History 106 Spring 2011 by stariya


									                                History 106: Western Civilization from the Reformation
                                         Palomar College- Spring Semester 2011

Meeting time:                             Tuesday-Thursday                  9:30 am- 10:50am          (Room MD 306)

Professor Matthew Estes                   (760) 744-1150 Ext. 2422                   Email: mestes@palomar.edu

Email Communication: In the subject line of your email, you MUST state your first and last name, the title of your
class and the day and time it meets. If this information is NOT in the subject line, your email will be deleted.

Office hours: MD-337                      Monday and Wednesday: 11:00-12:00
                                          Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:00 and 11:00-12:00

Other times by appointment                If you are having difficulty in this class, it is YOUR responsibility to make an
                                          appointment with the instructor to remedy the situation.

Text: The Making of the West (Third edition) by Hunt, Martin, Rosenwein, Hsia and Smith. You may purchase a
traditional book OR you may choose to purchase the e-book for approximately $45 (You may purchase the e-book by
chapter if you wish). You may purchase the e-book directly at http://ebooks.bfwpub.com/hunt3v2.php. The e-book will
give you access to ALL the material available in the hard copy of the book plus supplemental review material.

All other material is located on the class Blackboard website. It is your responsibility to have this material in class at
the time required by the class schedule or announcements by the instructor.

Goals of the class: This course will introduce the student to a selected body of theories, facts, and concepts that related to
a general survey of western history. Over the course of this class we will examine the major political, legal, military,
economic, and social events that shaped early western civilization.

Attendance: You are expected to maintain an attendance rate of 80%. This means that you may not miss more than
seven (7) class sessions for any reason. Once you miss seven class sessions, including exam days, you will be
dropped from this class. If the drop date has passed, you will receive an “F” for the class unless you choose to
initiate a withdrawal from the class and receive an “FW.”

If you arrive to class after roll has been taken, come in quietly and have a seat without disturbing the class or walking in
front of the professor. It is YOUR responsibility to inform the instructor that you were present at the end of the class

Attendance will account for 5% of your overall grade. It is your responsibility to show up on time for class. Excessive
lateness will have a negative impact on your attendance and class participation scores.

If you must leave a class session early, please inform the instructor at the beginning of class. Repeated early departure
will have a negative impact on your attendance and class participation scores.

Behavior: Personal behavior and deportment consistent with the smooth operation of the instructional program is
expected. Disruption of the learning environment, including the distraction of the instructor, will not be tolerated.

Audio recording of the class is permissible with the prior approval of the instructor.

Electronic devices: In order to maintain the learning environment, you are asked to turn off and put away ALL
electronic devices before entering the classroom.
 Electronic devices are to remain stowed throughout the entire class period.
 Students may expect one public warning relative to electronic and other devices impacting the classroom

   On the second occurrence, the offending student may expect to be asked to leave the classroom for the next two class
    periods. The class sessions will be counted as absences and the offender will receive a ZERO on any in class work
    that is missed.
   Any subsequent occurrence may result in the student being referred to the dean for appropriate disciplinary measures.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism or any form of cheating will be cause for a zero on the assignment. This applies to ALL
assignments. Every assignment is to be done individually unless the instructor specifically states that it is a group project,
including homework. In addition, the student will be reported to the Dean for appropriate disciplinary and academic

Grades: All of your grades will be posted on BlackBoard. It is YOUR responsibility to monitor your status and make
arrangements to see the instructor if you are having difficulty.

Homework: There will be one homework reading quiz for each chapter in the text. These assignments are multiple-choice
in format and are located under the Homework folder on the class Blackboard web site.
 You MUST complete the assignment by the deadline stated in the class schedule. After that time the assignment will
     no longer be available and you will receive a ZERO for the assignment.
 Homework is due BY Saturday at midnight, not ON Saturday at midnight. You are highly encouraged to complete
     the homework assignments well before the deadline.
 You will be allowed to complete each homework reading assignment TWICE. The computer will record the higher of
     your scores in the class grade book.
 Once you have begun working on the assignment, do not stop, close the window or try to log out of Blackboard.
     The computer will record the grade as a zero and will count it as one of your attempts.
 You will have an unlimited amount of time to answer the twenty-five multiple-choice questions.
 Technical problems with BlackBoard: The instructor has no control over the quirks and vagaries of the BlackBoard
     program. If your computer continually freezes, logs out of BlackBoard unexpectedly or in any other way prevents
     you from completing the on line assignments, it is your responsibility to contact the college technical support staff
     to remedy this situation.

