget is appreciated.                               • Competitive Employer Award
                                                                                                                  • MSOSH Gold Merit Award
   Meanwhile, we continue to make progress on our journey towards Achieving World                                 • Recognition in Training and
Class Performance. Our efforts to implement the Operating Discipline Management                                     Human Resource Development
System (ODMS) are showing great progress. This system is a cornerstone to ISO 9001                                  Excellence
and ISO 14001 certifications, and best practice within our industry. Bringing this                               6 Events
                                                                                                                  • OPTIMAL Takes Part in
capability into OPTIMAL while we are in our early years will give us a solid foundation
                                                                                                                    OGA Exhibition 2005
from which to build.                                                                                              • OPTIMAL Signs Bandwith SLA
   Our first audit by SIRIM on ISO 14001 was just completed, and we did very well.                               7 Know Our Staff
Our focus between now and year-end is to close action items from the audit and                                    • OPTIMAL Welcomes
prepare for the certification audit. Our top priority is to make sure that we “do what                               Graham Daley
                                                                                                                8 Know Our Products
we say we will do” by implementing according to our processes. This is what                                       • TERGITOL NP Series
Operating Discipline is all about.                                                                              9 ISO Certification
   For ISO 9001, advanced preparations are in progress for the Derivatives Businesses and                         • OPTIMAL Gears for
products so as to continue to meet customers’ requirements and improve our Company-                                 ISO Certifications
                                                                                                            10–11 Happenings
wide systems. We are targeting for an Adequacy Audit with SIRIM in December.
                                                                                                                  • OPTIMAL 2005 Family Day
   In this particular issue of OPTINEWS, it makes me exceptionally proud to be                              12–13 Plant Updates
associated with OPTIMAL, as it highlights some of the many ways in which employees                                • OPWP Winds of Change
are involved in our relationship with the community and customers. From the                                       • Responsible Care®
successful implementation of our School Adoption Program, to our leadership in                                      Program Roadshow
                                                                                                                  • Empowering Maintenance
Responsible Care®, it emphasizes the importance of the environmental and social                                   • Learning Visit to Dow’s
dimensions of our Triple Bottom Line.                                                                               Map Ta Phut Facility
   Our new Signature Project, announced at Family Day 2005, will see OPTIMAL                                14–15 Staff News
partnering with the Malaysian Nature Society on a long range plan which starts with                               • Newborns, Weddings,
Reforestation of Mangrove along the banks of the Kertih River, followed by development
                                                                                                               16 HSE News
of a Nature Education Center (NEC) in Kertih. Apart from creating a base for nature                               • LOC Reduction Initiative
education, we hope the NEC will also provide a platform for the development of Science                            • HSE KPIs
Clubs in public schools throughout Terengganu, so that we can develop our young                                17 OPTIMAL Cares
people for future careers in science and technology.                                                              • OPTIMAL Contributes to SKTT
                                                                                                                    Win at PETRONAS Educamp
   Finally, as we enter the holiday season, I would like to extend my                                          18 Happenings
warmest wishes to all of you – Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri, Happy                                                  • Around OPTIMAL
Deepavali and Merry Christmas. I hope you will be able to enjoy                                                19 Sports Update
this festive season with your families.                                                                           • OPTIMAL’s Annual
                                                                                                                    Golf Tournament

                                                                                                                 OPTIMAL VISION
                                                                                                              A WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURER
  Jim Fitterling,                                                                                             AND SUPPLIER OF CHEMICALS FOR
  Chief Executive Officer,                                                                                       THE ASIA-PACIFIC REGION
  OPTIMAL Group of Companies
                                                                                                                OPTIMAL MISSION
                                                                                                                 TO BE A SUCCESSFUL AND
  Editorial Board                               Publication Information
                                                OPTINEWS is the corporate newsletter of the OPTIMAL
                                                                                                             PROFITABLE CHEMICAL COMPANY;
  Advisor               Contributors            Group of Companies published by the Public Affairs             SUPPORTING SHAREHOLDERS’
  YM Dato’ Tg Mahamad   Gary Lau                Department.
   Tg Mahamut           M Nizam Ahmad
                                                                                                                BUSINESS STRATEGIES AND
                                                Opinions and views expressed or implied in the newsletter
                        M Nazri Salim
                                                do not necessarily reflect the views of the OPTIMAL Group
                                                                                                             CREATING VALUE FROM MALAYSIAN
                        Hamzah Jamal
  Nirmala Devi
                        Ahmad Rizal A Rahim
                                                of Companies.                                                     PETROLEUM RESOURCES
  Co-ordinators         Ahmad Zaki Daud         Please address all correspondence to:
  Roziyah Mahmod        Schazeril Shamsudin
                                                                                                                OPTIMAL VALUES
  Roziah Abdullah       Wan Azman Wan Omar
  Suhaili Mohd Radzi    M Zakir Jaafar
                                                OPTINEWS, PUBLIC AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT                              s   RESPONSIBLE CARE®
                        Hj Roha Yazid Ibrahim   Level 13, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers                          s   CUSTOMER FOCUS
                        Cecelia Lakai           Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
                        Megat Rosman
                                                                                                                 s   BUSINESS EXCELLENCE
                        Wilson Foo
                                                                                                                 s   PEOPLE EXCELLENCE
                                                Fax: 03-2331 4276                                                s   COHESIVENESS
 SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                                     COVER STORY                3

We Sow, We Reap
– Our Responsibility, Our Belief
“Malaysia has one of the world’s oldest Rainforests. Approximately 200 million years old, it is one of the
12 Mega-Biodiversity countries in the world (75% of world’s species), with 15,000 flowering plant species, 736
species of resident birds, 150,000 species of invertebrates, 4,000 species of marine fishes, 449 species of fresh-water
fishes and the most number of soft coral species. Yet, Malaysia has the most number of threatened plants. Unless we
start to do something today, habitats will be lost forever, waters will be polluted and flora, fauna and wildlife will
be threatened with extinction.”

