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Ursuline Dome

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									       Ursuline Dome
                                                        Continuing the Legacy of Spirituality and Service

A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E U R S U L I N E S I S T E R S O F L O U I S V I L L E                        SUMMER 2005

A Life Devoted to Service                                                                               Inside this issue:
                                                                                                        From the president . . . . . 2
Be assured that I see clearly and hold dearly all the good works you
are performing. –Saint Angela                                                                           renovations . . . . . . . . . . 2

                                                                                                        Associate call
                                                                    Whether celebrating 40 years,       25th Anniversary . . . . . . . 3
                                                                    80 years, or somewhere in
                                                                    between, this year’s group of       Nebraska Donor Dinner. . . 3

                                                                    jubilarians have touched
                                                                    countless lives through their       Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                    ministry as Ursuline Sisters
                                                                    of Louisville.                      Just Creations sale . . . . . 3

                                                                                                        Angela’s Wisdom . . . . . . . 3
                                                                  Sisters celebrating jubilees
                                                                  this year have ministered all         Jubilarians . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                                  over this country and abroad
                                                                  in various roles. Many were           Angela Merici Center
                                                                  and still are involved in edu-        Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . 6

                                                                                                        Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
                                                                  cation, from teaching to

       Sister Annunciata with her First Communion
                                                                  administration, while others
                                                                                                        In honor of . . . . . . . . . . 8
       student at St. Helen’s in 1962.
                                                                  serve or have served in
                                                                                                        In memory of. . . . . . . . . 9
                                                                  diverse roles such as working
                                           with the handicapped, director of associates, director
                                           of religious education, speech clinician, director of        In Memoriam . . . . . . . . 11
                                           finance, member of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville
                                           leadership team and working with the poor.                   Ursuline Campus
                                                                                                        Art Fair. . . . . . . . . . . . 12

                                                                                                        Retirement Appeal. . . . . 12
                                            This year’s jubilarians discuss the most fulfilling
                                            aspects of their ministries. On the following pages
                                            enjoy the words of these sisters as they glance over
                                            their shoulder to see where they have been – all the
                                            while continuing to move ahead. We hope you also
                                            enjoy the photos (the current photos as well as those
                                            from many years ago).

                                            Sister Vera Del Grande
                                            – 70 Years
                                            I learned quickly that teaching was more than “read-         Nebraska Donor Dinner
                                            ing, writing and arithmetic” it was about the people        at Saint Luke Parish in
                                            looking at me with those searching eyes. It was then        Ogallala, Saturday, April 2.
                                            that I knew I couldn’t do it alone but God and I could      See page 3.
                                            do it together… Through the years, no matter the
                                            level of teaching ministry or other ministry in which
                                            I was involved, it was always the “people.” I remem-
                                            bered lines from the poem “Barter”: “And children’s
              Sister Vera, 1950
                                            faces looking up, holding wonder like a cup.” That
                                                                                  Continued on page 4

U r s u l i n e      D o m e       •   U r s u l i n e       S i s t e r s      o f      L o u i s v i l l e                                  1
                                A letter from the president                       and graces, failures and forgiveness are
    Our Mission:
                                “For your part lead a new life.”
    The Ursuline
                                                                                  This life is about being in relationship, being
                                (7th counsel of St. Angela)
    Sisters of Louisville,
                                                                                  present to the presence of God who surrounds
                                                                                  us with fidelity and love in intimacy, in our
    Kentucky, an                In this issue of the                              encounters with others, in Word, sacrament,
    apostolic religious
                                Dome we highlight our                             ministry and in nature.
    congregation of
                                Jubilarians celebrating

    the Roman Catholic
                                75, 70, 60, 50 and 40                             All of us, no matter how we choose to live our
                                years of religious life.
    Church, rooted in the
                                                                                  baptism, are called to this relationship of
                                We celebrate with them                            being. Every day we step out of ourselves and
    spirit and tradition        more than their lives of                          re-commit to live a life of faith; we strive to
    of St. Angela Merici,
                                service. We celebrate                             lead a new life. Being aware of and reflecting
    are committed to
                                their commitment to                               upon the presence of God in our everyday
                                Jesus Christ, the gospel
    a life of prayer and
                                                                                  encounters are opportunities to lead a new life
                                values and the Ursuline                           daily, always deepening our relationship
    community and               mission.                                          with God and others, appreciating the many
    participation in the                                                          ways God has blessed us and made Self
    teaching mission of
                                The above quote from St. Angela reflects the      known to us.

    the Church. Teaching
                                invitation from God that each of them
                                responded to in their unique way sharing their
    Christian living is the
                                                                                  Let us thank the Jubilarians for their commit-
                                gifts, their very lives with Christ and others.   ment and dedication and the ways they have
    corporate ministry                                                            expressed their “leading a new life,” walking
    of the Ursuline
                                Their lives serve as a good example and a tan-    always with the faithful God. May they be

    Sisters. This ministry,
                                gible way to see our theme for this new fiscal    witnesses and inspirations to us as we all
                                year, which is “Empowering Women.” Each of
    cutting across
                                                                                  strive to lead a life of faith, dedication and
                                our jubilarians has spent her entire life         commitment. Let us celebrate with them and
    socioeconomic,              empowering women as she strives daily to live     congratulate them for the many ways they
    racial and national
                                our mission of teaching Christian living.         have led new lives in their daily living of the
    boundaries, assists
                                                                                  Ursuline way of life.

    women, men, and
                                Beginning in the novitiate, each Ursuline
                                embraces a new way of life that is expressed in
    children to live            profession of vows. Throughout this journey
    more fully and to
                                of commitment, joys and sorrows, challenges        Sister Jean Anne Zappa, osu, President

    develop a personal
    with God.
                                Ursuline Motherhouse renovation is completed
                                                                                                              Hallways have been

    O u r Fo c u s :
                                                                                                              equipped with hand-
                                                                                                              rails, personal living
                                                                                                              areas have a fresh coat

    As Ursuline women
                                                                                                              of paint, new fixtures

    of peace, hope and
                                                                                                              and new lighting. The
                                                                                                              bathrooms have been
    simplicity, we seek to                                                                                    supplied with new fix-
    empower women and
                                                                                                              tures and equipment,

    to be in solidarity
                                                                                                              as well as handrails

    with them in our
                                                                                                              which make them more
                                                                                                              functional, also a new
    shared search for                                                                                         elevator was added in
    God.                                                                                                      the west wing.

                                                                                                              Thank you for the part
                                                                                                              you played in making
                                                                                                              this new renovation
                                The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville are all smiles with the renovation
                                completed on the Motherhouse. The sisters are grateful to our donors
                                who made it a reality.
2                       U r s u l i n e    D o m e         •   U r s u l i n e    S i s t e r s         o f    L o u i s v i l l e
A silver anniversary for Ursuline Associates                                                                  Angela’s Wisdom
In August 1979, the Associate Program
officially came into being, and after
completing a formation program; five
women signed a covenant agreement
with the Ursuline Community on April
13, 1980.