The Document Based Questions (DBQs) and Class Discussion Documents are located under their respective folders on
the class BlackBoard web site.
 Download and complete the assignment to the best of your ability.
 Bring the printed assignment to class on the day stipulated in the class schedule.
 Be prepared to discuss your answers in class.
 You are encouraged to annotate your assignment during the class discussion. However, the bulk of this assignment
    must be completed before you come to class.

Participation: Since this class is taught in a lecture-discussion format, your participation is expected.
 When we review the Document Based Questions (DBQ) or Class Discussion Documents in class, I will randomly
   select specific individuals to answer the discussion questions.
 The selected individuals must make an effort to answer the question by analyzing the material in the document as well
   as material from the reading and class discussion. Their response (or lack) will receive between zero and three points
   for the document analysis and the essay outline.
 If your are absent and your name is called, you will receive a ZERO. There are no make-ups.

Exams: There will be a total of three exams and a cumulative final in this course. There will be two portions to the exams,
each of which is weighted equally.
 The first portion will consist of a 100 question on-line multiple-choice exam located on the class Blackboard web
         o It will be taken in a manner similar to the homework assignments.
         o The Exam will only be available for the week corresponding to the Exam date given in the class schedule.
         o You will have three hours to complete the on-line portion of the Exam.
         o You will have only one attempt.
         o This is to be an individual, open-note, open-book assignment.

   Technical problems with BlackBoard: As stated above, it is your responsibility to resolve any technological
    conflicts with the BlackBoard system BEFORE you are required to take the exam.

   The second portion of the exam will consist of an in-class five-paragraph essay.
       o Five to seven potential essay topics will be posted on line approximately one week before the exam.
       o On the day of the exam, one or two of these questions will be selected and you will then answer one of the
           selected questions.
       o You will be allowed to bring ONE (1) 8 ½” x 11” page of notes to refer to during the exam.
                The notes may be hand written or word processed, with no limitation on content, font size or margins
                   and may have writing on both sides.
                Students may work together to prepare the notes page however, ALL the notes on the page must be
                   written by YOU.
                If I even suspect my generosity has been abused, I will confiscate all the note pages and all the
                   students will take the exam without notes.
                You MUST turn in your notes page when you complete the exam.

Make-up Exams: Each student will be allowed ONE make-up exam. Make-up exams must be taken within one week of
the in-class exam. No make-up exams will be given after that time. If the exam is not made up at this time it automatically
becomes a ZERO. On any subsequent missed exams, the student will receive a ZERO for the exam grade.

The make-up exams will be taken in the Tutoring Center located on the ground floor of the Library. The make-up exam
may be taken at any time during the regular Tutoring Center hours until the deadline. Be sure to bring your note page and
a photo ID. Make-up exams will be graded and returned at the convenience of the instructor.

Final Exam: The final exam will be given during final exams week in May and will be cumulative in nature. It will consist
of one essay question and a series of multiple-choice questions. The format of the final will be the same as the semester
exams. There will be no Make-ups for the final exam.

        Component                      Percent of Semester Grade                        Overall Course Grades
Attendance                     5%                                               100 – 90%                  A
Participation                  15%                                              89 – 80%                   B
Homework                       15% (total)                                      79 – 70%                   C
Exams                          40% (total)                                      69 – 65%                   D
Final Exam                     25%                                              64% & below                F

The Final grade: All of your grades will be available through the course BlackBoard web site. This includes individual
assignments and your overall course grade. The instructor does NOT “round-up” the grades. The grade calculated by
Blackboard is the final grade. However, extra points may be awarded if the instructor determines that student learning
has occurred that is not reflected in the formal assignment and exam scores. For example:
 An overall course score of 77.35% might equal a “B” if: the student actively participates in class discussions, asks
    thoughtful and analytical questions, arrives to class on time and prepared and has a good attendance record.
 An overall course score of 69.99% will equal a “D” if: the student does not participate in the class discussion unless
    directly called upon, is habitually late, has a poor attendance record, sleeps during class, works on assignments for
    other courses during the class or continually disrupts the learning environment by excessive talking or using electronic
    devices. In other words, they do NOT show that there is any learning going on that might not be reflected in exam or
    assignment scores.

Special Needs: Students with special needs that require accommodation should discuss their individual situation with the
instructor within the first week of the class.

Your continued attendance in this class indicates that you have read and agree to abide by the conditions laid out
in this syllabus AND the assignment schedule that is laid out below.

                           History 106, Spring 2011: READ THIS BEFORE EACH CLASS!

Below is the approximate schedule of lectures and classroom discussions. I will make every effort to keep to this
schedule but I reserve the right to alter the schedule as needed. The tests and homework, however, will be due or given
on the days assigned in this schedule.