In taking up a proactive role to conserve our natural heritage,           A primary activity for Phase 1 will be
OPTIMAL has embarked on a long term Signature Project in              the setting up of a mangrove mini
partnership with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), the              nursery and replanting of 1,000
largest and oldest Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in             mangrove seedlings along the Kertih
Malaysia that focuses on conservation and environmental               River. This exercise will involve stringent
education. The project is a cornerstone in OPTIMAL’s                  selection of suitable mangrove
corporate citizenship initiative which seeks to influence and          seedlings from the proposed
improve the future of the community in which it operates.             rehabilitation site and its vicinity.
                                                                          Other supporting activities that will
                                                                      be established in order to promote
                                                                      long term awareness and sustained
                                                                      conservation of the ecosystem include
                                                                      environmental education programs for the local villagers as
                                                                      well as formation of a Community River Watch Group to
                                                                      monitor water quality and other living organisms such as
                                                                      fireflies and plants along integrated river basin. Plans for
                                                                      setting up a Environmental Education Centre will also be
                                                                                 outlined during phase one of the project.
                                                                                     Phase 2, which begins end 2006, will see the
                                                                                 implementation of Environmental Education Programs
                                                                                 through the OPTIMAL-MNS Environmental Education
                                                                                 Centre (EEC). The first of its kind in the East Coast of
                                                                                 Peninsular Malaysia, the EEC will showcase displays,
                                                                                 exhibits and information relating to the Kertih River
                                                                                 ecosystem as well as Kertih’s unique coastal terrain and
   A grant of approximately                                                      biodiversity. The Centre will also be equipped with
RM3 million has been allocated for the four-year project which        resources and facilities to inculcate awareness, understanding,
comprises two inter-related environmental initiatives – the           care and involvement in environmental conservation amongst
Kertih River Mangrove Rehabilitation Project, and the setting         local schoolchildren, teachers and the community.
up of a Environmental Education Centre (EEC) in Kertih.                   In addition to programs for the local community and
   Phase 1, which begins in September 2005, will involve              OPTIMAL staff, ongoing training and educational activities
reforestation and rehabilitation of ecologically sensitive            such as mangrove ecology, nature walk, forest ecology studies,
mangrove habitat and coastal vegetation along the Kertih              bird watching, camping and stream ecology studies will also
River, while promoting community-based involvement and                be conducted. The two-year implementation of Phase 2 will
management of the ecosystem. The main objective is to restore         also involve the setting up of School Nature Clubs (KPA) in
the mangrove and surrounding coastal vegetation to its natural        Terengganu linked to the EEC as a means of making
state through proper zone segmentation or ‘zonation’ which is         environmental learning an ongoing commitment.
a distinct characteristic of mangrove forests. Careful selection          As part of our long-term commitment to this environmental
                                               and replanting of      initiative, the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project will continue to be
                                               tree species will be   monitored, and surveys on flora and fauna for conservation will
                                               based on areas or      remain. The Environmental Education Program for schools,
                                               niches within the      colleges and universities will persist to shape a generation that will
                                               ecosystem.             continue to appreciate and protect their legacy – nature’s gift.
 4           AWA R D S & A C C O L A D E S .                                                                OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

OPTIMAL Wins Notable Awards
Landmark Refinancing Transaction

                                                                                                     At the “Asia Pacific Petrochemical Deal of the Year”
                                                                                                     award presentation ceremony. From left: Sam Ong
                                                                                                     (Regional Finance Director, Dow Chemical South Pacific),
                                                                                                     Gary Lau (Treasurer, OPTIMAL) and Mr Hor Wai Kong
                                                                                                     (General Manager – Finance & Accounts, OPTIMAL).

The highly successful dual-currency, dual-debt instrument                     bonds issue, the largest issuance by a petrochemical player in
refinancing transaction put together by OPTIMAL last year to                   Malaysia since 1997. The Islamic bonds were 4.6 times
refinance its existing shareholders’ loans utilized for the                    oversubscribed, setting a new record in the market. Similarly,
construction of its petrochemical complex in Kertih,                          the USD468 million syndicated loan was also oversubscribed
Terengganu has won various notable awards and accolades.                      by international investors, proving not only the enthusiasm to
   To date, the refinancing package has been accorded                          lend to a feasible project financing in Malaysia, but also the
“Malaysian Deal of the Year” by both Asiamoney and The                        confidence in OPTIMAL’s credibility in the marketplace.
Banker; “Asia Pacific Project Bond of the Year” by the Project                    OPTIMAL’s Treasury Department together with
Finance Magazine; “Deal of the Year” by CFO Asia; “Asia                       representatives from Dow and PETRONAS were involved in
Pacific Petrochemical Deal of the Year” by Project Finance                     structuring and successfully concluding the deal with the Joint
International and “Best Project Finance Loan” by Euromoney.                   Lead Managers – Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad, HSBC Bank
   The landmark transaction comprised of a USD468 million                     Malaysia Berhad and Malayan Banking Berhad.
limited recourse syndicated loan and a RM1.27 billion Islamic

Competitive Employer Award
                                                        OPTIMAL was accorded a special                inspired by the Prime Minister – “Pekerja
                                                        recognition for the prestigious Anugerah      Cemerlang Negara Terbilang”. It was
                                                        Majikan Berdaya Saing (Competitive            aimed at recognizing deserving
                                                        Employer Award – Large Corporation            employers who strive to set exemplary
                                                        category) in conjunction with the 2005        performance and work environment to
                                                        National Workers’ Day celebration. The        drive high standards of professionalism
                                                        award ceremony was held on May 7,             amongst employees. OPTIMAL was
                                                        2005 at the Putra National Sports             selected out of 100 companies to win the
                                                        Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.         award, reflecting its focus on its people,
                                                           Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah    the Company’s greatest asset.
                                                        Hj Ahmad Badawi presented the award to           OPTIMAL was accorded a similar
                                                        Joe Achierno, Senior General Manager of       award in 2003 when it was presented the
                                                        OPTIMAL Plants in Kertih, Terengganu.         consolation prize for the Caring Employer
Joe Achierno (right) and Nirmala Devi posing with the
Competitive Employer Award certificate and plaque.
                                                           The Award was presented in line with       Award – Large Corporations.
                                                        the 2005 National Worker’s Day theme
 SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                        AWA R D S & A C C O L A D E S .                     5

MSOSH Gold Merit Award for Safety and Health
OPTIMAL has been accorded the Malaysian Society for                   Abd Rahman bin Bakar at the MSOSH Award Dinner held on
Occupational Safety and Health (MSOSH) Gold Merit Award               September 16, 2005 at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
under the Manufacturing and Chemical sector. Deputy CEO                 The award marks a continued recognition for OPTIMAL’s
YM Dato’ Tengku Mahamad Tengku Mahamut accepted the                   outstanding commitment towards ensuring a safe and healthy
award from Deputy Minister of Human Resources, YB Datuk               work environment at its operating facility.

The MSOSH Gold Merit Award.                 YM Dato’ Tengku Mahamad receiving the award from     OPTIMAL is proud to be the recipient of the award for
                                            YB Datuk Abd Rahman.                                 the fourth consecutive year.

Recognition in Training and Human Resource
Development Excellence
OPTIMAL’s commitment in training and developing the skills of its
workforce has been accorded a special recognition by the Ministry of Human
Resource and Human Resource Development Council (Pembangunan Sumber
Manusia Berhad). The award was presented at the PSMB 2005 Conference
held on September 20, 2005 at the Genting International Convention
Centre. Accepting the award on behalf of OPTIMAL was its General Manager
of Human Resource and Administration, Puan Kamaliah Abdullah.
   The accolade marks OPTIMAL’s firm commitment in developing the skills
of its workforce to support the nation’s vision of transforming Malaysia into a
petrochemical hub for the region.

