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									                                                              Revised: 10/21/2011

                                        Midway ISD

                                             2010 - 2011
                                       Policies & Procedures
This school district and its Career and Technology
Education Program does not discriminate on the basis of
sex, disability, race, color, age or national origin in its
educational programs, activities, or employment, as
required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.
                                                                  Revised: 10/21/2011

                                      Table of Contents

I.        Mission Statement…………..……………………………………………                                      3
II.       Membership………………………………………………………………                                            3
III.      2010 –11 FFA Officer Team…………………………………………….                                   3
IV.       Agriculture Science Instructors/Points of Contact……………………….                   4-5
V.        Leadership Development Contest/Events………………………………..                           5
VI.       Career Development Contest/Events…………………………………….                              5
VII.      Chapter, Area, State and National Meetings/Travel Opportunities….…..          6
VIII.     Fundraising Opportunities……………………………………………….                                  6-7
IX.       Showing of Livestock…………………………………………………….                                     7
X.        MISD Agriculture Science Facility………………………………………                              7
XI.       Advanced Degrees……………………………………………………….                                        7-8
XII.      Letter Jackets…………………………………………………………….                                        8
XIII.     Officer Elections…………………………………………………………                                       8
XIV. Appendices
        a. Agriculture Science Facility/Farm Contract…………………………                         9-12
        b. Letter Jacket Requirements/Application…………………………….                           13-14
        c. Calendar of Events…………………………………………………..                                      15-16
        d. Officer Contract………………………………………………………                                        17
        e. MISD Extracurricular Discipline Mgmt. Plan………………………                          18-19
        f. UIL Eligibility Calendar……………………………………………..                                 18

     The purpose of this document is to effectively and efficiently supply information as well as serve
     as a communication and planning tool to enable the Midway FFA Chapter to achieve success.
     This document is subject to change at the discretion of the Agriculture Science Instructors. Any
     changes made will be communicated and/or distributed to all members.

                                                                     Revised: 10/21/2011

I. Mission Statement

      To practice brotherhood, honor agriculture opportunities and responsibilities and to develop
      those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess.

II. Membership

      Any student who is taking an agriculture science course, pays his or her dues, and is in good
      standing with Midway ISD (according to the discipline policies set forth by Midway
      administration) is eligible for membership in the FFA.

      A FFA member is only able to compete in a Leadership Development Event or Career
      Development Event if that student is enrolled for at least one high school credited Agriculture
      science class for the school year.

      If a student has taken an agriculture science class and was a FFA member he or she is eligible to
      maintain FFA membership for one year when not enrolled in an agriculture science class.

      Students are eligible to be Jr. FFA members if they are at least 8 years old and in the third grade.
      A student is eligible for Jr. Membership till the time when an Agriculture Science class is

      *Membership dues for the 2010-2011 school year will be $25 for both Jr and Sr FFA members.
      This membership will pay for National, State, Area, District, and Chapter dues, a chapter FFA t-
      shirt, FFA contest registration, and a FFA member banquet ticket.

      Any FFA member deemed not in good standing by the Agriculture Science teachers will not be
      allowed to participate in any FFA related activities.

      FFA members are subject to all UIL eligibility requirements.

      All members are subject to Midway ISD drug testing policy.

III. 2010 -2011 Midway FFA Officer Team

      President – Kelsey Koss
      Vice President – JT Motloch
      Secretary- Morgan Parker
      Treasurer- Lauren Motloch
      Reporter- Emelyn Herndon
      Sentinel- Mabree Haliburton
      Advisor- Braxton Hartshorn
      Parliamentarian – Will Castaneda

                                                                     Revised: 10/21/2011

IV. Agriculture Science Instructors/Points of Contact:

Midway ISD has three Ag Science instructors/FFA Advisors, collectively this group oversees the
program for the district. However, each teacher is a point of contact for specific areas of the program to
plan, coordinate and disseminate information as follows.

Midway Middle School –
     Ms. Vanessa Dulock -
            Course(s) Taught:
                   Principles of Agricultural, Food, and Natural Resources
                   Agriculture Science Orientation

               Areas for “Point of Contact”:
                      Lamb and goat projects
                      Booster Club
                      Speaking Contest
                      Chapter Awards and proficiencies
                      District & Area officers
                      Concession Stand
                      LDE- Ag Issues, Public Relation, Jr. Creed Speaking, Jr. Quiz
                      CDE- Horse Judging, Dairy Products, and Range

Midway High School -
     Mr. Jess Wheeler
            Course(s) Taught:
                   Principles of Agricultural, Food, and Natural Resources
                   Principles and Elements of Floral Design
                   Advanced Animal Science
                   Veterinary Medical Applications