                                                                                Maryland Associates:
This summer, the Ursuline Community
                                                                                Evalyn Wolfhope and
celebrated the 25th anniversary since
                                                                                Joanne Musteric enjoyed
the covenant agreement was signed.
                                                                                time together during
Celebrations included a ritual of prayer,
                                                                                the Associate gathering
                                                                                                               “For your
remembering and gratitude; tours of the
Ursuline Motherhouse, campus and                                                in Cumberland, Maryland
archives; time to socialize and the                                             in May.

                                                                                                               part lead a
signing of covenants.

Nebraska Donor Gathering                                                                                       new life.”
The Office of Development hosted a dinner
for our Nebraska donors at Saint Luke Parish in
Ogallala, Saturday, April 2. More than 30 donors                                                               — Saint Angela
from the area attended, sharing fond memories
of the Ursuline Sisters who have been a signifi-
cant part of their lives. The visit allowed us
to share our appreciation with those who have
been so generous to us throughout the years.                                                              St. Angela
                                                                                                          meditations online
In addition to the wonderful meal, all who
                                                      Sister Shirley Ann Simmons, Sancy Krajewski,
attended received a small gift of appreciation.
                                                      Ardis Mueller, Kathleen Bayley, Dorothy Ervin,
Many thanks to Sister Loretta Krajewski and
                                                      Cathleen Thalken and Alma Nowak enjoyed the
Sister Shirley Ann Simmons who shared so much
                                                      Ursuline Sister’s Donor Dinner in Nebraska.
                                                                                                          Sister Martha Buser has created
of their time helping to organize the event.                                                              a series of weekly meditations

Thelma Scharfenberger Scholarship is awarded
                                                                                                          on the contemporary meaning
                                                                                                          of the writings of Angela
                                                                                                          Merici, foundress of the
The evaluation and selection        not otherwise have the resources to attend                            Ursulines. These reflections
committee in Callao, Peru has       the school, founded by the Ursuline Sisters of                        are available on our website:
announced Cristyn Mariana           Louisville.                                                 
Mendez Cotrina, as the 2005
recipient of the Thelma             Thank you to all who donated to this schol-                           While Angela lived and min-
                                                                                        Cristyn Mariana
Scharfenberger Scholarship.         arship fund, making it possible for Cristyn to                        istered in the 16th century, her
                                                                                        Mendez Cotrina
She will be a second year stu-      receive an excellent education.                                       life, charism and writings
dent at St. Angela Merici                                                                                 speak truly to us today.

                                         Just Creations
School in Callao, founded by                                                                              Though her writings remain
                                                                                                          unknown to most people,

                                         sale raises
the Ursuline Sisters of
Louisville. She joins Alicia                                                                              Angela’s reflections do have

                                         funds for
Moncada, who is a third year                                                                              something to say to us in our
                                                                                                          day-to- day living. The weekly

                                         Peru Ministry
student at the school.
                                                                                                          reflections cover topics such
The scholarship was created                                                                               as trust, true love, compassion
to honor the memory of                                                                                    and hope.
                                         Thank you to all who
Thelma Scharfenber (Sister
                                                                   Sister Merry Marcotte shops at
                                         supported the Just
Sue Scharfenberger’s mother),                                                                             Sister Martha Buser has been
                                                                   the April 14th sale which benefits
                                         Creations Community
                                                                                                          an Ursuline sister for 55
                                                                   sisters who minister in Peru.
who was a devoted supporter
                                         Shopping Night to
and occasional visitor to the                                                                             years. Presently she offers
                                         benefit the Ursuline
Ursuline mission and school,                                                                              spiritual direction and gives
                                         Sisters’ Peru Mission. With approximately 100 people in
located just outside Lima.                                                                                retreats.
                                         attendance, the April 14 sale raised funds and awareness
This is the second year for the
                                         of our sisters who minister in Peru. Just Creations is a
full    tuition   scholarship,                                                                            Visit often, a new reflection
                                         not-for-profit store with unique crafts by artisans in more
awarded annually to assist a                                                                              will be offered weekly.
                                         than 35 countries.
deserving student who might
U r s u l i n e        D o m e       •      U r s u l i n e       S i s t e r s      o f    L o u i s v i l l e                         3
Jubilarians share their thoughts
Jubilees continued from page 1

The most fulfilling part of my ministry…
                           wonder and the eyes searching for
                           something more became the thread
                           that ran through every ministry and
                           made it so fulfilling: from 2-year
                           olds at the Ursuline Child
                           Development Center to the 60 year
                           old non-traditional students at
                           Indiana University Southeast, from
                           training and supervision of student
                           teachers, to parents, adult students                                          Sister Michelle Speckner with her
Sister Vera Del Grande and
                            and Ursuline associates, the fulfill-                                        mother Sarah Speckner
Sister Isabel Lehmenkuler
                            ment came from the “people” in
met with members of the
                            front of me – each one special,                   Sister Michelle

                                                                            Sister Michelle Speckner
2005 Jubilee group to plan
                            precious, priceless.
this year’s jubilee events.

Sr. Annunciata Muth                                                         – 70 Years
– 60 Years
                                                                            I think of following Saint Angela and teaching all those good
                                                                            children. It was a joy to teach them. Just stepping on these
The most fulfilling aspect of my ministry is to see the progress            grounds was so peaceful.

                                                                            Sister Regina Marie Bevelacqua
children make from day-to-day and to know their progress was

                                                                            – 50 Years
part of my ministry. My vocation has brought me to a greater
love and trust in God. It has put God at the center of my life.

Sister Isabel Lehmenkuhler
– 60 Years
                                                                            The most fulfilling aspect of my ministry was to follow a lifelong
                                                                            “goal” I had set for myself as a young girl – which was to do
                                                                            everything in my power and with God’s help to create a way to
One of my most fulfilling aspects of my                                     help make the lives of the mentally handicapped more accept-
ministry was my ministry as a hospital                                      able to their families, neighbors, communities and society.
chaplain. I was blessed with a listening
ear; learned a lot about praying with                                       At this time in my life I hold dear and value my vocation to the
patients and I could be with them in                                        Ursuline Community – it truly is my passport to God’s calling of
their pain, their heart aches and joys.                                     me. I am humbled by His call.
My greatest “joy” was to be with the
dying and their family at the time of
death. At that moment it seems it all
peels away and we stand naked in the

                                               Sister Isabel Lehmenkuhler
very presence of God.

Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht
– 40 Years
                         The most fulfilling aspect of my ministry
                         are the many wonderful people I have met
                         and served with over the last years. It is also
                         meeting young women whom I taught
                         while they were in high school who are now
                         devoted mothers, active parish members,
                         and/or successful working women.

                                                                               Sister Regina Marie Bevelacqua
Sister Paula
                          Also “founding” Nativity Academy with

                          Father Hogan as a co-sponsored Ursuline
                          ministry has been very exciting and chal-                                                   Sister Regina
                          lenging, but also fulfilling.