                                                                     OPTIMAL is
                                                                     committed in
                                                                     training and
                                                                                         The certificate accorded to OPTIMAL.
                                                                     developing the
                                                                     skills of its
 6        EVENTS                                                                                                     OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

OPTIMAL Takes Part in
Oil & Gas Asia Exhibition 2005
OPTIMAL together with The Dow
Chemical Company participated in the
10th Oil & Gas Asia Exhibition (OGA)
2005 held at the brand new Kuala
Lumpur Convention Centre from
June 13 to 16, 2005. Approximately 600
companies from 40 countries took part in
the exhibition which was officiated by
                                                       The OPTIMAL and Dow staff who had successfully manned the Companies’ joint booth.
Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Hj
Ahmad Badawi.
   During the exhibition, OPTIMAL and
Dow highlighted gas treating products
and services at the companies’ joint
booth, which drew the attention of the
Prime Minister who dropped by after the
Opening Ceremony.
   The OGA Exhibition 2005 was held in
conjunction with the high-profile
technical seminar, the 10th Annual Asia
Oil & Gas Conference (AOGC) 2005,
organized by PETRONAS.

                                                       The booth stood tall in all its glory.                  Fairuz Yahya (left) welcoming the Prime Minister.

OPTIMAL Signs Bandwidth SLA
with Petrofibre Network
OPTIMAL Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd signed a Bandwidth                                    Signing on behalf of OPTIMAL were Deputy Chief Executive
Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Petrofibre Network Sdn                                Officer, YM Dato’ Tengku Mahamad Tengku Mahamut and IT
Bhd (PFN) on April 1, 2005 marking the commissioning of a                               Manager, Abdul Rauff Sarail whilst PFN was represented by its
4Mbit High-Speed Ethernet Telecommunication Link that                                   Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Tuan Haji Omar
allows swift connection between the servers in OPTIMAL’s                                Zambri Mahmud and Aaron Tan.
KL Office and the Kertih Plant Office.                                                     Also present were IT members who were involved in the
    With the High-Speed Ethernet IP Link, OPTIMAL will be able                          project. They are Murray Albert (former IT Manager), M Nizam
to coordinate voice, video and data connection, thus reducing                           Ahmad, Che Samsulbahari, Safarin Sabri, Nafizah Ahmad
its dependence on Operations and Support.                                               Mokhtar and Hashim Embong (the former IT Project Lead).

YM Dato’ Tengku Mahamad and Tuan Haji Omar Zambri with IT members involved in the project.
 SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                             K N O WM PU R PA GF F
                                                                                                          S A O L E S TA E .        7

OPTIMAL Welcomes Graham Daley
The New Senior General Manager – Commercial Department
Effective July 1, 2005, Graham Daley            I spent the first 14 years of my career in
officially became the new Senior General        manufacturing, engineering and
Manager for Commercial Department               construction starting in Australia, the
taking over from Ken Jewsbury who is            United States, Thailand and then again
now Vice President of Sales for Dow             in Australia. I then moved into Sales
China in Shanghai. To get to know               Management, a General Manager’s job
Graham better, OPTINEWS recently                and then marketing in Hong Kong.
caught up with the man himself who              I subsequently had a succession of roles
took some time off to answer the                as Business Manager, added Group
questions posed to him.                         Marketing Manager, Commercial Director
                                                and most recently as Director of Sales.
First and foremost, we would like to            For the past five years, I have also been a
welcome you to Malaysia and OPTIMAL.            member of Dow’s global Commercial
How has your stay in Malaysia been so far?      Leadership Council.
Thank you. Actually, I had first visited
Malaysia in 1979 and had been a regular         What are your current job responsibilities
visitor since 1987. Those visits were mainly    in OPTIMAL?
for business purposes, so I would only stay     My primary responsibility is to lead the
over for a day or two in KL. When I came        Supply Chain and Commercial functions
over again in May this year, I was pleasantly   in OPTIMAL. I ensure a smooth flow in
surprised at how the downtown area has          the management of the two business
developed. I like big cities especially those   teams, as well as deliver results that       looking into filling up the unused
that are bustling with people.                  exceed the expectations of our various       capacity in some of our Performance
                                                customers and partners. Through my           Chemicals reactors. I’m also aiming to
How is your family settling here?               OMT involvement, I am responsible in         improve cooperation among my team
They are settling in fine. I am here with        helping to set up the overall direction of   members because I believe that business
my wife Emi, and our eight-year old             OPTIMAL and ensuring that all our            success derives directly from an ‘excess’
daughter Marina who has just started at         functions mesh well.                         of willing cooperation.
the Alice Smith International School. I
have two older children who both work           What are your Department’s objectives        What are some of the challenges that
in Australia – my son Chris who is a            for the next four months and for 2006?       you expect to face as Head of
doctor, and daughter Celia who is a vet.        We are targeting to put in place our         Department?
                                                strategies for the coming 10 years with      I have become used to working in a
What are your favorite activities               particular emphasis on the next five          sizable company that is managed in a
outside work?                                   years. Four Business Teams namely            specialized way on a global basis.
I used to surf and ski, but here it’s quite     Olefins, Glycols, Chemicals and               Generally, there was always someone
impossible to do that. What’s possible,         Performance Chemicals have recently          responsible for just about everything that
and still enjoyable for me to do in KL,         been formed for this purpose. As time        needed doing. Here, things are done
are running and lifting weights. Other          progresses, the strategies will involve      through multitasking. Combining and
than that, I enjoy reading as well as           selling more products within Malaysia        managing a number of diverse activities
dining in restaurants and traveling with        and adjoining countries where we have        is no small feat! However, we have a
my family. I have been advised that I           maximum competitive advantage. Most          great group of people with an amazing
really need to experience and enjoy golf.       of our attention revolves around the         mix of capabilities here, and I enjoy
I’m working on it.                              coming 2006 Turnaround, and ensuring         working with them.
You have been in the petrochemical              that both Supply Chain and Commercial
                                                combine with the rest of OPTIMAL.            Finally, any words of wisdom for your
industry for quite a number of years.                                                        staff?
Would you like to share the history of          Are there any specific targets that you       Embrace new activities and then manage
your journey so far?                            would like your Department to achieve?       them as much as you can by yourself.
I have had 35 years of experience in this       Our most immediate target is to sell and     I have always found that when I can
industry. I first obtained a degree in           move products from major OPTIMAL             organize myself, much of what I need to
chemical engineering, and later a degree        units and ensure that they are operating     do, and do so when I wish to, things are
in economics while working for Dow.             consistently above 90% rates. We are also    a lot more satisfying.
 8       KNOW OUR PRODUCTS                                                                        OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

Most products in OPTIMAL are known as chemical
intermediates or things used in further reactions to derive the
final product. As such, these products are used in many
applications in a variety of end uses. The Nonyl Phenol
Ethoxylates (NPE) we produce is a good example.
   TERGITOL NP Series – the brand name licensed from Union
Carbide Corporation – is a very popular brand amongst users of
NPE. Essentially, it is formed from the reaction of Para-Nonyl
Phenol with Ethylene Oxide, which is slowly added until the
required molecular weight is achieved. The reaction is catalyzed
with a base (such as Sodium Hydroxide) and neutralized before
blending with water or packaging.

