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					                          Signature Gifts Ltd - New Customer Account Form
DATE = DEC 2009

Company Name:                                Company Reg No                    Company Registered Address

Hastings Crystal                             N/A not VAT registered            Please complete

Names & Address – Signature to send Invoice:                         Name & Address for Correspondence (if different)

Donna Rimer
21 Pilot Road
TN34 2AP

Company Description

Online gift / department store trading for the last 12 months.

Company Web Site(s)

Trade Reference 1                                                    Trade Reference 2

Please complete                                                      Please complete

                                                         Key Contacts – Customer

Department                 Name               Position              Tel           Mobile          Fax       Email

Buying                Donna Rimer         Owner                  0845                                       donna@hastings-
Buying                Please complete

Cust.Service          As Buying

Accounts              Mark Bryant         Accounts               0845                                       accounts@hastings-
                                          Manager                6384772                          
Marketing             As Above

Insert details of Directors / Proprietors

           Director / Proprietor                           Home Address                                   Telephone No

Donna Rimer                                  21 Pilot Road Hastings TN34 2AP               0845 6384772
                                                Key Contacts – Signature Gifts Ltd

Harpenden Office                                                  Wigtown Warehouse

                                                                  Tel 01988 402 504
Tel 0870 669 9300
                                                                  Fax 01988 402 163
Fax 01582 469 248
No 1 Waterside Station Road                                       PO Box 3, Newton Stewart,
                                                                  Wigtownshire, Scotland DG8 6TQ
Harpenden, Herts AL5 4US

Customer Queries to:              Post / Fax Orders to:                                  Email orders to:

Harpenden office                  Harpenden office                             

    Office            Name              Position                Tel           Mobile             Fax         Email

Harpenden          Kevin          Director                0844 770         07739 189        01582 469        kevin@historic-
                   Spindler                               5154             271              248    
Harpenden          Simone         Customer Services       0844 770         07747 478        01582 469        simone@historic-
                   Peristiani     Mgr                     5152             403              248    
Harpenden          Sam            Customer                0844 669                                           sam@historic-
                   Salvidge       Services                9300                                     
Wigtown            Roger          Finance Director        01988 403                         01988 402        roger@historic-
                   Carson                                 511                               163    
Wigtown            Lynn Carson    Accounts Admin          01988 402                         01988 402        lynn@historic-
                                                          504                               163    

                                                        ORDER PROCESS
             A dedicated account handler will be allocated to your account and will be confirmed on receipt of first order

Online Order System

We request you place your orders on our online order system.

We will allocate you a unique login ID & password which allows you to place orders & be charged directly at your agreed cost price.

Please provide us with the information requested below – (your preferred user ID and a password, email address where the order
receipt and dispatch confirmation is sent.)

Order System website address                                

Username (please provide)
Password (please provide)
Email to send order confirmations (please provide)
Address which matches credit card to be used (please provide)
Mark R Bryant
6 Eastfield Road

Fax / Email Orders

In exceptional circumstances only, can we accept orders placed manually and sent via email.

Before placing your first order in this way, please contact Frances Hall – our Process Co-Ordinator. She will ensure first order is
received and passed to the correct key account operator. Her email is and direct tel 01582 464 806.
BACS Payment to be made to:
Signature Gifts Ltd                                                        tbc                 Credit card on initial orders until trading
Bank of Scotland                                                                               history established and references taken
Acc No = 06000477. Sort Code = 80-19-33
Cheques and or Remittance Advices to:
Signature Gifts Ltd
PO Box 3, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, Scotland DG8 6TQ

Invoiced Customers
The buyer shall pay the invoiced price of the goods no later than 30 days from date of invoice.
No payment shall be deemed to have been received until the seller has received cleared funds.
The seller reserves the right to charge interest on a monthly basis on any amount overdue until payment is received in full for the goods
supplied. The rate of interest will be charged at 2% over Bank of Scotland plc‟s base rate.

Retention of Title
Ownership of the goods shall not pass to the buyer until payment has been received for the goods. Where payment is made by cheque –
title does not pass to the buyer until the funds have been cleared
                                                         Product Details & Terms


Post &               UK Standard Delivery
Packaging                    Products with Retail „above‟ £25 = £5.00 (eg Historic Original Newspapers & Books)
                                 - exception – any voucher pack/CD will be charged at £3.50

                                 Products with Retail „below‟ £25 = £3.50 (eg Calendars, Diary’s, Soft Back Books)
                                 - exception- any framed product will be charged at £5.00

                     UK Urgent Priority Delivery
                             All Products Urgent = £10.

