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					                    Superior Aim College ® Haroonabad
                                           English I.Com IST
Total Marks 40                                                               Passing Marks 20

Q.1 Translate any one of the following paragraph into Urdu.
   a.                                                                             Harry Bittering
      moved into the metal shop and being to build the rocket. Men stood in the open door and
      talked and jocked without raising their voices.ones in a while they gave him a hand on lifting
      comething. But mostly they just idled and watched him with their yellowing eyes.
   b.                                                                             There was no use
      of Mr.Huberes protesting, for nobody believed him. Mr. Manna repeatedly maintained that
      Hurbert had picked up the pocket book for an hour both men abused each other. Then at his
      own request, Mr. Hubert was searched. No thing was found on him.
Q.2. Answer to any five questions.

1 Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?

2 What had the doctors told the old man?

3 What was the advice harry gave to the people?

4 What made Huburt shameful?

5 What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?

6 How did the King recover?

Q.3 Write a story bearing the moral “ Honesty is the best policy”

Q.4. Use any five of the following pairs of words in sentences of your own.

1 Angle, Angle     2. Berth, Birth    3. Cell, Sell    5. Discover, Invent

5. Ice, Snow     6. Ring, Wring      7.Able, Capable

                                           Good Luck

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