               Areas for “Point of Contact”:
                      Swine and Poultry
                      Booster Club
                      Speaking Contest
                      News letter
                      American Degrees
                      LDE- Jr & Sr Chapter conducting, Job interview, Sr. Creed Speaking, Sr. FFA
                      CDE- Livestock, Dairy Cattle, Floriculture, and Poultry Judging

       Mr. Lance Dieterich –
             Course(s) Taught:
                     Agricultural Mechanics and Metal Technologies
                     Landscape Design and Turf Grass Management
                     Wildlife, Fisheries, and Ecology Management
                     Horticulture Science

                                                                                          Revised: 10/21/2011

                           Areas for “Point of Contact”:
                           Cattle and Rabbits
                           Chapter Officers
                           Lone Star Degrees
                           Clipper Usage
                           LDE- Jr & Sr Farm Skills, Sr Creed Speaking
                           CDE- Landscaping, Wildlife, Agriculture Mechanics

If you have any questions please contact an FFA Advisor
Mr. Wheeler       281-389-6364
Mr. Dieterich     254-836-0807
Mrs. Dulock       254-291-1831

CTE Director
Mrs. Heather Metzgar 254-761-5650

V. Leadership Development Events (LDEs)
LDEs are annual events held in the fall of the year. UIL guidelines for participation will be adhered to
and all participating members must be in good standing with the chapter. The respective training
instructor/advisor(s) make final determinations on all matters concerning their team(s). Members will
have the opportunity to sign up for and/or “try out” for events of choice. FFA Official Dress is required
(see attachment). Date of District contest will be November 16, Area November 21, and State on
December 4 & 5.

Listed below are all the possible LDEs FFA members/chapters may compete in:

       Jr. & Sr. Chapter conducting                                 Jr. & Sr. Creed Speaking
       Jr. & Sr. quiz team                                          Jr. & Sr. Farm Skills demonstration
       Radio                                                        Job interview
       Public Relations                                             Ag Issues

VI. Career Development Events (CDEs)
CDEs are annual events held in the spring of the year. UIL guidelines for participation will be adhered
to and all participating members must be in good standing with the chapter. The respective training
instructor/advisor(s) make final determinations on all matters concerning their team(s). Members will
have the opportunity to sign up for and/or “try out” for events of choice.
Midway FFA will be traveling to MCC contest on March 24, Tarleton Contest March 25, Texas A&M
clinic March 27, and Area VIII FFA contest on April 7. State FFA contest are various days throughout
April. State approved dress is required for all contest.
       Dress code for CDE participation is official FFA dress (for events requiring official dress) or closed-toed shoes, pants or slacks,
       collared shirts with sleeves. The only logos permissible on shirts are school or organizational logos.

Listed below are possible CDEs FFA members/chapters may compete in:
        Livestock Judging         Dairy Cattle              Dairy Products
        Poultry                   Horse Judging             Horticulture/Plant ID
        Wildlife                  Range and Pasture         Public Speaking
        Farm Business             Floriculture              Agriculture mechanics
                                                                  Revised: 10/21/2011

VII. Chapter, District, Area, State and National Meetings/Travel Opportunities

      Chapter Meeting /banquets/functions
      The student must be an FFA member or be interested in joining the FFA.
      A student must adhere to the MISD policies.

      District Meeting/Convention
      The requirements for attending district FFA meetings and convention are:
          A student must be academically eligible.
          A student must be in good standing with the Chapter FFA.
          A student must make arrangements in advance with FFA advisors to attend.
          A student must be responsible for obtaining and wearing proper official dress. All
             materials can be purchased from or jackets can be earned through

      Area Meeting/Convention
      The requirements for attending Area meeting and conventions are:
          A student must have a purpose for attending. (Ex: Voting delegate, area contestant,
             district officer etc.)
          A student must be in good standing with the Chapter and District FFA.
          A student must make arrangements with advisors 2 weeks in advance to attend.
          A student must be responsible for obtaining and wearing proper official dress. All
             materials can be purchased from or jackets can be earned through

      State Convention
      Students may be eligible to attend the State FFA convention that meet the following
          A student must be in good standing with the Chapter, District, and Area FFA.
          A student must be in good UIL standing.
          An application process with a fee will determine the students attending convention.
          Students receiving awards take precedence over those not receiving awards. Applications
             will be taken for all remaining students interested in attending
          A student must be responsible for obtaining and wearing proper official dress. All
             materials can be purchased from or jackets can be earned through

      National Convention
      In the event the Midway FFA chapter and/or member(s) qualifies to go, out of state travel must
      be approved by Midway ISD Board of Trustees.

                                                                       Revised: 10/21/2011

   VIII. Fundraising Opportunities

         Midway FFA completes fundraising opportunities annually to raise money to improve the
         organization, by supporting CDE’s, LDE’s, banquets, promotions, charities, etc.

         The following fundraising will be carried out during the year:
             Fall fruit and meat sale
             Other miscellaneous fundraising activities as deemed necessary and approved throughout
                the school year.

