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Dark Energy Causing Accelerated Expansion of the Universe

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                <p>A group of cosmologists and scientists joined together
in propagating a theory that dark energy causes expansion of the universe
to accelerate. According to them, it is the affect of this dark energy
that works under the cosmic self attraction in matters. Result is the
expansion of the universe instead of its contraction.</p>
<p>Scientists from Princeton University as well as the Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory conducted wide range studies and research on the
subject in 1999. At the end of it they arrived at such conclusion.</p>
<p>While dark energy is not fiction, it is also difficult visualizing it
as physical science due to its mysterious character. According to eminent
cosmologist Saul Perlmutter, the universe itself is made of dark matters.
He is seconded by Michael Turner, the cosmologist from
Chicago. <br>Pertinent question is how much matter there is in the
universe? And what is the extent of dark matters and dark energy in it?
Other related questions are whether the expansion rate is fast or is
slowing down and whether the universe is flat. Knowledge about energy in
the universe can help solve these questions.</p>

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<p>Theories relating the dark energy are also based on the equation
describing the evolution of the universe. Such evolutions are also
closely related to the theory of relativity advanced by Albert Einstein.
It becomes easier for the scientists to make their primary choice from
among various competing models by recording and documenting the best
<p>Mass density of the entire universe is estimated by the scientists on
the basis of the ratio of visible light mass in large systems such as the
galaxies. While multiple other ways are deployed, this is the most widely
used method. With such experimentations and researches scientists have
been gathering evidence to establish that mass density is low. In the
process they have also come to conclude that most of the matters in the
universe are dark.</p>
<p>Existence of evidences indicating abundance of dark energy in the
universe also leads to other consequential conclusions. Changes in the
expansion rates are estimated by comparing the red shifts of various
galaxies with the brightness found in them. All these measurements
indicate that the universe is expanding. <br>And evidences also indicate
that the universe is flat.</p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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