NPE is a surfactant or surface active agent. It has properties such
as all-purpose detergency for hard and soft surface cleaning,
emulsifying and wetting. They are also excellent dispersants for
pigment and dyes. As such, NPE find their way in to a myriad of
applications that can be classified by two broad categories –
cleaning and coating.

Due to its excellent detergency, NPE are used in both
household and Industrial/Institutional (I&I) Cleaners. It is
particularly effective in removing oily or greasy soils from hard
or soft surfaces.
    Floor detergents and grease strippers such as those used at
home do contain NPE amongst its ingredients. NPE contained
in Institutional Cleaners are excellent for the use of
establishments that need to maintain a very high standard of
hygiene such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants and hypermarts.
    NPE is also used by textile factories. These factories need to
wash the cloths they produce to free it from grease or silicone       Coatings
oil that comes into contact with the yarn. NPE’s excellent            There are many products around us that require some form of
detergency properties not only remove grease and silicone oil         coating. Films, paints and printing inks on books are some
effectively, but also protect the soft surface of the textile from    examples. Architectural paints, marine coatings, flexible and rigid
damage during cleaning. In the same way, paper and pulp also          films and printing inks are typically formulated with some
use NPE to clean up the pulp before paper is produced.                surfactants inside for emulsifying, wetting and dispersant purposes.
                                                                         For example, architectural paints are made from synthetic
                                                                      latex which is typically a polymerized monomer carried in water.
                                                                      NPE allow the emulsion to stay homogenous. As the latex is
                                                                      blended into an architectural paint, more NPE are used when
                                                                      pigment is added to the latex in order to fully disperse the
                                                                      pigment into the latex and improve overall colour development.
                                                                      The NPE also improve the wetting capabilities of the finished
                                                                      paint whereby it is easier to apply to the surface of a product.
                                                                         These same properties are applied when NPE is used in inks
                                                                      and other coating applications.
 SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                        I S O C E R T I F I C AT I O N   9

OPTIMAL Gears for ISO Certifications
OPTIMAL is steadily gearing itself              Through the ISO 9001 certification,           OPTIMAL is gearing full steam ahead
towards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001               OPTIMAL would have in place accredited       towards achieving ISO 14001
certifications as part of an integrated       practices in quality management and          Certification, which is an important
Operating Discipline Management              customer satisfaction which will in turn     milestone that would demonstrate:
System (ODMS). Through the ISO               lead towards significant reductions in          ❖ Our commitment in protecting the
certifications, OPTIMAL would be able to      operating costs, increased demand for            environment;
enhance its competitive edge in growing      our products, increased market share and
markets in the region.                       subsequently improved profits.                  ❖ Improvement in our environmental
                                                                                              performance; and

ISO 9001: 2000                               ISO 14001: 2004                                ❖ Our compliance to the legislative
                                                                                              and regulatory requirements.
International Standards                      International Standards
                                                                                             In achieving the certification, OPTIMAL
for Quality Management                       for Environmental                            has developed a documented HSE Policy
ISO 9000 is a set of standards for quality   Management                                   that outlines our commitment towards
management systems that is accepted          ISO 14000 is a set of standards that are     pollution prevention, as well as an
worldwide. It applies uniformly to           primarily related with environmental         Environmental Management System to
organizations of any size or description,    management. It focuses on the initiatives    ensure continual improvement of our
providing customers with the assurance       undertaken by an organization to             environmental performance as required
of the quality of products purchased or      minimize harmful effects on the              by ISO 14001.
services rendered. Revision of the           environment resulting from its                  Our next step towards achieving
standard made in year 2000 stresses on       operations, and the organization’s efforts   ISO 14001 will involve the certification of
three main areas comprising quality          in continually improving its                 the Environmental Management System,
objectives, continual improvement, and       environmental performance.                   which will be audited by an external
monitoring of customer satisfaction.                                                      auditor in December this year.
10        HAPPENINGS                                                                                              OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

Grand prize winners – Mohd Rafi Ahmad Razali, Hugh Hearon and Zamanee Aman receiving their prize from the Deputy CEO.

                                     Spellbinding... The Vince and Dina collaboration.                   The Warisan Johor cultural performance troupe.

                                                                                         OPTIMAL 2005
                                                                                                            Splash of Colours
                                                          It was a weekend of fun-filled                         The much-anticipated yearly event
                                                       activities, entertainment, scrumptious               kicked off with the OPTIMAL Annual
                                                       food and great company. Yes! The                     Dinner which began with a welcome
                                                       OPTIMAL Family Day was back with a                   speech by CEO Jim Fitterling followed by
                                                       bang! Held at Sunway Lagoon from                     a lively opening gambit. A mesmerizing
                                                       September 23 to 24, the Family Day                   performance by children from the
                                                       festivity was attended by approximately              Kumpulan Warisan Johor cultural dance
                                                       1,300 staff and their families.                      group started the ball rolling whilst
                                                                                                            announcements of early birds and lucky
                                                                                                            draw winners kept everyone at the edge
                                                     Let the celebrations begin... CEO Jim Fitterling
                                                     launching the 2005 OPTIMAL Family Day Carnival.
                                                                                                            of their seats.
                                                     Looking on is Encik Yacob Hj A Rahim, Chairman of
                                                     the Organising Committee.

DAY–TIME FUN                                                               A fun-tastic time!
   SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                                      HAPPENINGS             11

                                                          Crowd at the Annual Dinner.

                                    Best Dressed Winners – Agnes Low and Sulaiman Saat.

Family Day
at Sunway Lagoon
      OPTIMAL’s inaugural Five-Year Long                 Tengku Mahamad Tengku Mahamut
  Service Award recipients were also                     officiated the outdoor carnival in a
  honored as part of the program for the                 bright burst of colours followed by      the day, winning them
  evening before guest artistes Vince, from              action packed telematches, fear factor   a huge hamper from the CEO.
  Akademi Fantasia fame, and Dina, the                   games and a scavenger hunt which            The crowd later enjoyed the
  Malaysian Idol runner-up, took to the                  drew participation from children and     numerous games and rides in the
  stage to enthrall the crowd with their                 adults alike.                            themepark before heading home.
  lively performance and powerful vocals.                   The Red Team comprising of            Judging from the response, the Family
  The dynamic duo’s performance was a                    administrative personnel from KL and     Day was indeed a memorable outing
  prelude to more fun and excitement the                 Kertih proved their supremacy over the   and a welcome break for all staff and
  following day as Deputy CEO YM Dato’                   other teams with the highest score for   their families.

  Jubilant! The Red Team is overall champion.

