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<p>Are you always tired and have no energy? Many people are and don't
know why. It could be a signal that your health needs a checkup. It
might mean a number of other things. Let's solve the loss of energy
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<p>When you have an infection or illness, your body needs more rest than
usual. We often take over-the-counter drugs to help reduce the other
symptoms of infections like the common cold, but those drugs do not
reduce the need for extra rest. A chronic gastrointestinal problem called
celiac disease is accompanied by fatigue.</p>
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<p>A number of medical disorders can cause fatigue and loss of energy.
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a disorder commonly referred to as
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), although those who suffer from the
condition prefer the more accurate term of ME, rather than CFS, because
fatigue is not the only symptom. They also suffer from memory loss and
other disabling symptoms.</p>
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<p>Fibromyalgia is a painful condition and feeling tired is often a
symptom, but exercising has been shown to reduce the pain and the
fatigue. Insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders will cause
daytime fatigue, because the body is simply not getting enough rest.
Depression and bipolar disorder may cause fatigue, as can arthritis and
many other health problems.</p>

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<p>Being Overweight or Obese</p>
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<p>People who are overweight or obese will complain of feeling tired,
because they are carrying around all of that extra weight. Think about
how much harder it is to walk up a flight of stairs carrying a 20 pound
backpack. People who are 20 pounds overweight are constantly carrying
around that backpack.</p>
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<p>Nutritional Deficiencies or Inadequacies</p>
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<p>Nutritional deficiencies or inadequacies are the most common causes of
loss of energy or general fatigue. Your body needs a variety of nutrients
every day in order to function normally. Our diets rarely provide all of
those nutrients, partially because of making bad choices and partially
because our foods are simply not as nourishing as they once were.</p>
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<p>A lack of essential amino acids is commonly associated with
chronically feeling tired. Amino acids are provided by protein-rich foods
in the diet, but not all proteins are complete. They may provide some
amino acids, but not all of them.</p>
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<p>Any nutritional deficiency will cause fatigue long before it causes
any other symptoms. Anemia, for example, causes loss of energy before
other symptoms appear.</p>
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<p>Feeling tired is not a natural part of the aging process, but
unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, chronically low intake of nutrients,
taking medication and toxins in the environment can cause age-related
energy-loss. In addition, some conditions are more common with age. For
example, osteoarthritis affects many older people and it causes
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<p>Decreased muscle strength and flexibility may occur due to less than
optimal nutrient intake and lack of physical activity. Your body's
resting metabolism decreases with age, which means your caloric
requirements are lower, but your nutritional requirements are still the
same. As you age, you must increase your nutritional intake without
increasing your caloric intake or you will become overweight.</p>
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<p>In my next article you will learn how to counteract the loss of energy
you are experiencing, regardless of your age.</p>
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