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Brochure for the 2012 TapRooT Global Summit, February 29 - March 2, 2012. Each year we consult with and teach root cause analysis to the world’s leading companies. This interaction makes us premier “knowledge brokers.” Instead of keeping all the best practices we learn to ourselves, we share them once a year at the TapRooT Summit. This sharing started out as a simple three day meeting of our best TapRooT Users. Over 15 years, it has grown to an international event with world-renowned speakers and multiple tracks designed to share best practices within and across industries and professions.

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                      TAPROOT® 2012
                                                    February 29 – March 2 • Las Vegas, Nevada
     Summit Week Schedule
    Monday-Tuesday (Feb 27-28)
   Pre-Summit Courses (see list below)
 Wednesday-Friday (Feb 29-Mar 2)
  5 Keynote Speakers, 40+ Breakout
 Sessions, Networking, Advisory Board
     Meeting, and Reception with
  Performance Improvement Exhibits
         Friday PM (March 2)
                                                      Astronaut Ken Mattingly
                                                                                                  Is the Summit for You?
       Golf Tournament & Night Out                                                                     It is if you want to…
         Summit Price: $995 USD
                                                 Keynote Speakers                           •
                                                                                              Take improvement to new heights.
                                                                                              Solve your company’s biggest problems.
                                                  Share Secrets of Success                  • Be inspired to keep improvement going.

       Pre-Summit Courses                           & Lessons Learned                       •
                                                                                              Keep your knowledge state-of-the-art.
                                                                                              Learn from industry leaders.
       Feb 27-28 Las Vegas, NV                                                              • Make valuable new contacts.
 Mark Paradies handpicked 11 courses                                                        • See the latest TapRooT® improvements.
 for the two days prior to the Summit:                                                      • Maintain your Certified TapRooT®
  • TapRooT® Analyzing and Fixing                                                             Instructor status.
    Safety Culture Issues                                                                   • Have fun meeting new people and
                                                                                              learning best practices.	
  • Advanced TapRooT® Techniques
  • Risk Analysis & Risk Management
  • How to Interview & Gather Evidence
                                                 Gerry Migliaccio      Rene Aguilar
                                                                                                  Learn Best Practices
  • Stopping Human Error
                                                                                                 Interested in learning best practices?
  • Getting the Most from Your                                                                   Check out our Summit Best Practice
    TapRooT® Software                                                                                      Breakout Tracks:
  • Fatigue Risk Management Training                                                    • Certified TapRooT® Instructor
  • Equifactor® Equipment                                                               • Healthcare Quality, Patient Safety, and
    Troubleshooting & Root Cause                                                          Sentinel Events
    Analysis (Special 2-Day)                                                            • Human Performance and Behavior Change
  • TapRooT® Incident Investigation &           Christine Cashen Beverly Chiodo
                                                                                        • Investigation, Troubleshooting, and
    Root Cause Analysis                       Rene Aguilar: Rescue of 33 Chilean Miners   Root Cause Analysis
  • TapRooT® Quality/Six Sigma/Lean                                                     • Leading Performance Improvement
                                              Christine Cashen: So You Think You
    Advanced Root Cause Analysis                Have Problems?                          • Quality and Corrective Action Programs
                                              Beverly Chiodo: Character-Driven Success • TapRooT® Software Super Users/
 Pre-Summit Course Price: $1,095 USD.         Gerry Migliaccio: What does Senior
 Register 3+ people at once and save                                                    • Safety, Process Safety,
                                                Management Want from Incident
                                                                                          and Risk Management
 $100 each. Save $200 each by                   Investigation and Root Cause Analysis?
 registering for pre-Summit course and                                                  • Special Topics
                                              Ken Mattingly: Lessons Learned from
 the Summit.                                    Apollo 13 and Space Shuttle Operations  Don’t miss this Improvement Opportunity!

                                   TIME TO GET OFF THE PERFORMANCE PLATEAU?
 Feel stuck? Can’t seem to improve? You can’t apply the same old ideas and expect continuous improvement. Don’t despair. We have the
 answer. The Global TapRooT® Summit. That’s where TapRooT® Users learn the latest performance enhancement techniques from world-
 class experts that are being used by industry-leading companies. Learn new ideas and best practices. Take ideas from other industries
 around the world and brainstorm methods for integrating them into your company. A gathering of TapRooT® Users is the best place to
 network and benchmark with valuable new friends. So get off the plateau! See the future from the Summit! Bring several people—an
 improvement team. You’ll be able to cover more sessions and have allies to help you mobilize your improvement revolution back at work.

