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									                                     COURSE PLAN
                                 Second Semester 2008-09

        In developing the Course Plan, the “Course Planning Model” will be utilized. Teachers
who are teaching the same subject/course will work in teams to develop their Course Plans
together. Teachers are to ensure that Illinois Learning Standards, College Readiness Standards
(for English, Math & Science), and CRI integration are addressed. Special attention needs to be
given to preparing students for the EXPLORE, PLAN and PSAE exams. The process of teachers
working together and sharing their ideas is an important part of this process. Copies of the
Course Plan are to be are to be submitted to Ms. Prosise and posted on the Lake View Web Site.
. The Teacher copy should be filed in the front of the Teacher Attendance/Grade Book for
review during class visits.

Subject/Course: __ESL 2_____________________________________

Teachers working on this plan:        __Elena Esman________________________________
(including Special Education)         __________________________________

       (Give a brief description of this course)

This course has been designed for intermediate students of English as a foreign language
to develop basic communicative, cognitive , and academic skills in English. The student will
comprehend a variety of academic texts and be able to answer a range of questions that express
personal preferences. The student will follow conversations; describe preferred movies,
magazines, and stories. Students will develop their writing skills by working on style, as well as
on grammar, and spelling skills.
 The students will be able to construct cohesive paragraphs and write short essays.
The class will also provide support for the class work done in students’ core classes.

List the topics (central concepts) to be addressed each week and the corresponding Illinois
Learning Standards and College Readiness Standards (for English, Math & Science)
Teachers are to refer to the Illinois Learning Standards and use its abbreviation system. All
teachers are to list the specific reading strategies they will teach during the first three weeks
of the semester. Based upon Mid Quarter Assessments, Syllabus may be adjusted.
WEEK                 MAJOR STUDY TOPICS/CENTRAL CONCEPTS                              STANDARD
1 (1-26)             ACCESS TEST                                                      1.A.4a;1 A
                                                                                      1C.4d; 1C.4e;
2 (2-2)             Theme: The World of Advertising. Reading1:Advertising
                All Over the World. Reading 2: Changing World Markets.
                Grammar: Contrast simple present and present progressive.
                Write a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and
                a concluding sentence.
3 (2-9)         Theme: Going to Extremes: Sports and Obsessions. Reading 1:
Staff Dev. 2-12
Lincoln’s B-day Interview with Toney Hawk. Reading 2: High School Star
2-13            Hospitalized with Eating Disorder.Grammar: Modals of
                Ability. Compose interview questions. Construct a dialogue
                using stem questions.
4 (2-16)
President’s Day
2-16              Theme: Fraud .Reading 1:A Miracle Cure ?(magazine article)
                  Reading 2: The Organic Health Center ( an
                  advertisement)Grammar: Superlative adjectives. Identify and
                  use transitions in a paragraph .Summarize the readings.
5 (2-23)          Theme:Language. Reading1:Different Ways of Talking(an
                  article)Reading 2: Speaking of Gender(interview with a
                  linguist) Grammar: Using modals for requests.Compose
                  paragraphs to compare and contrast.Illustrate statements with
                  examples in a conversation.
6 (3-2)           Theme: Ecotourism.Reading1:Tourists in a Fragile Land( an
Pulaski Day       opinion essay) Reading 2:A Travel Journal. Grammar: Past
                  progressive and Simple Past. Write an opinion essay.
                  Paraphrase main ideas.
7 (3-9)           Theme: Fashion.Reading 1: The Search for Beauty.Reading
                  2:My Wife Wants to Look Younger.( excerpt from a
                  journal)Grammar:Describing the past with used to. Use
                  transitions to show cause and effect. Write a persuasive letter.
8 (3-16)          Theme:Crime and Punishment.Reading 1: Why Should a Killer
                  Live?Do We Kill People to Show that Killing Is Wrong?(
                  newspaper articles) Reading 2: Graphs. Grammar: Contrast
                  present perfect and present perfect progressive. Compose
                  complex and compound sentences.Support opinions in
                  dialogues with facts and data.
9 (3-23)          Review for the 3rd quarter exam. 3rd quarter exam. Review the
End of Q3-Prof
Development       results of the 3rd quarter exam
   10 (3-30)       Theme: Marriage. Reading 1: Finding a Spouse( An
   Report Card
   Pick-Up (4-2)   anthropological article) Reading 2:What’s Wrong with
                   Tradition?Grammar: Articles:definite and
                   indefinite.Writing:write a letter stating an opinion. Use related
                   word forms for cohesion.
   11 (4-6)                           Spring Break. No School.
   Spring Break
   12 (4-13)       Intro to reading the novel Holes. Pre-reading /research group
                   projects and oral presentations.
   13 (4-20)       Holes, ch.1-5. Grammar: Present Perfect.SQ3R.
                   Comprehension questions. Writing a summary.f
   14 (4-27)       Holes, ch 6-10 Vocabulary activities. Character maps.
                   Paraphrasing for meaning clarification.