4                                U r s u l i n e   D o m e       •    U r s u l i n e           S i s t e r s   o f      L o u i s v i l l e
                                                                                                           Ursuline Sisters
Sister Vivian Dreisback                            Sister Rita Wigginton                                   celebrating Jubilees
– 70 Years                                         – 40 Years
Peace and happiness living the consecrated         The most fulfilling                                     75 Years
life; joy with working with children.              aspect of my min-                                       Sister Florita Kastner
                                                   istry has been that                                     Sister Mary Xavier
                                                   whether I am teach-
                                                   ing,     interpreting,

                                                                                                           70 Years
                                                   leading a retreat or
                                                   doing pastoral min-
                                                   istry with deaf peo-                                    Sister Juliana Corby
                                                   ple that they are able                                  Sister Vivian Dreisback
                                                                                                           Sister Vera Del Grande
                                                   to understand and

                                                                                                           Sister Rosaire Miltenberger
                                                   ed in what is hap- Sister Rita Wigginton
                                                   feel they are includ-

                                                   pening, then I know I have touched them.                Sister Margaret Mary
                                                   Who I am and what I do is making a differ-                Schwartz
                                                   ence in their lives. This always encourages me          Sister Michelle Speckner
 Sister Vivian Dreisback (right) celebrated        to keep going in a seemingly uphill struggle.
 her 70th jubilee year with her sister-in-                                                                 60 Years
                                                   Sister Janet Peterworth
 law Dottie Fultz and her husband George
 Fultz at Marian Home.                                                                                     Sister Isabel Lehmenkuler

Sister Margaret Ann Hagan                          – 50 Years                                              Sister Annunciata Muth
                                                                                                           Sister Mary Frances

– 40 Years                                                                                                   Werner
                                                   Being an Ursuline Sisters has given me so
                                                   many life experiences that it is hard to

                                                                                                           50 Years
My vocation as an                                  pinpoint any one as most fulfilling. Because
Ursuline Sister is the                             of being in this lifestyle, I have a relationship
way in which God has                               with God and with God’s people that I sus-              Sister Regina Marie
called me to faithfully                            pect I would never have had in another walk

                                                                                                           Sister Janet Marie
live in God’s abiding                              of life.

love and to serve with
the talents God has                                As an Ursuline sister I have had an opportu-
                                                   nity to be with some of the most amazing
                                                                                                           40 Years
given. My vocation is
living a contemplative                             women I have ever known. Women who have

                                                                                                           Sister Margaret Ann Hagan
love of God which                                  kept me honest, who have given me example,
                                                   who have held me up when I could not stand
                                                                                                           Sister Ruth Ann Haunz
compels me with
eagerness to serve                                 alone, women who have called me to be the
others.                 Sister Margaret Ann        best that I could be, women who have                    Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht
                        Hagan                      searched with me, argued with me, laughed
                                                                                                           Sister Rita Ann Wigginton
                                                   with me and loved

Sister Rosaire Miltenberger
                                                   me in spite of me. I
                                                   am so grateful for

– 70 Years                                                                                                 Honor a 2005

                                                   I have often heard
                       Seeing children respond     the expression, “Get
                       with correct speech after   a life!” Well, let me
                       therapy and first graders   tell you that being                                     You can recognize a 2005
                       learning to read and        an Ursuline Sister                                      jubilarian and further the
                       write have been the most    has helped me to                                        ministry of the Ursuline
                       fulfilling aspects of my    “get a life” beyond                                     Sisters of Louisville by
                       ministry.                   what I ever dreamt
                                                   possible fifty years Sister Janet Marie
                                                                                                           returning the enclosed

                       My call to religious life                                                           envelope with your gift. Be
                       gave much pleasure and                                                              sure to include the name of
                       gratitude to my saintly                                                             the jubilarian you want to
                       mother who reared two                                                               honor. The sister will
Sister Rosaire
                       religious sisters and a                                                             receive notice of your gift in
                       priest.                                              Jubilees continued on page 6
                                                                                                           her honor.

U r s u l i n e      D o m e       •    U r s u l i n e     S i s t e r s       o f      L o u i s v i l l e                            5
A life of faithful dedication
Jubilees continued from page 5

                                                                                              Office of Vocation
    A Jubilarian                         Sister Ruth Ann Haunz                                The Office of Vocation serves
    Guess Who                            – 40 Years                                           women who are interested in
                                                                                              becoming vowed members of
    1. Which sister was                                                                       the Ursuline community. If you
                                                                  The most fulfilling

       formerly known as
                                                                  aspect of my min-

      Sister Helen Theresa?
                                                                  istries has been to         are interested in learning
                                                                                              more, please contact Sister
                                                                  walk/share the faith
    2. Which sister is a head
                                                                                              Rita Dressman 896-3948.
                                                                  journey of others. No
       coach for the East End
                                                                  matter what the min-
       Independent Special
                                                                  istry, others have
       Olympic Teams?
                                                                  welcomed me as com-
                                                                  panion, guide, friend,
    3. Which sister was once                                      and teacher on their
       the director of finance                                    faith journey. What a
       for the community?                                         privilege. At the same
                                         Sister Ruth Ann Haunz    time I have been a
    4. Who taught in a high                                       learner.
       school in Straubing,

    5. Which sister was

                                                                                            Angela Merici Center
       formerly known as
       Sister Mary Carla?

    6. Who received a M.S.                                                                  Centering Prayer
       degree in Mathematics
       from the University of
       Notre Dame in 1973?                                                                  The Angela Merici Center will hold its
                                                                                            monthly Centering Prayer session for those
    7. Which sister was                                                                     with prior experience in this very personal
      formerly known as
     Sister Mary Cloretta?
                                                                                            form of prayer. Sessions will be held on the
                                                                                            third Tuesday of each month, 7 – 8 p.m., in
                                                                                            Brescia Hall (Bldg. #3) on the Ursuline
                                         Sister Mary Frances Werner joined the              Campus. Centering Prayer is led by
    Answers:                             celebration as a 60-year jubilarian at the         Ursuline Sister Margaret Ann Hagan. Call
                                         Marian Home gathering in May.
    1.Sister Vivian Dreisbach
                                                                                            896-3945 or register online at
    2. Sister Regina
       Marie Bevelacqua

    3. Sister Margaret
       Ann Hagan

    4. Sister Janet Peterworth

    5. Sister Ruth Ann Haunz

    6. Sister Paula Kleine-

    7. Sister Annunciata Muth
                                                                                                Cling together with bonds of
                                                                                                charity, esteeming one another,
                                                                                                helping one another, supporting
                                         In her 75th jubilee year, Sister Mary Xavier
                                         Laemmle participated in the jubilarian
                                                                                                one another in Christ Jesus.
                                         celebration for Marian Home residents.                 –Saint Angela

