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									C2I Manpower

C2I Research Staff

S.No Name                                     S.No Name
    1 A/P Ong Yew Soon                    8       1 Research Fellow               1
    2 Asst/P Ivor                         3       2 Research Associate            5
   3   A/P Tan Ah Hwee                    1       3 Research Assistant            1
   4   A/P Kwoh Chee Keong                1       4 Project Officer              12
   5   Asst/P Chng Eng Siong              2       5 Visiting Professor            1
   6   Asst/P Suresh Sundaram             2
   7   A/P Andrzej Sluzek                 1
   8   Asst/P Wu Jianxin                  1
   9   Asst/P Jie Zhang                   1
                                    20                                        20

C2I PhD Students                                    Cubical

S.No   Name                                         Total no of cubical in C2I main
  1    A/P Quek Hiok Chai                10         Total no of cubical occupied by Research staff
  2    A/P Tan Ah Hwee                    3         Total no of cubical occupied by PhD students
  3    Dr Huang Shell Ying                2         Total no of cubical occupied by others
  4    A/P Ian McLoughlin                 1         Total no of spare cubical
  5    Asst/P David Cho Siu-Yeung         1
  6    Asst/P Ivor Tsang                  3         To no of cubical in C21 Annex
  7    A/P Ong Yew Soon                   4         Total no of cubical occupied by Research staff
  8    Asst/P Suresh Sundaram             1         Total no of cubical occupied by PhD students
  9    A/P Andrzej Sluzek                 1         Total no of cubical occupied by Master students
  10   Asst/P Vitali Zagorodnov           2         Total no of spare cubical
  11   Asst/P Wu Jianxin                  2
  12   Asst/P Jie Zhang                   1
  13   A/P Deepu Rajan                    1
       Total                        32

As at 03-May-2011
Research staff    20
PhD students      29
others             0

Research staff     0
PhD students       4
Master students    0
                   2 (D61 & D63)
No.     Name                 Supervisor               Project title
      1 TAN Wi-Meng, Javan   A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Intelligent Financial Reasoning Neural Networks
      2 CHEU Eng Yeow        A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Brain-Inspired Self-Evolving Fuzzy Neural Network
                                                      and its Applications
      3 TOEH Teik Toe        Asst/P David Cho Siu-    Computational Modeling Of Neural System With
                             Yeung                    Human Emotion
      4 Norhaslinda Binte    A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Multimodal Emotion Recognition based on Visual and
        KAMARUDDIN                                    Audible Perceptions
      5 FENG Shu             A/P Tan Ah Hwee          Computational Intelligence Techniques for Modelling
                                                      Non-Player Characters
      6 ZHAI Yiteng          A/P Ong Yew Soon         Multi-Objective Multivariable Performance Measures
   7 LIU Jigang              A/P Deepu Rajan          Vision-based Robot Navigation
   8 Reza                    A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Modeling of Emotion in Psychosis based on Biosignals
   9 TUNG Sau Wai            A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Enhanced Hybrid Neural Fuzzy Inference System
  10 NG Keng Guan            A/P Quek Hiok Chai       A Possibilistic Self-Organizing Neuro Fuzzy
  11 Mostafa Mostafa         A/P Ong Yew Soon         Modeling and Design of Self-Assembling and Self-
     Hashim ELLABAAN                                  Replicating Evolvable Complex Systems
  12 NGUYEN Ngoc Nam         A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Computational Finance Neuro-Fuzzy Models
  13 Alexandre GRAVIER       A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Computational Explorations Of The Brain For
                                                      Cognitive Disorders Detection
  14 TAN Mingkui             Asst/P Ivor Tsang        Large-scale sparse machine learning problem in
                                                      pattern recognition and data mining.
  15 MAO Qi                  Asst/P Ivor Tsang        Kernel Learning and Kernel Methods
  16 WANG                    A/P Tan Ah Hwee          A Co-evolution Theory for Episodic and Semantic
     Wenwen(wa0003en)                                 Memory
  17 Patanaik AMIYA          Asst/P Vitali Zagorodnov New approaches to study connectivity, causality and
                                                      patterns in functional MRI
  18 Elahe FARAHZADEH        A/P Andrzej Sluzek       Tools for content based visual information matching
                                                      and retrieval using the local approach.
  19 KANG Yilin              A/P Tan Ah Hwee          Cognitive Agents for Situation Awareness Modeling
                                                      and Context-Aware Service Support
  20 WANG Qicheng            Asst/P Vitali Zagorodnov Using Functional MRI To Study Brain Connectivity