         The incentives for selling fundraising items are:
             Selling $450 of fundraising items the FFA chapter will buy your FFA jacket or FFA
             For every $50 sold you are entered in a drawing for various prizes to be drawn at the FFA
                end of the year party.

   IX.      Showing of Livestock

         A student may show livestock as a member of the Midway FFA if the following conditions are
             Projects must be under the supervision of the agriculture science instructor(s).
               These projects are student’s projects. All decisions regarding the care of that project are
                to be made by that student and their family. The agriculture Science teacher will advise
                students and family on selection, care, feeding practices, showing tips, fitting and general
                animal care.
               Ag teachers will haul and attend various shows thought out the year. These shows will
                be listed at FFA meetings and posted on the website. Students may attend any show on
                there own.
               Students will remain responsible for there animal during any show they attend. You will
                be representing Midway FFA, therefore all school policies are in effect.
               A student must be in good standing with the Midway FFA Chapter.
               A student is subject to all UIL rules.

X. MISD Agriculture Science Facility

         All members with projects at the MISD Agriculture Science Facility must complete and abide by
         the Midway ISD Agriculture Science Facility Contract.
         See Appendix A

                                                                      Revised: 10/21/2011

XI. Advanced Degrees

       By being enrolled in agriculture science courses, becoming an FFA member, and keeping
       accurate records, students may be eligible to apply for advanced degrees and awards. These are
       outlined in the National FFA bylaws and Midway FFA will adhere to those bylaws.
       Applications will be made available to determine chapter winners. Exceptional applications will
       be taken to District, Area, and State Conventions for further opportunities.
       The degrees that can be earned throughout the years (Grades 8-12) in the FFA are:
              Greenhand FFA Degree            Chapter FFA Degree          Lone Star FFA Degree
                                             American FFA Degree
       These degrees can be earned throughout the years (Grades 3-7):
       Discovery FFA Degree

       Qualifications for these degrees are outlined in the official FFA manual.

       Star awards: Awarded to members who excel above their peers when earning the above
       mentioned degrees. An application process will allow for the selection of these star awards.

       Proficiency awards: Members who excel in their SAE programs and apply for these awards
       may be recognized through the Proficiency award program.

       Career Development Event/Leadership Development Event: A student may earn a Pin by
       excelling in these contests.

XII. Letter Jackets

       Students have the opportunity to qualify for a letter jacket based on a point system developed for
       Midway FFA.

       See appendix B

XIII. Officer Elections
       The election of officers will occur during the spring semester prior to the end of the year

       FFA members wishing to become an officer must be in good standing with Midway ISD and be
       academically eligible. An Officer must maintain enrollment in an Agriculture science class at
       least one semester of the school year during which they serve.

       Officers must sign and abide by an Officer Contract to maintain officer status.

       Officers will be selected by 3 equal parts:
           Application/Interview
           Test
           Lonestar/Outgoing Senior Vote

                                                                      Revised: 10/21/2011

XV.     Appendices
      Effective Date June 1, 2010

                   Midway ISD Agriculture Facility Contract

 The Agricultural Science Facility is the property of Midway ISD and is for the convenience of a student
 who has no place to keep a FFA project animal while being a paid FFA member at Midway ISD. All
 equipment and facilities are under the direct control of the Ag. Science Teachers and Midway ISD.
 Before a student is allowed to place an animal in the facility, the rules and guidelines must be
 understood fully by the students and parents. After these rules are fully explained, the students and
 parents will sign this contract and signify they understand and will abide by these rules.

 If students and parents do not comply with these rules and upon receiving their third written barn
 warning the student will have to remove their animal within 24 hours.

   1. The Ag. Science Teachers have the ability to override this contract at anytime and have the
       authority to remove a student and/or parent from the barn immediately.
   2. All rules within the Midway ISD Handbook are enforced at all times.
   3. Any student that is placed in an Alternative Education Program will remove their animal from
       the premise. Removal from the facility will be the responsibility of the owner and will begin
       upon their AEP start date and run until the student is reinstated into the regular education
   4. A $25 deposit per student will be taken for all students housing projects at the Midway Ag
       Science Facility.
   5. All students with an animal at the Ag. Facilities are responsible for all guests’ actions; including
       the parents of the student.
   6. No animal will be allowed in the Ag. Facility until this contract between the student, parents, and
       the Ag. Science Teacher has been signed and a conference is held between all of the above.
   7. In order to move an animal into the Midway ISD Ag. Facility, you must first contact an Ag.
       Science Teacher and get approval. Any animals that have not been approved will not be able to
       get an assigned stall.
   8. Only students that are paid Midway FFA members will be allowed to keep their animals in the
       Ag Facility.
   9. All students will be assigned a stall by the Ag. Science Teachers. Once an animal has been
       assigned a stall, the animal must remain in that stall except when the animal is being cared for or
       being exercised. When outside the pen or corral animals will be under control at all times.
       (example: heifers and steers must have halters on)
   10. Students are only allowed to have a maximum of 2 animals per species housed in the Ag Facility.
       Animals in the excess of the 2 will be allowed entry based on housing space, which will be
       determined by the Ag teacher.
   11. Stalls/facilities may not be changed or modified without the approval of the Ag. Science
       Teacher. All equipment or other items must be approved before they can be placed in the Ag
       Facility. All structures built in the barn must be approved be the Ag. Science Teachers and
                                                                  Revised: 10/21/2011