6                                U r s u l i n e    D o m e       •    U r s u l i n e     S i s t e r s    o f    L o u i s v i l l e
Donor List                       Thank you to our generous donors
These gifts were received        Alice Abdalla                  Deborah Cecil                   Michael & Kathy Gardner

between March 1, 2005,
                                 Dolores Abdalla                Mary Charlton                   Dr. John Spalding Gatton
                                 Mary Abendshein                Arley & Harriett Christensen    Kenneth Gebhart Family
                                 Charles Adams                  Aline Christman                 Linda Good
and June 6, 2005.                John & Susan Adams             Michael & Sandra Clark          Rose Marie Goodin
                                 Margaret Adams                 David & Marlene Clarke          Margaret Gornet
We make every effort             Richard & Rebecca Alberg       Class of 1943 - St. Vincent     Estate of Marian Gramig
                                 Anita Abdalla Alessi             De Paul                       Albert Grant
to keep the listing              George & Emily Allawos         Mark & Mary Duane Clements      Patricia Greene
                                 Nancy Angermeier               Estate of Anna Murphy Clipp     Mary Lou Gregory
error-free. If your name         Kathleen Angert                Doris Ann Colgate               Betty Griffith
                                 Anonymous                      Clara Collet                    Kathleen Gunderson
was overlooked or                Albert & Judi Anthony
                                 Gregory & Janice Arcaro
                                                                Barbara Norris Collins
                                                                Judith Collins
                                                                                                Phyllis Haag
                                                                                                Darlene Haarman
improperly printed,
                                 Charles Brad & Linda Austin    Larry Comberiati                Bob & Betty Halbleib
                                 Julie Phillips Baker           Anne Conture                    Louis & Dorothy Hall
please accept our
                                 Phyllis Baker                  Ann Cooper                      Mary Louise Hall
                                 Emilita Barker                 Shirley Corwin                  Phillip and Joan Hall &
apologies. Contact us if
                                 Marcella Barney                Jeanette Saddler Cox              Leslie Kacek
                                 Linda Barrick                  Beverly Craddock &              Dennis Hanley
there are any changes.
                                 Mary Basile                      George Lubbers                John & Dorothy Hannon
                                 Jerry & Katherine Bean         Juanita Crawford                Martha Sue Hardesty
                                 Martha Joan Bennett            Dan & Abbie Creed               Linda Harris
                                 Marvin Benton                  Matthew Culbreath               Betty Harrison
Office of Development
                                 Jo Patricia Berger             C. Curtis & Barbara Cundiff     Rita Harrod
                                 Sara Berger                    Barbara Cuneo                   Janet Hartlage
Ursuline Sisters
                                 Evelyn Besendorf               C. Joseph & Eileen Cunningham   Jennifer Hartlage
                                 John & Nancy Bishop            Robert & Daphne Cunningham      Eugenia Hauntz
of Louisville
                                 Paula Bishop                   John & Ruth Darcy               Bonnie Hawkwood
                                 Beverly Bisig                  Phil Dattilo                    Cathleen Hayes
3105 Lexington Road
                                 Margaret Bivens                James & Peggy Davis             Rosemary Hayes
                                 Martha Blair                   Ken & Rosemary Dawson           Thomas & Marcia Heil

Louisville, KY 40206
                                 Maria Blake, Ph.D.             John & Alice Dearing              and Family
                                 Todd Blankenship &             Mary Ann Dearing                Angela Heineman