                                                                                                                              One for the album:
                                                                                                                              This year’s organising
                                                                                                                              committee in a
                                                                                                                              group photo.
12         P L A N T U P D AT E S .                                                                                      OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

OPWP – Winds of Change
OPTIMAL’s manufacturing units –                       same time, the Site Design/                                 teams to apply their skills, knowledge
Olefins, EOG, Butanol, Derivatives and                 Implementation Team cooperates with                         and experience to value-added work;
Utilities – have been undergoing                      HR/People Systems as a means of                             hence, improving efficiency and
significant changes in terms of                        supporting the overall re-design.                           effectiveness of plant operations.
organization and work processes through                  The Implementation Plan is aligned                          OPWP also provides tools that could
the implementation of the Operate Plant               against all five units’ MI Plans/Goals. It                   help track and value assess work
Work Process (OPWP). The main purpose                 will enable the units to provide structure                  effectively, while improving the site’s
of OPWP is to enable the manufacturing                to make the de-layered organization                         Asset Utilization. The number of
units to contribute effectively to economic           sustainable.                                                unplanned events are also expected to
profit by converting raw materials into                   In parallel with the culture of                          be reduced considerably.
product as productively as possible.                  empowerment currently being practiced                          Each unit is expected to complete full
   To achieve this purpose, a Design/                 in OPTIMAL, OPWP will also help define                       implementation of the work process by
Implementation Team was first developed                roles that empower individuals and                          December 2005.
and approved in each of the unit. The
team members were then trained on                       OPWP Steering Team:                                         OPWP Site Leader:
Implementing Change Effectively (ICE) as                Dan Pegolo (Change Leader),                                 Ahmad Zaki Daud
part of the Change Management                           Zulkarnain Harun (People Systems),                          Site IT SMEs:
Framework. Subsequently, each team is                   Ahmad Fadilah & Nor Halim Hassan                            Hisamuddin Hassan,
required to complete the Value Task                     (Sponsors), A Rauff Sarail (IT SME)                         Robemaryati Omar
Assessment Project and the OPWP Global                 OPTIMAL Units:
and Support Roles Assignment Project.                  Plant/Unit    OPWP Leader                 WP Tools FP         Plant/Unit Coach
   Cooperation is the key element in                   s Olefins      s Ahmad Rizal Abdul Rahim   s Norlila A Latif   s Anuar Amaji

ensuring the success of the OPWP                       s EOG         s A Razak Ibrahim           s A Razak Ibrahim   s A Razak Ibrahim

Implementation Plan. The Design/                       s Butanol     s Hasnan Zam                s Yusri Syam Yusoff s Shari Malik

Implementation Team in each unit works                 s Derivatives s Wan Syahrul Anuar Wan Zin s M Arif Musa       s Roslan Abdullah

hand in hand with both the OPWP                        s Utility     s Ahmad Zaki Daud           s Musli Mustaffa    s Mazlan Mohd

Steering Team and the OPWP Site                        Note: Each unit team also consists of Shift Operators and Technical Staff
Design/Implementation Team. At the
                                                                                                                        Contributed by OPWP Site Design Team

Responsible Care® Program Roadshow
On July 14, 2005, OPTIMAL participated in the Responsible
Care® Program (RCP) Roadshow coordinated by Chemical
Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM) Eastern Region and
OPTIMAL, at Universiti Institut Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Dungun.
The target audience were the students and lecturers of UiTM
Dungun, and also both the government and private institutions
of higher learning from around Terengganu.
   The program’s objectives were to inculcate Responsible
Care® awareness to the public, and share Responsible Care®

                                                                                    Participants of the RCP Roadshow.

                                                                                    initiatives of participating chemical plants. Mr Jayaram
                                                                                    Sinathamby from Supply Chain presented on the Distribution
                                                                                    Code of the Responsible Care® Code of Management Practices,
                                                                                    which is currently being implemented in OPTIMAL. The
                                                                                    OPTIMAL presentation was well received judging from the
                                                                                    many discussion topics and questions raised by the audience.
                                                                                        Apart from OPTIMAL, the program was also participated
                                                                                    by other chemical companies including BASF-PETRONAS,
OPTIMAL staff who manned the Company’s booth at the roadshow.                       BP Chemicals, BP PETRONAS Acetyls, Tioxide, and Kaneka.
 SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                         P L A N T U P D AT E S .       13

Empowering Maintenance
Maintenance Department has kicked
off its journey towards empowerment by
setting up the Maintenance Empowerment
Task Team (METT).
    The main objective of empowerment
is to enable all levels of employees to
make decisions and set goals through
team concepts.
    Currently, METT is on its journey to
achieve Stage 1 in Empowerment
Assessment by the end of this year. In
order to achieve that goal, METT has set
up various training programs, workshops
and coaching sessions to assist the
various departments in understanding the
empowerment concept.

        The Maintenance Empowerment Task Team
  Standing from left: C M Asri, Azmi Puat, Zahari Ghani,
            Ahmad Ab Bakar, Sharani and C M Roduan.
                Sitting from left: Wan Azman, Zaharah,
                     Schazeril (Trainer) and Zainudin Ali.

Learning Visit to
Dow’s Map Ta Phut Facility

                                                                                                                The OPTIMAL team
                                                                                                                who visited Map Ta
                                                                                                                Phut in Thailand.

The month of April marked another important milestone          a Dow Joint Venture site in Thailand, last March. The team
for OPTIMAL when it launched the OPTIMAL Empowerment           participated in an empowerment assessment for Map Ta Phut’s
Assessment Guide (OEAG). This document will serve as a         Maintenance Department as well as its Laboratory. Subsequently
guide to teams and departments throughout OPTIMAL in           in May, a separate team comprising Operations and HR personnel
developing an ‘empowered’ workforce – a key element in         as well as coaches participated in a similar exercise at Map Ta Phut.
achieving our vision to be a world class player.                  Through empowerment, OPTIMAL is one step closer to
   To better understand empowerment and its assessment         becoming a World Class manufacturer and the preferred
process, OPTIMAL sent a few of its personnel to Map Ta Phut,   supplier of chemicals in the Asia Pacific region.
14     S TA F F N E W S                                                     OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