    MISD Administration if necessary. All structures must be freestanding within the students stall.
    (Items within a stall are as follows: feed trough, water trough, hay trough, mineral blocks, and
    feeding ramp)
12. Any damage done to fences, water lines, etc. will be repaired at the expense of the person or
    persons responsible.
13. All animal disease and health issues will be reported immediately to an Ag science instructor.
    These issues can often become endemic and cause widespread problems.
14. Animals leaving the Ag Science Facility for shows and exhibitions must be disinfected and
    cleaned before there placement back into their pens. Preventative disease measures are required
    to maintain a healthy environment.
15. Stalls will be cleaned daily with waste disposed of properly.
16. Failure to clean areas around pens, barrels, and boxes will result in write up. It is also their
    responsibility to clean the aisles and scales after each use.
17. All animals must be fed and watered accordingly at proper intervals. Animals must be exercised
18. Individual’s area of interest (pen, feed area, etc.) must be kept clean at all times. Violators will
    be written up.
19. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco, and firearms are allowed at the Ag. Facility. This
    rule will be enforced for parents and students. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    will be allowed at the Ag. Facility. Anyone caught breaking this rule, will be removed from the
    Ag. Facility immediately and all rights will be terminated.
20. Students or parents will not abuse animals in any manner at the Ag. Facility or any place relative
    to FFA presentation. Abuse will be determined by the Ag. Science Teachers and will result in
    the immediate removal of that student’s animal from the Ag. Facility.
21. All motor vehicles are to be kept on the road and parking areas. Any student or parent who
    violates responsible driving habits will not be allowed to drive to the Ag. Facility. Special
    approved situations are permitted.
22. No abuse of equipment or facilities will be tolerated. Trailer and cage usage is prohibited
    without approval from the Ag Science Teacher. Prior approval is mandated by the district and
    individuals will be permanently banned from usage of said equipment if approval is not sought.
23. Equipment for the barn will be bought once a year. Once the equipment is broken by the
    students, it will not be replaced by the Ag department. It will be the student’s responsibility to
    buy their own stuff.
24. No one is allowed at the Ag. Facility between hours of 10:00 pm and 5:30 am. Special approval
    is required to be present between the said hours. The gate will be kept closed and locked when
    no one is on the property. If you are leaving and no one else is on the property, LOCK the gate.
25. Parents are encouraged to accompany and help their children or to visit the Ag. Facility at any
    time. Students come to the Ag. Facility to work their animals, therefore students should only be
    at the barn long enough to feed, water, exercise, and maintain their animal and pens. If you are
    caught hanging out at the barn you will be written up.
26. Students are not to enter the stalls of any other student’s animals, unless accompanied by the
    animal’s owner. Students are responsible for the animal/animals they own. If there is a problem
    with another student’s animal, contact the owner or an Ag. Science Teacher.
27. No HORSEPLAY in the barn. This includes ropes, fighting with show sticks, bike riding, etc. If
    you are caught you will be written up.
28. If special work days are scheduled, the student is required to participate in these workdays.

                                                                   Revised: 10/21/2011

29. If an animal dies at the Ag. Facility, the student is required to positively identify the cause of
    death. This identification may require an autopsy. The student with assistance from the Ag
    Science teacher is responsible for the cost and the proper disposal of the animal.
30. All feeding, medication, grooming, hoof trimming, etc., will be done with the prior approval
    from an Ag. Science Teacher before any show entry cards will be signed.
31. The Ag. Facility is not a breeding facility, therefore no animals will be allowed to deliver (calve,
    farrow, kid) there offspring inside the stalls of the Ag Facility.
32. The Ag. Facility will not be a housing unit for animals that are not being shown. All animals
    that have passed their project completion date for a specific event have 14 days to be removed
    from the facility. This may be due to but not limited to grade issues, failure to enter, missing
    show, etc. If animals are intended for a particular event and circumstances prevent that
    exhibition then the animal is past its completion date.
33. No mature breeding age male animals of any species will be allowed in the Ag.
    Facility. (Bulls, Rams, Billys, Boars)

1. A $15 deposit will be required to check out clippers for personal usage.
2. Clippers will be signed out to an individual and must be returned by the same individual within 3
   days of the checkout, otherwise the deposit is forfeited.
3. ANY damage caused to any set of clippers signed to an individual will be fixed at the expense of
   the individual signed to. Lost or stolen clippers must be replaced by the individual that signed
   them out at the same cost of the original clippers.
4. If your deposit is forfeited at any time, you must re-submit another deposit in order to check
   them out again.
5. All preset clip dates under the supervision of the Ag Science Teacher will not require the stated
6. Clippers can only be checked out at Midway High School from Lance Dieterich. Requests must
   be made in advance.