(502) 896-3938
                                   Jenny Branson                Michele DeCarlo                 Dolores Hellmann
                                 Paul Bogovich                  Shirley DeFelice                Alina Henry
                                 Mary Douglass Boldrick         Philomena Del Grande            Jacqueline Herde
                                 Ronald & Suzanne Bona-Hatem    Amelia Del Signore              Mary Louise Herp
                                 Charles & Elizabeth Bonifer    Mary Bultman DeLay              Charles Higgins
                                 William & Joan Bonkiewicz      Jerry & Jane Dentinger          Ann Carmel Hill
                                 Karen Borders                  Hugh & Marjorie Dewig           Mary Dorothy Hoard
                                 Bosse Funeral Home             Frank & Martha Diebold          Jewell Hoefer
                                 Mary Dolores Serio Bouknight   Estate of Mary Louise Dillon    William & Norma Hollowell
                                 Rose Boyle                     John Dowell                     William & Paula Horan
+ gift given prior to death      Stephen & Maureen Bracewell    Erminelda Downs                 Murlene Horine
                                 Charline Brandt                Raymond & Marcella Downs        Margaret Horn
                                 Dorothy Braunecker             Elizabeth Dries                 Bill & Betty Horsman
                                 Jennie Brezovec                Connie Drury                    Walter & Colleen Hourahan
                                 Paul Brezovec                  Mary Elsie Dues                 Jim & Mary Ann Hughes
                                 Mary Rose Brizendine           Colette Dumstorf                John & Patricia Hughes
                                 Broadway Series                Patty Green Dykes               Mike & Mary Hulsewede
                                 Mary Jo Brockie                Eastern Maine Development       Kenneth & Regina Hunt
                                 Gilberta Brown                   Corporation Staff             INVESCO-NAM
                                 Ginny Brown                    Eugene & Patricia Eckert        Mary Ann Jackman
                                 James & Irene Brown            Floyd Edward & Cathy Barrick    John & Judith Jakob
                                 Jean Buehner                   Richard & Louise Eiswirth       Stephen Janda
                                 Jack & Mary Burch              Mary Elliott                    Karen Jarboe
                                 Gloria Khoury Burg             Estate of Mary Engel            Rita Mae Jarboe
                                 Mary Cay Burke-Hamill          Robert & Paula Englert          Sharon Jewell
                                 Anna Burkey                    Patrick Evans                   A. Thomas Johnson
                                 Louise Burkhardt               Viola Eve                       Michael & Leslie Johnson
                                 Rev. John Butler               James & Dorothy Fackler         Mark & Nancy Jones
                                 Jeanette Cahill                Norbert & Lou Ella Fante        Joan Joyner
                                 Beverly Gail Canary            Donna Federspiel                Karen Jung
                                 Dorothy Canfield               Karen Feldkamp                  Just Creations
                                 Gloria Capel                   Lorena Felhoelter               Mary Abdalla Kahaly
                                 Cardinal Newman School         Mary Fischer                    Mary Anne Kahler
                                 Eugene & Delores Carta         Kenneth & Alice Freibert        Carroll & Rosalie Kamer
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                                 Boyd Cave, Jr.                 James & Isabelle Gallagher      Dr. Marita Kenna
                                 Elizabeth Caye                 Dolores Hebert Gantt            Donna Keogh
U r s u l i n e        D o m e   •    U r s u l i n e     S i s t e r s    o f   L o u i s v i l l e                        7
Mildred Killmeier              Frances Knuckley Naccash       Hugh & Diane Smith               Rose Boyle
Mary Margaret Kilroy           Rita Nance                     Andrew Snyder                    Larry Comberiati
Mary Margaret King             Marita Neichter                Mary Margaret Sondergeld         Shirley Corwin
Robert & Regina Kinny, Sr.     Agnes Nelson                   Mary Ann Staffin                 Mary Louise Hall
Donald & Mary Lynn Kissling    Kathryn Netherton              Edward Stauble                   Martha Sue Hardesty
Jerry & Nancy Kleier           Mel & Jeannine Nix             Elmer Stauble                    Kenneth & Regina Hunt
Marian Knieriem                Raymond Noonan                 Kathleen Stefano                 Mary Ann Jackman
Knights of Columbus –          Rev. Clarence Nord             Jack & Dorothy Steinberg         Stephen Janda
   Sidney, NE                  Vonda Lea Norris               Ruth Steinmetz                   Sharon Jewell
Walter & Marianne Kochanski    Mary O'Dette                   Dr. Joanne Stephan               Karen Jung
Fred & Judith Koehler          Naomi Olges                    Jaqcquelline & Richard           Mary Kendall
Willa Koernner                 Roserita Ott                     Stratman                       Fred & Judith Koehler
Mary Ann Kollros               Daniel & Betty Overstreet      A. N. & Lillian Strittmatter     Audrey Marguet
Anthony & Sharon Kuhl          Mary Carmel Owen               Leonard & Susan Strom            Patricia Markert
Gayle Lacefield                Frank Owens                    Ted & Serena Summers             Dean McCraw
August Laemmle                 Carolyn Pagel                  Patricia Swope                   Vicki McVey
Tim, Leslie, Megan, Patrick,   David Paulin                   Betty McMahon Tarrer             J. Charles Mehalic, Jr.
   & Connor Larkin             Mary Rita Peet                 Alice Taylor                     Elizabeth Moore
Robert & Audrey Larkin         Bobbie Frazier Peluso          Carolyn Taylor                   Rita Nance
William & Dorothy Larkin       Lt. Gen. Leonard Perroots      Kevin & Kim Thieneman            Lt. Gen. Leonard Perroots
Mary Lauer                     Mary Florita Pertko            Mary Jo Thieneman                Kathleen Powers
Kuanhui Lee                    Rose Peters                    Adeline Sullivan Thomas          Patricia Salvadori
Betty Levy                     Sharon Petrovich               Rose Mary Tichenor               Doris Sheehan
Wilfred Liebert, Sr.           Helen Phelps                   Maureen Tilley                   Maureen Tilley
James Bruce & Margaret         Jackie and Lou Phillips        Marie Nash Tivnan                Kathryn Ulrich
Lincoln, Sr.                   Mary Pieper                    Glenna Todovich                  Linda Yuda
Peggy Liter                    Doris Pierce                   Charles & Martha Torline
Sybil McMahon Lowe             Kathleen Powers                John & Doris Trimble             ALL URSULINES WHO
Vince Lucchese                 Nona Preher                    Mary Louise Turner               TAUGHT AT ST FRANCIS
Carol Lyle                     Angela Preis                   Michael & Martha Uberta          DESALES IN
Michael & Josephine Lynch      Jennifer Quercerto             Kathryn Ulrich                   MORGANTOWN, WV
Donna Lyons                    Patricia Quigley               Ursuline High School in          Mary Basile
Cesar & Nene Macatangay        Arthur & Joan Raap               Columbia, SC - Class of 1952
Frances Asmer Mack             Felicia Ray                    Alice Van Cleave                 SISTER BARBARA BIR
Deborah Mackey                 Clifford Reed                  Joseph & Doris Vittitow          Helen Phelps
Mary Anne Madden               Mary Kathryn Reed              Isabelle Volden
Ruthie Maier                   Diana Remmers                  Rosina Voss                      SISTER ANTONINE BIVEN
Alma Maloney                   Barbara Renn                   Nancy Wachs                      Jerry Kleier
Jan Manns                      George & Twana Richard         Jeanette Wahl
Audrey Marguet                 Bill & Mary Lee Riddle         William & Alice Walsh, III       SISTER MARTHA BUSER
Patricia Markert               Susan Roach                    Stanley & Mary Wapinski          Maria Blake, Ph.D.
John Marquette                 John & Dolores Roberts         Jennings & Helen Watkins
Carmella Tronco Martin         Catherine Rogers               Ethel Weagly                     SISTER ANDREA CALLAHAN
Pamela Martin                  William & Patricia Rohrer      Mary Jean Weckman                Stanley & Mary Wapinski
Mass of the Air                Alberta Roth                   Richard & Marlene Weiter
Kathryn Mattingly              Violet Lee Ruez                Ann Wellkamp                     SISTER MARY CATHERINE
Mary Theresa Mattingly         Marcella Rumpel                Joyce Wesbecker                  CALLAHAN
Jean McCarthy                  Patrick & Ellen Ryan           Vivian Westfall                  Dolores Hellmann
Mary Jane McCarty              Saint John Neumann School      Dennis & Connie Williams
Mary Ruth McClish              Saint John Neumann-Home        Susan Wilz                       SISTER EILEEN CARNEY
William & Jessie McCormick       School Association           Ruth Wimsatt                     John Dowell
Dean McCraw                    Saint Rita School              Mary Marlene Wolf
Richard & Ruth McCullough      Patricia Salvadori             Robin Lee Yacovetta              SISTER MARY SAMUEL
Michael & Joan McDonald        Joan Sauer                     Joan Yeomans                     CARTER+
Ann McGinnis                   William & Mary Ann Savage      Linda Yuda                       Jerry & Katherine Bean
Terry McKiernan                Rex & Mary Lu Schardein        James & Jean Zappa               Rose Mary Tichenor
Eithne McMullen                Joshua Scharfenberger          Edward & Mary Zeller
Elizabeth Darlene McNutt       Shirley Schilletter            Clara Zoeller                    DOROTHY CLEPHAS
Vicki McVey                    Regina Schmidt                 Marian Zoeller                   Dolores Hellmann

                                                              In Honor
Floy Gates Meagher             Paul & Barbara Schmitt
J. Charles Mehalic, Jr.        Jane Schmitt                                                    SISTER MARY BRENDAN
Mary Meixsel                   John & Genevieve Schmitt                                        CONLON
Jesse Mendez                   Frank Schuler                                                   Mary Carmel Owen
Arthur & Ann Meyer             Elizabeth Schulte              ALL SISTERS WHO TAUGHT
Earl, Virginia & Patsy Meyer   Doris Schutz                   IN CUMBERLAND, MD                SISTER ERNESTINE DAVIS
Janet Mialback                 Robert Scully                  Marian Knieriem                  Robert & Regina Kinny, Sr.
Judith Michels                 Raymond & Joan Senninger
Ann Miller                     Doris Sheehan                  ALL THE WONDERFUL                SISTER VERA DEL GRANDE
Patricia Miller                Mike & Pat Shelley             SISTERS WHO TAUGHT ME            Felicia Ray
Leo & Dorothy Miltenberger     Carolyn Shepers                AT URSULINE ACADEMY
Ken & Louise Monclair          Nora Shih                      Bobbie Frazier Peluso            SISTER VERA DEL GRANDE’S
Marilyn Green Montgomery       Jerry & Jane Silliman                                           70TH JUBILEE
Elizabeth Moore                Kennedy & Sara Simpson         ALL URSULINE SISTERS             Philomena Del Grande
Robert+ & Marie Moore          Bertha Smith                   OF LOUISVILLE                    Thomas & Marcia Heil
Mary Anne Williams Morrison    Deborah Smith                  Martha Joan Bennett                and Family

