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									                                      SMART-TRANS LOGISTICS LTD
                                                 UNIT 3906A & B, 39/F, CABLE TV TOWER,
                                 NO.9, HOI SHING ROAD,TSUEN WAN N.T., HONG KONG
                                       TEL : 852 2750 5998 FAX. : 852 2750 1599

                     Known Consignor Aviation Security Declaration

1. On behalf of _________________________________________(Name of Consignor) I,
   the undersigned, confirm that, unless otherwise stated, all consignment of goods, consigned for
   carriage by air by*me/my company to Smart-Trans Logistics Ltd.

    i. Do not contain any explosive or incendiary device;
   ii. Are protected to my best endeavour against unauthories interference during preparation,
       storage and transportation.
  iii. Are prepared by reliable staff employed by *me/my company.

2. I agree that the packaging and contents of the consignments my be examined for security reasons.

Please fill in the following table in block letters.
Signature of Known Consignor (with Company Chop):                      Name:

Position :                                                             Date :

Company Address :

Telephone No.:                                                         Fax No.:

Business Registration Certificate Number (if applicable) :

Please return this completed form to us by one of the following methods :
1. By faxing to : ( 852) 2750 1599
2. By sending to emailbox :
   (Address : Unit 3906A & B, 39/F., Cable TV Tower, No.9 , Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong)

   * This declaration is renewable every 3 years
   * Cross out where appropriate
an, N.T. Hong Kong)

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