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									A Facelift Q and A

A majority of people are conscious about their appearance. When we step out of the
front door, we generally want to look presentable on ordinary days, and our very best on
special occasions. It is true that sometimes sagging facial skin weighing down one’s self-
confidence as well. Each year, many middle-aged men and women decide to seek the
help of a Beverly Hills facelift cosmetic surgeon to rejuvenate their facial aesthetics and
retain a youthful appearance through a facelift. If you are seeking a cosmetic solution to
remove years of visible aging from your face, the questions below about facelifts can aid
in your decision-making process and help you decide if a facelift would be a good

What things can be done by a facelift Beverly Hills patients ask: While a facelift cannot
stop the aging process, it can address numerous visible aging signs on your face, restoring
the youthful vibrancy it once had. Common corrections include: eliminating wrinkles and
delaying further wrinkle formation, getting rid of the facial region of displaced fat,
addressing the formation of deep creases that commonly develop below the eyelids,
removing undesirable skin beneath the chin, hiding facial drooping by tightening skin.
While some patients can have their aesthetic goals met through a generic Beverly Hills
facelift, it has become common for patients to have a series of facial rejuvenation
procedures performed in order to fully meet their cosmetic objectives.

On your consultation with your experienced Beverly Hills tummy tuck and facelift
cosmetic surgeon, you will discuss a number of things, and your surgeon will recommend
the procedures he feels will most effectively counteract your facial aging. Most of the
time, the majority of facelifts can be performed under general anesthesia. Once anesthesia
is applied, your surgeon will make a discreet incision. The incision location varies with
each individual and is dependent on cosmetic goals. The most frequently used locations
for an incision line are inside the hairline or behind the ear where it is difficult to see any

Next, following the incision, loose skin is pulled up and back to straighten wrinkles and
fine lines. Any excess skin is removed and most importantly, sagging muscles are
tightened and secured into a more aesthetically pleasing location. Repositioning and
tightening of the facial muscles is what prevents the operated or so called "Wind-Tunnel
look”. Some patients have also fatty deposits removed from their neck and chin for an
improved appearance.

With regards to the recovery stage of the procedure, it is important to be keep in mind the
fact that results do not become visible immediately. it is common for the face to appear
pale, swollen, or bruised following a facelift. The initial 24 to 48 hours after a facelift
require the face to remain bandaged. Sometimes, patients must keep bandages on for
upwards of a week following surgery to ensure proper healing. For additional
information, visit at 16055 Ventura Blvd. #100 Encino, CA
91436 to learn more.
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