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Product Engineering Services (PES)


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									 Product Engineering
 Services (PES)

 Residential Gateway Software

 L&T Infotech offers a complete Residential Gateway software stack. Our solution includes advanced networking,
 security and media streaming capabilities to deliver broadband services in a home or office environment. The
 solution's hardware abstraction layer makes it independent of the hardware platform and hence easy to port.

Feature Set                                                   Highlights
, interfaces – xDSL, Ethernet, PON*
 WAN                                                          ,Features based on TR-124 – Functional Requirements for
, interfaces – Ethernet, WiFi, USB
 LAN                                                             Residential Gateway Devices
,Advanced LAN routing capabilities:                           ,Proprietary Hardware Abstraction Layer to minimize impact
   - NAT                                                         in case of changes to hardware devices
   - Routing Tables                                           ,Common Management framework component for
   - DHCP Server                                                 management interfaces, supporting Web, SNMP, CLI, TR-
   - WiFi Hotspot                                                069, reusable in any CPE solution
,Security & Firewall capabilities                             Architecture
   - VPN
                                                              Our RG Stack has been designed to be easily portable to any
   - Parental Control                                         hardware. The high level architecture of the stack is shown
   - Time of Day Filter                                       below. The Management and HAL components are
   - Application Level Gateways (ALG)                         proprietary along with feature additions to OpenWRT, which
   - Flood / DoS protection                                   makes a complete solution.
   - DMZ
                                                                   OSGi        UPnP/DLNA        Diagnostics    Hotspot              Management Entities
, management like addition, deletion, authentication
 User                                                              VOIP             Media         VLAN            WLAN
                                                                                                                                     Web          CLI
   for home admin                                                Advanced          Firewall &    Content      Firmware
                                                                  Routing           Securiry     Filtering    Upgrade                SNMP       TR-069
, & UPnP for content sharing
 DLNA                                                            Networking         Routing      Bridging         NAT
                                                                                                Hardware Abstraction Layer
   - VoIP phone support
                                                                          Kernel                                         Device Drivers
   - Analog phone support (ATA)
                                                                   Chipset(MIPS/ARM/x86)               Hardware     Devices(WAN, LAN, USB, HDD, etc)
   - IP-PBX
,                                                                         L&T Infotech owned and developed component
 Services (Conference, Voice Mail, Click-to-Call, etc.)
                                                                          Ported and Integrated by L&T Infotech
, based configuration & management for home users
 Web                                                                      Chipset & Devices
   or operators
,Configuration (remote / local) using TR69, CLI, SNMP         ,Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) makes the RG solution
, Framework for management of 3rd party applications
 OSGi                                                            easily portable
, logging
                                                              ,Supports various management interface services such as
,                                                                Web, SNMP, CLI & Tr069
 Statistics and diagnostics
                                                              ,Independent proprietary and open-source components
  Residential Gateway Software Solution
Features and Roadmap                                                   Home Network
                                             Release Release Release
 Features                                      1.0     2.0     3.0
 LAN & WAN - Ethernet


 LAN - USB, WiFi

 Basic routing

 Advanced routing

 Traffic Filtering & Redirection

 Basic security

 Advanced security



 User Management

 Web Configuration Management                                          Capabilities & Skills
                                                                       ,Porting of Linux and components to different hardware
 TR-069 Interface
 CLI/SNMP Interface                                                    ,Hardware Abstraction Layer design
 OSGi                                                                  ,Integration of components into final product and testing
 Logging                                                                  system, performance, IOT
                                                                       ,Networking, VoIP, Multimedia, Management, Security
 Statistics & Diagnostics
                                                                          domain capabilities

About L&T Infotech                                                     Product Engineering Services (PES) – Telecom
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (L&T Infotech), one of the fastest        The Product Engineering Services Group at L&T Infotech has a
growing IT services companies, is ranked 11th by NASSCOM               proven track record of developing and deploying telecom
among the top software & services exporters from India in 2009.        technologies, products, applications and platforms for
Our parent company, L&T, was ranked as India's Best Managed            renowned telecom players across the globe. We provide
Company-2008 in a survey conducted by Business Today-Ernst &           software and hardware engineering services to leading OEMs,
Young. L&T has been rated as No.1 in Quality in a 2008 survey          ODMs, chipset vendors, Telecom carriers and ISVs. We support
conducted by the Wall Street Journal Asia. L&T is the only             clients in the areas of chip design, hardware design, firmware,
engineering & construction company in India to feature in the          middleware, software engineering, applications & content all
Forbes Asia Annual Fabulous 50 list.                                   the way from design, development to deployment.
As a full-service IT Firm with a blue-chip client roster, L&T          Our Telecom Domain Expertise spans across:
Infotech offers comprehensive, end-to-end software solutions           ,Infrastructure
and services in these industry verticals:                              ,Mobile Devices
,   Banking & Financial Services
                                                                       ,Entertainment Technologies
,   Insurance
,   Energy & Petrochemicals
                                                                       ,Compute, Storage & Data Networking
,   Manufacturing                                                      , & Validation
,   Product Engineering Services (Telecom)                             ,IP
                                                                       , / SoC Design
For further queries, email: info@Lntinfotech.com
                                                                       , / System

                                                                                          Business-to-IT Connect

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