8                      U r s u l i n e   D o m e     •     U r s u l i n e     S i s t e r s    o f     L o u i s v i l l e
SISTER ROSANNA DORN            SISTER KATHLEEN NEELY             Phyllis Haag                    Mary Jo Brockie
Charles Brad & Linda Austin    Kathryn Mattingly                 Rita Harrod                     Jeanette Cahill
                               Mary Theresa Mattingly            Angela Heineman                 Deborah Cecil
SISTER RITA DRESSMAN                                             A. Thomas Johnson               Arley & Harriett Christensen
Andrew Snyder                  SISTER ROSEMARY NEVY              Joan Joyner                     Judith Collins
                               Robin Lee Yacovetta               Gayle Lacefield                 Robert & Daphne Cunningham
SISTER AMELIA DUES                                               Audrey Larkin                   Peggy Davis
Dolores Hellmann               SISTER RAYMUNDA ORTH              Tim, Leslie, Megan, Patrick     Mary Ann Dearing
Betty Levy                     Agnes Nelson                        & Connor Larkin               Shirley DeFelice
                                                                 Marita Neichter                 Jane Dentinger
SISTER ADELAIDE FACKLER        SISTER JANET MARIE                Jackie and Lou Phillips         Colette Dumstorf
James & Dorothy Fackler        PETERWORTH                        Robert Scully                   Phyllis Haag
                               Melvin & Jeannine Nix             Serena Summers                  Bob & Betty Halbleib
SISTER EULALIA FALLER                                                                            Phillip and Joan Hall &
Mary Ann Staffin               SISTER CONSUELO PRICE             SISTER MARY JUDE ADAMS,           Leslie Kacek
                               Charles & Patricia Rohrer         MY BELOVED 1ST GRADE            Betty Harrison
SISTER CLARISSA                                                  TEACHER                         Jennifer Hartlage
FITZMAYER                      SISTER DENISE ROBERTS             Marie Nash Tivnan               Margaret Horn
Dolores Hellmann               John & Dolores Roberts                                            James Hughes
                                                                 ALL URSULINE SISTERS            John & Patricia Hughes
SISTER ANNALITA FOX            SISTER FRANCES SCHAF              AT ST. GEORGE SCHOOL            Donna Keogh
Robert+ & Marie Moore          Mary Lauer                        FROM 1940-47                    Donna Lyons
                                                                 Frank Owens                     Mary Anne Madden
SISTER DOROTHY                 SISTER MARY SUE SCHAR-                                            Ruthie Maier
FRANKRONE                      FENBERGER                         NORMA BARRICK                   Earl, Virginia & Patsy Meyer
Dolores Hellmann               Joseph Cartlidge                  Floyd Edward & Cathy Barrick    Marita Neichter
                               Ruth Wimsatt                                                      Vonda Norris
SISTER VERA GARDNER                                              RAYMOND & LOUISE BARRY          Roserita Ott
Michael & Kathy Gardner        SISTER TERENCE SCHMITT            Mary Lou Gregory                Carolyn Pagel
Dolores Hellmann               Clara Collet                                                      Carolyn Shepers
                               John & Genevieve Schmitt          KAY BOSWELL BEST                Jerry & Jane Silliman
SISTER MARY JO GRAMIG                                            Alice Abdalla                   Serena Summers
Carol Lyle                     SISTER MARGARET MARY              Dolores Abdalla                 Mary Marlene Wolf
                               SCHWARTZ’S 70TH JUBILEE           Anita Abdalla Alessi
SISTER CARMELITA GRANTZ        Doris Schutz                      Gloria Khoury Burg              SISTER MOIRA BURKE
Audrey Marguet                                                   Mary Dolores Serio Bouknight    Louise Monclair
Susan Roach                    SISTER MICHELLE                   Matthew Culbreath
Ann Wellkamp                   SPECKNER’S 70TH JUBILEE           Mary Bultman DeLay              WILLIAM CANFIELD
                               Sara Berger                       Patty Green Dykes               Dorothy Canfield
SISTER JULIENNE GUY            Cathleen Hayes                    Dolores Hebert Gantt
Maureen Tilley                                                   Mary Abdalla Kahaly             JOSEPH & MARIE CARTA, SR.
                               BARBARA & BERT                    Sybil McMahon Lowe              Eugene & Delores Carta
BROTHER PLACID                 TROMPETER                         Frances Asmer Mack
HELLMAN, O.S.B.                Marita Neichter                   Carmella Tronco Martin          SISTER MARY SAMUEL
Dolores Hellmann                                                 Marilyn Green Montgomery        CARTER
                               SISTER ANTHONY WARGEL             Mary Anne Williams Morrison     Marcella Barney
ROSE MARIE HOWARD              Cardinal Newman School            Frances Knuckley Naccash        Beverly Bisig
Robin Lee Yacovetta            Jerry Kleier                      Shirley Schilletter             Mary Rose Brizendine
                               Cesar & Nene Macatangay           Betty McMahon Tarrer            Mary Burch
SISTER MARY ANN HUBER          Deborah Mackey                                                    Shirley DeFelice
James Hughes                   Saint John Neumann School         PHYLLIS ANN BLOCK               Phyllis Haag
                               Saint John Neumann-Home           Viola Eve                       Betty Levy
SISTER RITA JOSEPH JARRELL       School Association                                              William & Jessie McCormick
Donna Federspiel                                                 SISTER JOACHIM                  Marita Neichter
Janet Mialback                 SISTER LORNA WEILER               BOGOVICH, BARBARA &             Violet Lee Ruez
                               Dr. John Spalding Gatton          ANNA BOGOVICH                   Mary Sondergeld
SISTER CYRILLA KAELIN                                            Paul Bogovich                   Serena Summers
Mary Rita Peet                 STEPHANIE WESTFALL                                                John & Doris Trimble
                               Vivian Westfall                   GILES BORDERS                   Jeanette Wahl
SISTER LELIA MARIE                                               Karen Borders                   Ethel Weagly
KIRCHNER                       GLENNA WILDING                                                    Richard & Marlene Weiter
Ruth Wimsatt                   Ethel Weagly                      SISTER MARY ALBAN BOSSE

                               In Memory
                                                                 Juanita Crawford                MARIAN CECIL
SISTER ISABEL                                                                                    Gregory & Janice Arcaro
LEHMENKULER’S 60TH                                               RUTH BOYLE                      Corky, Butch, & Libby
JUBILEE                                                          Rose Boyle                      Ken & Rosemary Dawson
Doris Schutz                   SISTER MARCELLA                                                   Patrick Evans
                               ACKERMAN                          ELIZABETH BUCKNER               William & Norma Hollowell
SISTER GEORGE MARIE            Judith Michels                    Alberta Roth                    Bill & Mary Lee Riddle
LONG’S 80TH JUBILEE                                                                              Patrick & Ellen Ryan
Eithne McMullen                SISTER MARY JUDE ADAMS            SISTER LORETTA BURCH            Mike & Pat Shelley
                               Nancy Angermeier                  Anonymous                       Marie Witt
SISTER DELIA LYNCH             Julie Phillips Baker              Marcella Barney
Michael & Josephine Lynch      Dan & Abbie Creed                 Evelyn Besendorf                THERESA CECIL
                               Colette Dumstorf                  Mary Rose Brizendine            Rose Gahafer

