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									Below are a few fundraising ideas, courtesy of Cynthia Hebert and Diana Labrecque. Many are tried and
true favorites such as the cookie dough. Please be aware that you are under no obligation to use any of the
companies listed below but that these are only suggestions.

                                Beef Jerky –

Dave Waddel has supplied many teams with top quality Beef Jerky in past years. The Beef Jerky is sold in
1lb packages for $20.00 with your profit being $6.00 per package. Contact Dave via email or at 906-2122 for
order details.

                                      Corporate Art Publishing House

Collect the excitement!!! These licensed prints are a great fundraising idea with 40% profit. There are over
50 digitally signed prints to choose from. These can be sold framed or loose. And when you personally sell
20 player prints you receive your favorite print free. There is also a large framed print for raffle purposes.
Please contact Tom Cawson at 449-9441 for all the details or visit him at the Shell Skate Sharpening booth
to view the product.


The Sherwood Park Crusaders are pleased to announce a team fund raising opportunity to earn $1500.00.
A team can participate and benefit if they sell a minimum of 15 season tickets. The cost of each general
admission season ticket is $200.00 which entitles the holder to 30 tickets. Each team member would be
responsible for selling one general admission season ticket and in turn their child’s team will receive 50% of
the sale. Contact the Sherwood Park Crusaders hockey office at 417-1175 for more details.


Teams across the country are participating in the Gatorade fundraising program. Gatorade is offering a
reduced price on asssorted cases of 591ml widemouth bottles. An excellent team fundraiser at an excellent
price! Visit the Gatorade web site for more information.

                Great Canadian Fundraising Products –

This company offers 4 products under its umbrella. Kettle Valley 100% Fruit Bars, nine flavors of Wheat
Crunch snack pouches, Beef Jerky (160g packages), and Pasta Pak’s. Check out their web site for profit

                                           Home Interiors & Gifts

The home party based company with independent consultants offers select items as fundraising
opportunities. These select items offer 50% profit. Locate a local Decorating Consultant near you or contact for referrals

                             In-Dey-Go Cookie Dough - WWW.INDEYGO.COM

This Alberta based company provides several varieties of quality frozen cookie dough with varying profit
margins. The company is also introducing Cinnamon Buns to their inventory. Check out their web site for the
yummy details.

                                       QSP Magazine Subscriptions

Over 700 Magazine titles are offered at discount prices while still providing 37% profit on each subscription
and level prizes to each participant. This is a great and easy fundraiser - Magazine subscriptions make great
gifts. Contact the SPKAC VP of Fundraising for Order details.
                                     QSP World’s Finest Chocolate Sales

The most familiar of this product is probably the chocolate covered almonds, however there are several
other chocolate options which include caramel, crisp bars, mocha, and mint. The potential of 40 to 50+%
profit is very obtainable. Contact the SPKAC VP of Fundraising for Order details.


Sharing a Club Card between several teams or throughout the club can quickly increase profit margins.
Contact the VP of Fundraising for information regarding the amount of the current card discount for your

                       Stawnichy’s Meat Processing –

Mundare Ukrainian homemade style sausage is SMP’s specialty. Check out their web site for product
information or call their Edmonton store at 428-8333 for fundraising opportunity details.

                            Tasty Tidbits Gourmet Foods –

This is a Gourmet Spice, Dip Mix, and Seasonings fundraising opportunity. Check out Tasty Tidbits web site
for product and profit details and well as contact information.

                                   V.I.P. Food Services -

A local business that provides “Quality without Compromise” on a wide variety of meats and side dishes in
convenient case-lot family sized quantaties. Fill your freezer while earning some guaranteed net profits.
Contact Justin or Case at 449-0556 for a complete summary of their products and profit opportunities.

                                Tip A Canoe Chocolates-

An Alberta based business that sells quality chocolate products at very reasonable rates. Their newest
product is a solid chocolate "hockey puck". Great for fundraising or for trading. Visit their website or call toll
free at 1-800-465-2598

                                       Other Fundraising Suggestions:

                                                   Bottle Drives

(Don’t forget your Special Event Permit)

                                 Loser Pools- Mini Team Raffles- 50/50 Draws

You must apply for a licence at any Alberta Registry or register your event with Alberta Gaming – You must
comply with ALL gaming regulations . I advise all teams to visit the web site below before deciding on any
raffle, 50/50 or loser pool draws.

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