1. All boxes and barrels are to be placed in the designated areas. The fitting room/wash racks are
   not suitable places.
2. All tack, show sticks, and grooming materials left out of boxes will be treated as trash.
3. Water hoses must be coiled and wrapped neatly.
4. Hair clippings or manure in the trim chutes/scales will be picked up immediately.

1. All swine will remain in the swine barn or walking pens. At no point are swine allowed to be in
   the cattle or sheep/goat barns.
2. Exterior pens are to be free of manure and well manicured.
3. Repairs to the exterior pens are the responsibility of the exhibitor and non-compliance will result
   in a write-up.
4. Electrical cords must be bound and zip tied leaving no loose ends. Loose cord could result in
   animal harm.
5. All tack must be stowed away in boxes or barrels. Any found out of these areas will be treated
   as trash.
6. Water hoses will be coiled and stacked neatly.
7. Only approved bedding will be permitted for swine.
                                                                 Revised: 10/21/2011

1. All tack must be stowed away in boxes or barrels. Any found out of these areas will be treated
   as trash.
2. Water hoses will be coiled and stacked neatly.
3. ALL hair and wool must be cleaned from area, arena or any other area directly after
4. No shavings or hay bedding are allowed in goat/lamb pens.

1. Only breeding heifers (and their offspring) will be allowed in the Ag. Facility Pasture. Heifers in
   the pasture will be removed upon graduation or when the student is no longer a paid FFA
   member at Midway ISD.
2. Students will pay their share of the supplemental pasture feeding and care based on the number
   of head they have on the pasture. These costs can include but are not limited to: round bale hay,
   protein blocks and supplements, vitamin and mineral supplements, range cubes, pasture
   maintenance and improvement (weed control, fertilization, mowing, etc.) and health, vaccination
   products and supplies.

                                                            Revised: 10/21/2011

I, _____________________________________________, have read all of the rules and regulations
in this contract and hereby agree to abide by all rules and face all consequences handed down.

Student Signature                                                        Date

Parent Signature                                                         Date

Ag. Science Signature                                                    Date

                                                                          Revised: 10/21/2011
                                                 Midway ISD FFA Letter Jacket

    Name:                                                                Date:

    A total of 15 pts accumulated during a student’s uninterrupted Midway High School FFA career is required to
    earn a letter jacket.

    Point totals in each area are non-cumulative where applicable to increasing levels of success. (Ex. Student placing
    5th in state contest would receive a total of 5 points). Jackets are available for all 9-12 students. 8th grade students
    continuing their FFA careers will roll their totals and come into effect upon their payment of freshman year dues.

    Students must receive points in at least three of the following 5 categories to be eligible for a letter jacket:

    Leadership Development Events
                   Top ten individual any LDE contest                                              1 pt     _____
                   Participant on a District Leadership event                                      1 pt     _____
                   Participant on Area Leadership event                                           2 pts _____
                   Participant on State Leadership event                                          3 pts _____
                   Member top 10 State LDE                                                        5 pts _____
                   National LDE                                                                   10 pts _____
Career Development Events
                   Participant on Area CDE                                                        1 pt _____
Or state team no area qualifier
                   Top ten individual in Spring CDE Invitational                                  1 pt      _____
                   Includes district CDE speaking events
                   Participant on State Qualifying CDE Team                                       3 pts     _____
                   Member of Top Ten State CDE Team                                               5 pts     _____
                   Participant on National Contest CDE                                             10 pts _____
Ag Mechanics ( each project may only be exhibited once )
                   Exhibition of Ag. Mech project at HOT fair                                       1 pt    _____
                   Exhibition of Blue ribbon winning Ag. Mech at HOT fair                           2 pts _____
                   Exhibition of placing Ag Mech project in class @ major show                     3 pts _____
                   Division Winner or Grand or Reserve over all @major show                        10 pts _____

    Livestock (each student may receive one point per division i.e. heifer, swine, ext…)
       Exhibit a project at McLennan County Youth Livestock Show                                      1 pt    _____
                    Participant in sale at county fair                                               1 pt    _____
                    Participant at one or more Major Stock show (s)                                  1 pt _____
                    Championship banner at one or more Major stock show (s)                           5 pts _____