  21   LIU Guoqing           Asst/P Wu Jianxin        Bayesian YIng-Yang Learning in Kernel Methods
  22   SEAH Chun Wei         A/P Ong Yew Soon         Exploiting Auxiliary data with limited Labeled Data
  23   FENG Liang            A/P Ong Yew Soon         Advances in Memetic Computing
  24   ZHANG Yu (zhan0026)   Asst/P Wu JiangXin       Supervised Recognition Using Nearest Neighbor
  25 Kartick                 Asst/P Suresh            Meta-cognitive learning system
     SUBRAMANIAN             Sundaram
  26 LIU Yuan                Asst/P Jie Zhang         Modeling trustworthiness in Multi-agent System and
                                                      Constructing trust-based incentive mechanism.

  27 ZHOU Weigui Jair        A/P Quek Hiok Chai       Dynamic Self Reorganizing Fuzzy Neural System.
  28 Farzaneh AHMADI         A/P Ian McLoughlin       Voice Replacement for the Severely Speech Impaired
Date join   Cubical        Student Card ID   Remarks
     Aug-06 D42                              Thesis submitted
     Aug-06 D43                              Thesis submitted

    Aug-07 D62(Annex)

     Jan-07 D33

     Jan-07 D36

     Jan-11 D20

     Jul-07 D32
    Aug-07 D41

    Aug-07 D45
    Aug-07 D18

     Jan-08 D23

     Jan-08 D11

    Aug-08 D26

    Aug-08 D21

    Aug-08 D25
    Aug-08 D37

    Aug-08 D16

    Aug-08 D13

    Aug-08 D5

    Aug-08 D60(Annex)

    Aug-08   D64(Annexe)
    Jan-09   D24
    Aug-09   D30
    Oct-10   D47

     Oct-10 D9

     Oct-10 D4

    Oct-10 D65(Annexe)
    Aug-07 D19                               Part-time PhD
No.     Name                      Position             Supervisor
      1 Stephanus Daniel          Project Officer      A/P Kwoh Chee Keong
      2 JIANG Siwei               Research Assistant   Asst/P Zhang Jie
      3 TAN Wei Chian             Project Officer      Asst/P Wu JianXin
      4 Iskandarsyah              Research Associate   A/P Andrzej Sluzek
      5 YANG Jianbo               Research Associate   Asst/P Ivor Tsang
      6 XIANG Qiaoliang           Project Officer      Asst/P Ivor Tsang
      7 QIAN Kun                  Project Officer      Asst/P Ivor Tsang
      8 Budhitama SUBAGDJA (Dr)   Research Fellow      A/P Tan Ah Hwee

   9 WU Zhizheng                  Project Officer      Asst/P Chng Eng Siong
  10 CHEN Wenda                   Project Officer      Asst/P Chng Eng Siong

  11 HO Choon Sing           Project Officer           A/P Ong Yew Soon
  12 LE Minh Nghia           Project Officer           A/P Ong Yew Soon
  13 HUANG Hsueh En (Daniel) Project Officer           A/P Ong Yew Soon

  14   FU Yong                    Project Officer      A/P Ong Yew Soon
  15   WANG Zhurong               Visiting Professor   A/P Ong Yew Soon
  16   NGUYEN Thai Dung           Research Associate   A/P Ong Yew Soon
  17   ZHANG Sizhe                Project Officer      A/P Ong Yew Soon
  18   Savitha RAMASAMY           Research Associate   Asst/P Suresh Sundaram
  19   Giduthuri Sateesh BABU     Research Associate   Asst/P Suresh Sundaram