                         Download and review the Class Syllabus           Interpreting Visual Sources
                         Download and begin to work on the                Interpreting Documents: Quick Reference
                          Interpreting Documents activity.                  View the Online Video: In the Light of the
Before Class Begins     Download and review the handouts on:               Above
                        Guidelines for Evaluating Historical              Read Chapter 14 in the text
                          Sources                                          Complete the online homework assignment
                        Evaluating Primary Written Documents               dealing with the Class Syllabus
Week and                 Tuesday                           Thursday                      Weekly Assignments
   1            Introduction:                   European Exploration and           View Online Video: Point of View
                Interpreting Documents:         Conquest                           Bring a printed copy of your
January 18       Bring activity worksheets to    Be prepared to discuss:             completed Class Syllabus
                 class                            Columbus Describes His            Homework Assignment to class
January 20      Basic essay skills                  First Voyage (1493)             for extra credit on Thursday,
                Quick overview of the            Cortés and the                    January 20
                 Northern Renaissance                Requerimiento                  Chapter 14 Homework is due
                                                  Bernal Díaz del Castillo,         before midnight on Saturday,
                                                     The True History of the         January 22
                                                     Conquest of New Spain
                                                  Bartolomé de Las Casas,
                                                     In Defense of the Indians
    2        DBQ #1: The Colombian               DBQ #2: The Causes of the          Be prepared to discuss DBQ #1,
             Exchange                            Reformation                         both the document analysis and
January 25    Review terms at the beginning      Review terms at the               your essay outline, in class
                 of the DBQ                          beginning of the DBQ           Online Video: A Matter of Fact
January 27    View Online Video: Point of        View Online Video: A             Chapter 15 Homework is due
                 View BEFORE completing              Matter of Fact BEFORE           before midnight on Saturday,
                 the DBQ                             completing the DBQ              January 29
    3        French Wars of Religion             Wars of Religion                   Be prepared to discuss DBQ #2,
             English Reformation and             Scientific Revolution               both the document analysis and
February 1   Elizabeth I                         Be prepared to discuss:             your essay outline, in class
             Be prepared to discuss:              The Horror of the 30             Online Video: Infinitely
February 3    The St. Bartholomew's Day             Years' War                      Reasonable
                 Massacre (1638)                  The Starry Messenger             Chapter 16 Homework is due
              Henry IV, Edict of Nantes          Galileo, Letter to the            before midnight on Saturday,
              Acts of Supremacy (1534 and           Grand Duchess Christina         February 5
                 1559)                            Sentence against Galileo
              The 39 Articles of Religion        Trial of Suzanne Gaudry

Week and                 Tuesday                         Thursday                      Weekly Assignments
   4         Louis XIII and Richelieu          English Civil War                   Download and read handouts
             Louis XIV                         Be prepared to discuss:             Be prepared to answer the
February 8   Be prepared to discuss:            Petition of Right                  document questions
              Michel de Montaigne, Of          Contrasting Views: The            Chapter 17 Homework is due
February         Cannibals (1580s)                English Civil War                 before midnight on Saturday,
   10         Marie de Sévigné, Letter         English Bill of Rights             February 12
                 Describing the French Court    Two Treaties on
              Louis XIV: Functions of a          Government
              The Regulation of Industry
                 Under Louis XIV
    5        Class Discussion of your                                           1. Be prepared to discuss DBQ #4,
             responses to:                                                         both the document analysis and
February     DBQ #4: The Enlightenment                                             your essay outline, in class
   15                                                    No Class               2. Chapter 18 Homework due
                                                                                   before midnight on Saturday,
February                                                                           February 19
   6         Class Discussion of your            Exam #1 Thursday, 2/24            Prepare note page for Exam
             responses to:                      Essay portion taken in class.       (Optional).
February     DBQ #5: Absolutism or                                                 Chapters 14-18, DBQs #1-#5, all
   22        Democracy?                          Multiple-choice is taken on        documents, Online videos and
                                                line BEFORE midnight on             Discussion Documents
February     The online portion of the exam       Saturday, February 26            Chapter 19 Homework is due
   24        will be available about 5:00 pm                                        before NOON on SUNDAY,
EXAM #1                                                                             February 27
   7         DBQ #6: The Causes of the         The Course of the French            Be prepared to discuss DBQ #4,
             French Revolution                 Revolution                           both the document analysis and
 March 1      Handout: Historiography of      Be prepared to discuss:              your essay outline, in class
                the French Revolution           What Is the Third Estate?         Online Video: What the Doctor
 March 3      Review terms at the beginning    The Rights of Man                  Ordered
                of the DBQ                      Robespierre, Principles of        Chapter 20 Homework is due
              Review Online Video: What          Political Morality                before midnight on Saturday,
                the Doctor Ordered              Olympe de Gouges,                  March 5
                                                  Letters on the Trial
    8        Napoleon                          DBQ #7: Response to the             Online Video: Credit Where It’s
             The Congress of Vienna            Industrial Revolution                Due
 March 8     Be prepared to discuss:            Review terms at the               Chapter 21 Homework is due
              The Chronicle of Abd al-           beginning of the DBQ              before midnight on Saturday,
March 10        Rahman al-Jabartî (1798)        Review Online Video:               March 12
              An Ordinary Soldier on             Credit Where It’s Due
                Campaign with Napoleon
              Klemens von Metternich,
                Results of the Congress at
                Laybach (1821)

