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Eyewitness: Moth & Butterfly
1. The family name for butterflies, Lepidoptera, means “ ________ wing”
     heart                pretty                scale             thin

2. The atlas moth is as big as a:
      house                teacup                    dinner plate                   quarter

3. Ancient Egyptians believe you could escape death by:
      running fast               changing forms                            hiding              flying ahead

4. Butterflies lay their eggs on:
    animals                  plants                  water                dead logs

5. Moths use __________________ to attract mates.
      sounds           nests               colors                          pheremones

6. How do you tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly?
     shape of antenna             time of day they are active
     coloration                   all of these

7. A caterpillar’s first meal is most likely:
      its shell               its mother             other caterpillars          flowers

8. One myth suggested that a woman who ate butterflies would:
    become pregnant           die        find a husband                             smell good

9. Bright colors show that caterpillars are:
       harmless            very young                     poisonous              about to change

10. Swallowtail caterpillars look like:
      birds                 snakes                   bird droppings                 feathers

11. Woolybear caterpillars are thought to predict:
     amount of rainfall           the stock market                  severity of winter            storms

12. Before a caterpillar can become a moth (or butterfly), it must:
      enter a cocoon             divide in half               find a host                  migrate

13. Butterflies feed on:
      dead things                     leaves                 mushrooms               nectar

14. What does the vampire moth eat?
     leaves              bats                        blood                flowers

15. Monarchs have the longest _______ of any insect.
     antenna             hibernation        migration                     hair

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