  20 LI Shukai                    Project Officer      Asst/P Ivor Tsang

      1 YU Dali                   Research Fellow
      2 ZHANG Tianzhu             Research Fellow      Asst/P Ivor Tsang
      3 ZHANG Xinming             Project Officer      Asst/P Ivor Tsang
Project Title                                                                   Date Join     Cubical
Efficient Memetic Algorithms for Computationally Expensive Constrained               Jan-10    D26
Optimization Problems
Multiagent-based Evolutionary Computation for Trust Management                      Dec-10     D38
Object Detection                                                                     Jul-10    D48
Feature selection, Model selection, Kernel learning, Web application                 Jul-10    D46
Machine Learning                                                                               D12
Database, specifically on column-stores database system.                            Oct-10     D3
Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, Learning and Coordination in              Apr-09     D31
Agents, BDI Agent Architecture, Situated and Embodied Intelligence, Cognitive
Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition, Computational Linguistics                       Aug-09     D35
Computer Assisted Language Learning in Singapore                                    Aug-09     D39

Flocking Animation and Modelling Environment                                        Feb-10     D27
Optinformatics: Towards the Understanding of Evolutionary Algorithms                Aug-10     D29
Evolutionary Art and Swarm Intelligence                                             Mar-11     D28

Artificial Life, Meme-Gene Coevolution                                              Mar-11     D1
                                                                                    Apr-11     D49
Robust Optimization                                                                 Apr-11     D15
Artificial Life, Meme-Gene Coevolution                                              Apr-11     D17
Complex-valued neural networks and their learning algorithms                        Mar-11     D2
Machine Learning, Image Processing, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition            Nov-10     D6

Soft Computing Frameworks for Information Extraction                                Jan-07 D44

                                                                                     Jul-11    D22
                                                                                     Jul-11    D40

leaving on 01 Jul 2011
leaving on 30 Jun 2011

Part-time PhD student
part-time Master student, leaving to
Beijing in May for 3 mthsm leaving on 14
June 2011

Part-time PhD student
No.    Name             Supervisor

      1 GUO Zaiyi       A/P Huang Shell Ying

      2 Umair RAFIQUE   A/P Huang Shell Ying
        NGUWIN Yok
      3 Yen             Asst/P David Cho Siu-Yeung
      4 CHEN Xianshun   A/P Ong Yew Soon
      5 NAY Aung Kyaw   A/P Ong Yew Soon
Project Title                                                Date join
Artificial Immune Systems through Complex Adaptive Co-
Evolutionary Models                                             Aug-06
Developing a Cognitive Architecture for Informal Reasoning
in Smart Homes                                                  Aug-06
Self-Organizing Cognitive-Based Human Emotion
Recognition System                                              Aug-06
A Study on Competent Memetic Algorithms                         Aug-07

part-time PhD, no cubical at C2i

part-time PhD, no cubical at C2i

thesis submitted, no cubical at C2i
no cubical at C2i
no cubical using the Mac
No. Name   Supervisor   Project Title
Date Join   Cubical Remark
S/N        Name                              email
       1   A/P Ong Yew Soon        
       2   Asst/P Ivor Tsang       
       3   A/P Quek Hiok Chai      
       4   A/P Tan Ah Hwee         
       5   Dr.Huang Shell Ying     
       6   A/P Ian McLoughlin      
       7   Asst/P David Cho Siu-Yeung
       8   Asst/P Kim Jung-Jae     
       9   A/P Kwoh Chee Keong     
      10   Asst/P Chng Eng Siong   
      11   Asst/P Malcolm Low      
      12   Asst/P Hoi Chu Hong, Steven
      13   Dr.Andrzej Sluzek       
      14   Asst/P Vitali Zagorodnov
      15   A/P Miao Chunyan        
      16   Dr.Jagdish Chandra Patra
      17   Asst/P Xu Dong          
      18   Asst/P Chang Kuiyu      
      19   Asst/P Manoranjan Dash  
      20   Asst/P Cheng Sheung Chak, James
      21   Asst/P Wu Jianxin       
      22   Asst/P Jie Zhang        
      23   Asst/P Zhang Wei        
      24   Asst P Gao Cong         
      25   Asst/P Suresh Sundaram  

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