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									Copy fees are $.65 per page, except Marriage Records, which are $5.00 per Certificate - with all
checks made payable to Franklin County Clerk.
NOTE: All birth, death and marriage records are typically held by the local municipality (not at the
County level) where a birth, death or marriage would have taken place. NYS recorded these
records from 1847-1850 and then again 1880-present. A few town and village clerks recorded
straight through from 1847-present. Other municipalities suffered loss of vital records in fires.
Therefore, for an exact listing of "who has what", you must contact the individual Clerk and/or
the Dept. of Health in Albany.


ATLAS OF FRANKLIN COUNTY: D.G. Beers Atlas Dating 1876 (Includes names of residents
within each Township and their various street addresses).

BIRTH, DEATH & MARRIAGE RECORDINGS: Austin's Collection - 1847-1848 (Malone & Fort
Covington) and 1875 Census (Death & Marriage only).

CEMETERY RECORDS: Donahue's Collection (Late 1700's and forward) -
Bombay/Hogansburg/Ft. Covington areas, Chasm Falls (Kimpton & Riverside), and Notre Dame;
Joyce Ranieri's Collection - majority of all area cemeteries plotted with website access
(www.jranieri.net). Additional cemetery records: Bombay Historical Society Donations (Mid
1700's-Late 1904); Bombay-Hogansburg Cemeteries (10 Total); Kitty Murtagh's Donation
(1700's-Late 1900's) of Webster Street Cemetery.

CENSUS (NYS Franklin County): Austin’s Collection (Federal & State) by surname - 1800,
1810, 1820, 1845 (Ft. Covington only), 1860, and 1890 (Bombay Census by Road). Surname
Card-file Index (to microfilm) - 1875, 1905, 1915, 1925, 1930 (Note: 1875 & 1930 not indexed).
The "Wead Library" ahs earlier census available on microfilm, but no index/reference system

CIVIL COURT (Misc.) RECORDS by Surname: 1808-1917 (limited), 1918-Present (County
Clerk's Office). Various records include: judgments, land disputes, matrimonials, misc. bonds,
name changes, title abstracts, etc. "Restrictions on Some Records' Series".

CIVIL WAR BOOK - FRANKLIN COUNTY: Austin's Collection - 1861-1865.

the New York State Archives)-A joint publication by Fordham University Press and the New
York State Archives Partnership Trust, New York 1999. (Research room link:


EARLY BAPTISMAL AND MARRIAGE RECORDS: Austin's Collection - ca. 1820-1862 of St.
Patrick's Church, Hogansburg, NY.

HISTORICAL REVIEWS (Franklin County Historical Society's Collection): Volumes 1-41
(Dated 1964-2006) - containing a majority of information/pictures from the 1800's forward.

HISTORY BOOKS OF THE NORTH COUNTRY: Clinton, Essex, Franklin & St. Lawrence
Counties - By Authors: Cutter (1910), Hough (1853), Hurd (1880), Landon (1932), and Seaver
                Additional resource books pertaining to specific County information
    "North Country Settlers-Malone in the 19th Century" by Edgar (Ted) Mills;
    "The Growing Years" Saranac Lake, 1819-2000 by Women's Civic Chamber (Lots of Pictures);
    "Erie Canal-New York's Gift to the Nation" by F. Daniel Larkin, Julie C. Daniels & Jean West (A
    Document-Based Teacher Resource);
    "History of Ragged Lake" 1800’s-1930 by Morton Fitch;
    "Franklin & Clinton Gazetteer and Directory" 1862/1863 (with an almanac) by Hamilton Child;
    "Northern NY Telephone Directory" 1926, includes Burke, Chateaugay, Ellenburg, Ft. Covington,
    Malone & Moira;
    "Malone Directory" 1931 (alphabetical by street) by Manning;
    "Historical Ink Catalog" Reproductions of Old Maps of Towns in New England and New York
    (email: oldmapsne@aol.com);
    "Special Collection of Tree Talks-County of Franklin Abstracts" 1800's-early 1900's by Central NY
    Genealogical Society;
    "Directory of Archival & Historical Document Collections" of Northern Counties (County, Town,
    Village Clerks)-2005 Edition for Public Use by Northern NY Library Network;
    "The Underground Railroad in the North Country" 1800s by Rebecca Schwarz-Kopf.

    LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS (Minutes):1862, 1868-1906 & 1908-present (available on

    MARRIAGES: Performed by Reverend Ashbel Parmelee of Malone, NY 1810-1962.

    MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES: Surname Index, 1908-1935 (Bride & Groom's Names).

    MARRIAGES & DEATHS: Donahue's Collection of Local Newspaper Clippings, 1901-1903.

    MILITARY RECORDS/DISCHARGES: Revolutionary War Oaths-1820 (filed), War of 1812
    Soldier's manes and other Wars to 1918 (limited). Military Discharges Filed-1918 to present
    (County Clerk's Office) and Bombay's military list of soldiers (Revolutionary War-Korean War).

    MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS: Volunteer Firemen's Discharge Certificates 1877-1934, Register
    of Professions (Medical Diplomas, Mid-wives, etc.) 1821-1888, Register of Stallions ca. 1800's-
    1934 (ownership/bloodlines). All misc. records available on microfilm.

                         Additional Misc. Records (not available on microfilm)

              Nationality Research References (France, Germany, Ireland, etc.);
              Canadian Vital Records - Birth, Death, Marriage & Baptismals, 1784-1879 (bits and
           Village/Town Clerk and Town Historian contact lists for Franklin County, as well as, R/M
    Depts. in all NYS Counties;
           National Archives & Ship Passenger Lists contact information in Washington;
           Information on Northern Historical Societies, Museums and Libraries;
           Numerous reference material and web links for genealogical information;

    NATURALIZATION RECORDS: Surname Card-file Index 1832-1957 with some original
    documents, as wells as some photos available for records dating 1906-1952.
RESTRICTIONS/SEALED RECORDS: Adoptions, Criminal Files (some), Coroner's Inquest and
Divorce Judgments (less than 100 yrs). Records may not be removed from the depositories -
County Clerk & Records Management Offices.

SHIP'S NAMES & PASSENGER LISTS: 1620-1640 (Addresses also available to write for
additional information pertaining to ships, passengers and passports).

WILLS: 1809-1919 Index; and all Wills from early 1800's-present filed with the Surrogate's

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