   15 (5-4)        Holes,ch.11-15. Vocabulary and grammar review for the 35 th
                   week assessment

   16 (5-11)       Holes, ch. 15-20 creating a time line of events in Holes.
                   Vocabulary activities: reading math problems in Holes.
                   Grammar : Sequence of tenses.

   17 (5-18)       Holes, ch.21-30. Writing an outline

   18 (5-25)       Holes, Group Video Project.
   Memorial Day

   19 (6-1)        2nd Semester Final: Project Presentations.

   20 (6-8)        Video Project presentations.
   End of Q4



  List the materials and resources you are planning to use (textbooks, videos, self-prepared
materials, software programs, computer lab, library etc). If library/media resources are required,
teachers should indicate the number of periods they will require each semester. All Freshman
will be scheduled for a Library Orientation; all 9th, 10th & 11th grade Social Study and Senior
English classes will be scheduled in 238 for PSEd.

North Star Reading and Writing Intermediate
North Star Listening and Speaking Intermediate
Side-by-Side, Level 2
Focus on Grammar Intermediate
Handmade lessons
Oxford Picture Dictionary
Oxford Chinese, Spanish and Ukrainian Dictionaries
English College Webster Dictionary
Holes by Luis Sachar
16 periods are scheduled in the Computer Lab for online practice on www.manythings.org
 North Star Video Clips for all thematic units


   (A) List teaching and reading strategies (paired reading, KWL, SQ3R, cooperative learning,
   Cornell Note-Taking, Socratic method, demonstration, direct instruction, guided practice,
   differentiated instruction etc.) including test-taking strategies which will be used to address
   standards and the individual learning needs of your students. If you plan to use technology,
   indicate how you will integrate technology into your lessons.

Socratic method
Differentiated instruction/ students are provided with challenges appropriate for their levels of
English language acquisition.
Error identification / correction
Peer review
Paired reading
Keep Track Strategy
Vocabulary charts: context clues, mnemonic devices
Project Style Learning
Visuals: pictures, objects, Safari Streaming Video Clips, cartoons.

    (B) List specific strategies for teaching word knowledge/vocabulary (“Six-Step Process”,
    “Word Study: Developing Content Vocabulary”)
4 –column vocabulary charts,
Teaching common Latin and Greek word parts
Related word forms and parts of speech
Vocabulary cubes
Context clues
Dictionary use
Thematically integrated vocabulary


(A). Describe how you will assess the team’s Achievement and Instruction/Literacy Goals and
incorporate principles of mastery learning (weekly quizzes, re-teaching-testing, performance
assessments/rubrics, class participation/class work, research papers/projects/reports). Each
Course Team should develop a Common Mid-Quarter (4-5-weeks), Quarter and Semester Exam.
Team Leaders are to submit copies of their Quarterly and Semester Exams to Ms. Prosise, the
Department Chair & post on the Web Site (Note: CPS Policy allows students to make-up
assignments and tests after an excused absence and suspensions)
Prier to every thematic unit, students will be given pre-tests. Every students knowledge and skills
will be assessed on a daily basis through authentic assessment; on a weekly basis –though
quizzes, cloze exercises, paragraph and short essay writing, thematic projects and oral
presentations. At the end of every thematic unit , students will be given performance assessment
or projects.

(B) List an Achievement Goal(s) which is/are measurable.
Fifty percent of the students will score at the next, t.e. “Developing Level” on the ACCESS test .
The other fifty percent will be accelerated and will score at the “ Advanced Level” on the
ACCESS test.


Describe your Homework Policy (procedures for assigning, collecting and grading homework).
Teachers are required to regularly assign and grade homework. Homework constitutes 10% of
the student’s grade. Since most students take seven (7) courses, the amount of homework
assigned each day should be reasonable. Long-term assignments such as research papers/projects
should be graded incrementally.

Homework will be given four times a week and will be reviewed daily. Homework notebooks
will be collected and graded once a week. Students will read teachers comments and reflect on
them. Extra points will be given for error correction and self-practice.

       Students will have 4 _________ days to make-up missed homework assignments.


Please describe your grading policy (the relative value of quizzes, tests, homework assignments,
class participation, written assignments, make-up/re-tests, and semester exams to be considered
in determining the final grade). Letter grades should correlate with the numerical values on the
LV Report of Student Progress. Recommended percentages and numerical values using a
1,000-point scale are in parenthesis.

Homework                       (10%-100pts) ___10%_______

Class Participation            (5%-50pts)    5%__________

Quarterly/Semester Exams       (25%-250pts) _25%_________                      LV Report of
Student                                                                             Progress
Grade Values
Weekly Quizzes/Tests           (30%-300pts) _30%_________                       B=86-93
Make-up/Re-tests               (10%-100pts) 10%__________                       D=70-77
                                                                          F= 69 & Below
Special Assignments:

       Research Papers         (10%-100pts) _10%_________

       Science Fair Projects                 __________

       Writing Prompts         (10%-100pts) _10%_________

Extra Credit                   (10%-100pts) __________
Other ____________________         __________

Total                (100%-1,000pts) __100%________

(Revised 2/3/09)                         -4-

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