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					THE TEMPLE SOCIETY                       Teachers Victoria, Modern Language           an intermediate level 1 German as a
                                         Teachers Victoria, Community                  second language class for children
BENTLEIGH GERMAN                                                                       aged between 10 and 12
                                         Language Schools Association of
SCHOOL operates at 152 Tucker            Victoria and the DEECD Southern              an intermediate level 2 German as a
Road in Bentleigh.                       District Region LOTE.                         second language class for children
                                                                                       doing German at their secondary
The Temple Society Australia has         Our teachers are supported to work            school aged between 12 and 15
been offering German language            together in their planning and               Klasse 1 “Muttersprachlergruppe”
classes for primary and secondary        coordination of the teaching program.         (native speaker group) for children
students for over fifty years.                                                         aged between 6 and 8
                                         We have an established reading               Klasse 2 “Muttersprachlergruppe” for
In 2003, the school began providing      program and participate in various            children aged between 7 and 9
separate classes for children learning   cultural activities and events during         Students must be able to read and
German as a second language from         the school year.                              write
those with native German speaker
skills.                                                                               Klasse 3 “Muttersprachlergruppe” for
                                                                                       children aged between 9 and 10
                                         Children must have completed one
We are a well-resourced, fully           year, preferably two, years of               Klasse 4 “Muttersprachlergruppe” for
accredited after-hours language          mainstream primary schooling                  children aged between 11 and 14
school and our teachers are native       before commencing our German
speakers of German or fully qualified    School classes.                            As much as possible, students are
German teachers.                                                                   grouped according to their proficiency and
                                                                                   experience in the language.
The Victorian State Government
Department of Education and Early
                                                   2009 CLASSES                    German as a second language classes
Childhood Development (DEECD)                                                      aim to teach children with some or no
                                            a beginner level German as a second   background in the language. The range
provides a subsidy for each child            language class for children aged
attending the school who is enrolled                                               of proficiency levels of children in these
                                             between 6 and 9                       classes is broad and the teachers aim to
by the end of March in any year.
                                            a junior level German as a second     incorporate a range of activities which
                                             language class for children aged      build and enhance the children’s
Teachers are encouraged to                                                         language skills. The teacher uses some
                                             between 8 and 9
participate in professional                                                        English in these classes and integrate
development offered by the Goethe                                                  themes and topics according to the
Institute, the Australian German                                                   students’ interests and age levels.
The “Muttersprachlerklassen” are for             Interested parents and their
children who already have a high level of
                                                 children are invited to visit the
proficiency in the German language and
who come from families in which German           School and observe or participate in
is spoken consistently with at least one         a German lesson.
parent. The teacher is a native speaker                                                     After Hours Community
and uses German only. It is expected that        PLEASE NOTE:                                  Language School
the children can participate in all activities   Most of the Muttersprachler classes
in German. The teaching and learning             are currently full. A waiting list is in
focus is on the introduction and extension       place for students wishing to attend          Temple Society
of reading and writing skills. Topics and        these classes.                                    Bentleigh
themes integrate various aspects of the
school curriculum, which are taught                                                            German School
through German.
                                                 For further information, please
                                                                                              152 Tucker Road
                                                 contact:                                    Bentleigh Vic 3204
Our teachers include music, singing,
games, videos, projects, group and
partner work in their teaching to make the             Marianne Herrmann
learning experience an enjoyable and                   Tel: 9557 6713 BH
successful one.                                         or 0407 271 764
A committee comprising teacher
representation, a parent from each class
and a member of the Temple Society
Australia form the management group for          For information about the
the school.                                      Bayswater German Templer School,
                                                 please contact:
German as a second language
classes are conducted after school on               Irene Bouzo Tel. (03) 9887 0713 or

The “Muttersprachlerklassen” are
conducted after school on Mondays.                         Updated March 2009

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