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									            THE U.S. & IRAN:
                     TIME TO TALK
The rejection of President Ahmadinejad’s hardline party in Iran’s December                
                                                                                                 1100 Wayne Ave, Suite 1020
elections and the Supreme Leader’s allowing criticism of Ahmadinejad’s harsh                         Silver Spring MD 20910
rhetoric in the Iranian media are both good signs of an opening for a change of                          ph: (301) 565-4050
course in U.S.-Iranian relations. After decades of diplomatic hubris, and with                           fx: (301) 565-0850
myriad common concerns, it’s time for the U.S. to engage Iran through real
diplomacy - not the bullying and saber-rattling that has recently characterized           Real Security Through
U.S. policy in the region.                                                              International Cooperation

Real diplomacy doesn’t have anything to do with the threatening statements
currently coming from both the Iranian and Amerian presidents. Real diplomacy
means understanding the long term interests of all parties involved. Real diplomacy
is leading by example.

Real diplomacy through dialogue is essential to protecting everyone’s security.
Diplomacy doesn’t need to involve Condoleezza Rice. Diplomacy can occur
between Congress and the Iranian Majlis (Parliament), it can occur through
                           bringing Iran into the the global economic
                           community and it can occur between regular
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                               Iranian society is complex and many Iranians share              network today!
                               common interests with the people of the United
                               States. The majority of the Iranian population is
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                               under 30 and are quite open to social and political
                               change. Many Iranians, having familial or cultural                 Action Alerts:
                               connections to the United States, want diplomacy
                               and exchange with the people of the U.S.
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Our governments also have many common foreign policy interests. As disastrous
as failed states in Iraq and Afghanistan would be for the U.S., Iran would find        Peace Action Education Fund
itself engulfed in chaos if the domestic and international situations in neighboring   1100 Wayne Ave, Suite 1020
Iraq and Afghanistan are not resolved.                                                 Silver Spring, MD 20910

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It is essential that the members of the U.N. Security Council keep dialogue
open with Iran. It is only through diplomacy that Iran will find reason to             Other $
respond peacefully and allow International Atomic Energy Agency inspections.           Name:_________________________________
Working with established international nonproliferation regimes is essential to
preventing Iran from developing its own nuclear fuel cycle. U.S. nuclear disar-        Address:___________________________
mament is necessary for compliance with the same international and U.S. laws            ____________________________
that guarantee Iran access to nuclear energy. How can we expect other nations
to disavow the nuclear fuel cycle, which they are guaranteed access to by inter-       Phone:____________________________
national law, when our own country has almost 10,000 nuclear weapons?

It is imperative that the American people know all the facts and demand that
their elected representatives use diplomacy instead of force.
                                              THE MILITARY OPTION ISN’T AN OPTION
                                              We need to impress upon our government the most crucial lesson of the war in
                                              Iraq: don’t get the military involved without thinking through the consequences.
                                              It would be as unlikely for a military attack on Iran to end after ‘strategic air
                                              strikes’ as it would have been for democracy to take root in Iraq immediately after
                                              our invasion. The following likely consequences of an attack on Iran should be
                                              enough to take ‘the military option’ off of all U.S. and Israeli tables:

                                                  ·   Massive civilian casualties and increased anti-Americanism throughout
        What You Can Do                               the world
                                                  ·   A nationalistic response from everyday Iranians, consolidating support
As Americans we are privileged to                     for hardliners like President Ahmadinejad
have many different ways to work for              ·   Acceleration of the Iranian nuclear program and increased support for
REAL DIPLOMACY with Iran...                           weapons production
                                                  ·   Retaliatory attacks against U.S.
Work for official diplomacy between                   forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and            “Even in the worst
our governments                                       American interests around the world
                                                                                                 days of the Cold
                                                  ·   Skyrocketing oil prices, U.S. econo-
                                                      mists estimate that gasoline would         War, the U.S. main-
Call your Senators and Representative
and tell them to pass legislation calling             shoot to over $5 per gallon                tained a dialogue
for diplomatic solutions with Iran. You can                                                       with the Soviet
reach all of your congressional represen-                                                         Union and China”
tatives at: 202-224-3124                      LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITY                                - Robert Gates
Sign our Petition to Condoleezza Rice
                                              AROUND IRAN
and Congressional Leaders at                  Senate
                                              S.Res.39: “A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate on the need for approval
                                              by the Congress before any offensive military action by the United States against
Help Create citizen diplomacy                 another nation.”
                                              S.759: “A bill to prohibit the use of funds for military operations in Iran.”
Educate others on U.S.-Iranian relations
by writing letters to the editor              House
                                              H.J.Res.14: “Concerning the use of military force by the United States against
Help create understanding by getting in-      Iran.”
volved with local cultural exchange pro-
                                              H.ConRes.33: “Expressing the sense of Congress that the President should not
                                              initiate military action against Iran without first obtaining authorization from

   Find tips for action and updated           H.R.770 “To prohibit the use of funds to carry out any covert action for the
     resources about U.S.-Iranian             purpose of causing regime change in Iran or to carry out any military action
              relations at:                   against Iran in the absence of an imminent threat, in accordance with
                                              international law and constitutional and statutory requirements for congressional              authorization.”
                                              Dialogue Caucus: A new caucus formed in the House to actively promote the
Peace Action Education Fund                   increase of US diplomatic engagement throughout the Middle East and around
1100 Wayne Ave, Suite 1020                    the world, as it becomes increasingly apparent that military action cannot solve
Silver Spring MD 20910                        all of our problems.
ph: (301) 565-4050                            Check for more information about any of these
fx: (301) 565-0850                            resolutions.

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