                     International Delivery (please note we cannot deliver to PO boxes)
                               non tracked or signed for EU = £7.50, ROW = £10
                                urgent tracked all international destinations = £25

                               Charges may be subject to change from time to time
Order Lead           Reproduction Books & Calendars - 7 working days from receipt of order (5 working days UK Urgent)
Times                Original Newspapers – 2-3 working days (1-2 working days for Urgent)

Personalisation      Original Newspapers – A Certificate of Authenticity is available allowing for the recipient‟s name (max 22
Options              characters) and a greetings (max 200 characters) – inserted loose in the gift pack

                     Hard Back Books – all come with a certificate label allowing for recipient‟s name (max 22 characters) and a
                     greeting (max 200 characters) which is stuck to the front page of each book.

                     Please note – there is a £2 charge for replacement certificates and self adhesive labels that have been completed
                     according to the instructions given on the order.

                     Embossing Option – for additional £5 at retail and on-cost based on your % margin, the recipient‟s name can also
                     be gold embossed on front cover on hard back books (max 22 characters)

                     Calendars & Diaries – can be personalised with recipient‟s name on the cover.

                     There are no personalisation options on the soft back books & soft back diaries

Sunday Titles        Historic Originals Sunday titles incur a £20 surcharge . Alternatively you can ask for a paper to be reproduced at
                     no additional charge (up to 1980) or ask to send next day (which carries the news from day itself).

Returns              If an item is returned because of an error on our part, or because it is defective, Historic Newspapers will refund
                     the full value of the product and costs returning it to us. The item(s) must be returned in its original condition
                     within 30 days of delivery.

                     If an un-personalised product is returned and Historic Newspapers have fulfilled the order correctly we will refund
                     the cost of the Newspaper and gift pack only. The cost of post and packaging will be charged in full.

                     We cannot accept returns for personalised products where the order has been fulfilled correctly.

Originals –          We will send a “national newspaper title” but cannot accept orders for specific titles, unless availability is checked
Titles Choice        with us first. We have stock for most dates, but if a national title is not available for the selected date we will
                     inform you within 3 days of receipt of order.

                     Please note papers are charged at a premium if they fall or cover a key historical event (ie Lunar Landings,
                     Kennedy assassination etc). We will notify you if this is the case.

  % Margin =         This discount applies off the RSP of each product (rounded up to nearest penny).

                     e.g Football Books – RSP £44.99 = £45 less 20% = cost price of £36.00

   …%                The % discount does not apply to the P&P / Direct Dispatch charges shown above.

Signature of Buyer
By signing this agreement the Buyer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein.

On behalf of the Buyer      D. Rimer                       On behalf of the Seller

Date 15/12/09                                                                       Date
Delivery Details
The status of any order can be checked at: WheresMyOrder?

1) Order Lead Times

Order-to-delivery lead times (including postage) vary according to product, below is a table detailing the
expected delivery date based on the product ordered.

                                                                                  Table 1.Order-to-delivery lead times

                                 UK Standard          UK Urgent         International   International      International
                                   Delivery            Delivery              EU             ROW               Urgent
                                                     1-2       4-5
                               4 days    7 days                        Up to 10 days    Up to 14 days        7-9 days
                                                    days      days

  Original Newspapers            ×                    ×                       ×              ×                  ×
     Spoof Personalised
        Newspapers               ×                    ×                       ×              ×                  ×

 Sport Newspaper Books           ×                    ×                       ×              ×                  ×
      Historic Theme
     Newspaper Books             ×                    ×                       ×              ×                  ×

     Personalised Image
         Calendars               ×                    ×                       ×              ×                  ×

Selected Date Newspaper
   Books & Calendars                           ×                ×             ×              ×                  ×

  Personalised Football
   Calendars & Diaries                         ×                ×             ×              ×                  ×

 Printed Mugs & T-Shirts                       ×                ×             ×              ×                  ×

     All Framed Products                       ×                ×             ×              ×                  ×

     Any Other Products                        ×                ×             ×              ×                  ×
 Book Embossing (where
                                     +2 days            +2 days            +2 days         +2 days           +2 days


 o          A day is defined as a working day - Monday to Friday
 o          A full day counts on orders received before 1pm .(so order received on Tuesday 3pm on 4 day delivery means
        next Monday
 o          Next day delivery (where offered) only if order received before 1pm
 o          Add 2 days lead time for embossing recipient’s name onto a cover of a book where chosen

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