U r s u l i n e      D o m e   •    U r s u l i n e        S i s t e r s     o f    L o u i s v i l l e                       9
Louis & Dorothy Hall               HEITKEMPER                       MILTENBERGER’S 70TH                   AT ST. VINCENT DE PAUL
Mark & Nancy Jones                 Louise Monclair                  JUBILEE                               Class of 1943 - St. Vincent
Marita Neichter                                                     Leo & Dorothy Miltenberger             De Paul
Carolyn Taylor                     MARY LOU HELERINGER
                                   Nancy Wachs                      BOB MOORE                             STEVE AND MARGARET
CENTOFONTI FAMILY                                                   Shirley DeFelice                      SLAVENSKY
Amelia Del Signore                 RUTH HEMMER                                                            Lt. Gen. Leonard Perroots
                                   Marcella Downs                   SISTER MARY MUELLER
CATHERINE CLARK                                                     Doris Pierce                          ADELAIDE SQUIRE
Kenneth & Alice Freibert           MINNIE HENDRIX                                                         Anonymous
                                   James & Irene Brown              MY BELOVED HUSBAND                    Michael & Martha Uberta
MARY ANN TALBOT CLARKE             Betty Jean Horsman               & SON
Barbara Cuneo                      Anthony & Sharon Kuhl            Eugenia Hauntz                        MARY ELIZABETH STAUBLE
                                   Arthur & Ann Meyer                                                     Elmer Stauble
CECILIA CLEM                       Marita Neichter                  VINCENT NOLTEMEYER
John & Alice Dearing               Jacqueline & Richard Stratman    Jerry Kleier                          THE SCHULTE FAMILY
Donald & Mary Lynn Kissling                                                                               Elizabeth Schulte
William & Mary Ann Savage          JIM HOARD                        SISTER VIRGINIA
Patricia Swope                     Mary Dorothy Hoard               OBERHAUSEN                            HELENA TIERNEY
                                                                    Mary Charlton                         John & Susan Adams
DECEASED MEMBERS OF                SISTER AIDAN HOGAN                                                     Richard & Rebecca Alberg
ERNST, KADLER, &                   Susan Roach                      SISTERS FRANCETTA &                   Stephen & Maureen Bracewell
KILLMEIER FAMILIES                                                  RITA OLGES                            Anne Conture
Mildred Killmeier                  SISTER CARL MARIE                Naomi Olges                           Eastern Maine Development
                                   HULSEWEDE                                                                Corporation Staff
CATHERINE DEFELICE                 Phyllis Baker                    KENNETH PEETZ                         Rosemary Hayes
Karen Borders                      Mike & Mary Hulsewede            Kenneth Gebhart Family                William & Paula Horan
                                                                                                          Walter & Colleen Hourahan
SISTER MARY CORDULA                SISTER IDA JONES                 POPE JOHN PAUL, II                    Jean McCarthy
DEWIG                              Mary Margaret Kilroy             Mary Louise Turner                    Raymond Noonan
Hugh & Marjorie Dewig                                                                                     Jennifer Quercerto
                                   SISTER MARIE JONES               JANET MILLER SCHAEFER                 Patricia Quigley
JOSEPH DUES                        Rose Marie Goodin                Dr. Joanne Stephan
Mary Elsie Dues                                                                                           AARON DAVID TODOVICH
                                   DAVID KAPP                       THELMA                                Glenna Todovich
SISTER ELAINE ECKERT               Willa Koernner                   SCHARFENBERGER
Karen Jarboe                                                        John & Nancy Bishop                   SISTER ANNA MARIE
                                   NORBERT KEMPER                   Aline Christman                       TRANCE
SISTER EMMANUEL EISERT             Karen Borders                    Mary Meixsel                          Deborah Smith
Betty Levy                                                          Joshua Scharfenberger
                                   EUGENE KOLLROS                   William & Alice Walsh, III            LILLIAN TURNER
SISTER GIOVANNI EVERS              Mary Ann Kollros                                                       Mary Louise Turner
Terry McKiernan                                                     PAUL SCHMIDT
                                   KYRAN LARKIN                     Regina Schmidt                        THE URSULINE SISTERS WHO
SISTER CLARITA                     William & Dorothy Larkin                                               RAISED ME AT ST. JOSEPH
FELHOELTER                                                          SISTER CHRYSANTHA                     ORPHANAGE FROM 1928-1933
Gloria Capel                       MARJORIE NORRIS LEEZER           SCHMIDT                               Charles P. Adams
Lorena Felhoelter                  Barbara Norris Collins           Mary Cay Burke-Hamill
                                                                                                          SISTER ANTONIA WAGNER
D. J. & ANNE GATTON                SISTER BONIFACE LENZ             HELEN SCHMITT                         Dolores Hellmann
Dr. John Spalding Gatton           Rita Mae Jarboe                  Barbara Schmitt
                                                                    Kennedy & Sara Simpson                SISTER BORROMEO
SISTER JOYCE GEORGEL               SISTERS CHRISTINE & MARY                                               WALKER
Agnes Kelley                       LAVINIA LESOUSKY                 MARTHA SCHUHMANN                      Jeanette Saddler Cox
                                   Richard and Louise Eiswirth      Louise Burkhardt
SISTER ARTHUR GLEASON                                                                                     SISTER ROSALIE WECKMAN
Marcella Rumpel                    JANE LEWIS                       SISTER ANGELICE SEIBERT               & EUGENE WECKMAN
                                   Richard & Ruth McCullough        Ann Cooper                            Mary Jean Weckman
CALEB & JOY GRANT                                                   Ann Carmel Hill
Albert Grant                       LORETTA LIEBERT                  Margaret Lincoln                      CLARITA WHITNEY
                                   Wilfred Liebert, Sr.             Mary Marlene Wolf                     Betty Griffith
Mary O'Dette                       MARY LOEFFLER                    SISTER THECLA SHIEL                   KENNETH ZOELLER
                                   Viola Eve                        Jeanette Saddler Cox                  Marian Zoeller
HANNON                             REV. JOHN W. LUBBERS,            SISTERS AT URSULINE
John & Dorothy Hannon              C.S.C.                           ACADEMY FROM '55 TO '59
                                                                                                          In the last issue of the
                                   Beverly Craddock &               Barbara Collins

                                                                                                          Ursuline Dome, Keith Peetz
SISTERS CECILIA, GEMMA &            George Lubbers

                                                                                                          was inadvertently deleted
JOVITA HATEM                                                        SISTERS FROM ST FRANCIS-
Ronald & Suzanne Bona-Hatem        PATRICIA MCGUIRE                 MORGANTOWN, WV
                                   Carolyn Pagel                    George & Twana Richard                from the listing of donors.
ROBERT HAUNTZ                                                                                             We apologize for the error.
Linda Barrick                      SISTER ROSAIRE                   SISTERS WHO TAUGHT

10                         T h e   U r s u l i n e   D o m e   •   T h e   U r s u l i n e       S i s t e r s   o f   L o u i s v i l l e
                                                 IN M E M OR I AM
                            As our sisters go on to eternal peace, we are left with the comfort of
                            knowing that their life's work and ministries will carry on well into
                              the future through the remaining sisters, Ursuline Associates,
                                    Ursuline-educated alumni, friends and benefactors.