NO.   STAFF                            DEPARTMENT     NAME OF CHILD                             BIRTH DATE
  1   Azman Embong                     Maintenance    Nurul Amirah Haziqah                       01.01.2005
  2   Muhd Edyaan Endut                Utilities      Muhammad Eyzzan Zakwan                     02.01.2005
  3   Ahmad Nazrimi                    Utilities      Alyaa Nur Natasya                          08.01.2005
  4   Hoh Weng Cheng                   Supply Chain   Ryan Hoh Wai Chung                         10.01.2005
  5   Syed Nazli Tuan Taufek           Utilities      Syed Daniel Bakhtiar                       11.01.2005
  6   Irman Yunus                      Maintenance    Muhammad Nur Hilman                        12.01.2005
  7   Mohd Suhaimi bin Mohd            Derivatives    Muhammad Aqil Azami                        12.01.2005
  8   Azmi Embong                      Butanol        Iyad Qusairi                               13.01.2005
  9   Tengku Fauzan                    PTS            Tengku Muhammad Azri                       14.01.2005
 10   Ismail Abd Rahman                Maintenance    Norish Fazleen                             16.01.2005
 11   Ahmad Faizal Abdullah            Derivatives    Ahmad Hafiz Izuddin                         19.01.2005
 12   Mohamad Abdullah                 PMT            Nabiehatul Adha Maisarah                   21.01.2005
 13   Johari Harun                     Maintenance    Fitriesya Najuita                          24.01.2005
 14   Ramlee Mustafa                   Olefins         Husna Najihah                              30.01.2005
 15   Tee Kai Ming                     Utilities      Tee Yan Qi                                 15.02.2005
 16   Mohd Ridzuan Ismail              Maintenance    Nur Ainun Hasnaa Nabilah                   21.02.2005
 17   Yusri Syam Yusoff                Butanol        Juni Damia                                 28.02.2005
 18   Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nor             Olefins         Muhammad Adam Hafiz                         09.03.2005
 19   Mohd Zainudin Abu                Derivatives    Siti Nur Qumaira                           09.03.2005
 20   Anizan Alias                     CEO’s Office   Adeena Natasya Ahmad Firdaus               14.03.2005
 21   Muhammad Razi Saad               Utilities      Fitnin Damia                               15.03.2005
 22   Rozailan Yunus                   Utilities      Muhammad Danish Haiqal                     16.03.2005
 23   Mohd Ridzuan Abd Hamid           PTS            Auji Batrisyia & Auni Batrisyia (twins)    18.03.2005
 24   Dzul Fadzli Harun                Maintenance    Nur Alya Maisarah                          20.03.2005
 25   Mansor Ahmad                     Maintenance    Muhammad Faris Izhan                       23.03.2005
 26   Hamidi Eberahim                  Maintenance    Nur Umairah                                28.03.2005
 27   Ismayuddin Yusof                 Maintenance    Muhammad Luqman Nasri                      29.03.2005
 28   Mohd Izzam Abu Bakar             Butanol        Izz Haqeem                                 31.03.2005
 29   Hasnol Mahafiz                    Derivatives    Haiqal Danish Aiman                        01.04.2005
 30   Arif Zahili Abd Raman            Derivatives    Hana Khalilah                              01.04.2005
 31   Nik Mohd Safuan                  PTS            Nik Athifa & Nik Athira (twins)            05.04.2005
 32   Junardi Kasmingan                Distribution   Alif Asyraf                                12.04.2005
 33   Alias Samsuddin                  Maintenance    Athirah Nayli                              19.04.2005
 34   Yuziharma Ya’cob                 PMM            Nur Insyirah                               19.04.2005
 35   Mohd Sarul Rizal Mohd Yaziz      Utilities      Muhammad Akiff Rizal                       26.04.2005
 36   Ahmad Hisyamuddin Mohamed        Butanol        Ahmad Danish Adam                          27.04.2005
 37   Mohd Khairil Anuar Abdul Hamid   Maintenance    Amir Irfan                                 01.05.2005
 38   Mohd Sukri Daud                  Derivatives    Muhd Haziq Firdaus                         01.05.2005
 39   Ahmad Zulkhairi Abdullah         Utilities      Azri Shah Irfan                            17.05.2005
 40   Razali Mamat                     Maintenance    Nurul Izzah                                17.05.2005
 41   Zuraine & Rosdy                  Derivatives    Haris Muqhis                               19.05.2005
 42   Aslaizi Sulong                   Distribution   Nur Aireen Adline                          20.05.2005
 43   A Rais Said                      Maintenance    Nurfarishya Yasmin                         27.05.2005
 44   Karim Tan Ah Kiew                Maintenance    Nur Adreanna Quisya                        29.05.2005
 45   Imelda Husin                     Finance        Noor Alia Qistina Mohd Alwi                31.05.2005
 46   Saiful Yaza Kamarom              Training       Fatimah                                    01.06.2005
 47   Azhan Mohamad                    PTS            Muhammad Asyraf                            01.06.2005
 48   Mohd Rushaidi                    Derivatives    Muhammad Hadi Harith                       05.06.2005
 49   Mustafa Azizul Samat             Maintenance    Aina Suraya                                21.06.2005
 50   Aznor Hardi Abd Aziz             Maintenance    Nur Hadiatul Nabila                        27.06.2005
 51   Yusnizam Kadir                   Maintenance    Muhammad Yusuff Fahmy                      02.07.2005
 52   Mohd Nasir bin Muhamad           Glycols        Nur Najah                                  02.07.2005
 53   Hamzah Jamal                     Olefins         Muhammad Adib Syahmi                       05.07.2005
 54   Muhammad Yusrizal Yazid          Olefins         Muhammad Haziq Irham                       25.07.2005
 55   Dzulkarnain Hasan                Maintenance    Muhammad Harith Iskandar                   31.07.2005
SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                         S TA F F N E W S     15

NO.   STAFF                            DEPARTMENT     SPOUSE                                            WEDDING DATE
  1   Mohd Iswady Ahmad                Utilities      Norzaiham Ibrahim                                     27.01.2005
  2   Rusmadi Napis                    Butanol        Arzinani Ab Rahim                                     11.03.2005
  3   Azhari Tahir                     Glycols        Nor Eliza Shazrin Ihsan                               13.03.2005
  4   Sabri Abu Bakar                  Utilities      Mahanizam Hj Mohamad                                  17.03.2005
  5   Mohd Khairul Azami               Maintenance    Yusni Hafiza Yusof                                     21.04.2005
  6   Shafareen Abidin                 Maintenance    Shazwani Ahmad Zaini                                  06.05.2005
  7   Zahirul bin Zaharudin            Derivatives    Noraizah Saad                                         14.05.2005
  8   Mohd Shahir Mohd Kamar           Utilities      Suzilawati Ibrahim                                    25.05.2005
  9   Mohd Suhardi Yaacob              Derivatives    Nur Mardziah Abd Ghani                                26.05.2005
 10   Mohd Iskandar Maaris             Derivatives    Shamsinar Aman Tubillah                               27.05.2005
 11   M Albarizad Mustafa              Maintenance    Fatimah Mohamad                                       27.05.2005
 12   Masrizan Maryono                 Glycols        Norul Huda Mohamed Jabar                              27.05.2005
 13   Mohd Irwan Ishak                 Glycols        Nurhayati Mohamad                                     29.05.2005
 14   Norlida Mohd Noor                Supply Chain   Hendra Herman Syah Samsuardi                          01.06.2005
 15   Samsul Bahrin Arbani             Butanol        Suzana Yusoff                                         01.06.2005
 16   Abdul Halim Yusof                Glycols        Rubiah Ahmad                                          02.06.2005
 17   Mohd Zamri Mohd Zin              Maintenance    Roshayati Mat Husin                                   09.06.2005
 18   M Mazlan A Rahman                Maintenance    Noraizila Awi                                         11.06.2005
 19   Abdullah Syukor Bahrin           Utilities      Rozita Ahmad                                          02.07.2005

