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                         The Talking Cloth
                        Reading Assessment

Reading: Word Analysis, Vocabulary, and Fluency
Read the story below. Choose the best vocabulary word to fill in each
blank. Use context clues to help you.

      “In West Africa, people once used gold dust as a form of money,”
June told the class. “Lots of pure gold dust added up to great ____1____.
Traders used scales and small weights to weigh the dust. The weights
came in different shapes and designs. Some had ____2____ of the sun or
stars or animals on them.”
      June held up a cloth bag with her name ____3____ in purple thread.
“This is my ____4____ of weights,” she said. Then she emptied the bag
with a ____5____ to show off the pieces.
      “This one has the shape of a chair,” said the young ____6____. “It
stands for the golden chair of the Ashanti king. Only a person of
____7____ was allowed to sit in the chair,” June explained.

1. a. collector        b. royalty        c. wealth         d. symbols

2. a. embroidered      b. symbols        c. flourish       d. collection

3. a. collection       b. symbols        c. royalty        d. embroidered

4. a. collection       b. flourish       c. collector      d. wealth

5. a. flourish         b. wealth         c. royalty        d. symbols

6. a. royalty          b. embroidered c. collector         d. wealth

7. a. collection       b. wealth         c. flourish       d. royalty
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Reading: Comprehension
Directions: Read each question. Choose the best answer.

  1. What does the color of the adinkra cloth stand for?
       a. It names the person who sewed the cloth.
       b. It tells how the wearer feels.
       c. It is a sign that its wearer is not a king.
       d. It shows how warm or cold it is.

  2. Which does not belong on a list that tells the meanings of the small
     black shapes on the cloth?
        a. faith
        b. power
        c. love
        d. smiles

  3. Where is adinkra cloth from?
       a. Mexico
       b. Japan
       c. Ghana
       d. North America

  4. Who wore adinkra cloth long ago?
       a. children
       b. grandparents
       c. nurses
       d. royalty

  5. What is on the cloth that makes it talk?
       a. symbols
       b. beads
       c. buttons
       d. embroidery

  6. What people make adinkra cloth?
       a. Ashanti
       b. Indians
       c. Japanese
       d. Americans
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  7. What does Amber’s aunt offer her to drink?
       a. milk
       b. lemonade
       c. mocha
       d. water

  8. What material is adinkra cloth made of?
       a. cotton
       b. denim
       c. silk
       d. velvet

  9. What does Amber think her little brother’s cloth should look like?
       a. gray pinstriped cloth with squares
       b. red cloth with hearts
       c. green cloth with handprints
       d. gold cloth with triangles

  10.      What does Aunt Phoebe mean when she says, “this child has
          grown a lot, inside”?
        a. Amber drank too much mocha.
        b. Amber has learned many new things.
        c. Amber is growing too fast.
        d. Amber’s clothes are too small.

Reading: Literary Response and Analysis
Directions: Read each question. Choose the best answer.

  1. Who is telling the story?
       a. Aunt Phoebe
       b. Fred
       c. Daddy
       d. Amber

  2. How does Aunt Phoebe feel about traveling?
       a. She thinks it’s a waste of time.
       b. She travels to learn about other people and cultures.
       c. She is afraid to fly in an airplane.
       d. She only travels with her baby brother.
        #_____    Name __________________________________

  3. How does Amber’s father feel about visiting Aunt Phoebe?
       a. Excited to learn about objects in her “collection of life.”
       b. He doesn’t like visiting Aunt Phoebe.
       c. He gets bored listening to Aunt Phoebe’s stories.
       d. He likes to tease Aunt Phoebe while he’s there, but he enjoys
          visiting with her.

  4. Why does Amber enjoy visiting Aunt Phoebe?
       a. She can drink mocha while she’s there.
       b. Aunt Phoebe lets her play with her collection.
       c. Aunt Phoebe has many interesting things to show and stories
          to share.
       d. Aunt Phoebe gives her presents from her travels.

 5. What genre (kind of story) is The Talking Cloth?
      a. fantasy
      b. realistic fiction
      c. folktale
      d. nonfiction

Writing: Written Language and Conventions
Directions: Read each sentence. Choose the word or words that
stand for the underlined word.

 1. Madison won’t be at school today.
         a. will not
         b. was not
         c. were not
         d. they will

  2. On Saturday we’re going to the park.
          a. we were
          b. we are
          c. we will
          d. were

  3. She wasn’t done with her homework yet.
         a. we was
         b. was not
         c. is not
         d. was nt
         #_____    Name __________________________________

  4. They’ll ride the bus to Disneyland.
           a. the yell
           b. they ill
           c. they will
           d. they are

Directions: Read each sentence. Then choose the correct plural form
of the word in ( ) to complete each sentence.

  5. Phoebe gave her niece two _____ from her collection. (box)
          a. boxes
          b. boxs
          c. boxies
          d. boxss

  6. The two _____ wore crowns around the castle. (princess)
           a. princesss
           b. princessies
           c. princesses
           d. princies

  7. The genie granted her three _____. (wish)
          a. wishies
          b. wishs
          c. wishses
          d. wishes

Directions: Read each question. Choose the best answer.

  8. Which is a complete sentence?
          a. The principal and the teachers.
          b. Spoke at the assembly.
          c. The principal made an announcement.
          d. Saw a student.

  9. Which is a complete sentence?
          a. Wagged its tail.
          b. My new puppy.
          c. The little dog jumped up and down.
          d. Was sleeping by the fire.
      #_____      Name __________________________________

10. Which is NOT a complete sentence?
       a. Aunt Phoebe visited Africa last year.
       b. Daddy enjoys teasing Aunt Phoebe.
       c. The blue fish swam around the aquarium.
       d. Likes to play kickball.

11.        Which word rhymes with tomorrow?
      a.   Tuesday
      b.   borrow
      c.   now
      d.   tomato

12.        What word rhymes with petal?
      a.   pet
      b.   tall
      c.   metal
      d.   pets

13.        What word rhymes with smiles?
      a.   tiles
      b.   smells
      c.   frowns
      d.   flies

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