Sister Mary Samuel               Sister Loretta                    Sister Mary Jude                  Sister George

October 20, 1911 –               August 12, 1919 –                 May 11, 1910 –
Carter, OSU                      Burch, OSU                        Adams, OSU
                                                                                                     April 8, 1904 –
                                                                                                     Marie Long, OSU

May 17, 2005                     April 29, 1937                    March 17, 2005                    July 7, 2005
                                                                                                     Sister George Marie lived a
Sister Sammy, short in stature   “My ministry is to listen to      Sister Jude loved her family,
                                                                                                     long and fruitful life in the
but large in heart, will be      others.” These words of           her Ursuline sisters, working
remembered for her deep                                                                              service to God and to all
                                 Sister “Lottie” are typical of    with her hands and finding a
love and concern for others.                                                                         who crossed her path. As an
                                 the life she lived. Nurtured      good bargain. She will be
Nurtured by her relationship                                                                         Ursuline Sister, educator and
                                 by her love of God and            remembered as a private and
with God, she loved others as                                                                        principal, she encouraged
                                 devotion to both the Blessed      strong woman who loved
she had experienced God’s                                                                            those in her care to be and
                                 Mother and St. Theresa, Sr.       and accepted others with an
love. With sweetness, a                                                                              do their best. Her concern
                                 Lottie welcomed others as         honest sincerity. As a creative
twinkle in her eye and a                                                                             and respect for others was
                                 Jesus would, with an open         spirit, she gave freely of this
sometimes michevious way,                                                                            evidenced by her gracious
                                 heart and open arms. She          gift, whether it was for her
Sr. Sammy reached out to                                                                             hospitality, her willingness
                                 seemed to never meet a            students or for women
those around her offering                                                                            to accept a person just as they
                                 stranger. Everyone who            prisoners and their children
compassion, a kind word,                                                                             are and her sincere gratitude
                                 came into her life became         at Christmas. She celebrated
a laugh and, most important,                                                                         for all that was done for her.
                                 “dear-heart” and was              her 75th jubilee year as an
her self.
                                 showered with her joy,            Ursuline.
                                                                                                     As an educator, Sister George
Sister Samuel began teaching     laughter and compassion.                                            Marie ministered in several
in 1941 at St. Elizabeth in                                        Sister Jude was a teacher for
                                                                                                     schools in Louisville, includ-
Louisville. She taught at        Sister Loretta began teaching     69 years. She taught at St.
                                                                                                     ing Sacred Heart Model
various schools including        in 1939 at St. Boniface in        Raphael from 1956-1959 and
                                                                                                     School; Ursuline College
Sacred Heart in Conemaugh,       Louisville. She taught at St.     1972-1996. She also taught at
                                                                                                     where she served as Dean;
PA; St. Francis de Sales in      Vincent de Paul, Our Lady of      St. Elizabeth, St. Joseph, St.
                                                                                                     and Sacred Heart Academy
Morgantown, WV; Saint Peter      Lourdes, Sacred Heart Model       Boniface, St. Ann, St. Vincent
                                                                                                     where she was principal for
and Paul in Cumberland,          School, and Saint Joseph, all     DePaul, St. George, Sacred
                                                                                                     10 years. She taught in
MD; St. Joseph and St. Rita      in Louisville. She was princi-    Heart Model School, Our
                                                                                                     Omaha at St. Therese and
in Louisville; Saint Mary and    pal at Our Lady Help of           Lady of Lourdes, Our
                                                                                                     at St. Patrick in North Platte.
Michael in Madison, IN; St.      Christians and Sacred Heart       Mother of Sorrows, Holy
                                                                                                     She also served as a teacher
Patrick in North Platte, NE;     Model School, both in             Trinity, and St. Timothy, in
                                                                                                     in Morgantown, WV, and
and St. Peter in Columbia,       Louisville and was principal      Louisville, KY; and St.
                                                                                                     at SS. Peter and Paul in
SC. Sister Samuel also minis-    at Pope John XXIII in             Boniface in Evansville, IN.
                                                                                                     Cumberland, MD. She was
tered to the sick and elderly    Madison, IN. She began
at St. Jerome and St. Leonard,                                                                       principal of St. Michael and
                                 her work with the Ursuline                                          Shawe Memorial, both in
both in Louisville.              Speech Clinic on the Ursuline                                       Madison, IN
                                 Campus in 1980.

T h e   U r s u l i n e   D o m e   •    T h e   U r s u l i n e   S i s t e r s   o f   L o u i s v i l l e                      11
                       Save the Date                   Ursuline Sisters Alums                          The Ursuline Dome is
                                                                                                       published quarterly by
                                                                                                       the Office of Development
                    Planning for the 19th Ursuline     Are you interested in getting the gang

                                                                                                       of the Ursuline Sisters of
                    Campus Art Fair is well            together for a class reunion? Want to find

                                                                                                       Louisville, Ky.
                    underway, so it’s time to be       out what some of your classmates are up to?
                    sure to save the date to join us   For all of your alum-related questions, call
                                                                                                       Director of Development:
                    on the Ursuline Campus Sept.       Maria May, 502-896-3999.
                                                                                                       Jennifer Hartlage
                    17 & 18. The Art Fair features
                    130 juried artists, a children’s   Congratulations to the Ursuline Academy
                                                                                                       Editor: Dana Hinton
 activities area, concessions and free entertain-      Class of 1955 who recently celebrated their
 ment. Free shuttle parking will be available at       50th reunion at Audubon County Club and
 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. No pets,       the Ursuline College class of 1955 who will     Data Systems: Mike Marshall
 alcohol or skateboards or bicycles, please            be celebrating this fall.
                                                                                                       Design: Karen Boone
 If you would like to
 volunteer for the                                     Retirement Appeal                               Send changes of address
 Ursuline Campus                                       Early this year, an appeal for the retirement   and stories ideas to:
 Art Fair, please                                      fund was sent out to a select group of our
 call Susan Kocher,                                    donors from the Office of Development. We       Office of Development
 812-246-1697 (h),                                     are very appreciative to all who contributed    3105 Lexington Road
 812-283-3123 (w);                                     to the retirement fund for our sisters.         Louisville, KY 40206
 or call Maria May,                                                                                    (502) 896-3938
 502-896-3999.                                         The appeal had a Valentine’s Day theme and      fax (502) 896-3949
                                                       donors were asked to send a “Valentine” to
                                                       individual sisters or the community along
                                                       with their gift. The sisters were thrilled to
                                                       read their Valentine’s and touched by the
                                                       kind messages. We thank everyone for their
                                                       gifts and words.

Mission - Teaching Christian living by assisting others in living more fully and developing a personal relationship with God.

                                                                         FORWARDING SERVICE REQUESTED            Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage
3105 Lexington Road                                                                                                  PA I D
Louisville, KY 40206                                                                                             Permit no. 879
                                                                                                                  Louisville, KY

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