NO.   STAFF                            DEPARTMENT     FAMILY MEMBER LOST                                           DATE
  1   Norhazita Ngah                   HSE            Junaidi Ngah (Brother)                                06.04.2005
  2   Mohd Tarmizi Tawang              Derivatives    Khadijah Sulong (Mother)                              06.04.2005
  3   Jamal Abdul Nasser Maktar        Maintenance    Faizah Maktar (Sister)                                16.04.2005
  4   Johan Wahyudi Ibrahim            Olefins         Lijah Daud (Grandmother)                              16.04.2005
  5   Caroline Keong Mei Jen           Treasury       Ooi Ah Tiam (Grandfather)                             19.04.2005
  6   Shanti Aznita Aziz               Utilities      Mariam Yunus (Mother-in-law)                          28.04.2005
  7   Ahmad Abu Bakar                  Maintenance    Bakar B A Rahman (Grandfather-in-law)                 30.04.2005
  8   Jamal Abdul Nasser Maktar        Maintenance    Mek Som Awang Ngah (Grandmother)                      05.05.2005
  9   Azhar Yahaya                     Maintenance    Yahaya Teh (Father)                                   11.05.2005
 10   Mohd Zamri Mohd Salim            Olefins         Siah Tarwi (Mother)                                   14.05.2005
 11   M Nur Azlin Ismail               Derivatives    Omar Ismail (Grandfather)                             20.05.2005
 12   Amiruddin Abdullah               Maintenance    Hussin Tahir (Grandfather)                            24.05.2005
 13   Jefri Johari                     Utilities      Johari Mat (Father)                                   31.05.2005
 14   YM Dato’ Tg Mahamad Tg Mahamut   DCEO           YM Tg Muhammad Emir (Son)                             02.06.2005
 15   M Nur Azlin Ismail               Derivatives    Selamah Mohamad (Grandmother)                         09.06.2005
 16   Mohd Sarul Rizal Md Yaziz        Utilities      Meriam Abdullah (Grandmother)                         11.06.2005
 17   W Azmi Wan Gati                  Butanol        Kelthom Ibrahim (Grandmother-in-law)                  14.06.2005
 18   Mohd Khairil Anuar Sulong        EOG            Che Halimah Omar (Grandmother-in-law)                 16.06.2005
 19   Baharudin Mohamad                Maintenance    Muda Jusoh (Grandfather)                              18.06.2005
 20   Abdul Fatah Hussein              Maintenance    Rahim Wahid (Father-in-law)                           21.06.2005
 21   Ariffin Bakar                    HSE            Esah Abdullah (Mother)                                29.06.2005
 22   Rozailan Yunus                   Utilities      Halus Awang Kechik (Grandmother)                      03.07.2005
 23   Normalaliza Mohd Abdul           PMM            Raisah Rabin (Mother)                                 03.07.2005
 24   Mohd Fadil Mohd Amin             Maintenance    Munah Senik (Grandmother)                             05.07.2005
 25   Mohd Zamli Muda                  PMM            Fatimah Endut (Mother)                                13.07.2005
 26   Jefri Johari                     Utilities      Sahat @ Saad B Sahak @ Ishak (Father-in-law)          14.07.2005
 27   Rozi Ismail                      Butanol        Jemilah Mahmud (Grandmother)                          15.07.2005
 28   Jusoh Musa                       Maintenance    Rokiah Musa (Sister)                                  02.08.2005
 29   Fauzi Muhamad                    Utilities      Mandak Abdullah (Grandmother-in-law)                  05.08.2005
 30   Mohd Jailani Adam                Derivatives    Kelthom Ariff (Grandmother)                           12.08.2005
 31   Muhamad Reza Shawal Alludin      Maintenance    Empah Osman (Grandmother)                             13.08.2005
 32   Muhamad Maulana Sulong           Maintenance    Meriam Abdullah (Grandmother)                         13.08.2005
 33   Wan Mohd Ridhwan Wan Ahmad       Butanol        Mandak Salleh (Grandmother)                           14.08.2005
 34   Zamri Mohamad                    HRA            A Rahman Musa (Grandfather-in-law)                    23.08.2005
 35   Azmi Hj Yaacob                   Utilities      Meriam Sulong (Mother-in-law)                         28.08.2005
16                     HSE NEWS                                                                                                                        OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

                                                        LOC Reduction Initiative
                                                                                                     As part of its commitment towards pollution prevention,
                                                                                                     OPTIMAL has launched a Loss of Containment (LOC)
                                                                                                     Reduction Initiative to reduce releases, leaks and spills to
                                                                                                     the environment (Zero LOC). Some of the processes that
                                                                                                     are being implemented as part of this initiative are Dry
                                                                                                     Slab/Housekeeping, reporting and tracking all LOCs (big
                                                                                                     and small), Top 10 leak programs, partnership with
                                                                                                     Maintenance, and awards for best LOC containment.
                                                                                                        This initiative has shown commendable results. To date,
                                                                                                     EOG has achieved one year free of reportable LOC, with
EOG plant personnel celebrating their Zero LOC.                                                      the last incident recorded in September 21, 2004.

      Type/Month                   2003          2004   *2004 FY            Apr           May        Jun                  Jul                    Aug       Sep       YTD 2005 FY        Target
      MVA                           10            7            4                1          0         1                          0                 1         0               3              5
      LOC                            9            9           10                1          2         0                          1                 0         3               7              5
      INJ & ILL Rate               0.07          0.22         0.21              0         1.13       0                          0                 0         0             0.21            0.2
* Transition from calendar year in 2004 to fiscal year in 2005 (2004 FY = April ‘04 – March ‘05. 2005 FY = April ‘05 – March ‘06).

          12                               KPIs for MVA & LOC                                                                                           KPIs for Injury & Illness

                                                                                               LOC                                        1.07

                                                                                                                  Injury & Illness Rate
No. of Incidents




                       '03   '04   *'04    Apr    May   Jun         Jul   Aug       Sep   YTD    Target                                   0.07
                                                                                                                                                 '03 '04 *'04 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep YTD Target
                                    FY     '05    '05   '05        '05    '05       '05   '05                                                             FY '05 '05 '05 '05 '05 '05 '05
                                                                                           FY                                                                                          FY
                                          Month, Accumulative & Target                                                                            Month, Accumulative & Target

LOC:     YTD LOC (Lost of Containment) is 7 and the forecasted annualized number is 14, and this exceeds the target of 5. The LOC reduction initiative was rolled
         out in July to improve the LOC performance.
MVA:     YTD MVA is 3 and the forecasted annualized number is 6, and this does not meet our target of 5. All 3 incidents occurred at the Kertih site and
         fortunately no one was injured. Two incidents were caused by reversing, and the third was due to improper care while getting in and out of a parking lot.
INJURY & ILLNESS: We are on target to meet our goal of injury and illness rate of less than 0.20.
 SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                                    OPTIMAL CARES                        17

OPTIMAL Contributes to SKTT Win at

On the way to the camp...                    During the Award Presentation Ceremony.         At the PETRONAS Gallery.