                                                                           Revised: 10/21/2011

      FFA Awards & offices
       Selling over 50 items fund raisers                                                       1 pt   _____
                         1 pt per additional 20 Items
     Maintain and submit official Record on SAEP                                                1pt    _____
     Star Award (Greenhand/Chapter)                                                             1 pt   _____
     State Courtesy Corps                                                                       1 pt   _____
     State FFA Degree                                                                           3 pt   _____
     Elected District FFA officer                                                               1 pt   _____
     Elected Area FFA officer                                                                   2 pts _____
     Star or Proficiency / Participant on District level                                        1 pt   _____
     Star or Proficiency / Participant on Area level                                            2 pts _____
     Star or Proficiency / Participant on State level                                           3 pts _____
     Win star / proficiency award state level                                                   5 pts _____
     Participate in the District Talent Contest                                                 1pt    _____
     Participant on area Talent team                                                            2 pt   _____
     Participant on State Talent team                                                           3pts _____
     Win State talent                                                                           5 pts _____
     Participate on State Agriscience Fair                                                      1pt    _____
     Participate in any National Agriscience Fair                                               4 pts _____
     Attend all FFA meetings                                                                    1 pt   _____
     Attend all community service projects for one year                                        1 pt    _____

      Total Points for the Calendar Year of: _____________                                        __________
      Additional Requirements
     A member must be an FFA member in good standing.
    As defined by respective chapter & MISD policies.
    If student commits serious offense as defined by MISD Student code of conduct the student will not receive letter
     FFA letter Jackets / 1 school patch will be purchased by respective chapters or booster clubs and all other
                      patches will be the financial responsibility of student.
      An applicant must have recommendation of FFA Advisor.
     Letter Jacket Applications will be submitted each year, as of Dec 1 or May 15.
     Applications must match information recorded on an official record book (s).

                                                          Revised: 10/21/2011

                         2010-2011 Midway FFA calendar
                                Subject to change
23               School starts

2                6:00   Informational Meeting – Midway Middle School
9                4:00   Ag Farm Clean up
11               7:00am Greenhand Camp - Groesbeck
13               3:30   Heart of Texas Applications Due
13               3:30   District Meeting – West High School
14               6:00   Area FFA Awards Banquet @Cafeteria
16               5:00   Homecoming Carnival


7-16                    Heart of Texas Fair
20                      Last date to pay FFA dues
21               6:00   Local FFA Meeting @ Ag Farm
23               9:00   Highway Cleanup Meet @ High school

 5               3:30   Fort Worth Livestock Show Entries due
12               5:00   Major stock show registration @ high school
15 (TBD)         1:00   Waco District LDE @ Robinson
18               6:00   Local FFA Meeting @ High School
20               7:00am Area VIII LDE @ Hillsboro
TBA                     Hog Validation for Shows

16               6:00   Local FFA End of 2010 Party @ Midway Middle School

TBD                     McLennan County Livestock Show
TBD                     Midway Local Livestock Show
22                      FFA Day at the Capitol
24           6:00       Local FFA meeting @ High School
21-25                   FFA Week

7-11                    Spring Break
17               6:00   Local FFA Meeting @ High school (Green Meeting)
23                      MCC Invitational CDE
24                      TSU Invitational CDE
                                                          Revised: 10/21/2011
TBD                 Various Judging Contests
TBD                 Texas St. Judging Invitational
26                  TAMU Judging Clinics

6                   Area CDE @ TSU
4-5                 Area Wildlife Contest
14           6:00   Local FFA Meeting @ TBA
TBA                 District FFA banquet and Speaking event@ West
25-29               TAKS Testing
16                  Texas Tech State Judging Contests
21                  Tarleton St Judging Contest

3            6 pm   FFA Dance
7                   State Judging Contests
TBA                 Area or State FFA Officer Selection
13           7:30   Area VIII Convention @ TSTC
TBA                 State Wildlife contest
19           6:00   FFA Banquet

2                   Last Day of School
TBA                 State Degree Check – Stephenville, TX

July 11-15          State FFA Convention @ Lubbock

                                                                      Revised: 10/21/2011
                            Midway FFA Chapter Officer Contract
                                   ( 2010   - 2011 )

Midway FFA Officer Contract

    I.     Attendance at all FFA functions is mandatory unless permission is granted prior to the function by
           the advisors.
           A. FFA Meetings
                    1. No FFA meetings may be missed unless approved by advisors for family emergency or
                         other extenuating circumstances approved by advisors.
                    2. The consequence for missing a FFA meeting without approval results in a meeting with
                         the advisors to discuss possible resignation of FFA office.
                    3. No approvals shall exceed 2 meetings
           B. FFA Functions
                    1. No more than 2 FFA functions may be missed without the approval of Advisors prior to
                         the absence.
                           a. The following are considered approved exceptions: stock shows, camps, family
                               events, major tests, athletic games, funerals, and graduations.
                           b. The consequence for missing a function without prior approval is a meeting with
                               advisors and officers to discuss possible resignation of FFA office.
           C. Weekly Meetings
                    1. 80% of all meetings must be made