Register at www.taproot.com/summit                                           Copyright © 2011 by System Improvements, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
             Best Practice Tracks & Sessions
     Certified TapRooT® Instructor             Investigation, Troubleshooting, and               Safety, Process Safety, and
• Developing Great Investigators
                                                       Root Cause Analysis                           Risk Management
• What is Culture & How Do You Identify &    • TapRooT® Investigations & TapRooT®          • TapRooT® Investigations & TapRooT®
  Solve Culture Problems Using TapRooT®?       Process Improvements                          Process Improvements
• What’s New in the TapRooT® Software?       • What is Culture & How Do You Identify &     • What is Culture and How Do You Identify &
• Deepwater Horizon:                           Solve Problems Using TapRooT®?                Solve Culture Problems Using TapRooT®?
  A Dramatic Portrayal                       • Troubleshooting Equipment Problems as       • What Does Management Need to Know
• TapRooT® Users Share                         Part of a TapRooT® Investigation              About Process Safety Improvement?
  Root Cause Best Practices                  • Corrective Action Best Practices            • Deepwater Horizon: A Dramatic Portrayal
• Certified TapRooT®                         • TapRooT® Users Share Root Cause             • Risk Management & Safety
  Instructor Best Practices                    Best Practices                              • Trends in the Workplace: Safety & Health
• Positive Contributions in                  • Investigation & Root Cause                  • Design for Reliable Performance
  Facilitation & Management Interactions       Analysis Insights                           • Using TapRooT® to Analyze Near Misses,
• Using FACT to Measure & Analyze Fatigue    • The Day 29 Miners Died:                       At-Risk Behaviors, and Adverse Trends
  (Reactive & Proactive)                       The UBB Mine Explosion                      • Planning Your Improvements
• Planning Your Improvements                 • Planning Your Improvements

Healthcare Quality, Patient Safety, and                                                           TapRooT® Software Super
           Sentinel Events                                                                         Users/Administrators
                                               Leading Performance Improvement
• Healthcare Quality Improvement                                                           • Using the TapRooT® Software to
• Using the Balridge Criteria to Achieve     • TapRooT® Implementation                       Perform an Investigation
  Performance Improvement                      Success Stories
                                                                                           • User Experience – Web Implementation of
• What’s New in the TapRooT® Software?       • What is Culture and How Do You Identify &     the TapRooT® Software
• Criminal Prosecution of Accidents            Solve Culture Problems Using TapRooT®?      • What’s New in the TapRooT® Software?
• Developing a Fatigue Risk                  • What Does Management Need to Know
                                                                                           • Bridging the Software Knowledge Gaps
  Management Plan                              About Process Safety Improvement?           • TapRooT® Users Share Root Cause
• Positive Contributions in Facilitation &   • Deepwater Horizon: A Dramatic Portrayal       Best Practices
  Management Interactions                    • Criminal Prosecution of Accidents
                                                                                           • How Your can Help Shape Future
• Using Electronic Medical                   • Investigation &                               TapRooT® Software
  Records to Improve Healthcare                Root Cause Analysis Insights                • Trending Using the TapRooT® Software
  Quality & Patient Safety                   • Designing Your Continuous
                                                                                           • How Pfizer Achieves
• Planning Your Improvements                   Improvement Program                           Operational Excellence
                                             • How Pfizer Achieves                         • Planning Your Improvements
                                               Operational Excellence
                                             • Planning Your Improvements
Human Performance & Behavior Change
• Proactive Prevention of Injuries and       Quality and Corrective Action Programs                     Special Topics
  Accidents Due to Human Error                                                             • Using the TapRooT® Software to
• Ergonomic & Human                                                                          Perform an Investigation
  Performance Improvement                                                                  • User Experience – Web Implementation of
• Getting People to Work Together                                                            the TapRooT® Software
• Changing Behavior by Praising the 49                                                     • What Does Management Need to Know
  Character Traits                                                                           About Process Safety Improvement?
• Criminal Prosecution of Accidents          • TapRooT® Implementation
                                               Success Stories                             • Deepwater Horizon: A Dramatic Portrayal
• Using Training Simulation to Improve                                                     • Criminal Prosecution of Accidents
  Human Performance                          • Using the Balridge Criteria to Achieve
                                               Performance Improvement                     • Investigation &
• Using FACT to Analyze Fatigue                                                              Root Cause Analysis Insights
  (Reactive and Proactive)                   • Root Cause Analysis of Quality Problems
                                             • Corrective Action Best Practices            • TapRooT® Advisory Board Meeting
• Planning Your Improvements                                                               • The Day 29 Miners Died:
                                             • Quality Issues
                                             • Investigation &                               The UBB Mine Explosion
                                               Root Cause Analysis Insights                • Planning Your Improvements
                                             • Designing your Continuous
                                               Improvement Program
                                             • How Pfizer Achieves
                                               Operational Excellence
                                             • Planning Your Improvements

