Deh Cho Bridge Project Status Report by liamei12345


									The GNWT Action Plan –
    The Levelton Report
Jan 18, 2011 Yellowknife

                         Presentation - Aim
 To present the Project Team’s plan of action in response
  to the recently completed Levelton Report which was an
  audit on the Phase 1 works.

                    Presentation Agenda
 Background
 Aim of the Report
 Scope
 Findings
 Recommendations
 Actions Planned
 Conclusion
 Questions
                          Audit Background
 Phase 1 all works completed prior to 31 March 2010
    under the DCBC
   Phase 2 all works under the GNWT
   Technical issues (design), fabrication, construction
   Quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA)
   Due diligence dictated the GNWT review and understand
    what had taken place in Phase 1
   Levelton Consultants assigned the role and commenced
    April/May 2010 and completed 30 Nov 2010
   Audit employed interviews/documentation
    review/inspections to complete the audit.

               Aim/Scope of the Audit
 Aim : To assure the GNWT that the “in place” works were
  constructed to standard and that all phase 2 works would
  be based on quality works.
 Scope:
   Confirm continuity of design responsibility;
   Confirm all issues raised in Ph 1 addressed;
   Confirm fabrication and construction QC/QA followed and
   Confirm general compliance with the contract and specs
   Identify issues required to close off the Phase 1 works

Findings and Recommendations (1)
 Findings divided into 6 main categories
 Section 6 of the Report details the formal
 Some further notes in the main body of the report which
  are germane to the Project.
 GNWT has grouped the recommendations where they
  make sense and where one has a direct impact on the
 Due to the audit process- the GNWT has taken action
  concurrently to the review and has already completed
  some recommendations, with others well underway.
Findings and Recommendations (2)
 Nothing found in Phase 1 that impacts the safety of the work to
    date or that would affect construction of Phase 2
   Deficiencies were found in Phase 1 document control which,
    given further time and research, may be remedied
   Recommendation that Phase 1 works be accepted upon
    completion of the recommendations
   GWNT has accepted the Levelton Report and has the resources
    and time available to address all the recommendations.
   Our main priority remains to complete the project safely and to
    a high standard.

Action Plan

                Actions Planned
Ser   Element   Recommendation       Action         Notes
1     Phase 1   Develop, implement   In place and   On going monitoring
      QC/QA     and monitor a        operating      with regular meetings
                QA/QC and                           and checks
                document control

                Actions Planned
Ser   Element   Recommendation       Action       Notes
2a    Design    Ensure proper design Design       Initial report due end
                responsibility       continuity   Jan 2011.
                established          review in    Complete by end Feb
                                     progress     2011

                Actions Planned
Ser   Element   Recommendation        Action          Notes
2b    Design    Infinity to confirm   Infinity will   Initial report due end
                all design issues     confirm this    Jan 2011.
                raised by the GNWT                    Complete by end Feb
                addressed                             2011

                Actions Planned
Ser   Element   Recommendation          Action      Notes
2c    Design    Fracture critical and   Confirm     Completed in Phase 2
                dimensional             documents   works

                 Actions Planned
Ser Element      Recommendation Action                  Notes
3a   Alignment   Outstanding issues   Independent       Completed by Sub
     of piers    to alignment be      survey of the     Arctic Survey summer
                 addressed            piers confirm     of 2010
                                      they are in the
                                      exact location
                                      they should be

                 Actions Planned
Ser   Element    Recommendation         Action          Notes
3b    Pier 3 S   Top of footing to be   Expert firms    Must be done in ice
                 examined in the area   who have this   free time. Can be
                 of the suspected       expertise are   done concurrent to
                 depression             being           already planned
                                        contacted.      works.
                                        Work to be

                  Actions Planned
Ser   Element      Recommendation          Action         Notes
3c    Constr Pier Resolved - Infinity to   GNWT will      Draft report due end
      2S          confirm this issue       include this   Jan 2011.
                  does not impact          into the       Final report due end
                  future works             design         Feb 2011

                 Actions Planned
Ser   Element    Recommendation         Action      Notes
3d    Concrete   Concrete Elems for     No action   Completed
      Elms       Piers 1-4 N accepted   required

                   Actions Planned
Ser   Element      Recommendation      Action       Notes
4a    Complete     The turnover        Current QC   Ongoing. Review due
      QC gaps at   packages produced   team to      end Feb 2011
      the AIS      by AIS to be        review the
      Plant        reviewed            packages

                 Actions Planned
Ser   Element    Recommendation       Action       Notes
4b    Review     Current QC team to   Current QC   Ongoing.
      Geocon’s   review these QC      Team to      Review due by end Fen
      Reports    documents to         review and   2011
      (55)       determine further    provide
                 action required      comment

                  Actions Planned
Ser   Element     Recommendation          Action          Notes
4d    Steel Elms- Qualified firm to       Ensure          Testing to take place in
      QC gaps     conduct further         testing and     Mar 2011 and
                  review and testing to   reviews of      completed by end Apr
                  allow them to extend    components      2011
                  their certification     that were not
                                          in the

                 Actions Planned
Ser   Element     Recommendation        Action          Notes
5c    Scour Rock Scour rock materials   Review          Review took place in
                 and placement be       completed       Oct 2010. Plan
                 reviewed by a          and plan in     submitted in Oct 2010.
                 qualified consultant   place to        Work to commence
                                        remediate       summer of 2011
                                        the situation   completed by 2012.

                  Actions Planned
Ser   Element     Recommendation       Action       Notes
6     Earthwork   Continue with        Phase 1 works Phase 1 completed.
                  remediation works    corrected     Phase 2 to commence
                  currently underway   and           spring 2011.
                  with EBA             approaches
                  certification        ready for

               Summary of Conclusions
 Levelton and Associated Engineering recommend
  the GNWT accept the works of Phase 1 provided
  recommendations are followed.
 The GNWT and the Project Team accepts the
  report and will actively pursue all the
  recommendations to their successful completion.
 There are sufficient resources to successfully
  address all the recommendations



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