    II.    All duties of office must be fulfilled.
           A. Notification by the officer team and advisors for noncompliance of duties will occur.
           B. The consequences for not fulfilling duties are as follows in order:
                     1. The first step is a meeting with officers and advisors to give encouragement.
                     2. The second step is written notification to the officer that is deemed to be not fulfilling
                         officer duties and a reduction in officer duties.
                     3. The third step is a meeting with the advisors to discuss possible resignation.
    III.   Any violation of the FFA and Agriscience Department Code of Conduct established in the FFA
           Handbook could lead to officer removal.
    IV.    Talking negatively about the FFA , members, or advisors will not be tolerated.
           A. The advisors will make the ultimate decision in determining whether what has been said talks
                negatively of the FFA, FFA members or advisors.
           B. The consequences of talking negatively of the FFA are as follows:
                    1. The first step is a meeting with the officers and advisors to give encouragement to the
                       respective officer.
                    2. The second step is written notification.
                    3. The third step is a meeting with the advisors to discuss possible resignation.

Name:_________________________                       Parent:________________________________


                                                                                                  Revised: 10/21/2011

                                                                      Midway ISD
                                                      Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan

The Midway Independent School District recognizes that participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right. Students participating in
extracurricular events represent the school district and the community at all times. The students are role models; therefore, they are held to a high standard of
conduct. All students scheduled to be on a team or in an organization or any student currently a member of a school recognized extracurricular program
(U.I.L., clubs, student organizations) shall be governed by the following discipline management plan. It is important to note that because the plan specifically
includes conduct that occurs away from school and away from school functions, activities, or events, the plan literally applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days a year for all MISD students participating or scheduled to participate in these activities.

Conduct at School Sponsored Functions, Activities, Events

     Students participating in a Midway ISD extracurricular activity/event will be required to follow all expectations outlined in the MISD Student Code of
     Conduct. The Code of Conduct applies to all students and their conduct at any school function, activity, or event that Midway ISD is participating in
     regardless of the location. The authority to remove or deny a student’s participation in an activity rests with the coach or sponsor.

     To promote the highest ideals in citizenship, leadership, sportsmanship, loyalty, and a positive competitive attitude, students are expected to comply with
          the following guidelines:

        1) The student, must comply with the rules of the district as stated in the Student Code of Conduct, Student
           Handbook, and School Board Policies.
        2) The use or possession of alcohol and drugs is prohibited. Mandatory drug testing for students participating
           in extracurricular activities will be implemented in the 2005-2006 school year. An informational meeting
           regarding this program will be scheduled for parents and students.
        3) The use or possession of tobacco in any form (smoking, dipping, and chewing) is prohibited.
        4) Insubordination and disrespect to coaches/sponsors may result in suspension from the student’s
           respective team/organization.
        5) Students are responsible for use of all equipment and its return to the school in the best
           possible condition (i.e., athletics, band, and journalism).
        6) Students on school trips must travel to and from events with the team. Exceptions may be
           requested in writing or by a direct verbal request from the parents asking permission for their
           child to travel with them.
        7) Students must meet and maintain eligibility criteria as mandated by the U.I.L. and/or club or organization

Student Code of Conduct Discipline Guidelines:
     1 demerit = Conference and Parent Notification                        5 demerits = Minimum of 6 weeks in AEP
     2 demerits = Three days of In-School Suspension                       6 demerits = Minimum of 18 weeks in AEP
     3 demerits = Five days of In-School Suspension                        7 demerits = Recommendation for Expulsion
     4 demerits = Three days suspension from school

     While assigned to the Alternative Education Program (AEP) or In-School Suspension (ISS), students will not attend or participate in school sponsored or
     school related activities. Accumulation of demerits will result in the assignment of a Strike and consequences as defined in Team/Organization/Club

Non-School Conduct
    Committing the following major offenses will result in disciplinary action initiated by the coach/sponsor/school official, and the assessment of one (1)
    1) Illegal possession, consumption, distribution, or sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or controlled substances.
    2) Violent acts.
    3) Behavior that results in criminal charges by law enforcement agencies. (Behavior that is verified as a violation of law.)
    4) Positive result from mandatory drug test.

Mandatory Self-Reporting:
    Students who engage in illegal or inappropriate activities that may result in criminal charges by a law enforcement agency are required to report such
    incident verbally and in writing to school personnel (coach, sponsor, or assistant principal) within five calendar days of the incident. Student participants
    who fail to self-report and receive a first strike because school officials have verified a violation of law will be subject to a doubled suspension (20%
    instead of 10%).