Week and               Tuesday                            Thursday                           Weekly Assignments
   9       The New Nationalism: Italy           The New Nationalism:                   Be prepared to discuss DBQ #5,
           Be prepared to discuss:              Germany                                 both the document analysis and
March 15    Camillo di Cavour, Letter to       Be prepared to discuss:                 your essay outline, in class
              King Victor Emmanuel               Bismarck’s Editing Skills            View Online Video: Fit to Rule
March 17                                         Rudolf von Ihering, Two              Chapter 22 Homework is due
                                                   Letters (1866)                       before midnight on Saturday,
                                                                                        March 19

                                     Spring Break: No Classes March 21-25

  #10      DBQ #8: Causes of New                The New Imperialism                        Online Videos: Fit to Rule and
           Imperialism                          Imperialism in Africa                       War of the World: Episode 1
March 29    Review terms at the beginning      Be prepared to discuss:                     “The Clash of Empires
              of the DBQ                         Herbert Spencer, Survival of             Chapter 23 Homework is due
March 29    Review Online Videos:                 the Fittest                              before midnight on Saturday,
            Fit to Rule                         West African Produce                      April 2
March 31    War of the World: Episode 1
              “The Clash of Empires
   11      Imperialism in Africa and Asia         Exam #2 Thursday, April 7                Be prepared to discuss DBQ
           Be prepared to discuss:                Essay portion taken in class.             #6 in class
 April 5    Commissioner Lin, Letter to                                                   Prepare note page for Exam
              Queen Victoria                     Multiple-choice is taken on line           (Optional).
 April 7                                            BEFORE midnight on                     Chapters 19-23, DBQs #6-#8,
EXAM #2    The multiple choice portion of the          Saturday, April 9                    Online videos, and Discussion
            exam will be available on line                                                  Documents
                   around 5:00 pm                                                          Chapter 24 Homework is due
                                                                                            before NOON on SUNDAY,
                                                                                            April 10
   12      Class Discussion of your             The Peace of Versailles                    Be prepared to discuss DBQ
           responses to:                                                                    #8, both the document analysis
April 12   DBQ #9: The Causes of World          Be prepared to discuss:                     and your essay outline, in class
           War I                                 Treaty of Versailles Packet              Chapter 25 Homework due
April 14    Review terms at the beginning                                                  before midnight on
               of the DBQ                       Review Online Video: War of the             Saturday, April 16
                                                World: Episode 2 “Tainted
   13      Inter-war Years: Democracies         Inter-war Years: Dictatorships             Chapter 26 Homework is due
                                                Be prepared to discuss:                     before midnight on Saturday,
April 19                                         Fascism Packet                            April 23

April 21
  14       DBQ #10: The Road to World           The Japanese American                      Chapter 27 Homework is due
           War II                               Internment                                  before midnight on Saturday,
April 26    Review terms at the beginning      Be prepared to discuss:                     April 30
             of the DBQ                          Internment Packet
April 28

Week and               Tuesday                             Thursday                      Weekly Assignments
  15       The Course of World War II             Exam #3 Thursday, May 5             Prepare note page for Exam
                                                  Essay portion taken in class.        (Optional).
 May 3     The multiple choice portion of the                                         Chapters 24-27, DBQs #9-#10,
           exam will be available on line       Multiple-choice is taken on line       Online videos, and Discussion
 May 5     around 5:00 pm                          BEFORE midnight on                  Documents
EXAM #3                                               Saturday, May 7                 Chapter 28 Homework is due
                                                                                       before NOON on SUNDAY,
                                                                                       May 8
   16      DBQ #11: The Cold War Begins         The Cold War world                    Chapter 29 Homework is due
            Review terms at the beginning      De-colonialism                         before midnight on Saturday,
 May10       of the DBQ                                                                May 14
            Review the online Video: War       The Online Final Exam will be
 May 12      of the World: Episode 3 “The        available on Friday, May 13

 Final           Essay Final Exam                          No Class                   Online Final Exam due
 Exams       Tuesday, May 17 at 8:00 am                                            BEFORE midnight on Tuesday,
                                                                                             May 17


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