SMART COOKIES by liamei12345


									                                      SMART COOKIES

The Smart Cookies are five women who were living beyond their means and struggling to stay on top
of their finances. At their financial breaking point, they decided to do something about it. They formed
a money group, started talking about their problems and quickly developed strategies for turning their
financial lives around - without surrendering their sanity or social lives. Just one year after joining
forces, the Smart Cookies dramatically improved their financial situations — paying off substantial
debt, adding thousands to their investment portfolios and making major developments in their careers,
relationships, and life goals. Using humor and engaging stories, the Smart Cookies easily communicate
their motivational story of having it all… with a little help from your friends. Using lessons from their
money group, the Smart Cookies help audiences understand how to attract more money, conquer debt
and enrich their lives.

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