Camping For Beginners by ZivSziv


									Camping For Beginners.
The current dismal economy has meant that extravagant, exotic vacations have become a thing of the
past for many families. The need for a vacation away from the everyday grind of work, and life in the city
still exists, and that has made many people look at camping as the perfect way to get away from it all.
Usually all it takes is the price of a tank of gas and the price of a spot in a campground, and you are set
up for a cool little trip. The most expensive part of the whole experience is the initial investment you’ll
have to make in camping equipment, but even that doesn’t have to be so bad if you can keep yourself in
a budget and stick to the essentials.

Those essentials will include a tent, of course, something soft to lay on, sleeping bags, a grill of some sort
and some basic cookware and eating utensils. When you land in the outdoor supplies shop, you will
immediately notice that there is a bunch of camping stuff, much of it with rather hefty price tags
attached, but a lot of it is unnecessary junk that you will never have to use. Of course, if you want to drag
along a generator and a heat lamp, that’s entirely up to you. Once you’ve pick up the basic camping
equipment, the next stop is the grocery store to pick up your camping supplies, which should include,
but not be limited to, marshmallows, hot dogs and beer. Different people will have other ideas about
what should be on their camping supplies list, but you’ll usually always find beer on there.

Now that you have all your camping stuff, you’re probably going to be wondering what the next step is.
That usually involves finding a place to set up, and there are all kinds of camping books that will help you
find campgrounds by state, as well as listing what sorts of amenities that they have on site. One thing
you’ll quickly find out when you take up camping is that not all campgrounds are created equal. For
every one that is beautifully appointed with a nice little clubhouse and shower facilities, there is one that
is a complete dump, with camping areas that are overgrown and nasty, and toilets that even the bravest
adventurer wouldn’t dare set foot in. Pick up a couple of good camping books that explain the essentials
of setting up your area, as well as pointing you in the direction of a good place to do so.

Camping can be an inexpensive, fun vacation for the entire family, but if you don’t take the time to
properly prepare and do a little bit of homework, then the chances are that you are going to end up with
a stash of substandard camping gear, and end up sleeping in an area that is home to forest people intent
on eating you. Ok, perhaps not that extreme, but it’ll still be unpleasant if you don’t plan ahead.

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