                                 For the complete Summit schedule, see: www.taproot.com/summit
                TAPROOT®                                 Summit 2012
                                                    Las Vegas Feb 29-Mar 2

     Custom Summit Experience                                Registration & Discounts
It’s easy to customize your Summit experience to            To register:
solve your company’s biggest challenges.                       1. See the web site:
Start by selecting the Best Practice Track that helps               www.taproot.com/summit
you the most. Then make the Summit fit your exact              2. Click on the Registration link.
needs by selecting sessions from other tracks or               3. Pick an optional pre-Summit Course.
from the Special Topics.                                       4. Pick your Best Practice Track, customize it, and pick your Special Topics.
The Best Practice sessions and Special Topics                  5. Complete your contact info, payment info, & optional golf registration.
provide practical knowledge to develop effective            That’s it! Get your hotel reservation and travel plans set and you are ready to go!
improvement initiatives that make you look good at
                                                            The Summit costs only $995. A pre-Summit course is $1095.
work. Plus the TapRooT® Summit networking/
benchmarking is unique because people come from             Summit & Pre-Summit Course Discount:
such a wide variety of industries, professions, &           Attend the Summit and a pre-Summit course and save $200 (just $1890 for both).
countries. Summit attendees have described the              Multiple Attendee Discounts: Bring 3 or more people to the Summit, get $100
networking as meeting “… the leading performance            off ($895 each). For a pre-Summit course? $100 off ($995 each). Both? Just $1690
improvement and root cause experts from around              each - a $400 savings! (Sign up everyone on the same invoice to get the discount.)
the world.”                                                 Large Group: Have a group of 10+? Call 865-539-2139 for an added discount.
Safety experts share with Lean/Six Sigma
professionals, who share with human performance
experts, who share with patient safety experts, who
                                                                                        Certified Instructors
                                                            To maintain your status as a Certified TapRooT® Instructor, you must attend a pre-
share with equipment reliability engineers, who
                                                            Summit Course and the Summit once every two years. Register for the TapRooT®
share with risk managers, who share with … the list
                                                            Certified Instructor Track and you will receive the latest TapRooT® Course material.
goes on and on.
Don’t miss the Summit!
Sign up now at www.taproot.com/summit
                                                                              TapRooT® Advisory Board Meeting
                                                            The TapRooT® Advisory Board will meet Thursday afternoon. Also, there will be a
                                                            TapRooT® Advisory Board Dinner Thursday night. Advisory Board members,
            Summit Guarantee                                watch for your invitation e-mail and be sure to pick the meeting from the Special
TapRooT® Summit attendees rave about the well-              Topics sessions.
organized event with excellent speakers, practical
best practice sessions, valuable networking, and
fun activities. Add to this the highly rated pre-
                                                                                            Travel Planning
                                                            For discount travel, use the Summit official travel agent: World Ventures Tours &
Summit Courses and you have an amazing week
                                                            Travel. Call 800-225-4386. The Summit will be held at The Flamingo Las Vegas. A
that jumpstarts performance improvement. That’s
                                                            limited number of rooms are available at a special rate of $79/night.
why we have no hesitation offering this guarantee:
                                                            Newly renovated “Go Rooms” are available for $109/night,
 Attend the Summit. Go back to work and                     and the government rate is $93/night.
 use what you’ve learned. If you don't get at               To book through the hotel directly, call 888-373-9855.
 least 10 times the return on your                          Ask for the TapRooT® block of rooms.
 investment, just return the materials and
 we’ll refund the entire Summit fee.                                                    Credits for Attending
A guaranteed conference? Unheard-of! But you can            Summit attendees receive 2 CEUs when they attend the Summit, and 2.5 CIH CM
be confident that your time will be well spent.             Points. Pre-Summit courses offer 1.6 CEUs and 2 CIH CM Points.