     A student can be found to have violated this policy and receive a first or second strike after a complete administrative investigation with credible
     witnesses, reports from school district personnel, or information from law enforcement agencies. A student in attendance (attending an event/party
     which includes prohibited activities) may be found in violation of this policy if he/she knowingly remains at a location/event where prohibited activities
     are occurring. A student alleged to be in violation of this policy will have an opportunity to respond in an informal, oral conference with the campus
     principal or assistant principal.

     Team/organization/club consequences as outlined below will apply in addition to Code of Conduct consequences.

                                                                                                  Revised: 10/21/2011

Drug Testing
    A positive drug test will result in the assessment of one (1) strike. Conduct which results in the treatment of a drug test as positive (refusal to submit to
    test, leaving the campus after learning of selection for testing, tampering, etc.) will also result in the assessment of one (1) strike.

     Any subsequent positive test (or conduct treated as a positive test) will result in the assessment of a second strike, and the student will be subject to the
     consequences for a second strike as set forth in this plan, including removal from all extracurricular programs for a period of one (1) calendar year. [
     Note. A positive test (or conduct treated as such) will count as a second strike where a strike is already in existence, even if the existing strike had no
     relation to the District’s drug testing program.] A strike under the drug testing program shall be treated like a major offense under the Student Code of
     Conduct, and, therefore, cannot be removed by community service.

Team/Organization/Club Consequences
    A student who receives three demerits (cumulative or at one time) shall receive a Strike. Any additional demerits (1, 2, or 3) during the school year shall
    result in a second strike.


     1)    Mandatory conference, which may be a phone conference, with students, parent(s), and appropriate school official/coach.
     2)    The student will be placed on suspension for 10% of the scheduled events (minimum of one complete
               game/event/activity) to begin immediately or at the beginning of the sport/activity season, contests or activities scheduled for one calendar
               year from the date of the imposition of the first strike. An ineligible student (for academic or disciplinary reasons) will serve the suspension
               when eligibility is regained. When a student is involved in more than one sport or extracurricular activity, athletics will take precedent if
               agreed upon by the coaches and/or sponsors involved.


     1)   A student will be removed from all extracurricular programs for one calendar year from the date of the imposition of the second strike. Students
          suspended from extracurricular activities under this policy shall not miss any required academic class related to the extracurricular activity.
     2)   A student removed from participation in all extracurricular activities under this policy shall be provided the following written information:
               the reason(s) for the removal.
               the conditions of the removal.
               information on availability of counseling, if appropriate.
     3)   Exception to Two-Strike Consequences When At Least One of the Strikes is for Self-Reported Conduct
               Where a student has two strikes, but one or both of the strikes is for conduct which was timely self-reported, regardless if either strike was
               required to be self reported by the student, the consequences of the second strike will be modified as set forth below.
                To be timely under this exception, the self-report must have been made within five (5) school days after the conduct occurred, and:

                  1)    must not be made after the student has been notified of selection for a random drug test,
                  2)    must be made before such conduct has been learned of by the coach or sponsor, or a school official and
                  3)    must not have involved the commission of a crime or major offense as on school property, or at a school-sponsored event.

                If the exception set out above applies, the consequences of the second strike shall be as follows:

                  1)    removal from all extracurricular programs for a period of 30 school days (no practices) and at least a 20% suspension from the next
                        scheduled events (minimum of two complete games/events/activities) to begin immediately or at the beginning of the sport/activity
                        season, contests or activities scheduled for one calendar year from the date of the imposition of the second strike. An ineligible
                        student (for academic or disciplinary reasons) will serve the suspension when eligibility is regained. When a student is involved in
                        more than one sport or extracurricular activity, athletics will take precedent if agreed upon by the coaches and/or sponsors involved,
                  2) if the second strike was a result of a positive drug test, mandatory drug testing during the next six (6) random testing periods,
                  3) remains on probation for one year from the date of the second strike,
                  4) 20 hours of approved community service, and
                  5) writing an acceptable 5,000 word essay on the harmful effects of the students behaviors. If the second strike was for a positive drug
                        test, the essay will focus on the harmful effects of drugs on the body. The essay will be reviewed, and if it does not show acceptable
                        effort, the student will be required to turn in another essay. This will continue until an essay exhibiting acceptable effort is received.
                The student will not be eligible for re-admittance into extracurricular programs until all of the foregoing has been completed. A student will
                     only be given the advantage of this exception one time during the student’s academic career at the District. Community service and
                     essay will be approved by the Athletic Director. Student remains on probation for one year from 2 nd strike.

                Any subsequent strike during the probation period of one year, whether or not based on self-reported conduct, will result in the imposition of
                    the consequences for a second strike as set forth in this plan above, including removal from all extracurricular programs for a period of
                    one (1) calendar year.

     Information regarding the appeal process for students can be found in School Board Policy FNG (LOCAL).


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