As part of OPTIMAL’s School Adoption         in the Educamp. The rest were from
Program, two OPTIMAL staff accompanied       schools in Kedah, Penang, Malacca,
five pupils and one of their teachers        Sabah and Sarawak.
from Sekolah Kebangsaan Tebing Tembah           During the Educamp, all participating
Paka (SKTT) to the Bakti Pendidikan          schools were required to complete two
PETRONAS (PBPP) F1 Camp held from            project portfolios. With the assistance and
March 16 to 21, 2005 at PERMATA,             guidance of the OPTIMAL facilitators and
Bangi. The main purpose of the               their teacher, the SKTT students managed
educational camp (Educamp) is aligned        to complete the pre-camp English project
with OPTIMAL’s objective of exposing         based on the theme ‘The Understanding
the children to various motivational and     of PETRONAS and OPTIMAL’, and the
educational activities.                      second project, which was based on an
   During the weeklong program, the          environmental theme. Both projects were
two facilitators from OPTIMAL – M Nazri      evaluated and judged by several UKM
Salim of HR and Hamzah Jamal of Olefins       facilitators based on overall concept,
– joined about 40 other facilitators from    creativity, originality and usage of English.
PETRONAS’ OPUs and JVs who were also            It was indeed a very happy and proud         The Formidable Five and one of their facilitators seen
invited to the camp. With the assistance     moment for the Formidable Five and              here with their winning project.
of the schoolteacher, Puan Yosni             their teacher – but prouder still were the
Arbaeiyah, they chaperoned and guided        two OPTIMAL facilitators – when SKTT            luncheon on the final day of the camp
the Formidable Five – Nur Hazwani            was announced as the winner for the             held at the PETRONAS Twin Towers.
Ibrahim, Quratul Quswa Amir, Nurul           Best Project Portfolios Award for the              The five SKTT students had one of the
Afifah Ibrahim, Amirul Firdaus M Nasir        Standard Five Category. Quratul Quswa           best times of their young lives, and the
and Nor Rasyidah Rosdi – who are the         also won the Best Leadership and                two facilitators from OPTIMAL were there
top five achievers of Standard 5 in SKTT.     Interaction Quality Award in the Girls          to help ensure that they did. Hopefully,
The pupils were among the 75 students        Category. The awards were presented             this experience will be a catalyst for
selected from 15 primary schools around      by YBhg Puan Sri Datin Sri Noraini Mohd         improved academic performances for
Paka and Kemaman District to participate     Yusoff, President of PETRONITA, during a        them and their friends in SKTT.

                                            “It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as
                                            it does to have tried and succeeded.”

                                                                                                          Anne Morrow Lindbergh
18      HAPPENINGS                                                                           OPTINEWS•SEPTEMBER 2005

                                                                 In the true spirit of
                                                                 OPTIMAL took part
                                                                 in the PETRONAS
                                                                 Sports Carnival
                                                                 which was held
                                                                 from 12 to 16 July
                                                                 2005 at PERMATA,
                                                                 Bangi as part of
                                                                 the Petchem contingent. OPTIMAL staff were involved in various
                                                                 games including netball, futsal, bowling, volleyball, badminton,
                                                                 carrom, hockey, golf, rugby, squash, and a new game, dragon
                                                                 boat. Three staff from OPTIMAL were involved in the netball
                                                                 game. They are Malina Suhaiza Sulaiman (Training/HRA Kertih),
                                                                 Aniza M Shukor (HRA KL), and Arni Laily Anwarrudin (Treasury).

Thank you OPTIMAL! – OPTIMAL contributed school bags,            On August 26,
shoes and uniforms to 80 underprivileged students in Paka and    2005, OPTIMAL’s
Kertih on January 6, 2005.                                       Corporate Office
                                                                 in Kuala Lumpur
OPTIMAL participated in the                                      was visited by six
Risk Based Inspection (RBI)                                      undergraduates
Seminar organized by the                                         from the Faculty
Malaysian Petrochemicals                                         of Mass
Association (MPA) on May 26,                                     Communications,
2005 at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Mohd Nazir         Universiti Teknologi
Yusoff, Inspection Engineer, Maintenance, presented a paper      Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam who wanted to learn more about the
entitled ‘Risk Based Inspection Program in OPTIMAL’.             programs and activities carried out in the Public Affairs Department.

Participants at the OPTIMAL East-Coast Golf Friendly held on February 26, 2005 at the Ibai Golf & Country Club, Kuala Terengganu.

The Utilities Department held a
communications session in March 2005 to
update its team members on the direction
of the Department in 2005/2006.            Among the 40 students from UiTM Dungun who visited the OPTIMAL Plant in Kertih
                                           on March 8, 2005.
 SEPTEMBER 2005•OPTINEWS                                                                                           S P O R T S U P D AT E            19

Friendly Rivalry at
OPTIMAL’s Annual Golf Tournament

The participants in a group photo.

The spirit of keen sportsmanship and camaraderie was evident
as some 104 golf enthusiasts comprising business associates,
representatives from government authorities and customers
gathered at the Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, Shah Alam,
for the 4th OPTIMAL Golf Day.
   The annual event hosted by OPTIMAL drew a bigger crowd
this year with 26 teams pitting their skills and swings on the
green to win the coveted grand prize trophy. The closely fought
game however saw the team of James Liew (Hartalega), HS Teo
(Industrial Resins Sdn Bhd), KC Yeo (CCM Chemicals), and
Raymond Ong (KC Chemiclas) emerging as overall champion,
sealing their reputation as the formidable team to look out for
next year.
   After the prize presentation ceremony, OPTIMAL took the
opportunity to bid farewell to its outgoing Senior General
Manager of Commercial, Ken Jewsbury, who has taken up a
new assignment in Shanghai. Ken leaves OPTIMAL after a                  The Overall Winning Team – From left: James Liew, HS Teo, KC Yeo and Raymond Ong
                                                                        capturing the moment on camera with Jim Fitterling.
four-year tenure.
   The event concluded with a few words from Graham Daley,
OPTIMAL’s new Senior General Manager for Commercial.

                                                                                                                                  “All the best, Ken!”
                                                                                                                                  – A well-wisher
                                                                                                                                  bidding farewell to
                                                                                                                                  Ken Jewsbury.

                                          The only female participant
                                          in the tournament, Madam
                                          Chew Kim Yom
                                          from Malaysian Industrial
                                          Development Authority
                                          (MIDA).                       Lunch was served during the prize giving ceremony.
OPTIMAL Group of Companies
     Wishes all Employees
     Business Associates

       & Selamat
       Hari Raya

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