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ACS paper


college universty

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Paper ACS-I                                                    Maximum marks: 40
                                                               Time Allowed: 2 Hrs
Instructions: Attempt five questions. Question No.1 is compulsory. Attempt at
least two questions from section-A and two questions from B. Each question
carries equals (8) marks.

Q 1: Write correct answer
i) 1 Mega Byte is equal to ----------------Kilo byte
     a) 1124            b)    1020                c)      1224          d) 1024
ii) A computer process ----------------------into information
     a) Numbers        b)     Output              c) Data               d)
iii) Medical devices often run a ---------------------Operating systems
     a) Multi-user      b) Real Time             c) Single user          d) Network
iv) How many events happen in CPU while executing an instruction
     a) 5               b) 4                      c) 3                   d) 6
 v) A bus with 32 lines can carry -------------------of data.
     a) 32-bits         b) 64-bits                c) 16-bits              d) 32-
vi) Arrows keys are also called
     a) Toggle key b) Function key               c) Modifier key d) Cursor control
vii) The advantage of an LCD monitor is that it is:
     a) Lighter         b) Faster          c) More compact d) both a and c
Viii) Internet surfing is an example of:
     a) Simplex         b) Half duplex     c)     Full duplex    d)      None

                                   Section A
Q 2. a) How many Generation of computer are? Briefly explain each Generation.
     b) What is the function of ALU and CU?           6+2

Q3.a) Convert the following Binary numbers into Decimal numbers and then
convert the    resulting decimal numbers back into binary number. Show
complete procedure
  I) 1100010011                ii) 101.101              5+3
   b) Explain the uses of computer in home

Q4. a) What is Operating System? Briefly explain following
    i) Real Time O.S             ii) Single user/single Tasking O.S
  iii) Single User/Multi Tasking O.S
   b) Differentiate between Analog computer &digital computer. 6+2

                                    Section B
Q 5. Explain the following terms
     i)Simplex transmission Mode                 ii) full Duplex Transmission
     iii) Router                                  iv) Switch    2+2+2+2

Q 6. a) Define Topology? What are four basic Topologies? Briefly explain each.
      b) Write the name of Solid State Storage Devices. 6+2

Q7 Explain the Features of Spreadsheet software.       8

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