                                  Unwind & Network with Some Summit Fun!
                         Summit Reception                                                 Summit Scramble Golf Tournament
                                                                            The 2012 TapRooT® Summit Charity Golf Tournament will be held
 The Summit Reception will take place Wednesday, February 29,               at Rio Secco Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada on Friday afternoon
 2012 after the first full day of learning and sharing. Explore our         (March 2, 2012). Money raised will be donated to the Oasis of
 exhibits, network with new colleagues, enjoy delicious food, and           Love Women's Shelter in Clinton, Tennessee. The cost to register
 have a little fun while you’re at it! As always, the Summit reception      is $125.00 per player (payable at registration - includes greens fee,
 is free of charge and you may bring a guest to join the fun.               cart, lunch, and applicable tax), and op-
                                                                            tional club rental is $50.00 (reserve them
 Keep an eye on our Summit website (www.taproot.com/summit)                 at registration, pay when you arrive).
 for more details on this year’s event!

                   Any questions about the Summit? Call us at 865-539-2139 and we’ll be glad to answer them.
           Exceptional                               Cutting-Edge                                                         11 Pre-Summit Courses
            Speakers                              Best Practice Tracks                                                  To Amplify Your Experience
                                          Interested in learning best practices?                                 • TapRooT® Analyzing and Fixing Safety
                                          Attend a Best Practice breakout track:                                   Culture Issues
                                                                                                                 • Advanced TapRooT® Techniques
                                          • Certified TapRooT® Instructor                                        • Risk Analysis & Risk Management
                                          • Healthcare Quality, Patient Safety, and                              • How to Interview & Gather Evidence
                                            Sentinel Events                                                      • Stopping Human Error
                                          • Human Performance and Behavior                                       • Getting the Most from Your
                                                                                                                   TapRooT® Software
                                          • Investigation, Troubleshooting, and
                                                                                                                 • Fatigue Risk Management Training
                                            Root Cause Analysis
                                                                                                                 • Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting
                                          • Leading Performance Improvement
                                                                                                                   & Root Cause Analysis (Special 2-Day)
                                          • Quality and Corrective Action Programs
                                                                                                                 • TapRooT® Incident Investigation &
                                          • Safety, Process Safety, and Risk
                                            Management                                                             Root Cause Analysis
      For more information see:           • TapRooT® Software Super Users/                                       • TapRooT® Quality/Six Sigma/Lean
      www.taproot.com/summit                Administrators                                                         Advanced Root Cause Analysis Training

                                                                             TAPROOT®Summit Invitation                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                  SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS, INC.                                                                                             PAID
                                                                238 S. Peters Road, Knoxville, TN 37923-5224 USA
                                                                 Phone: 865-539-2139 e-mail: info@taproot.com                                                                  Augusta, GA
                                                                          web: www.TapRooT.com/Summit
                                                                                                                                                                                Permit No. 231
                                                                Post Office:
                                                                               ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                                       Don’t gamble with your improvement program!
       Recommended by Past Attendees :                                Join us in Las Vegas. Visit: taproot.com/summit
• “The TapRooT® Summit continues to be the best
 gathering I’ve ever attended.”
• “Outstanding! Great combination of technical breakout
 sessions and self-introspective/self-growth speakers.                                            Las Vegas, Nevada
 Also, top-flight peers to talk to and share ideas with.”                                     February 29 – March 2, 2012
• “This week inspired me to go home and revitalize my
 improvement program. The networking with others in
 my field was well worth the money.”                                      Mark says:
                                                                        “Don’t miss this
• “The keynote speakers were way beyond my
 expectations. Networking opportunities were excellent.”
• “Each year I think, ‘This can’t get any better.’…and
 every year it does. Thanks for the great job organizing
 this event.”                                                        Copyright 2011 by System Improvements, Inc. Knoxville, TN. Duplication allowed to share Summit information with others.

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